Magnum P.I. (2018) s05e19 Episode Script

Ashes to Ashes

CAPTAIN KELI'I: First unit,
I need you to get in there
and get me a primary
all clear of that house.
Second unit, I need a secondary
backup line, right here.
Let's go. I need a bundle
down here, as well.
Let's go people. Move! Move!
Watch your backs!
Conducting bravo-side search and rescue!
Let's go!
All clear! Moving on.
Hey, you see that?
Yeah, what is it?
I think there's someone in there.
Easy. Floor's giving in to the heat.
- The structure's been compromised.
- We can't stop now!
Fire department! We're gonna help!
This whole place is coming down.
We've gotta go now!
Let's go! Let's go!
HALIA: Oh, my God. Get out of the way!
- Let me through!
- You need to stay back.
- This is for your own safety.
- That's my house!
I got to get up there.
- Ma'am, you're the homeowner?
- Yes.
Yes, you need to get in there, please.
I'm sorry, the structure's
totally involved.
All we can do is try to contain it.
No. My uncle, he shouldn't be here,
but that's his truck, and
I think he might be inside.
Please you need to help him. Please!
Somebody needs to get in there! Please!
I promise you the answer
will not be found
at the bottom of a bottle of whiskey.
WINSTON: I just don't want
to disappoint anybody.
Well, the most important thing
is that you don't disappoint yourself.
Now, Winston, I just did
a search in your area.
Are you familiar
with Copper Peak
Community Center in Helena?
Yeah, it's not far from me.
Oh, good. Good.
Um, well, they have
an AA meeting tonight.
Maybe you should check it out.
Sounds like you could use
a little extra support.
You're probably right. Thank you.
I'm happy to help.
We get calls from Montana?
Veterans Help Line gets
calls from all over the U.S.
I didn't realize that.
- Yeah.
- Makes sense.
Kumu, I cannot tell you
how much I appreciate you
volunteering with us today.
Seriously, you are a lifesaver.
I would've started years ago,
but I thought you had to be
a vet to work here.
Nope, we could use
all the help we can get.
So you've been shadowing a few days now.
You think you're ready to take
a few calls on your own?
Me? I was born ready.
Good. 'Cause I already signed you in.
Hey, you know the drill.
No first names,
and we do not divulge
personal information.
It's for our own protection.
I know, but do you really think
I look like a Tammy?
No, but, uh, most operators
choose a name
with the same first letter as their own.
It helps them not forget.
Now, once you click that,
your line will be open
and available for calls.
I know your first time,
it can be a little intimidating,
but everything you need to know
is right here in this manual.
And, you know, remember,
this job is about referrals.
Giving these people
every available resource
that is near them
and a little peace of mind.
And now I'm repeating myself,
and you're getting annoyed.
- I get it.
- Uh-huh.
- You're up.
Veterans Help Line, this is Tammy.
Almost ready.
Just like the sunrise needs the sky ♪
I've been thinkin'
Island Hoppers has been
doing really well,
so it might be time to expand.
Maybe even get another chopper.
The only thing is
I might have to get my money
out of La Mariana.
But high-class problems, right?
But, baby, I ain't that kinda fool ♪
When I'm with you girl ♪
What about Rick?
What's going on?
You okay?
Fire chief called.
That house fire I went to
a few nights ago
That woman whose uncle died?
Yeah. Her name is Halia.
Chief said that they found
traces of accelerant
and multiple burn origins
throughout the home.
So it was definitely arson.
Yeah. But it gets worse.
Halia's HPD's main suspect.
And you don't think she did it.
If you would've seen her that night
She was devastated. It wasn't an act.
And because her uncle died,
she's not only facing arson
charges but manslaughter, too.
Halia's lost everything.
And now she might go to jail
for something she didn't do.
I wish I could help her,
but I don't know how.
I think I know someone who will.
MAGNUM: Hey, TC. What's up?
Yo, TM, I need a favor.
My folks were kind of a mess,
so Uncle Moku stepped in to raise me.
He was a contractor.
Had me operating a skid-steer loader
before I could even drive a car.
We're very sorry for your loss, Halia.
Yeah, it sounds like you
two were very close.
I mean, he's the reason
I went into the business.
And I started working with
him as soon as I got my license.
That house was the latest project
we had before it burned down.
I thought it was your residence?
Uh, sometimes we live
in the houses we work on.
- You know, to cut down on costs.
- Mm.
And that project
had more than its share.
The storm tore through the kitchen,
flooded the site. It put us in the red.
That's why HPD suspects that you did it.
For the insurance pay-out.
Look, if I'm charged
with arson and manslaughter,
I'm looking at 25 years.
Except I didn't do it.
Someone else set that fire
and killed my uncle,
and they need to pay.
Halia, we believe you.
We'll do everything we can
to find the person responsible.
Listen, we have to ask,
is there anyone you know of
who might have had a grudge
against you or your uncle?
The thing about arsonists is they tend
to be motivated by revenge
and oftentimes know the victims.
My My ex Brian.
As a contractor, I spend
a lot of time around guys.
And that didn't exactly
sit well with him.
And what happened?
He got jealous, became controlling.
And when he suggested
I find a new career,
I suggested he find himself
a new girlfriend.
When was this?
A few months ago.
He was pretty angry.
BRIAN: Yeah, my number's
right here. Call me.
Appreciate it. Thanks.
Thank you.
Well, look at this lovely couple.
Let me guess, uh, you're in the market
for a house to support a growing family?
Actually, we're more interested
in how things are going
between you and Halia Kalani.
Excuse me?
I know people, you know, pick up hobbies
after a tough breakup, but
arson's a bit extreme.
Who the hell are you guys?
We're private investigators.
Halia hired us to find out
who started a fire
that killed her uncle
and destroyed her home
three nights ago.
Wait, Moku's dead?
Oh, God.
I didn't even know there was a fire.
I haven't talked to Halia in months.
Really? She said that you've
been texting and calling nonstop.
Look, it was a rough breakup,
but I didn't torch that remodel.
I didn't say it was a remodel.
And you know what?
Your phone has pinged near her house
four times in the last month.
Possessive ex who couldn't
accept that things were over?
Sounds like motive for arson to me.
Would you keep it down, please?
Look, I might have, um,
kept tabs on Halia
after she ended things.
You're basically saying
you were stalking her.
No. I just parked my car
outside of her house every now and then.
You do hear yourself, right?
'Cause I heard
I heard that she started
dating somebody else,
and, um, I had to see for myself.
That is not a justification,
and it does not make you
sound less guilty.
Look, the last time I was at Halia's
was five nights ago.
And when I was there,
I saw a car pull up,
stay there for about an hour
and then left.
Okay, so somebody else was there?
You get a make, model,
maybe a license-plate number?
No. I I didn't think to take note.
Well, is there anything else
you can tell us
about the car or the driver?
Uh, he's a smoker.
I saw him flicking cigarette
butts out of the window.
[SIGHS] Uh, you're gonna need
a good lawyer
because that's not gonna be
enough to get you off.
Well, it doesn't have to be.
You said the fire was
three nights ago, right?
I was at a corporate retreat in Maui.
30 people can vouch for me.
Look, I know what I saw.
Somebody else was scoping
out Halia's house.
TC: Right where Thomas said they'd be.
Looks like Halia's creepy ex
was onto something.
Hopefully, there's still DNA on them,
so they can run it.
You okay?
Doing what I do, I see
a lot of awful things.
But this one's really gotten to me.
Of course. You're a firefighter,
but you're a human being, too.
It's normal for it to weigh on you.
No, you don't get it.
I could've saved him.
Moku was right in front of me
when the ceiling caved in.
I've been playing that night
over and over again in my head,
wondering what I could've
done differently.
And if I'd only been a little faster,
Halia might not have
lost her only family.
Come on, you can't think like that.
I mean, you've put out
hundreds of fires,
saved countless lives.
You're damn good at your job.
- But
- Look, if you were in there any longer,
I would've lost you, too.
Look, the only person you
should blame for Moku's death
is the one that started the fire.
Come on.
I understand you need
another parking pass,
Mr. Applebee.
DAVID: I've been to the damn
Motor Vehicles twice,
and they still said no.
Well, unfortunately, uh,
it doesn't matter
what state you're in, the DMV is
well, the DMV.
You're saying the Fleet Week jets
are disturbing your yoga classes?
VANESSA: Yeah, only half
of my clients showed today!
Couldn't you just move them inside?
Uh, it's called Stretch
du Soleil for a reason.
BRADY: I told the insurance adjuster
that I already submitted that form.
Okay, well, I see here that
you submitted form 4C.
It's actually 4Z, "Z",
"Z" as in zulu, "Z."
I'm sorry they ended
that military discount
on appliances over a year ago.
- EVAN: Look, that ain't right.
- It isn't.
But I think Target is having a sale.
Maybe try them?
Mr. Applebee, this is Dave again.
DAVID: Wait, how did I get
the same person?
Well, once we've spoken,
you're automatically
directed back to me.
What did the DMV do now?
This is the Veterans Help Line.
I think what you want is a veterinarian?
But if you roll the pill up
in a slice of cheese
slathered in peanut butter,
that should do the trick.
I've taken 11 calls
and 8 of them required
navigating some serious red tape.
It's hard to avoid when
the government's involved.
- Lunch is here.
- Oh!
Be right back.
Veterans Help Line, this is Tammy.
Who am I speaking with?
DJ, you can call me DJ.
Does that, uh, stand for something?
It's what they called me in boot camp.
What's the best number to call you back?
Uh, I'm only asking
because you called
from a blocked number,
and, uh, it means
if we get disconnected,
I won't be able to reach you.
I know.
Uh, just so you know, um,
this line is for veterans
not for veterinary issues.
Was someone really that stupid?
I just had a caller
whose dog wouldn't take a pill.
Let's just say, he was confused.
Who, the caller or the dog?
So how can I help you?
I haven't slept in two days.
I get night sweats
Sounds rough.
Have you seen a doctor?
Mm-hmm. Doctors. Counselors.
None of them can fix what I got.
Uh, are you alone, DJ?
Are there any weapons nearby?
Is that what the manual says
you're supposed to ask me?
on a scale of 1 to 10,
how likely are you to hurt yourself?
The thing is
I already have.
Took the pills right
before I called you.

How do you feel right now?
DJ: Fine.
It hasn't kicked in yet.
I hope you're ready
for some Piggy Smalls.
I figured whoever picked up
would try to talk me out of it.
So I thought I'd save us a little time.
Ask him what he took.
Uh, what kind of pills did you take?
Valium a few others.
If you'd just tell me where you are,
I can get you help.
I don't want help.
why'd you call in the first place?
Don't want to die alone.
And it's easier to talk to strangers.
No history.
No judgment.
This way, I can go out on my own terms.
You're doing great.
Just keep him talking.
I'm checking registries.
So, DJ, what'd you do in the service?
12 years as a ground transpo officer.
Then I got injured.
Seven surgeries later,
they still couldn't fix me.
Discharged six years ago.
That's when it all started.
Six years is a long time
to be feeling this way.
You have no idea.
Never felt so useless
so insignificant.
Where were you stationed?
Oh, oh, uh, uh, I I've never served.
I'm just a volunteer here.
Bet you didn't think you
were signing up for this.
Look, DJ, I realize it's hard
to have perspective right now.
I already told you, I'm not
looking for counseling.
What I'm hearing is that
you're overwhelmed by,
uh, depressing thoughts.
Stop. Stop!
You're not hearing a damn thing
that I'm saying.
I don't need a script.
I need you to talk to me
like a human being.
DJ, my supervisor did serve.
Would it be okay if he hopped on?
- Forget it.
- Keep at it.
You can do this.
He hung up.
Oh, my God. What'd I do?
Okay, deep breaths. Deep breaths.
We can still help him if we can
figure out where he is.
He called from a blocked number.
Yeah, even so, we can
usually find a provider
and trace the call.
Damn, it's not here.
He must have called
from a prepaid disposable.
We have to do something.
Given what he took, he's only
got a few hours left at most.
I already started
checking Army registries
with the info you wrote down.
We'll find him, Kumu.
Just heard back from the lab.
And the DNA from the cigarette butts
- got us a familial hit.
- Great.
Our smoker is a male relative
of a guy named Dominic Carson.
Okay, who's that?
He's an inmate at Wahiawa State Prison.
4 years into a 20-year sentence
for felony murder.
Okay, let me look him up
Dominic Carson.
Only male relative that I can find
who's on the island
is his father, Henry.
Well, he's gotta be our smoker.
But why would Henry do this
to Halia and Moku?
Doesn't seem to be
any connection between them.
I don't know.
I'll text Halia, see if she knows him.
But in the meantime,
see if it's possible Henry
- could've even started the fire.
- Right.
I'll check in on his phone,
see if it puts him
anywhere near Halia's house
on the night of the fire.
- Huh.
- What is it?
Henry's phone has been off
since the day of the fire.
Well, it's suspicious,
but it doesn't prove anything.
What about the days before?
Well, it seems Brian
was telling the truth.
Five days ago, Henry was
on Halia's street.
Halia says she doesn't know Henry.
But look at this.
At 10:00 p.m. on the night
before the fire,
Henry's phone puts him
near a hardware store
in Pearl City.
Maybe he was buying accelerant?
GREG: I could check with the staff,
see if anyone can recognize your guy,
but that was all the footage we had.
Nah, that's alright.
We appreciate it, though.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Okay, none of the other businesses
around here are open late.
So if he wasn't in the hardware store,
what was he doing here at 10:00 p.m.?
Maybe he was there?
You think he broke into a funeral home?
Embalming fluid is flammable.
Buying accelerant would
leave a paper trail.
Whereas, stealing it
is far less traceable.
RANDALL: Be right with you!
Memory-foam lining?
It's probably more comfortable
than my bed.
Yeah, probably.
You ever think about how
you'd want to be laid to rest?
Yeah, I think I want to be cremated.
- Really?
- It's just more cost-efficient.
And, you know, graveyards
are very overcrowded.
What about you?
I don't know. I guess
I assumed I'd be buried.
Did you know that you could
turn human ashes into diamonds?
Are you suggesting that if I die first,
you're going to turn me into a diamond?
Well, I'm gonna need
something to propose
to my new girlfriend with.
I don't want to die alone.
Thanks for your patience.
Name's Randall, Director of Services.
- Hi.
- How can I help?
How are you doing, Randall?
Uh, we're private investigators.
And we were hoping you could
tell us a little bit
about your recent break-in.
I'm sorry, can't say I know
what you're talking about.
The window It's boarded up outside.
Do you mind telling us what happened?
Oh, just some neighborhood kids
trying to vandalize the place.
Hmm. They vandalize the prep room, too?
I see that shiny new lock on the door.
Not that new.
We just like to take good care
around here.
Listen, Randall, you can either
tell us what happened
or we can involve the police
and you can tell them.
Okay, uh, look,
I would've lost business,
and I didn't think it would matter.
He was gonna be cremated anyway.
What are you talking about?
A body
Whoever broke in, they stole a body.
- Do you have any idea why?
- No clue.
And whose body did they steal?
The deceased's name was Tane Leiato.
Please don't tell his family.
Was Tane about 5'10", 60 years old?
How do you know that?
You think that Henry stole Tane's body
to fake Moku's death.
Yeah, and if the body
they found in the fire
wasn't Halia's uncle, then
where the hell is he?

Hey, the ME confirmed the body
pulled from the fire wasn't Moku.
Alright, okay.
So Henry stole a corpse
that looked like Moku
to make it appear that he was dead.
To what end?
Maybe they wanted to abduct him
without anyone going
and looking for him.
Ah, that's pretty outrageous,
but since we can't find
a connection between Henry and Moku,
it doesn't seem like
they're working together.
Right, so, Henry wanted Moku
for something.
- The question is, "What"?
- KATSUMOTO: No idea.
But odds are Moku's in danger,
if he's not dead already.
I'll put an APB out on Carson now.
Alright. I'm-a circle back with Halia.
See if we can find some kind
of connection
between Henry and Moku.
RICK: I'm not seeing anything
in the call logs so far.
DJ's been feeling this way
for six years,
and he knew the handbook.
So he probably called here before.
Maybe, but it'll take days to
sift through all these logs.
I think I've got an idea.
DJ: I already told you,
I'm not looking for counseling.
I already told you, I'm not
looking for counseling.
You hear that in the background?
It's a train.
The way it echoes, it must be elevated.
Wherever he was calling from,
there was one nearby.
There must be over
a dozen elevated trains
across the country.
According to Google, there's 11.
Still a lot to narrow down.
Yeah, but it's a start.
Now, is there anything else he said
that might help I.D. him?
I'll hop on, too.
Veterans Help Line, this is Tammy.
DJ: Sweet potatoes.
If a dog won't take a pill,
hide the meds
in some mashed sweet potatoes.
I'm so glad you called back.
About before, I'm
Please don't waste what little time
I've got left trying to fix this.
I only want someone to be
with me until it's over.
I like you.
But I want the real Tammy.
The hotline assigns us aliases
for our protection.
The real Tammy is actually
That's my name.
What kind of name is that?
It's Samoan. But I was born in Hawaii.
I'm on Oahu.
I'll stick with Tammy.
It's easier to say.
My friends call me Kumu. How 'bout that?
Nice to meet you, Kumu.
Or should I say, "Aloha"?
Means "hello" and "goodbye," right?
It does.
I always liked that.
Hey, Gordie, what's up?
Two unis spotted Henry Carson
returning to his apartment.
Did they get him?
No, he made them.
Ducked out a fire exit and got away.
I'm guessing they didn't find
Moku at the apartment.
Nah, Henry must be
holding him somewhere else.
But now he knows we're onto him.
He's gotta feel threatened.
Which means if Moku isn't already dead,
Henry's not gonna keep him alive
much longer.
DJ: Next thing I know,
Stevenson and Porter
are dismounting the MWRAPs
to rush over and cover me.
Your family must have been so worried
while you were over there.
They were.
Now, not so much.
Wife walked out on me
a couple of years ago.
Got custody of the boy.
That must've been hard.
But I have to say, you got
some pretty amazing stories
from your time in the service.
Wouldn't you want to share them
with your son one day?
Since I got back,
kid's too scared to even look at me.
I think he's a burn victim.
Or he could've been badly
scarred by an IED explosion.
How about you? You got any family?
I was married.
I loved him till the day he died, but
he had an affair
that resulted in a child.
Wow. That's rough.
You ever have any kids of your own?
I wanted to, but it wasn't in the cards.
Don't you feel cheated?
Like you were
robbed of the life you thought
you were gonna live?
That's how I feel, anyway.
We don't really get over our trauma.
We just have to make space for it.
Try to thrive in spite of it.
Thriving now there's a word.
He's four hours ahead, Central time.
It's gotta be Chicago.
It's the only city in the
midwest with an elevated train.
You keep him talking.
I'm gonna call the VA there.
This has to be enough to get a name.
You don't know me, but I got so bitter.
I took it out on anyone
who ever loved me.
Hi, this is Rick Wright
calling from the Veterans Help Line.
I've got a situation here.
Wait, you're saying he's alive?
All we know for sure
is that Moku did not die in that fire.
So where is he?
I'm sorry. We We don't know yet.
Why would somebody do this?
It's looking like
some kind of elaborate plan
to hide Moku's abduction.
I-I-I know I asked you before,
but are you sure
you haven't seen this guy?
His name's Henry Carson.
- Mnh-mnh.
- How 'bout
This is his son Dominic.
Look, I don't I don't recognize them.
Should I?
Well, Henry was staking out
your house before the fire.
And his son Dominic
was the getaway driver
of a 3-man crew who ended up
killing a homeowner during a robbery.
The other two got away,
but Dominic wasn't so lucky.
He got convicted of murder
and is doing time at Wahiawa Prison.
Well, wait
About nine years ago, Uncle Moku
oversaw the installation
of the special housing unit at Wahiawa.
Wait, he worked on the prison
where Dominic's being held?
If Moku designed the SHU,
he would know its vulnerabilities.
So maybe Henry's using Moku
to help his son escape prison.
Yo! What the hell, Carson?
I'm gettin' on this.
HENRY: Dominic is definitely
in isolation.
It's been over three hours.
Shouldn't we be there by now?
You sure we're going the right way?
Yes. Just keep moving
until you find a crawl space up above.
You gotta be kidding me.
This crawl space is like 3 feet tall.
Is this even gonna work?
Breaking into the boiler room
through these tunnels
is your best shot at reaching
the ventilation system.
This better work
or today will end badly for you.
MOKU: Who are you kidding?
We both know you're gonna kill me
as soon as you have your son.
Well, the difference is,
is you can die fast
or it could be slow and painful.
HIGGINS: Seems that Henry made
several failed attempts
to appeal Dominic's sentence.
When that didn't work,
he went to plan "B."
I think we should head to the prison.
If Henry is nearby,
he might have Moku with him.
I don't know. I mean,
Henry went through so much trouble
to get everybody to believe
Moku was dead, right?
So if I was him, I'd keep Moku alive,
have him help me remotely
until Dominic was out.
Okay, so, then it's gonna
take us a while to find him.
I'm gonna call Gordon, tell him
to contact the warden.
Hold on. Let's think about it.
We need Henry to believe
his plan's gonna work, right?
If HPD stops the escape,
then Moku's a dead man.
Thomas, we have knowledge
that a dangerous convict
is about to break out of prison,
and you want to withhold
that information from HPD?
That could make us accomplices
in a prison break.
I know it's risky, but
Well, what if Dominic escapes,
and we still haven't located Moku?
There's no good move here.
But Moku's safety is our top priority.
As long as Henry needs him,
he's gonna keep him alive.
How do we figure out
where they're keeping him?
If they're gonna pull this off,
they need the blueprints
of the prison, right?
Right. And maybe Halia knows
where Moku keeps the plans
to his old jobs.
If they went there, there
could be security footage
that tells us which car they're using.
DJ: My kid, he liked
the bears and the lions,
but he went crazy
for the colobus monkey.
He wanted to bring it home.
- Uh-oh.
- Yeah.
How'd you handle that?
Okay, thank you so much.
I tried to buy one of those
stuffed ones from the gift shop
Okay, the VA has narrowed it
down to two guys
Danny Joseph Sherman and Dillon Jacobs.
EMS is en route to both.
Should be there in minutes.
I don't think he has minutes.
The zoo wouldn't let us, so he
he made me stay there for three hours
till the zoo closed.
It was really cold, too.
But my boy my boy was so happy.
And that's everything.
- Hey, Kumu?
- Yes.
I'm scared.
I'm scared, too.
My boy
do you think he can forgive me?
I I don't know.
He might forgive you.
What I do know
is he will never recover from it.
How do you know?
Because it's the life I've lived
for the last 60 years
and it's torture.
I don't understand.
My father thought we'd be
better off without him, too.
I was the one who found him,
my mother and me.
I was only 10 years old.
He was in a bad way for a while,
but if I could talk to him
just one more time,
I'd tell him
that I would've shared his
misery a thousand times over
if it meant I could spend
one more day with him.
you could've called anyone today.
I think you called us
because a part of you doesn't want this.
I think I made a mistake.
Listen to me, it's okay.
Help is almost there.
DJ, are you there?!
Can you hear me?!
- Hello? DJ?
- MAN: Dillon? Dillon?
Hello? Can you hear me?
He's still breathing! Stretcher.
- Yes?
This is the Veterans
Help Center in Honolulu.
- Is he okay?
- He's got a pulse.
We're gonna rush him to
Northwestern Memorial right now.
He said he took Klonopin and Valium.
Yeah. Thank you. We got
the empty pill bottles.
You did really good.
We'll take it from here.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you.
HIGGINS: You were right.
They forced Moku to retrieve the plans.
Ah, let me look up their car.
Their car is a rental.
And it looks like it's assigned
to a Mark Crocetti.
Alright, if it is a rental,
- it's got vehicle recovery, right?
- Yeah.
- Can you track it?
- Uh-huh.
It's at an abandoned
warehouse in Moanalua.
Gordon, it's Juliet.
You need to call the warden at Wahiawa.
There's about to be a prison break.
You're too late.
It already happened.
Same car that was
at the storage facility.
Let's just hope we're not too late.
Drop the gun, Henry.
We don't want to hurt you.
Who the hell are you?
We're just here for Moku.
His niece hired us to bring him home.
Drop your guns or he's dead.
Dominic made it out undetected.
Moku's done everything you've asked.
There's no need to hurt him.
Do you want his blood on your hands?
- HENRY: Mark, let him go.
- Shut up!
Easy, alright.
Nobody has to get hurt here.
I'm not asking again.
Put your guns down.
Killing Moku's only gonna
make things worse for you.
- HPD is on the way.
- I didn't go away last time.
And I ain't doin' time now.
We'll be long gone before the
I didn't want anyone to get hurt.
All I wanted was to help my boy.
Hell of a day.
You could say that.
Grab a drink at La Mariana?
Ooh, sounds nice.
There's just one stop
I'd like to make first.
No problem.
thank you.
For what?
For not bringing it up.
Somebody wants to see you.
Uncle Moku.
HIGGINS: Halia is no longer
under suspicion.
Henry's gonna go away
for abduction and arson,
and well, not to mention
killing his associate.
Turns out Henry was the one responsible
for the home-invasion robbery
that resulted in Dominic
getting arrested.
Really? Father and son were partners?
Yeah, along with Mark Crocetti.
He's the one that Henry shot today.
He's actually the guy
who killed the homeowner.
Dominic refused any of
the plea deals he was offered.
He didn't want to give up
his accomplices.
His father felt responsible,
so he decided to bust him out?
Did they catch Dominic and
the guys that helped him escape?
[SIGHS] They're still in the wind,
but HPD's working on tracking them down.
So his son's freedom cost him his own.
And now they'll never be reunited.
That's kind of tragic
when you think about it.
I guess he thought he was
doing the right thing.
Well, I really appreciate
you guys looking into this.
Of course.
Hey, and this is all
because of your hunch.
So if this firefighter thing
doesn't work out,
you might want to think about
becoming a private investigator.
I think I'll stick to putting out fires
and leave the detective
work to you guys.
I told you you're great at your job.
Hi, Dad.
I know it's been a while.
I'm still angry for what you did.
I'm angry that I had no idea
how much pain you were in.
But today, I saw a glimpse of that pain,
and I'm sorry.
I'm sorry that you were hurting so much
and felt you had no one to talk to.
I'm not sure we ever stop hurting.
But that must mean we never
stop healing either, right?
Aloha-oe ♪
Aloha ♪
I hope you found peace.
E ke onaona noho ♪
I'll try not to let too much time go by
before my next visit.
One fond embrace ♪
I love you, Daddy.
A ho'i a'e au ♪
Until we meet again ♪
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