Mai: A Mother's Rage (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Oh, my love, Let's stroll along the blue skies We'll walk through the golden rays Shining upon us As the cool breeze envelops us Play with the fluffy clouds As they roll by us Oh, my love, Let's stroll along the blue skies Oh, my love, Let's stroll along the blue skies How do I look? We'll walk through the golden rays Shining upon us This will set a trend in Lucknow, you'll see.
- Why today, Sheel? - What to do? Even after Chelation, there's so much iron left in the body.
It's a birthday! Cut me some slack.
You and your daughter, always marching to your own tune.
She left two hours ago after promising to lend me a hand.
Okay, I'll eat the porridge.
A patient like me, doesn't have an option.
Okay, you can have a piece of cake.
I'll cut it for you.
Make it a big one.
Archit is going to cause a big fuss today.
He told me, "Uncle, buy me a new video game.
" Today is an auspicious day No, I just remembered that It's our choice.
Whether to think of it, with happiness, or sorrow.
You told me that the food would be ready by 4:00.
Guests will be here in two hours.
What can I do, sir? I sent the boy to get peas.
As soon as he comes, we'll get started.
So, nothing will be done by then? Shall I take care of this, bhaisaab? Do you need an invitation, now? Please get to it.
Ask him not to speak in this tone, or else I'll tell him.
That's why Uncle Vijay left this house and went away.
No Sweetie.
It's not what you think.
Bhaisaab is just stressed.
Where are the return gifts? How many times did I tell you? Give me your phone.
I'll tell Dinesh to pick it up.
When did you break your phone? Didn't someone push you at the market yesterday? Ridiculous.
Nobody values anything, anymore.
Supriya, dear.
Please tell Archit to wear this new jacket.
He's not listening.
Aunty, let him wear what he wants.
The birthday boy should decide, right? Please, he'll only listen to you.
Supriya, you heard what aunty said? Supriya! Bhaiya, leave that and come with me, to the kitchen.
- Yes, madam.
- First, call the vegetable vendor.
- Why isn't he back yet? - I'll call and check.
And fry the paneer after that.
And bhaiya, you garnish the dressing.
After that Didi and I will fry the nuggets.
Okay? All was going so well, you spoiled everything.
Why did you take away my Ipad? I hate you.
Supriya! - Di! - Archit, are you okay? What are you doing? He's younger than you.
Have you gone crazy? Slapping him for no reason! Supriya? Supriya.
Now where are you going? Sweetie, what is happening? You've seemed off, the last few days.
Did anyone say something to you? Did something happen? I am asking you something.
Talk to me.
Tell me what happened.
I'll take care of it.
Something has happened, mom.
Sweetie? Sweetie? Sweetie? Sweetie? Sweetie? Sweetie? Watch it! I can take care of this.
"Just as the embodied soul passes from childhood to youth to old age, similarly, the soul passes onto another body at the time of death.
The soul is neither born, nor does it ever die Nor having once existed, does it ever cease to be.
The soul is without birth, eternal, immortal The wise are not deluded by this change.
The soul is neither born, nor does it ever die" More people will arrive from Delhi and Bareilly for the 13th day ritual.
Yash? Shall we do the function at my place? It'll just be easier.
I thought Supriya would leave from my house dressed as a bride.
Who knew Aunty I'll take care of Sikander.
That day I hit sis, first.
She wasn't quite herself, the last few days.
What do you mean? That day she was on a video call on the terrace.
She threw her phone in anger and broke its screen.
Did she tell you anything? Who she was talking to? Why she was upset? Anything? - Nothing.
- Archit! Dear, Mom is calling you.
What happened, Sheel? Sweetie shared everything with me Yash.
Then why didn't she tell me, she wasn't okay? We've already spoken to her friends, checked at her lab, too.
Come, eat something.
Her phone has also been missing for many days.
It must be lying somewhere.
Come on.
The date of the court hearing is decided.
It's next week.
Bhaisaab's lawyer has said that you'll be the prime witness.
Kalpana, when did you get back from prison? You help me out.
You just have to give sleeping pills to me.
What's the big deal? You've done worse things.
Here you go again, uncle.
Court has again rejected my euthanasia request.
I don't want to live in this old age home.
Even dogs are allowed mercy killing, then why not me? Get my Mohan back, otherwise I'll die.
Mom, he's settled in China now.
He's finally stayed put at one place for four months.
I'm planning to keep him there this whole year.
I don't know if I'll survive another year.
Don't talk like this, Mom.
I didn't want to bother you.
At least this got me out of the house.
Please make her understand.
Her blood sugar level keeps fluctuating.
If she comes home, I'll keep a doctor with her around the clock.
I have my doctor here.
Where is Raghu? He must be outside, somewhere.
Your phone was ringing, so I brought it.
I'll deal with you later.
Why are you being rude? He does so much for you.
He even does what he's not asked to do.
Hello? Only my mother loves me.
Jawahar sir is bit angry with me, let me finish his work, then I'll come back and won't leave your side.
Doctor? I almost didn't see you in the room.
I heard about it.
You are very brave.
I don't even have the courage to appear in court.
Today is the driver's hearing I attended a distant relative's hearing.
All these court visits are useless.
It's not as if one finds solace on seeing the killer's face.
Have a good look.
Is this the driver? Yes.
Your honor, we have submitted all the evidence and Madan Singh has also admitted to drunk driving.
The doctor's report is also clear that Supriya Chaudhary's death was caused by the impact of the truck.
I have seen all the reports Are you all right? Uh Supriya I'm sorry for your loss.
Excuse me! Excuse me! Please forgive me.
- I didn't want to - Move.
- I didn't want to do it - Let's go.
I made a mistake, madam, please forgive me.
Please forgive me.
Madam What does he mean, "I didn't want to do it"? Yash A stranger just met me He wanted to talk about Supriya.
And now this truck driver too Don't be upset.
Bhaisaab is speaking to the lawyer.
He'll get the maximum punishment.
Everyone was thinking we should go to the temple to pray for our I'll be right back.
It won't wash away your sins.
You robbed that Uber driver, moron.
You should have become a driver yourself.
I wasn't given the license, sir.
I was forced to rob.
And I did not want to kill him.
It happened by mistake.
Sir, I wanted to meet the truck driver that was presented in court today.
MANOJ TRIPATHI His name is Madan Singh.
Of course, stabbing him a dozen times, was a mistake.
Sir, please.
If you'd let me meet him once Sir.
Sir, that truck driver was lying.
That was not an accident.
Madam, the court pronounces it's judgement after thorough scrutiny.
You belong to a decent family.
Why are you getting involved in this mess? And anyway, madam, he asked for your forgiveness, right? RECORDS ROOM Yes, ma'am? I wanted the address of Madan Singh.
That truck driver.
I'll have to check with our senior officer.
Tripathi sent me to you.
Bhaiya, do you know this address? Madan Singh, the truck driver? They live on that side.
See, they are going.
Thank you.
Hello, ma'am.
Where do you want to go? La Marina School.
Come on, Son.
- Thank you, ma'am.
- Please come.
This school is amazing, right? I haven't seen you before.
Is it a new admission? Yes.
My child is fortunate.
We got the blessings of some kind people.
Who helped you? What? One can get admission through quota, right? I also need to get someone admitted.
If you could please share with me, it would be of great help.
Come on, son.
Madam, come with me.
Excuse me? Excuse me? Yes, please.
I wanted to get my daughter admitted.
Madam, we don't admit students in the middle of a term.
You can apply online, for next year.
Lakshman, weren't you buying us an ice-cream? But no cheap ones, only Belgian.
Why do you want to get a tonsillitis, by eating these chemical-laden ice creams, Miss Sanjana.
Miss Sanjana, please help me.
Didn't you just admit that young boy.
Madam, I just explained the procedure to you.
Why don't you try online? Bhaiya, can you do something? Sorry, ma'am.
Please see, bhaiya, if you can help me in any way.
My daughter is an all-rounder.
She can't speak, but she does stand-up comedy in sign language.
On her first day at school I was afraid, nobody would interact with her.
But when I went to pick her up several girls came to see her off.
That's how much everyone loves her.
Once she's admitted, you'll see how talented she is.
She wants to become a doctor.
Because her mother couldn't become one.
Ma'am, maybe these people can help you.
- Mr.
- You know Mr.
Vyas? He is a director of the board.
He can easily get your daughter admitted.
Please stop here.
CHAUDHARY MEDICAL STORE Where is uncle? He went out with the tool box, aunty.
Uncle Dharam was asking where you've been.
Okay, I'll be back.
I'll see you in ten days.
Thank you.
- Bye, Rohit.
- Bye.
Yes, Sheel, come on in.
Yes, Bhaisaab.
We've received the new stock of medicine.
Have a look at it.
Sorry, Bhaisaab, I completely forgot.
I'll get to it.
It's all right.
Listen, Sheel Dinesh informed me that Yash has resumed his visits.
Sheel, this is not Europe or America.
People here consider this lowly work.
He'll go to other people's houses, carry out repair work, it will deteriorate his health further.
Isn't it? But, Bhaisaab, I feel this will help him stay distracted at a time like this.
Please make him understand.
Sure, Bhaisaab, I'll speak to him.
Awasthi's report seems clear.
Yes, I have seen these.
So we don't need to do any more tests, right? No need.
Bhaisaab? Do you think the court has properly investigated all facets of Supriya's case? I met the judge, myself.
And got the case fast-tracked.
The driver will spend many years in prison.
Even the truck company will pay us an insurance settlement of six million for the accident.
You could have just shared the address.
You didn't have to come all the way.
Doctor, you do so much for people.
Least I can do is accompany you to my boss' house.
I didn't want to trouble you but the groundwater clearance at Geeta Bhavan has been on hold for many days.
That will be taken care of in no time.
Here, this way.
Sir usually meets people every week and you are practically family, so Please sit.
I'll go and see if sir is available.
Jayesh Desai is leaving from Nairobi tonight for Surat.
The human-couriers will also be with him.
Book a morning flight for Jawahar Sir.
Yes, ma'am.
Yes? Let's go, fast.
How much time did it take to value the price of our daughter's life? We won't accept the insurance money.
We'll donate it to Geeta Bhavan.
They are not good people, Yash.
Who? That truck driver's son got admission in a school.
In La Marina.
A director of the board got him admitted.
How do you know? - I saw it.
- What do you mean? You followed him.
You followed his family? What are you doing, Sheel? You're not a detective.
Apparently I'm the only one who cares about what happened to our daughter.
You go repair other peoples' television and fridges.
Our daughter was murdered in the middle of our street.
What did you do? Yash.
Yash? Hello? Hello.
Kusum's health has suddenly deteriorated.
She may not survive the night.
Can you come quickly, please? I'm on my way.
My mother is sleeping peacefully.
So what were you talking about over the phone? Why are you helping the truck driver who killed my daughter? I know you are a director of the board at La Marina.
You got his son admitted, didn't you? That mute girl She was your daughter? Do you know who I am? What I do? Why did you kill my daughter? Tell me.
What did you inject me with? It's a normal sedative.
You'll be fine.
Why did you kill my daughter? I am a heart patient.
Three angioplasty Mr.
Jawahar I am going to save you.
I was also trying to save her.
Who were you saving her from? Tell me, who were you saving her from? You have no idea what you've done.
Jawahar! Mister
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