Maid Sama! (Kaichou wa Maid-sama!) (2010) s01e14 Episode Script

Soutane Kano of Class 1-7

1 Guess what, Yukimura! Yes? I just overheard some girls in middle school talking by our school gate.
Seika High's image is starting to change, don't you think? Yeah.
The scary feeling's gone.
And I mean, before, the air here used to be sick.
That's what they said.
Really? We must have really changed, then.
I'm sure we'll get a lot more new girls coming in.
I'm glad we have good representatives in the council this term.
Besides, next week is an open house for seniors in junior high.
If we keep working the way we do now, the ratio of girls in Seika will increase! I see more suggestions from the girls than from boys.
Plenty of doodles from the boys, too.
It's gotten lot better, but we still have a mountain of work to do.
Okay, first we'll distribute the work amongst us.
Then we'll make priorities to- Prez.
Can I borrow a towel and a drier? What is it this time? Um, if it's a towel You can use mine if you don't mind.
I thought I might use it during PE today, But I didn't in the end.
What are you!? A girl in love!? Does he think I'm dangerous? Why? Because you sexually harass everyone! Be conscious of what you do a little, you perv! My first kiss So, how did you end up like that? Well Crap, it won't open.
You always brag about your strength.
Shut up! This is so tight, no one's gonna be able to open it.
Could someone do something about this stuck faucet? Usui-san! Maybe Usui-san will do something about it.
That's what happened.
You moron! Say things like that first! I'll go take a look at it.
Then I will, too.
Usui! You go, too! Yukimura.
Thanks for the towel.
I'll be using it on every corner of my body.
Like here, there, and over there, too.
You're supposed to look grossed out.
Don't blush about it.
So, moving on to the next agenda item.
Regarding the budget for next week's open house.
What's wrong? I can't find the accounting notebook You lost it? It was with me until a moment ago! Hey, has anyone seen the notebook- Secretary! You've got nerves to be sleeping in the middle of a meeting.
But Prez I can't keep my eyes open Brace yourself! Calm down, Prez! You haven't written anything about today's meeting! Good morning.
Good morning.
I haven't had to correct people's clothing in a while, too.
Good morning.
I like this.
I'm sorry, President.
I'm late.
Ah, the Head Disciplinary Officer.
How rare to see you late.
What the heck is that?! Is something wrong, President? What was wrong with me this morning? Maybe you're tired.
President, I'm sorry.
I can't find the Accounting Notebook anywhere.
I reconstructed as much as possible from memory.
It's not accurate, but hold on to that until you find the original.
You wrote all this based on your memory? You even have yesterday's note summarized.
Yeah, since the secretary was useless yesterday.
Hey, Health Rep.
Isn't this the list of who used the Infirmary? Should you be throwing this away? What? It can't be.
What? Why? Strange.
He's always so diligent when it comes to his duties.
He would never make this kind of mistake.
Also, Kataya from this morning and Kosugi from yesterday.
What is going on? Can you believe that? No way.
He's still wearing a blazer.
And a hood, too.
Isn't it hot? You're a student council member, right? Do you need something? What is this? Maybe they're having a broadcasting test? This music It really puts people to sleep.
Hey, what is this broadcast about? Who are you? Are you the broadcasting rep? Did you catch a cold or something? Yes.
Are you performing a broadcasting test? Yes.
Then could you change the music? This tune makes me really sleepy.
This is the best tune.
It relaxes people and put them in like an intoxicated state.
What? This actually works more on smart people like you.
And you're very honest when you're not alert.
You listen attentively.
You are the heart of the Student Council.
I will now have you make a complete fool out of yourself in front of the teacher, to the point where you'll never regain your position.
We don't need any more girls at Seika.
Are you awake now, Prez? You were sleeping in the broadcasting room, so I brought you over to the infirmary.
Why were you sleeping there? Who the heck are youu!? Oh, itsh Usui.
What are youu doing here? I get it now.
You're here to kisss Yukimura again, aren't youu? Youu monster pervert! Prez, did you drink something? Youu go secshually harassing people too much! She can't hold a conversation, can she? Doesn't smell like you had any alcohol.
Hey, your hair'sh pretty soft.
I alwaysh thought it'd be more spiky.
Thish ish so fun! Okay, okay.
I don't see any drunken student.
Are you sure you saw one? Maybe it was my mistake.
I'm sorry to trouble you.
What are youu doing? I'm betting you won't believe me no matter what I tell you when you wake up.
So I'm getting evidence.
Interview with our Prez! Are you happy? I am! Are you having fun? I am! Are you drunk? I am! Don't be so depressed, Prez.
Who are youu talking to? To the future Prez on the other side of the screen.
So, what should I do about this? Prez, don't tell me you're about to take your clothes off.
But it'sh hot.
Are you trying to seduce me? What are youu doing? Hey, why is there a rope here? Usui! Get me out of thish! It's a Prez roll.
It'sh hot! I'm having fun.
Let me out Please Master Youu thought I'd say shomething like that, you perverted bashtard! Wow.
It's hot Take my clothes off, Usui.
This goes far beyond being open, Ayuzawa.
It's hot Usui now No~pe.
It's time to go to bed, Milady.
Shizuko! Let's go home together.
It was really hot today, wasn't it? Hot ramen's the best on days like these, isn't it? I agree.
Oh look.
A dried worm.
Something looks wrong with Prez.
She's been like that since this morning.
It's got to be a dream.
Are you drunk? I am! I want to believe that it's all a dream.
So did you meet someone in the broadcasting room? Broadcasting room? You were sleeping there.
That's right.
I did go to the broadcasting room.
But Is that possible? I think you were hypnotized there.
Someone who doesn't like you tried to get you into a nasty looking situation.
It can't be possible.
Usui-san, what is this about? Don't worry.
It's him.
I'm sorry.
Usui-san! Thank you, Yukimura, for the wonderful cross dressing.
That was a guy? You can't handle girls at all, huh, 1-7, Kanou Soutarou-kun? Looks like you have an interesting trick.
Would you take a look at it? I'll put in some extra effort.
Don't take your eyes off me.
What happened? Are you coming out, Yukimura? No Don't take your eyes off me.
Usui Takumi.
You will hate Ayuzawa Misaki.
As if.
Pick who you play with.
Is Kanou Soutarou here?! I finally found you.
Prez left the room a bit ago.
She was looking through this year's class photos until she left.
She dashed out saying, "It's him"! I've been told, Kanou, that you don't like girls.
Is that why you tried to ruin me? If I'd fall from my position, the number of girls wouldn't increase.
That's what you thought, right? I will not give up my position! I will increase the number of girls! Because I believe that's the path Seika should take now that it's a coed school.
But if you have something to say, I will listen.
If you have trouble with the school life, I will work to make it better.
That is part of my work.
Tell me what's on your mind.
What were we talking about? Prez.
I know this is strange coming from me, but you should be aware that you're very easily hypnotized.
Prez will come to hate Usui-senpai.
If she sleeps in the next 24 hours, as in between now and tomorrow at 5:00pm, when she wakes up, you will become the person she detests most.
Looks like it's the end of the best partnership.
Stupid! Stupid! Idiot! Moron! Clumsy! You huge huge huge idiot Misa-chan! You made your point! Shut up! Oh, Usui-kun.
That's a new way of greeting her.
You're not asked to work here today.
Get out! I can't be away from you at a time like this.
I'm not letting you sleep at all tonight.
Don't say such a misleading phrase.
Good work everyone.
What is this about, Usui? Good work, Misa-chan.
It's finally over, isn't it? I want to get changed and go home, you know? Then I'll help you get changed.
Get lost.
How far are you going to follow me? Everywhere.
Do you realize that you're gross? Even moreso than usual, too.
Why did Kanou put this kind of hypnosis on me? To make me hate Usui I already hate you, so I don't understand the point.
It must be that Kanou doesn't see it that way.
So his eyes can't see the truth.
Let me ask one more time, Usui.
How far are you going to follow me? Like I said, everywhere.
Just a minute until I call a cop.
You're satisfied now, aren't you?! Go home! What happened today was due to my total lack of caution! I'll reflect on it through the night, so don't bother me! She's too good.
I'm out.
Your cell phone's been ringing constantly.
That's rare.
Who is it? Maybe a mail in prize I sent out under your name won? Hello? Yo, yo, it's me, it's me, you know? What was it? Did you win the café au lait set? Time to prepare for tomorrow.
It's me.
I don't need swindlers, thank you.
TLnote: Misaki refers to "It's me, it's me Swinder" scams in Japan in which callers impersonate people to extract money.
You're so mean, Misa-chan.
You know who I am.
Why do you know my number? If there's love- I'm hanging up.
Do you know how many times have you've called me so far? I don't know.
Maybe about 20? It's the 22nd time, you stalker! I can't concentrate on studying! I thought you'd get sleepy if you kept on just studying.
Staying up a whole night is child's play for me.
Besides I hate you to begin with, so- But I love you.
You love me, Ayuzawa.
What's wrong with him? He's a complete idiot! "Hate", eh? Who would love an idiot like him? I just don't want to lose to Kanou, who's only trying to manipulate people.
Good morning, Prez.
It says it'll rain in the afternoon.
You want to share an umbrella? Usui Don't read people's morning newspapers! But I had nothing better to do.
Were you out here the entire night? Sis, breakfast is ready.
Look! Today's TV show looks interesting! Oh, so a long lost brother returns.
Here, lets have our breakfast.
You haven't eaten anything, right? I'll seriously call a cop next time, alright? Sweet bread This is past the expiration date.
If you've got problem with it, then don't eat it! It's starting to come down.
My eyes are starting to go hazy.
Is it because I stayed up all night? You're tired? Would you like a supplement? Supplement? Blueberry kicks in well.
I have to carry these sorts of things around.
What? I might have left it in the classroom.
I can tell that you really need to keep it with you.
Go and get it.
Okay! Yukimura looks like a health nut, doesn't he? Yeah.
So you really aren't sleepy yet? Enough! I already told you it's child's play! Phew.
I found it.
Um- Yes.
What is it? Hey, isn't that supposed to be chewed on? Isn't it like a blueberry flavored tablet candy? It is?! Show me the packaging, Yukimura.
It's this.
Yukimura, what does this box look like to you? Blueberry supplement.
When you went to go get this, did you meet a guy with a hood and glasses on? How did you know? Wait, then Prez, do you know the side effect of this pain killer? Kanou I'll never forgive him now.
You have less than an hour to go.
Damn, why am I so sleepy? Probably because you aren't used to taking meds.
Of course not! Medicine is expensive! I'd rather cure it myself than rely on it! I can't get any work done.
I'm going to get some fresh air.
I've got a request for you.
Can you punch me? If you punch me, I think my anger and hatred towards you will blow my fatigue away.
Also, let me punch you back.
That'll make me feel even more energized.
You're being more unreasonable than usual, Prez.
There's no way I could punch you.
You always box yourself in, you know? Even yesterday.
You should have waited for me to come.
Why should I wait for you just to have a talk with Kanou? Hypnosis never works unless the recipient trusts the one doing it.
That's why I'll never be hypnotized.
But you're I don't want you to hate me.
There you go, saying things like that.
Teasing me again You piss me off.
But, I am a little grateful to you.
Will I forget this sort of feeling, too? Like for the sports festival, and for Miyabigaoka.
Oh, and for the school festival, too.
I haven't properly said thank you yet.
You don't have to.
I'll come save you as many times as needed.
I'll make you fall for me as many times as needed.
Leave it all to your Master.
Whatkind oflunacyisthat? 23 hours and 55 minutes.
Just 5 minutes short.
Looks like I won.
Where did the Prez go? Oh, this is Yukimura, the vice president.
This is Kataya, the disciplinary officer who was a little crazy today.
This is Sawa, the accountant who lost the notebook.
I'm Kosugi, the secretary who was totally sleepy.
I'm Aramaki, the PE rep who went to hold the Prez back.
I'm Utsume, the Cleaning Rep who's always afraid of the Prez.
I'm Hagimoto, the broadcasting rep who worked hard during the sports fest! I barely get to talk, but I'm Hayase, the Health Rep.
Let's all work together and get ready for the open house! Yeah!