Maid Sama! (Kaichou wa Maid-sama!) (2010) s01e13 Episode Script

Idiots & Juveniles & Heroes &...

1 Hey, quit this already, Aratake.
We already know that you're strong.
Sorry man.
We weren't staring at you or anything.
Everyone acknowledges you as the strongest of the Seisen Junior High.
Then I guess I should go say hi.
To who? The legendary man from Seisen.
The man feared as the White Tornado Beast, Shirokawa Naoya.
All right, school's out! Today's glasses day, right? Let's hurry over! Should we run then? Let's race then! You think you can keep up with me? Who do you think you're talking to? I'm not gonna lose! Aratake.
That's gotta be an unrelated similar looking guy.
The White Beast can't be that short.
He dropped something.
Why don't we go after them for now? Misa-chan! Welcome home, Masters.
Yup, we're back! Hey.
What is that fairy tale looking place? Isn't that, you know A Maid café.
I could never step in.
He's got to be a stranger that happens to have the exact same name.
It's on you today, right, Shiroyan? Huh? What are you talking about, Kurotatsu? Hey.
Those names.
No, it's you.
It is? So they are the Fuck this shit.
Misa-chan's off from work today.
So how about we train to become the fastest Speed players? Yeah, since we're almost done collecting the points.
Next time, we will win the right to take a picture with Misa-chan.
Someone help! Shirokawa-kun! Sarashina-kun! Kurosaki-kun! What are you doing, Vice-Prez? So this is the Vice-Prez? You're like a girl.
Are you really a guy? I am.
I was forced to cross dress.
Wear this sailor uniform without asking questions and come visit my house! Huh? I don't get it.
Apparently Hagimoto's mom is bugging him to get a girlfriend.
So you cross dress and pretend to be his girlfriend.
Okay? Please! That's the story.
So you see, the secret behind Speed is- Wait! Please help me! Help you how? We're busy, too.
I just want to get changed.
Could you go get my clothes from the student council room? Why should we? Please.
Don't be like that.
You're fine.
You're cute in that.
Looks great on you.
"Cute", eh? You've learned to say some sweet words, haven't you? I'll be borrowing her a bit.
If you want your girlfriend back, Then come fight me! As the legendary White Beast from Seisen.
Have you found him?! No, he isn't anywhere.
I told mom that I'd bring her today.
What are you guys doing? Shoot! I need to sort the recycling! Shoot! I need to write the script for tomorrow's announcement.
See ya! What is this about? Prez? Usui.
Did you undress someone? You idiot! What are you saying? Of course not! If you had asked me, I would have let you take my shirt off any day.
I said it wasn't me! You perv.
Did something happen? Prez What's up with this atmosphere? The Vice-Prez got kidnapped.
Crows are scary.
So that uniform belonged to Yukimura.
So Prez forced Yukimura- I did not! So, who exactly are these guys? Our underclassmen from Junior High.
I've remember seeing some of the faces, and then they said "White Beast", so I'm pretty sure.
Right? Yeah, what is that name? Is White Beast referring to Shiroyan? That's right! Take that! Hmm, legend, eh? That's the only reaction I get? I never knew that Seisen Junior High was filled with such lame delinquents.
Same here.
What are you implying? He was a delinquent, but he quit out of fear of his mommy.
You know how scary my mom is! Yeah, I think I could die just from her stare.
Then you have no intention of fighting against them.
Actually, I wanna just go hang out somewhere! How does a cosplay photo shoot sound? Denied! We do have to save Yukimura after all.
Right, after all It's a pretty normal looking junior high school.
I was imagining a school in the midst of a sandstorm.
What kind of school is that? But I heard the number of delinquents decreased since we graduated.
Really? So, where is Yukimura? I don't know! I don't either! I get it.
You want me to break that thumb, right? Do it, Sarashina.
Shiroyan! Kurotatsu! I can't do it! What ruckus is this in front of the school? You're embarrassing me.
You're a student here? Yes, is there a problem? Would you leave? You're standing out.
Aoi? He's Aoi Akanosuke-kun.
Age 14.
Prez's childhood friend, right? That's right.
I can't keep up with you guys.
Hey, I have something I want to ask.
Yeah, I know that guy.
Aratake from the senior class, right? He stands out a lot, and the delinquent group considers him the leader.
Though, there are only limited numbers of them now.
I swear I've seen him somewhere.
Aoi Akanosuke-kun, right? Maybe he was in the National Funny Name Competition.
Apparently there were lots of delinquents before I enrolled and they had a pretty tight bond, But now they are up against each other's throats.
That's a problem either way! What's the school doing? Calm down.
Shouldn't we worry about Yukimura now? The sun's starting to set, too.
The secret base.
Um, is anyone there? Why am I in this situation? What should I do? I can't move at all, and my bag and cell phone are both at school.
And I bet they think I'm a girl.
Glare I told them not to be so rough.
Um- Don't move! I don't plan on letting you go.
Please wait! Hear me out! I've got no business with you.
Stay put and we won't do anything to you.
No, please listen to me.
I'm only interested in the White Beast.
If he gets his girl taken, I'm sure he'll return to his old self.
See? You got it wrong! I'm not a girl! You see? Y-You idiot! What do you think you're doing? You wanna die, you bitch!? No, I'm not a bitch.
Girls shouldn't be showing their skin so much.
And it's been bothering me for a while.
Girl shouldn't be using "boku"! TL note: Yukimura is using the male form of addressing himself.
If you don't want to say "watashi", then at least say "atai"! Anyways, stay put there! Atai I'm a guy If you had an idea of where they are, you should have mentioned it earlier.
Well, it was the secret base, so we had to keep it secret.
It's a popular hangout place for the delinquents in this area.
Then that's not a secret base at all.
Is it really all right for you to walk head into such a place? Right, I am wearing the uniform right now.
I'm risking the chance of Seika High's reputation dropping again.
Then you'll go home and get changed? If we get back together after that, it'll be dark already.
Why don't you forget about him and go home? Actually, shouldn't we report this to the police? Don't worry.
Everything will solved if we go there.
Anyways, let's go! Hey! We shouldn't stay in our uniform! Gosh.
You're helpless.
In that case Kaichou wa Maid-sama! B part is- Coming right after this! Look, it's a Misa-chan doll.
So cute.
Shut up.
Don't touch me like that.
I'm not that cheap.
Who do you think you are? Aren't you being too full of yourself? Hey! What business do you have with her? She belongs to me.
Wanna go to hell?! What? You wanna step outside if you've got a problem? Wait right there! She belongs to me! If you've got a plob- Sorry, I bit my tongue.
Cut! Why are you having trouble over such an easy line! I'm sorry.
I don't have experience in acting.
What is this supposed to be in the first place? It's pretend delinquent.
Can't you tell? This way, they'll think we're gathered for some kind of film shoot, And we can walk right into the delinquent's den.
Yeah? Is there any reason to put on this act? Where did you even get these costumes from? You know, I think I've seen you somewhere.
Shut up! I don't wanna hear it! Let's take care of this and go home! What's funny, Shiroyan? Nothing.
I bet you're just remembering the old days.
How embarrassing.
The White Beast You got more hero figurines? This new one is a rare one! Nobody touch it! I pass.
Again? So how do we get inside? We have to save Yukimura quickly! Sis! Suzuna?! Prez's sister? Thank you always for looking out for my sister.
Are you all here to fight someone? No! Look! We're shooting a film! It looks fun.
I want to apply for the role of the last boss.
You head straight home.
It's dangerous.
I don't mind being the one that gets shot.
No, there's nothing like that in the script.
Then I'll leave this with you.
It's frozen dumplings I won at the shopping district's lottery.
How do we eat that here?! You must not underestimate frozen dumplings.
A dumpling frozen instantaneously at -60C traps the meat and vegetable's flavor.
It's better than incorrectly ranked 3-star Chinese restaurants.
I don't think he's coming.
He was called the White Beast two years ago, right? Look, he's crying.
So weak.
Where did your energy go? What are you doing, punks? I knew it.
It is one of our school's students.
Unforgivable! Bullying is uncool.
What is he saying? Don't worry about him.
He just likes to say that.
You cowardly bunch.
I'll take you on.
What did you say? That's something he likes to say, too, so don't worry about that either.
Fuck that.
We'll take 'em on! Why are you dozing about? The hero's here.
You should be happier.
He will come.
She's finally gone.
That was too much trivia about dumplings.
She really is Prez's sister.
Totally unique.
Yeah, and cute, too.
Now's not the time to be saying that! Yeah.
We need to go save Yukimura.
Ah, right.
Hey, Misa-chan! What is this? Shooting a film? Chief! Hey, Aoi-chan's with you.
Is this the scenario? Let me see it.
Yet another nuisance Hmm, so it's a story about delinquents.
In a story like this, you can't forget the line, "We're not a rotten orange!" You know? Rotten orange? What's that supposed to mean? Fruits taste the best when they are just starting to rot.
Yeah! We're still a green fruit! You look good in clothes like that, too, Misa-chan.
The gap to how you usually dress is good.
Gap moe, I suppose? It's so good! I know! A delinquent day might be good as the next event.
We'll call the male customers "Aniki" and females "Ane-san"! I bet Honoka-chan will love it.
I think Erika-chan would, too.
Why won't he come Maybe he's shaken up.
He did leave this world after graduating.
I heard he was scared of getting beat up in high school.
Stop it you guys.
Shirokawa-san is a great upperclassman to Aratake.
You want to become strong, you say? That's not something a crying guy can say.
That's right.
Fastest way is to go wild.
It's not worth listening to an idiot.
Hey, Kurotatsu! He's got a lame name, White Tornado Beast, because he's gone wild everywhere, following his instinct.
It's a cool name! The fights make people think of tornadoes! It's It's cool! Come with me.
She's finally gone.
I wonder if Yukimura's still alive.
We better hurry and go save him.
There she is.
Misaki! I heard from Suzuna-chan that you're shooting a film.
Another one? I want to get this over with and go home Let us help, too.
Let me be the cameraman.
No, we've got enough hands, so don't worry.
I borrowed some props from the movie club.
I've got a knife and a gun.
We've got plenty of fake blood, too.
This story isn't anything like that Master! Let us help you, too! It's the Ayuzawa School.
Please let us be part of the movie as extras.
Student A will be enough.
Then I'll be student B.
Student C! Student D! Student E! I said it's nothing like that! Misakichi, I think you're cursed.
Since you guys are freshmen, you might not know, but Shirokawa-san was an amazing person.
He was mad strong.
Once he loses his mind, he's like an animal and none of us can stop him.
He always looked after us.
Then why didn't he keep in contact after he graduated? Hiding basically means he doesn't want to be involved.
Shut your trap! What do you guys understand about him?! You're not gonna be able to achieve it.
You shut up, too! Chill out, Aratake!! Where is Yukimura? I was tired before i even got here.
Do you still have the energy left to save Yukimura? Hey, this way.
Everyone splintered off because you're trapped in the past! What?! What do you mean by that?! I admit that you've become stronger.
But no one can be a leader with just sheer strength! Arguing with each other already? Wow! This brings back memories! Yay! Shirokawa-san.
The sofa and the table haven't changed a bit.
Wow, but it's so dirty.
Clean up a little.
Is this all you've left? It's gotten so lonely.
I'm amazed you can say that.
Hey, no fighting- Stop.
Usui! Let me go! Don't worry.
There are things that can't be communicated in any other way to the guys here.
It may look like the same as any other fight, but to them, this is their conversation.
I guess the body remembers.
I haven't done this in a while.
You know, this was pretty surprising.
When did you become so strong? I guess you're still a crybaby, Gouki.
You came up with that so you can hide when you're crying, right? You've gotten tall, your hair's grown, and you had that headband, so I couldn't tell who you were first.
You remember me? Of course.
How've you been hanging, gang? Osu! See? How can you chase after a guy like this for so long? This Shirobaka is just a moron.
That's mean, Kurotatsu! I was really weak when I was a freshman.
So I adored strength.
I acted tough and fought when I was picked on, but would get pulped.
When I regretted what I did, A hero showed up.
I want to be a hero, too.
You can be.
Are you going to- Don't worry.
I won't be an idiot that makes my mom cry anymore.
Besides we- Hey.
There you are.
What were you doing, Ikkun? Nothing.
Huh? You look out of energy, Ikkun.
Forget it.
Don't worry about me.
You idiot! What are you saying? Have you forgotten our great mission? Mission? We said we'd practice playing Speed so we can take a photo with Misa-chan, right?! Do it with your punk group.
Do it with that bandana boy instead of with me.
You idiot! We can't start without you! Why?! You can play cards with anyone! Yeah, this is easier on me.
W-What are you guys doing? Are you all Shirokawa-san's buds? What middle school are you from? Are you strong? Hey.
Why is it starting to feel dangerous? I don't think they're picking a fight.
Is Shirokawa-san the strongest in the school? Has he had any 1-on-1 fights? We can never tell them how the Prez ripped Shirokawa-kun's piercing off.
You did something like that, bitch?! Hey, what are you guys doing? She is not an ordinary girl! Yes! She is our leader! Our goddess! The Maid President! Maid? Yes.
Anyone that stands in her way goes to Maides.
Known as the Hades Misaki.
Our great Maides President! Everyone! You're being disrespectful! Down on your knees! Forgive us, Miss President! Cut it out, you Moron Trio! Um, aren't we forgetting something? Sob.
I'm hungry.
Today, we got to see a rare side of the Moron Trio.
The end.
He summarized it in a sentence.
We don't want Usui to wrap it up, right, Shiroyan? What'd you think about the episode, Misa-chan? I couldn't care less.
At this rate, will it be my character story next time? I don't think the Moron Trio will have any screen time next episode.
I thought I memorized all the students at Seika.
Who is this guy with the hood? You should watch out a little more, Ayuzawa.
Prez! I made it home myself! Sorry, Yukimura.
I forgot about you.