Maid (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

Bear Hunt

Hey, no.
I've got to get home to Maddy.
- No.
Come back to bed.
It's so early.
It's barely light out.
I wanna take the next ferry.
Can you drive me? Can I cook you breakfast? I'll wait in the car.
Want coffee? You okay? - Oh, yeah.
You okay? - Yeah.
I'll wait here.
For what? You.
I was gonna take you back to the hospital.
That's okay.
There's no way I'm letting you deal with your mom on your own.
Grab Maddy.
We'll go as a family.
- Can we meet you at the hospital? That makes no sense.
I'm here now.
We could take one car.
I need a minute, Sean.
You don't owe that dork anything, Alex.
You slept at home, in your bed.
Can I just? You're awake.
Well, you said you'd be home soon, ten hours ago.
So yes.
I'm sorry.
I had a really weird night.
I saw Sean.
How hard is it to just send a text, 'Hey, I'm not coming home.
I'm gonna fuck my ex'? Uh Something happened with my mom, actually.
She was manic, and she put her hand through a window and severed a tendon.
She's in the hospital now.
And I'm accusing you of being on a walk of shame.
I'm really sorry.
- No, uh I did sleep with Sean.
I'm not gonna lie to you, and I'm sorry.
Uh No, you don't have to apologize to me.
It's not like we're a couple.
It's not like you sat here yesterday and told me you couldn't be with anyone.
I really can't.
I meant what I said.
Unless it's Sean.
- No.
What is it about this guy? Fucking peach fuzz.
Okay, he can make a drink.
I can make a skyscraper, but you're going back to him.
I'm not, though.
No, I'm not going back to Sean.
You are.
No, I'm not.
- Of course you are.
You were hurt, and you went to him.
You cried on him.
I just provided daycare.
That's really not what happened, Nate.
That's not what happened.
I don't wanna watch your kid for you while you fuck Sean.
So I'm gonna have to ask you to move out.
I'm not trying to be a dick.
I care about you.
I just can't do a front-row seat.
I understand.
I'm gonna get Maddy, and we'll get out of here.
- Yeah? Um, keep the car.
I mean You need a car, so keep the car.
Thank you for being so kind.
That's me.
Schmariel? - Check.
Mommy's stuff? - Check.
Grammy's stuff? - Check.
What you mean to do and what you intend to do are not the same thing! I cannot be held accountable for someone else's false intention! Miss Langley, whatever you say can and will be Oh, my God! You're reading me my rights over a motherfucking scratch! Excuse me, what's happening here? - Get that child out of here! Okay.
I'll take her outside.
- Get her out of here! I can't do her.
Uh, I'm sorry, who are you? Sorry.
- She's a fucking bitch.
I'm the DCR, Designated Crisis Responder.
It might be best if you waited outside.
This is about intent! Intent! Intent! She's my daughter, she'll tell you! All I need is my good weed and a fucking hairbrush.
I'll be right with you.
All right, Miss Langley, I need to ask you a couple of questions.
Are you taking any current medication? Is she under arrest? No, no, the tenant is not pressing charges.
Why were you reading her her rights? - I'm a court-appointed DCR.
I was evaluating whether or not your mother meets the criteria to be placed on an involuntary hold or not.
You mean, commit her? She had a severe manic episode.
She's still symptomatic.
Pressured speech, delusions, irrational thought.
She told me she thought she owned the house that she was breaking into.
Oh, she does, or she did.
Ah, well, she also told me that she's the goddess Aphrodite and she fucks the sun.
She just says that stuff.
Well, your mother has refused voluntary treatment, so I am filing a petition to detain her.
She's a danger to herself and to others.
She would never hurt anybody.
She's harmless.
Well, she hurt herself, seriously.
Unless you wish to provide collateral information and take responsibility for her, then this is just what we have to do.
What's collateral information? You tell the courts why you think she's a good-faith volunteer.
You give examples of things she's done that would make you believe that she would attend an outpatient program and take her prescribed medications while in your care.
In my care? We can discharge her to you, if you're prepared to give that collateral.
Is that something you're prepared to do? I have work today.
And a 3-year-old.
She scared me last night.
There is an evaluation and treatment center in Port Orchard.
How long would she be there? - Usually 14 days, sometimes 30.
Do I tell her, or do you? Generally, we don't inform the patient until it's actually happening.
More soon.
You gotta get me out of here and away from that woman trying to lock me up.
Your father tried to lock me up.
Did you tell them I'll take the medicine? Because I'll take the medicine.
I'm not saying I won't.
I just wanna choose the medicine.
Purple Kush.
And I'll go to a life coach.
They're gonna keep you in here a little longer, keep an eye on your hand.
Just not past dinner, okay? Because I saw the menu, it's meatloaf.
Whatever happened to Meat Loaf? The singer.
I'm worried about you, Mom.
Baby, I just caught a wave I couldn't handle.
Took me under.
Threw me and my board around.
But I'm like the tide, I roll back in.
Look at me.
Surf's up.
You did that to your own hand.
- Why are you so blue? It's my hand.
Plus, I can paint with this hand.
That's my truth.
They don't know, baby.
What don't they know? That the sun bends towards me.
That I contain the sun in here.
Maddy! Hi, baby girl.
How are you? You didn't tell me you had people here.
- They just got here.
We just We swung by uninvited, such a cliché.
I hope you don't mind that I brought these.
Sorry to hear about your mom.
You okay? Sounds like you saw her at a ten out of ten.
Well, she's got a DCR now.
That's good.
- Yeah.
Maybe she'll get the help she needs.
- All right, say goodbye to Grandpa.
Bye, Grandpa.
Okay, guess that's my cue.
Bye-bye, honey bee.
Let me know how it goes tomorrow.
- I will.
Thank you.
And we will be praying for your mom, Alex.
There's decades' worth of blood, sweat, and popped blisters on those things, so take care of them.
- Gross.
Will do.
You told him about my mom? I had to.
He was worried I didn't show up this morning.
And why do you have his tools? I'll tell you later.
Come here.
Should we give Mommy her surprise? Yeah? You ready? Surprise! We made dinner.
Show her, Mad.
Did you write this? - All by herself, she wrote that.
- And you did that all by yourself? Chili.
Extra bland and spice free, per the chef's request.
Thank you.
- Yeah.
Come to bed.
I'm good out here.
It's not like I'm gonna make a move on you, Alex, we'll just sleep.
I like the couch.
Good boundaries.
Well, if you're back, be back.
I'm not back, Sean.
I left for a reason.
I'm just staying here until I get a place for me and Maddy.
Shouldn't be too long, I've been saving.
- Copy that, commander.
I'm quitting.
That's why Hank was dropping by with his tools.
Quitting what? - Bartending.
I will become a carpenter.
Hank knows this guy Dwight that's agreed to take me on.
To become a carpenter? - Yeah.
I've been thinking about it a lot.
Talking about it in meetings, bartending's rough on my sobriety.
I'm up all night, turning down shots, getting no sleep.
Besides, I like working with my hands.
I like being outside.
Why are you saying nothing? I'm just surprised.
That I don't wanna be a piece of shit my whole life? I didn't say that.
It's a good gig once you get started.
Once you're done apprenticing, I'll be bringing home 25 an hour by the time Maddy's in the first grade.
That's really great, Sean.
It's gonna be good for Maddy.
It'll be good for all three of us.
Please don't factor me in.
Come to bed.
Come to bed.
I have three cleans tomorrow.
I have to see my mom during lunch, and I need my sleep.
All right.
Guess I'll sleep alone, then.
Maybe naked.
Get the light, please.
Good morning, Miss Maddy.
Wanna have some fun? Now grab some maracas, and we're ready to rock.
Bye, Mommy.
Over here.
I'm on the Ring, the doorbell camera.
Can you come to the garage? Regina? Shh.
God, I have to pee so badly.
Can you please watch him? - Oh.
Baby Leo's here? Shh! Little fucker only sleeps in the car.
I have been doing loops around Whole Foods.
I'm gonna pee my pants.
Hi, sweetheart.
Why don't you transfer him to the crib? That's not a thing.
He doesn't transfer.
If I so much as breathe on him his little eyes rip open and he starts screaming like a banshee.
Have you tried doing it to music? Worked great for Maddy.
Can I try? No, no, no.
You're kidding.
I'm gonna try it, okay? No We're okay so far.
Regina? I can't do this.
He's been here four days, and I can't do this.
I'm having hallucinations.
I thought my mug was upside down this morning.
I turned it right side up, and I dumped coffee all over myself.
And I keep smelling this horrible smell.
It smells like rotten fruit.
It turns out it's me.
I have body odor! A week ago, I was eating arugula salad in my corner office! You just need a nap.
I'm not in college.
I can't nap.
You've gotta nap when the baby's down.
It's the only way.
Maybe just Maybe just ten minutes.
It's gonna be okay.
Hello? - Hi, is this Alex? Hi, yes.
- This is Steve Till.
I'm the chair of the creative writing program in Missoula.
I got your message.
Thank you so much for returning my call.
- Yeah, sure.
So departmental scholarships are for the forthcoming academic year.
I'm afraid the one we offered you four years ago is no longer available.
Figured I'd just check.
We can consider you for this academic year if you reapply.
The committee's reading right now.
How much is the application fee? No, there's no fee to re-apply.
You'd have to submit an updated writing sample.
Do you have anything new? Yes.
I think so, yes.
Upload it with your application, and send me the e-mail confirmation.
Does it have to be typed? Where's Leo? - He's asleep.
I feel like an entirely different person.
I didn't sleep.
I, um I died, briefly.
Thank you.
No problem, and I'm almost done.
Just gonna do your master.
I wanted to ask.
Did you and your daughter ever find a place to live? We did, yeah, thank you.
- Good.
I'm sorry I was rude when you asked if you could be my nanny.
I shouldn't have asked.
- No, probably not.
I mean, read the room.
I have OCD, attachment disorder.
I am an unlikely candidate for an impulsive and ill-thought-out childcare plan.
But you weren't asking for yourself.
You were asking for your daughter.
I'll see you next week.
Hi, I'm here to see Paula Langley.
Oh, thank God.
You've gotta get me out of here.
This is hell.
This place is hell.
They won't let me use my phone until phone time.
And they're saying that I have to stay 14 days.
Fourteen days.
And I've gotta take xeno-pan and panda-land and God knows what else.
Honey, they've made a mistake.
You have got to get me out of here.
I don't think I can, Mom.
It's court-mandated.
No, but, baby, you don't understand.
These people are really crazy.
They're crazy, okay.
Like, you know, mentally ill.
I'm funny mentally ill.
I run hot, you know.
I mean, you know, I feel things.
But these people scare me.
I know.
This guy Ray, okay, honey, you know what he did? Chewed his fucking toe off.
Chewed his toe off.
I mean, what the fuck? Well, while you're here, I guess, you know try to make the best of it.
And who knows, maybe some medication isn't the worst thing.
Oh, my God.
What? You think I belong here, don't you? Did you help put me here? No, Mom, I didn't.
The court decided that.
But you didn't say anything to stop them, did you? Mom.
- What did I ever do to you that you would do this to me? - Hey, Mom.
You showed up at my door with your toddler, crying because you were homeless, and you had no place to be.
And I let you stay with me in my tiny RV.
I let you ruin my marriage with my new husband because that's what you do, when you love someone.
I love you, Mom.
- No.
Baby, I would I would give you the skin off my bones.
I would drink turpentine before I would let a bunch of doctors do this to you.
Hey, hey, Mom, Mom, we have 23 minutes.
Can I please just talk to you? I love you.
I love you, and Maddy loves you.
So many people.
Please get this bitch out of here.
Just get this bitch out of here.
- No! You need to go.
No, sorry.
Right now.
Are you fucking kidding me? Mom! Hey, Yolanda.
Just swapping out a filter for 351 Armstrong.
Swapping out a filter, she says.
- Okay.
Is that a problem? - Of course not.
Go ahead.
Help yourself to all my filters.
I'm having a really shitty day.
So is there something that you wanna say to me? Just had a call from my clients over at 19 Glastonbury.
She canceled last-minute last week, which isn't like her.
And then, this week, she didn't schedule at all.
So being the good businesswoman that I am, I called her and asked her, why is she ghosting Value Maids after five years of loyal service? You know what she said? I got stood up, and you weren't gonna pay me.
You stole business from me.
Took money directly from my pocket.
I wasn't gonna be able to pay for daycare, Yolanda.
I told you I needed another shift.
- And I told you that I expected loyalty.
You're fired.
Leave your ferry pass.
Get out! And if I hear you contacting a single one of my clients, I will track you down, beat your ass and take you to court.
You hear me? Do you hear me? - Yes.
Can I get my last paycheck? Not out yet.
Can I leave you my address for when it is out? You can go fuck yourself.
Oh, Miss Russell, your invoice.
I sent it home with Maddy's backpack last week, but I don't think you saw it.
I missed it.
Thank you.
- Yeah.
There's WCCC paperwork in there too.
We need signatures from your employer.
You got it.
Also, it was ice cream day, and we didn't want Maddy to go without.
We took it out of the petty cash.
Oh, thank you.
How much do I owe you? - It's $6.
For ice cream? Two scoops, and each kid got three toppings.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Fuck! Uh, hi, I'm sorry, you don't happen to have $3 that I could bum off of you for gas? I can't get home.
Um Here.
- Thank you.
All right.
No more cartoons.
Let's go on a hike like old times, what do you say? We're going on a - Bear hunt.
We're gonna catch a - Big one.
What a beautiful day.
We're not scared.
- We're not scared.
Oh, no, a forest.
- A forest.
A big, dark forest.
- A big, dark forest.
Oh, no.
What? We can't go over it.
- We can't go over it.
We can't go under it.
- We can't go under it.
We're going on a I'm gonna I'm gonna get you.
Let's jump over that one.
You sure can.
See any fairies? So Rock.
- Rocks.
Right here? Hey.
- Hey.
I saved you some ziti.
Are you hungry? - Yes.
So how was carpentry 101? Pretty cool, actually.
Yeah, Dwight's a cool guy.
He's got a kid Maddy's age.
Hank wasn't kidding when he said he'd be tough on me.
I literally can't feel my fingers or my ass right now.
So it was good.
- Yeah, yeah.
I got fired today.
You? - Yeah.
Oh, my.
Well, you've gotta let me have this.
What did you do? I stole a shift, and then I pocketed the cash.
You embezzled? Very juicy.
You've been saving up, right? - Yeah.
You have enough until you get something else? I think so, yeah.
I was thinking, I'm actually gonna try to get my own cleaning clients because I still have my supplies and my car, I can probably get a vacuum secondhand.
- Makes sense.
I just have to figure out daycare because Yolanda took my ferry pass.
Oh, shit.
That's goodbye, Island Friends.
We can't afford ferry trips every day.
- I know, but she loves it.
She loves being with you more.
- Yeah.
But I can't clean houses full-time and watch Maddy.
Well, I'm with Dwight Monday through Friday, so who else is gonna watch her? I need to work, Sean.
So I can make my own money so that I can be independent.
Um Could you clean on the weekends? I'll watch Maddy.
That's not gonna be enough money with you apprenticing all week.
I could pick up some shifts at the bar.
- And watch Maddy all day? You're gonna be exhausted.
- Would you relax? It's fine.
Worst-case scenario, Hank and Sharlene can watch Maddy.
- No.
Hank cannot watch Maddy.
That's not an option.
What is with you and your dad? - He's not a good guy.
He got me a job.
He's really sweet with Maddy.
He takes me to meetings.
I need you to listen to me, okay? Just trust me and promise me that he won't be near Maddy.
No Hank.
We'll figure it out ourselves.
I think we can.
I love these flowers.
You look good, Mom.
I brought you a lipstick.
I don't care if you don't talk back.
I'm still gonna come every day that Sean has Maddy.
We're going on a - Bear hunt.
We're gonna catch a - Big one.
She's been asking about you.
We're going on a - Bear hunt.
They said that she's artistically gifted, in her preschool.
And I was like, 'Yeah, of course.
' She's been painting with my mom since birth.
Blink if you hear me.
We're going on a - Bear hunt.
We're gonna catch a - Big one.
I'll get you.
Uh-oh, what do you see? - Trees.
Can I tell you a secret? I applied to the writing program in Missoula.
It's a long shot because my writing sample is about cleaning toilets.
And what if I did get in? What if we moved there when you get out? You could paint and hang out with Maddy.
Float down that river with some cold beers.
When you get better, there's so much light waiting for you.
And so much love.
I made you a grilled cheese.
- Thanks.
Are you too tired to do this? I don't need to be awake to bartend.
- So, um My phone's almost out of minutes, and we're out of milk and snacks.
I have a coupon, but - How much? Uh Well, I also need money for gas, so, like, $50.
Uh, do we have to keep your phone on? Can we just share mine? I've put my number on the cleaning ads.
People need to be able to call me.
- Yeah, but nobody is.
I mean Right? I'm trying.
Nobody wants weekend cleans.
Everybody wants weekdays and referrals.
Well, I'll have cash tonight, and we'll figure it out.
Okay? Fuck.
What? Nah - What? Your dad's here.
Stay here, okay? Hey, stranger.
You wanna give me a hand? What's all this? Oh, this is just some of Alex's stuff from the apartment with the black mold.
I told her I'd go back for it with my truck, and I do what I say I'm going to do.
Should have called first, Hank.
Came to get eyes on you too.
Drinking again? No.
Haven't seen you in any of the meetings.
- I've been working a lot.
I thought we got you out of bartending.
- I'm doing both for a while now.
Well, there's a meeting at the VFW in half an hour, so Come on, we can go together.
- No, thanks.
I've been where you're at before.
But you can't do it alone.
Okay, you've got to You've got to tap into something stronger.
You can't come by here anymore.
Who says? You? Or her? Her.
But I'm with her.
Is she with you? Because you're not going to meetings any more, she's got you working two jobs.
Doesn't seem like it.
You done? You need to get yourself to a meeting.
Well, that was fun.
Being an asshole to somebody without knowing why.
Do you wanna wait up for me? All right, I'll hurry back.
I'm gonna do some fucking lightning-speed bartending.
Woo-hoo! We're going on a Bear hunt.
We're going on a Bear hunt.
We're gonna catch a Oh, look, you found one.
See it? Hello? - Where the hell are you? Uh, who is this? Regina.
Some random girl is here from Value Maids.
I got your number from her.
Where are you? I got fired.
So? I'm not loyal.
I am home.
With a newborn.
And this woman is totally incompetent.
How soon can you be here? I have Maddy today.
How about tomorrow? I can't afford the ferry.
I can offer you three shifts a week.
Twenty dollars an hour, 15 hours guaranteed.
You can clean and help me take care of Leo.
I will provide a ferry pass and supplies.
How's that? Yes, yes, yes.
Hello? Hello? - Regina? Okay, Mad.
We're going on a bear hunt.
We're going to get some phone minutes.
Yes, I'll be there tomorrow.
What number is this? This is Alex, sorry, I'm at a payphone.
My phone ran out of minutes.
What? I'm at a payphone, but you can e-mail me the ferry pass and I can print it out at the library.
What's your e-mail? Hi, Magda, how's it going? Sign in here? Wait here, please.
Miss Langley's daughter is here.
Miss Langley's daughter? - Hiya.
We dropped the hold on your mother.
She was discharged at 1:45 today.
What do you mean? - The DCR determined she no longer met the criteria to be detained.
The DCR can just change their mind? If collateral information is given from immediate family.
What family? I'm her only family.
A Basil Desmond.
He gave collateral and she was discharged into his care.
How the fuck did Basil know she was here? Was she allowed to call him? It's not a prison, Miss Russell.
Maybe it's good.
You've been responsible for your mom your entire life.
If she wants to run off with Basil, what can you do? I don't feel like doing this.
I'll just drop you guys off and go home.
- No.
Everyone wants to see you.
Tania was your best friend for years.
I should have given collateral.
- Hey, don't beat yourself up.
She's not your child.
You can't force her to do anything.
And you got a job today.
Island Friends agreed to let Maddy come part-time so I can drop her off, clean Regina's and then pick her back up.
Yeah, see? You rocked it.
For Maddy.
Can I have your attention, please? I'm gonna say a few words about Ethan.
The man who has done nothing right since I met him in the second grade.
Including second grade itself, which he repeated twice.
Yeah, true story.
- Dick.
Nineteen years I've known this guy.
I thought I knew what his life would look like, and I thought I knew exactly who he was.
But what I didn't know was the power of Tania.
Thank you.
Thank you.
She smoothed his rough edges.
You encouraged him to get an education.
Got him to stop wearing those lime-green Crocs.
- Well done.
You saw what he could be.
Helped him get there.
So let's all raise a glass to Ethan who is doing what we all told him to do from day one: Marry this magnificent woman.
That was really great.
- Thanks.
You can relax.
Hey, come here.
That's it, come here, sweetie.
Thanks for coming.
I wasn't sure you would.
Me neither, but then I was like, 'There's probably gonna be free food' Yeah.
I love that you did it at City Hall.
Very cool.
Yeah, with the reception in the bar I've worked in for six years.
Very romantic.
- Yeah Yeah, we're trying to save money.
I'm, uh pregnant.
Oh, my God, wow! - Yeah.
Congratulations! That's amazing.
So you and Sean are back on? Oh, no.
Uh No, I'm just staying there for a little bit.
Does he know that? He's been saying the opposite to Ethan.
Um Um Can I use your printer? I need to print my ferry pass.
At my wedding? Yep.
Sorry, my phone's out of minutes.
Yeah, my iPad's behind the bar.
What are you smiling about? I I got a scholarship to Missoula, the same as four years ago, I just found out.
No fucking way.
That's awesome! Oh, my God.
What's awesome? Well, this smarty-pants here just got a scholarship to Missoula, again.
Yeah, get it.
When did you apply? I reapplied a few weeks ago.
It was free.
Why didn't you tell me? Wasn't anything to tell.
I literally just found out 30 seconds ago.
You didn't think taking my daughter to Montana was something that we should discuss? Um Hmm? I don't know why you're acting this way.
How else should I react? You could be happy for me? I'm working two jobs, busting my ass to be a better person for you.
For absolutely no reason.
You had a getaway car parked outside the entire time.
That's not what this is.
- Oh, what am I doing any of this for? I really don't even Do you have any idea how hard it is not to fucking drink! You're gonna wake up Maddy.
I thought we were building something together, as a family.
It's a writing program, Sean.
This has nothing to do with you.
- It has nothing to do with me? Is Nate going with you? No.
- You say that like I should know better.
But I don't know shit.
I don't know what you're applying to, I don't know what your plan is without me.
This whole thing is fucking fucked! Get in the car! Get in the car! The chair of the English Department said my stories were really good.
Where's my car? Where's my car? Nate's car.
What? Nate's car.
What are you talking about? - I gave it back to the prick.
I'm sick of looking at another man's car in my driveway.
You didn't do that.
You didn't do that.
You gave it back to him? - Yeah.
Look, if he wants to do charity work - No, no! he could donate it to the Red Cross.
- Sean! That's my car! That is my life.
That is my only way for me to leave here! Sean, that is the only way for me to do anything - I'm late for work! I'm so stupid.
I'm so stupid.
I'm so stupid.
We're going on a Bear hunt.
We're going on a Bear hunt.
We're going to catch a Big one.
We're going to catch a Big one.
We're going on a Bear hunt.
Come on, Maddy.

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