Maid Sama! (Kaichou wa Maid-sama!) (2010) s01e02 Episode Script

Maid-Sama at the School Festival

1 Crap, there's no way I can undo this.
Let me out! What should we do? Oh, Usui-san! She's terrible! Prez locked him in here and told him to "reflect on what he did" or something! Prez did that? Yeah! Look! Look! Look! Guys! I'm practicing the performance for the school festival! I told you I wouldn't accept any performances for the festival that would scare the girls! Why not? See? Aren't you guys having fun? Gonda! You can sit there and reflect on what you did! and that's what happened.
Then he should probably do just that.
Please, don't be like that! Too much effort.
What do we do now? Yeah, what now? All we can do now is to steal the key from Prez! But how? If we don't take her by surprise, there's no way we stand a chance against her.
What if we all attack her at once? Probably.
Step aside.
Shall we go? So cool! Strong people are so cool! Be sure to fix that door.
I'm free! The theme for this year's school festival is this! Neo-Seika High! A school festival is a great chance to improve the image of a school! I don't know about that poster "Neo-Seika High" is a great theme for it! With this refreshing image, we'll clear ourselves of our reputation of being called "foul-smelling, vulgar, and savage"! Our goal is to have even one more cute girl enroll in our school next spring! I swear by my name that I'll sweep away the foul smell of men from this school! But Prez, our school isn't actually as refreshing as this poster makes it out to be Isn't it kind of deceiving? What can you accomplish with an attitude like that?! It's up to you all whether this turns into a lie or not! You need to work together to make this school festival as refreshing as we say! You guys actually brought a half-decent idea this time, I hope? We gave up on the belly dancing.
Of course you did! We realized that we were thinking too hard about finding something new and interesting.
So, going back to the basics We decided on this! "Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament, Challengers Welcome"? Rejected.
Why not?! This is a traditional feature in the Seika School Festival! There's no such tradition.
We did this last year and everyone loved it! 'Everyone', as in you guys.
And what's wrong with that?! A festival is for us to enjoy! The theme for this year's festival is Neo-Seika High! What I'm looking for is something refreshing that would appeal to the girls! Then what about a photo session at the pool starring female models? No.
Mixed gender mock cavalry battle tournament? No! A sumo tournament with girls only? Did you even listen to what I said?! Hurry up and come up with something half-decent! Class 2-2 is the only class that hasn't come up with anything yet! It's because you reject everything we bring! Just accept one of them already! So come up with something that I can accept! In that case! Usui-san! Huh? Say something to her, Usui-san! Usui-san! And what do you want me to say? "Accept the Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament!" Accept the Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament.
Usui! No, Usui-san, you need to put more emotion behind your words.
But I don't even want to enter that tournament.
But! But, well it wouldn't hurt if you listened to what the guys had to say every once in a while.
I can't talk back to that W-Welcome home, Master! I love cat ears.
This pisses me off! Don't get ahead of yourself thinking you have something on me! Can I order now, Misa-chan? I told you to stop coming here right after school! If someone else happens to see me like this, my reputation as the Student Council President will plummet! Don't worry.
Besides, those guys seem addicted to this place.
Cat ears Misaki-chan as the president, and Misa-chan at Maid Latte The gap between those two is what it's all about.
They used to be like that, and now they're your biggest fans.
I'm thankful that you've promised to keep it a secret, but This has nothing to do with the school festival.
The reason why I'm not telling anybody is because I don't want people to take away my secret entertainment.
Please bring this out, Misa-chan.
Thanks for waiting! One Moe Moe Omelet Rice! How would you like the ketchup added today? O-Okay, then could you write how you're feeling right now, Misa-chan? Of course, Master! Misa-chan That cold heart of yours is why we love you so much.
I'm home.
What's this? I won a prize in that contest from last time.
Wow, so what did you win? Rice, miso, and soy sauce.
Suzuna You're a middle schooler.
Even though we're poor, you should at least enter contests with prizes you'd enjoy.
Prize contests only mean anything if you enter them one after another.
It's a part of my club activities, so don't worry about it.
Besides, you're the one who has to deal with the stress of working for a place you don't even like, just to get the bills paid.
Well, it's not that I "don't like" working there.
So you like it? I wouldn't say that, but The pay is really good, and I won't deny the fact that I chose it just for the terms.
But the people at the café are really nice to me, so I think I'm pretty blessed.
This is pretty heavy.
Huh? You're not even going to listen to me?! Of course it's rejected! But why?! What makes this "Cosplay Heart-Racing Blind Date Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament" half-decent?! Are you guys even listening to what the girls have to say?! What do you girls want to do? Huh? Like a café, maybe? Okay, Class 2-2 will be holding a café.
That's so not fair! You're terrible! This is tyranny! I gave you so many chances to bring me a decent proposal! But is this really okay? It's like we just decided on our own.
Not your fault.
At the rate they were going, Class 2-2 wouldn't have been able to participate at all.
If possible, we would have liked to cooperate with the guys to have a fun school festival.
Don't worry, it'll be fun.
What's this "love love" seat? We figured that couples would want to sit together and hold hands at a planetarium! Get rid of them! What?! They're unnecessary.
The theme is a wholesome planetarium that girls can enter.
Are the boys loafing on their job? Oh, Misaki-chan! Seems like things are moving smoothly.
This is the menu for the café.
We thought up as much as we could by ourselves.
Oh, and what do you think about this design for the shop? You should probably divide the labor between kitchen staff and waiters.
And I think there's way too much on the menu.
It's better to refrain from serving exquisite dishes.
If the kitchen staff has too much work to do, it'll take too long to deliver the dishes to the customers.
If you let the waiters do the finishing up, you'll be able to have them communicate with the customers.
Two birds with one stone.
You seem to be really knowledgeable about this stuff, Misaki-chan.
M-My little sister works at a café.
Guess it's too early for me.
I thought I said no to boys dressing up as ghosts and monsters.
What, why? Because there was a scoundrel last year who threw his arms around a girl taking advantage of the situation.
We won't do that! Right? Ah! Got you now! I see You've got quite the guts.
A monster!! Geez Misaki! Doesn't this look good on me? T-Too good.
I'm not too outgoing, but since I accepted the job, I wanted to take it seriously.
Is it okay to leave the guys from Class 2-2 alone? They seemed sort of depressed.
What? They're probably planning something stupid again.
I get it.
Okay, let's go with that.
I can't wait to see the surprised look on Prez's face.
I can't imagine the boys from Class 2-2 giving up without a fight.
Yes! That look! A cool, intelligent maid look! She won't let her guard down very easily, but she'll remain loyal to a master after she acknowledges him! A character that requires passion to conquer! Also, it's absolutely adorable! C-Conquer? Character? Geez, are you getting out of control again, Chief? You shouldn't talk about your fantasies with Misa-chan.
Sorry, I can't really keep up.
It's fine.
You're cuter that way, Misa-chan.
One of your qualities is the fact that you can be goofy at times! Thanks for working for us! Are we speaking the same language? Chief, try not to get too out of control.
Misa-chan isn't too fond of this job, so it's a bit harsh on her.
Honoka-chan may have a cute face, but her words can really sting sometimes.
Don't let it get to you.
I guess this atmosphere isn't really compatible with your personality, but we're really thankful for your hard work.
You know, I really love this job.
I'm able to materialize my dream and make someone happy.
Don't you think it's wonderful to be able to share good times with each other? If we want our customers to enjoy themselves, we need to have fun too.
This is why I'm so psyched all the time.
Sorry if I annoy you.
They probably think I'm being negative about my job.
Who's 'they'? You again? That's a weak response.
If you're looking to kill time, go somewhere else.
Can't you give me a little bit of attention? Is this underwear that you're supposed to show off? Don't sexually harass me so shamelessly! These are drawers! You don't need to yell at me.
This is why I don't like men! They act on impulse, and doing things that girls don't want them to do doesn't even bother them! You're so prejudiced.
It's because of people like you! You know, if you keep up that hatred of men, they'll start acting hostile toward you too.
Like I care! I don't like them, so I'm fine with them being hostile toward me! Well, whatever.
In time, you may end up not being able to do a thing.
What the heck? It's finally time for the school festival! It's up to you all whether Seika will be able to be reborn as a refreshing school next year! Yes, ma'am! Put your guns on! Yes, ma'am! Welcome to Seika's school festival! There are so many girls! I-I'm pumped now! Hey! Does everyone have their costumes on? Yeah! We've worked hard for this day! We even sewed together costumes, although none of us were used to stuff like that! We won't let Prez get in our way! Besides, once we get things started, the ball's in our court! Usui-san! Where's my costume? You're going to be a part of it?! We've got the strongest comrade on our side! That's not quite what I imagined Not bad, but for Usui-san Then I guess I'll dress like a member of the Shinsengumi? Is this it?! This is it! The sword is plastic, but it looks awesome on you! Well in that case, I'd definitely need this thing.
No! Bring something that would suit Usui-san better! Go! Thanks! Come again! I mean, "Please come again!" Right? Need to be polite One order of takoyaki, please.
Welcome! That looks good! Yeah! I guess it was a good idea to lecture them into pleasing the girls with manners.
I'm going to go see what Class 2-2 is up to.
Okay! The boys haven't complained since then, so I don't think there should be a problem.
What the heck is this?! M-Misaki-san! The guys suddenly barged in here earlier and ranted on about how their troops have seized this land or something! What?! Apparently it's a battle cosplay café for men.
I went along with them because it looked interesting.
Don't get so close to me! Come on, that's unladylike of you.
We've captured POWs! Your human rights are being respected! Calmly sit down and order a- All of you, out in the hallway.
What on earth is this all about?! What's wrong? You said café, so we made it better by adding cosplay! We asked the girls for their opinions! We want to enjoy the festival too! There has to be another way for you to enjoy it! Instead of kicking up a row like idiots, why don't you all try to be a little more useful?! Cut the crap.
Why the hell should we listen to you when all you do is order us around like our moms? Whatever we say is futile.
You don't even listen to us.
Besides, you hate men.
Let's get out of here.
I'm sorry, I'll be right there! I actually ordered iced tea Umm can I leave now? Please wait just a bit more! But, well it wouldn't hurt if you listened to what the guys had to say every once in a while.
In time, you may end up not being able to do a thing.
Oh This is all my fault.
Please, wait.
Please help out with the café.
I'm begging you.
It's too late for that.
Sorry, I'll help out.
I can apologize later.
For now, I need to do something about this place.
An iced tea for you, right? Sorry for the wait! What would you like to order? Sorry, please give us just a moment.
Misaki-chan looks so fitting for some reason.
Huh? Usui-san You're going to go in? Prez's wish is my command.
A cheese tart and lemon tea? Got it.
Can we order too? Yes, may I take your order, Master- Huh? Drats! That term! Excuse me.
Another cup of coffee, young lady? Usui I-I'd like to order as well.
How about you, sir? What would you like? Why are you staring off into space like that? You're a maid, so you should be working hard.
Certainly, sir.
That sounds like fun! We want to be a part of it too! Assorted sweets for the ladies! Please refresh yourself, young lady.
Sire! Please give us an order! Apparently, there's something interesting going on! In Class 2-2! Don't you think this works out? Yeah.
You guys No, the ladies wanted to see a test of strength! We never said that! It was a penalty! They started it! Don't get too crazy, okay? Prez smiled! She smiled! She's pretty cute.
Yeah Welcome to Seika! How was Class 2-2, Prez? Everything's fine now.
Anyway, I'll take over for the rest.
But You guys haven't had a chance to look around the place yet, have you? What's wrong? Go ahead! Okay! It's my first time coming to Seika.
I'm excited! Welcome to Seika High! I hope you have the time of your life! Thanks! She's really pretty! Maybe this school is pretty nice! Don't you think it's wonderful to be able to share good times with each other? If we want our customers to enjoy themselves, we need to have fun too.
Well, if it isn't Prez.
Aren't you going to attend the bonfire? You scared me.
I'm just taking a break.
I guess I'll join you.
You really saved me today.
Just as you said, I should have thought more about other's opinions as the Student Council President.
You made me realize a lot of new things again.
So I can tell everyone about you being a maid now? Idiot! This and that are two different matters! And besides, you said- Of course.
Since you're my maid and mine only.
Who do you think you are?! I'm supposed to be a captain in the Navy.
Pretty high-ranking.
Why are you still wearing that thing?! Misa-chan was adorable with that pure and innocent apron look, too Good thing we were watching her the entire time.
Can't we have another school festival soon? Maybe I'll be a butler next time.
I don't even care anymore We're going to be taking over the spotlight for now! My name is Shirokawa Naoya, and I have white, spiky hair.
Call me Shiroyan.
Kurosaki Ryunosuke with black hair and a ponytail! Call me Kurotatsu! I'm Sarashina Ikuto with smooth and silky hair.
Call me Ikkun! Hey, Moron Trio! Did you do your bathroom cleaning duties?! It's Prez She grouped us together as the Moron Trio! It's Misa-chan! You ran away from your regular cleaning duties last time! As punishment, you get bathroom cleaning duties for a week! So next week, we have "Little Sister Day".
Prez, I hear little sisters are a mix between soothing and adorable.
A mix between soothing and adorable? This is going to be tough We have something we can look forward to.