Mai: A Mother's Rage (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

I thought you'd forgotten.
Sorry, got delayed.
Your friends didn't come? Happy birthday.
Mai will kill me.
I love it! What should we name him? Kishorilal? What was your nickname? When you were a kid? Mom called me Sikander.
Sikander Siddiqui then? Come on! It's Sikander Chaudhary.
Open your blouse.
You asked us to decide, didn't you? I'll give you what your husband can't.
Open your blouse.
Open it.
If I wanted to threaten you I wouldn't have told you that the pen drive was taken away in the medical waste.
We went to check the medical waste.
All the bags had already been burnt.
How could they burn it so soon? Should I go and check? I'll find it and bring it to you.
Prashant Bhaiya Just tell me about my daughter Stop this "daughter" bullshit, you cunt.
I saved your life.
Crypto key, daughter Forget everything.
From now on, we go our separate ways.
LUCKNOW MEDICAL WASTE PLAN Brother, I need a favor.
My daughter died.
And the hospital staff threw her gold chain in the garbage.
Will you please let me in to look for it? Sister, I would like to help you.
But our madam is very hot-tempered.
- Brother, I will just be a few minutes.
- Hey, come eat.
What am I supposed to do with this? Put it on my head? They don't accept hospital waste, madam.
And if we throw it somewhere else the civic authorities will arrest us.
The incinerator hasn't worked for three days.
Take it away.
1 Did Aunty remember anything? Who visited her? No.
She Whenever we ask her anything she gets upset.
Keep on asking till she Sorry for your loss.
Did you shoot him yourself? Or did you give the orders and stand back? Sir Jawahar was well-mannered.
I am not like him.
You were safe while Jawahar was alive.
Your boss won't show the same courtesy.
Nobody comes to an escort's funeral.
Bloody bastard Asshole, I'll take you out right here and now.
I need the location of the cash.
Join us.
Or else I'll have to bring a bouquet to your funeral as well.
Greetings, sir.
Prashant Bhaiya.
I went to the waste plant.
They've Are you trying to get us killed? Go away! Mr.
Farooque? The lady that you were talking to She came to Geeta Bhavan.
Can we talk in the car? Did you see the news about the medical scam? - In which millions were swindled? - Yes.
They've become too desperate these days.
Someone killed their boss.
Please don't get involved in this, Mai.
Supriya called you "Mai," so My daughter told me that she has a boyfriend.
That's why you've taken up her case? Actually we broke up.
That's why I left her.
It was my fault.
She was perfect.
Can you read German? I had learnt it a long time back.
Your grammar and pronunciation would bring shame to the people at Max Mueller Bhavan.
- Do you teach there? - No.
Actually, I lived in Frankfurt for 10 years.
- You are very fortunate.
- Yes.
My husband died at a very young age So I came back.
If I put anything in its proper place, my son won't find it.
He doesn't feel at home unless the house is a complete mess.
It's not easy to be a single parent.
And such a positive one at that.
Sometimes, even two parents aren't able to provide everything a child needs.
Did Yash leave the key to the house? Archit has it.
He went to get the food for the rat.
I will get it.
No, I'll get it myself.
Don't worry.
So that's what you do on your phone? Is this what we've taught you? - That's why we send you to school? - Sheel! Archit, son, are you all right? Have you gone mad? Ask him what he was watching, Bhabhi.
So you'll hit him? Sheel! Children become spoiled if we don't discipline them.
Did you raise Supriya this way? No matter what Archit does you won't raise your hand against him.
Where's the key? Wow, brother.
I was the one who brought him his shoes.
Made juice for him.
And you're doubting me? I found his body and nobody thanked me.
That's why we're here, to thank you.
Find the crypto key and come straight to madam.
Got it? Who gave you this address? You let everyone know that you were coming to meet us? I told you we're done.
Prashant Bhaiya, I just came to tell you the waste bag hasn't been burned yet.
I went there and saw so myself.
I put that key in the bag.
I know what the bag looks like.
I will take you to the crypto key.
Just help me out in return.
Sorry, Prashant Bhaiya.
You saved my life and I didn't trust you Are you having fun though? Yeah? Just give me a second.
For once mother has left all the arrangements to me.
- Looks good.
- Sure? - Yeah.
- What is this? Thank God you made it this time.
I always wanted to come, Mom.
Sorry Inayat.
It's for your own good, Farooque.
Use these parties to build up relationships.
- Mirza Sahab! - Hello.
Please be seated.
Okay, listen.
I'll leave for the airport directly from here.
This What this? Wear it.
Mummy's gone out of her way to get me this meeting for the Delhi memorial pitch.
Now you're looking good.
Selfie? - It's nice.
- Stop making a face.
How are you, Naman? Hey, Raghu Bhaiya.
I've made gram flour sweets.
- Should I pack it for Naman? - Make them small sized.
He gulps it down.
Nowadays he's also obsessed with wrestling.
Wants to train like his grandpa.
Come, Naman, I'll give you sweets.
You'll pull a gun on the SPF? Trying to be a tough guy? Let me keep it.
I won't use it.
Set up a meeting with Desai.
Human-courier work should not stop.
- Where are you going? - Quit acting like my mom.
This is the postmortem report.
Sir Jawahar died of heart attack.
The shooting was staged.
Look at that.
And here Mr.
Siddiqui is waiting in anticipation of my surrender.
I worked my ass off for four years and that cunt is giving this asshole the opportunity.
Do one thing for me.
Call that Doctor-Lady.
We'll go to the waste plant tonight.
- I want all the human couriers alive.
- Yes, sir.
- Clear.
- No one's here.
- Who is he? - Suraj.
Our informer.
Neelam was Jawahar's right hand.
I underestimated her.
Bhaisaab and Bhabhi sent prasad.
- Look - I never raised my hand on my daughter.
This man ruined everything for our daughter.
You only told me he was her boyfriend.
You didn't say that he was married.
- I didn't know that, Sheel.
- The same is happening with Archit, Yash.
Some kid must have given him that dirty video in school.
We've lost Supriya.
Are we going to lose Archit too? Archit wasn't just your son, Sheel.
It wasn't any easier for me to give him up.
What Bhaisaab and Bhabhi are doing for him we could never have done that.
What we did for Archit It was the right thing to do.
And what you did to me? - You parked right in front of the house.
- I am sorry, madam.
Please give the OTP, so we can start the trip.
What happened, Sheel? - Bhaisaab, I - Sir, we are attendants at Geeta Bhavan.
We have come to get Doctor-Lady for an emergency.
What emergency? You had to disturb her at midnight? We can't explain the case to civilians, sir.
Hey, don't you know how famous Dr.
Chaudhary is? Sorry, sir.
He's a novice.
Come on.
I'll take you.
Yes, Bhaisaab.
You keep calling him Famous Did you see how she was trembling before the old man? If he asks, she'll spill the beans.
She'll reach the waste plant, for her daughter.
Once we get the crypto key we'll take care of her.
You returned from prison and I didn't even meet you.
It was my fault.
You used to come to me with your wounds and I'd treat you, console you.
"He's your husband.
Let it go.
" If I had stood by you then told you to approach the police you might not have had to go to prison.
You stood by me and that gave me the courage.
In any case, I would've picked up the sickle.
I never understood your suffering.
I was always lost in myself.
I did the same with my daughter.
If I paid attention, it wouldn't have happened.
What happened, Sheel? She was my child as well.
When you were on emergency duty, I took care of her.
They killed her.
- You only have four hours, bhaiya - Here.
Enjoy yourself.
MEDICAL WASTE PLAN We're so fucked.
Even a week won't be enough.
Shall we? All right.
You'll find many, in places like these.
Nobody wants a girl child.
We're digging through all this shit.
If I get AIDS, it's your fault.
I'll make sure the Doctor Lady's entire family looks after you.
Stay strong, buddy.
One has to persevere to reach one's goals.
Right, Mrs.
Sheel? Look, Shankra.
I told you Mrs.
Sheel would find it.
Who killed my daughter? Who killed my daughter? Tell me or I'll crush it! - Cunt! How'll you walk out of here alive? - Stop, asshole! Listen, don't do anything stupid.
That key is worth billions.
This is the last warning.
Tell me Why was my daughter murdered? And the key is yours.
Your daughter was a doctor at Geeta Pathology, right? The money from the scam was moved through there.
She found out.
Jawahar said, she's just a kid, go easy on her.
But only one person can ignore Jawahar's orders.
Who? What's going on here? Well, she That bitch killed Mr.
She had a blind, mute daughter.
Now she's got the crypto key.
Bloody Hey, you can't handle a woman? You'll stay a dickhead, for life.
Brother, just listen to me.
Jawahar had a heart attack.
I was taking him to the hospital in Geeta Bhavan's ambulance.
These two came and took him away.
Later, I learned that he was shot dead.
Keshav man She's holding the crypto key.
She's lying! I always knew.
You have "motherfucker" written all over your face.
Now Neelam will screw your fucking ass.
You cunt You cunt, I'll screw your fucking ass Who killed her? Who killed my daughter? Who killed her? Who killed my daughter? Tell me! Speak up! Who killed my daughter? Who killed her? Who killed my daughter? What did you think? I'd come here alone at night, without a backup? You deleted my CCTV footage but you forgot to delete yours, when you were doing it.
I sent it to three people before coming here.
If I don't make it back, it'll be straight to Raghu.
The bitch is lying.
If you don't believe me Kill me.

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