Maid Sama! (Kaichou wa Maid-sama!) (2010) s01e06 Episode Script

Men & the Ayuzawa Cram School

1 One day Please! all of a sudden Please become our Master! I got disciples.
Five of them.
What the hell's that? They're like pepper and salt.
Their naiveté proves that they're freshmen.
We're honored to be able to walk home from school with Master.
We, the Yumeyama brothers, are glad to have enrolled in Seika High School.
We're so glad to have founded the Ayuzawa School! The fulfilling school life.
It's right here with us.
Could we stop with that "Ayuzawa School"? It's a little too embarrassing.
But Master! Is there any better name than this? Ayuzawa Association or Ayuzawa Club doesn't sound right.
This is the only one that everyone can agree on.
They're too much into this.
Do as you like.
Thank you very much! Still, having you guys expect me to teach you is pretty interesting.
What are you saying? We've always been impressed by your style of living.
Style of living? We've been watching you from the sidelines during the School Festival, too.
To remodel the school, you even confront those older than you with a headstrong attitude.
And you're one of the best at sports and academics.
You have the right to stand above all the other students.
You're a perfect role model of a Student Council President! You don't have to go that far.
I'm not that great of a person.
Master, you're our goal in life! We want to become a wonderful person like you.
You're our light.
The person we look up to the most.
All hail Ayuzawa Misaki! See you guys.
I heard that you walk to school, so why are you getting on the train? Ah, right.
I heard that you have a part time job.
I heard that she works to help out her house, even if it's just for a few hours.
That's our Master, to work with such a tight schedule.
We really must learn about this.
Please let us come with you! I knew they were going to ask that! It must be a really honorable job.
No, it's an ordinary job.
It won't do you any good as a reference.
No, just seeing the job will be a great experience for us.
It'll be a great learning experience! You all should just go home now, okay? Just go straight home, you really should be doing your homework.
The Prez said no.
Just go home.
Do you get it? Okay Then Master, have a safe trip.
Have a safe trip.
See you at school.
We'll come with you.
We've got to accumulate points.
That's our mission right now.
Hey! Then we're going, too.
We must.
I said that you can't.
Please wait, Master! Master! There's no way I can take them with me.
Master?! Master?! Playing tag or something? Usui? Master! Master? She's nowhere to be found.
Now that's our Master.
She managed to lose us so easily.
You saved me.
When did you become so popular? Apparently they want to learn from me.
She's such a fast runner.
As expected of our Master.
Yes, indeed.
So you really can't show your other self, is that right? You know, I got enough points! What? You've gotten so many already? Impressed? You're coming too often.
Well, I'm going to challenge you to a game today, so take a picture with me after that.
Misa-chan, you look too frightened.
Let's put on a more natural smile, like usual.
Well, um You're allowed to have one retake, but would you be interested in this, Master? This will be fine.
The usual Misa-chan is the best.
Misa-chan! You're loved by your Master so much! What a lucky maid you are.
Lucky him What's wrong, Misa-chan? Master! Good morning! Good morning We look forward to today's lessons.
Master! Please tell us a story.
Sorry, I don't have any interesting stories to share.
Oh, then I guess there's nothing she can do.
Nope, nothing.
Nothing she can do.
What? For you! Seaweed base bento with egg and sausage as sides.
We'll come with this bento tomorrow, Master! You're not going to eat? Are you feeling all right, Master? Prez.
It's regarding the article for the school newspaper.
Sure, let me see it.
Prez, how about the arrangements for the Neighborhood Cleaning Plan? Right.
I'll come up with it today.
Prez, we got these from the comment box.
Okay, we'll discuss these during tomorrow's meeting to- So that's the famous Ayuzawa School.
They're so diligent.
You guys! If you're going to do that, you're better off using free desks to study! Okay! They really are diligent.
No wonder it's the Ayuzawa School.
That was a pleasant experience.
Will you be going to your part time job today, too, President Ayuzawa? Please let us come with you today.
Bye! You guys be careful on your way home.
Please wait! Why can't we come with you? Don't run in the hallway! Master! Master! Looks like you're having some trouble.
You again? Want me to have a word with them? I'll tell them that you don't like guys, so you want them to stay away.
But, to be honest, I'm actually happy.
Master! Master? Where are you? They are a pain, but I like passionate guys like them.
Welcome back, Master.
So, This is today's special tea, Master.
Why don't you- Master! Talk to us more! Please let us follow you to your work! -tell them where you work? Isn't your timing every single day a little too good? Wouldn't they understand the situation if you explained it to them? But Being a maid is a little too I want to keep this a secret no matter what.
You see, they're looking at my Student Council President personality as their role model.
I don't want to disappoint them.
So you're going to keep on running away like this? Running? Today's recommendation is the pancake.
Enjoy your stay.
What should I write, Master? Can you write, "Love"? Most certainly.
Please enjoy.
There's no way I can show this to the Ayuzawa School's bunch.
Enjoy your stay.
Misa-chan seems to be distressed.
I thought she had adapted to this fairly well.
Yes? Some Masters would like to challenge you to a game for a picture with you.
They want to challenge you to a card game.
What game will it be? Speed, please.
You're acting cool, Shiroyan.
But you don't look cool at all.
A picture with Misa-chan! Very well.
If I may.
Don't worry, we'll be fine.
We practiced so much.
We trained until I shed blood for this moment.
You can do it.
Fight, Shiroyan! Ready or not.
Bring it on! Ready and go! Eh? That was too fast.
Is it possible? Is it possible at all? That's our Misa-chan.
She's merciless.
Everyone calls her the final boss.
Yup, when it comes to playing games Naturally.
Who knows how long it would take to leak out to the school from the day I get a picture taken.
Damn it! Usui won at this, so we thought this would be our chance.
He was the first to beat Misa-chan.
That game was amazing.
He got me, but This is my first picture with Prez.
What did he do with that picture? He isn't bringing it to school, is he? So you're going to keep on running away like this? I just don't want to disappoint them.
It's not that I'm running away.
Our chance for a picture with Misa-chan! These guys used to think of me as annoying, didn't they? And I told you earlier to fix your appearances! Yeah, yeah, I'll take them off later.
They became like this after finding out that I work as a maid, but Please accumulate more points and challenge her again.
All right, we'll have our revenge! Let's accumulate points again to get our photo with Misa-chan.
Yeah! Misa-chan.
I'm thinking of making tomorrow a Rabbit Ears Day.
Hello, I'm Bun-Bun-Honoka-pyon! Bunny hop! How about we nibble on carrots? Subaru-pyon, I don't think you need whiskers.
You think so, too? I was worried that it might look like a mouse.
There you go, Misa-pyon.
Misa-pyon's my name? Ah, looks great.
Now repeat after me.
Like this? Bun-Bun-Misa-pyon.
What are those hands supposed to be? You're not a ghost, Misa-pyon.
Rabbit hands need to be rounder.
You've got to make yourself look cute down to the finger tips.
Honoka-pyon, you're strict as always.
They're not going to be able to call me Master after seeing this.
What day is it tomorrow? Huh? Tomorrow? Was something supposed to happen? It's fine if you can't answer it.
It's not that big of an event if you think about it.
What is this about? Tomorrow, the drug store in the next town over will be having a double point day.
It's double.
Isn't it amazing? If there's anything you need, please take this card with you.
Yeah, sure.
Was there anything? Do we have shampoo and laundry detergent? No, I mean, you looked like you were deep in thought, so I was wondering if something happened.
Oh, me? No, nothing in particular.
Actually, it's not just tomorrow.
There's always some kind of special event going on somewhere.
What? That's it? Wow, Suzuna.
Don't people get freaked out when they see that? Not at all.
Everybody helps me collect the points, so they're actually helping me out.
I really like that about you.
Always being herself, and taking things at her own pace.
But I'm No, I'm serious.
You sure? Yeah, I'm not joking with you.
Hey, you boys.
Don't sit on the stairs.
You're in people's way.
Look, the annoying one's here.
Let's go.
Master! Ready Good morning! Good morning.
Master, could you teach us aikido today? Please! Sure.
That's the Shihou throw.
Aikido isn't about attacking.
You act using your opponent's force, without opposing it head on.
That was great! You're amazing, Master.
I wouldn't want to disappoint such honest guys.
Wow, the wind's pretty strong up here.
What brings you here, Prez? What a rare guest.
Usui! Are you being chased by those guys again? No.
I came to cool off a little.
I'm thinking of telling them about how I'm a maid.
When I think of the possibility of them finding out by chance If I tell them up front, I think that keeps me closer to their vision of me.
So you're doing this for their sake again? It's not for yourself? I know.
It's me that's afraid, in the end.
I'm afraid that they'll see me as a maid, have their image of me destroyed, and sneer at me.
It hurts to let down people who believe in you.
Well, I won't get let down.
No matter what you do.
Usui- Here's the proof.
What are you doing carrying that around?! It's my charm.
A charm for what?! For Love? Why you! Got it! Let's head back to the classroom now.
It's your fault for trying to take it away from me.
No! No! This can't be happening! What should I do? This is just too Want me to go get it? Even if you go now, the guys down there will get to it first.
What are you doing?! Shortest route.
It is, but you'll die! If you're telling me to go get it, then I will.
What kind of nonsense is this? Why would you go that far? Why? Because I love you, Aizawa.
USUI!!! What is he doing? What is he doing? What is he doing? What is he doing? I'm just too good.
Yeah, you are.
You colossal idiot.
Did something happen? Woah, Usui-san! Hurry to the hospital.
I think I'm fine.
No human is fine after jumping off a roof! What could have caused this? What happened? There's something I haven't told you guys.
My part time job is- Prez.
Are you talking about how I buy your services after the school's out? In return for that earlier reward, I'll make sure your secret's kept.
I HATE you! So you work as Usui-san's bodyguard.
That's so cool.
Just as expected from you, Master.
If it's something like that, then we can't bother you.
Wait, what does Usui-san do? I wouldn't want to be bothered anymore.
I don't want to see more fans swarming around you.
Could you nurse me with your maid outfit? I'm leaving! He's a pervert! He's a perverted alien! Usui should be relaxing in the hospital now, shouldn't he? Master! Wow, you surprised me! Your guidance for Ayuzawa School, please.
Then here's your homework.
How about writing a report on what happened today? How many words? Are 15,000 words enough? Something like that will do.
Okay, see you.
See you, Master.
I'll see you tomorrow, Master.
Good bye.
They are a good bunch, but Trouble with the students from Miyabigaoka? Rats.
Hey, I got a message from Usui.
Glasses Day is next? Huh?!