Maid Sama! (Kaichou wa Maid-sama!) (2010) s01e05 Episode Script

First Time Minding the Shop

1 Don't be such a sissy! Yukimura, I told you that today's the due date of the School Festival's report, right? Yes! But Prez, there are far too many documents for us to handle.
There are lots of classes and clubs that submit at the last minute.
A new stack? I can't handle this.
Ah, fine.
I'll take care of the rest, so consolidate the pile.
Prez! Calm down.
Come on, I can't see it.
Don't push.
Wow, that's erotic.
What a rack.
I can't get enough of this.
It's pretty lively there.
What's going on? Um Shh.
Shh!! That stupid bunch.
Are they goofing off while I'm not there? Pass on the message.
I'll be punishing them later.
Come on, Prez.
Don't say things like that.
It turns me on.
When did you get here? Rather, don't walk into the staff room! Well, it was open.
Poor security.
Bastard Hey there.
You came again, Usui-kun? What is that box? I ordered a few things.
Anti-Crime tools? Have you heard about the recent cases where staff from cosplay cafés were being targeted? Sadly, it's becoming more common.
That's why.
I think our Masters are fine, but just in case, you keep one, too, Misa-chan.
Please give it to the other girls rather than me.
I'll take whatever's left over.
In fact, I'll be fine without one.
Do you think that you'll be fine because you're strong? Ah, right.
You're practicing aikido, aren't you? Yes.
Besides, people don't wait for me outside.
So if some freaks come, I'll subdue them.
You're so reliable, Misa-chan.
Ah, stalker cases? The one that goes after the cosplay cafés, right? I heard about that on the news.
What a pathetic guy.
Yeah, a total loser.
Is Misa-chan all right? You're right I'm so worried.
What if something happens to Misa-chan? Hey, shouldn't we protect Misa-chan? Actually, Misa-chan's strong.
She practices aikido.
She's stronger than us.
There's nothing to worry about! All right, shall we go today, too? Let's go to Maid Latte.
We're gonna sit there as long as possible with one cup of coffee.
Prez, please go easy on them.
Was that everyone making such a racket in the Student Council Room? Yes.
We're sorry.
Sorry, Prez.
If you've got nothing better to do than yap in the Student Council Room, go home and study! Yes, ma'am.
Nicely done.
What are you doing there? What is wrong with him? He's annoying.
Suit yourself, Usui, you idiot! Hey, it's after school.
Ikkun, how much do you have on you? 20 yen.
How about you, Shiroyan? 80 yen.
You, Kurotatsu? I have 15 yen.
So the three of us together How much do we have? I think 115 yen? What? Then we can't even order a cup of coffee.
Let's just go home today.
Thank you so much, Prez.
Good work, Yukimura.
Man, I'm late.
Wow, I'm making so much progress.
Sakura? Hey.
Misaki! Are you on your way home now? You were doing your homework at school? Why? Because I can concentrate better that way.
You don't know what happens after dark, So you shouldn't stick around too long.
You sound like a mother, Misaki.
Thanks for walking me back.
Does she really understand? You don't know what happens after dark, So you shouldn't stick around too long.
You've got to really cut that out! Going to work now? Don't follow me, you hear?! Welcome back, Master.
Yeah, I'm back.
This way please, Master.
He's not here.
He's not here I'll bring you a new one right away.
Thank you, Misa-chan.
See ya.
Good work.
The Chief's late today.
Well, she's at the shopping district's meeting.
Can't do much about that.
Why did it have to be on a day like this.
Do you have to do stuff, too, Erika? I have a mountain of untouched assignments due tomorrow.
I don't think I can get it done.
Do you have something, too, Subaru? I have another job after this.
What a hard worker.
Go ahead.
You two can leave.
I'll let the Chief know.
Are you sure, Misa-chan? Yes.
Please leave it to me.
Thank you, but I'm a little worried to leave you alone.
Especially with those dangerous cases happening lately.
Don't worry.
If a stranger shows up, I'll subdue them.
Are you sure it'll be fine? Yep.
Then I guess I'll take your offer.
Thanks a bunch.
Is it the molester the Chief was talking about? He's strong.
What do you think you're doing, Usui? Pretend stalker.
Looks like I need to show you that you've crossed the line.
Punishment? Usui.
You would have been sued if it had been any other ordinary girl.
All that aside, the back door wasn't locked.
Prez, you should be a little more self-aware.
You act like you're safe since you're strong, but you're a girl, too, Misa-chan.
Let go! Mocking me like that! What? Trying to warn me? I know I'm a girl! Get out.
She doesn't get it at all.
Wow, so much cake.
Where did you get all these? Wasn't it expensive? You're so rich! Maid Latte's chief was out until late today, so I stuck around until she returned.
Then- I'm sorry I'm late.
Take this with you and enjoy.
She gave it to me like that.
Anyway, that Usui.
Why is he always so bossy? Ah, forget it.
This one's for mom, and this one's for tomorrow's breakfast, and this is for a snack.
Wow, this is good.
Where did the Chief buy these from? I wonder which one I should have.
Have whatever you like, Suzuna.
It's really good.
Oh yeah, should we make tea? Yeah.
And I have the World Tea Set I won through the mail as a prize.
Hey, do you want to go somewhere on the way back? No.
I don't have any money.
Yeah, thought so.
Have a wonderful day, Master.
Are you ready to order? I'll take the Moe Moe Omelet Rice with ice coffee.
Moe Moe Omelet Rice with ice coffee.
Right away.
How peaceful.
I can't believe how much Usui not being here lets me relax.
I'm sorry.
I hit it with my arm.
I'm sorry.
Are you all right? Yes.
I'll bring something to clean up right away.
I'll help, too.
It'll be dangerous.
Misa-chan's perfect.
I don't think I can hold myself back anymore.
Same here.
A young woman has been assaulted at a café.
It was one of the cosplay cafés.
The man waited until after hours and entered through the staff door.
Hey there, brother.
Do you have time? Do you want to hang out with us? Hey, he's pretty young.
Are you in high school? Huh? Hey! How rude.
Finished cleaning.
Chief has a key, so for safety's sake.
I have another shopping district meeting.
Everything's scheduled for this month.
Other than the monthly meeting, there's an advocacy meeting, a financial meeting, and I even have to submit our accounting book.
Accounting is such a bother.
Besides, the council president thinks we should introduce a cute character and wants to use this nonsense mascot.
It's such a hassle.
Maybe I'll just sing.
Lalala~ Anyway, I'll make sure you won't be watching the shop alone from now on, so please survive just one more night.
When I'm done, I'll dash back with a souvenir! I'm sorry.
I'll be fine, Chief.
I don't think there's anything to worry about.
It hurts more than it looks.
Chief? Chief? Strange.
I heard the door unlock.
We picked open the back door.
Don't move.
Let go upstairs.
I've done it, Misa-chan.
Please stay obedient for a while.
We don't want to hurt you.
They're customers of this café.
We know.
To us, you're the ideal maid.
We've been watching you all the time.
Even when you were talking with other guys.
You don't actually want to deal with them, right? We're different from them.
We know your true nature.
You punks! There's a limit to how much you can dream! You can tell my true nature? Who do you think you are? What do you know about me? Glare You idiots.
Usui? The window! Man The Chief's going to lose it when she come back.
It's because the back door was locked.
I didn't have a choice.
We're sorry.
What did you think her true nature was? I'm curious.
Well We thought she might be a sadist, despite being a maid.
If that were the case, we wanted her to punish us.
So you guys are masochists.
Yes, I guess.
Hardcore ones.
Unfortunately, this is my cute maid.
So she's not available to others.
I don't recall Becoming your belonging! Keep walking.
Well It's only right to say what needs to be said so Usui.
Thank you.
Sorry I'm late.
Ah, so you were with her, Usui-kun.
Chief, welcome back.
Um Weren't you two looking into each other's eyes? Sorry I bothered you.
I should have taken more time.
I'm so inconsiderate.
What are you saying, Chief? What is it, Usui-kun? Up? Ohhhhh.
What happened? I'm sorry.
You see- Chief! So did you scream at all? "Eek! Help me!", like all the other girls would? No, I gave them a lesson.
I knew it.
It's a good thing that you weren't injured.
Don't do anything like that again.
I'm sorry to worry you.
But I'm fine.
I'll train to become stronger.
I guess it's very Misa-chan like.
Yeah, very much like her.
Everyone's thinking, "What's the point in becoming stronger?" Okay.
There, I set it as your wallpaper.
Your picture from the other day.
W-when did you take this picture?! Who took this to begin with? I did.
As Chief Satsuki says, we have to appreciate the cute things together.
She took so many that her memory filled up.
Let me see.
She's so cute.
No looking, Usui! Give me that photo, too.
Check it out.
I have that picture, too.
You got to be kidding me.
Hey, send it over.
No, don't give it to him! Stop it! Hey, how do I change this? This wallpaper is so embarrassing that I can't open the phone! How do I change it? If you don't do it yourself, you'll never learn how to use it.
I said stop! I got it.
The cake was good, wasn't it, Sis? Could you say thank you to the Chief? I already did.
For you and for Mom, too.
I get the feeling another cake is coming our way soon.
Don't have high hopes like that.
I've accumulated points from Maid Latte.
You're coming too often, Usui.
Take a picture with me, Misa-chan.
To do that, you have to beat me in a game.
Prez, did you accept disciples? They're calling you Master.
I don't get it at all.