Magnum P.I. (2018) s05e18 Episode Script

Extracurricular Activites

Let's go ♪
Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo ♪
Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo ♪
Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo, whoo-hoo ♪
Everyone, let's go ♪
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Jules, hey.
- JULES: You're late.
- Nah.
Nah, technically, I was here
a little bit early,
so I figured I'd, you know,
do a little recon,
scope the place out.
Recon looks a lot like recess to me.
Hey, guys, I gotta bounce.
Yo, M-Dawg, remember
toga party at 10:00.
Oh, I'm going. You be ready, alright?
Do you think maybe
one of your new friends
could lend you a fresh toga
for our meeting?
Wow. One day back in college,
you're already trying
to get my clothes off.
What's going on?
Very nice to meet you, Dean Owana.
So, how can we help you?
An allegation has been made
against a well-respected
member of my faculty.
Professor Sam Brody.
Oh, the bio-engineer?
His reputation precedes him.
Only now that reputation
is being called into question.
An anonymous accuser
has made a complaint.
In it, the accuser alleges
that Brody has been
coercing sexual favors
in exchange for highly coveted
research positions in his lab.
Do you think there's any
credibility to the accusations?
I don't know what to think.
Brody is young, charismatic.
He's a rock star on campus,
and that comes with a certain
amount of female attention.
And I'm guessing attention
from donors as well.
True, but that's not why
I'm defending him.
Look, if a line was crossed,
I will act swiftly
to protect my students.
But I won't ruin a man's life
without proof.
Well, if we find any, you
will be the first to know.
Burgers and dogs, check.
Mustard, chili, and slaw,
Yo, we need more buns!
Got 'em. You see the cookies back there?
How about the barstools?
You guys need the barstools?
Maybe Maybe the cash register?
You said we could grab supplies
for our camping trip.
I didn't say clean the place out.
Kumu, back me up on this one.
There's a haupia pie in the walk-in.
Second shelf, behind the butter.
- Come on. No.
- What?
I borrowed some produce earlier.
Okay, you know what? No more freebies.
This is a restaurant,
not a Whole Foods, okay?
You guys almost ready to go?
There he is. The man of the hour.
Congratulations, Dennis.
We hear you're off
to Michigan in the fall.
- Yeah, well, I can't wait.
- GORDON: I can.
I'm not ready to see this kid go.
Oh, my God, Dad, get a grip.
Here. Let me help you.
CADE: Yeah.
Hey, thanks for organizing this,
and thanks for letting us grab supplies.
Hey, for you, Gordy, I'm happy to do it.
Out of the goodness of my heart.
Expecting nothing in return.
I sense a "but" coming.
Well, it would have been nice
to get an invite.
And there it is.
You wanted an invite
to a father-son camping trip?
Why not? I'm a father.
Well, Joy's a little young
to go camping.
Oh, no, no. Joy's not coming.
The little monster's not
even sleeping through the night.
This is for me.
I'm I'm so desperate for some Z's,
I'm willing to even go
on a camping trip.
- More the merrier.
- Ah, thank God.
I already packed my bag.
Suzy gave me the okay.
All I need is for someone
to watch the bar.
For you, Rick, I'd be happy to do it.
Out of the goodness of my heart.
Asking for nothing in return.
- What do you want?
- Free produce for a year.
- A week.
- A month.
You got yourself a deal, kid.
Pleasure doing business with you.
I would have done it for two.
I would have done it for free.
Okay, so, take rice
as an example, right?
It's a staple for half
of the world's population,
yet each year,
40% of the potential harvest
is lost to pest and disease.
Now, what if I told you that
with genetic engineering,
we could stabilize that supply
and reduce food insecurity worldwide?
- Hey.
- Hey.
This our guy?
Yeah, and honestly,
I can understand why
he garners the attention.
Any luck hacking his phone?
Eh, software's still running.
Did you manage to get anything
from the university's HR department?
Not much.
Their anonymous reporting system's meant
to protect whistleblowers,
so there's no real way
to trace it back to the sender.
So we can't I.D. the accuser.
No, but we can profile him.
I took a closer look at the complaint
the Dean gave us,
and listen to this part.
"Brody's behavior is reprehensible,
an unequivocal abuse of power.
It's a contemptible disservice
to all his students,
even the girl."
Disregarding the victim here
by referring to her as "the girl."
It just kind of reeks of resentment
- and bruised ego.
- Hmm.
Well, perhaps Dean Owana was right,
and it's a rival casting aspersions.
I wouldn't assume that just yet.
But I would say whoever
the whistleblower is
does have an Axe to grind.
That's odd.
My attempt to hack
Brody's phone remotely
has just failed.
It seems his device
is heavily encrypted.
I guess our good professor
does have something to hide.
Or he just has admirable
data-security habits.
Either way, looks like
we're gonna have to surveil him
the old-fashioned way.
Guess we're going back to college.
Are we there yet?
Just a little further.
Yeah, uh, hey, you know,
not to be that guy,
but, um,
what was wrong with those
other campsites back there?
You know, the ones
you could drive up to.
- With the pre-installed firepits?
- Yes.
And the happy people.
Yeah. Yeah, those are
the cushy campsites.
Alright, this weekend is about survival,
living off the land.
Build our own fires, catch our own fish.
I'm going to college, not Patagonia.
Why the sudden obsession
with the survivor skills?
Look, it's not about where you're going.
It's that once you go, you're gone.
He just wants to teach you
everything he can.
Just let him have this, yeah?
It'll be our turn next year.
You haven't told him yet, have you?
I'm 21 but I still walk
around with fake ID ♪
Cuddle with the homies
watching "Stand By Me" ♪
This ain't free, baby, pay my fee ♪
Let me live my life, baby,
c'est la vie ♪
Woo-woo, c'est la vie ♪
Woo-woo, c'est la vie ♪
Could you be any more obvious, Kelly?
I mean, you're embarrassing yourself.
Well, Sam didn't seem to think so.
You guys are on a first-name basis now?
Okay. Let's get started, shall we?
MAGNUM: Like any good student,
I've done my homework,
and according to Brody's syllabus,
he's got a strict
no-phones policy during class,
which means his own phone
is likely in his office,
unattended for the next 45 minutes.
Lucky for me, that's all I need.
Here to fix, uh, the AC unit
in Professor Brody's office?
Other side. In the old wing.
Not bad, huh?
DENNIS: It looks cozy.
Well, that'll be the size
of your dorm room,
but at least tonight, you have
a roommate you actually like.
What are you doing?
Just firing up the portable Genny.
For what?
Well, for the inflatable
air mattress, for one.
Damn. I picked the wrong roommate.
Huh? You know what's up, kid.
Okay, who votes that Rick plans
the next camping trip?
I do!
For the record, that ain't camping.
- That's glamping.
- Okay, you know what?
When you spend two weeks in Kandahar
with nothing but a rifle for a pillow,
you ain't got nothing to prove
to anybody, alright?
Now, who wants to fire up the hibachi?
- Hell yeah.
- I'm in.
You're a bad influence. You invited me.
Hey, Dennis, got any big plans
before you leave?
The last two years
have been nothing but plans.
Uh, SAT prep, AP classes.
College counseling, tours,
interviews, applications.
Even I'm exhausted,
and I was just along for the ride.
Maybe we should get moving
on that stuff.
Nah, we got time.
Are you sure?
'Cause it sounds like
we're already behind.
I mean, your grades were great,
but maybe we get you
into an SAT class on weekends.
I work on weekends.
No, this is more important, eh?
Look, I'm not even sure I
want to go to college, okay?
Wait, where's this coming from?
Let's just drop it, please.
We'll talk about it later.
I'm gonna get more firewood.
Now, normally, this is the hard part.
Biometric scanners are tough to fool,
but with a can-do attitude
and the right set of tools,
all you gotta do
is find a fingerprint
invert the image
on a piece of acetate,
then use some glue to create a mold.
See? Easy.
Now, we just upload some spyware
and have a look around.
But the clock is ticking.
I mean, climate change
will only intensify
the conditions these farmers face.
We cannot wait for the perfect solution.
All I'm saying, Helen, is that maybe
these multinational
manufacturers aren't altruistic.
Okay, we need to consider
the commercial incentive
before we disenfranchise
small farmers worldwide.
Not sure that's how they see it.
Oh. Sounds like Uh, Sara, was it?
has something to add.
Well, I Yeah, I recently spent,
uh, five months in Kenya,
and, well, drought-resistant maize
has been a total lifeline there.
And I'm not sure it matters
whose pockets are lined
if stomachs are full.
No rebuttal?
Wow. That's not like you, Travis.
Okay, that is gonna do it for today.
Now, remember, I'll be selecting someone
for the open research position
this week,
so if you want a fair shot,
get those applications in ASAP, okay?
- Yeah, right.
- Alright?
There's nothing fair about it.
Travis, wait, sorry.
I hope you didn't take that personally.
No. It's not you.
It's him.
Brody plays favorites,
and, uh, no offense,
but his favorites always
tend to be the pretty girls.
Ah. So, uh, I take it you're not
applying, for the research position.
- I'd like to, but there's no point.
- Why is that?
Because we all know
that position will go
to whichever girl is willing
to do the extra credit.
That's quite the accusation.
It's the truth.
Look, I was working late
the other night.
When I stopped by his office,
there was someone else
in there with him.
And I don't know what they were doing,
but I'm pretty sure it had
more to do with biology
than plant genomics.
It's an unequivocal abuse of power.
Do you happen to know who it was?
No, but it didn't not sound like Kelly.
Just saying.
I am pretty sure I just met
our anonymous tipster.
Was he as charming as I had imagined?
How'd it go with the phone?
It's going great.
We're at 95% at the moment.
You're still there?
Thomas, the lecture just ended.
Brody's gonna be back any minute.
Hey, your quick-loading spyware
isn't so quick-loading.
I got hit with the pinwheel of
death the first three times it tried.
You have to get out of there.
- 98.
- Thomas.
You got out of the window that high up?
How are you okay?
Well, luckily, your boy M-Dawg
has the cat-like agility
of a much, much younger man.
And Brody left the office
about 30 seconds later for lunch.
- Right.
- How was class?
It was enlightening.
Professor Brody may be involved
with a student named Kelly Cameron,
but whether or not he's
crossed the line, I can't be sure.
And, well, Travis's accusation
does not amount to proof.
I may know where to find some.
I scrolled through Brody's tests,
and somebody invited him out
for drinks later,
but he declined because he had
"company coming"
with a little winky-face emoji.
- Everything okay over there?
- No.
The spyware is supposed
to give me access
to Brody's photos, his calls,
his deleted messages.
Fortunately, I still have
access to his microphone.
Ah, here we go.
Looks like our date just arrived.
Okay. Come on, Kelly.
Let's see that smile.
No, I don't
I don't think that's Kelly.
MAGNUM: Well, then who is it?
BRODY: Helen, come on in.
Anybody up for a game of cards?
RICK: Oh, not this guy.
8:00 p.m. pretty much does it for me.
This is the guy you said
was a bad influence?
Good night, everybody.
Any other takers? Game of Hearts?
Actually, uh, I'm gonna
follow Rick's lead
and hit the sack.
Yeah, I guess I'm pretty beat, too.
Good night.
Why would you say you
don't wanna go to college?
Didn't we agree we would
talk about this later?
This is later.
Look, is this about money?
'Cause I can help with that.
There's all kinds of grants
and financial aid.
We just have to have a plan.
I do have a plan.
Okay, then what's your plan?
I want to enlist to be a Marine.
No. Absolutely not.
College is too important.
And serving our country isn't?
Look, don't play that card with me.
This is why I didn't say anything.
I knew you would respond this way.
How do you expect me to respond?
You should be happy, proud.
Look, I-I'm already proud.
Then why are you fighting me on this?
You loved your time in the Corps.
Look, this ain't about me.
It's about you.
And you're still a kid.
I can't accept you
making a choice like this.
You don't have to.
Once I turn 18, I don't have to
to answer to you or anyone else.
Go easy on the chef,
because dinner is now officially cold.
I gotta tell you, I am so impressed.
I mean, guys my age they're not
they're not cooking like this.
Well, you know,
I didn't think you'd come back
if I made you ramen.
And I do like seeing you.
Hopefully, we'll see
even more of each other in the lab.
Yeah, um, about that
there are rumors
that someone made a complaint about me.
It's crazy stuff, but just
to avoid any bad optics,
I am going to have to give the
research position to someone else.
Wait, what?
Now is the not the right time
for me to show preferential treatment.
I-I thought you'd be mature
enough to understand.
Oh. Oh, I understand perfectly.
What, we can sleep together,
but we just can't work together?
Hey, c-come on, come on.
There will be other chances.
Helen, you just have to be patient.
Well, he's certainly manipulative.
Yeah, I mean, the guy's
definitely a creep,
but nothing we just heard
proves that he solicited sex
in exchange for a job position,
despite what Helen seems to believe.
Perhaps we need her side of the story.
Oh, hey, fellas. What a night.
Nothing like a beautiful, long,
great night's sleep, am I right?
GORDON: We wouldn't know.
Why? Something happen?
What is that? What is that?
Is that a bear?
- That's you.
- Snoring.
- All night.
- So loud.
Like, "You should see a doctor" loud.
So you guys didn't get any
Sleep? No. Not a wink.
Noted. Okay.
Well, I'm gonna make it up to you
by cooking a big,
beautiful breakfast.
Where's my Genny?
And where's all my stuff?
You know I don't play with food.
We figured you brought it in
out of the rain
when you went to bed.
- There's track marks.
- You know what this proves?
That we've been raided,
probably by other campers?
That, and that you guys got
at least a little bit of sleep
in order for those guys
to make this happen.
I'm gonna get our stuff, okay?
Who's with me?
I'll go.
Let me just get changed.
Could be dangerous.
You stay here with Gordy and Dennis.
I'll go.
Sorry. Helen? Is it okay if I sit here?
I'm sorry. Everywhere else is full.
Yeah, sure. Go ahead.
Okay, thank you.
I'm so behind.
Swapping universities
mid-semester was not a good idea,
but, you know, Brody's the best, so
Yeah, you seemed to really impress him.
You think?
Yeah, I was considering applying
for the research position
in his lab, but, um
- Never mind.
- But what?
Well, I just I heard
an unsavory rumor that, um,
he can be kind of inappropriate
with the women that work for him.
That true?
Why are you asking me this?
Uh, I went out running last night,
and I-I'm pretty sure that I saw you
leaving Professor Brody's house,
and you looked upset, and
and maybe it's none of my business
It's definitely not your business.
I'm sorry. I
Please, just
just leave this alone, okay?
I I have to go.
That went well.
Can't say I blame her.
I mean, often, when women
accuse powerful men,
they're the ones that end up on trial.
A woman's life can be ruined.
Yeah, I think it already has.
Guys like Brody tend
to be repeat offenders.
I just heard back from Dean Owana
about his past assistants,
and I found her.
Lydia Burke.
She was his assistant last semester.
Okay, what makes you think she'll talk?
Well, unfortunately she won't.
Her family might, though.
She killed herself four months ago.
MRS. BURKE: Lydia was a quiet kid.
She was kind
but she was shy.
And smart.
Just incredibly bright.
From what I understand,
she was at the top
- of her graduate program.
- Mm-hmm.
And her dad and I always
encouraged her ambition.
But we worried about it, too.
She was always so hard
on herself, you know?
And for most of her life,
she struggled with anxiety, depression.
And then once she got
into that grad program,
things only got worse.
How so?
She started losing weight.
Couldn't sleep.
She was working so hard. She
She was spending nights at the lab.
And she wouldn't talk
to anybody about it.
Not to me, not to her therapist.
I didn't know what to do.
But I should've tried harder
to get her help.
Mrs. Burke,
I-I feel like Lydia may have been
under more than just
the usual work stress
at Professor Brody's lab.
Is it possible that they were
in some kind of relationship?
You know, I had thought about that,
'cause her downward spiral started
when she started working for him.
So, all those odd hours
and the constant texts
If you don't mind,
it would be really helpful
if I could see her phone.
Of course.
Well, I hope you're having
more success than I am.
Spyware still giving you trouble?
Yeah. I'm completely baffled.
I think the original file
must be corrupted.
But I've reached out
to a contact at MI-6
to restore the connection
remotely, so
How'd it go at Mrs. Burke's?
It was heartbreaking,
but I think I may have found something.
There's a-a game on Lydia's phone
with an in-app messaging feature,
and it appears as though she was
in some kind of relationship
with someone.
With Brody?
I can't be sure.
They were using a burner phone.
Hallmark of a healthy relationship.
Yeah. Yeah.
It gets worse.
A week before she died,
Lydia wanted out.
Uh, she sent a message saying,
"I-I can't do this anymore.
It's over." To which the burner replied,
"You sure you want to do that?
Those photographs are pretty explicit.
You don't want to end
your career before it begins."
The bastard was blackmailing her.
If we can prove that
that burner belongs to Brody,
we'll have evidence
not just of coercion,
but extortion.
Yeah, and I think I may know how.
A month before her last message, she met
whoever she was communicating
with on that burner phone
at the very student center
you're sitting at right now.
They have cameras.
I was hoping you'd say that.
So you wanna talk about
that fight you had
with Cade last night?
You heard that, huh?
Well, tent walls are thin, remember?
You see where I'm coming from.
Honestly, I'm not so sure.
I mean, yours truly
didn't go to college.
Yeah, that's 'cause
you didn't have a choice.
Well, fair point.
But you don't regret enlisting, right?
Of course not.
I mean, even with all we went through,
I would still do it again.
The Corps made me who I am.
But this kid's got
the whole world at his feet.
He could
He could do anything he wants.
Yeah, but he wants to do this.
You know, and joining the Marines,
that's not gonna close any
doors, so why the resistance?
It's just different
when it's your kid, man.
That's who Cade is to me.
That sound like your generator?
Only one way to find out.
That was fast.
I just sent you footage
from the security cameras.
So Lydia sits waiting for her extorter
for several minutes, and then
That's not Professor Brody.
It's Helen.
And I'm starting to think
she has more to hide
than just an affair with her professor.

That's our stuff. Let's go get it.
Oh, um
Uh, I'm so sorry
to disturb you, but, uh
I'm guessing this all belongs to you.
I apologize. My, uh
My son said he found it left
behind by some campers.
I-I should've
I should've known better.
Well, look, we get it. Times are tough.
How long you guys been living out here?
A few months.
Uh, lost my job last year.
Made rent for a while,
but at least out here,
people don't look at us
any different, you know?
Is everything okay?
No. It's not.
You stole and you lied about it.
You owe these men an apology.
I-I'm sorry. I knew it was wrong,
and I shouldn't have taken your stuff.
It's okay. We all make mistakes.
It's not okay.
I don't care what our circumstances are.
I-I raised you better than that.
Now go help these men
get their stuff back to camp.
Eh, eh, eh, well, why don't you guys
just hang onto it for a little bit?
- We don't need any handouts.
- No, no, no, no.
This isn't a handout.
I-It's a loan, alright?
We own La Mariana down in the harbor.
Why don't you guys
just bring this stuff by
when you don't need it anymore?
Thank you.
HIGGINS: Doesn't make sense.
Helen Yu was extorting Lydia Burke,
and seemingly drove her to suicide.
But for what?
She did want Lydia's job
working for Brody.
I seriously doubt she would
terrorize a fellow student
just to clear the decks.
Yeah, so who is Helen Yu
and what the hell does she want?
I'm not sure what to tell you.
Helen has excellent grades,
no disciplinary issues.
She transferred in six months ago.
Wait, in the middle of a semester?
Is that normal?
It's not protocol to admit
students off-cycle,
but it's not unheard of.
What is it?
It's an e-mail from our friends
across the pond.
They've determined the issue
with our software.
There was competing spyware
on Brody's phone,
and it's government grade.
What does that mean?
Is Helen a U.S. citizen?
A dual citizen.
She's Chinese-American. Why?
Because it seems like
a foreign intelligence agency
has taken an interest in the professor.
You're not saying
I don't think Helen's a student.
Oh, come on, Helen,
you know you can't be in here.
I know. I'm looking for you.
Hey, um, I didn't really like
the way we ended things.
Well, I'm glad to hear
you've reconsidered.
Actually, I was hoping that,
uh, you would reconsider,
about offering me my lab position.
You know, especially since
we both know how I earned it.
Okay, I think you should leave.
You're gonna announce it tomorrow.
Oh, and if I if I won't,
you'll you'll what?
Tell everyone how you thought
we had an arrangement?
Threatening me won't get you
anywhere, Helen.
We'll see about that.
Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What in the hell are you doing?
- Improvising.
- Helen
Ongoing lab access would have been nice,
but I'll take what I can get.
Open the door.
Do it.
What exactly was Brody researching?
He manipulates crops
to be more resilient.
Right. Rice to be more flood-tolerant,
corn to be more drought-tolerant.
Could also mean engineering crops
to be resistant to deadly pathogens.
To test his work,
Brody has been sequencing
hundreds of rare
crop-destroying microorganisms.
So, having all that genetic
information in one place
makes Brody's lab a one-stop
shop for bioterrorism.
Which means China could
potentially wipe out
any rival nation's food source,
destroy their economy, wreak havoc.
Helen blackmails Lydia, right,
to spy on Professor Brody,
the path of least resistance,
but when Lydia realizes the gravity
of what she's involved in,
she commits suicide.
So then, uh, Helen seduces Brody.
What do these two targets
have in common?
Access to Brody's lab.
We're gonna need an access key.
Log in.
Copy the files onto the hard drive.
Come on!
I may not be perfect,
but I won't betray my country,
and I'm not gonna let you
get away with
Where's Helen?
She took everything.
MAGNUM: Helen Yu.
Driving a stolen black Challenger.
License plate Victor-Papa-9-3-8-0.
Thanks, Palea. Keep us posted.
Alright. HPD's on it.
They're alerting TSA
in case she tries to get off the island.
The airport is south,
and according to Brody's in-car GPS
that I just hacked, she's going north.
- Where is she going?
- I don't know.
She's blown her cover.
She's gonna want to get
off American soil ASAP.
She doesn't have to jump on a plane
to get off American soil.
She just has to get
to the Chinese Consulate.
Well, there's no way HPD
are gonna beat her there.
Let's make sure they don't have to.
She should be just up ahead.
Got her.
Give me the bike! Right now! Move!
Stay on her. I'll double back.
HPD! I need to borrow this bike!
You can't fault my timing.
You okay?
That kid back there that was Cade.
Struggling every day,
just trying to hang on,
trying to get by.
I guess I had hoped
that after I took him in,
he was gonna have it
a little easier, you know?
Yeah, I-I get that. I do.
But hey, can I offer you
just a little bit
of a different way
to look at this whole thing?
Listen, Cade's a survivor, right?
Most kids, if they went
through what he did,
they'd be on drugs or dead, in prison.
But he found his way to you.
Now, that kid's got great instincts,
and if his instincts are telling him
to follow in your footsteps,
maybe you should listen to them, too.
Helen's real name is Bao Jing Li.
HPD currently had her in custody,
but the FBI and DOJ
are taking over the case.
I still can't quite believe all this.
But we certainly got
our money's worth from you.
Yeah, of course. Um, can I just ask
what's going to happen
to Professor Brody?
Samuel Brody is no longer
employed by the university.
Meaning that he was fired for cause?
After some deliberation,
the Board opted to allow Brody
to voluntarily resign
rather than stripping him of his tenure.
Was his behavior
with Helen reprehensible?
Yes. But her word
doesn't count for much.
What about Lydia?
What happened to Lydia is tragic,
but I doubt her family
would want it to be public,
- and with no other accusers
- Well, hang on.
Did you look for any?
Because we reached out
to some of Brody's previous assistants,
and several of them had stories
about his unwanted advances.
I appreciate everything
that you two have done, really.
But I'm already late
for another meeting.
Brody's just gonna go somewhere else
and do the exact same thing.
Yeah, well, at least we can tell
Lydia's parents
the truth about their daughter's death.
Maybe they'll stop blaming themselves.
And, hey, I guess we did
also catch a spy.
That's always a good thing.
Kumu, please tell me
you restocked the fridge.
We are starving.
How is that possible?
Eh, it's a long story. Um
Guys, we'll bring some food right out.
Talk outside?
Look, I'm sorry for how I acted.
No, you don't need to
Yes, I do.
You proved a long time ago
that you can take care of yourself.
You more than earned the right
to make your own decisions.
But I know you only got mad
because you care about me,
and you don't ever have
to apologize for that.
You look out for people.
That's who you are.
That's the example you set.
And that's what I want to do.
Give back, pay it forward,
like you've taught me.
Magnum, Rick, Shammy.
Your military service gave you a family,
and I feel so lucky to be a part of it.
But now I have to find my brothers.
I may not love it
but I accept it.
Hell, I respect it.
But let's just get one thing
straight, though.
This thing with me and you
it ain't just until
you turn 18, ya hear?
You don't get rid of me that easy.
Let's go get something to eat.
Let's do it.
Chili slaw dogs?
Oh, you know it.
It all comes down to this.
Get ready to rock!
Three teams giving everything to
win it all!
Let's just go for it! Go for it!
You are the official winners
of the Amazing Race!
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