Magnum P.I. (2018) s05e16 Episode Script

Run With the Devil

Step on inside, folks!
We've got chicken karaage.
We've got chicken katsu curry,
and for those kiddies,
we've got the chicken tendies.
Don't worry, we won't tell
if you order some for yourself.
I gotta say, Higgy,
you seemed pretty mad
when you lost that roshambo.
But you are really
owning that chicken suit.
[NORMAL VOICE] Well, the manager
was nice enough to let me post up here,
so the least I can do
is send him some business.
Well, you are quite
the sales-chicken, aren't you?
Let's just hope our skip
actually shows up.
Oh, he's gonna show up. He needs
money to get off the island,
and my source says that this is
his go-to pawn shop.
Oh, hi, sir. Here you are,
some two-for-one coupons.
MAGNUM: Wait, did that
That guy just totally checked you out.
Guess he's into chicks.
- Please don't.
- Little does he know,
you're not single.
Yolks on him. [JOKE'S]
One more chicken pun, Thomas,
and I will be.
Oh, heads up.
I think our skip's here.
James Tan? Hi.
We're taking you in.
There's confusion in the barnyard ♪
Havoc in the shed ♪
The old red roosters down
flyin in his bed ♪
Chicken Little, oooo ♪
- You okay?
- Yeah. Yeah.
You better fly like a bird
when I give you the word ♪
And never come back ♪
Turkey lurkey took apart
and hid his head in the ground ♪
You shaken and hollerin
cause the sky's fallin down ♪
Chicken Little ♪
Excuse me.
When I give you the word
and never come back ♪
Porky pig went a runnin
and he hid hind the barn ♪
You knows he be lookin
but he don't give a hoot ♪
Chicken Little, hey, hey,
Chicken little ♪
Come here!
Stay down!
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
Chicken Little ♪
What about you?
I'm good.
Oh. I don't think
we're getting the deposit back
from the costume shop.
When I give you the word
and never come back ♪
Is there a reason
you're eyeing my breakfast
like a rabid mongoose?
Oh, sorry. I'm on a crash diet.
You know, I've got
the Marine Corps Ball tonight
and still got a few extra pounds to shed
before I can fit into those blues.
So the dreaded "baby weight"
got to you, huh?
Happens to the best of us.
Excuse me, no, no. I don't know
what you're talking about.
It's not the baby weight.
Suzy took the uniform
to a new dry cleaner.
I'm sure the dry cleaner
shrunk the uniform.
You're right, it is the baby weight.
H-How How is that bacon,
by the way? You enjoying it?
Almost as much as
I'm enjoying your pain.
- Mm.
- Mm.
I see you went with
the Loco Moco special.
It's pretty bomb, huh?
It's amazing. You wanna bite?
No, I'm good. I went to Koko Head cafe.
Had to try that new
"Elvis' Revenge" sandwich.
Oh, nice.
Kale and cucumber smoothie?
That would be a hard pass.
Well, I'm guessing
you'll have no trouble
fitting into your blues tonight.
Well, I'm eating whatever I want
because I'm-a pass
on the ball this year.
What? Why?
Well, Mahina was my plus one,
and we broke up,
so I don't wanna go.
Come on, man. The ball is a tradition.
I mean, i-it's the one night in the year
where we get to meet up with old buddies
that we served with, reminisce,
and get so blackout drunk
that we don't remember any of it.
I'm sorry, I'm-a sit this one out.
Maybe next year.
MAGNUM: Yeah, I'm walking out
now. How'd it go with the skip?
I just turned him over
and collected our bounty.
What's your diagnosis?
Ah, they gave me a sling.
Just, you know, nothing a little
Tylenol and ice can't handle.
I'll see you back at the house.
Okay, I'll see you soon.
Hey, uh, excuse me.
You need some help?
JACOB: Hannah is my sister.
About six months ago, she turned 17
and decided to come to Hawaii
for her Rumspringa.
It's a rite of passage for the Amish.
Yeah, I'm familiar with it.
Teenagers leave the community
and live in secular society.
Experience things
they otherwise wouldn't.
Yes, except we call it
the "English" world.
Hannah had always wanted to see Hawaii.
She traveled all the way
from our home in Pennsylvania.
And for a while, it seemed
like everything was going well.
She wrote letters home saying
how amazing the experience was.
How she never knew how big the world was
until she stood
with her feet in the water,
looking out at the endless ocean.
So what happened?
I don't know.
But something changed.
The letters stopped coming so regularly.
She sounded different.
Then about two weeks ago,
my family received
a final letter from Hannah
informing us that she would not
be returning to the community.
Look, I don't mean to sound insensitive,
but, uh, is that so uncommon?
I'm I'm assuming some people
decide not to come back.
Of course, but that's not my sister.
She wouldn't just leave me like that.
So you think she's
in some kind of trouble?
Yes, that's why I'm here.
I told my parents I'd be working
on my uncle's farm
for a few days and flew in to find her.
I bought a phone.
A lady at a print shop
helped me make some flyers.
That's what I've been doing
for the past few days.
Okay, so your parents,
they don't even know you're here?
I know.
And I-I know it was wrong
to lie to them,
but I know I'd never be able
to live with myself
if I didn't at least try to find Hannah.
So do you think you can help me?
HIGGINS: I don't know about this.
I mean, of course I want to help
the boy, but this is complicated.
Complicated because he's Amish,
or because he's young?
Well, both, but the whole point
of Rumspringa
is to allow the Amish youth
to make an informed decision
as to whether they want
to join the Amish life.
And it appears that Hannah has
chosen to leave her community.
Who are we to meddle?
Yeah, yeah, it appears
as though she chose, but he
he doesn't believe that she
would abandon him like this.
But if we find her
and she doesn't want to go back,
we're gonna have to tell him some news
- he doesn't want to hear.
- Yes, obviously.
So, Jacob, I know I told you
I'd take the case,
but, uh, here's the deal
I'm gonna have to let
your parents know where you are
and that you're safe.
Yeah. Okay.
But that won't be easy.
The closest phone is several
miles away from my home.
It's at the store in town.
Okay, well then, you're gonna
have to tell me
the name of the store
and your parents' full names.
It's the general store
in Paradise, Pennsylvania.
And my parents are
John and Sara Fischer.
Although, I'm sure
they'll be pretty upset
- when you talk to them.
- Well, actually,
we're not gonna talk to them.
Our friend Kumu
is gonna handle that.
With a case like this,
a potential missing person,
every second counts.
Why don't we start with you
telling us everything you know
about Hannah's life in Hawaii?
I know when she first got here,
she stayed in something called a hostel.
She got a job scooping ice cream
and eventually found a room
for rent in an apartment.
She said she went
to a few Sunday services
at the Mennonite church.
I-I went to a bunch of different
ice cream shops, and
no one seemed to recognize her picture.
And there was no return address
on any of the letters she sent, so
With a missing persons, uh,
the first thing you got to do
is understand their frame of mind.
Hannah's a 17-year-old Amish girl
on her own for the first time.
I mean, you were that age when you were
- in boarding school, right?
- Yeah.
What kind of trouble did you get into
when you got your
first taste of freedom?
Yeah, I suspect you'd be disappointed.
But anyway, times have
changed since then.
That they have.
What are you doing?
Well, I don't know a teenager around
who doesn't spend half
their time on social media,
and I doubt that would be any different
for an Amish girl
with her first phone, right?
- Yeah.
- What's social media?
Oh, it's a form of communication
that's supposed to allow us
to be closer to each other but
actually isolates us further.
And here we are.
She looks so happy there. I
Well, the last photo she
uploaded was three weeks ago.
After that, she just stopped.
And I don't see any indication
of where she's staying at. Right?
Actually, I'm not sure that that's true.
Seems she recently adopted a puppy,
and she's tagged the shelter
Found My Home Dog Rescue.
And places like that
will make you provide
an address on the application.
Hi. My name is Thomas Magnum,
and this is my partner, Juliet Higgins.
We're private investigators
You must be Hannah's brother.
She's told me a lot about you.
I'm Kalei.
Is my sister here?
Um, sorry.
I figured she would have told you.
Hannah moved out a few weeks ago.
Okay. Do you have any idea
where we can find her?
Um, unfortunately, no.
The number I have for her
was disconnected.
At first, I was hesitant
about taking on a roommate
who was super religious,
but she could not have been sweeter.
We became friends right away,
hung out all the time,
and then, eventually,
we adopted Ginger here together.
I loved introducing Hannah
to everything she hadn't gotten
to experience,
like surfing, sushi, Taylor Swift.
Everything was new to her.
But then, something changed.
What happened?
She lost her job. She kept paying rent,
but I had no idea
where the money was coming from.
And honestly, she seemed
kind of depressed.
Do you know why?
I asked, but she wouldn't say.
And then she started
keeping these weird hours.
Coming home late. I was willing
to put up with it until
she started bringing around
these new friends she had made.
These guys they seemed super sketchy.
I tried talking to Hannah about it,
but she just pushed me away.
Then, one day, I woke up,
and she was gone
along with all of her stuff.
She didn't even leave a note
saying where she went.
These friends you mentioned
Uh, do you know who they are
or where we might be able to find them?
No. I just assumed she had
met them at a bar or a club.
I mean, she'd been going to
those kind of places a lot.
I should have tried harder
to get through to her.
I'm so sorry.
"Train up a child
in the way he should go,
and when he is old,
he will not depart from it."
So, what now?
We split up, hit the bars
and nightclubs.
See if anyone recognizes
Hannah's picture.
And by "we," Thomas means he and I
because obviously it would not
be appropriate for us
to take you to those establishments.
Yeah, we'll drop you off at our place.
Our friend Kumu will take care of you.
Um, actually, I'll switch to iced tea.
Working from home thing
getting to you, too, huh?
Is it that obvious?
Well, we have a lot of laptoppers here.
They come for the free Wi-Fi,
the clean restrooms,
order a coffee, and pretty
much camp out all day.
I can tell you're pretty new to this
because you feel compelled
to keep ordering things.
I'm Emily, by the way.
One iced tea coming up.
Emily Now, I-I realize
this might be kind of out of the blue
and maybe even a little bit forward,
but, um, here goes.
Uh, I'm a Marine,
and tonight is the Marine Corps Ball.
And I was wondering
if you would be interested in going
as my friend's date.
Oh. I'm I'm sorry. Your friend?
Yeah. Yeah. His name's TC,
and he served, too.
Super cool guy. Uh,
but he did get shot recently,
and he was ghosting
his girlfriend forever,
and so she dumped him.
So he doesn't have anybody
to go with, you know?
Yeah, I'm sorry.
Um, I-I think I actually have plans.
Your lunch. Struck out, huh?
Are you sure you don't have a friend
that could be TC's plus-one tonight?
I mean, I tried.
No one was available
on such short notice.
It's sweet that you want
to find someone for him.
But why is it so important
to you that he go?
Well, the ball is a special
night for vets, you know?
It's a reminder
that we're all a part
of this brotherhood for life.
And I just think with everything
that TC's been going through,
he could use a bit of that.
He shouldn't miss out just
because he doesn't have a date.
You know, I read
that sometimes service members
invite celebrities to the ball.
And sometimes they actually show up.
Justin Timberlake did it,
and even Kim Kardashian.
Oh. That's good.
Actually, I might know
just the right person.
Hi. Hello.
- Help you with something?
- Um, God. I hope so.
Uh, this is the fifth bar
I've been to this afternoon.
Well, if you're looking for
a drink, you're out of luck.
We don't open till 5:00. Sorry.
No drink. Um, just some information.
I was wondering if you have
seen this girl before.
Yeah. Sure.
But she looked a lot different.
And she wasn't calling herself Hannah.
Went by Chloe.
At least, that's what it said
on the driver's license she showed me.
She was using a fake I.D.
I wish I could say that was
the worst thing she did.
I could be bad ♪
Must have been a couple
weeks ago when she came in.
She was drinking alone at the bar.
Seemed pretty far gone, too.
Of course, all the vultures
came swooping in.
We're trained to watch out
for that kind of thing.
And I tried to keep an eye on her,
but we just got really busy.
Next thing I know, they're gone.
They robbed me!
So it was a con.
Exactly. I checked with
the other servers.
Seems the only thing she ordered
that night was a club soda.
Fooled us all.
Okay. Thank you for your help.
No problem.
- You got to be kidding me.
- Wait You know her?
Only by reputation. We've been
looking for this girl for weeks.
Here, let me show you something.
Alright. These are all the open
cases she's a suspect in.
Check and credit card fraud.
- First-degree burglary.
- That's quite the crime spree.
It all starts about four weeks ago,
which was when she fell in
with those guys
and wrote to her family
to say she wasn't coming home.
Yeah, and she saved the best for last.
Your girl walks into
a marijuana dispensary,
and she wasn't there to buy.
This is from three days ago.
She was there to rob the place.
Three accomplices. Same as at the bar.
They use her to get inside
and disarm security.
That's felony armed robbery.
Which means she's looking at
up to 10 years.
There has to be some kind of mistake.
That's not who my sister is.
Doing what I do for a living,
sometimes you get to see
the worst side of people.
Clients are often surprised,
shocked to hear what their
family members are capable of.
But when it comes to Hannah,
in this case,
I think you're right.
- You do?
- Yeah.
You don't even know her.
Well, that's true, but I do know you.
And from everything you told me
about who you guys are
and where you come from,
I just don't see
how somebody goes from being
a devout Amish girl
to a criminal in a matter of months.
I mean, these men have to
be putting her up to it,
coercing her somehow.
- How can we find them?
- You leave that to me, alright?
I'm gonna find Hannah, and
I'm gonna get her home safely.
I promise.
Give me a second.
I got to take this. Okay?
Be right back.
Hey, you got anything?
Well, we've been poring
through case files,
and we found one from last year
that matches the M.O.
of the dispensary robbery.
Three gunmen sent a young woman
named Nora Diaz
into a jewelry store to disarm security.
Unfortunately for Nora,
the guard subdued her,
and the rest of the crew got away.
Alright, so it's the same M.O.
You send in an unassuming girl
the kind nobody will bat an eye at.
Have her draw a weapon,
neutralize security.
And if, uh, she gets away
with the money,
then you're looking at a huge score.
Yeah. And if she doesn't, you
just cut your losses and run.
Whoever these guys are,
they did a good job
of scaring Ms. Diaz into
keeping her mouth shut.
She refused to cooperate
with the detectives handling the case,
even though she was
looking at serious time.
Well, it's a good thing we're not cops.
Precisely what I was thinking.
It's a different grind
of a different kind ♪
I never met a magnet
that changed its mind ♪
We're between the times
and decide the crime ♪
I'm a real rich 3 dollars 6 dimes ♪
And I think I'm having premonitions ♪
Threat level hot pink,
seeing triple vision ♪
It ain't so, No go - not
the Gee Oh - a whammy in the O ♪
RICK: Oh, my goodness.
[LAUGHING] Oh, my goodness.
- Malia Manuel?
- Oh, hey
Of all the places we could have
run into each other again.
What What are you doing here?
Oh, I'm shooting
an endorsement spot. You?
Well, I was out getting some waves,
and I saw the cameras,
so I thought I'd come over
- and see what was going on.
- Really?
Because your hair's
remarkably coiffed for someone
who's just been in the water.
And dry.
Did I say I was getting
I meant I'm headed out
to get some waves.
Speaking of "headed out"
tonight is the Marine Corps Ball.
I'm not sure if you're aware of it.
And I happen to know a vet
who needs a date.
Now, he's a great guy.
It's a little complicated.
He was recently shot.
He had to re-learn to walk,
and his girlfriend broke up with him.
But, you know, it would mean
the world to me
if you would consider maybe, just maybe,
possibly being his date
to the ball tonight.
Sorry. How do we know each other again?
La Mariana.
Oh. The bar.
Yes! Rick.
Rick! I served you a drink
a rye and ginger, I believe it was.
It was a brief interaction,
but I really thought
we had a connection there.
Well, usually when some rando
pulls something like this,
I'm tempted to report them
to the cops for stalking.
But it seems like you're doing
something nice for a friend.
So, what time's this ball?
7:30, Ala Moana Hotel.
Does this mean you will go?
Sure. It could be fun.
And I'm always down to help out a vet.
- Oh, my God. Thank you. Thank you.
- Yeah.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Thank you!
No problem. Hey, I thought
you were going for a surf.
Oh, um, you know
I'm kidding. I'll see you tonight.
Alright. See you tonight.
Malia Manuel, everybody!
How are you enjoying your lunch?
I didn't think anything
could top shave ice, but
this might be the best food
I've ever tasted.
Oh, I heard back from the owner
of the general store in your hometown.
He's gonna get word
to your parents to call us.
I know our ways must seem weird
to someone like you.
Actually, a lot of Amish values
are very similar to Hawaiian culture.
Like how you focus
on family and community.
But you don't shut yourself
off from the rest of the world.
Modern Hawaii is really a mix
of different ethnicities,
cultures, religions.
Much like that plate lunch
you're eating
the Japanese-style rice,
American mac salad,
Chinese noodles, and Korean spare ribs.
Hawaiians see diversity as a strength.
But we're also humble enough
to recognize
that we're not the only way.
That's nice. But it doesn't seem fair
that I get to experience your culture
and you'll never get to see mine.
Actually, I-I think I'm getting to see
a glimpse of it right now.
Nora. Hi.
My name is Juliet Higgins.
I'm a private investigator,
and I'm here hoping
that you might be able to help me.
With what?
This is Hannah Fischer. She's 17,
and I believe that she's wrapped up
with the same crew that put you in here.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Nora, I completely understand
why you didn't cooperate
with the police.
You're more scared of the men
who put you up to that robbery
than you are of this place.
I get it. But I'm not
working with the police.
Okay? My partner and I were hired
by Hannah's younger brother
to try to help find her.
I just can't do it without your help.
And it isn't just about Hannah.
We have to stop the men
that put you in here,
or they will continue to victimize women
like you and her.
Um, I came out here from Baltimore.
My home life wasn't exactly awesome.
So, the day I turned 18,
I dropped out of school
and booked a plane ticket.
I was alone. I didn't know anyone.
I tried to find work,
but the little money that I made
ran out fast.
One day, I met a guy who said
I could make some quick cash.
It started off with dummy
credit card purchases.
Next thing I knew
I was helping them hustle tourists
and commit robberies.
I was so crazy, and
and I wanted out, but I
They made it clear
that that wasn't an option.
They took my phone away.
They told me that if I ever
tried to run away
or go to the cops,
they they would find me,
and they would kill me.
When I finally got arrested,
it was a relief
at least they couldn't
get to me in here.
But, Nora, you shouldn't
even be in here.
Look, we can talk to
the prosecuting attorney.
We can explain your situation.
No. No, I can't. No.
I know that this is very scary.
But we have to stop the men
that put you in here.
You know that.
We cannot do it without your help.
I just need you to give me a name.
The man in charge
is named Ben.
Ben Satele.
- We're clear!
- Clear!
Something's wrong.
Yeah. It's too quiet.
Where's Hannah?
No sign of her.

The place was tossed.
Whoever did this
was looking for something.
Yeah. And for a heist crew, the
place is awfully light on cash.
Yeah, unless they got smart
and hid it somewhere else.
Well, maybe that's why Hannah's
missing. Maybe they took her,
hoping that she could
lead them to the money.
I'll get an APB out.
Good chance whoever did this was
probably robbed by this crew.
Which means our next move should be
to look into their recent victims.
We need to talk.
I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't
have been looking at it.
No, not that.
I finally spoke to your parents.
You didn't just lie to them.
You lied to us.
I'm sorry.
And your name's not Jacob, it's Saul.
And you're 14 years old.
And you stole your cousin's I.D.
so you could get tickets
without getting
your parents' permission.
They're worried sick about you!
Sure. For me, they're worried.
But when it comes to Hannah,
they don't care what happens to her.
- That's not true.
- Yes, it is!
That's why I came by myself.
Because they wouldn't.
Thomas and Juliet have
only shown you kindness.
The least you could have done
was be honest with them.
If I had told them the truth,
they wouldn't have helped me.
They would have sent me home.
Just like you're going to do.
No one's saying that.
But what you did is wrong.
It was definitely wrong of him
to lie to us.
But I kind of understand why he did it.
Yeah, I have to agree.
Jacob or rather, Saul
thought he was never
gonna see his sister again.
I mean, he didn't want
to take the chance
that we wouldn't help him.
Yeah. I'd just give him
a little time to cool off,
then just check in on him later.
I suppose I could have been
a little more understanding.
But I felt we made a connection.
So, when I found out he was
lying, it it set me off.
How's it going on your end?
Any closer to finding Hannah?
Actually, she's in more trouble
than we could have imagined.
But there's no sense
in letting Saul know that.
In the meantime, we're gonna
talk to somebody
who may know where she's at.
We'll keep you posted
if we find anything.
- Good luck.
- Bye.
I understand you two
are private investigators.
- How can I help you?
- Your private equity group
recently bankrolled
a local marijuana dispensary,
and we're investigating
a robbery that took place there.
As we understand it,
the thieves made off
with a quarter
of a million dollars in cash.
That's true. Legal weed
is a booming industry.
But because it isn't legal
on the federal level,
banks won't touch it.
And robberies like that,
are the cost of doing business.
But that's why we carry
insurance, right?
Right. Except that
we pulled up your policy.
And it only covers losses up to $10,000.
So, in fact, you took
quite a significant hit.
I say this fully aware of how it sounds,
but do you think I'm the kind of guy
who loses sleep over
a quarter-million-dollar loss?
The type of business I run,
that's an insignificant sum.
A rounding error.
Except you didn't get to where you are
by letting people
walk all over you. Right?
Somebody robs you,
you got to send a message
that it won't be tolerated.
Like, say, for example,
tracking down the thieves,
shooting them dead in their homes.
This is the part
where I tell you to get out.
Look, Mr. Bedrosian. As far as
the triple homicide goes,
the police can handle it.
We have no interest
as to what your involvement
may or may not have been.
And even if we did, I can
only assume you're smart enough
to ensure that nothing
could be traced back to you.
But the girl that your men kidnapped
did not choose
to be part of that robbery.
She was forced into it.
So, all that we ask is
that you do the decent thing
and let her go so that we can
return her to her family.
You don't have her, do you?
MAGNUM: I guess Bedrosian's men
didn't have Hannah.
She must have escaped when they
showed up to the house
and started shooting.
If that's the case,
then why hasn't she gone to the police?
She's been involved in a dozen
or so felonies, right?
She's probably too scared
to go to the cops.
Right. I'll notify Gordon,
tell him to update the APB.
Also let him know that Bedrosian's men
might be after Hannah, too.
And I'll alert TSA
in case she tries to get on a plane.
It's Kumu.
Kumu, what's up?
It's Saul.
He ran away.
- Hello?
- MAN: Hi.
I saw the flier about the missing girl.
I think I may know
where you can find her.
Okay. Left up ahead on Kiwila.
Should just be a few more blocks.
- Alright. Try calling again.
- Yeah.
you're trying to reach is unavailable.
Here, left.
This way.
Should be just up ahead.
Where is he?
Look, this doesn't make sense.
The signal says we should be
right on top of him.
M-Maybe he ditched his phone.
No, I don't even think
he would know that's a thing
when trying to not be found.
- Hello?
- MAN: Mr. Magnum.
It seems like you and I are
looking for the same girl.
- Who is this?
- Doesn't matter.
What matters is we have the boy.
If you want him back,
you're gonna find his sister
and get us our money.
Look, I'll find the girl, alright?
But I-I'm gonna need time.
You have one hour. And
if you fail to get our money,
or if you try to involve
the cops, the kid's dead.
Wait. So, you did what?
I got you a date.
With Malia Manuel, no less!
Now you can go to the ball.
What is it?
Look, you gonna have to call her back
and tell her that ain't happening.
Okay, let me just get this straight.
You don't want to go out with a former
US Open Championship surfer
who also happened to be a model
in the Sports Illustrated
Swimsuit Issue?
- No!
- No, you don't want to go,
or no, I've got it right
and you do want to go?
Dude, I don't want to go with her.
Okay, 'cause you're just sending
some mixed signals here.
Listen, I appreciate the effort,
even if it's something
I never asked for.
But I'm not skipping the ball
because I don't have a date.
I'm skipping it because
it's just another reminder
that I screwed things up with Mahina.
Look, man, it's just
I had a good thing going
with her, and now that's gone.
I'm the only one that's to blame for it.
I'm sorry.
I-I didn't realize.
Tell you what.
If you promise not to set me up
with anyone else,
I'll go to the ball.
- Stag.
- Yeah?
I just think you should
reconsider the Malia thing.
I-I just No, man!
Bedrosian's men must have found
one of Saul's fliers
and believed that he could
lead them to her.
Yeah. So they lure him into a trap,
find out two PIs are tracking Hannah.
Their problem becomes our problem.
Except that we don't have any leads
as to where Hannah currently is.
She hasn't shown up at the airport,
and she hasn't turned herself in.
Yeah, but you got to put
yourself in her shoes, right?
She's on the run. Cops are after her.
She's terrified. I mean,
she's fearing for her life.
Right. She's too ashamed
to go back to her family.
She doesn't know anyone on the island.
Who is she gonna turn to?
"Train up a child
in the way he should go,
and when he grows old,
he will not depart from it."
Well, I'm afraid
I've never seen her before.
I'm sorry, Father,
but Hannah's brother told us
she attended services here
on more than one occasion.
And we also believe that you're
exactly the kind of person
she would turn to in a time of crisis.
Look, all we want to do is help her.
This situation is much more dire
than she's aware of.
What exactly is going on?
There are some people here
who need to speak with you.
HIGGINS: Hannah, come sit down.
It's okay.
MAGNUM: Look, I know you're
scared, but we're here to help.
We're private investigators,
and your brother hired us
to help find you.
- Saul is here?
- Yes.
Saul is here in Hawaii, but, Hannah,
there is something
that you need to know.
The men who killed the crew
that you've been working with
- they've kidnapped Saul.
- No.
They're working for a man
named Sam Bedrosian.
He's the owner of the dispensary
that you robbed,
and they now wish
to exchange your brother
in return for the money that was stolen.
They're gonna call any minute
now to set up the exchange.
Hannah, we need to get that money.
But I don't have it.
A couple days ago, someone came
by the house and held us up.
They took everything,
including the cash.
Ben suspected it was someone
the crew had worked with in the past
who knew there'd be money at the house.
- No honor amongst thieves.
- No. It's plausible enough,
but the kidnappers
aren't gonna believe it.
Well, that's them.
What do we do?
The only play we have left.
Yeah. Yeah, we got the money.
Where do you want us to meet you?

Hey, kid.
How you doing?
Here's how this is gonna go.
One of you's gonna walk the money over.
As soon as we confirm
it's all there, you get the kid.
About that
Unfortunately, we don't have the money.
Hey, hey. Whoa, whoa. Look, hey.
Before you do anything drastic,
you might want to talk to your boss.
We would like to renegotiate
the terms of our arrangement.
We take the boy.
You take this piece of human
excrement in an Armani suit,
get in your car, and drive away.
What do you say?
- I don't think they can hear you.
Stand down.
Give them the kid.
Stand down.
Same time.
Move at the same time.
Come on. Come on. Over here.
Get in the back.
You're gonna have to answer for this.
You hear me?
Then I'll be seeing you.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
- MAN: Glad you're here.
- Yes, sir.
How y'all doing?
See you soon.
[GASPS] Wow. Looking sharp, TC!
Thanks. You're looking dynamite, too.
That's a great dress.
Oh, this old thing? [LAUGHS]
Look at us! Mustache twins, huh?
Now all we got to do
is get Magnum to grow one.
You think he can pull it off?
All I know is that I have been
very much looking forward to tonight.
Well, just so you know,
TC and I have a lot of drinking
and partying and general
carousing planned.
Oh, carousing, huh?
That's right. So, if you can't hang,
I don't blame you for it.
If you need to leave early,
I won't hold it against you.
Please. I've been cooped up with a baby
for six months at home.
I am very much ready to hang.
Let's get you a drink, stat.
Excuse me, Major.
I believe your date has arrived.
What'd you do?
You're here.
And you look
You don't look so bad yourself.
I-I'm really glad you came.
Well, I'd already bought the gown, so
I'm glad I came, too.
Come on.
Let's get you a drink.
Spoke to Gordie.
Looks like the PA's not gonna
pursue charges against Hannah.
And Nora Diaz's sentence
is gonna get knocked down
to time served.
That is great.
Can I ask you something?
Of course.
Do you believe in God?
How much time you got?
I guess the short answer is yes.
I'm not gonna pretend to know
exactly what that means.
What about you?
Not really, no.
The rational part of my brain
just pokes too many holes
in the concept.
But then I look at all of this
It sort of makes you wonder.
And it's so easy to fall
back to the memory of ♪
And what's this one with the "V"?
- Oh, the one on top?
- Yeah.
That's the Bronze Star.
Don't you have to do something
really heroic to get that?
Yeah. But that's a story
for another night.
- Shots! Shots! Shots!
- Shots! Shots! Shots!
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
- Whoo!
- Maybe you should think
about pacing yourself.
Oh! I realize it's hard to keep up.
But if you need to bail early, I get it.
Your chin is cute.
[LAUGHS] In Rick's defense,
drinking on an empty stomach
does catch up to you fast.
But I guess I owe the guy
a big thank you.
'Cause if it wasn't for him,
you wouldn't even be here.
True. But to be honest,
it didn't take much convincing.
I missed you, Theodore.
I missed you, too.
Remember your way ♪
Remember your way ♪

It's time.

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