Maid Sama! (Kaichou wa Maid-sama!) (2010) s01e20 Episode Script

Episode 20

1 My name is Yukimura Shouichirou.
And that's my little sister, Ruri.
Her dream is to become a princess and find her prince charming.
Hear me out, Kanou-kun.
Were you teased again, Yukimura-senpai? I'm being treated especially horribly these days.
By whom? Catch me if you can! Hold up! Actually, it's about my little sister- Hey, Yukimura! Yukimura? This is supposed to be pretend princess, but it's turned into tag! Ruri-chan Ruri! Who's he? Someone you know? Are you all Ruri's friends? I'm- He's someone that lives in my neighborhood.
Since we live close, I'll go home with him.
Eh? Why? What happened to pretend princess? We'll play again tomorrow.
Bye bye.
See you tomorrow.
Bye bye.
I'm Ruri's real big brother! Well, I was playing pretend princess.
The princess' brother needs to look more like a prince.
What's that supposed to mean? What are you all doing? Who's that girl? Well, she's Yukimura-senpai's little sister.
Little sister? She's adorable! To be expected of Yukimura's sister.
My What? My dear Prince! I've decided! I'm going to marry this Prince! And she said she wants to go on a date with Usui? She begged me to all night.
Have you gone mad?! What brother gives their little sister to a pervert like this?! And what are you eating in the Student Council room?! No snacks allowed! It's candy.
You know.
Would you like some candy? You gave it to me yesterday at Maid La- I never asked that! At any rate, I'm against the idea! But Yesterday was the first time she's said that I'm great.
You're great, Bro! Good job! He said I'm great to be friends with a prince like him.
So The first time? I beg you, Usui-san! I can finally do something a brother would do! Please! Ruri has adored princesses since she was little.
When we played, it was always pretend princess.
I was always the prince, but she eventually said I'm not enough like a prince.
As her brother, is that alright? That's why I want to show her what I can do, as her bother! Maybe you're pampering her too much.
Please! I might be able to regain my status as her brother with this.
That's why! I beg of you! Yukimura You're I have a bad feeling about this.
Yukimura! I never would have guessed! You can become this passionate when it comes to your sister, huh?! Prez! What is it?! Okay! We will do everything to regain Yukimura's status as her brother! Thank you very much, Prez! So, Usui.
Everything is up to how well you perform the role of a prince.
You called me pervert and what not, didn't you? Make sure you do it right! Yeah.
You always want your little sister to rely on you, right? Yes, Prez! You've got to be strong! Yes, Prez! Oh, fine.
The day of the date.
Would it be better for me to wait with her until Usui-san shows up? Calm down, Yukimura.
If you don't stay hidden, she's sure to treat you like a nuisance, right? That's right.
I'm sorry, Kanou-kun.
We can't hang out after all.
It's fine.
You two were planning on hanging out? Takumi-sama! Takumi-sama? I'm sorry.
She started calling him that ever since I told her his name.
But, wow.
That's an embarrassing outfit.
You think so? He looks like a real Prince.
Who gave him those clothes? I did.
You have a problem with that? Aoi-chan?! A friend of yours, Prez? Ah, yeah.
Why are you here?! I bumped into him yesterday at the café.
What are you two discussing?! He asked me to make princely looking clothing.
Usui-kun, thank you for filling in! So I designed a perfect outfit.
He even made me spend my weekend doing it.
Wow, he looks like he's having so much fun.
Whee! Takumi-sama! Takumi-sama! Ta- He grabbed her?! What would you like to do, dear princess? Flowers! We shall go to where there's a lot of them! "Shall"? How princess like.
The botanical garden, eh? Wasn't expecting this.
I'm surprised he accepted such an annoying task.
What? Is he looking at us? I think I saw buds go into full bloom just now.
Me too.
What is he doing? He's seriously staring at us.
Yeah, he's staring at us.
I get it.
He's on a date with you in his mind.
No, it's nothing like that.
Give it a break, will you, you troublesome crazy couple.
But that's what he's thinking.
Impossible! Takumi-sama! This way! She faceplanted! Ru-Ruri Calm down, Yukimura.
She got up.
You think she'll cry? Ruri Ruri's a princess, and will never show tears.
I see.
It's almost strange to see him like that.
I bet she wanted a big brother like that.
Yukimura? Cool and strong.
It's only natural that she would look down on me, isn't it? Yukimura Hey, do you think that's some kind of film shoot? That girl looks like his sister.
I wish I had a big brother like that, too.
Change of plans! Change? Listen.
This is what we were hoping would happen.
But at this rate, Usui will usurp the older brother's position! You think so, too?! Therefore! I don't think that's possible.
What loud whispering.
Perfect! A dangerous looking person in a black suit! You're great, Kanou! That was child's play to Aoi-sama.
Nice going, Aoi-chan! You're the best stylist! I can't do this.
Don't worry, Kanou.
You can do it.
Here's the game plan: Kanou picks a fight.
Ruri-chan is in danger.
Usui will get scared.
The true hero, Yukimura, will bravely save her.
The codename is: Hurry up and go pick a fight.
How, exactly? If you don't want to die, shut your mouth.
How about that? I'm sure Usui will figure out that it's you, understand what's going on, and set it up for Yukimura.
Hey you.
If- If? I can't! Kanou-kun! I guess it was too much for him.
I have another strategy.
Okay, let's go with that.
And that place has cute uniforms, just like maids.
The plates and cups are so clean, so it makes me feel like I've really become a princess.
Is Ruri taking him to her favorite little expensive café? Sorry to make you all wait.
Prez? How did you end up in that? Doesn't that stand out too much? And that's why I'm holding a camera.
I found a perfect extra walking by.
An extra? Hide! Apparently it's good luck to drop off letters into the post box in this direction today.
That was close.
What was? Hide! When the weather's good, it makes me cheerful, too.
But I also like gloomy, rainy days.
Here they come, too.
Let's go to that shop again.
Sakura-san, do you really plan on buying something there? Walking back and forth between the same shops is part of what makes shopping fun.
I see.
Phew, we made it by them.
Um, what happened? I was worried they would interfere with our plans again.
Hey, it's our Master! Another film shoot? Should we help out with something? No, that's quite alright.
Thank you.
I see.
Then excuse us! Um so where were we? Explaining what the next strategy is, right? You mentioned something about an extra.
First, Misakichi will go out, then the extras will pick a fight with them.
Hey you, buddy.
Are you picking a fight?! That's when you- We got to see Misa-chan in a frilly dress.
We were asked to do a favor by Misa-chan in frilly dress.
Take this! My normal face! I told them to not go in first! They really are genuine morons! There goes my perfect scenario.
That's the plan, so please help us out.
Aye aye, sir! Go fix this mess, Misakichi.
Look, they were knocked out so easily! They're about to get in the shop! Hurry, Misakichi! It's here.
Fine, I'll do it! Bring is on! How could you, Takumi-sama?! You already have me as your fiancée, and yet you cheat on me? You're always like that.
I'm sure you'll be throwing away that little princess there, too, once you get tired of her, won't you? That's right.
I'll be throwing her away like a crane game prize I got on a whim.
What is that supposed to mean? Do it right! What? Oh fine.
In that case- I'm sorry, Princess Misaki.
I never realized that you loved me so much.
Please forgive me for only being able to convey my love like this.
Come on.
What? My turn? Hey, Usui You don't have to worry.
My only true love is you, Princess Misaki.
T-That's enough! I've had enough! Why are you getting in my way, Bro?! She has it figured out? I said I'm the princess! I hate you, Bro! Ruri! Welcome.
Young lady? Are you alright? We're sorry for the commotion.
Are you okay, Ruri? Does it hurt anywhere? Did you hit your head? I'm okay.
What a relief.
We can't have you running around inside the store! Let's go apologize.
I'll go with you.
No! Ruri's done nothing wrong! It's because you're all being mean to me.
I'm supposed to be the princess today.
That's right I'm the princess, so I'm not going to say sorry! That's enough! There's nothing elegant about a stubborn princess like you.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
We're really sorry, Ruri-chan.
We didn't mean to tease you or anything.
You went really out of control this time.
Ruri? I'm fine.
I was still immature as a princess, too.
Plus- Looks like Ruri wasn't Takumi-sama's princess.
Let's go home, Bro! It looks like my slightly matured princess won't be finding her prince for a while yet.
There's a limit to what I can do with a stationary camera.
I need a cameraman to show 100% of my cuteness.
Hey there.
What are you doing? You totally stand out.
She's so cute up close.
Hey, how about you come with us and- L-Let's not do things like that.
Hyoudou Aoi.
Age 14.
Noble and proud net idol.
You're scaring the girl.
You suddenly can't help but go to the bathroom.
Despite appearances, he's actually a boy.
I'm glad they went away.
Are you alright? It must have been frightening.
Who are these annoying creatures? Where do you think they rushed off to? They look familiar Probably the bathroom.
Oh, they're the lame guys that were with Misakichi.
I didn't look like this the other day, so they don't know that it's me.
Hey, I have a little favor to ask of you two.
That's right.
Now slowly move up the camera.
Promotion video? Why? I'm the net idol Aoi.
So I'm making my own PV.
Idol? So she's in show biz? No, she's a self proclaimed idol, so I think she's usually a normal person that you'd see walking down the street.
Don't say things like "self proclaimed"! It's amazing to be ranked first in cuteness in all of the major search engines.
This shining cuteness of mine is all that's needed for me to dazzle! It's just too much fun! She's something else.
She certainly is.
I'm glad I came to the flea market.
I wanted to get a new trash can for the kitchen.
It was so cheap.
You can make some cash in a flea market.
What a surprise.
Go! Back at you! What is this? It's a flea market.
I know it's a flea market! I'm asking why they are having the flea market today! And I can just see trouble coming if I go near the lake.
A quick break.
This is so fun! It is.
Please give us 5 identical boxes.
I was planning on taking pictures with the lake in the background, too! Lake? I can't film like this! She means the pond.
Aoi! What is she doing here?! Why do you guys have a shop, too? To make money to go to Maid Latte, of course.
But we can't say that, especially with the vice prez standing right there.
Why are they with Aoi? This is totally ruining my first DVD release.
DVD?! Is it going to be amazing? It is amazing! It's sure to sell! Will it be naughty? Shut up and get your mind out of the gutter! When did we end up with the camera? I want you to take pictures of me from every possible angle.
Of course we will! Yup.
Otaku are more useful when it comes to something like this.
Give me more petals! Not enough light, either! It's perfect right now.
Ready to roll, Aoi-chan? Action! Something's still missing.
Do you want more petals? But we're out of petals.
Then collect them please.
I stayed up all night making those petals.
Men are sad creatures, are they not, Kurotatsu? To be precise, we're the sad creatures, Shiroyan.
Oh yeah, you guys.
Bring me some dolls.
I said dolls.
And cute ones.
I'm sure you've got things like that.
I need them for the filming.
I'm bringing them? Ruri has some.
But she'll get mad if I touch them without her permission.
No touching, okay? What should I do, Kanou-kun? I think you can get away with being the doll.
What? You'll be perfect if you wear animal suit pajamas.
What are you implying, Kanou-kun?! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! We picked up everything! Animals didn't shit on them, either! Sorry to make you all wait.
I went and dressed up as a maid.
It's a maid! It's Aoi as a maid! You guys.
Don't compare me to any regular old maid you see around.
Add the –sama at the end.
Maid-sama, huh? It sounds so naughty.
Hm? But Yeah.
When you think of Maid-sama Master.
Would you like some candy? Or maybe the whip? Stop zoning out, you freaks.
I got some great footage.
This is so exciting.
There's definitely something about a maid outfit.
You look like you're having fun, Yukimura-senpai.
Yeah, since everyone else looks like they're having fun.
Let's try some different variations this time! Good call! Want to go rated R now? No, you idiot! We're adding action scenes to make it more fancy.
You don't have any say on- Shut up! You guys don't understand Aoi at all! Ikkun? Listen.
Pure men revere net idol Aoi as the oasis of their heart.
She's the fairy of purity.
We don't need action or anything naughty! What did you say?! Doing the same thing over and over would make it old! Well, that's If you've got a problem with it, then you come up with an idea.
How about we put glasses on Aoi and shoot her playing around with the fairies? Where do we get the fairies from? How about someone cosplays? I think you're the best candidate for that.
That'll be some hilarious footage.
It shouldn't be comedic.
You guys need to be more serious about Aoi! Quit being so serious during such a stupid meeting.
That face.
That's a new one.
It was new! It's different from usual! It pierced my heart! What? Aren't I always perfectly cute? But you were even cuter there.
You looked like you were laughing because you really are having fun.
Cut the crap.
I was laughing at how retarded you guys are.
You really thought that the great Aoi-sama was having fun hanging out with you guys? She's mean.
I guess it's impossible to get decent footage no matter how many amateurs there are.
I made you guys work for me, but I ended up with nothing special.
Aoi-chan! What was that old man doing? Aoi-chan! Glad I made it in time.
Are you alright? What? Prez? What? You were chasing after a bag-snatcher? Then that person that ran into her was Yeah, him.
I returned the bag to the owner, but he got away from me while I was doing that.
But, this is a rare group.
What were you all doing? Film shooting.
Ah, shooting for Aoi-chan.
You know her, Prez? Yeah, I guess.
They haven't realized that it's him? I guess I'll keep it quiet, then.
I thought it looked more like she jumped off rather than was pushed off.
Why would she do that? Maybe because she was about to drop something important? Maybe she did drop it? If so, we'll look for it together.
We will.
No, leave me alone! You're annoying me.
You shouldn't be like that, Aoi-chan.
Everyone's worried about you.
Your friends will- They're no friends of mine! They already hate me, anyway! You hate her? How could they not after all the horrible things I've said?! Did she? Like, "annoying", "stupid", and "freaks".
We say that to each other all the time.
It's different from saying it amongst friends! It's no different at all.
Because, you know, We like people who say what's on their mind.
Besides, Shiroyan really is a genuine idiot.
Kurotatsu is a hardcore freak, too.
It's really hard to be with them.
Why are you acting like you've got nothing to do with this? You're the most messed up one out of all of us, you otaku! That seriously hurts! Stop that Good grief, you guys! Misa-chan It's been a while.
Yup, it sure has.
I can definitely relate to how much they piss you off, Aoi-chan.
We need to search for what you dropped before it gets dark.
4GB? I've never met guys like this.
I'll let you guys be my slaves.
Slaves? No thank you.
Slaves, eh? Sounds fun.
Feels dirty.
I'm Yukimura Ruri.
It's hard to meet princes like Takumi-sama.
I felt a little guilty, so I designed a princely outfit for your brother as well.
What do you think, Ruri? You look like a very weak prince.
I ended up being lot weaker than I thought I was, too.
Wow, rice balls are harder to make than they look.
What are you making? Don't look! It isn't something you need to see! Misaki! A transfer student's coming! Bread crusts incoming!