Mai: A Mother's Rage (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Can I stay here with you? Mom is going to kick me out anyway.
We'll have to stay apart until the divorce goes through.
I'll talk to your mom.
I'll convince her.
I promise.
Inaya, let's just get our lawyers.
Who's this? She took almost 15 pills.
We have pumped it out of her stomach.
It's not life-threatening anymore, but the next six hours are critical.
You'll have to be by her side for the next few days.
Supriya? She needs you.
Mom? Why don't you have a full-time doctor yet? Come on.
I'm here to take you home.
I thought they cremated you.
Your volatile Mohan Your Mohan is official Beijing return.
Mohan? How can you prank your mom like this? Come on.
Now you can enjoy two of your kids' company in one.
But I haven't forgotten what happened to my brother.
And whoever did it I'll gauge his eyes out like a vulture.
I'll chew him alive and spit his bones out.
Okay, Mom? My child! I'll take your leave now, Aunty.
I hear a lot of people were here.
Looking for a crypto key.
Did they find it? Madam Neelam Madam Neelam combed through all of Lucknow.
The only place left is her own house.
Do you know what I'll do to whoever has the key? Mohan! I'm just kidding, Mom.
I'm kidding.
Yes? I'm joking? Nothing can get past you, Mom.
Scoundrel! Besides Jayesh Desai, who gives the human couriers their orders? Rawal.
Santosh Rawal.
Did Jayesh get smoked, too? Where is Keshav? Who was behind last night's attack on me? We are on your side.
We know where the human couriers are hiding.
I'll go with Shankar and take care of it.
We'll take it to Surat.
Do you take me for a fool? Keep me here as a guarantee.
Let him go.
Asshole, it's not a one-man job.
- Here.
- I want to use the bathroom.
I've been tied up for two days.
Prashant will be here soon.
Was it your idea to keep me here? And they agreed? You know why, don't you? When Neelam fucks them up, over the crypto key, they'll throw you under the bus.
They must have planned it all.
Did you cover the bike well? Let me use the bathroom at least! I have to pee! Please! Fucking bitch! I can't hold it any longer.
Please untie me! It'll only take a minute! Untie me! Please! I'll do it here.
Please! It won't be long now.
Hey! Who are you? How did you get up here? - How did you get in here? - Take it easy, bro.
I lost my way! Easy, man.
I'm a delicate soul, bro.
What the fuck are you doing, asshole? Let him go! Mohan Bhaiya, why did you come in this way? I had to.
The fucking SPF is at the door.
What are you doing? Madam Neelam will get upset.
Bro, your madam looks even hotter when she's upset.
Please, tell us what it is.
What's the matter? She killed my brother for a crypto key.
Mohan Bhaiya, please don't go there.
Bhaiya! What are you doing, Bhaiya? I'll get fired.
I'll find another job for you.
You used to kiss my Dad's ass before joining Neelam, didn't you? That's why I'm saying that we can resolve this peacefully.
Of course.
We'll resolve this peacefully.
Mohan Bhaiya, this isn't allowed.
I've heard that Neelam can make anyone cum in 30 seconds, flat.
I was hoping to find out for myself.
But the problem is that my brother didn't believe that "sharing is caring.
" - Did you get a chance? - Bhaiya! You're crossing the line! Yes, sir? Sir, we have to be there in half an hour or we won't reach the wedding in time.
Go and check inside the bus.
Wait a minute.
I'm well aware of the protocol, sir.
Inspector Harish Paswan.
Getting thrashed even before marriage? Well, I got carried away at last night's party.
Allow us to pass, sir.
It's just my family.
- Check it.
- Okay, sir.
Really, sir? You're treating a cop like a criminal on his wedding day.
SPF's orders.
No special treatment is allowed.
When does SPF ever give us any special treatment, sir? Okay, keep checking.
Hold this.
Hold it, sir! You can check.
I'm the idiot.
Who worked my ass off for years to serve the department.
And my own people decide to insult me in front of my family on my wedding day! Here.
Take a look for yourself.
It's all yours! Okay.
All right.
Hey, Virender! - Sir? - Let them go.
Come back! Here.
Come on, guys! Open up! Play the music, assholes! This is a wedding party! Come on, motherfucker.
If Neelam finds out that I'm gone Prashant will be fine.
How will Prashant be fine? Well Mohandas found the crypto key today.
At Neelam's house.
How? So you screwed both Jawahar and Neelam? You finally made it happen for your daughter.
The way you make it happen for Prashant.
Even for me, my family is everything.
Didn't you ever think of getting out of this filth? I'll give you some money.
Move to another city.
Neelam chose her path and she'll pay for it.
What did you do to Neelam? Tell me what you did to Neelam, you cunt.
I won't spare you if anything happens to her.
- I just want to save you.
- How the fuck are you saving me? You think you are some saint? You can act righteous all you want.
I've been locked here for three days What are you doing? What did you inject in that? Just tell me if Neelam is okay! Just tell me, please! You, here? It's a patient's home.
I look after it sometimes.
Are you okay? This guy was at Geeta Bhavan too.
His phone was switched on last, in this area.
Have you seen him before? No.
What did you think? That my Supriya could be your second wife? She just acted strong.
You finished her off.
Won't you answer me? One moment.
Let me see.
One moment.
That's it.
- Get the car! - Yes, sir.
It could've gone very bad You got real lucky.
Can I inform someone in your family? I'm fine.
I'm sorry.
After the stand-up comedy show I shouldn't have gone backstage! If we hadn't met, we wouldn't have had to break up.
Maybe she would've noticed the truck then.
GEETA BHAVAN OLD AGE HOME Sir, this is the route.
We will go from here Sir, we blocked the exit, but we thought Sir.
I was coming to see you.
Any updates on the human couriers? We set up checkpoints at every road and railway station.
But I think we missed the human couriers.
But there may be something else, sir.
There's been a bloodbath at Neelam's house.
Her men are dead.
And do we know who is responsible? Last night, our men flagged a passport.
He used an alias, but I am pretty sure it's Mohandas.
Let them kill one another.
Why kill the golden goose, sir? I have a better plan for her.
This is our last chance, Farooque.
Bhaisaab Bhabhi Sorry.
I crossed the line the other day.
I've made Supriya's favorite pudding.
I'll get some for everyone.
Your foot is injured.
Stay here.
- I'll get it.
- It's okay, Bhabhi.
I'm fine.
Where is Keshav? He's in Geeta Bhavan's cold storage.
- I gave him a sedative.
- We have to kill him.
No one will ever look for him there.
I'll talk to him.
He'll listen to me.
He's even younger than my daughter.
Who is it, Sheel? Nobody, Bhaisaab.
I'm coming.
I found the crypto key and planted it in the right place.
- Even with Shankar - You saved him.
I'll never forget that.
But I can't get fucked for it.
She's done everything she promised to.
Have you joined her fucking fan club too? If anything goes wrong because of Keshav, I know where to find you.
Mohan Bhaiya, when did you get back? Raghu Bhaiya! We were just playing while waiting for you.
Your grandson is very strong.
Come on.
It's my turn now.
Weren't you a bus conductor for 25 years? When your daughter and son-in-law were raped and murdered by a mob in a moving bus, you killed the very politician, who incited the mob, in his own house.
The things we do for our loved ones, right? When Neelam killed my brother.
Were you involved in her plan too? I don't know anything about it.
Do you take me for a fool? Do you take me for a fool? Bhaiya Mohan Bhaiya.
I found the crypto key in her house.
Mohan Bhaiya.
Do what you like to me.
I know that you're not with those bastards.
But I want Neelam.
Yes, Raghu.
Did you find Keshav? Mohandas is back.
And he found the crypto key in your house.
And he came to my house looking for you.
How can the crypto key be at my Cut the crap.
Had I known about it, I would have killed you myself.
Raghu, you know I would never do this.
Think for yourself, First, Sir Jawahar.
Then I was attacked at the factory.
And now the crypto key.
Someone is trying to frame us.
Goyal wants to meet with you.
I'll meet with him.
Right now.
Let me talk to him.
Are you ready now? Your Honor, the witness has information on the illegal transfer of 15,000 crores.
These people killed health officials, stole from the government health fund.
She can reveal their identities and in return, she wants immunity.
And passage to a non-extradition country with her lover, Keshav.
No last name.
It's quite a demand.
Why should we trust her information? Sir, we've been building a case on this scam.
Everything our surveillance team has gathered matches what she's saying.
The human courier cash you transferred, in the groom's disguise What would you have done if you were caught at the checkpoint? There was no chance of getting caught, sir.
- I planned everything - Asshole shut your trap and listen to him.
If you back out now, I'll give you a life sentence.
If I don't do this, I'd be done for anyway, sir.
But I'll give my testimony only when Keshav comes back.
We'll find him, sir.
We are on it.
You have two days to get me all the documents.
And her deposition on camera.
Good luck.
First she killed Jawahar and pocketed the crypto key.
Now she's turned witness for the SPF.
Work alongside Mohandas and finish her off.
Yes, Mr.
Consider it done.
You didn't have your share of sweets this month.
Sweetie used to sneak these in for me.
I know.
She used to fight with me for you.
So we made a deal.
She would sneak these in for you once more, in the month.
Papa stays happy and so does Mom.
Is the work at that German lady's place over? There's just half a day's work left.
Well, it's good.
Finally, you found someone who you can talk to, in German.
I'm waiting to talk to you, Sheel.
Had you taught me more than guten morgen and guten nacht, Even I would've spoken more.
Sir, our accounts are closed for the day.
Please try elsewhere.
I don't want the bill.
Madam, I want that cough syrup.
The one on the shelf above you.
Yash! You should have changed your shoes after getting back from the railway yard.
Who sent you to Neelam's house? Was it Prashant? Tell me.
Yash! Yash? Yash, get up! Yash? Yash? Yash? Wake up, Yash! Yash!
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