Maid Sama! (Kaichou wa Maid-sama!) (2010) s01e03 Episode Script

What Color is Misaki? Natural Color?

1 Interesting.
I see.
What are you looking at, Sis? Just observing.
Don't mind me; continue.
In that case, I will continue without minding you.
When did you start gaining interest in stuff like that? You don't need to worry, Sis.
I didn't buy these magazines.
I borrowed them.
We've stocked up on postcards with the club's budget, too.
Oh, activities for the Prize Contest Club? Between a dietary supplement set, an assortment of canned salmon, and a special army knife, which would you like? This won't do.
I can't use her for reference at all.
Reference for? Not a maid, but a little sister I still can't imagine what I'd do.
What are you talking about?! Little sisters are a mix between soothing and adorable! A-A mix? It's a delicious event even for us working at the café! Well then, care to give it a try right now? You should probably change your hairstyle to something more youthful-looking.
A twintail would probably look best on Misa-chan.
Instead of referring to a customer as "Master", you need to use "Onii-sama" and "Onee-sama".
And depending on your character, you can arrange it to be "Onii-chan" or "Nee-san" and the list goes on! Kill me now! You look better in that than I'd imagined! So, what would you like to call them? Huh? You know, the customers! I'm going to be calling them "Onii-chan"! B-Bro? Or something like that.
What are you talking about, Misa-chan? You're young enough to go as far as to saying "Onii-tan"! Onii-tan?! Onii-tan, could you help me get dressed? Onii-tan, let's sleep together! If you're a little sister, you should be doing that! How old is this little sister? It's Honoka-chan's specialty after all, which is why she's being so ruthlessly strict.
She's in her "enthusiast" mode now.
So give it a try! You're now a little sister who's waiting for her beloved brother to come home! I wonder what's taking Onii-tan so long I-I wonder what's taking Onii-tan so long Oh! I think he's home! I-I think he's home.
Welcome home, Onii-tan! Welcome home, Onii-tan! C-Come on, don't we all have something that's not our thing? This is a little too extreme for me You're going to use that as an excuse for not being competent enough for your job? H-Honoka-chan! I've been meaning to say this for a while.
I don't mind that you're using your aloofness as a goofy character as your selling point, but isn't it common sense to put some effort into learning if you're being hired to work? There's her alter ego, Black Honoka! She's out of my control, now! You accept it after someone tells you you're fine the way you are, not daring to take a step into this side of the world? That's sheer folly.
Quit acting so spoiled, brat.
Misa-chan!! Hang on! Don't worry about it too much! If you really can't do it, we can change your shift.
You can just make up for it by working hard for the next event! Oh, that reminds me! Our next event is Maid Sentai Day! I really wanted to be the pink one, but Honoka-chan insists that she's going to be Pink.
What color would you like to be, Misa-chan? It doesn't really matter to me.
You're already done for the day? U-Usui! Oh! You're the one who always comes to see Misa-chan! So your name's Usui-kun! Oh yeah, maybe you might know! What color should Misa-chan represent? Color? We're going to be having a Sentai event in the future, so I was wondering what would be best for Misa-chan.
"Maid Sentai".
I personally think lilac or sky blue would be best, but that would overlap with the other girls.
I'm thinking of making enameled maid costumes that differ in color! Then a transparent see-through, please- Shut up, pervert! Now, now You don't have to decide on it right away.
Could you give yourself some time to think about it? Little sister, soothing Little sister, soothing Hey, look at this! Man, you're really into big breasts! Confiscated! What? Adding a message to Misa-chan in the Maid Exchange Notebook? That won't work, Ikkun.
Misa-chan doesn't have anything to do with the Maid Exchange Notebook.
But we don't know till we try! We do know.
She won't reply back.
Besides, other students might find out after recognizing her handwriting.
She never participates in stuff that could leave evidence behind.
But if it's filled with love! What's with you today, Ikkun? Do you have a plan to catch Misa-chan's interest or something? For example, if we were to attach an illustration to the message like this H-He's good! What's this about, Ikkun?! I didn't know you could draw stuff like that! I've been hiding this up until now, but I'm actually a closet otaku.
Ikkun, I don't even know what I'm supposed to say to that.
Oh no, I leaked it! Well, this is pretty good, so I'll forgive you.
I was forgiven! For what? But then, what color would this flower be? F-Flower? Color? Why so out of the blue? Question: What's the color that will look good on Misa-chan, and at the same time, can express her? You have ten seconds to answer.
Okay, 10, 9, 3, 2, 1 It's gotta be red! Red, a color that represents her passionate air and strength of femininity! It'll also look good on her black hair.
I see.
I think it should be purple! Purple, a color that has both coolness and sex appeal! A hint of maturity, perfect! I see.
I-I vote for black! Black would look best on that well-knit figure of hers! Put some lacing on it, and there's nothing more to be asked! Oh Well in that case, I'd prefer panties with strawberries on them.
Wait, when did we start talking about underwear? Hey, check it out! A special issue on little sisters! Put it down, man.
Those are magazines Prez confiscated, right? She'll make a fuss.
But take a look! She looks just like Yukimura's little sister! Huh?! What, is it really her? What the hell? She's an anime character.
I'm telling you, dude! She looks just like her! Wouldn't you agree, Yukimura? P-Perhaps? Besides, I'm not even interested in 2-D.
They all look the same to me.
Yeah? I can get off on this.
I normally go for 3-D though.
Does your sister wear stuff with frills like these? Of course not! But man, it must be nice living with someone so soothing.
You're giving her too much credit.
Oh, no! The announcement club meeting is about to begin! Well, I'm going to go water the flowers, Yukimura.
Later! Yukimura.
Yes?! H-Hey Say What do you well usually talk to your sister about? N-Nothing out of the ordinary, I guess? Next question, what part of her soothes you? S-Soothe? Is she really that similar to this anime character in this magazine?! I-I feel like I'm about to wet myself, so please excuse me! Prez? I-I was just looking for a trend in the confiscated items to- Oh, it's just you, Usui.
So, what were you looking at? None of your business.
Siblings? I have some.
Have I never told you? I've got an older brother and a little sister.
You have to hear this, Misaki! Both of Shizuko's siblings wear the same glasses she does! They may look similar, but they're not the same.
Their faces all look the same, too! I can't deny that one.
But the glasses are different though.
You've got an older brother? Is something the matter? Huh? N-No, well, you see, I don't have any brothers.
Was just wondering what it would be like.
D-Do you two get along well? My brother and I, you mean? We're not on bad terms, but we're not particularly on great terms either.
That's because they're all like this! What's that supposed to mean, exactly? And what about you, Sakura? I've got an older sister.
We get along so well! We go shopping together all the time! Oh So both Shizuko and Sakura are little sisters Watching them does soothe me, now that I think about it.
Well, I guess it's not simply because they're little sisters.
I guess the Chief wants to create a place that could give the same kind of soothing feeling.
Misaki? Why are you staring at us like that? Nothing was just thinking about how cute you two are.
W-What happened to you? Or should I be asking, what are you trying to do to us? Oh my! You're going to make me fall in love with you, Misaki! I ask myself again, "Am I really capable of doing this?" Is this really okay, Ikkun? Are you really going to draw it? Yeah.
I brought pens in 24 colors.
Which means! Yeah! Purple! No, you probably shouldn't draw that.
If you really have to draw it, don't use the color pens! Draw black laces! No, come on! Strawberries! Take the middle and add a leopard pattern! What the hell? Thanks for the wait, masters.
One Moe Moe Omelet Rice, but with a special service added.
TLnote: 'Annoying' can be written with the kanji for 'Flies of May' Flies? May? Flies of May? It always impresses me how hardworking she is.
She was lifting dumbells the other day during her break while reading a textbook.
Anyway, she's definitely reliable and level-headed.
She was also quick on the uptake when learning this job, too.
To be blunt, I hated her at the beginning.
I don't know what happened in her family or whatever, but it pissed me off because she was being treated so well.
But she carries heavy things for us, and more importantly, If it requires muscle power, just leave it to me! if a bad master happens to go unpleasant Could you let her off the hook please, Master? And the masters love it! So I figured she wasn't all that bad.
Convenient to have her around, too.
Onii-tan? -chan? You're really scheming, Honoka.
-san? Three varieties? What are you looking at? Just making an observation.
Was wondering what color you'd be.
I told you, just pick whatever! Anything other than 'transparent'.
I guess your mind is filled with 'Onii-tan' right now? Shush.
Don't you have a little sister? Shouldn't it be easy for you to come up with the right image? Mine doesn't say things like 'Onii-tan'.
And for starters, I've never heard her beg in a doting voice.
If you can't do it, why don't you ask them to change your shift? Just take the day off.
Quit acting so spoiled, brat.
I don't want to let out words like "I can't do it" or "It's impossible" so easily! And what makes Maid Latte so different from regular cafés is that it gives its customers entertainment and relaxation that can't be experienced in daily life.
In any case, it's a place where you can experience a special atmosphere.
I finally realized that the staff are encouraged to create that atmosphere.
That's why I'm going to act like a soothing chara- Then isn't that all the more the reason not to overwork yourself? What? How did you come up with that ?! I think you're fine the way you are.
If your normal self was my little sister, Prez If I were your sister? I'd be so turned on.
I'd take pictures of your sleeping face daily and make a photo album, and I'd wonder what angle I should use to take today's picture.
In other words, you're just a creep! Welcome home, Onii-tan! You must be tired after a long day! Still a hint of awkwardness, but she sounds really natural! Please sit down! Would you like something to drink? Or would you rather eat first? The conversation is a bit clichéd, but I'd say she made the mark! I'll acknowledge the fact that she put effort into becoming a loli little sister type.
She probably could have pulled off the Serious and Tidy little sister type, but I guess she didn't realize that possibility.
Welcome home, Onii-tan! S-Something wrong? I should be asking you that, Misa.
Huh? You never call me 'Onii-tan'.
Being so hyped up all of a sudden is a little creepy.
Oh, I know.
You're probably going to ask me to buy you something.
Or is it that you feel guilty about something? W- What are you talking about, Onii-tan? Misa is always like this- Could it be that you're trying to make up for the fact that you farted in front of me before? No, Misa-chan! You can't actually get mad at a customer's joke Well, it is a pretty tasteless joke.
Y-You're so mean, Onii-tan! Misa didn't fart! Here's your water! Where did you get that water? I only drink water from the Alps.
Could you go get some? Come on, stop being so selfish! Please don't give Misa so much trouble, Onii-tan.
Anyway, what would you like to eat today? Misa would recommend Omelet Rice.
Onii-tan would like a roasted lobster.
Also, a poêle with red wine sauce and foie gras, summer truffles on the side.
Come on, stop being so unreasonable.
I keep asking you not to trouble Misa! Misa, you shouldn't be acting so spoiled, saying you can't do this and that.
You also lied and said you didn't fart.
I did not, you perverted son of a bitch! Uh-oh, she finally snapped.
You seem to be in a bad mood today, so I'm gonna leave.
O-Onii-tan Y-You know, I don't mind if you visit again.
Th-This is! It can't be! Another little sister type? It has to be that! That's right! Neither the loli type nor the serious and tidy type! The goofy tsundere little sister character! Great work today! You know, I didn't expect her to put in as much effort as she did.
Yeah? But that's her nature, isn't it? Although I wanted to see more of her cute dere side.
Yeah, same.
We already see enough of her tsun side on a daily basis.
But I guess she won't be able to pull that off during an event.
Because, you know, Misa-chan Aren't you gonna thank me? Why should I? It was a success thanks to me, right? I would hardly consider that a success.
It was an embarrassing display of my lack of ability.
When I'm putting everything into acting, I lose the ability to make calm decisions, causing me to flip out like I did.
So stop trying to act.
You're fine the way you are.
There's no way I can soothe anyone by always acting the way I usually do! Really? I think you'd make the greatest sister in the world.
S-Shut up, stupid! is cutest when she's next to Usui-kun.
Hey, look! Here comes Usui-senpai! Good luck! Can I help you? Y-Yes! I'm sorry for calling you out here.
W-Well, there's something I wanted to tell you up front.
The thing is, I've always had feelings for you even before I entered this school! Will you go out with me? That was close! Usui-senpai? I'm a high-level otaku who loves maids more than anything.
All of my favorite books have to do with maids, and all the cafés I visit have maids.
Of course, I collect figures as well.
I'd play maid games, get excited, say stuff like "moe moe", and even crossdress as a maid myself.
Get yourself together! He's testing you! There's no way he's an otaku! I don't mind! If that's really true, I'll change myself to suit your tastes, senpai! But that won't do.
The next class is about to begin.
Prez Please take off your uniform.
What the hell are you saying, you pervert?! You were going to hold in the pain until the next break with your arm like this? I'm not visibly bleeding or anything.
A strong-minded way of thinking, as expected from you.
Besides, why were you watching that? Your timing is always so good.
Not like I can help it.
You're always there wherever I go.
It's destiny.
Besides, I'm the one who's surprised every time.
Especially when I see you at school.
Most of the time, you're protecting the girls and telling off the guys.
It always makes me wonder what shoujo manga you're the 'hero' of.
Well excuse me for not being feminine! What's wrong with a girl protecting other girls? Did I ever say there was something wrong with it? But I didn't expect you to put your body on the line to protect a guy, like you just did earlier.
What else could I do? I couldn't just sit back and watch.
So even if you end up getting hurt really badly, you'd go and save someone regardless of their gender? Of course.
I'd even go and save you.
I'm glad to hear it, Misa-chan.
You're making fun of me, aren't you?! Oh my gosh, Misa-chan! What happened to your arm?! Sorry, something happened at school.
Someone made a big a deal out of it and applied too much medicine.
I'm surprised you can say that when it was so swollen.
Usui! Men aren't allowed to be in here! I'm going to go work my shift, so hurry up and go home! Roger.
Well then, Chief, I'm going out.
Let me know if it starts hurting again, Misa-chan! Well then, I'll be supporting Misa-chan throughout the day, so you can rest easy.
If you help her out so bluntly, she'll just try to work harder.
So please don't let her realize that you're helping her out.
Moe! Moe! Moe! Oh no! The flowers of moe! It must be hard for you, Usui-kun.
Not really.
I'm just having fun, so I've never thought of it as a bother.
I guess.
Hardworking Misa-chan is fun to watch, I guess.
Not everyone can put their all into everything they do, even if they try.
Even so, Misa-chan does just that to the point that it makes us worry.
PLACEHOLDER I'll pass you someday! She's an outstanding girl who can already do just about everything, but it's hard to look away from her since you can really tell that she's trying to work harder.
It's almost like she's giving you the strength to work harder yourself.
Isn't that what makes it fun for you, Usui-kun? Oh yeah, I thought of a good color for Misa-chan.
Huh? With the meaning of proceeding with the path she thinks is right, and refusing to let anyone else's color dye hers White.
Wow, that's kind of unexpected.
What, you were still here? I told you to go home already! Oh, and another reason for my choice is because I'd like to dye her with mine.
What are you talking about? Hey, now you're blushing red.
I can't stop these flowers of moe! White Misa-chan is so cool! Beat me up! Me too! Me three! Roger, Boss.
On second thought, please go a little easy on me.
For me, too.
Gosh! I still can't hold back these flowers of moe! Hey Chief, it would be kind of a waste to only use this costume once for that event, right? We'll have it again someday.
Be sure to look forward to Little Sister Day 2! Please prepare a transparent see-through uniform next time as well.
There he is again.
Feel free to shut up anytime now.
Oh yeah, are you a little sister too, Chief? Yup, I've got an older brother.
Chief, a flamboyantly cute girl is in the store.
Wow, you're right.
Oh, she's here! You're so cute, Misa-chan.
You keep your mouth shut!