Maid Sama! (Kaichou wa Maid-sama!) (2010) s01e18 Episode Script

Maid Sama is a Footman

1 Thank you for your help, Kanou-kun.
It's nothing.
Kanou? He helped me carry the papers.
When did you two get so close? I thought that I might be able to overcome my aversion towards girls if I spent time with Yukimura-senpai.
Ah I said I'm not a girl.
You're just saying that, aren't you? Yeah.
Yes? Be strong.
Why can I hear what they're thinking? Fine.
Just watch me! I'll become more masculine.
I'll become a man among men! I'll go get the other documents, too.
By myself! I'll help out.
No, I'm doing it by myself.
Fine, I'll train to become manly then.
I'll become manly enough to totally surprise you.
He found himself a good guardian.
Oh yeah, I owe him one.
You want to pay me back? Yeah.
First you saved me when a stalker was after me, and then during the sports festival, and even when I had trouble with Kanou, too.
I don't like being so indebted to you.
Well, then be my maid for a day.
Could you think of something else? Let's see Do you seriously want me to be your maid for a day? I never thought you were that messed up.
He's serious.
It actually worries me that that's the only thing you want.
What? You're actually ready for me to do naughty things to you? Just joking.
Time to go to your job, Prez.
How does that idiot want this to end?! You may lose something important.
Stay strong, Master.
I've done it now! What is this "important thing" it's referring to?! Is it this? Or that? No, maybe that?! He's annoying.
I only made one card that gives horrible luck.
In a way, he's actually amazingly lucky.
Calm down, Shiroyan.
Don't worry, we got "great luck".
What is this? Trying to show off?! Please be quiet, Masters! It's just a homemade fortune cookie.
Then you take one, too, Misa-chan.
If you get the same result, it'll probably make him happy.
Little luck.
How iffy.
If you owe someone a favor, make sure you pay them back.
I'm sorry, Master.
We're closing for the day.
Please don't be worried.
We're not guests.
You're Miyabigaoka's vice president.
Excuse me.
Who's the owner of this place? Yes, I'm the manager here.
How can I help? I'm sorry about this sudden proposal.
We'd like to buy this shop.
Sorry for the late introduction.
My name is Maki Kanade.
I'm a member of the Maki Dining Group.
The Maki Dining? Is it famous? You don't know them, Aoi-chan? Maki Dining.
They're the biggest player in the food service industry, running everything from major family restaurants to high class restaurants.
It's an honor that you're so familiar with my father's company.
He's the son of the CEO? You see, we plan on opening a new store.
When we thought of the target customers, we realized that this location would be the best.
So I brought up the project proposal several times.
To whom? To the owner of this building.
The owner of the building? You plan on buying the entire building? Unfortunately, though, he wouldn't assent.
I'm protecting this place until the day I die.
I can't trouble any of the tenants.
Go away! That's why I am visiting every tenant, explaining the situation.
We're against it, too! Basically you're trying to get rid of Maid Latte, right?! Go open your store somewhere else! And this shop that we're going to start is- Listen to us! I don't think a detailed explanation is necessary to those who work here.
Simply put, it's a butler café.
Negative! Not exciting at all! All hail maids! That is why we'd like to open our shop here.
Please, listen to us! If it's just a café, why are you going for the entire building? Well, we plan on demolishing the building and building a western style mansion.
Rather than a café, it's closer to being a restaurant.
We plan on serving a full course dinner, too.
A slightly fancy butler café, I guess.
Listen! Butlers and waiters aren't the same! Can you tell the difference? He can.
He is Miyabigaoka's proud vice president.
Miyabigaoka's Student Council President, Igarashi Tora.
What is he planning? As the vice president, he makes an excellent assistant.
You might say that he knows the joy of working for a master.
I believe that he can make a great shop, so I'm supporting him as the president and as his friend.
I know.
If you're worried about his capability as a butler, how about you come to the footman audition held next weekend? Footman? They're staff who work under the butler.
In order to hire skilled footmen, we will be holding a large scale interview.
Why is it already scheduled? It's still too early to recruit staff! Nobody said they're selling this place! We should excuse ourselves now.
Maki-kun, we'll need to give them time to relax and think.
We will leave for today.
Here's the summary of the conditions and benefits related to this sale.
Please look over this and consider our proposal.
If you cannot agree to the listed price for terms such as mediating the reemployment of your staff and funding to relocate, we are willing to negotiate on these points.
Excuse us.
Please wait! What's the matter? You shouldn't be out in that, should you? Why is it here? Is it because I'm here? What are you- Maki, you go on.
But this is- Maki.
That's an order.
You're great at acting, as always.
You, too.
Dressed up in pretty interesting clothes, aren't you? Just so you know, I'm only watching from the sideline, since it's the first shop Maki's organizing.
He seriously wants to be successful.
We're serious, too! This place has been built on the work we and the Chief did together.
We have customers coming back because they like it here.
How could you take this place away from them, too You seem really into your job as a maid.
Once you graduate, do you plan on becoming a professional maid? Then why don't you seriously spar with Maki? Unless you surpass his determination, you won't get anywhere.
For instance, the audition that's being held next weekend.
It's a perfect chance to show how serious you are with greeting customers.
Oh, I forgot.
It's limited to guys.
That's right I have to pay back the humiliation he put me through, playing along with his perverted games.
Yeah, you're right.
I can't forgive something like this.
I will do anything to get back at him.
Let me take that bag for you.
Your hand, please.
You're perfect.
You're both perfect, Misa-chan! Subaru-chan! Nobody will know you're girls! I'm not sure if I should be happy or not.
I wrapped a cloth around my chest, wore a wig, and somehow managed to look like a guy.
I'm sorry about this.
Asking you to get involved There's nothing we could have done.
We had to have a pair of boys to meet the entry conditions.
Besides, you said you wanted to fight for the sake of Maid Latte, so it's natural that I take part in it.
If we make them realize that Maid Latte has a great staff, then maybe we can get out of this.
To be honest, I wanted to take part in it, but I have this rack that I just can't hide.
Are you jealous of the great plains? If I wasn't working at Maid Latte, I'm sure they wouldn't have made such a forceful buyout attempt.
Because of me, a place that's important to all of us could be gone.
I can't let that happen.
These are all participants? Aren't there way too many people here? It's like a guy festival.
Look at that afro in the middle of the pack.
Did everyone come here just because they saw the flier? If there's only a skill test and no written exam, we have to try it out, right? It didn't sound like a formal interview, either.
Above all, the pay's terrific.
"Come to the audition if you're interested", eh? That's something that can only be done with the kind of trusted name the Maki Dining Group has.
Is something the matter, Satsuki-san? I just realized the size of our competition.
Sorry for the wait.
Thank you for coming to this event.
We would like to start the audition now.
That voice! It's the vice president of Miyabigaoka, Maki Kanade! The first thing we will have you do today is, a race.
What? A race? A tough start.
The hill you came up while coming here is the course.
But what's the point of it? If you get to the bottom, you'll find the turnaround point.
When you come back, please follow the usher to the gym, where we are.
I already don't have much confidence.
I'll push your back.
However, since this is an audition done by pairs, the passing condition is for you to finish with your partner on your back.
Please have your partner on your back at all times.
I see.
They're testing our resolve.
This is gonna be hot.
You may switch as many times as you like.
They've got to be kidding.
Let's quit.
The first 50 to come back will move on.
Please assemble at the starting line.
Let's go, Subaru-san.
Are we seriously doing this? Things like these are easy for me.
I'll protect you, Subaru-san.
Hold on, Misa-chan.
It's fine.
I get it.
It's impossible.
We can't fight against someone that holds such a grand audition.
Besides, if they find out that you're girls- It's not like you to give up before trying, Chief.
But I'm- Could you just let me be selfish and do it? I'll make sure Misa-chan doesn't get hurt.
See you later.
The fire doesn't go out once it's been lit, does it? I like passionate people.
They make me feel they'll accomplish something.
Right, Satsuki-san? I agree.
Are you all right? I'm not too heavy? You're totally okay.
Are you sure? Despite what I said back there, it's me who's making the Chief look like that.
It's because Miyabigaoka's president has a grudge against me that Maid Latte is Is everyone ready? Ready- This should be easy for Misa-chan.
Misakichi! Go! Go! Beat them all! Don't overwork yourselves! L O V E Misa-chan! I'm done Switch I can't go on.
This is too tough.
Are you okay, Misa-chan? I'm fine! It's hard to move around in a suit, but I think we can pass this stage easily.
That's the spirit! Let's work through this together, Misa-chan! You should be invincible with us to support you! Stamina's the only thing Shiroyan has- What were they doing? Kurotatsu! There are lots of different kinds of people taking part in this, aren't there? I can see that.
You're 38th.
Looks like there are fast people.
Good work, both of you.
As expected of Misaki-kun.
It's nothing much.
Good luck to you, too, Subaru.
Stop sexually harassing me in the public.
Touching a guy's chest isn't sexual harassment.
Even if it isn't, please stop.
Gosh, Kanou-kun.
Let me do some of the work next time, too.
You can't.
How do you know I can't before we even try it? Why are they here? I can tell.
What's wrong, Misaki-kun? Erika-san! Could you lend me those fake glasses of yours? Those who passed the first stage, please enter the gym.
We will now proceed to the next stage.
This is really a gym? You can play baseball in here.
I can hardly tell that it's them standing there.
Everything is high-end, too.
It's amazing here, Kanou-kun.
It is.
Are they interested in a job like this? If they find out who I am now, it'll get ugly.
Hey there, Mis- Once again, welcome to all.
Good work with the first assignment.
Many of you were probably surprised by the unique task you were given.
Misa-chan stepped on us.
We wanted to see how serious you are.
I'll be frank with you.
Working as a footman is very rigorous.
And because it's rigorous, you need the ability to help your colleague.
That's why this is a pair audition.
We will use it to see how well you can cooperate and complete your tasks.
The judges will be butlers, including myself and the student council president of Miyabigaoka Academy that lent us the campus, President Igarashi.
There you are, you perverted tyrant.
Just you wait.
I'll make it all the way to the end.
We will now move on to the next assignment.
Out of my way! Great work.
I'm dying That concludes the 1st phase of the audition, which tested your stamina.
Being a footman requires this much strength? I'm not done yet.
Before we move on to the 2nd phase, we would like you to get changed.
We will provide you with a tailcoat now, and you have one minute.
One minute?! He's crazy! You must be quick at anything.
Is everyone ready? We're changing here? The changing room for the two of you will get taken away a minute later, so please watch out.
Ready- Start! Crap .
L-L-L-Let's hurry, Subaru-kun.
Okay, Misaki-kun! Isn't this pretty dangerous? Misaki-kun's always fast, so she's probably fine, but Subaru-kun's That's one minute.
I knew she'd be out.
What? A girl? Why? It's a girl! I'm sorry, Misa-chan.
Crap Hey! Then maybe those masked guys are actually girls, too! Jeez! I can't believe we're getting called out for this.
So much for all of our efforts.
Is it a guy? Or, is that a girl? Which are they? Usui and Aoi-chan? I knew that was Usui-kun.
You knew it, Subaru-san? I'm a guy! Sort of.
Besides, you're here.
That's your reasoning? Only males of high school age or older are allowed.
Excuse me, but please tell me your gender and age.
I'm a guy.
I'm 14.
So young! He's still in middle school? In that case- I know! I'm disqualified, right?! That's why I was wearing a mask.
I'll ask you two as well.
Are you female? Yes.
I'm sorry.
No, I'm sorry, too.
That automatically disqualifies the partner, so please leave together.
Misaki-kun? Maki-kun.
Yes? May I make a suggestion? Perhaps the woman and the child made it this far because their partners were strong.
It'd be a waste to lose a valuable human resource like this.
How about we have the remaining two form a new pair? But of course, only if they are both qualified to be here.
I see.
Please let me confirm, just in case.
Age 17.
High school student.
I can buy that from him, but I'm not so sure about the one with glasses.
Yeah, the partner was a girl, after all.
Age 16.
High school student.
I'm A guy, too.
It's as flat as a board.
Don't look so disappointed.
So he was a guy, after all.
Yeah, it was easy to tell.
Very well.
We will now move on to Phase 2.
Is that just how things went? Or was it a set up? I ended up pairing up with Usui.
It's your destiny, Misaki-kun.
How interesting.
Tora's smirking from up above.
How about you stare back at him? He'll find it more interesting.
This is so exciting, Kanou-kun.
Maybe you should take a deep breath.
Wow, it's Yukimura and Kanou.
Gotta hide.
We will now begin Phase 2.
Oh no, it's starting.
It's not starting right now.
We were talking about next week.