Magnum P.I. (2018) s05e17 Episode Script

Consciousness of Guilt

OPERATOR: 911. What's your emergency?
MAN: Oh, God! Oh, God!
Please send Please send an ambulance!
Okay. Sir, tell me what's happening.
My brother My brother, he
he's had an accident.
He's, uh, still breathing. Come quick.
SMITH: Michael Walker, 46 years old.
Appears he slipped,
hit his head, and fell in.
Brother says he had
a drinking problem, so
That who call it in?
Tate Walker. He found the body.
Seems pretty shaken up.
Mr. Walker, I'm Detective Katsumoto.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
But if it's all right, I do need
to get clear on some details.
So, you got here at what time?
Uh, just after 10:30, I think.
I walked in the back,
and he was facedown, bleeding.
Pulled him out of the water.
Just tried everything I could.
So he was already hurt
when you got here.
You immediately tried to save him.
And you called 911 right away?
Was there anyone else here?
Then can you tell me why there's
an empty six-pack over there
but only five bottles?
MAXWELL: And that was
when you began to suspect
that Michael Walker's
death was no accident?
Did you find other evidence
to support that suspicion, Detective?
Forensic evidence suggested
Michael's head injury
was caused by someone slamming
his head against the concrete
rather than a simple fall.
And in the days prior,
the defendant sent his brother
numerous angry text messages
and e-mails.
What were these messages about?
The brothers were fighting over
their late mother's estate
a fight that ended when Michael died.
Back to this missing bottle.
Now, we've heard testimony
that Michael struggled with alcoholism.
The defense has suggested
that perhaps he drank a beer
while driving home
and tossed the bottle out the window.
- Is this possible?
- No.
Security video shows Michael
purchasing that six-pack
with all six bottles at
9:06 p.m. at a convenience store
less than a two-minute drive
from the crime scene.
HPD canvassed his entire route.
Searched the whole house.
We never found the bottle.
So, where is this bottle now?
Only Tate Walker knows that.
Our evidence suggests
he arrived at the house
earlier than he claims,
drank a beer with his brother,
an argument ensued,
and Tate wound up
slamming Michael's head
against the concrete edge of the pool.
Causing the blunt-force trauma
detailed by our medical examiner?
And while Michael was bleeding out,
Tate got rid of the bottle
with his prints and DNA on it,
came up with a story, worked up
some tears, and called 911.
Nothing further, Your Honor.
So, you got from one missing beer bottle
all the way to murder.
You're forgetting the
forensic evidence and motive.
Right. Motive.
Siblings disagreeing
over their inheritance.
That never happens.
And the forensic evidence
was inconclusive.
- Objection.
- JUDGE: Sustained.
How long have you been
on the force, Detective?
Just over 19 years. Consecutively?
Weren't you recently fired by HPD?
That decision was reversed
by the review board.
I was reinstated.
Defense exhibit 207, Your Honor.
HPD's official report
detailing the circumstances
leading to Gordon Katsumoto's
Do you recognize this document,
So, you broke your old partner
out of prison
and used him as bait for
some kind of hostage exchange?
Objection. Relevance.
Uh, it goes to credibility, Your Honor.
It seems that
when Detective Katsumoto wants
a certain result,
he's willing to bend the rules
- and even break the law to get it.
- Your Honor
So why should the jury believe you
about some missing beer bottle
or anything else?
How hard did you look for that bottle,
- Detective? Judge:
- Mr. Lee, that's enough.
How do we know you didn't
find it and discard it?
- Objection!
- Sustained.
The jury will disregard
Mr. Lee's remarks.
Lily. I got your text.
We have a verdict?
Hung jury.
Judge sent them back three
times, but it was hopeless.
So we get to go through all this again.
The P.A. has decided
not to retry the case.
You're kidding.
Hey, we both know
Walker's guilty as sin.
Yeah, but without any new evidence,
everything will still hinge
on your credibility, and
I'm sorry, Gordon.
- MAN: Here he is.
- WOMAN: Here he comes.
Mr. Walker. Over here, Mr. Walker.
What's it like to be a free man?
Now that HPD's unfounded allegations
and harassment are over,
I can finally mourn the loss
of my brother, Michael,
in peace.
Just a steel town girl
on a Saturday night ♪
Lookin' for the fight of her life ♪
She has danced into the danger zone ♪
She's a maniac, maniac on the floor ♪
And she's dancing like
she's never danced before ♪
She's a maniac, man ♪
Hey, Mrs. Fredericks,
I'm here to walk Pippin.
Hey, boy! Hey!
Come on. Let's get your leash!
Let's get your leash, buddy.
Oh, my God. You scared me.
Sorry, uh, who are you?
No. Who are you?
A-And how did you get in the house?
I'm Jin. From JinDog?
Mrs. F gave me the door code
so I can take Pippin on his walks.
Where is Mrs. F, by the way?
Oh. Carol went on a cruise.
She asked me to house-sit
and take care of the dog
while she's away.
I'm her friend Margot.
She must have forgotten to tell you,
but she won't be needing your
services for a couple weeks.
Oh, yeah? Cruise, huh? [CHUCKLES]
What's with the rubber gloves, huh?
Pippin had a little accident.
I think he misses Mommy.
So, uh, Carol will just
message you when she's back.
Oh, sorry, Pippin. Change of plans.
I'll see you in a couple weeks, okay?
So I think I'll just go, then?
Carol will just message you
when she's back, okay?
I don't always make you smile,
but I try ♪
I'm not a perfect man, I know ♪
But, baby, I promise,
we'll always do it together ♪
And there you are, laddie.
And can I be gettin' ya anything else
this fine, beautiful marnin'?
Uh, you can stop talking like that.
Yeah, just so we're clear,
nobody's after your Lucky Charms.
That's my leprechaun voice.
I do it for Joy every night
when I tuck her in.
Cracks her up every time.
You know, ever since I moved in
with Suzy and Joy,
starting and ending each day
together, i-it's just the best.
That is so incredibly sweet.
It's adorable.
Yeah, you know,
after we put Joy to sleep,
our favorite thing to do is to sit
and just talk and tell stories
about all the things we missed
when we were apart.
[CHUCKLES] Yeah, since me
and Mahina got back together,
we've been loving catching up, too.
Speaking of, I'm making up
with her before work,
so I got to jet.
I know what that means. [LAUGHS]
Do you think we spend
too much time together?
Is this a test?
I feel like this is a test.
No, it's not a test. I promise.
Okay. Well, we spend more time
together than most couples,
but I don't think it's too much.
No. I mean, I don't either.
But I'm just wondering
if maybe we're missing out on
missing each other.
Or you're overthinking it,
like you always do.
Okay, but listen.
If we try to share stories
with each other
at the end of the day, well,
they're just the same stories.
That makes them inherently
less interesting.
Tell you what.
We'll spend the rest of the day apart
just a little experiment
and just see how it goes.
Yeah. All right.
Hi. Hi.
Mrs. Fredericks has vanished!
I need your help!
H-Hold on, Jin.
Who is Mrs. Fredericks,
and how did you know
where we were gonna be?
- Find My Friends.
- No, no, no, no.
When you were tracking
our sleeping habits,
I deleted you from the app.
Yeah, I know you did,
but baby girl didn't.
And you guys are always together.
Anyway, Mrs. F
is one of my favorite clients.
Sweet dog, great snacks, never cancels,
and then, all of a sudden,
she's going on a cruise?
And this rando named Margot
clearly that's not her real name
is house-sitting
and taking care of Pippin?
Yeah, right!
Jin, how are you so sure
that your client doesn't just go
on vacation?
Mrs. F tells me everything, okay?
She wouldn't have planned a trip
without telling me a hundred times.
And plus, she would
never go on a cruise.
She hates the water.
Whenever she's on water,
it makes her upper back sweat.
She tells me everything.
And then Margot says that Pip
had an accident on the floor,
which is a lie, because that dog
is more housebroken than I am!
- Good to know.
- I don't know, Jin.
It sounds a little paranoid.
Maybe this Margot girl
is who she claims to be,
and your client just forgot
to fill you in on her plans.
No, man.
As a former thief/con artist/male model,
I know when I see a liar,
and that lady is definitely lying, okay?
- Game recognizes game, dawg.
- HIGGINS: Very well, Jin.
If it'll make you feel better,
we'll look into it.
- Won't we?
- Yes, you will.
Um, I got to go see Katsumoto
as soon as possible.
- Well, but
- JIN: Good. You can go.
And then me and baby boo will
work on the Fredericks case.
First of all,
we don't know it's a case yet.
Second of all, it isn't up to you.
And third of all,
never call me boo again, okay?
Roger that, honey buns.
- We
- Well, you wanted to spend
the day apart,
so, uh you two have fun.
JIN: Well done.
I didn't know how we were gonna
get rid of him.
Now, where do we start?
KATSUMOTO: I've testified
at a lot of trials.
Some you win, some you lose.
A witness refuses to testify or
the evidence just isn't there.
But this one
A killer just went free, Magnum,
and it was entirely my fault.
No, Gordy. Don't do that.
I'm sure there's gonna be some
No. No, this case just became
a very expensive black eye
for the P.A.'s office and HPD.
So now the P.A. won't retry
without new evidence,
and HPD won't spend another dime
looking for any.
All I need is something
that might tip the scales,
convince them to try again.
Problem is,
I've been ordered to stand down.
But there's nothing stopping me
from looking into it.
I need your help, Magnum.
KATSUMOTO: The Walkers
are East Coast, old money.
Father drank himself to death
when Michael and Tate were kids,
so their mother spoiled them,
especially Tate.
He was the golden boy.
Went into real estate.
Grew the family fortune.
Michael chose a different path, huh?
Well, he inherited Dad's alcohol problem
and lived off Mom's money
while he went from one
failed venture to the next.
How'd the mom die?
Cancer, 18 months ago.
The brothers started fighting
over her fortune,
particularly the family home.
Michael wanted to sell, Tate didn't.
What was Tate's alibi?
Said he was at his private
cigar club until 10:15 p.m.
then drove over
to find Michael dead at 10:30.
But you think he left earlier.
What did the club say?
Not much. Said all they had was
the time Tate arrived 8:21 p.m.
I tried to get a list of everyone
else who was there that night,
but the club refused to hand it over,
citing privacy rights
of their high-end clientele.
This is a murder investigation.
You couldn't get a warrant?
Turns out the judge
is a member there, too.
It's a good thing
I don't need permission.
Okay. I've used your alarm code
to access Mrs. Fredericks'
security system.
And there we have Margot arriving
at the doorbell cam this morning.
Cool how fast you can do this.
Yeah, you know, I'd probably
be able to do it even faster
if there weren't
crumbs all over my laptop.
Mm. I binge when I'm anxious.
Or nervous. Or happy.
Let's see if we can get an ID
from facial recognition.
Uh, okay. Looks like we've got a hit.
Okay, Margot.
Time to find out what your real name is.
Name Margot Atkins, 35,
from Kahului, no priors,
and excellent credit history.
What? No!
Jin, there's absolutely
nothing suspicious here at all.
Wrong. This thing must be broken.
No, Jin. I can assure you it is not.
Please. You have to keep looking.
I want you to give this woman,
whoever she is
- Margot Atkins.
- Yeah.
I want you to give this woman
a digital colonoscopy!
And that, my friend,
is what a miracle looks like.
I mean, this place is so exclusive,
even I had a tough time finding an in.
So you didn't just know a guy?
No, but I know a guy who knows
a gal who knows another guy.
Long story short, we're on a
day pass as prospective members.
And you owe the other guy
a very expensive box of cigars.
Well, thank you very much
for getting us in.
Hey, uh, you don't happen to know a guy
who can get me the cigars
on the cheap, do you?
I knew that was coming.
Hey, let me ask you something.
You think you know enough about cigars
to keep this guy busy
while I do my thing?
Is a Cohiba Behike
made out of medio tiempo leaves?
Hey, there.
I just moved here from New York,
and I'm thinking about becoming
a member.
But I'm very particular
about temp and moisture levels.
I mean, if you're dropping 50 large
on Gurkha Black Dragons
or King of Denmarks,
the old 70/70 rule
just isn't gonna cut it.
Which is why our
state-of-the-art humidor
allows each customer to set
their exact specifications
for an ideal smoke.
I can give you a tour if you'd like.
- That would be great.
- Right this way.
Time to find out who might have
seen Tate leave early
on the night of the murder.
Or not.
Looks like their records
only go back six months.
MAN: Right this way, sir.
Valerie is getting
your cigars ready now.
But why talk to a computer
when you can talk to the killer himself?
VALERIE: Your usual, Mr. Walker.
Thank you, Valerie.
Anything for you, sir?
Uh, still deciding. Thank you.
What's that? Any good?
The best. Aztec Reserve Number 10.
Pricey, though.
Well, I wouldn't be here
if I didn't like burning money.
Thinking about joining. You happy here?
Yeah. They've been good to me.
You got this air about you, like
you're celebrating something.
Well, I am. My freedom.
Yeah. I've been in a courthouse
for three weeks, on trial.
Do you mind if I ask what for?
Murdering my brother.
But then you already knew that,
didn't you Mr. Magnum?
During trial prep, my attorney dug up
all the dirt there is
on Gordon Katsumoto.
Your name came up a lot.
I assume he sent you.
Maybe I just don't like murderers.
Well, you tell Detective Katsumoto
that there's no hard feelings.
I understand he was
just trying to do his job.
But if I catch you
sniffing around again,
rest assured there will be consequences.
I'm not afraid of consequences,
Mr. Walker.
But you should be.
Yeah. Tate's attorney just
hit me with a restraining order.
Can't say I'm surprised.
He's also threatening to sue
the whole department.
My C.O. just read me the riot act.
I'm guessing the cigar club was a bust.
It wasn't all that bad.
I mean, Rick made out like a bandit.
I feel like I've died
and gone to Havana.
What about you?
I did find out
that Tate's favorite cigar
is a nub-style cigar that takes
about 20 minutes to smoke.
And he said he was there for two hours,
so he either chain-smoked
six of these things
or he wasn't there as long
as he said he was.
That's good, but it's circumstantial.
Yeah. Without an eyewitness,
it's really not enough.
And with this restraining order,
now your hands are tied, too.
No, there's plenty I can do
without getting within 100 yards
of this guy.
Such as?
Did you know that Tate changed
attorneys right before trial?
Yeah. He was originally with Zoe Rivera.
But then he dropped her after
they lost a motion hearing.
No. That's what he claimed.
But I just talked to a buddy
at the courthouse,
and he overheard them arguing
just before trial.
Tate didn't drop Rivera.
Rivera dropped him.
That is odd.
A high-profile murder like this
is the kind of case
defense attorneys dream about.
Exactly. So what did Rivera find
out that made her walk away?
That's a good question.
But Rivera's a pro,
and she's bound
by attorney-client privilege.
- She's never gonna talk.
- Sure.
But behind every high-profile
attorney is a shady P.I.
MAN: Okay. Here we go.
That's it. Pour the wine.
Set the scene. Aw.
Come on! Give me the money shot,
you cheating bastards!
- Pierre!
Oh! Magnum, would
Come on. I'm working.
Go ride a dolphin or something.
I can't do that.
Literally. It's illegal.
I-I need to talk to you.
And what could two old rivals
possibly have to talk about?
[CHUCKLES] You think we're old rivals?
After the thing with the thing
and the guy,
yeah, I think of us as old rivals.
Don't you? I don't ever think of you.
Like ever.
Well, for somebody
who wants something from me,
you're off to a great start.
Well, actually, I think
we can both help each other.
Hmm. I'm listening.
You worked with Zoe Rivera
on the Tate Walker case, right?
So I'm guessing you can tell me
why she dropped him.
And, uh, ifl did, what would
this info be worth to you?
Well, you know, I could, uh,
throw a couple cases your way.
A couple?
Come on.
What are you, pandas at the zoo?
Hump, already.
I want five.
And no skip traces or background checks.
Good cases.
Well, I suppose there's another option.
I could, uh, go up there
and tell that lovely couple
you're trying to take pictures of
All right, all right, all right,
all right, all right!
Three cases.
Final offer.
I'd have taken 10 bucks.
Zoe asked for the files
from Tate's real-estate biz.
Just due diligence
you know, make sure there's
no surprises at the trial.
He hands over all the files except one.
So Zoe asks me, not you,
to look into it.
Ocean Sunset Holdings.
You're welcome partner.
[LAUGHING] Okay. Here we go.
- The money shot. The money shot.
By the way, your car so last year.
- Okay, Jin.
I've looked everywhere.
Margot Atkins is as clean as a whistle.
She doesn't even have a parking ticket.
- Mm!
I got a message from Mrs. F
on my JinDog app.
"Hi, Jin.
Got your message, but
cell service is bad on the ship.
Sorry I forgot to tell you
my friend Margot was watching the house
and looking after Pippin while I'm gone.
See you in a few weeks. Carol."
Well, that settles it.
Are you kidding me? Do you see this?
She called me Jin.
'Cause that's your name?
Yeah. You know that, and I know that.
But Mrs. F doesn't know that.
She doesn't call me Jin.
She calls me Jon.
Well, maybe she finally learnt
your name.
I've been walking her dog
for over a year.
She's never gonna learn my name.
Margot must have stolen Mrs. F's phone
and then sent this
to throw me off her scent.
There's something wrong here.
I can feel it in my gut.
Maybe that's because you're on
your third bag of crisps.
Please. You got to keep looking.
Jin, there is nowhere else to look!
There just isn't a there there.
I'm sorry.
Oh, there's a there-there there, okay?
And I'm gonna go there
to prove there's a there there.
So there.
[SIGHS] God.
So, according to Pierre, the
files Tate wouldn't turn over
were for a company
called Ocean Sunset Holdings.
It's an LLC under his late mother's name
that paid somebody $50,000
just a few days after
you charged Tate with murder.
- Fifty K to who?
- James Harris.
It's a 61-year-old retired landscaper.
I am texting you a photo of him
right now.
So why'd Tate give this guy $50,000?
That I don't know.
But if his first lawyer dropped him
after she found out about it,
I'm thinking it had to be
some kind of payoff.
If Tate paid off a witness,
that would definitely be enough
to put him back on trial for murder.
Yeah, we need to find out
what this James Harris knows.
MAGNUM: Okay, so,
I still haven't figured out
why Tate Walker
paid James Harris $50,000.
But I did find this.
That's Michael Walker's cell number.
So, Tate's brother called Harris
just three days before he died.
Yeah, but I don't know why.
I went through his banking
records, his phone records,
and outside of that $50,000 payment
and that one phone call,
can't find any connection
between him and the Walker brothers.
There may not be a digital
trail, but I found a paper one.
Seems Harris was the gardener
at the Walker estate
20 years ago. Before he died,
Michael was digging into
his mom's records on the house.
I figured he was just totaling
up home-improvement expenses,
getting ready to sell.
Something else had to be going on.
Tate didn't just hand somebody
$50,000 for no reason.
Well, here's the interesting part.
I went back through those records
and found what looks like
another payoff.
Back in 2003,
Tate's mom paid Harris 10OK.
Then he never worked
for the family again.
Okay, either that's one hell
of a severance package
or Mom was paying him
to keep his mouth shut.
Then, 20 years later, Tate's
about to go on trial for murder.
And he gets another payment.
So, obviously, Tate didn't
want you or the P.A.'s office
to find out about
whatever happened back then.
Prior bad acts areadmissible.
So Harris could have knowledge
of something
that, if it came to light,
wouldn't look good for Tate.
We still need to figure out
what Harris knows.
If I go to Harris without
enough information to flip him,
he's gonna tip off Tate,
and Tate's gonna have his
attorney file suit against you,
me, HPD, and everybody else
they can think of.
We need to find someone who
knows what happened back then.
I saw a list of old employees
in the files Michael pulled.
All right. Well, send it over,
and I'll track them down.
It's go time.
Changed the code. Nicely played.
Oh, hi, Pippin!
I love you, too.
But Papa J's in the middle of something!
Too many
nacho chips!
Hey, Siri. Call wifey.
SIRI: Calling Wifey.
Hi, Jin.
Hey, Higgs! What are you doin'?
Well, I was about to go
and join Magnum on a case.
Oh, cool. Cool, cool.
When you're on your way,
can you be a lamb
and stop by Mrs. F's house
with a tub of butter,
some Vaseline, or a water-based lube?
Excuse me?
Well, I took your advice.
I went to sneak in
to see what Margot's up to.
Hang on. I-I never said that.
No, I'm pretty sure you did.
And she changed the front-door code,
and the back door's locked.
But there is a doggy door.
You're stuck, aren't you?
Like Winnie-the-Pooh.
Hey, what'd you think the lube was for?
- I'm on my way.
Thank God.
Oh, God. She's back.
Hey, Pippin. Pippin.
Get the tug toy, boy.
Let's play tug, boy! Come on!
Yeah. Ah. Now pull.
- Pull, Pippin!
Pull, Pippin!
- Pull, Pippin.
- Pull!
Pull Yes! [LAUGHS]
I can help you or what?
Uh, yeah. Are
Are you the building manager?
Yeah. I'll be right down.
I just got a couple questions.
Why? What is this about?
I'm looking for a girl
named Paula Nelson,
and this was her last known address.
- Paula?
- She was a maid for a house in Manoa.
I don't know if that helps.
Paula the maid? Yeah.
God. She hasn't lived here
for a long time.
Do you have any idea where she's at now?
She was here one day, gone the next.
Never even came back for her stuff.
- Mm.
- Sorry I cannot help you, bro.
Oh, e-excuse me.
Uh, how long ago was this?
About 20 years ago.
KATSUMOTO: Got her. Paula Nelson.
Grandmother on the mainland
reported her missing back in 2003.
And they never found her?
No. And here's the kicker.
Harris got his first payoff
just a few days after she disappeared.
Whatever happened 20 years ago
may have happened to her.
Odds are Tate Walker was involved.
Hi, Todd.
Yes, I've signed all the documents
and just had them notarized.
Sure. Let me get that number for you.
I'm gonna put you on speaker. One sec.
- 275
- Shh.
- 1485.
MAN: Okay. Great, Mrs. Fredericks.
I'll have the appraiser meet you
at the property for the final
- [WHISPERING] Pippin, get out.
- Wonderful.
And how long will it take
for the funds to transfer?
Okay. Thank you for your help.
MARGOT: Pippin, shut up.
- Pippin, get out of the way.
MARGOT: Seriously. Pippin, go lay down.
- Jin, I'm on my way.
I'll be there in like five minutes.
JIN: [WHISPERING] In trunk. Stop.
Dead Fredericks. Stop.
Need backup. Stop.
Jin, why are you talking like that?
My battery's at 2%.
I'm trying to be brief.
Okay. Well, can you be
a little less brief?
I was right!
Margot's a crook and a killer.
She murdered Mrs. F
to run a Lehman Lift.
It's a home-equity scam.
Margot poses as Mrs. F,
cashes out, and then pockets the money.
It's the perfect con, minus the murder.
Jin, slightly more brief.
I'm locked in a trunk
with a dead Mrs. F,
and Margot's taking me somewhere,
but I'm sure it's gonna end up
with a dead Jin!
Okay, Jin. Don't worry.
But once your phone dies,
I won't be able to track you.
Do you know the make and model
of Mrs. Frederick's car?
Yeah. I think it's blue. Does that help?
Never mind. I'll look it up.
Okay. Don't worry, Jin. Everything
Hello? Higgins?
Hey, Higgins. What's up?
TC, Jin's in trouble.
He's in the trunk of a gray sedan.
Its last known GPS coordinates
had him heading north on the H-2.
We need to track from the sky.
It's a matter of life and death.
- Can you make it to Island Hoppers?
- Yeah. I'm on my way.
- I can be there in five minutes.
- I'll be ready.
I'm still not sure about this.
I'm under express orders
not to touch this case.
They said you couldn't touch
Michael Walker's murder,
but they didn't say anything
about a 2003 cold case.
I'm sorry.
I, uh, don't think I knew her.
I only worked outside,
so I didn't really
didn't really talk to the maids.
Why are you just looking for her now?
KATSUMOTO: It's never too late
to give the family closure.
And in this case,
some new info has come to light.
Really? What kind of new info?
Like the fact that you talked
to Michael Walker
just a few days before he died.
Yeah. Mike
Mike called to ask if I could
help fix the landscaping
on his mom's house.
He was hoping to sell.
Uh, what's that got to do with the girl?
Well, we were hoping
you'd tell us, Mr. Harris.
But you're gonna have to stop lying.
We know about the $100,000 payment
you received after Paula disappeared.
Michael didn't call
about landscaping, did he?
Look, I-I don't know what you're
KATSUMOTO: Something happened back then.
And we think you stayed quiet about it.
Then, 20 years later,
Michael comes to you,
asking questions, and ends up
dead three days later.
You know what that looks like, right?
Wait. You don't think
that I had anything
Your phone was off
the night Michael was killed.
I-I was probably fishing.
I always turn it off
when I take the boat out.
Anybody go with you?
Oh. So you don't have an alibi?
We know Michael had a beer
with whoever killed him.
It means it was someone he knew.
And right after he's killed,
Tate Walker pays you $50,000.
I think we just found ourselves
a brand-new prime suspect.
No. No! I-I don't know anything
about what happened to Mike.
But you do know what happened
to Paula, don't you?
You can go down for Michael's murder,
or you can start telling the truth.
HARRIS: Twenty years ago,
I was tending the rose garden
- when I heard arguing.
She was a sweet kid. Pretty, too.
Tate was around 19 and arrogant and
I'd seen the way he looked at her.
So, when I heard the scream,
I ran to help.
But I was too late.
I found Paula at the bottom
of the stairs, not moving.
Looked like her neck was broken.
I saw Tate at the top of the stairs,
breathing hard,
bloody scratches on his face.
KATSUMOTO: You're a witness
to this woman's murder,
and you never called the police.
I was gonna I wanted to call,
but Mrs. Walker came to me.
She told me it was an accident.
I knew it wasn't true.
I was scared.
she offered me more money
than I'd made in a year.
MAGNUM: So you stayed quiet
for 20 years,
until Michael came calling.
Michael was away at college
when it happened,
but I think he was starting
to figure it out.
I told him to talk
to his brother, and I hung up.
A few days later,
I found out he was dead.
That's when Tate came by.
Wanted to thank me
for my years of service.
He told me to forget
that Mike ever called.
Then he gave me a check.
I didn't ask for it.
But you still took it.
So, the brothers may have been arguing
about selling Mom's house,
but it looks like the real motive here
was Michael figuring out
what happened in 2003.
Tate wouldn't have been the golden boy
if Mom hadn't covered up what he did.
So while Michael's
piecing this together,
he's getting more and more angry.
Confronts Tate
about his call with Harris
and then threatens to turn him in.
Tate kills his brother to keep
the truth from coming out,
then offers Harris
another payoff to stay quiet.
It all fits,
but we still can't prove it.
I mean, right now I could
charge Harris with obstruction
and Tate with bribery.
But murder, it's just
Harris' word against Tate's.
Without more evidence,
Tate doesn't get away
with only one murder.
Okay, Jin. You got this.
The trunk release is
Freeze! FBI!
That's a Costco card. Get out.
I'm so sorry, but my foot
fell asleep a couple miles back.
I just need a minute to wiggle
my toes individually.
Get out of the trunk now
or you die in it.
- Okay.
- Jon!
Oh! What's going on?
Everything's gonna be okay, Mrs. F.
I let you in to use the phone
and you shot me!
Get out of the car and walk
or the next one goes in your head.
You. Help her.
You're not gonna believe this,
but all the blood rushed
to the other leg.
Now this one's completely asleep.
[MOANS] Aah!
Mrs. F! Quick, get the gun!
Mrs. F, get the gun!
Quick! Come on, Carol! Faster!
Grab the gun before she
- Oh!
She dropped the gun!
No! Please!
Any luck with the M.E.?
Pulled records for every
Jane Doe on Oahu since 2003.
None of them were a match for Paula.
And after 20 years, our odds
of finding her are slim.
I mean, Tate could have
dumped her in the ocean,
buried her in the woods.
Tate's in real estate, right?
His mother's house is worth a fortune,
yet he is dead set against selling it.
You think he buried her on the property?
Harris said he used to tend
to a rose garden.
- I don't see one.
- I walked every inch of that estate.
I don't think there is one.
Yeah, but there used to be. Right here.
What's there now?
Concrete patio.
This concrete patio was put in
20 years ago.
I think we just found Paula.
TATE: Get out of my way. Get
- Sir
- This is my property!
- Sir
- Hey! Hey!
Stop that!
Stop digging!
You. Hey, you!
You're about to lose your job again.
The phone number for complaints
is at the bottom of this search warrant.
Take him.
- No hard feelings.
Just doing my job.
KATSUMOTO: P.A.'s office says
the new case against Tate is solid.
They're gonna try him
for Paula's murder.
Once they get a conviction,
they can use that
as new evidence to retry him
for killing his brother.
Cheers to that.
- Yeah.
- Hey, Gordy, it's last call.
- How about I buy you a beer?
- Uh, I'd love to,
but now is the worst part
of any case paperwork.
- Ah.
- I'll see ya.
- See you later.
- See you, Gordy.
You sure you guys don't mind closing up?
- Mm-hmm.
- Oh, come on. It's the least we can do.
Thanks for your help today, buddy.
What are you laughing at?
Jin just texted me and TC.
How adorable is that? [CHUCKLES]
After Mrs. Fredericks
was released from hospital,
she asked Jin to stay with her
and Pippin until she recovers.
- That's sweet.
- Yeah.
We actually made
rather a good team, he and I.
Also, uh, I think I've answered
the question
as to whether we spend
too much time together.
Mm. And?
whilst time apart definitely
works for some couples,
I'm not sure it works so well for us.
And unfortunately for you,
it means you're stuck with me.
Baby, bring it to me All right.
Bring your sweet lovin' ♪
Bring it on home to me ♪
- Yeah ♪
- Yeah ♪
- Yeah ♪
- Yeah ♪
Oh, bring it to me ♪
Bring your sweet lovin' ♪
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