Mai: A Mother's Rage (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

I had an accident when I was two.
My parents took me to the doctor.
He told us that my vocal cords had been damaged.
I was left dumb after hearing this.
I am dumb, not deaf.
So if you applaud, I'll hear it.
This soothing voice coming from backstage is my mom's.
Look, she's blushing.
As our elders said, shyness is considered the jewel of a woman.
It works out for men, as they don't have to buy actual jewels for the women.
The members of our medical fraternity are also very shy.
Ask them, "Where has the money meant for building the hospital gone?" They'll veil themselves like a newlywed Sir and hide from you She's that girl.
like you are their in-laws.
Tell us, have you given away all the medicine as a dowry? She's just a child.
Deal with her gently.
They'll be shy There has been rumor spreading in Lucknow.
You may not get an Oxytocin shot if you're in labor, but if you ask questions you'll get a gun shot.
Speaking of surgery people who talk too much are given a complimentary surgery on the railroad tracks, under the train.
This is our state's special surgical strike.
Sorry, sir.
I made a mistake.
I shouldn't have made the call.
Don't panic.
Jawahar will understand.
It was a innocent mistake.
After all, you are taking care of all the human-courier work.
Take this.
Hey, Dheeraj! - Is sir in his room? I'll take this.
- Yes.
Jawahar sir.
Sir is not picking up the phone.
It's time for the flight.
Tell him.
I've been looking for him all morning.
The car with 0001 number is also not here.
Yes, sir Yes.
GEETA BHAVAN OLD AGE HOME Where is he? There's an SPF vehicle outside.
Do you think? Yash, one of the patients just passed away.
His whole family is here.
I was at Geeta Bhavan all night.
I'll talk to you later.
Okay? You stay there.
I'm coming to Geeta Bhavan.
Yash, please.
I'll handle this.
I can't keep depending on you.
I didn't mean to kill him.
I just wanted to know why my daughter was killed.
I wouldn't have sedated him, if I'd known that he was a heart patient.
Do you know who Jawahar was? If they see your CCTV video It's not the prison they'll send you to.
These people will hunt your entire family down.
I acted alone.
Please do not harm my family.
You were the one who asked Kusum to get me a job with Mr.
So, I owe you a favor.
I have lied to Jawahar's men.
I told them that the CCTV footage was deleted.
Now, only I know the truth.
Go to Geeta Bhavan on time, as usual.
If they ask anything, keep quiet.
Don't say anything.
And if they get physically aggressive, don't panic.
Should I give you an example? Come.
Hey! On me.
I got it.
I won't say anything.
- What should I do with Mr.
Jawahar? - Leave that to us.
Thank you.
Hey, Aunty.
There's a new joke about the elephant and the ant.
Want to hear it? Is this the time to joke? Why haven't the deliveries been made? CHEMISTS AND DRUGGIST, Sheel What happened at Geeta Bhavan? Bhabhi, there's always something going on at Geeta Bhavan.
In case of emergencies Well, what's the use of exerting yourself so much? You do one thing, the driver will pick up Archit today, you get some rest.
Oh no, Bhabhi.
I'm fine.
I'll pick him up.
Okay, fine.
Take care of yourself.
You haven't slept the whole night.
Go home.
Why did you tell Bhabhi? She is family.
If you say that I was out the whole night, they won't think good of me.
I'll do it.
I'll do it myself.
I can't keep depending on you.
Go home.
How did you find the body? Raghu Sir, on my way to the airport, I saw the gate to the construction site was wide open.
Jawahar used to come to Goyal sir's site every week.
When I came in I saw Mozambique drill.
This is SPF's job.
They never dared this before Where is the crypto key? Mr.
Jawahar Vyas used to have it on him.
It had a red, vermillion band on it.
It looks like a pen-drive.
You can't access the bank account without it.
We'll find it.
You start the procedure.
We can't do anything without the crypto key, ma'am.
It's your personal identification.
It's password changes every hour.
Your two billion are secure, but you won't be able to access the money.
How long will it take to get a new crypto key? At least ten days.
Along with the death certificate, the requisition will go to the headquarters, in Zurich.
Come what may, I can't stop the transfer.
If Goyal sir gets to know, all of us will be found dismembered.
Find that crypto key.
Search all of Lucknow city.
Ask these assholes Are they here for a feast? Bastards Rip them apart.
Who called Jawahar? Beat them! They are holding their tongues.
Who has the crypto key? They don't know anything.
They won't speak up.
Who came here last night, asshole? I don't know.
Motherfucker, how do you not know? Tell me, motherfucker! What are you going through the fucking books? Ask everyone here.
A man died here and nobody knows anything.
No one says a word! Sheel ma'am! Sheel ma'am! Do you treat everybody here? Yes.
Some other volunteer nurses and personal doctors also come here.
Who was here last night? When? Who called Jawahar from here last night at 11:00 p.
? I don't know.
I left early in the evening.
Has something happened? Aunty, do you remember who came at midnight? Someone was here.
Maybe it was Jawahar.
Please let Aunt Kusum rest now.
Raghu, leave no corner of this place unchecked.
I need that key.
What do you think? Who could have deleted the CCTV footage? Madam The warden is here.
You wanted to talk to her, right? Mr.
Prashant! Mr.
Prashant, please wait up.
Please tell me.
Who killed my daughter? - Tell me.
- How would I know?! Shall we save ourselves first? Then we can look into who killed your daughter.
These people think that Jawahar was killed by the SPF.
You are safe.
Did you find anything like a pen-drive on Jawahar? With a vermilion band? I threw it out this morning in the medical waste bin along with everything else.
The truck would have carried it to the medical waste plant by now.
Don't tell this to anyone.
Kusum has Alzheimer's.
Beat them up! But sometimes she still remembers things.
Keep on asking her, until she remembers who was here last night.
Call me at this number.
Sorry, sorry.
It's almost done, okay? Just a little more.
Should I send the rest to your brother's clinic? No.
If anybody at home finds out, they'll be worried.
But it is worrisome I overheard them say that someone has shot Mr.
Sheel Chaudhary! Sheel Chaudhary? Come here.
You went to Jawahar Vyas's house two days ago? Yes.
I went there to complain about Geeta Bhavan's repairs.
He used to get it done immediately.
He was such a nice person.
"Was"? What do you mean "was"? I am Mrs.
Kusum's nurse.
I just found out that he passed away.
So how long have you been acquainted with that "nice person"? What do you mean? What are you implying? - I'm from a respectable family.
- Amar! Can we speak for two minutes? I have a few questions about last night.
Are you a cop? From SPF.
UP special police force.
I'm SP Farooque Siddiqui.
- Someone called Jawahar last night - I have seen you before.
In court.
Is Supriya's case handled by SPF? She's my daughter.
Not the SPF, I'm personally looking into it.
How do you know her? We met her at one of her events.
A stand-up comedy show.
Sir, there's a call from the headquarters about the meeting.
Just a minute.
I have a request.
Can you arrange a meeting with that truck driver, please? They say one does not get peace without forgiveness.
When do you want to meet? Name of the Visitor - Whom to meet Sheel Chaudhari - Madan Go on.
Those people got your son admitted to La Marina school.
Is that why you did it? Ma'am, I already asked for your forgiveness.
- I'm very ashamed about this accident.
- It wasn't an accident.
It was a murder.
Please tell me who ordered you to do it.
I won't implicate you.
I already told the court that I was inebriated.
Now, leave me alone! Will you have jaggery tea? Actually, I ran out of sugar, so - Sure.
- Come.
Well There's a short circuit in the water heater.
So the work has doubled? If we're looking for long-term safety, then yes.
Nothing is safe nowadays.
I trusted you to do the repairs, and now there's a short circuit.
Actually, your house has faulty grounding.
If you'd like, I can fix it.
Mishra told me about you.
But in this hobby of yours, you also pick up long term repairs? It keeps my mind occupied.
This calls for a nice and warm, cup of tea.
Please Sorry dear, I got delayed.
I was seeing a patient.
All of you are always busy with patients.
Who gives a shit about me? Who's teaching you these foul words? Shall we change our routine, for today? This was Didi's favorite flavor.
Mine is pineapple.
Give me a pineapple pastry as well.
This morning, someone killed Jawahar using our very own Mozambique drill.
Jawahar used to handle all the black money of UP industrialist, Vishnu Goyal.
He's the one who made the entire medical scam possible.
Jawahar's longtime associate.
Now, she'll be handling all of Goyal's illegal work.
She was a prostitute.
Then she became Jawahar's mistress and has been slowly learning the ropes.
He's the veteran among them.
A staunch loyalist.
We'll keep an eye on him.
Keshav, Prashant, Shankar.
These are small-time players who do their dirty work.
Sir, our way forward is through Surat's money laundering mastermind, Jayesh Desai.
We have to take action before Desai transfers all the cash from Goyal's medical scam through his human-couriers.
Jayesh used to deal directly with Jawahar.
He won't trust Neelam so easily.
- Good.
- Sir.
You got the FED report? No, sir.
They are after Jawahar's Swiss account.
In fact, we found out from the interview in Geeta Bhavan, they seem to have lost Jawahar's crypto key.
Let the FED handle that.
Sir, our target is to reach their cash hideout.
This is a great opportunity for us to go all out.
Things will get heated up now.
Are you ready to go up against your father? Yes, sir.
I won't let you down.
Good luck.
Honestly, I fell asleep.
Raghu sir, you have known me for years.
Madam, why would I lie and get myself murdered? Jawahar used to go to his mother's room and sleep there.
I'm telling you the truth.
I'm telling the truth, madam.
No! Keep asking.
He still has nine fingers left.
All of our men are combing Lucknow in search of the crypto key.
Should we check Jawahar sir's house once more? A year ago, I told Jawahar sir to get Farooque Siddiqui removed from Lucknow SPF.
But, no.
When Jawahar was alive, you used to sing his praises.
He picked me up from filth and gave me a roof in his home.
That's how you too get to sleep on this spring mattress! I'm not a dickhead.
All I'm saying is the person who found Jawahar's body so conveniently, don't take him lightly.
Keep an eye on Prashant.
He'd sell his own mother to get to Goyal.
Yes, sir, I talked to the school and he is not there.
His friends have been informed as well.
Yes sir, he's home now.
Sorry to disturb you.
Thank you.
Are you all right, Son? Where were you two? Dharam was speaking with a senior cop, Sheel.
You could have at least told us.
- Both your phones were not reachable.
- I wanted to have a pastry.
Di wouldn't have stopped me until the 13th day ritual, like you.
Sorry, Bhabhi.
It won't happen again.
We are not upset.
We were just worried.
We are concerned about you.
You spent all night taking care of patients at Geeta Bhavan.
Now you should relax a bit, Sheel.
I'll look after Archit.
I'll pack his bags.
What's the use of taking on so much stress? You are right, Bhabhi.
And the driver will pick Archit up from school.
What do you say, Yash? As you say, Bhaisaab.
So that's what we'll do from hereon.
They were taking away my responsibility for Archit.
Couldn't you have stood up for me? I supported you.
I told him to let you take up repair work.
Why didn't you refuse? For the last 25 years you always start with, "You are right, Bhabhi.
" What should I do instead? Escalate the situation? You have Geeta Bhavan to keep you busy.
The place is still stuck in the crisis of '77.
Don't mix the two issues, Yash.
The man who approached me at the court came to Geeta Bhavan today.
He's a senior SPF officer.
A Muslim.
He's a fan of Supriya's stand-up comedy.
He's supervising her case.
He was her close friend.
Close friend? I mean boyfriend.
I'd have known, if she had a boyfriend, Yash.
Why didn't she tell me? Was I not a good mother? Or was I not worthy enough, for her to share her life with? Sheel, sometimes you get so worked up.
How can a child talk to you when you're like that? It's fine.
I don't even want to know.
We have searched everywhere for it.
Has SPF got hold of that crypto key? Don't worry.
We'll find it.
Raghu came to see me.
He gave me his number.
He told me to call him if I get any news.
We have to find the crypto key.
Don't say anything till then.
Just tell me.
Who was Jawahar saving my daughter from? I won't say a word to anyone.
You want to bargain with the person who saved your life? Do they know you're the one who shot Jawahar? You deleted the CCTV footage for your own gain.
I'll talk to Mr.
Raghu tomorrow at Jawahar's funeral.
Sheel, if the word gets out it won't be of any use to you anymore.
My daughter was killed like an animal in the street.
It doesn't matter if the word gets out.
What needs to be done - Has to be done.
Now it's up to you.
What will you do?
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