Magnum P.I. (2018) s05e15 Episode Script

The Retrieval

Down a war, down a war ♪
Still battle-bound,
still battle-bound ♪
For battlegrounds ♪
Battleground gone now ♪
But we're really gone now ♪
The dynamite, dynamite ♪
Inside your mind, inside your mind ♪
So, how are the galbi and eggs?
MAGNUM: Galbi and eggs is incredible,
but, uh, you know I'm a PI, right?
You really think I-I-I wouldn't notice.
Notice what?
What are you talking about?
Oh, come on. You know exactly
what we're talking about.
Yeah, yeah, everybody's got
two ribs on their plate.
- Yeah.
- But look at Jin's plate.
- Jin has three ribs.
- Hm.
TC: Interesting. Huh.
Jin was last in line
to go grab his food.
- JIN: So?
- So, when it comes to food,
you're usually rushing
to the front of the line
like you're trying
to get off the Titanic.
Yes, it would've been
the perfect opportunity
to sneak an extra rib.
This is ridiculous!
I had an extra rib, so I just
threw it on the last plate.
Yeah, I thought that there was, like,
a Korean connection thing going on.
Ah! Come on, man. You know we're
just messing with you, right?
There's no Korean thing
happening, clearly.
Oh, hey, Rick, can I get
a ride to La Mariana?
My "ex" is getting out of prison,
and we're meeting there.
Your ex-girlfriend was in prison?
Meaning you had an ex-girlfriend?
Meaning you had a girlfriend?
- Oh, funny. Ha-ha-ha-ha.
No. No. My ex-partner in crime.
He was in prison for five years.
That's pretty cool
you're gonna be there for him
when he gets out.
We gotta go. Clients. Sorry.
Alright. I had two bites.
I guess, uh, you get a fourth rib.
No. Ah-ah. I want
MINKA: Thomas and Juliet.
We couldn't make it to Oahu.
So thank you for meeting
with us like this.
I'm Minka. I'm in New York.
Parker. I'm in Maryland.
Caleb, you're muted.
Sorry. Uh, I'm in Vancouver.
I do that all the time, Caleb.
Uh, nice to meet you guys.
So how can we help you?
So our friend, Arti,
he lives on the island.
We had a raid last night,
and he didn't show,
so we're a little worried about him.
- A raid?
- Sorry.
He meant an "online raid."
We're all gamers
who bonded over
the video game "Battlecraft."
If you're not a gamer,
I'm sure how it must sound,
but Arti would never miss a raid,
especially one that he planned.
He messaged us about it all day,
and then just didn't show up.
And now he's completely offline
and not responding to messages,
- which is so unlike him.
- We tried calling the police,
but they wouldn't take us seriously.
Could you check in on him for
us, just make sure he's okay?
Yeah, that won't be a problem.
Just give us his last name and address.
We don't know it.
We, in fact, don't even know
his first name.
"Arti" is short for Artimus2673,
his "Battlecraft" username.
Okay, well, we can get in
contact with the gaming company.
They probably have a record
of his IP address
in the server logs.
Actually, there isn't. We all use VPNs.
Right. Okay. Um, well,
is there anything else
that might help us identify him?
I live-streamed our last raid,
so I have a few hours of game footage.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, that could be helpful.
Just, uh, send that over,
and we'll check it out.
Sure. And thank you.
Of course.
PARKER: C, where are you?
Who leaves in the middle of a Guild Hop?
MINKA: He muted us for the girlfriend.
CALEB: Sorry, guys. I'm here. I'm here.
Seriously, C?
Have you learned anything?
Uh, yeah. Yeah.
Parker's got to guard
his left flank better
during ambushes, and Caleb's
girlfriend's gonna leave him
because he cares more about
"battle potions" than her.
- How about you?
- Yeah, maybe.
Arti's just left the game
to grab his Door-Mates order.
Yeah. I think I might have something.
I'm gonna hack Door-Mates now.
What did he order?
Chili-Moko from Zippy's.
Finding out which Door-Mate account
made that order at that time.
And here we go.
Artimus2673 is, in fact, Kilo Mona
at 2523 Koula Avenue.
- Nice.
- Hm!
The Oahu Family Clinic says
Kilo hasn't been to work in two days.
So he dropped off the grid
online and in real life.
I gotta say, this is
a pretty unusual case.
It's just a routine wellness check.
Yeah, paid for by three people
who are his friends, never met him.
- They don't even know his name.
- Well
Door's open.
Anybody here?
Thomas, blood.
Looks like he was grabbed.
His friends were right to be worried.
Looks like Kilo came home from shopping.
And, uh, someone was waiting for him.
He tried to get away.
That means the kidnapper
caught up to him.
Hit him with something,
probably in the head.
Could be the kidnapper's blood
caused by some kind of struggle.
But if I'm right,
I think it belongs to Kilo.
- We gotta get this to the lab.
- I found something.
Looks like Kilo was pretty active
on the "Battlecraft" messaging boards,
and he had a rival named "Chewy."
I take it Chewy is not his real name.
No, but he made some
pretty real threats.
"I'm gonna kill you for what you did,"
and, "I know where you live, scumbag."
Everybody's a tough guy
behind a keyboard.
- Right, but look.
He sent Kilo a map
of his actual location.
Maybe this guy actually
made good on his threats.
RICK: Jin, I've never
seen you so nervous.
I'm not nervous. [CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY]
Hey. How's my breath? [EXHALES SHARPLY]
I'm cool.
There he is! Bo! What's up, man?!
[LAUGHS] Good to see you.
Hey, this is my friend Rick
and my friend TC.
- Hey.
- What's up, brother?
- Nice to meet you guys.
- Hey. Same.
Any old partner of Jin
is a partner of ours.
Is that what Jin told you?
We were partners?
Yeah, because we were partners.
We weren't partners.
We were partners. Best of partners.
We weren't partners.
Jin was more of a, -
What do you call someone
who is, uh, a little under you?
A protégé or a sidekick?
A little under that.
An assistant?
- A page?
- Keep going.
Alright, guys, this is becoming
ridiculous because I, -
- A lackey.
- A minion.
- An underling.
- That's it. An underling.
Very funny. [CHUCKLES]
Thank you. Now, where is it?
Where's what?
You know what. My cut.
Jin and I pulled a job
before I went inside.
He promised to keep my cut safe
till I got out.
I have no idea what
you're talking about, man.
Maybe you're confusing me
with someone else.
I can't believe you're gaslighting me.
- We were partners.
- We were never partners.
And I'll tell you another thing, buddy.
I wasn't gaslighting you
because I don't even know
what gaslighting means.
Y'all bicker more than
Thomas and Juliet.
Jin, what's the real deal?
[SIGHS] Alright. Bo's right.
I was supposed to keep his cut safe.
- Supposed to?
- And let me guess. You lost it.
I'm not an idiot. I didn't lose it.
I buried it. And I drew a map
to where it is.
So where's the map?
I lost the map.
But hey. Here's the great news.
You have your freedom,
and, Bo, you have your health!
You know why I'm healthy and alive?
I made a deal with
a crime boss, Heavy Mike.
Ooh. That dude runs half the island.
And all of Palolo Penitentiary.
I promised him my cut
in exchange for protection.
- Now he wants what's his.
- Yeah.
And if I don't get it to him
by the end of the day,
I'm a dead man.
Our clients were actually aware
of Chewy's grievances with Kilo,
but they didn't know how serious it was.
Turns out Minka has
a mutual friend with Chewy.
She's gonna send us
all the info she can get.
And great.
What are you doing leaning on the car?
This is not a photo shoot.
The only reason to have a car like this
- is to lean on it, my friend.
- What are you doing here?
Ugh. Magnum doesn't pick up.
He never picks up.
I love you so much.
Um, I tracked you on FindMyFriends.
Jin, I really think you're abusing
your FindMyFriends privileges.
No, I'm not. We're friends, right?
I also noticed that you stay
in the guest house
way more than Magnum stays
in the main house.
Magnum, relationships
are all about compromise.
I'm kidding. Seriously.
Please listen to me.
Alright. Here's the deal.
I need your help.
Okay, so, I taped a map
to my ex-partner's stash
in the back of an old dryer
in the building that I live in,
and my landlord sold that dryer
on Craigslist,
and now I'm just trying
to figure out who bought it.
I got a crazy idea.
Why don't you ask him?
He said he'd tell me if I give him
the three months' rent I owe.
Uh, Jin, I thought business was good.
I reinvest everything I make
back into the business,
and, also, it's rude to talk
about other people's finances.
That's personal. [HANDS CLAP]
That's personal, but, - but using
FindMyFriends to track
where we sleep isn't?
Okay, unfortunately, I think
the fastest way out of this
is just to help him.
Right. Jin
send me your landlord's e-mail.
Oh. Higgins, um
he's not single, and
Magnum's right there, alright?
I'm not gonna hook you up.
She's trying to find out
who he sold it to.
Oh, I'm just showing you how I'd react
if she really wanted me
to hook her up, alright?
Loyalty, dawg.
Got it.
- Sent.
Right. Okay.
Into his e-mail.
Looking at the replies he got
after he posted the ad.
Found the buyer.
Sending you the results. There.
Jin, you're, you're
leaning on the car again.
Ah, sorry. Force of habit.
Thank you so much, guys.
See ya.
- Oh!
[CLEARS THROAT] What is it?
Ha! Instant good karma
for helping Jin out.
Minka's basically just
sent us a dossier on Chewy.
Alright. We'll talk to him
then stop by the lab
and drop the blood off.
I actually think it'd be
more efficient if we split up.
You go to the lab,
and I go and talk to Chewy.
No, this guy's made death threats.
We can't split up.
This is Chewy.
Alright. We'll be splitting up.
Chewy. Short for Chewbacca.
Uh, he's a character from, -
I know. I know.
What I don't know is
where you were last night
and why you were sending
serious threats to Arti.
'Cause he's a punk. He couldn't
handle that I was better than him,
so he accused me of using cheat codes.
That rumor spread,
and that ruined any chance
I had at a sponsorship.
Sponsorship? You're 15.
Ninja-boy is 14, and he has sponsors.
I wish Sam were
outside getting in trouble.
Aside from school, he hasn't
left the house in over a week.
He's right. You can check my game stats.
I was online all last night.
Okay, but you sent Arti
a screen grab of his location.
How'd you bypass his VPN?
I sent him proof that I wasn't cheating.
It may have been in a form
of a phishing link.
Once he clicked the link, I was in.
Okay. Can you tell me where he is now?
Uh, no. His phone died last night.
Can you show me where?
The Oahu Family Clinic.
So far, the sample's a match
for Kilo's blood type,
but the lab will contact us
when the DNA results come in.
- What do you got?
- Kilo's last known location
before he went offline
was where he worked.
But the clinic told me that he
hadn't badged in for two days.
- Why would they lie?
- I'm not sure, but there's no way
they're gonna cooperate with us
if they're hiding something.
I ran diagnostics on the clinic earlier.
They have a guest
Wi-Fi network for patients,
but the main system is air-gapped.
So if we want to find out what
they're hiding about Kilo
We have to get direct access
to one of their computers.
Meet you at the clinic.
DR. LIM: Please.
Welcome to Oahu Family Clinic.
Max and Jillian Long?
Yeah, yeah. That's us.
And thank you for squeezing us
in for this consultation.
Really appreciate it.
So what brings you in today?
uh, well, we are thinking
about having kids,
and, um, we're not getting any younger.
We just want to set ourselves up
for success.
As you know, it is a big commitment,
so if you're still thinking about it,
we should probably discuss some topics
to make sure you're on the same page.
Topics? Topics like, uh, -
Like how would you split up
parenting duties?
What kind of childcare, if any?
How many kids do you want? Um, religion?
Public school versus private school.
Where will the baby sleep?
Who would be the guardian if
something should happen to you?
I mean, I think we're on the same
Yeah. Yeah.
Well, there's no better time
like the present to dive in.
- Yeah.
- Let's start with something simple.
Do you plan to raise your kids
with a lot of discipline?
- No.
- Yes, absolutely.
W-Well, discipline,
but with a certain degree of leniency.
Leniency. W-What do, - What ex
What do you mean by that?
I just feel like we'd be pretty
easygoing parents, that's all.
Okay, but, I mean, surely you
agree that providing structure
is absolutely crucial to
the development of a child.
Yeah, obviously,
but you can provide structure
without being strict or, like, uptight.
Right. So now you're calling me uptight.
No, I'm not saying you're uptight.
Could you just give us, -
Oh, yeah. Yeah. Sure thing.
This'll just take a minute.
- Hm.
So, I-I was just doing that
- to get her out of here.
- Mm-hmm.
You're not serious about that
whole discipline thing, are you?
[CHUCKLES] Thomas, I'm English
and I went to boarding school.
What do you think?
To be continued.
- [BEEP]
- Right. I'm in.
Okay. Searching the server
for any e-mails
mentioning the name Kilo.
Right. Found one.
It's an internal memo sent by Dr. Lim
- to her staff this morning.
- A memo about what?
Informing them that
the clinic had been robbed.
But clinics aren't, you know,
a big cash business.
Why rob one?
'Cause it wasn't cash that was
stolen. It was frozen embryos.
Well, Kilo is a lab tech here.
He has full access to the facilities.
Maybe they used him to rob the place.
What if Kilo's just a means to an end?
Then where is he now?
Well, it looks like
things settled down in here.
I am really sorry
about the third degree.
It's just policy.
Oh, well, perhaps
we can return the favor.
MAGNUM: Yeah, I-I got
a question for you.
Why is it that you're
still open for business
when this place is
technically a crime scene?
Excuse me?
We know about the
stolen embryos, Dr. Lim.
What we don't know is why you're
concealing the theft from HPD.
The Longs, was it?
Why don't we, uh, start over?
Thomas Magnum, private investigator.
This is my partner, Juliet Higgins.
And the reason why we're here
is because we're looking for Kilo.
Yeah. Aren't we all? But he is
conveniently absent today.
You think he's the thief?
I think his key card accessed
the lab at 10:45 last night,
and this morning, there were
hundreds of embryos missing.
I get what it looks like,
but Kilo was a victim,
same as you.
He was kidnapped
to facilitate the breach.
And now whoever has him
has a massive head start,
and we need you to talk to the police.
No, we can't.
Look, I-I know it's not great
for publicity, -
We can't. They ordered me not to.
You mean the thieves?
Look. Kilo's life is at stake.
So you need to tell us
whatever you know.
I got a ransom call this morning.
It was, um, a blocked number
and a digitized voice
demanding half a million dollars
to an offshore account.
I wire the money, I get the
embryos back safe and sound.
And if you don't? Or if you contact HPD?
The embryos will be "scrambled eggs."
That was their words.
Genetic material is fragile.
We store them in dewars.
They are cans of liquid nitrogen.
All the thief would have to do
is unscrew the lid,
let the coolant boil off,
and those embryos
would cease to be viable in minutes.
Can you afford to meet their demands?
I can't afford not to.
Those dewars, they contain embryos
from more than 30 couples.
These patients, they entrusted me
with the future of their families.
I will not tell them
that future is gone.
- What will you do?
- Exactly as I'm told.
I just, - I need more time
to get the money.
But they told you not to deal
with the police, right?
They didn't say anything about us.
Yeah. Let us help you.
The stolen embryos are
our best lead to Kilo.
And we're more likely to find them both
before you find another $500,000.
How? What, can you trace
a blocked number?
Well, we can try.
And, likely, if they're clever
enough to disguise their voice,
then they're probably
using a burner phone
that they've already tossed.
I-I did try to track the dewar itself,
but it went offline at 1:00 a.m.
Wait. So you can track these things?
Yeah, they're equipped
with these transmitters
that monitor temperature in real time.
When I was alerted that
the device was switched off,
I figured that was Kilo
just covering his tracks.
But if Kilo isn't our thief
Maybe he intentionally set it
off to send up a flare.
Yeah. Can you show us
where you lost the signal?
TC: Jin, they're not
gonna just let us in,
no matter who we say we are.
Let me take the lead.
- What can I do for you?
- Hello, Barbara.
We're from Energy Star,
and it looks like you qualify
for a monthly rebate
on your energy bill.
We just need to take a look
at your washer and dryer.
Oh, I'll save you the time.
I already tried that rebate, and
my old dryer doesn't qualify.
-Oh, oh, I, -
-Uh, the thing is,
we can modify your
existing dryer to qualify.
How? My unit's using
over 6 kilowatts an hour.
Uh, Babs, here's the thing, -
all we really need to do
is verify that
the modifications were made.
And if, if you're using
6 kilowatts an hour,
we'll just service
your moisture sensors,
which probably have residue
from your dryer sheets.
We'll check a few boxes.
We'll call it a day.
We just want to do our job,
save you money,
get out of your hair.
And you have beautiful hair.
It's so white and shiny.
It makes your eyes pop.
- Yeah.
- Come on in.
If you need anything,
I'll be in the next room.
- JIN: Thank you.
- BO: Bye.
So, today we learned that
you know more about dryers
than I know about anything.
Five years on laundry detail.
You pick up a few things.
- Alright.
- Well, let's do this.
TC: Ah.
- Okay.
- Relax, bro.
I don't know what that is,
but it ain't a map.
"Locusts surround my tent on vacation."
That some sort of code?
TC: There's something else
at the bottom.
- "What, me worry?"
- It's the Mad magazine slogan.
- I read this religiously as a kid.
- So?
So, my favorite part
was the last page, -
the Mad Fold-In.
Ah. Now, that's a map.
GPS says the transmitter
went offline just up ahead.
Boarding school. Yay or nay?
Nay. You're far too old, Thomas.
No. I mean for your kids. You know?
I don't have any kids.
Well, obviously.
But in the future you might.
And apparently, you would lord
over them with an iron fist.
I see our fake consult with Dr. Lim
has really got you thinking.
Yeah, it's got me thinking
you're avoiding the question.
Fine. I wouldn't categorically
say no to boarding school.
I mean, whilst I didn't have
the best time there,
I do think I got
a really good education,
both inside and out of the classroom.
I learned self-reliance
and independence.
That's what you got.
I mean, I got the same thing
from public school for free.
You know how expensive it is
to send five kids to boarding school?
- Five?
- Re Relax.
You're only slotted for the first two.
[LAUGHS] What? I thought it was funny.
Alright. Stop up here. We're good.
Alright. Careful, kids.
Mom's in a bad mood.
I see the transmitter.
Or what's left of it.
Yeah, seems like someone
was eager to tie up loose ends.
MAGNUM: Which means we got to
find Kilo before, uh,
Thomas. Here.
Before it's too late.
Time of death was approximately
12 to 14 hours ago.
He was dead before you got the case.
There was nothing you could've done.
Cold comfort, I'm afraid.
Still doesn't mean
you should have kept me
in the dark about this.
My phone should've been
ringing off the hook today,
first when your "wellness check"
became a kidnapping
then a robbery, then a ransom situation?
- Yeah, but who's counting?
- Okay, so, Gordon, what about forensic?
I saw defensive wounds on the body.
Will CSU be able to take DNA
from under the fingernails?
We're already on it.
The samples will take
some time to process.
Kilo's hands showed
extensive burn damage
from liquid nitrogen exposure.
That's how desperate
he was to send a message.
He detached the transmitter
with his bare hands.
That's how scared he was.
Gordon, we really want to stay involved.
If there is anything that we can do
Actually, there is. Encourage
Dr. Lim to work with us.
We're gonna need her full
cooperation if we're gonna get this guy.
Alright, we'll talk to her right
after we talk to our clients.
MINKA: I can't believe this.
When we hired you guys,
I thought you'd find,
I don't know,
a break-in or a moped accident,
but not this.
Yeah, and we wish
we had better news, Minka.
And how ridiculous am I?
I never even met him.
MAGNUM: I don't think
you're giving your friendship
enough credit.
I didn't even know his real name.
Hey, look, the Internet
is a strange place,
but sometimes those connections
you make can be honest,
and I think, I think
you knew the real Kilo.
Yeah, so you have every right
to grieve his loss.
I should call the others.
They're gonna be expecting news.
And we won't stop until we have
answers for you, Minka.
Just find whoever did this.
JIN: I wish I could dig, too, guys,
but I had an accident during spin class
and I sprained my shoveling muscles.
I'm digging, and I'm recovering
from two gunshot wounds.
Exactly. But by me not digging,
I'm helping you get stronger.
So you're welcome.
I'm like three feet deep.
How much further we got?
I don't remember.
Knowing how lazy I am,
we should've hit it by now.
Uh, - Uh-oh. Uh-oh. Uh-oh. Uh-oh.
I-I think we're digging
in the wrong spot.
- We're what?!
- I'm sorry.
I feel partially responsible for this.
Partially? You told us to dig here.
Yeah, but you listened,
so we're both at fault.
Listen, we can sit here and argue about
who told who where to dig,
and I don't remember at this point,
but if we can focus
on the right place to dig,
then you can get your cut!
Oh! [CHUCKLES] I remember.
It's somewhere,
Give me that.
- It's over here.
- Yeah, it's there
I assure you I am doing
everything I can.
And the moment that I have news, I will,
- Great. They hung up. Again.
- What's going on?
Pretty much my worst-case scenario.
- The word is out about the theft.
- What happened?
Half an hour ago, I got another call.
He said I was out of time,
and when I asked for more,
he said he didn't want to negotiate.
If I couldn't find the money,
he would "find other buyers."
I wasn't sure what
he meant by that at first.
- The black market maybe?
- Yeah.
Or a shady fertility clinic,
unsanctioned research facility.
It's worse than that.
He's extorting my patients.
Thanks, Gordie. Bye. HPD's on their way.
Until then, what else can you tell us?
Calls started coming in, uh,
about 20 minutes ago.
People asking if we had been
hacked, if this was a hoax.
So they got the same call that you did?
Blocked number. Digitized voice.
Same ultimatum. Pay up or else.
Kilo must have been forced
to download patient files.
I assured all four couples
that I am doing
everything I can
to rectify the situation,
and you saw how well that went over.
You only heard from four couples.
But you said the dewar contained
embryos from over 30 patients.
Well, is it, is it possible
that they're targeting specific clients?
Say, the wealthy ones?
That is not as good a plan
as you'd think.
I doubt the wealthiest would spend
more than they'd pay
for another round of IVF.
What if they can't do
another round of IVF?
You know, people who have
medical conditions
or because of age.
Well, of the ransomed couples,
one widow,
two cancer patients,
and an older patient, so
So they're targeting
vulnerable individuals,
those who'd pay anything
to have one last chance
at biological children.
What is it? It's Lana Turk.
She's another patient of mine
who fits that pattern,
but I haven't heard from her today.
Maybe she wasn't on the thief's radar?
Or she's trying to deliberately
stay off of ours.
You think maybe she got the ransom call
and decided to handle it herself?
There's only one way to find out.
Where's the billing information?
Yeah. How does that help?
Her credit-card number will give me
a running start at hacking
her financials more broadly.
And if Magnum's theory is correct
- Damn.
- What?
Lana's just drained
one of her bank accounts.
She's about to go meet up
with a murderer.
Yeah, and if we don't find her,
she might get herself killed.
- Lana Turk?
- Can I help you?
Lana, what you're about to do
is extremely ill-advised.
How do you know what I'm about to do?
10 minutes ago, you received
a call from a blocked number.
Your second in an hour.
That's not exactly
pocket change in your purse.
We know that your frozen embryos
are being held ransom,
and we want to help you.
- Who are you? The cops?
- No, but they're on their way.
Look, is there somewhere
where we can talk?
I've always felt
I was born to be a mother.
But it just never happened, you know?
Timing, I guess.
Took me years to find John.
And when I did, he wasn't ready.
And when he was
well, I found a lump.
Breast cancer.
Oh, I'm so sorry, Lana.
That must have been terribly hard.
It was.
We scraped together all
we could to freeze embryos
before my treatment started.
And now that I'm finally
healthy, finally ready,
this happens.
You can't imagine what it felt
like to get that call.
No, I can't, but I can imagine
how John would feel
if something happened to you.
He doesn't know
what's going on, does he?
You didn't tell him.
He's on the mainland for work.
But he would never let me
put myself in danger
or drain my savings.
Because it's not worth your life, Lana.
To you, maybe.
To me, those embryos are
the only dream I've ever had.
I would do anything to get them back.
Yeah, like meeting a murderer in a park
armed with nothing but a bag of money.
I get it. You don't like the plan.
Well, I, um, I didn't say that.
We're in position. Comms check.
- Check.
- Got comms.
Detective Carvolo, are you ready?
Four minutes. Everybody sit tight.
[GRUNTING] We must be gettin' close.
TC: Yeah. We better be.
So how'd you two even meet?
Da Squirrel.
He was our mentor. Squirrel Dickinson.
Why'd you call him Da Squirrel?
'Cause he stashed away every
score like a squirrel with nuts.
Da Squirrel taught me all the basics,
pickpocketing, laundering, decoy maps.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
- Oh, no.
- Why? What's wrong?
- Jin, is this a decoy map?
- A what?
A fake map made in case
the person we stole from
ever came after us.
We'd hand it over to buy time to escape.
Wait a minute. So what
did you do with Bo's cut?
I gave it to Squirrel to hold.
So we didn't have to be
out here digging at all?
Again, I feel partially
responsible for this.
Aah! Partially?
MAN #1: How we looking
on the north side?
MAN #2: No sign of our guy.
MAN #3: Yeah. All clear here.
MAGNUM: That's odd. I just got
a text from Gordie asking
to confirm the meet location.
Guy's a no-show so far,
and Lana's not answering her cellphone.
Well, there are officers
stationed outside
her house, right,
so she must still be there.
In more encouraging news,
whilst our thief hasn't made
an appearance, we do now know
what he looks like.
- Got an I.D.?
- Yeah. CSU came through.
So, the DNA that was pulled
from under Kilo's fingernails
has been matched back
to a "Nico Parrish."
I'm gonna call
Lana's home line right now.
Here we go. Nico Parrish.
No stranger to a life of crime.
Been a ward of the state
since he was 15.
Spent some time in juvie.
Then graduated to a series
of escalating financial crimes.
We've got petty theft, fraud,
burglary, armed robbery.
Now murder.
- Real Renaissance Man.
- Yeah.
Hi. This is Lana. I can't
come to the phone right now,
so leave me a message
and I'll get right back to you.
Any luck?
You know, it was just Lana
on the message.
There's no mention whatsoever
of her husband, John.
Okay, well, marital status
is a simple matter of public record.
And as of last year,
John and Lana Turk, -
or should I say Lana Hayes, -
are divorced.
She lied to us.
Hayes. Lana Hayes.
Why does that name seem familiar?
You know, if Lana's divorced,
she may have no legal claim
to her embryo.
And, And that ransom was either
an incredibly great stroke of luck or,
Or she orchestrated
the entire heist. Look.
Lana Hayes was Nico Parrish's
case officer
when he was in the system.
That money, - that wasn't for a ransom.
That was payment for services rendered.
Yeah, she's not a victim.
I mean, she played us all.
Lana's at the International
Market Place.
She must've slipped past
the security detail
outside her house.
Yeah, right after she sent
the rest of HPD
running around town.
Gordon's still 10 minutes out.
I don't think we can wait.
Lana knows her cover's blown.
If we don't get to them
before the exchange,
they're gonna be in the wind for sure.
Then we'd better step on it.
MAN: Hey!
Okay. GPS has Lana
in the southeast corner.
Alright. If she's here,
that means Nico can't be far.
Blue baseball cap. Two o'clock.
Big backpack for a trip to the mall.
No! Wait!
- Get Lana.
- Yeah.
Just let me go.
You know I can't do that, Lana.
A man is already dead.
Don't make this any harder
than it has to be.
You don't understand.
He stole my best years
then denied me custody of my embryos.
He robbed me of my future!
No, Lana. You did that to yourself.
Come on.
MAN: Hey!
- Back up.
- Easy, Nico.
Don't do anything stupid.
You get any closer,
I'll open this thing.
And then what?
You destroy those embryos,
you're only looking at more jail time.
But you gotta catch me first.
It was her idea.
He's lying. I never asked
for any of this.
Took about two seconds for
the finger-pointing to start.
Well, Lana claims the ransom
was all Nico's doing.
She only hired him to steal her embryos.
- He got greedy, went rogue.
- It's all rather tragic.
It's kind of hard to feel bad for her.
I mean, she caused
so much collateral damage,
Kilo, the other patients
from the clinic.
And it could've been worse.
Dr. Lim came by to collect the dewar.
Whatever you did, you did it in time.
The embryos appear to be viable.
- That's great news.
- Hey. You know what?
We'll take the win when we can get it.
- Thanks, Gordie.
- No. Thank you.
If I keel over from a heart
attack, it's on you guys.
Yeah. We're okay with that.
Got in touch with Squirrel.
He paid off my debt, and I'm square.
Nice. You're a free man.
- Yes, I am.
- Congrats.
- We should celebrate.
- Definitely.
After you fill both these holes back up.
Why? We're in the woods.
Exactly. We wanna leave nature
the way we found it.
- Respect the 'aina, bro.
- Don't want a chicken
or a baby boar to get trapped in there.
- Mnh-mnh.
- That's not cool, dude.
You know I have a soft spot
for chickens.
I love them so much, those little guys!
I like the nuggets and the tenders.
Scoop it. Scoop it.
Yeah. Yeah. I'm, uh, glad to hear it.
Okay. Bye.
That was Minka.
She wanted me to
pass along her gratitude,
but I told her
she should tell you in person.
The gamers are all flying out
for Kilo's funeral.
- I figured we should go.
- Yeah.
Gosh. It's not the occasion
they hoped for,
but it'll be nice
to see them all together.
Yeah. "IRL," as the kids say.
Yeah. Our kids will not be saying that.
We'll see.
So it doesn't bother you at all,
these disagreements we've been having?
Our wildly different
approaches to parenting?
[CHUCKLES] Now who's stewing?
Now who's avoiding the question?
W-We have plenty of time
to sweat the small stuff.
This is the bigstuff, no?
I mean, yes, we love each other, sure,
but we both know
that isn't always enough.
And what if we're not
as aligned as we thought?
Then we have plenty of time
to sweat the big stuff,
and there's no one I'd rather
sweat it with than you.
I'm trying to be serious.
Couples have disagreements all the time.
We've been butting heads
since the day we met,
and we've gotten really good at it.
If you ask me, I think
we're ahead of the curve.
I like our odds.
Practice makes perfect, eh?
- Yeah.
- You sound like Miss Fitz.
Was that a boarding-school teacher?
Piano. Twice a week for 10 years.
Just as our children will do.
W No, no, no. No forced hobbies.
That's terrible.
A-Although baseball,
on the other hand
- Baseball?
- Yeah.
So you'd prefer that they can
just run around in a circle
as opposed to play a sonata?
Eh, you can make good money
with baseball.
Evening sun ♪
Sounds of summer ♪
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