Mai: A Mother's Rage (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Let's go.
How much overtime will you do? I'll leave in 5 minutes.
See you tomorrow.
You refused to yield before.
So I thought to bring along some incentive this time.
There's a lot you can do with one million.
So, what will it be? The money? Or - Did you check the vitals? - I did.
- When? - At 4:30 a.
How is Uncle doing? Dad was saying that Uncle will be under the care of the best doctors.
He's not your uncle.
He's your father.
All of us lied to you.
He's your father.
And I'm your mother.
Archit, let's not crowd here.
Let's go.
I'll fuck Neelam up.
These aren't firecrackers.
Your boy finally showed up.
Your girlfriend seems too desperate.
Why do you keep calling me? Raghu attacked my husband.
How long will these people hound us? It's over for Raghu.
The problem is Neelam.
She's become a snitch for the SPF.
I'm dealing with her.
Let me come with you.
Your feminine tricks won't work here.
You look after your husband, I'll deal with things here.
I'll get your revenge.
- Prashant - I'll call you back.
Get away from the window, please.
Watch out! Neelam, get down! Neelam.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Vikram, get up! Fuck! Vikram! Get up! Give me cover fire, asshole! Get up, fucker.
Get up.
Come on.
Go, go, go.
Vikram! Neelam! Neelam, run for it! Neelam, run for it! Hurry! That's it! Come on! Come on.
Pankaj! Pankaj! Shankar.
Shankar? Shankar! Hey, get the car! Prashant.
Come on.
Let's go.
Shankar won't die in a hospital, meant for dogs.
If something happens to him, I'll bury you here, with the animals.
Asshole, if you got fucked in the ass, why take it out on me? When did this happen? A couple of hours back.
Infection will spread in his entire body.
We must take him to a surgeon.
If it isn't amputated soon If we could go to a hospital, would we still be here? But, how can I Prashant I'd rather die than lose my leg.
I won't live with you as a cripple, my entire life.
Promise me.
- Promise me, Prashant.
- Shankar - I won't let anything happen to you.
- Prashant Mrs.
Sheel Please.
Promise me.
Promise me.
Yeah, tell me.
Do you think I'm stupid? How? Neelam got away.
She's still under SPF's custody.
- Mohandas.
- Prashant You heard what the lady doctor said.
Prashant! - You want to save him, right? - Prashant! - Then we have to chop it off.
- Prashant, no! Prashant, no! Prashant! No! Prashant! No! Prashant! I think he's very fortunate.
Otherwise, internal bleeding could've occurred.
He's suffered 50% hearing loss in his left ear.
He needs to be observed for two days.
- He needs to rest.
- Thank you, doctor.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry about Vikram.
It's hard to lose a team member.
- But I'm the one who pushed him, sir.
- It's not your fault, Farooque.
Judge gave away our location, to Goyal.
We'll have to find Keshav soon.
Neelam won't open her mouth, till then.
We've shifted her to another safe house.
We'll handle it from here.
- Take care.
- Sir.
Thank God, Farooque.
It could've been far worse.
You want some water? You here? Supriya's father is also admitted here.
I need to talk to you.
Actually, the doctor has told him to rest.
Neelam forced Supriya to take a million in cash.
At her lab.
Supriya donated all that money to Geeta Bhavan.
She even tried to tell me.
But I failed to understand.
Please, come later.
Was it Neelam who killed my sweetie? Where do you think you're going? Hasn't your daughter caused us enough problems, now you're here as well? Farooque left your daughter a long time back.
She's the one who left me! And if you hadn't faked your suicide, Supriya might've told me everything.
Maybe I could have saved her.
Why did you give one Million to Dr.
Supriya Chaudhary at Geeta Pathology? I won't ask again.
Get me out of here.
With Keshav.
Then I'll tell you why your girl died.
Who told you, you'll get out of here? I hope it's a better location this time.
Yes, sir.
- You may leave.
- Sir.
Yeah, tell me.
Hello? Yes, sir.
I got a call from the headquarter.
Keshav's phone signal is tracked.
We got his location.
Bring him in.
Motherfucker, do you get paid to give us the wrong location? Huh? I am a High Court Judge.
I'll get you arrested.
Shut up, motherfucker.
You're a judge only in your court.
Where is Neelam? Get here! Hello.
Hello, Sheel? - Brother.
- Yes? - Yes ma'am.
- Well This medicine.
Thank you.
Keshav? What? Keshav? Keshav.
Keshav! We found him among junkies, sir.
His clothes have a strange smell too.
Keshav! What did you do to him? Why is he burned all over? Shut up, bitch! First complete your deposition on camera.
You've a flight to catch in the morning.
Don't you wanna go? Let's start.
Three years back, Jawahar sir told me, "We have to go for the most important meeting of our life.
" He said, "Neelam" Said, "It's time to enter the big league.
" I need my inhaler.
Symbiote Bring it.
Neelam? Neelam? Neelam? Neelam! Neelam? - Call the ambulance.
Fast! - Yes, sir.
Keep your eyes open.
What's happening? Keep your eyes open! Neelam.
Neelam? Neelam, talk to me.
What Neelam? Neelam - Let's go.
Hurry up.
- Let's go.
Take your positions upstairs.
Quick! Stay alert! Hello.
Doctor, the vehicle will reach in two minutes She collapsed from the chair all of a sudden.
She's suffocating.
You left unannounced? Nobody was here from the family.
We had to call them in the middle of the night.
He's just a 13-year-old kid.
You ruined his life.
Let's go.
What you did to us Death saved Supriya.
You'd have made her, like yourself.
That's enough.
Are you all right? Goyal sir has asked you to see him inside.
Your job is done.
Now go back.
To China.
Tell Goyal I'm the kind of trouble, once you're stuck in it, it never leaves your side.
Let's go.
Second door.
Hello, sir.
How did you kill her? Sir, I figured that they gave the SPF a wrong location.
So, the backup plans were ready.
Any word on Raghu? He's underground.
I'll find him.
He's loyal.
He'll be useful to us.
Surat's human-courier network will have to stop now.
Everything will be handled from Kolkata.
Our promoters, company heads, accountants Get to know them.
Will you be able to do it? Yes, sir.
I didn't know who I'd bring here after Jawahar.
The SPF has been looking for this place for two years.
After Neelam's death Farooque and his team have been suspended.
Only you have access to this place now.
It's been 15 years since my wife died.
I started this old age home in her name.
"Geeta" Bhavan.
And "Geeta" Pathology.
WITNESS DIED, SPF FAILED Everyone is dying one by one.
She was like my daughter.
Uncle Anand? When was the last time you played Ludo with Aunty Kusum? Would you like to play? How will I play? You're the one who will roll the dice.
Will I just sit around to watch the game? I got your phone unlocked.
You didn't send my CCTV footage to any three people.
I was scared at the time.
Without your help, I couldn't have brought peace to my daughter.
You're the one who's done me a favor.
You saved Shankar's life.
Helped me reach my destination.
If you ever need anything you know who to call.
She was dying before my very eyes.
And I I just lay there helpless.
And it's all your doing.
Now, I'll do the same to you.
Whichever family member enters first will surely die.
Keshav I saved you every time.
Even let you stay at Uncle Anand's place.
Attended to your wounds You're the one who burnt me too! Both of them wanted to kill you.
I saved you.
I took you to that place, and Called the SPF.
So that you could reunite with your Neelam.
This is what she'd have wanted That you get another chance in life? Keshav.
Son Son, please listen to me.
I know You are not a bad person.
You still have some goodness within.
- Keshav.
- Aunty? Do whatever you want, to me.
Don't do anything to him.
He is just a child.
- Aunty? - Keshav.
Aunty! Aunty? Aunty? Sorry, Yash.
I was about to come to the hospital, but Aunty, the bag? I'll take your leave, then.
How are you? I'm fine.
This is for you.
Thank you.
Sorry, son.
What you found out The way you found out That was not how we wanted you to know.
Archit, son Uncle and aunty love you a lot.
Just like mom and dad.
You are very lucky.
You've so many people with you.
We haven't played video games in ages.
Shall we play tomorrow? - Good night, Uncle.
- Good night, son.
Good night, Aunty.
The number you're trying to reach is not Prashant.
You told Madan, "I'll make sure the boy has a good life.
" "You just have to run the girl over"? And that Goyal He'll tend to our three generations? Forget private tuitions, the school fee is yet to be paid! Please keep your voice down.
I understand.
Madan didn't even want to get into any of this.
The girl locked horns directly with Goyal.
She had to go.
Now, I'm in charge.
Whatever went wrong, I'll set it right.
Be careful, Prashant Hope I don't let slip anything by accident.
When I've given you my word, I'll honor it for sure.
If the word gets out, it won't be of any use to you anymore.
Sheel, if the word gets out, it won't be of any use to you anymore.
Your daughter was a doctor in Geeta Pathology, right? They distributed scam money there.
She found out.
Something has happened, Mom.
Jawahar sir had ordered "She's a child, make her understand gently.
" Even I was trying to protect her.
From who? Tell me, who were you protecting her from.
He does so much for you.
He even does what he's not asked to do.
Subtitle translation by: Shrey Ravi
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