Maid Sama! (Kaichou wa Maid-sama!) (2010) s01e15 Episode Script

Bespectacled Rabbit at the Open Campus

1 I don't want you to hate me.
There you go, saying things like that.
Teasing me again You piss me off.
But, I am a little grateful to you.
Will I forget this sort of feeling, too? I haven't properly said thank you yet.
You don't have to.
I'll come save you as many times as needed.
I'll make you fall for me as many times as needed.
Leave it all to your Master.
Whatkind oflunacyisthat? 23 hours and 55 minutes.
Just 5 minutes short.
Looks like I won.
You should step down from the position of the Prez's knight now.
If she seriously starts to hate you, this won't be fun for you at all.
Do you really want me to get serious? I-It's no use threatening me now.
Prez is asleep.
When she wakes up Who's asleep? Listening to Usui's crazy lines, It made me irritated, and I couldn't fall asleep.
Kanou! You've gone too far for me to care that you're not good with girls.
I'll put you through the ultimate punishment.
Open house notice? It's that thing, right? Where the campus opens for the seniors in junior high.
Must get new members! Recruitment starts tomorrow! Find the new ace! It happens on the weekend, and showing off the clubs is the main point, so it's got nothing to do with us.
No, I heard they'll do more than just showing off the clubs.
Seven mysteries? Healing spot? Cafeteria staff? Wow! Cafeteria stuff? Cool! It looks like you'll be doing various things this year.
I want to make a cute cafeteria in the middle of the tour course as a rest area.
And I want to make it an environment where even the middle school students can blend in.
I know the preparation for it will be hard work, but could you guys help out? I need assistance.
Of course! We'll ask other girls, too.
Thank you.
I can't wait to see the junior high students come.
How should we decorate? We need to consider the budget, too.
And, I'm sure you'll need someone to do the heavy work, and can't expect much help from the guys, So use him.
He's Kanou Soutarou-kun, a freshman.
Due to a certain reason, he's the student council's assistant.
Hi, Kanou-kun.
You always have a hood on, don't you? So you were a freshman.
Nice to meet you, Kanou-kun.
Nice to meet you! Nice to meet you.
Okay, so let's go gather people up.
So what do we do? Where do we start from? How about we make a hot pot? Kanou-kun.
I don't really understand the situation, but if you help out as part of the cafeteria staff, Prez says she'll forgive you.
Oh, by the way, I'm Yukimura, the vice president.
Wait, Kanou-kun! Kanou-kun Kanou-kun, can you help carry these boxes? Prez, if we do that, we'll have a problem here.
Then let's move that to the chemistry lab.
She shouldn't be in the cafeteria now.
I'll hypnotize to- How many Prez's are there? Does she go through mitosis? There's only one of her.
I think.
What is this? I've noticed something strange while looking at Kanou.
He is avoiding the girls, but he doesn't see them as enemies.
It doesn't look like he's allergic to girls.
You think we can do something about that wall? Yeah I'm sorry.
I tripped over the chair.
Misa-chan's off work today, too? You fool.
We come to the store regardless of whether Misa-chan is here or not.
That's what true love is.
Yeah, I guess Usui is here, too.
Sis, it's the curcuma tea and chestnut jelly I won in the mail as a prize.
Please leave it there.
Are you preparing for the open house? Hard at work, I see.
What sort of high school would you want to attend? I would- Nothing like, 'a school with mail in prize club'.
Stuff other than that.
Stuff other than that What is it? What is it? Stuff other than that What is it? What is it? What is it? What is it? What is it? What is it? Has a mail in present club.
In other words, that's all you care about.
Kanou-kun, a little to the right.
It's a little crooked.
Looks like you're hard at work, Kanou.
It's finally tomorrow.
Would you take a look at this? We'd like to use this as the costume.
Surprised? We went through a lot getting them.
The teachers said it looks interesting, too.
You don't think it's a good idea? I can't be like this.
This is the right thing! Don't worry.
Do as you like! Yay! Next is the campus tour.
What is this? There are several different courses.
The students will take you on the tour.
People who want to actively participate in clubs, come over here! I'm sure different people want to see different sides of Seika High, so please pick the course you're interested in.
For the liberal arts club, come here! If you're into art, come here.
Look, "Healing Spot Course".
What's "The Seven Mysteries Course"? It sounds interesting.
Which one should I go on? If you can't choose a course or would like to get a broad image of the school, come here.
You can ask questions, too.
Group 1, heading out.
Can I get an extra hand here?! Should we head out, too? Then you set the course plan.
Okay! Obviously, Misa-chan's not here today, either.
I don't think we had to come today, too You idiots! How many times do I have to say it?! True love is coming to the shop whether Misa-chan is here or not! Look! Even Usui's- He's not here! Oh, what's the matter, Masters? We feel as if we're getting treated like extras recently.
Well, not like it bothers us Misa-chan is not here today, But we'll wait on you with Maid Latte's full staff.
Welcome home, Master.
Please enjoy your stay.
I can feel myself healing.
I'm rising up to the heavens.
I can feel it.
I can feel myself rising up.
And as a special service, allow me to introduce the kitchen staff.
They're Set-chan and Mocchi.
Thank you for always coming.
I'm sorry.
It's our first time actually coming out, so we're not sure what to say.
It's fine.
Please don't worry about it.
I'm glad it wasn't a mysterious creature that was cooking in the back.
Come on! Let's order! I'll pay! Then I'll fill the customer's feedback with this excitement that I'm feeling.
Nice going! Do it, Ikkun.
Okay, then I'll harness my excitement to write one poem after another! Then I'll recall the times I've shared with Misa-chan! I wrote "Annoying" on it, sir.
You're bothering the other Masters, so could you keep it down? You don't have to ever come back, Masters.
Misa-chan's so nice.
It'll be great if we can hear kind words from her one day.
The second of Seika High School's seven mysteries is sound coming out of the PA, despite the empty broadcasting room.
Looks like everything is progressing well right now.
But the sports teams are You can be the sand bag! It's really fun.
Let's tackle each other in order to get to know everyone.
See? The ball is our friend.
They're making fools out of themselves.
Hey, you there.
Don't be such a stranger.
If you're going to act bored, you should remember that you didn't have to come to school on a weekend.
Come on, I'm helping out as your support.
Isn't it reassuring to have me around? Shut up! Everyone gets distracted when you're around.
You stand out too much.
Even if you say that Then what am I supposed to do? I have a task that I would love for you to do.
They're not trying to be friends with the ball.
Hey! You failure of a soccer team! Usui said he wants to become friends with the ball! That's news to me.
Usui-san does? Please, come here! Here's the ball! Show us how you shoot! Let's put a uniform on, too! Junior high students! You'll get a chance to see something amazing! The soccer team! What? Usui-san's helping out with gathering a crowd? Then we have to get him, too! Therefore, please help out the sports teams for Seika's sake.
No! Hold on! I don't need to! I can't serve people! Don't say that.
We actually have a uniform prepared for you.
You can have fun by yourselves! Don't say things like that.
We worked hard together.
So come on! Let's enjoy it to the end.
You worked hard, you know.
Although you often ran away in the beginning.
We'll work with the customers, so you can just carry the dishes.
We'll support you when something happens.
See? Yukimura-kun's having fun, too.
Kanou-kun Don't worry.
We have one that's perfect for you.
All, now you guys, too! Let's play soccer! Let's be friends with the ball! Usui-san! Please come work with the baseball team next! Anywhere else you'd like to see? We're fine.
We got to see the art equipment in the art room, and even got to play a guitar for the first time in the music room! I didn't think the visit could be this fun! Great.
Be sure to enjoy it fully.
Damn! That was fast! Usui-san! This way now! So all of the courses end at the cafeteria? I figured everyone would be tired from walking, so I prepared a time to rest and ask questions at the end.
You can hear stories from other senpais, too.
Welcome! Please have a seat.
It's just like a maid café.
Make yourself at home.
Misaki! Look! How's this?! Y-You're so cute, Sakura.
You should join us, Misaki.
Thanks, but no thanks.
Rather than that- It looks like things are going well here.
Everyone's having fun.
Though honestly, some are pretty dumbfounded.
But if you go talk to them, they come in.
Come and relax a while.
Oh, she's actually sane.
I thought the boys would laugh, but they look pretty relaxed.
Both the boys and the girls are enjoying it.
It would be fun if every day was like this.
Don't you think it's wonderful to have such a good time with everyone? Yes.
This is what I want.
Okay, I'll go check other places out.
You look pretty cute there, Kanou.
I had no choice! I can't run anywhere when I'm surrounded by so many girls! What? Don't tell me they stripped you down.
NO! This is why I hate girls.
How is this perfect on me? What's up with this cute hood? Am I a rabbit? How differently do girls see our world? What is a maid costume? Why does it make people so cheerful? I don't understand it! What in the world is that creature?! So he's They'll easily shatter.
You keep eye contact more often while you talk, now.
I'm sure you saw them from close up.
Were they as weak and fragile as you thought? Kanou-kun! I don't think you need to run away anymore.
This is the first time I've ever spent so much time with girls.
Match! Damn it.
Don't underestimate the high schoolers.
Usui-san! Please come with us next! No, with us! Please, Usui-san! Help us! Our club, too! No, us first! I've had enough.
Maybe I'll apply to Seika.
You mean you want to join us? You're more than welcome to! So you liked it here? Yes! Oh, but maybe not Why?! I'm not good with boys.
They scare me a little.
She's been in an environment with nothing but girls all the time.
She only came here with us.
There are a lot of boys at Seika, right? I wish it was an all girls' school.
Dad! What do you mean Mom's broken and left us? Soutarou! Women are more weak and fragile than you imagine! You'd better be careful with how you handle them, too! Mom! If they're going to break, then I won't go near them anymore.
I know.
Mom only got fed up with Dad and left.
I've known that a long time.
There he is! Kanou-kun! Can you come this way? I'm taking the dishes in now.
Leave it aside.
I've known it a long time, but I never got the urge to get close to them.
If I became close to someone, something like that could happen again.
Girls are weak and fragile Were they really as weak or fragile as you thought? Not good with boys, eh? That's a little Hey, then is he scary? Come on, glasses bunny.
Make her feel like you're not scary.
Take a good look at her.
Come on.
It's not scary.
See? Yes I don't think you need to run away anymore.
I'll cast a spell on you now.
Close your eyes.
You will I am No longer be afraid of boys! Yes.
I don't think I'm afraid of them anymore.
Hear that? He said a spell? He's so cute.
Yeah, and the bunny ears.
So you can use a cute spell like that, too, glasses bunny? You can call it done when you finish carrying that.
Thank you for your hard work.
As promised, I'll forgive you for everything.
Be careful on your way home.
Um, Prez! Good work today.
Good work today, Usui-kun.
Where are we going? Could you put me down? Why aren't you saying anything? Hey- ow! Have you had enough? Of punishing him, that is.
Oh, yes, plenty.
Then can you thank me now? You didn't come check on me at all.
I'm so tired.
Oh! Thanks to you, it looks like the sports teams had a wonderful open house! It's great! All thanks to you! Not enough? Completely unacceptable.
Can you do something that would make you happy if it were done to you? Good work.
Ayuzawa Can I jump you? You moron! Yukimura-senpai.
I seriously look up to you the most of all.
Nobody noticed that you're a guy.
It's not like that, Kanou-kun! I want to change, but I can't find my uniform! We can stay awake surprisingly long if we're constantly doing something.
Maybe Kanou-kun should have cast some other sort of hypnosis.
She could go sleepless for a month.
Thank you very much.
Now excuse me.
Hey, don't take it seriously, Kanou.
Wow, Suzuna?! To change the topic here, next week will be a summer episode.
Misa-chan! The Maid Latte members will be going to the beach house! Have your swimsuit ready, everyone! Okay! Usui-kun, thanks for volunteering as bodyguard.