Maid Sama! (Kaichou wa Maid-sama!) (2010) s01e16 Episode Script

Maid Latte at the Beach House

1 It's summer break! We'll spend every day at Maid Latte.
We'll go to Maid Latte as long as our money lasts.
Our burning soul, hotter than the summer itself, will make this season an unforgettable one! What? Misa-chan!! It's so hot.
I can't go on anymore.
We're almost there, so chin up, Honoka-chan.
I shouldn't have taken part in the staff trip.
Don't say that.
It's the chief's sister's invitation.
That's right.
Stop complaining.
Hey, where's Misa-chan? Over there.
Wow, she's way ahead.
My god It's the ocean!! Look how big I cut this.
Such a luxury.
On another note Sis is at the beach, isn't she? Mom's at work, too.
I never thought I'd win so many.
I can't finish all of these.
What should I do? I know.
I'll call my friends over from the mail in prize club.
But first, let's finish this Munch munch munch.
Welcome! It's been a while, Sis! Nagisa! You've been doing well? She's dark! She's so dark.
Of course.
You're amazing! You're the manager of a beach house! She's a tanned version of the Chief.
You're a manager yourself.
Welcome, everyone.
Relax a bit before you go out on the beach.
Okay! I'll take care of your belongings, too.
Thank you very much.
It's a pretty place.
Apparently she opened this place this year.
There's a chair out on the patio.
What a nice breeze.
Are you all idiots? Girls working at a maid café going to a place with blazing UV rays? You don't care if your skin gets ruined? Aoi-chan.
Hyoudou Aoi.
Age 14.
Chief's niece, and the popular web idol Aoi.
Gender: Male.
Hobby: Crossdressing.
Did you get exiled again? Are you here to hook up with some men at the beach this time? Aoi! What are you thinking, dressing up like that again? Hey! Give that back to me! This is the beach.
Don't dress in things that make everyone else feel like they're burning up just from looking at you! Give it back! Our brother sent him here to become manlier.
I see.
What are you doing? Oh.
Hi Prez.
Why is Usui here? I told you.
The Chief asked me to.
She wanted a bodyguard around.
I don't like the heat, so I got here early in the morning.
Are you sure you're prepared for the job? I'll be ready for it, since it's for you.
Remember, if you drown, I wouldn't want to let anyone else perform CPR on you.
Time for the ocean! Time to swim! We'll get changed now, Usui-kun.
You look excited, Misa-chan.
Well, actually my mother yelled at me to go have fun like other high schoolers do, so I plan to have all the fun I can.
You really go all out with everything, don't you, Misa-chan? Misa-chan, you're wearing that? I'll be going now! Hey, everyone! It feels great! School swimsuit? Should have known.
Swimsuits are expensive.
But why a swim cap, too? I guess she's pretty happy to be swimming.
That's definitely the Misa-chan we know.
She's enjoying the ocean to the fullest.
Someone looks really disappointed.
Maybe he was hoping for something? Well, it is the ocean, so But he's Hey, are you alone?! Do you want to hang out with us? We're short on people to play beach volleyball.
Do you want to play? He's really not interested in anyone other than Misa-chan.
How many years has it been since I last came to the beach? When I was in elementary school? No, probably during the shellfish gathering I did when I was even younger than that.
All right, I'm gonna have so much fun! That's right.
This place actually isn't profitable at all.
The location isn't good.
It's at the end of the beach.
And it's out of the way from everything.
New shop owners don't get a good location that easily.
What a shame, since the shop is new and clean.
What to do How do you expect a downer of a shop like this to become popular? I hope it goes out of business soon.
Then I can go home.
Aoi-chan! He actually looks like a boy.
You've got some nerve to say that.
You don't care what I do to this? Give it back! I told you I will once work is over.
But really.
Aren't you in a pretty bad situation if you don't think of something? You're right.
I need something that makes up for the horrible location.
So, something that draws people's eyes.
An attraction that other places don't have.
Everyone? No matter where we go, It's the most powerful weapon in our arsenal, isn't it? No.
You couldn't possibly be thinking of I mean, it's too Everyone, let's do it.
Let's do it! Welcome home, Master.
Let's go walk on the beach to advertise.
Yeah, since there aren't many people here.
Be careful not to get picked up by dangerous people.
We'll just ignore anyone who tries to do that.
Looks like it's time for Aoi-sama to show up.
Hey! You go clean up the showers! Nagisa-san! Is it all right to let this happen all of a sudden? Why not? It's fun.
We'll say it's a today-only event.
Today will be a special day, and tomorrow will be back to normal.
If I get a good turnout, I'll remember this as a tactic I can use.
It looks like they're volunteering to do this, so do as you like.
Let me know if you need anything.
Let me go! In other words You don't care?! boo boo boo boo A maid café has opened by the beach as a limited time event.
Please stop by, Master and Milady.
I'll be waiting for you at the Beach House.
Would you like me to take a photo of Master and Milady together? We have a special limited time menu, too.
Is this really going to be alright? It's not even used that often! Why do I have to brush this place when the UV rays are the strongest.
I'll help out.
Can I take over the work here? Why? I thought I'd help out as a back stage actor today Looks like you're self-conscious about your lack of charm.
Seeing you as a swimsuit maid is boring.
So, can I take over here? You have cleaning to do inside, right? Fine.
Don't cut corners, okay? I'll be fine.
So go on.
You'll get burned otherwise.
Nosy hag! Nosy? Wow, he really hates me, doesn't he? The place they were advertising for earlier This is it.
The Beach House.
Welcome home, Master.
Uh, thanks.
Please relax right over here.
What should I bring for you? Ice coffee, please.
I'll have an ice tea.
Most certainly.
So this is what a maid café is like? I always wanted to go to one, but I never thought I'd find it at a beach.
Good thing we came to the beach today.
Sorry for the wait.
Most certainly, Milady.
She called me "Milady.
" I like how earnestly they attend to us.
This is today's limited time menu item, the ocean petit cake set.
Miladies, would you be interested in taking a warm shower? I've brought you some cold drinks.
If you're ready to order, please let me know.
Over to this seat please, Master.
How about a half-size set for the Young Master? It's hot.
Usui! You were there?! That was close! Too close! Misa-chan, what's that? I got it from the Chief.
I'll help out, too.
Is there an apron I can wear? Thank you, Misa-chan.
I'm sorry to do this when this was supposed to be a vacation.
It's fine.
After all, I'm always in your debt.
In that case, here.
That school swimsuit bothers me in more than one way.
I'll let you wear these, so get changed.
Okay I couldn't really say no.
There are a lot of customers out there, so I had to take it.
Misa-chan, you're going out like that? Huh? Yeah.
That's why I changed.
Why don't you quit lying around and help out a little? I'm going outside now.
The tables are packed, and people are waiting to have their order taken.
I have to get going.
Ayuzawa! Quit it! What do you think you're doing? Are you sure about this, Misa-chan? Everyone will see the kiss mark on your back.
Misa-chan? I'm sorry.
Please forgive me for this.
You help out with something! I'm being the bodyguard.
Thanks for the hard work, everyone! Cheers! Good work! Eat up, everyone.
Thank you very much! I'm the one that should be thanking you.
It was the busiest day since I opened this place.
I bet the shop Sis manages is popular, too.
With everyone's help.
There's free tickets to the onsen.
Onsen? There's one near here.
It's within walking distance.
Let's all go there once we finish eating.
I can even take a dip in an onsen? What a fabulous summer this is.
This beach is famous for its onsen, too.
Really? What's the matter, Honoka-san? This beach is also famous for being haunted.
Haunted? That's right.
A couple who decided to commit suicide together were going to jump off a cliff.
But the man actually had another girl on the side, so when they were about to jump, the guy let the girl jump by herself, and she went to the bottom of the ocean alone.
Several months passed without her body being found.
Then one night, when a couple came here, They saw it.
Saw what? A woman covered in blood, crawling up the cliff at an unbelievable speed.
Ever since then, there have been poltergeist sightings around that bush.
I want to see one, too.
That's just rumors getting exaggerated.
So why do you think it's so famous? Because it really happens.
Okay! Then let's go to the onsen! Sure! It's nice how it's within walking distance.
We'll have fun with our girl time.
Yeah Wait, getting naked? They'll see my back.
Um I'll actually pass.
Why? It's kind of a bad time for me.
Well, we won't force you, I guess.
I'll mend the shop.
See you later! Misa-cha- It's all your fault, stupid Usui.
If it wasn't for my back, I would have gone with them.
That's why I stayed behind, too.
So what?! Don't think I'll forgive you for this crime! Crime Did you want to go that badly? Of course.
I haven't gone on a trip in many years.
So I wanted to enjoy it.
I rarely get to go to an onsen.
Besides, it would have distracted me more if I'd been with everyone.
Are you scared of the ghost? No! I don't want to waste the free onsen ticket the Chief gave us! What was that noise? Chief! Why did you forget these?! Everyone's free ticket got wasted.
Chief! Chief! I'll catch up if I run.
Usui, you better mend the place! What? You're going to take it to them? I don't think you need to do that much.
What are you talking about? These are free tickets! These let us into an onsen for free when you normally have to pay! I can't overlook this! But you might run into a ghost.
I'm not scared I don't believe in such an unrealistic entity.
That's right, they don't exist.
I can't let them pay money for something unnecessarily because I'm scared of such a ridiculous thing.
This beach is also famous for being haunted.
Besides, I've never seen a ghost before in my life.
Why would I believe in them? Hey What? Where am I? God It's Usui Sorry.
Looks like I scared you.
I locked up the place, so let's go together.
Can you stand? Wow What a problem you are.
What are you Where did your strength go, Ayuzawa? Are you still scared? You're making fun of me, aren't you? I'm not.
You plan on teasing me for having another weakness, don't you? Damn it, let go of me already.
I won't.
I'll be here until you calm down.
What's that supposed to mean? Stupid Usui.
What are you doing? Give me a break.
Could you not flirt in the middle of the street? We weren't flirting! So you're playing dumb with me.
What's the big deal? You guys are dating, right? No, we're not! Then why were you two hugging in the dark? Well Gosh, you're so annoying.
You like him, don't you? Just admit it already.
I told you that I don't! Like that, the first day of Maid Latte at the Beach House ended after a hot night.
A bath is a good thing.
And onsen are the best.
Those are extras.
Since we came all this way, let's take a dip.
I don't want to go in the men's bath! So did you take a dip with Aoi-chan, Usui? I had him in a good lock, but he tricked me.
Stupid Usui! He ran away saying that.
Did you go in, Ayuzawa? I had to sneak in because of you.
I like that stare.
Good work, everyone.
Enjoy another day at the beach.
Just like Nagisa says.
And, you won't go to bed yet, right? Subaru-chan? I brought cards.
Erika? I brought Uno.
You, Gon-chan? Board games! Sai? A hundred famous poems.
I'll be telling the scary stories.