Maid Sama! (Kaichou wa Maid-sama!) (2010) s01e01 Episode Script

Misa is a Maid Sama!

1 How many times do I have to tell you before you can get it in your head?! Shirokawa, don't dye your hair! Earrings aren't allowed, either! Sarashina! Button your shirt up to the second button! Fasten your belt at your waist! Kurosaki! Don't step on the heels of your shoes! This is what you should look like! Come back in proper attire! Seriously This school is full of savages! Hey, Yukimura, did you manage to complete that guide? Prez, is this really necessary? A "Student Guidebook"? Fool! Of course it's necessary! If we don't enforce it, the boys will start being lazy again! Yes, ma'am! It's only been a few years since Seika High became a coed school.
Since it used to be an all-male school, the males still comprise 80% of the school's population.
And in the midst of that, I'm the first female to become the Student Council President.
Now that I stand in this position, I won't let the boys do whatever they please! Now that I think of it, I've witnessed so many disgusting things ever since I first entered the school.
Smells! Dirty! How savage! All the powerless girls could do in front of those men throwing their weight around was to endure the horror.
So, I worked hard in order to change the situation.
I did all I could! I didn't forget to act friendly, either.
And so, I gained the teachers' trust, and obtained my current status as the Student Council President.
Come on, I'm asking for your help.
It's just cleaning duty.
Can't you take over? B-But I have something I need to attend to Come on, just for today.
Do your own chores.
Those who neglect their duties will instead be given bathroom cleaning duties for a week.
Prez! Leave the rest to me.
Th-Thank you! You again, Ayuzawa Misaki? That's what I should be saying, Moron Trio! Who are you calling a Moron Trio?! Idiots like you aren't worthy of being called by their names! And I told you earlier to fix your appearances! Take off your earrings! Yeah, yeah, I'll take them off later.
Stop fooling around! I mean now! Geez, shut up already.
I said I'll take them off! I said, now!! Oww!! You're nuts! Confiscated! Are you trying to tear his ears off?! You'd better remember this! Hey, wait! You've got cleaning duty left! Another problem? Hey, what happened? Not much.
Just rejecting a confession.
You again, Usui Takumi?! The guy who's always making girls cry.
I've told you countless times to be more sensitive when choosing your words! You're going to pay if I catch you bringing another girl to tears! How many times has she told me that? I wonder why the Prez hates guys so much.
Can't you find a way to somehow make her say 'uncle', Usui-san? Do it yourself.
I'm not interested.
Uncle! I hate guys who make girls cry.
Both at the same time? It's going to take money to fix them again.
I'm home! Oh, looks like you're home, Sis.
What's with this trap, Suzuna?! I accidentally put my foot through it earlier.
Seems like the floorboard was rotten.
So you thought it'd be wise to just hide it under a sheet of newspaper? You fell in it as planned.
You didn't plan it! Didn't you get hurt? Suzuna? Seems like you're okay.
Oh, Misaki? Hey.
Welcome home.
You had a night shift at the hospital, right? You don't exactly have a strong constitution, so you shouldn't overwork yourself.
I'm fine, Dear.
I can't just put all the burden on you.
I need to shape up as well, you know? If only Dad hadn't disappeared after leaving a debt.
That wasn't necessary.
Oh, there was a call from the chief where you work.
Apparently, one of the workers can't come, so she wants you to take her place.
Oh, really? I have to leave now, then! Why didn't you tell me that earlier? Whoa! I almost fell in that hole again! Sis, could you drop this in the postbox while you're out? Another prize contest? Thanks.
Try to rest up a bit, Mom! I'll be on my way! Oh, this too! We're poor, but Sis definitely needs a cell.
Welcome home, Master! This way, please.
Yes? Sorry for asking you to take over so suddenly.
It's fine.
I've got various expenses to meet this month, so it was actually a good opportunity.
Oh, Misa-chan.
Yes? Can I get one Moe Moe Omelet Rice? One Moe Moe Omelet Rice? I'll bring one out right away, Master.
I've worked here for so long, but I still can't get used to this place.
I don't have much free time because of student council work, so I needed a well-paying job like this one, but If someone from school were to see me like this Wow.
What a surprise.
If it isn't the Prez.
Usui Takumi!! My life is over.
This is the worst situation imaginable.
The whole school will definitely know about it.
Everything will be harder if they realize that the Student Council President is a maid The trust I've been building up until now is on its way down the drain Time for a quick break.
Chief! Chief! There's something strange-looking on the ground! What? What happened? Misa-chan! Are you all right?! Oh, it was Misa-chan You're excused from work! Go home and rest! No, I'm fine.
Thanks for the hard work! Oh, you're dressed normally now.
W-What?! What do you want?! Huh? Nothing, really.
I just wanted to make sure.
So that maid really was the Prez Why are you working at a place like this? I'll be off now, Chief! Good work today! Let's take this somewhere else.
Huh? Just shut up and follow me! Oh, family reasons.
Are things that rough? Yeah.
So, that's why you're working at a maid cafe in a neighboring town.
Couldn't you have done some physical labor near home instead? I didn't have that kind of stamina.
Being the President, I can't allow my grades to drop.
I couldn't manage both.
Wow, must be tough.
Oh, so the reason you attend Seika, a school full of guys, despite hating men is because the tuition is low? I guess.
I can't tell what this guy's thinking.
I see My sympathies.
I refuse to let something like this make me lose the trust I've been building up until now.
I refuse I've got a rough road ahead of me It's been three days since then So, to maid 'Maid'?! My grandpa says that before he dies, he wants to have the picture he took with a female high school student made Oh, 'made'.
Oh yeah, that maid- 'Maid'?! The t-shirt I bought from "Made In Tochigi" the other day doesn't really fit me Oh, "Made In Tochigi".
Are we doing something wrong?! Wow, this isn't good.
I can't help but overreact towards anything that sounds like the word 'maid'.
But it's strange that no one has found out about it yet Is he planning to blackmail me with that? Or perhaps, he's feeling sympathetic Irritating, but that would probably be for the best.
Misaki! Sakura! Shizuko! Are you tired or something? Sorry, I was just doing some thinking.
Sorry to do this when you have so much to worry about, but We actually need a favor from you.
This must be a sandbag used by the boxing club.
It's kind of scary We can't get to the flower arrangement club because this thing's in the way.
I'll lecture the boxing club members about this later.
Guess we should probably move this first.
Stay back for a second.
But this thing smells and it's really really heavy Leave it to me! We are the Boxing Club! Guys! Hurry up and put this where it belongs! You're the best, Misaki! That was awesome! Not really.
It's a lot easier than throwing somebody.
Thank you so much! I love you! A token of my appreciation.
Huh? Is that Usui-kun looking this way? W-What are you looking at?! Smirk.
What was that supposed to mean? I don't get it.
Usui-kun is so cool! I heard he was practicing Shorinji Kempo up through middle school, and people say he's really strong! All the guys look up to him, and his grades are also consistently excellent.
And in addition, those looks! He's the ray of light in our school, which is otherwise nothing but filthy boys! But I heard he's not even interested in girls anymore, since he's so popular.
But people still confess to him.
He was that popular? I don't understand how these girls' minds work.
Oh! Maybe he doesn't really care about the maid thing because he's uninterested? Hey Why are you here as a customer?! I don't get it what is he up to? Wow, he's So cute! Oh, found ya.
Is he here to poke fun at me? Or to have a battle of willpower? Is it a challenge? It is, isn't it.
Bring it on then, punk! You'd better be ready! Welcome home, Master! This is utterly humiliating.
I apologize for the wait.
Hey, hey, is he your boyfriend or something?! He's been staring at you the entire time! No.
What? He's having fun by driving me into a corner mentally.
He sat there for an hour after ordering nothing but a cup of coffee.
I've been so tired lately I feel so sluggish Huh? You were still here, Usui-san? Yeah.
Yo, Takezawa, you went to the same middle school as the Prez, right? Yeah.
Has she always been like that? Well, maybe not 'always'.
I think she started acting like that since the second year of middle school.
I heard a lot went on in her house.
And ever since then Wait, it's rare of you to talk about girls.
And the Prez, at that.
He's here again.
Doesn't he get that people are starting to notice him? That guy's here again! He keeps staring at Misa-chan.
I knew it! He's interested in you! Huh? His eyes look so worried! How lovable! What? Worried? He's only watching because he's amused.
There's no way he's worried.
Hey, Misaki! Great job! You got second place on the mock exam! Second place? Who's first? Usui Takumi.
Don't screw around with me! Huh? She must not be satisfied.
He's probably just having fun by laughing at me, since I don't have much time to spare.
I feel like I'm being looked down upon.
What are those indecent magazines? They're just comics! What, just having some gravure images makes them 'indecent'? Confiscated! Why the hell?! Besides, how come girls are allowed to have magazines while we're not?! You're being too harsh on us; I don't think you're giving us equal rights! If you're going to enforce the rules with us, you need to be harsher to the girls too! Fine.
I'll review the case after checking the content of the magazines.
Those that are just simply inappropriate for school are banned.
Let me know the names of the magazines you'd like to read at school.
Both male and female.
There's going to be a lot, then.
You seem busy enough already, Misaki.
It's fine.
I need to do this much as the President.
P-Prez? Yes? U-Umm well The accounts for last month aren't adding up properly What?! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! PLACEHOLDER I told you to at least count the money accurately!! Whatever! I'll do it myself.
I'm so busy Are you a masochist, Prez? What are you doing here?! You seem to enjoy driving yourself into a corner.
Oh, I guess you're a sadist too.
What?! I think you should loosen up a bit.
Just watching you Uh-oh makes me worry.
Stay away! I don't need help from the likes of you! Okay then.
I don't have the leisure to be tired The accounts really won't add up, either I need to hurry up and decide which magazines will be allowed, too I also need more time than what I have now to study I think you should loosen up a bit.
I don't need help from the likes of you! I feel like I'm just halfway doing everything I don't feel too well Huh? Isn't that the Prez? Wow, it really is.
Seriously? A maid? This is hilarious.
Hey, let's call everyone over.
My ears hurt really badly.
Time to take pics.
Everything's going downhill.
Are you going to run away? Is this really okay, Prez? You torment guys all the time at school, and then you're going to tell us that you were actually a maid? Let go! We're going to need some special service then.
Okay, I'm taking it.
Call us your masters or something.
Aren't you supposed to be a maid? My body feels so weak Wow, I didn't realize you were actually a girl.
Dressing like this actually makes you look- Don't touch her just because she's darn cute.
U-Usui! Are you okay? Sorry.
Sorry, Usui.
It's okay.
Rest all you want.
I was so shocked when the chief called.
Rest easy for today, okay? Resting for a day helped clear my mind.
You know, they haven't told anyone that you're a maid.
I was actually prepared for it.
Did you do something to them? Not really.
I asked them not to spread it around too much, since it's my secret entertainment.
So you are having fun with it.
I mean, you'd get mad if I told you I was actually worried, right? Well personally, I think it'll be okay even if the school finds out about it.
Having a part-time job isn't forbidden or anything.
Just because you're dressed like a maid, the fact that you're strong, smart, and never hesitate to make an effort won't change.
I think you can be proud of it.
I actually spent the whole day yesterday thinking about why you piss me off so much.
Didn't I just finish saying something really kind? It's like, when I'm running with all my might, you're jogging relaxedly a few yards ahead of me.
And then you start running backwards right in my face, and say things to me every once in a while.
Are you doing okay? I'm really competitive, so that made me really mad but I was saved this time thanks to you being ahead of me.
Just watch.
I'll pass you soon and when that happens, I'll be the one to worry about you.
Oh yeah, thanks for lending me your scarf.
And for a lot of other things.
I was thinking about how I could make it up to you since I hate being indebted, but I couldn't think of anything.
Why don't you come up with something for me.
Then Oh, do you have something in mind? Could you be my personal maid for a day? What?! What are you thinking, Usui?! Are you an idiot?! Why not? Don't be so stingy.
Shut up, pervert! Besides, I thought you weren't interested in women at all! This is so fun.
I don't have time to be arguing with this guy.
I need to be preparing for the school festival as the Student Council President! Huh? Prez? If we don't raise the number of female students, the fact that I became the President will be pointless! What's this Cat Ear Day? First, we need to pick a theme for the festival! It'll be called, Neo-Seika High! That's decided, then! I'm going to change this school! Whatever, Prez.