Maid Sama! (Kaichou wa Maid-sama!) (2010) s01e10 Episode Script

Sakura's Indie-Label Love

1 It's just my imagination, right? Next Wednesday? Yeah.
Are you available after school? Let's go to a party! Apparently there will be a tea party with guys from a band.
Guys from a band? Well, they're actually just boys from Yumezaki High.
They're pretty famous in the Indie crowd.
They said that I should bring some friends with me.
Okay Apparently Sakura-san is in love with the group's vocalist.
Stop it, Shizuko! You're embarrassing me! Love? Yup.
I love him.
So I wanted to introduce him to you, too.
Is next week no good? Are you sure I can come? Of course! Hey.
You still haven't gone home, Prez? Shouldn't student council be over now? Yeah, but I have to do something.
I'm trying to open up a day next week, so I'm trying to finish some work in advance.
This goes here Is something happening next week? Sakura wants me to come with her after school.
Just you two? No, Shizuko's going as well.
This goes Who are you seeing? Blanking on the name.
They're some kind of band.
No, this should be over here.
Then this goes Is the band a male group? Yeah! Hey, this is- So they're people you don't know.
Would you be quiet? I can't get these done otherwise.
In fact, just go home.
That? It should go there.
So, what will you all do? Probably just chat at a café or something.
That's What? You look like you have something you want to say.
Just thinking how rare it is for you to take part in that kind of activity.
You're right.
Middle school was probably the last time I hung out with friends after school.
Maybe that's why I'm looking forward to this.
Here! So this is that band? You should listen to it before the tea party.
It's a really happy and touching song.
You listened to their songs, Shizuko? Yes, I guess.
Was it happy and touching? I think that depends on the person's taste.
Happy and touching, eh? I haven't seen many these days.
Many of what? These mail in prizes.
Sending in over the web is becoming more common.
What do you win from this magazine's mail in prize? King crab.
What? Isn't this supposed to be a music magazine? Well, it doesn't have to be king crab that I win.
So they are popular.
Is that Umemishi? You know them, Chief? Of course.
They're really popular in the Indie scene right now.
But then, I only learned about them recently.
I'm thinking of having a visual band day here.
Visual band day? Most certainly.
Excuse me for a second.
Come to think of, I haven't seen them around in a while.
I hope they're being studious at home.
I wasn't expecting that.
Not expecting what? That you would come to Sakura-san's tea party.
Rock music is a world totally opposite from yours.
You know, seeing such a happy Sakura, I wanted to cheer her on.
I hope it'll go well.
No, it's nothing.
Sorry to make you wait! So it's tomorrow.
Hear that? We saved up pretty well.
Soon, our dream will come true.
Our dream Dream! Maid Latte, full day feast, enjoy the full menu! And! We will pile up the points and challenge Misa-chan to a game! We won't lose this time! The only thing we're going for is a picture with Misa-chan! Alright, time to get to work.
Shiroyan, you better not break plates today.
You, too.
Don't make any wrong orders.
Look, we have a customer.
Gotta guide them in.
Shizuko, are my bangs okay? That's the 6th time you've asked that question today.
Boo! Boo! Today's a special day! Misaki, Shizuko's giving me the cold shoulder.
Looks nice, Sakura.
It's perfect.
Really?! Thank you, Misaki! I'm glad I came.
What a surprise.
Never thought Misa-chan would come.
Is something going on today? Okay, I'll go get the order.
Wait, let me go.
No, I should be the one.
I'm going! No, you make too many mistakes! What did you say? You got a problem?! Th-They're bright! Kuuga-kun! Hey.
So he's the one Sakura likes.
What the What is this? What is going on?! What is that mixer about? Time for us to introduce ourselves.
I'm Shou, on the guitar.
I'm Kou, playing the bass.
I'm Kuuga, the vocalist.
I'm William Adam Yuji, drums.
Y-You're a foreigner? I like that, Misaki-chan.
Nice question.
I've never met people like them before.
Oh right, Sakura-chan.
Here's a present for you.
It's the poster you were talking about the other day.
Really?! Moe! I can't.
I can't keep up with Sakura.
What's Shizuko doing? People are walking about like trash.
She's being oblivious! This really isn't a dream, right? How so? How all of you are sitting in front of me! I still can't believe it.
I'm so glad I became your fan! You're overreacting.
Not at all! I love all of you so much.
When Kuuga-kun called out to me, I was so happy, I thought my heart would stop.
It's not a big deal if I can't follow her.
Sakura in love is cute.
I'm so happy that she is, that I want to root for her.
She brought along only two friends.
We shouldn't have brought 20 tickets.
Let's stop this menial fan service already.
We're getting enough of an audience base.
Looks like she's totally fallen for you.
I like long straight hair, you know.
Her name was Misaki-chan, right? Maybe I'll make her mine.
Make Misa-chan- His? What the hell? Misa-chan! Our Misa-chan! To your live concert? Yeah, what do you think, Misaki-chan? I'm sure it'll be fun.
I don't have much free time.
How about you? No thank you.
What a waste! It's hard to get these tickets, right, Kuuga-kun? You think you can make it, Misaki-chan? Well, I don't have the money to, anyways.
Then keep that ticket.
You will come, right? Um Will you be going, Sakura? Of course! Yeah, I always see you at our concerts.
I see.
You're such a perfect fan.
I always hear her talking about Umemishi.
She really likes you all.
So, Misaki-chan.
The concert.
You won't make it? Am I mistaking things? It feel that Kuuga keeps on talking to me.
How can I get him to face Sakura? Hi there.
W-what are you doing? Well, I wanted to chat with you a bit.
Then we can do that at the table.
No, since they are having their own fun.
What are you talking about? Don't you understand Sakura's feelings? Yeah, but I have no interest in her.
Then why did you ask Sakura out? As fanservice, obviously.
She seems pretty serious about him, so I'm sure she'll catch the hint with this.
I can't deal with every girl, so I got to reject her sooner than later.
You can't be serious.
You think I'm joking? This is kindness.
I'm being considerate to my fans.
If it's early on, it won't hurt too much, right? Being considerate? Hey! But then, if you became our fan, I might change my mind.
I'm sorry for the wait.
May I take your order? Oops, excuse me.
Usui! Why are you here? What's with this waiter? Is he someone you know, Misaki-chan? Her boyfriend, maybe.
Think of the timing.
No! He's not! Then what are you?! Just her stalker.
We need to call another waiter here.
He is a stalker, but not really.
He's um how do I say Whatever.
What a drag.
Enjoy your time.
I'm a stalker but not, so what am I? What are you doing here, anyways?! When did you start working here? I'm not.
Then that uniform I happened to run across a person I know.
Then I felt like ripping the clothes off of him.
I think you're really messed up.
What can I do? There are times when I feel annoyed, too.
But, just because you're annoyed Besides, I'm really possessive.
I can't overlook things like that.
It's none of your business.
And don't get me wrong.
I'm here because of Sakura Yup.
I love him.
So I wanted to introduce him to you, too.
Sakura was really looking forward to today.
Yet, this is just Look at that face of yours, Ayuzawa.
What am I supposed to do? I'm not familiar with things like these.
I just don't know the best way to handle this.
Best, eh? I don't think anyone knows that.
What's up with him, damn it! Um, Kuuga-kun.
You'll be singing a new song in the next live, right? Oh, yeah.
I'm really looking forward to it.
What kind of song is it? I don't know.
Ah, I'm sorry.
I shouldn't be asking this, right? Hey.
Yes! You think you can do anything about this? You're close friends with her, right? Yes.
Then bring her to our concert.
Misaki's busy with many things.
She's the Student Council President, too.
Really? Misaki-chan's the president? That's so cool.
She's cute, stylish, and the Student Council President as well.
That's pretty awesome.
You think it'd help if her best friend Sakura-chan begged her? Or perhaps not? Misaki-chan, welcome back.
You think you can come to the concert with me? I'll help out with your work at the student council, so Sakura? You see, Kuuga-kun really wants you to come.
While you were gone, we kept talking about you.
Kuuga-kun really does I heard you're the Student Council President, Misaki-chan.
Someone who works hard and diligently needs a break.
If you can't come to the concert, how about we go to an amusement park? You're the type that appears diligent but is actually a party animal, right? I wonder if smart girls become good taking care of guys, too.
Hey, Kuuga! Was that guy someone you like to party with, too? You two really had to put on a show there.
Stop it Oh, I don't hear an excuse, so did I hit the jackpot? Please I never knew that Seika's President was a party animal.
Stop it! Please Don't talk about Misaki like that! Sakura-chan.
Do you hate me now? Hey, Kuuga.
I always tell you to take better care of your fans.
Yeah yeah, sales activity, right? Things like that make me sick.
This is your way of "being considerate"? I've never seen such a horrible sense of consideration.
I can't even comprehend it.
Sakura was looking forward to this day so much.
And to trample on her feelings like this What? Do you dislike me now, too, Misaki-chan? I hate you.
I absolutely despise you! I'll never let you have Sakura! I'm sorry.
No, I will yell at you! What do you think you were doing, yelling so loudly in a café! Even if you were angry, think of the trouble you caused to the people around us! You need more patience, Misaki-san! I'm sorry.
And you, Sakura-san.
Did you forget what I told you before? I told you that you're easily tricked, so you should choose men more carefully! I thought I had! Develop a better eye for men then! I've never seen such a wild Shizuko before.
I sat through such a stressful environment.
I was at my limits, too.
Shizuko isn't kind at all! Because I know you won't learn if I'm nice to you! Shizuko, let her off the hook now, yeah? Misaki.
Ah, well um Next time, I'll choose someone who will pat my head like this.
I hope Sakura will find a good person soon.
"Choose someone who will pat my head", eh? You're finally back.
You took your sweet time, Prez.
Is something wrong with your head? It's nothing.
Why are you waiting? Don't let it bother you.
I'm just a stalker.
Since I'm a stalker, maybe I'll follow you to your home.
Don't you dare! Don't I always tell you to grow up a little? Kou-chan, you sound like my dad.
By the way What's wrong with them? Would you please depart already, Masters?! Shizuko! You will come with me to the next Umemishi live, right? Huh?! Sakura-san, you still haven't learned? If it's not interesting again, I will leave at once, okay? So you will go with me? I'm so happy! Misaki! Sakura and Shizuko.
What are you doing? We wanted to try the preview, but it's harder than I thought.
We were waiting for you to show up.
So Misaki, would you go to the next Umemishi- Sorry, Sakura.
We'll talk about that later.
Hey, Usui-san is glancing over at us.
It looks like he wants attention.
I feel like it'll be more trouble.