Maid Sama! (Kaichou wa Maid-sama!) (2010) s01e17 Episode Script

Usui Becomes the Enemy

1 Munch munch munch munch.
Munch munch munch munch.
Munch munch munch munch.
Oh yeah, I won an over-seas trip through the mail-in prize, didn't I? But it's a hassle to get a passport, and I don't have enough money, so I gave it away.
Maybe I should try cooking the watermelon with rice? Or maybe not.
For a staff trip, we came to the Chief's sister, Nagisa-san's, place, enjoyed the busy first day, and now it's the morning of the second day.
But actually, since we were all up late last night, it's closer to noon than morning now.
Morning, Misa-chan.
Morning, Usui.
Does he have low blood pressure? What are you doing, Misa-chan? I'm waking myself up! Don't let it bother you! I think thats more likely to lead to eternal sleep rather than waking you up.
What kind of nonsense are you spouting? Think about the position I'm in as your guardian.
Look at you, dressing like that again.
Don't diss the clothes! This is natural for me! Yeah, yeah.
I've heard that plenty of times.
Fine, you can stay like that.
You mean it?! If you win today's beach volleyball tournament.
You'll really leave me alone? You won't complain about how I dress? You won't take my wig away, either? Sure.
If you prefer, you can go home, too.
You don't like getting tanned, right? Right.
If you win the beach volleyball tournament like a man, then my brother will probably accept you more.
Nagisa-san! Thank you, Nagisa-san! Let's do our best together! Huh? What are you talking about? Why? I need a female partner to participate in this, right? That's right.
You'll partner up with me, won't you, Nagisa-san? I know I can win if I partner up with last year's champion.
So Nagisa-san won that? Why?! Starting this year, they added an age limit! So you go find your own partner! There's no way I can do that.
I don't have any friends here.
You're saying it's impossible? So you can give up that easily? In that case, I'll have you work here like a man the entire summer.
I'm not giving up! It's not easy at all.
I've been like this my whole life.
No matter if people think I'm crazy or I'm sick Because this is who I am! This is what makes me the most comfortable! I'll go find a partner.
You've got a man's heart, you know.
But I can't find a girl who can play beach volleyball that well.
Hey, perfect timing.
Since I've come all the way here, I wanna do some beach sport, so could you help me learn one? Misa-chan, you're entering the beach volleyball tournament? I want you to win and become the Beach Princess.
Good luck! Beach Princess? You didn't know? No.
The winning team will become the Prince and Princess of the night.
There'll be lots of photo shoots going on for the main event.
You'll get lots of costumes to wear as part of the show, and you can choose from many different bikinis.
I see.
I'm not very interested in that, but it's my motto to take challenges seriously.
I'll go for the win.
Excuse me, I need to go practice with Aoi-chan.
What? Your partner is Aoi-chan? Misa-chan.
What, Usui? Have you ever played beach volleyball before? No.
It's totally different from indoor volleyball.
I'm sure.
Moving on sand is difficult.
You look pretty confident.
Confident? No, more like my fighting spirit is up.
I'm not that confident about it.
It's just my desire to win.
It's Aoi-chan's eyes.
Seeing eyes like that inspires me to cheer them on.
Of course, I've never done it, so I don't know if I'll be any good.
Then maybe it doesn't have to be you.
Don't go, Ayuzawa.
W-What are you saying?! You're not making any sense.
I'm heading out now.
Sorry to make you wait.
God, you're late.
Are you open? Yes! Welcome! It's that time of the year again! Sponsored by Hakusen Beach, the beach volleyball tournament! Your enemy isn't just the opponent in front of you.
The blazing sun! The sand under the foot! The gusting wind! Who will be the ones to conquer the tournament through teamwork and become the Beach Prince and Princess tonight?! Let's all have fun tonight, too! Looks like it's starting.
Where are Misa-chan and Aoi-chan? They said they were going to practice and have been gone ever since.
Absolute victory! That's Misa-chan and Aoi-chan, right? What happened to those two in such a short period of time? What kind of practice were they doing? We didn't get any practice time at all.
Regardless, we will win this.
I can tell how serious you are.
Let's go, Misakichi.
Misakichi? Ah, there you are.
Hey, you two look totally pumped.
Erika-san?! And Usui? Why are you two here? When I heard Misa-chan would participate, it made me want to participate, too.
I asked Usui-kun to be my partner, and he agreed.
I love beach volleyball, since it's so much fun.
You agreed? Seriously, Usui? You're not really into stuff like this, are you? I'll be the one to win this.
Now you've said it! Fine! Bring it on, damn it! Take this! Winner: Ayuzawa-Hyoudou.
Yeaaah! Think of the wind! Don't lose to the sand! Not so fast! Winner: Ayuzawa-Hyoudou pair! Bring it on, you vermin! Take that, bitch! Ayuzawa-Hyoudou pair goes to the final round! Those two They're too incredible.
Every round they play, their opponents get even more terrified.
Not bad.
He's so cool! I knew this was going to happen.
If I win this, I'm free.
I'm sure there's several schemes going on here.
Usui! No going easy on us, you hear?! What's wrong with him? Why is he actually participating in this? He knows how desperate Aoi-chan is, too.
Who do you think will be this year's Princess? I hope it's that sexy girl.
Look, she's with her boyfriend.
I'm hoping it's the other girl.
I bet she's available.
Is she paired up with her brother? It doesn't look like her boyfriend.
Or, did Usui participate to take out the strong competitors so Aoi-chan can win? No, he wouldn't do that.
Or would he? I mean, when I really need it, he always helps out.
The final match, begin! Go! The first set is won by the Usui-Erika pair! They're pretty good.
It was stupid of me to think like that.
Usui's seriously going for the win.
He has total control over the ball.
He's also incredibly experienced.
Starting the second set! Damn it, what's wrong with him? He's not tired at all.
And here we are, running around the court.
Yeah, since he keeps on aiming at nasty places.
But I won't give up.
I'll get to it! I've been trained by Nagisa-san since I was little! Aoi-chan! Nice control.
Damn it.
Aoi-chan's working so hard But Usui is just standing there calmly, like he's just toying with him.
He's always annoying, but always shows up in time to save me.
You make me think you're a decent guy You're making me so frustrated.
Why is Usui trying to be my enemy?! What? What did I just say? Well aren't you selfish, Misa-chan? You don't want me as your enemy? You want me? You moron! I didn't say anything like that! Really? Then are you ready? Where are you popping it to?! He's never gonna get it.
It's getting carried by the wind.
Hit it! Aoi-chan! Nope.
That's not going to make it.
I'll get it no matter what! Misa-chan! All right! Watch out! A-Are you all right? All good.
Your shoulder doesn't look like it to me! You slammed it, didn't you? You need first aid.
They made a big deal out of it.
Usui! Don't move around a lot yet.
You're worrying too much, too.
But It's my fault, so of course I'd worry! That's why you're tagging along with me without even going to the winner's celebration? How could I be satisfied with a game I only won because of an injury? With this sort of mood, I would just ruin everyone's fun.
You're lucky the staff of the café are good at keeping things fun.
Then I'll be the substitute Princess! You can count on me! Hey! Don't outshine me! What? I want to be the Princess, too.
I definitely saw your determination.
You know, you're really reckless, Misa-chan.
You plowed through them.
Usui, I'm sorry.
I'm not forgiving you.
What would you do if I said that? You're teasing me again?! It's all because you participated in the tournament! Aoi-chan was so- I didn't like the idea.
I didn't want you to become the Beach Princess, wear clothes that guys like, and have people take pictures of you for their own weird reasons.
I didn't want to see Ayuzawa like that.
That's why? What's wrong? That's why you were trying to win? Yeah.
What's wrong with you? Aoi-chan's more important than that.
To me, it was the most important thing.
You still don't get it? Get what? Besides, you're always joking around, so what am I supposed to understand? Then look closely at me.
I'm not joking right now.
Usui Fireworks? Oh yeah, they said they would launch fireworks at the end of the festival.
You're hot.
It's the sunburn! Yes, I know.
Let's go back! Sure.
Look, the couple's back.
Welcome back.
What is that, Aoi-chan? Nobody's more suitable to be the Princess than me, right? Can't say I'm surprised.
It was like the Aoi-chan Festival by the end.
And you know, Gon-chan and Sayu-chan were secretly participating in the tournament.
We got invited by our relatives that happened to be here.
My relatives were here, too.
My niece who's in grade school insisted on participating.
Yeah, mine too! Though we lost before facing Misa-chan.
Us too.
You should have let us know.
Anyways, now that they're back, too, let's do it.
Do what? Tomorrow's the last day of the trip, so we'll take a group photo.
Everyone, scoot in.
Like this? I'm tired from waiting for the certain couple.
Sorry Wait, we're not a couple or anything like that! Timer's on! I bet you were doing something naughty on the beach.
N-No we weren't! Hey, I think you paused for a second there.
No I didn't! Very slowly, many emotions matured, and the summer went by.
Is Misa-chan here yet?! No, I'm not going to believe it.
Our summer can't be ending yet.
Misa-chan! Come back! Go home and do your summer homework.
This is the end of the summer stories.
Bye bye.
I'm home! Welcome back, Sis.
Here, eat this.
Wow! What is this mountain of watermelon? Of course, I won it through the mail-in prize.
The ocean, the beach; they're filled with things you find in summer.
This is the end of the summer stories.
Next week, a crisis befalls Maid Latte.
That's Miyabigaoka's vice president! I heard the story.
Looks like it's the White Beast Shiroyan's time to shine.
Let's go, Kurotatsu-san, Ikkun-san.
You're calling us names like Suke-san or Kaku-san.
TL Note: Suke-san and Kaku-san are characters from a long-running samurai show called "Mito Koumon" Who is Suke-san and who is Kaku-san? Whichever it is, I think it's too much work either way.