Maid Sama! (Kaichou wa Maid-sama!) (2010) s01e04 Episode Script

Net Idol Aoi

1 Oh, so you have an older brother? Yup.
He's married and even has a kid.
So I don't see him often.
Welcome home- Milady.
Lovely This way please.
Wow! PLACEHOLDER She's cute.
Please have a seat.
It's got to be her.
Excuse me! Could you possibly be Aoi-chan? Aoi? That famous net idol? So there were this many people who were watching me.
Then you really are Aoi's Delighted! What's going on? Hi, Satsuki-san.
Aoi-chan!? You want to work here?! That's the Chief's niece? I heard it's her older brother's child.
So cute.
What are you talking about?! Of course you can't! Why not? You're only in middle school! Now that is impossible.
What are you going to do about school? I'll skip for a while.
I've been exiled from my house.
Wow, eccentric.
Chief! What an exhibitionist.
The access count is through the roof.
So you'll have custody for a while? I just called my brother, and he sounded like he's fed up.
I look great in this! Please! I can work here, right? I only lent it to you because you wanted to wear one so badly.
Besides, didn't you see what happened out there? You'll get more customers if I'm here.
After all, I'm the famous net idol.
Guys are so easy to get.
Oh yeah, I should upload the pictures to my blog.
Only the staff's allowed to wear that uniform.
What, isn't it ok if it's just for a little while? Someone might think we're renting the costume out.
I heard other places do things like that.
I know I'm wearing it better than those boring girls out on the street.
Aoi-chan! What? Do you have a problem? I'm far- Yup, you're cuter than I am.
But you have to give up on taking the photo.
All right, back to work.
Make sure you take the uniform off, Aoi-chan.
I'm back, Misa-chan.
Welcome home, Master.
It's Aoi-chan in maid uniform.
She looks great! Aoi-chan! What are you doing?! Thank you.
See? I'm far more- A new employee? No, she's the Chief's niece.
I told her to change, but Who is he, Satsuki-san? Who is that man that's just dripping with pheromones? He just bleeds sexiness.
He's I bet it'd feel good to make a guy that good looking worship me.
Aoi-chan, Usui-kun is with Misa-chan.
They're dating? They're not quite at that stage I think.
Chief! The evening shift kitchen staff can't show up! What?! I'm hands full with taking care of Aoi-chan! Why does this have to happen now, of all times? Don't scare me like that.
A boring woman like that can't possibly be with him.
I'm calling around to find a person that can come in as a substitute, but no luck so far! Did something happen, Chief? We don't have the kitchen staff when we're about to enter peak hours! Misa-chan, can you cook? Can you help inside? Need a hand? You will? I can cook, you know? We can't let non-staff work all of a sudden.
Usui-kun, into the kitchen! Chief! However, only if you pass the test.
We'll judge you with the omelet rice.
Here are the ingredients and the recipe.
Are you sure, Chief? Just do as you like! Now! Alright, let's do it.
Soft and gooey omelet rice.
So good.
You pass! Thanks.
You're really good at cooking.
I'd like to eat some, too.
Sure, if you place an order.
Aoi-chan, he's not human, so be careful.
How cold of you, Misa-chan.
But that's part of what I like about you.
Don't touch me so casually! Yeah, yeah.
Where is Misa-chan Should we go now? Aoi-chan! Hey, that's Who's she? It's Aoi-chan the net idol! You know her? Proves how you are a closet otaku, Ikkun.
Since she's a net idol, does she put up swimsuit pictures and such? Porn's your favorite thing, isn't it, Kurotatsu? Aoi-chan is an innocent type.
But she sometimes posts a picture with a cheeky face, and that's so Strike! See? It's so easy.
Yet, why is he Welcome home, Master.
Won't you work as a substitute today? I'm a customer today.
Then would you like to share a table with me? No thanks.
What a waste.
Maybe I'll go up the stairs once in a while That guy There's a limit to how little interest he can show.
All he cares about is that boring woman.
Oh, hi, Aoi-chan.
Misa-chan, you can leave it there.
Chief's out of the shop right now.
Why should I care about that? She should be back soon, so why not sit and wait for a while? Mind your own business.
Do you not like me? Wow, how'd you know? All right, then I'll leave you alone.
Do whatever you like.
Hey, there's something I want to ask.
What? I didn't know you were changing.
My shift is over today.
Are those your casual clothes? Yeah.
There's not the slightest hint of femininity! You're a girl, aren't you?! Besides, are these even a woman's clothes? Aren't they men's? I don't know.
I grab what's cheap.
This is horrible! Are you trying to dress cutely at all? I don't get hung up over things like that.
How did you seduce Usui Takumi?! You must have some kind of secret technique! There has to be a reason for him to not look at someone as cute as I! If I make him mine, I'll be even cuter than before! Yet he won't even look at me, and I can't accept that! Tell me! What did you do?! I didn't do anything.
Say it already! Calm down a little.
There, up you go! Brutish hag! Are you going to let me have your omelet rice? Could you move? I'm taking my break.
What do you want me to do? I want you to be mine, and only mine.
Do you really understand what that means? H-hey! What was- What are you doing, you letch! Aoi-chan! Get a grip already! What was that for?! Why are you going so far, acting as if this was some kind of contest?! Everyone knows that you're cute without doing something like this! But everyone was laughing! I only like cute things.
If I could get a lot of people to acknowledge that I'm cute, then I thought that I could impress those that laughed at me.
Do you really think so? If you want to impress them, then face them straight on! You can't fight alone without dragging others in, can you? I don't know what you had to go through, but I'm sure those people that laughed at you in the past will respect you.
You're cute, Aoi-chan.
Even if you are a boy.
Sorry I never told you all.
He gets really upset if I tell the truth.
You knew it from the start, didn't you? You did? No wonder he never looked at me.
Huh?! Then why were you on top of him? I was only facing him straight on, like you did.
Shut up, pervert! What a strange bunch.
Why aren't they more surprised? I'm a guy, yet I like cute clothes, and I even cross dress.
Isn't it normal to laugh at me, or at least be shocked? Why should we laugh? Sure, I was surprised when I figured it out.
But the clothes looked good on you.
Aoi-chan, you're satisfied, right? How about you go home now? I'll go home.
Next time I come, I'll perfect it and make everyone my slave.
Aoi-chan You went back to square one Just you wait, freaks! He even left with a cliché line.
Everything I said was for nothing.
That's not true.
Will Aoi-chan show up today? Will she? Sorry for the wait, Masters.
Gasp! Misa-chan.
He was all over Aoi-chan.
W-What are you saying, Kurotatsu? I'm here only for Misa-chan.
Masters, isn't it about time you leave? We just got here! Have a wonderful day, Masters.
Oh my gosh, Aoi-chan! A male school uniform?! Good job! It looks great! So great! What a cute male middle school student you are! Please! Stay like this! I'm wearing the uniform since I didn't have anything else to wear today.
Don't have anything else to wear? Why not? Satsuki-san, could you give me your old clothes again? Ah.
So my brother threw them away again.
So Aoi-chan's clothes used to be the Chief's.
I'm arranging them and fixing the sizes, too.
Wow, that's pretty amazing.
You can even sew? It's economical, too, so it's great.
Good work, Misa-chan.
Excuse me.
You're wearing something like that again You still don't realize how much of a waste it is? I can't take this anymore.
Come with me! Good work today.
Misa-chan, hang in there.
A pink one piece camisole, a mini piece dress with ribbon, and a chiffon top with open shoulders coordinated with a fluffy balloon skirt.
Everyone would admit they look good.
Yet, why don't you show any interest at all?! Ah Sorry.
You're born as a girl! You're supposed to look good in clothes made for girls! Yet your lack of fashion sense and dedication is killing you and it annoys the heck out of me! I'm getting insulted and lectured at the same time.
It's no use.
I'll help pick out clothes that'll look good on you.
No, there's no way I'd look good in anything.
Besides, I don't have any money to buy clothes.
This is super cheap.
I was just out of notebooks.
If you will.
Tissue! I'll take a tissue! Sorry.
Where should we go next? Forget it.
I understand now.
We're having a time sale right now.
I'll even give you a bigger discount! Suzuna loves croquettes, you know.
I give up on reforming you.
Looks like you did go to school today.
It's suffocating to be at home.
Not like it's any different at school.
How come? Because everyone denies what I like.
Beautiful things and cute things.
It's ridiculous that I shouldn't like them just because I'm a guy.
That's why I hate everyone.
I can't come to like anyone.
If you ask me, I like you.
It's refreshing to watch you.
Well, I hate you! I know.
Are you a masochist while having such a sadist face? Just so you know, I'm not interested in that kind of thing.
Aoi-chan, you're being too loud.
Oh man, the weather forecast is never right.
Aoi-chan, you don't have anything with you to dry yourself off? I do, but I don't want to use it.
It's my favorite cute handkerchief.
Then I'll dry you with my handkerchief.
Someone help! It's a bag-snatcher! Halt! You idiotic man! What does she think she's doing? If you won't stop, I will use force! You're crazy to challenge an adult man! Am I too weird? Or am I too masculine for a girl? Sorry.
I'm just like this, so if I made you worry, I'll apologize.
People yell at me a lot and tell me to act more feminine.
But I believe it's best to be the way I am.
Even so, I don't accept girls who don't put effort into becoming a good woman.
If you don't polish yourself, you'll eventually get dumped and cry over it.
Dumped by who? Usui Takumi.
We're nothing like that.
But he sees you as more than just friends.
Not true.
He's just toying with me and having fun.
He's an alien so you know.
I sympathize with him a little right now.
Hey, your sleeve's ripped! That's what you get for buying something cheap.
Tell me your size.
I'll make some.
You mean make my clothes? Yeah.
You've got great style, so I'm saying I'll help you out.
No thanks.
I will.
I said no thanks.
This doesn't feel quite right Are you questioning my sense? You're so cute, Misa-chan.
Should I organize a Lolita day? She looks better than expected.
You're right.
What?! Laugh if you want to! Sorry for being a miserable failure when it comes to cuteness.
If you're blushing like that, you look even cuter, and that turns me on.
You massive pervert! It's tiring to wear clothes I'm not used to.
Hey, weren't you all taking pictures of me? Of course.
I took so many that the memory filled up.
I picked out her clothes, after all.
She looked really good, didn't she? Yeah, it turned me on.
Shut up, Usui you idiot! Oh no, I forgot.
The paperwork for the district government got piled up.
Good bye.
Good work, Honoka-san.
I have my next part time job to go to.
Ah, please don't worry, Subaru-san.
I'll stick around.
I'm a little worried.
We're sorry, Misa-chan.