Maid Sama! (Kaichou wa Maid-sama!) (2010) s01e07 Episode Script

Enter the Student Council President of Miyabigaoka

1 Welcome back, Master.
It's Misa-chan in glasses! So nice~ Pardon us.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Subaru-san.
Keep it up, Misa-chan.
We're here to support you.
Oh, yeah! What am I doing I've got to concentrate.
Are you okay, Misa-chan? Chief.
I'm sorry.
If something's bothering you, let me know.
Ask me anything.
I'm sorry.
Don't worry.
I always trust you.
How about me? Of course I trust you.
I trust you, Subaru-chan, Erika-chan, Gon-chan, and Sayu-chan, too.
That's why you're so vulnerable, Chief.
Honoka-chan, you have a black aura coming out.
But I do yell at slacking people.
Oh no! Back to working on the floor, then! You're done for the day, aren't you? Good work.
Excuse me then.
What to do You look like you're having fun.
Usui! You're out of the hospital already? Pretty much what you'd expect, right? What are you talking about?! You're still wrapped in bandages! So you're worried about me? Don't come in without permission! Well, I couldn't wait to see Misa-chan at Maid Latte.
Quit it! Because I love you, Ayuzawa.
Sakura? Misaki! Over here! Who are they fighting against? Against students from Miyabigaoka.
It's the celebrity school where all the rich boys and girls go.
It has the kind of people we try our best not to associate with.
Oh, brother.
Excuse me.
Please let me through.
You guys! What kind of ruckus are you making in the middle of the street?! Why is the Prez here? How should I know? You are? I'm the Student Council President of Seika High School, Ayuzawa Misaki.
Did our students do something? One of your students punched me.
Is that true?! I had heard that Seika High School is a savage place, and it would seem that the rumor is true.
I need to think about what sort of apology this will require.
Shut your trap! Why should we apologize to you? You guys Apologize! What was that for? I'm telling you to apologize for hitting him! I don't get it! You're the one that punched us! Shut up! Think of the trouble you're causing for everyone here! Only idiots hit other people out of anger.
Looks like it's not worth talking to them right now.
We'll be waiting for you at Miyabigaoka anytime.
If you do not have any intention of apologizing, then I will bring this issue to the administration.
Say what you want.
Let's go.
Hey, you guys.
What are you going to do if this case turns out to be a big problem? And right when Seika's image is starting to get better, too Your hard work will go to waste.
Don't worry.
I'll figure it out.
That's what I said, but I can't imagine them obediently apologizing.
I heard about Miyabigaoka.
What was that? Are you all right, Prez? It's nothing.
What's wrong, Ayuzawa? I don't have the time to be thinking about unnecessary things.
I'm sorry, could someone help me with these? Usui-san? Thank you very much.
Not a problem.
Your gratitude will be- -repaid with this.
Yukimura! Come back to us! Yukimura! I see.
So he's Just a sexual harassment jerk!! He got me all confused, but he's like that to everyone! Yup.
Finding that out makes me feel much better! I can't follow what's going on.
Don't worry.
Something is completely messed up right now.
He's definitely some kind of perverted alien! Seriously, what is wrong with you? I'm coming with you since it sounds fun.
I haven't ridden a bus in a while.
Why is Usui-san here, too? More like, why do we have to apologize to them? Like I said, if you're so against apologizing, then tell me what caused the fight.
That day, we were- Chess, eh? I bet it'd be cool to be able to play it.
Wow, look at the price! Heck, you're even bad at Othello.
This is rare.
It's students from Seika.
That store belongs to my family.
It's no place for filth like you.
Buzz off, flies.
He goes and says something like that.
How could we apologize to him? But, you're telling us to apologize anyways.
So much for being honest.
Miyabigaoka's building is stuck-up no matter how many times I see it.
So you're finally here, Seika High School.
I see an extra face here.
Is he the Vice President or something? No, I'm here to study sociology.
I see.
What? You So, you two there.
Your apology please.
I've been looking forward to how you'll show me your sincerity.
What's the matter? Did you not come to apologize? This is why I hate brainless poor people.
Very well.
We'll continue this in the Student Council Room.
"Brainless poor people," you said? I see.
So you called our students "flies" just like that.
I'm fine with continuing this in the Student Council Room.
I don't mind making this an official issue.
However, I would like you to apologize to us first! Why should I? Because you were the first to insult our students, causing them to punch you.
Honestly, I want to beat the crap out of you, too.
You make me sick.
Nothing lets you call the students of Seika "flies".
I demand an apology from you.
What's wrong with calling a fly a fly? That's right.
How about we settle this with a game of chess then? If you can beat me in this game, then I will admit that Seika's students are not flies.
We've never played chess before! I hate how he says that so arrogantly.
How about you, Prez? I've only played Shougi.
Then I guess I'll play.
Should I explain the rules? I've played a bit in the past, so you don't have to.
I see.
You can move first.
I don't get him.
Ah, yes.
I forgot to mention: I placed fourth in this year's national tournament.
So? So, I better go easy on you a little.
You don't have to.
But instead, If I win against you playing seriously, you have to admit that Seika's Prez is a butterfly rather than a fly.
W-What is he saying? What about us? How could I possibly lose when I'm playing seriously? Isn't he losing his nerve? Could it be that Usui-san is good? He might be.
So? Are you going to resign? Who would! Now what? Checkmate.
He won without even trying! Care for another game? Hey! Keep your voices down! You're bothering the other passengers.
That four-eyes is awesome! "How could we possibly gauge an individual's worth through a game like this?" he said! You're flies! Seika is nothing but flies! I don't want to be even breathing the same air! You heard that last part? So lame! That made us feel a lot better! Usui-san, Prez! Thank you so much! You guys shouldn't get too carried away, alright? You are at fault, too, so if something like this happens again- When it happens, We'll ask for your help.
Gosh, they're such a hassle.
To me, you're a bigger hassle.
Anyways, is Miyabigaoka filled with students like him? But then, I'm sure there are better guys that that, and there must be troubles that rich people face that I can't imagine.
Therefore, I'm here to request that you, Prez, demand an apology from Seika High School.
Seika is more savage and dangerous than the rumors say.
Besides, a girl being President in the midst of boys is proof of a lack of motivation and an atrophy of order.
Shut up, Koganei.
They're from Miyabigaoka.
What are they here for? They're so annoying.
We've got a problem! What's the matter? Miyabigaoka's Student Council President is here.
He's the heir to the Igarashi Foundation.
I've seen him on a magazine before.
Oh no Is he here to complain to Misaki? No worries.
Misaki-san will take care of him.
I'm the Student Council President of Miyabigaoka, Igarashi Tora.
What brings Miyabigaoka's Student Council President here? I'm sorry for our student's insolent behavior.
I have suggested to the Principal that he should be expelled from the school.
Expelled? Isn't that too strict? We do share part of the blame for actually punching him, too.
Then will you forgive him? Of course.
It wasn't anything you had to come all the way here for, too.
Then I may cancel his expulsion? Please.
I'm glad to hear that.
Still, you're exactly as the rumors had said.
Rumors? Yes.
You're fair, thoughtful, and always think foremost of the students.
Hey, he's gentlemanly.
A true celebrity is different.
What did you do that for!? Those guys are goofing off again.
Stop, you guys! Are you all right?! Don't I always tell you to use that extra energy for studying? I totally forgot about President Igarashi.
That was wonderful! Someone so strong and beautiful is truly a dependable person.
You see, I came here today with a request for you other than the apology.
Ayuzawa Misaki-san.
Will you join us at Miyabigaoka's Student Council? Huh? Um, I don't understand what you're saying.
I've never heard of a student working for student councils of two different schools.
Then you should transfer.
Naturally, we will provide the uniform and anything else you need.
No, unfortunately, my family is very poor.
I can't afford to go to a school with expensive tuition like Miyabigaoka.
Then let's do this: We will prepare a special student loan.
Considering your excellence, I'm sure you'll even be exempted from paying it back, too.
Student loan? I will guarantee everything.
I'm serious, President Ayuzawa.
We shall leave now.
I look forward to hearing your favorable reply.
President Igarashi.
I don't think I'll Ayuzawa Misaki-san.
In the past, Seika High School was nothing but a problem.
But now, the entire student council is working together to create a better school.
You've made a wonderful school.
Man, it was hot in there.
No wonder it's a poor kids' school.
They don't even have the air conditioning on.
Still Crap, this is hilarious.
She clotheslined that guy.
She nailed him straight in the neck.
I didn't expect that woman to be that interesting.
Ayuzawa Misaki.
She's something else.
Let's see what she does next.
You keep your eyes on her.
What? We can't go in if it's ladies only day.
I can't see anything because of the fogged glass.
Welcome back, Milady.
Allow me to take you to your seat.
Please watch your step, Milady.
You're so cool, Misaki-kun.
Way to go, Misa-chan.
Totally natural.
This is only possible because of her.
After all, she's a huge hit with the ladies.
This is heaven! Come to think of, this is the first time there are so many girls around.
This could be fun.
You seem to be having fun, Misaki-kun.
Of course, since I'm so popular.
A girl being popular with girls? Hush.
I'm already a guy at heart.
In any case, It feels good to be acknowledged by others.
If all guys were like this, I would be fine with them.
How exactly? Like being kind, reliable, and gentlemanly.
By that, Do you mean, me? Never.
Then, Someone like the president of Miyabigaoka? Why are you brining up President Igarashi? Better yet, stop talking and move your hands.
Are you ready to order? We're still having trouble choosing.
Then let's choose it with me.
Misaki-kun, you're so hot.
I wish I had an older brother like this.
I'm honored.
But, Misaki-kun might actually be a younger brother type.
No, I'd say you're thinking too much.
He's got to be the dominant type.
Yeah? But isn't it nice to have that type be passive once in a while, too? I don't understand them at all.
Then, I would recommend this.
The menu option I like? For me? She's awakened.
Misaki has awakened.
Girls are so cute.
They have a sense of hygiene and charm that guys don't.
I wonder if I can keep dressing as a guy from now on, too.
And, what were they saying? "Dominant" and "passive" was it? Do you know what they mean? Do you want me to show you? What are you doing with your shirt off? I got sweaty, so I wanted to take my undershirt off.
You should get changed, too, Misaki-kun.
I'll get changed after you go home.
Why? What's the matter with guys stripping together? Everyone will- What's wrong? Undress already.
How about I undress you, Misaki-kun? Stop See? You are a girl, Ayuzawa.
Apparently that's what "dominant" is.
I've had enough.
How much do you need to confuse me before you're satisfied? I've had enough of you messing around with me.
Here's the report on Ayuzawa Misaki, President.
You've got to be kidding.
She really is the best woman.
I just came up with the best welcoming event for her.
I never thought I'd receive such a great offer to attend Miyabigaoka.
But if I transfer, Seika will return to the way it used to be, and the remaining girls will be scared and shiver.
You're such a worrywart, Prez.
You can't make up your mind, not because of yourself, but because of the girls that get left behind? If you go to Miyabigaoka, I wonder if you'll stop working at Maid Latte as well.
I already told you that I've had enough of you messing around with me.
Ah, right.
Then good bye, Prez.