Mai: A Mother's Rage (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 Don't hold your breath.
Keep taking deep breaths.
Uncle Anand, painting the room black won't make the court accept your appeal.
Then leave me at my home.
That is not euthanasia.
No one would need to do anything.
No one understands.
We had a college debate in our final year.
I spoke in favor of euthanasia.
What is she saying? Nothing.
She's asking me to give you the sweets that I brought from my home.
- I'll just bring them.
Come on.
- I don't want your sweets.
You don't give me what I want.
What is it? Why didn't you tell him what I said? There's already so much tension here.
You know how difficult it is to manage all this.
Somebody left a million rupees this morning.
Isn't it good? You got a donation.
Why is it good? It must be someone's dirty money.
Everything is not black and white, Mom! I have a friend who works in the hospital, she also donated the scam money.
You know if this fact comes out, what would happen to her? Okay, all right.
Don't get so upset.
I'll take care of it.
I brought your favorite sweets.
Come, have them.
Come on, eat it.
Sheel! I have to take Auntie Kusum to the garden.
I'll be just back.
Did you cover the bike? Give me the house keys.
I got you Uncle Anand's bungalow.
Now, tell me who was she? Who used to disobey Mr.
Jawahar's orders? Don't you dare come back here.
Let's go.
Come on! We'll track it by night.
She wouldn't have sent the cctv clip to anyone.
Stupid woman.
Don't underestimate her.
She can sweetly screw over the biggest of people.
You just fucking focus on Goyal.
If we hand over the crypto key today, you'll get to handle all the human-courier tasks.
He might even take you to his cash hideout.
We can't give the key on the day Keshav disappeared.
If Neelam catches us, this fucker will be our guarantee.
Motherfucker Both of them wanted to kill you.
I saved you.
You were the one who took that truck driver's son to school, right? - Who killed my daughter? - Listen to me, whatever you have done with Jawahar, you can't escape its consequence now.
Prashant and Shankar are dead now.
Take me now to Neelam.
She will save you.
Don't you want to know what happened to your daughter? Let's go.
Neelam will tell you herself what she did.
What did she do? What did she do? You cunt! Leave me.
Motherfucker! Motherfucker, do it! Stab me in the stomach! I won't die otherwise.
But you don't have the guts to do it.
You even birthed a dumb daughter.
I met that whore.
She only deserved to be fucked into silence.
Open my hands, you cunt.
And I will show you.
This Keshav will fuck you like hell.
Motherfucker! Where were you? We searched every nook and corner at night.
Even rummaged the dustbins.
Could not find anything.
Neelam offered her money.
But she threw tantrums.
Why did you offer money? We get orders to kill those involved in a medical scam or offer them money.
Did Neelam order you to kill? Your daughter accepted the money.
We gave her a million in the lab in front of Geeta Bhavan.
Two weeks ago, in a green bag? Fuck, who remembers the color of the bag now? You look at me.
I am totally burnt.
Look, you still have a chance.
Take me to the hospital, or Neelam will fuck you like Mother If Neelam gets to know this, she will destroy your cunt.
My daughter never got a chance to reach the hospital.
GEETA PATHOLOGY LAB Yes, she used to carelessly put her chain anywhere.
Which date should I check for? - From two weeks ago.
- Okay.
We all miss her a lot.
Everyone loved playing with her pet mouse.
- What was his name? Something sweet? - Sikander Siddiqui.
I am feeling a bit dizzy.
Can I get a glass of water, please? Sure.
If the mother is unwell, her aunt can also do it.
Please begin.
The Lord said, "I am infinite and the tallest among the mountains.
" "I am the God of Gods.
" My Mohan also says the same.
Both my sons are not with me.
Somebody is looking for you.
Bhaisaab and Bhabhi had arranged everything.
You just needed to be present there.
Yash I was just coming home.
Auntie Kusum felt dizzy while crying and Now all this has become more important than Supriya's 13th day ritual? Supriya won't rest in peace with those prayers and rituals.
Maybe you'll get peace.
I got beaten for two hours that night.
I lost myself.
I severed his neck with the sickle and put it on the police officer's desk.
I ruined my whole life.
Got my life fucked in prison for seven years.
Your husband is a good man.
Talk to him.
He will understand.
Would you like some more salad? - No, ma'am, thank you.
- You sure? I'm done, ma'am.
Thank you.
By the way, Farooque comes late every day.
I hope you aren't a workaholic like him.
Ma'am, I'm actually guilty.
I have just joined sir's team, and my mom calls me to Delhi on weekends to meet some girls.
Really? You liked anyone? Yes, there is one.
She is nice also.
But how can you decide in just two meetings? I guess you know when you know.
Farooque and I also met just thrice.
And we knew we were perfect for each other.
You'll make a great husband, I can tell.
- Thank you, ma'am.
- Don't fill his head with fairy tales.
You still have time.
Enjoy while it lasts.
I'll just be a minute.
- Any update on Jayesh Desai? - No, sir.
I'll go help Inaya.
That looks good.
You think our marriage is a joke, right? You and that girl made sure of it.
We were incompatible from the beginning.
It wasn't due to anyone else.
She was with you because you are married.
She wouldn't have looked at you, if you were single.
Whoever wants to be with a self-absorbed person like you? - And here I am making all this for you.
- I didn't ask for any of this.
Of course you didn't.
The only thing that you asked for is the divorce.
How would I know if he died of heart attack or a bullet? The moment I found his body, I called Raghu Bhaiya.
And where was I before that? I was looking for Jawahar sir with you.
Yes, sir.
Can't you handle the demands of the human couriers? I have a meeting with Jayesh Bhai today.
I'll sort out everything.
I hope Jawahar taught you something.
God help you, if his ghost has to return.
After Jawahar sir, the human couriers listen to me.
Take me with you.
- Where is the crypto key? - How would I know? And even if it was with me, what could I have done? Do I have the Swiss banker's number or an account there, that I'd have transferred billions in my name? CHAUDHARY MEDICAL STORE Uncle didn't come here? Auntie, he leaves for somewhere early morning.
He called me and asked me to bring the tool kit, so I'm going there.
Where has he called you? Danke schön.
Bitte schön.
So, you learnt German.
Did you want to go there? Yes But now I have a different life.
And what was it before? When I was a back-bencher.
Ventured out on my bike late in the nights.
My dad wanted me to be a doctor.
But I wanted to become an engineer.
He did not talk to me for four years.
I also dug my heels in and topped my course.
Then life took an unexpected turn.
Now I fulfil my desire of being an engineer by doing all this.
Yes? Uh, Yash? I am his wife.
Please come in.
Please do come in.
I'll bring water for you.
Yash, can we go together, please? Sheel.
At least have some prasad.
Sorry, son.
I'll never hit you again.
Mom also helps in the same way? In your classwork, homework.
She packs the notebooks separately, like I used to do? Yes, but she doesn't remember everything like you.
Archit, your math tutor is waiting upstairs.
- Why are you misleading him, Sheel? - What? As a working mother, I'm bound to make some mistakes.
What else do you keep telling my son? I won't teach anything wrong to my child.
Yes, you are the one who does everything.
Even Supriya's 13th day ritual was done by you.
- I am talking about Archit, Bhabhi.
- What's there to talk about Archit, Sheel? What have you done for Archit? Providing money isn't everything, Bhaisaab.
Is that so? You never said that before.
When we paid Supriya's fees.
When we made her a doctor, you never brought this up, then.
Everything both the children have - is because of us.
- I only have 15 minutes.
- Please come.
Sir, Desai is here.
The room microphones are working perfectly.
Everyone is under enquiry.
The raid can reach till Gujarat.
Everything will go on smoothly, as it always has.
Let me be very clear.
With more risk, the commission has to be upped.
Only then my men will undertake the task.
Just chill, Mr.
Shall I send some girls to your room? What are you saying? I'm a married man.
I was just joking.
We take care of your Lucknow visits.
If your wife and children in Surat get to know that you play from the other side, won't the atmosphere become heavy? My name is Jayesh Desai.
Let me be very clear.
Workload is going to increase.
Consider it your personal work.
At same old 3%.
Why are you shielding her? She is using you.
She used Jawahar too, right? And you are still very young.
- Why are you tying up with such bad - She saved me from sexual abuse.
My mother was a whore.
How many could she handle in a day? Some men liked me.
You get paid more for children.
No mother will willingly do this to her child.
You won't understand.
This mother, wife, girlfriend, all these relations are for people like you.
For me, I have only Neelam.
If you want to get high with your friends, at least inform me.
Hello? All lines in this route are busy.
Please try after some Come on, follow her.
Madam? Get rid of them.
Where is Goyal's cash hideout? I am just his courier.
I don't have all this information.
Step aside, or I'll blow up your balls.
You'll need paperwork to even lick them.
Asshole, we don't need paperwork for this.
Come, let's go.
Sir, I have a family.
I just mind my own business.
Sir! Shoot him, he's of no use to us.
Sir, sir, sir, listen to me.
Jayesh, if you want to live, give us the location.
I'm telling the truth.
Every time they handed over the money at a new place.
- Shoot.
- Please believe me, sir.
- Shoot him! - Sir, please listen to me.
Please! - Shoot him! - No, please listen to me! No! You wanted to be in the field, right? Next time, when I give an order, you better do it.
Understood? Who is it? Open it! Who is it? Where is Keshav? Raghu? Madam? Who did this? Someone wants to kill me.
I couldn't see his face.
Sheel? For how long will I depend on you? Archit was not your son alone, Sheel.
She left? What have you done for Archit? Finally, her lies caught up with her.
I feel bad for you.
For putting up with her all these years.
I'm so glad she's my aunt, and not my mother! Disgusting! Sheel? Sheel? Sheel, get up.
No matter how much, some people scrub the lamp, their genie never appears.
You are your own genie, and mine too.
From getting beatings at the cigarette factory, see where we've reached.
There's not much difference, Shankar.
At first, the cigarette factory, then railway station.
Then chit fund.
We're still getting fucking beatings everywhere.
At least, we're still getting it together.
Why are you awake? We haven't taken stock of the medicines.
We'll do it together tomorrow.
I'm busy.
Bhaisaab is sending the painter tomorrow.
Have to give the quotation for the house.
Could have done it ourselves.
Why did you ask Bhaisaab? And Archit is allergic to the smell of new paint.
Archit won't come to this house anymore.
I have told Bhaisaab and Bhabhi too.
We just get to meet him once a day, Yash.
You should have thought about that before.
You ruined everything in just one moment.
The sacrifice of 13 years That was your decision.
You snatched away my son and gave him to them.
You never thought about me.
But why should you care? You still have many other options.
You go Go and fix other people's houses all night.
And you? Your child's gone, so you'll snatch someone else's child? He is not someone else's child! He is our child! He is ours! Ours! He is our child, not somebody else's child.
He is not somebody else's He is our child!
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