Maid Sama! (Kaichou wa Maid-sama!) (2010) s01e11 Episode Script

The Secret of Takumi Usui Approaches!

1 Wait.
Be a good apple and stay where you are.
There's one here, too.
Oh, you're right.
Thank you so much.
I'm so sorry to have you help me out.
It's fine.
That uniform You must be a student at Seika.
Oh, so there are kind boys like you, too.
You see, my daughter also goes to Seika.
Maybe it's because she's always so serious and uptight, she doesn't get along with boys.
I was worried at first whether she would enjoy her high school life.
She does nothing but work or study on days without school.
Shouldn't all high school kids play or fall in love? Or dress up or find a hobby? Really? Well, it's all because I'm causing her so much trouble despite being her mother.
What a relief, though.
I'm glad I met you.
I mean, you look very kind.
She's starting to act like a high school student recently, so I'm sure she found a good friend like you.
Um, have people ever told you that you're very open? Yes, all the time.
How could you tell? Thank you.
You really saved me.
I had a feeling that I would end up here.
Please, come on in.
I'll be excusing myself now.
No, please wait.
I've got to properly thank you.
Come on in for a tea or something.
Mom, did you fall again? Are you the repair man? Please go ahead.
I'm sorry that we even had you fix the hallway.
It's nothing.
Now with such a perfect repair job, that spot is the safest in the house.
You're right.
Please dig in, Usui-kun.
Thank you.
Maybe we should take this opportunity to step through all the floorboards that are about to fall through.
That's dangerous to do, too.
I'm home! What? The hall's patched up.
The hall's patched up really well, but who did IT?! Welcome back, Misaki.
Welcome back, Sis.
Welcome back, Ayuzawa.
Usui? What are you doing here? Munch munch munch munch.
It'll be a long story.
Make it short! Oh.
So you two were close friends.
Just friends? I asked him to come inside.
He helped me on the street when I dropped my apples on the ground.
He even patched up the holes in the hallway.
What are you plotting? Nothing, it's just a coincidence.
Sis tends to be skeptical of all men.
You're right.
She is kind of like that.
After all, our father left us and we're having lots of trouble.
Don't bring up such a depressing story! You! That was nothing to laugh about! Get out of here already! Thank you for inviting me in.
Oh, sorry we couldn't be better hosts.
Come back sometime.
Come with me for a sec.
Move it.
That were Misaki and Usui-kun, right? I believe they were.
They left Misaki's house together.
And if I'm not mistaken, they were holding hands.
Let's go after them! But they're completely out of sight already.
I dragged Usui here, but now what? Are you thinking that I plotted this, pretending to accidentally help carry the apples? Well, I know mom's easily tricked, but I know you're not underhanded.
Thanks for helping Mom out.
You're welcome.
Here, have a dango.
I don't want one.
Seeing where you grew up was neat.
How about a manjuu? I don't want one.
What do you mean? I understand a lot now.
What's with that smirk? Don't think you gained a trump card over me.
Even if our father has left us or even if the house is totally run down, I'm not ashamed about it at all.
I'm not talking about that.
Those bunny apples.
I learned that the Ayuzawas always eat apples that way.
That's because Suzuna and I used to always ask for those as a child, and it's just a habit now.
The markings on the column were cute, too.
You saw those?! I bet you were cute as a child, too.
I want tons of secrets about you that only I know.
One secret is enough! I will never let you into my house! You are forbidden to come to my place! Misaki! Good morning! Good morning.
Good morning.
Gosh, Misaki.
You didn't have to hide it from us.
What are you talking about? Yesterday, we saw you coming out of your house with Usui-kun.
While holding hands, too.
And very tightly.
Great, that moment.
If you two were dating, you should have told us.
Aren't we best friends? Wait.
You got it wrong.
Usui helped my mother by chance, made his way into the house, and I was grabbing his hands as I was dragging him out of there.
Oh, so that was all.
We were talking about it all last night.
Yes, what a letdown.
Then you don't go to Usui-kun's house at all? Never.
I don't even know his address.
It's nothing I care about.
But I think you're such a good match.
There's always the chance of them developing into a couple.
Of course! Still, don't you think Usui-kun's a little mysterious? He comes to this not-at-all-special, completely ordinary Seika, but maybe he's actually a son of a really rich family.
I can't imagine that at all.
After school, he goes to a high class sports club for a swim, then goes to a high class tailor to get a new suit, then goes to a high class restaurant for a full course meal.
Sakura-san, right in the middle of your lunch box, I see something like a cake.
Sweets after lunch is a must.
Usui is always at Maid Latte after school.
I can never tell them that.
Hey, how about we pay a visit to Usui-kun's place? Why? This discussion about Usui-kun's life made me really curious.
You're curious too, right, Misaki? No, not at all.
Anyways, we first need to get a hold of Usui-kun's address.
But due to protection of personal information, rosters aren't distributed these days.
I think the only way for us is to hack into the school's server and find it out from the roster there.
Shizuko, you're good with computers, right? That's a crime, just so you know.
Oh, darn.
Then maybe we should ask him directly.
Can you ask him, Misaki? I said I'm not interested in it.
Now that I think about it, What does Usui's family look like? I'm Usui's mother.
I'm Usui's father.
I'm Usui's younger sister.
I'm Usui's younger brother.
Thank you for being kind to Takumi.
No, get out of here! What is this? I can't get any kind of image out.
Is it because he's an alien? Why am I even thinking about this? It's all because of Sakura.
Oh, there goes my phone.
Speak of the devil, it's Sakura.
Yes, Ayuzawa speaking.
Sakura? Misaki.
Can you make it to where I'm at right now? What's wrong? Shizuko and I are tailing Usui-kun.
Tailing?! Are you serious? Usui-kun just entered a café at a city next to ours.
Café at a city next to ours? This is also a neighboring city The name of the café is It's Maid Latte.
Maid Latte.
Did you hear? It's Maid Latte.
Have you heard of this place before, Misaki? Hello? Misaki? Are you listening to me? Hello? Misaki? Where are you right now? Great, he is here.
And that Moron Trio as well.
What should I do I haven't told those two that I work here If they find out that Usui and the Moron Trio are regulars here God, I would hate to explain the whole story behind it.
Misa-chan? Chief! Oh no, you're really sweating.
Are you all right? No, this is It's a bad habit of yours to overwork like that.
You should go home and rest up.
We've got enough people here, so don't worry.
Okay Yay! Yay! Yay! We worked so hard for this day, didn't we? Yeah.
Today, we won't be a cheap customer that orders one Moe Moe Omelet between the three of us.
We will order the entire menu at Maid Latte.
I wonder if Misa-chan will be happy.
Will it all fit on this table? I bet it wont.
Sorry for the wait.
Customer waiting on Maid Latte's entire menu? Here! Right here! We'll now put all the food on the table.
Um, where's Misa-chan? I'm sorry.
Misa-chan is not here today.
Not here? We wanted her to see our brave heart.
He's not coming out.
We need to be patient.
What are you thinking? Hey, you got here fast.
Where did you come from, Misaki-san? Rather than that, why are you tailing him? If we don't know his address, then I figured we can follow him home.
I brought a set for you, too.
We don't have to go this far.
I'm not interested in Usui's private life.
There you go again.
I know you're interested in it.
I can see everything that's going on in your mind.
Usui-san's coming out.
He's coming this way.
You can never judge a person by their appearance.
I never would have imagined Usui-san visiting a maid café.
Maybe someone he likes works there? I thought his favorite was you.
What a shocker.
Hey, I'm really reluctant to do things like this.
Let's stop.
We have an action! He went in here.
High Class Sports Club.
It's just as I imagined.
What a blatant name this sports club has.
Let's go.
I actually don't want to, but Wow, it looks so rich inside.
He's been coming to a place like this? Looks like he got off on the second floor.
I'm telling you.
He's a son of a rich family.
Three people for the tour, please.
Where could he be? Isn't that Usui-kun? Wow! Usui-kun's really catching all the girls' eyes! Where are you looking, Misaki? You've got to keep your eyes on Usui-kun.
But He's gone already.
Hurry, you two.
Usui-san has already left the pool.
Let's wait for him outside.
And next is this? It's the High Class Tailor Shop.
Yet again, just like I thought.
I wonder who he actually is.
I'm telling you.
He's a son of a rich family.
Let's go.
What? We're going in? Of course.
Wow, it looks expensive.
It's really spacious in here.
They could really put more items here.
Are you looking for something? No, we're We're fine, thank you.
We're only taking a look.
Please enjoy.
Wow, Shizuko! You're so natural.
Let's search for Usui-san.
Don't leave me.
These look really expensive.
How much is this? 500,000 yen?! Excuse me.
These are ready-made, but I'm sure the order-mades are about twice the cost.
Such expensive clothes exist in this world? Usui-kun doesn't look like he's in here.
I get it.
He must have run out in surprise over the price.
He could be in the VIP Lounge.
VIP?! Yes, the VIP Lounge.
VIP! You look great, sir.
Can I leave in this? Most certainly.
He's coming this way.
This just makes me even more confused about him.
Let's go after him.
Where are we? It's a high class restaurant.
The name of the restaurant is "High Class", too.
What do we do? My guess was right again.
It's almost scary.
If it's a restaurant, we can't go in for a tour or window shopping.
Let's go.
We are going? Yay.
Do you have reservations? It looks like our company's not here yet, so may we wait here for a while? Most certainly.
Please come this way.
Isn't it rude not to take the hat off? Since it's a disguise, they'll have to forgive our poor etiquette.
Would you like the drink menu? No! Water will do! Most certainly.
The biggest discovery through this is how fearless Shizuko is.
She does pull it off when she has to.
Now, let's see how Usui-san's doing.
Is he waiting for someone? Possibly.
It's hard to think anyone eating alone at a restaurant like this.
Will the Usui family finally show up? What if he's meeting with his girlfriend? What kind of person's going to come? What? What's wrong? Maybe she's the person Usui-kun was waiting for? She's walking towards Usui-kun waved his hand! So she is the person he was waiting for? But there are always cases where you think so, yet it turns out differently, so we can't tell yet.
I sort of feel relieved.
That was very misleading.
What's wrong, Misaki? He'll spot us.
I'm going home.
What am I doing Misaki! Are you sure you're going to abandon this? Yeah.
I wasn't interested in Usui's secret to begin with.
If you're going to say that.
Double glasses?! We'll stop this here.
What the?! He can run like that? When did he change into a kimono? Since it interests me, I'm going to continue tailing him.
Let's go, Misaki! Hey! Please be careful.
I'm tired.
It's so dark out, too, I took my sunglasses off.
Usui-san is totally a mystery figure.
Is this intense schedule what he goes through every day? I've had enough with investigating his secret.
I quit.
I agree.
Therefore, I'm going to clean up Misaki's disguise set as well.
See ya, Misaki.
It was fun, wasn't it? I'll see you tomorrow, Misaki-san.
It's a short cut if you go through the park.
Then let's do that.
Um I guess I'll go home, too.
Usui? Stop it.
What's with that face? For some reason, animals have always hated me.
You've heard how animals and babies can tell if they really are kind or not.
You are kind, Usui.
You act disinterested in everything, but I saw you pick up a stray cat.
You never know.
I could be doing it to look good since you were following me.
You're not like that.
Wait! You knew we were following you, huh?! And you were having fun dragging us around?! In that getup, it's stranger not to know.
Don't mention it! My opinion hasn't changed at all! But if you think about it, This is the first time Ayuzawa has shown an interest in me.
What are you talking about? It was nothing like that.
If you just asked me, I'd show you anything you wanted.
Here, this is my address.
I don't need it.
You're full of mystery and I can never tell what you are thinking.
So, it's true that I wanted to learn about you a little.
And after investigating what you do, now I have a good understanding.
I know that I don't care about your private life at all! In other words, you like me no matter what my family or house is like? You idiot! What kind of interpretation does it take to get there? You go home already.
Right, right.
Don't make any more stops, and go straight home, okay? Yeah, and you can follow me home, too.
I refuse! Dang.
I'm Ayuzawa Minako.
Thank you for looking after Misaki.
There you are, Mom.
Ah, Suzuna.
I had forgotten to give Usui-kun a souvenir.
What do you think of this? It's the face of a doll you draw as your home business, huh? Perfect for a souvenir.
Will he be happy with something like that? That's a nice doll.
I'll give you this heavy bowl I use to work out, too.
That's a nice bowl.
Yup, the sport festival's coming up.
No! This is too unfair! Don't worry.
I'll protect you, Sakura.