Magnum P.I. (2018) s05e20 Episode Script

The Big Squeeze

Previously on "Magnum PI"
TC: Island Hoppers
has been doing really well,
so it might be time to expand.
The only thing is
I might have to get my money
out of La Mariana.
What about Rick?
HIGGINS: Look, Mr. Bedrosian. As
far as the triple homicide goes,
I can only assume you're smart enough
to ensure that nothing
could be traced back to you.
- Out.
- We would like to renegotiate
the terms of our arrangement.
What do you say?
You're gonna have to answer for this.
Then I'll be seeing you.
Movin' forward ♪
Usin' all my breath ♪
Makin' love to you ♪
Was never second best ♪
Oh, I think we are
officially going to be late
for Rick and Suzy's dinner.
Which is entirely your fault,
by the way.
- Entirely my fault?
- Yes.
No. No. It takes two to tango.
Yeah, but two people don't
simultaneously begin tangoing.
One person has to initiate it.
Yeah, and somebody has to accept
the tango, hence the saying.
- Will you check that for me?
It's Rick, asking for our ETA.
Tell him we're leaving in five.
But there is no way
we're getting out of here
in five minutes
You know, we we could
save a little bit of time
and a little bit of water
if we shower together.
I'm just saying. Think about it.
Do you know where I left my top?
Uh, yeah, that's that's downstairs.
Trapped in the state
of imaginary grace ♪
I made a pilgrimage ♪
Wow. I guess that explains
why you were so upset
- at Rick and Suzy's last night.
- HIGGINS: Does it?
I mean, the man I love wants
to propose marriage to me,
and I immediately have a panic attack.
I just have this overwhelming
sense of dread.
Are you sure you're
really in love with him?
No. Of course I Of course I love him.
The problem isn't Thomas.
It's It's me.
I can't seem to get out of my
own way and let myself be happy.
Look, we all have issues when
it comes to relationships.
With you, you put up walls
so you don't get hurt again.
No, this isn't
This isn't about Richard.
It's It's something else.
I just just can't figure out what.
Well, what will you say when he asks?
It's him.
We've got a new client, and
they want to meet immediately.
I guess I could use the distraction.
See you later. Right.
Hey. I hope you haven't
been waiting long.
No, I just got here.
I was out when I got the call.
I mean, I could've picked you up.
It's alright.
I got to ask, are you
avoiding me or something?
Alright, so, I got up early
for my morning paddle,
and you were already gone.
I wanted an early start on the day.
You sure this is the right place?
Yeah, it's the right place.
How you doing? Thomas Magnum.
And this is my partner, Juliet.
We're looking for
Michael Reeves. He here?
Yeah. Come on in. He's inside.
Apologies for the subterfuge.
I figured you wouldn't come otherwise.
Yeah, you were right about that.
I-I think you want to hear
what I have to say.
Five minutes.
I got to admit,
after our last encounter,
I was dead set on having you killed.
But the more I thought about it,
the more I began to appreciate
your gamesmanship.
You're good at what you do,
and I thought at some point
you might be useful to me.
You're not seriously about to
offer us a job, are you?
You're wasting our time.
Before you pass, there's
something else you should know.
This job that I am going to
ask you to do for me,
I'm not gonna pay you anything.
Right. I would've thought
someone as successful as you
would have slightly more
business acumen.
Yes, well, success in my business
is really all about getting people
- to do things they don't want to do.
You just have to find
the right leverage.
HIGGINS: I'm gonna call Gordon,
tell him to contact the warden.
MAGNUM: Hold on. Let's think about it.
We need Henry to believe
his plan's gonna work.
If HPD stops the escape,
then Moku's a dead man.
Thomas, we have knowledge
that a dangerous convict
is about to break out of prison,
and you want to withhold
that information from the HPD?
That could make us accomplices
in a prison break.
Yeah, I know it's risky.
Well, what if Dominic escapes
and we still haven't located Moku?
- You've been surveilling us.
- For a few weeks now.
So, it seems that your actions
helped a dangerous convict escape.
The prosecuting attorney just
happens to be one of my friends,
so if his office got their hands
on this recording
You really think you can blackmail us?
I think I'm doing that right now.
Look, the question really is,
are you two prepared
to go to prison for this?
Oh, and your pal, Detective Katsumoto?
He just got reinstated last year, yeah?
He could be tainted by association.
But rest assured
you do this job for me,
and this audio evidence disappears.
So what's it gonna be?
What are we doing here?
You'll find out soon enough.
Put these on.
What happened?
That's what Mr. Bedrosian
has hired you to find out.
- HIGGINS: So who is he?
- Gavin Larsen.
He was an attorney and
an associate for Mr. Bedrosian.
Okay, well, do you want
our professional advice?
Call HPD. We are not concierge
homicide detectives.
Whole point of bringing you in
was to avoid HPD.
I mean, look,
if we're gonna do this right,
we need a crime-scene kit.
Dust for fingerprints, get hair samples,
skin samples, run that for DNA.
No labs. You also can't take
anything with you.
Could you possibly
make this job any harder?
And you only have 20 minutes in here.
You had to say something.
Okay. Looks like we got
two shots, center mass.
It appears that the killer forced Larsen
to open that safe at gunpoint.
Only thing he didn't figure
was Larsen hid a gun inside
for just this very purpose.
Okay, so, after Larsen's dead,
killer grabs whatever's
inside the safe and bails.
What I don't get
is how they got in here.
I don't see any points of forced entry.
Maybe Larsen knew the killer?
Okay. Here we go.
Looks like he got a text
from somebody named Mac.
"I need to see you. It's urgent."
Yeah, then a couple seconds
later, Larsen texts back.
"Come by."
Looks like you were right.
He did know his killer.
Now we need to establish what
time he died and to confirm it.
Yeah. I'm gonna take this number
just in case we can track it.
And then I'll go check the bathroom,
- yeah?
- For?
Well, we need a thermometer
to check his body temperature.
It's the only way to
calculate his time of death.
If we want to get a good reading,
we should take his liver temperature.
It'd be more accurate.
I'll grab a meat thermometer.
There's some
gravitational blood drops
on the console table.
Larsen was shot dead here.
H-He didn't walk around,
so it's obviously not his blood.
So my theory is Larsen shoots
first, wings the killer
gets popped twice.
The killer cleans out the safe,
but he's wounded,
so he leaves his blood behind.
Hopefully this blood sample
will tell us who Mac is.
Okay, well, first thing's first.
86.7. Okay.
If a dead body loses
1.4 degrees every hour,
then it puts time of death
roughly eight hours ago.
That's about right. Larsen
received the text around 1:00 a.m.
Okay, well, I think we've
learned everything we can here.
You do realize that as
soon as we leave here,
these guys are gonna scrub everything
and get rid of the body,
and that is going to make us
party to a cover-up.
Look, first we got to
identify Larsen's killer,
then we can loop in Katsumoto.
Well, yeah, and we got to
get the blood sample through
without him finding out.
We're done.
SHANE: I texted you my number.
As soon as you have some
more information, let me know.
I'll set up a meet.
Can't wait.
I just hope you understand.
I understand I-I'm gonna have to
come up with a large sum
of money to buy you out.
Look. I'm sorry, man.
Hey. Come on. Don't apologize.
Without you, I wouldn't
even have this place.
You got a chance
to expand Island Hoppers,
you got to take it.
Thanks, man. You have no idea
how stressed I was about this.
Don't worry about it. Seriously.
No stress, okay?
Now get outta here, you big softie.
Go get that second chopper.
Ha ha! My brother.
- Kumu, you good?
- Yeah, I'm good.
Alright. Peace
I'm so screwed.
I mean, where am I gonna get
the cash to buy him out?
- And don't say the "R" word.
- Robin Masters?
I was thinking "re-fi,"
but, yeah, him too.
Hey, Rick, breathe.
It's gonna be okay.
Thanks, Kumu.
- DISPATCH: 5015, Dispatch.
Dispatch, 5015. Go ahead.
Got an anonymous call reporting
a possible homicide
at 317 Koae Street in Kahala.
Can you respond?
10-4. On my way.
It's a cop.
COLE: HPD! Anybody home?
Dispatch, 5015.
No sign of a disturbance here.
I'm heading out.
We gotta move. This is taking too long.
- Rick just texted.
His friend at HPD has agreed
to run the blood sample.
Any update on the burner?
Yeah, it's still pinging
at the Iolana Hotel.
With any luck, we can intercept
that Mac person there.
Great. Now we can discuss
how you're being weird
and not wanting to talk to me.
I'm not being weird, and
we've been speaking all day.
About the case, yeah.
But clearly something's up.
You've been acting strange
ever since we left
for Suzy's place last night.
I don't know what you're talking about.
What? T-That's what it was. No.
When I went to the shower,
you went to my dresser
to grab a T-shirt.
That's That's when you saw it.
Look. Thomas, I-I didn't know
if I should say something.
- I'm sorry. It's
- Hold on, hold on.
Before you say anything else,
there's something
you should know, alright?
The ring belongs to Rick.
He asked me to pick it up
for him yesterday
because he's going to propose
to Suzy this weekend.
Oh, my gosh. You're kidding.
Calm down. Don't act too relieved.
No, I am not relieved.
I'm just, uh
I was surprised, that's all.
It's not something we've ever
talked about, and I don't know.
And it's something
you want to talk about?
No. No, no. No. It's irrelevant now.
The ring is Rick's,
and I am very happy
for him and Suzy very.
I'm glad it's just
a comical misunderstanding.
I agree. You know, some day
we're gonna laugh about this
when we're old and married
to other people.
MAGNUM: That's unexpected.
JOHN: Hello? Hello?
Help! Help!
- Hello? Hello?
- Easy. Hey. Hey.
H-H-Help! Oh.
Calm down. It's alright.
Oh, God. I thought
I was gonna die in here.
- What happened?
- Last night, I was with my date,
and some psycho barges in
and abducts her.
Wait. He did this to you?
No, that was done before he showed up,
but he he put the sock in my mouth.
I'm not a complete freak.
We're not here to kink-shame you.
We just want to know what happened.
Now, this date you're talking about,
I'm assuming it's the kind you pay for.
I probably shouldn't say.
I mean, you guys are cops, right?
Yeah. Yeah.
But, uh, we won't arrest you
because you're clearly a victim.
That being said,
you don't answer our questions,
you're gonna be in cuffs
for a lot longer.
Okay, yeah. She was an escort.
Her name's Mackenzie.
Mackenzie? Well, that must be "Mac."
What can you tell us about
the guy who barged in?
Nothing. The blindfold was already on.
Yeah, but you had to have
heard something, right?
Uh, well, he stormed in, and he
he, uh, demanded to know
who she was working for,
and she said some guy named La
Larsen. Larsen.
And then he told her to text Larsen
and say that she was coming over.
And then they got into
a big fight over her bag.
She said she needed it,
he said leave it,
and then he he just took her.
- One second.
So there were three people
in the house yesterday.
Yeah, and the killer used Mac
to get to Larsen.
And we still don't know who
they are and what they want.
Yeah, but we know Mac's
real name Amelia Reese.
It's her driving license.
She lives in Kalihi.
- Well, that's our next stop.
- Yeah.
Wait! Where are you guys going?!
You just can't leave me here!
Oh, don't worry. I'm sure
someone will be along soon.
Are you kidding me?!
You know, we we could call your wife.
She can get you.
Like I said, I can wait.
EMT says Cole's vest
caught the brunt of it,
but one of the bullets
must've hit her flank
when her arm was extended.
She's in critical condition.
Ah, she should've waited for backup.
This area is discolored.
Someone used bleach here.
You can still smell it.
Whoever called in that anonymous
tip about a homicide was right.
- This scene has been scrubbed.
- Cole must've interrupted
the killer in the middle of cleaning up.
Alright. What do we know
about the homeowner?
Name's Gavin Larsen. He lives alone.
His car's in the driveway,
and his cell's offline.
Alright, well, it stands
to reason he's our vic.
You got something?
Yeah. Gravitational blood drops
near the back door.
They're dry and browning,
which means they didn't come
from Officer Cole.
Let's run DNA right away.
Hi. Uh, we're private investigators,
and we were looking for Amelia.
Um, she's not here. Sorry.
I-I'm her brother Dan.
Do you have any idea
where we can find her?
No. Uh, actually,
that's why I came over.
She hasn't been answering
any of my phone calls.
Do you guys maybe know something?
Um, maybe we could
come in and talk to you.
Hey. That was fast.
Tell me you got something.
LAB TECH: I did.
That blood sample matched
to a recent parolee named Neil McRae.
I'll send you his jacket now.
You're the best.
Come by the bar next time.
I'll comp you.
Great. Now I'm even more in the red.
I-I don't understand. You guys
are investigating a case,
but you can't tell me who hired
you or how my sister is involved?
We're still sorting
through all the facts,
but one thing we can tell you
is your sister is in some
very serious trouble.
We're sorry we can't tell you any more.
We know this must be
very difficult for you.
Oh. Sorry.
- Back up!
- Oh, no!
- I said back off!
- Don't hurt me!
- Easy.
- I swear to God, I'll do it!
No. Just don't hurt me.
Back off!
- Are you okay?
- I'm alright.
So, this McRae guy
was searching the place,
which means he doesn't know
where Amelia's at, either.
Well, maybe when the shooting
started at Larsen's,
she ran off and she's hiding somewhere.
If so, she might not be alone.
Looks like she has a kid.
This is what I don't understand.
Amelia is clearly a victim here,
and she still hasn't gone to HPD.
Remember the guy at the hotel said McRae
wanted to know who Amelia
was working with.
Maybe she and Larsen
were up to something illegal.
Related to her being an escort?
Do you remember where the bag
was positioned in the room?
It was on the dresser.
Yeah. Had a perfect
vantage point of everything.
It's got a false bottom.
Like the kind that houses
a hidden camera.
I'm thinking Larsen used Amelia
to seduce unsuspecting marks
then record that interaction
and use that as leverage.
Maybe one of them had had enough.
Yeah, and hired McRae
to track down Amelia
to force her to take him to Larsen
and get whatever information
they had back.
Right. Maybe that's what was in his safe
and why Amelia hasn't gone to HPD.
But who hired McRae?
And what's Bedrosian's interest
in all this?
At first, we thought you were
maybe a victim of blackmail,
but then considering
how you got us to work for you,
we thought you would more likely be
running a blackmail operation
than being a victim of it.
HIGGINS: Which would explain
your extraordinary "luck"
since you've arrived in Honolulu
fast-tracking dispensary licenses,
securing building permits
on protected lands.
Gavin Larsen wasn't
an associate of yours.
He worked for you, leveraging
whomever to do whatever,
just as you're doing to us.
You can care less about Larsen's death.
You want us to find his killer
because he has your leverage.
I was right about you two.
Good work. Impressive.
Look, if you really want this solved,
you have to give us the list
of people you're blackmailing.
- That's our suspect pool.
You really think I'm just gonna
hand over that information?
If you really want your leverage
back, you have no choice.
Look. There's no way
he's gonna give us the list.
If we're gonna find McRae, we're
gonna have to do it without him.
So, how about that list?
Yeah, that's not gonna happen.
And your services are no longer needed.
- You're firing us?
- I didn't ask you to find a motive.
I asked you to find the killer,
which you couldn't do.
Or you did and you're just
not sharing that information.
So, yeah, you're fired.
And what about the recording?
Right. That.
I think I'll hang on to that.
Be seeing you.
How's Officer Cole?
Out of surgery and stable.
Looks like she's gonna make it.
That's good news. And
I'm gonna need to talk to her
as soon as she's feeling up to it.
I'll keep you posted.
Also, the lab called.
They ran the blood from the Larsen house
and confirmed it's a match.
Wait. Hang on. A match to what?
To the other sample
they ran earlier today.
What other sample?
Bedrosian had to know we'd get
onto the truth eventually.
Yeah, but I don't think
that's why he fired us.
Something changed
after that text came in.
Well, I think it's finally time
to call Katsumoto.
- There's no need.
- Why not?
Because he's right behind us.
So, to recap, a guy you
kidnapped a few weeks ago
blackmails you into working a case.
You show up for the job
and learn that it's a homicide,
and that's just the start of your day.
Technically it was a robbery-homicide,
but, yeah, that's the gist of it.
Only now we believe that
Bedrosian's main interest
is actually the theft
and not the murder.
So, the victim, Gavin Larsen,
was using Amelia to gather
kompromat on his behalf.
So he isn't just blackmailing you?
No, we think he's got dirt
on dozens of powerful people.
Only one of them sent
the shooter, McRae, to steal it.
Now Bedrosian wants us to get it back.
Well, I might know who hired McRae.
Turns out his early parole
was because of a letter
written on his behalf by the Governor.
Wait. You don't think
That Bedrosian is blackmailing
the Governor. Yeah, I do.
If Bedrosian is trying to
coerce local power players
to do his bidding,
there is no bigger fish to land
than Hawaii's chief executive.
So Amelia seduces the Governor
to get him under Bedrosian's thumb,
and the Governor's people
don't like that, so
So they parole McRae,
get him to do their dirty work,
and now they have
the blackmail material.
Except we have a witness
in the wind, right?
And as long as Amelia's alive,
she can take them all down.
Yeah, that's a good theory,
but I can't level accusations
against the Governor without proof.
Okay, how do you suggest we get some?
Leave that to me. In the meantime,
you have to find Amelia
before McRae does.
I appreciate you
making the time, Ms. Lee.
Of course, Detective. As you know,
the Governor is a big supporter
of law enforcement.
Reducing crime is a priority
for his administration.
I'm aware, which is why
I was surprised to learn
that he recently intervened
to grant the early parole
to a convicted felon,
Neil McRae.
McRae was a model prisoner.
Well, it seems McRae's
rehabilitation didn't take.
His DNA turned up at a
homicide scene this morning.
That's unfortunate.
An ex-con the Governor fought to release
is now the prime suspect
in a murder investigation.
That's not "unfortunate."
It's career-ending.
Well, that's debatable.
Still, I'd say it's in
everyone's best interest
to arrest McRae
before he can do more damage.
Now, do you have any idea
where he might go?
Whom he'd turn to for help?
I'm sorry. I don't.
But I thank you for bringing
this matter to my attention
and for your discretion, of course.
And if you wouldn't mind
keeping me updated,
I would greatly appreciate that.
I'll be in touch.
She made the call as soon
as you left her office.
MAYA: A cop just came by
asking about you.
MCRAE: I told you we had a problem.
No, Neil. You have a problem.
We hired you to clean up a mess,
not make one.
Just deliver the thumb drive
to us as promised
and then get off the island!
- Understood?
- Yeah.
Thing is, good as that sounds,
I got a better offer.
McRae must've realized
he was sitting on a gold mine
with that thumb drive
and found another buyer for it.
Well, that could be any one
of the other victims
- on Bedrosian's list.
- Yeah, that's the bad news.
The good news is, is Gordon's
onto McRae's burner,
so he should be able
to track him down soon.
Alright. I wish I could say
the same thing for Amelia.
- Get anything from the laptop?
- Maybe.
Apparently her son, Kai,
has Gaucher disease.
It's a rare progressive disorder
that requires frequent hospitalization
and the care of several specialists.
Managing a condition like that
has got to require medication.
Right? If she's on the run,
I would assume she'd stock up
and probably update
her contact information.
Right. Shouldn't be too hard to
get into her pharmacy account.
Here we are. Yeah.
She picked up refills this morning
and updated her contact info.
Don't have an address,
but I've got a new cell number.
I'm gonna see if I can ping it.
- Boom. Come on. Let's go.
- Yep.
Well, if you're gonna go off grid,
I guess this is the place to do it.
According to tax records, it's
owned by a French businessman.
He's only here
a couple of months a year.
Must be one of Amelia's clients.
She must've known he'd be gone.
Place is pretty fortified.
Don't think we're getting in
without an invitation.
Okay, then.
- Stay where you are!
- Amelia, it's okay.
- I know you?
- We're private investigators.
And we're here to help.
We know what Larsen was up to,
we know what happened last night.
We just want to get you
and your son to safety, okay?
I was a single mom
working a secretary job
and doing night classes
to finish my degree.
And it was hard, but we were happy.
And then Kai got his diagnosis,
and everything changed.
The treatments were a fortune,
so I did what I had to do
to keep my son alive.
And that's when you met Larsen.
He was generous.
He loaned me all the money
to pay the doctors' bills,
but in return
He asked for your help
in his blackmail scheme.
He wasn't asking.
I was too scared of him to say no.
For me. For Kai.
So, yes
I slept with the Governor.
Larsen got me into
one of his fundraisers,
and I secretly recorded it,
and I hoped that was the end of it.
Then McRae tracked you down.
He forced me to take him to Larsen.
As soon as I got away,
I called in a tip to the cops.
God. If he had just handed over
the drive like he asked.
You have no idea
how big a mistake this is!
This material belongs to Sam Bedrosian!
I asked for the thumb drive,
not your opinion.
Now hand it over.
Hang on. So McRae knew
who the drive belonged to.
- Yeah. Why?
- Well, the new buyer,
we thought it was a victim
of the blackmail,
but maybe McRae
reached out to Bedrosian.
And that might explain why
Bedrosian took us off the case.
Okay, honey. We gotta go.
Alright. Keep eyes on them.
I'll take care of Amelia and Kay.
Alright. Stay in here.
And no matter what you hear,
don't come out.
- Okay.
- Lock the door.
Okay. You okay?
- Great. Only one shell.
- I texted Gordy our location.
HPD's gonna take a while to get here.
You, around back!
- They're splitting up.
- Then we will, too.
[GASPS] Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. Okay.
It's okay. You're safe.
It's okay. Come on.
Are you okay?
I'm alright.
Whew. Okay. Going to
Magic Island to meet Suzy.
Wait. Before you go, I have
something I want to talk to you about.
Oh, God, please tell me
you're not leaving, too.
I can't take it.
Well, actually, quite the opposite.
I've been thinking,
and how would you feel
if I bought out TC instead?
Wait. Seriously?
Well, I've been frugal all my life,
and I have quite the nest egg saved up.
Kumu, you do not have to do this.
I know. But I want to.
I have become kind of
attached to this place
the history, the culture, the aloha.
And I'd be honored to own a part of it.
I don't know what to say.
You could say "yes."
Done! Yes! Of course!
McRae's in custody.
He had the thumb drive on him
when we took him in.
As we suspected, it was full
of incriminating secrets
proof of infidelity,
addiction, abuse of power.
So Amelia wasn't the only one
working for Larsen.
No, I'm thinking he had
a small network of operatives
gathering dirt.
He targeted politicians, city officials,
members of the business community.
Then Larsen would use that material
to blackmail those people
to do Bedrosian's bidding.
Feds would have a field day with this,
but there's just one problem.
We can't connect Bedrosian to Larsen.
So it'd be our word against his.
Right. We also can't link
Bedrosian to his hitters.
He was careful, covered his tracks.
In the meantime, he still
has the leverage on us.
True. But you do have options.
Nobody knows I took that off McRae.
- Gordy
- No.
Use that, trade it for the recording,
get out from under Bedrosian's thumb.
That's evidence.
You'd be taking a huge risk.
You both took a huge risk for me
when Beth's life was at stake.
If we return this to Bedrosian,
he can continue his blackmail operation.
Yes. But if you don't,
he could burn you.
Decision's yours to make.
NEWS ANCHOR: In a fast-developing story,
Hawaii Governor Charles Burke
is stepping down.
His resignation comes within hours
of the Justice Department
announcing a major investigation
into widespread corruption
on the island.
Governor Burke's
chief of staff, Maya Lee,
declined to comment on allegations
that link Burke to a common
Gonna let our love shine ♪
Till the end of time ♪
Till the end of time ♪
Ohh! Well, congratulations, Kumu!
This is so exciting!
So, you got any changes planned
now that you own a piece of this place?
- Only for Thomas.
- Really?
What What do you have planned for me?
Well, you know that, uh, tab
you've been running up
for the last four years?
We're gonna make that go away.
Oh, look, if you want
to wipe the slate clean,
I fully support that.
Oh, that's not what I meant.
There's a new sheriff in town,
and we're gonna schedule payments.
SUZY: Hey, everyone!
Oh, my goodness!
Don't get any ideas.
I mean, guys, you know, here we are,
after a, well interesting path.
Look, seducing your employees
generally doesn't work out like this.
- That's rich, coming from you.
- Good point.
Before you guys even went on a date,
you skipped right straight
to the next step.
In fact, you skipped three or four steps
and probably a couple bases.
There were, uh There were
some some surprises.
There was some reluctance.
There was, uh, fear, worry.
But, ultimately,
Suzy, you're gonna make
an honest man out of Rick.
And, uh, although your path
was less than traditional
a-and perhaps even because of that
I have no doubt that this love
will last a lifetime.
So I just wanted to say cheers
to both of you.
I love you guys. Love you, bud.
- Cheers.
- Cheers to you guys.
- Cheers.
- Cheers, buddy.
Cheers to you guys.
So many different oceans ♪
Different motions ♪
You know we're all just set adrift ♪
So many different seasons ♪
Different reasons ♪
You know it's all in one day ♪
Some like to move ♪
- What is it?
- Some like to groove ♪
Well, yes, a little.
I'm just thinking about
how I reacted to that ring.
And I-I'm sorry.
I know that that wasn't
a normal response.
No, it wasn't.
But I knew who you were
when we first got together,
and I love you just the way you are.
You do know me better
than anyone ever has.
And about the marriage thing
I-It's just that peace has been
very rare in my life.
And what we have together is so perfect
that the idea of
of changing anything is terrifying.
I get it.
But you don't have anything
to worry about.
I'm in no rush to
change anything at all.
That's why it's plain to see ♪
Well, just for the record,
if, in the future,
you did ask me to marry you
I would say yes.
It's plain to see ♪
It's obvious why it's got to be ♪
From the heart for it to start ♪
And, baby, that's you and me, yeah ♪
Oh, that's you and me ♪
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