Maid Sama! (Kaichou wa Maid-sama!) (2010) s01e21 Episode Script

Usui's Rival?! Hinata Shintani

1 Hey, don't you think he was cute? He's the kind of guy that you want to protect.
That's Seika's uniform, right? Hey, hey, Kurotatsu! What's that? A Misa-chan doll? Yeah, and I made it, naturally.
You're pretty good with your hands! Make me one, too.
Sure thing! But make sure you hide it when you're at school.
Of course! We don't want anyone to find out.
You know? My today's lunch box is a 3 layer stacker times 2.
That's only a few of the impressions I can do! Did CBS buy Fender in 1965? I demand that the clubrooms be cleaned immediately! W-What is this all of a sudden, Prez? It's not sudden at all! I've been telling you guys over and over again to clean, And look at this! It reeks so much that you can practically see it! What are you talking about?! We don't see anything! That's because you guys are just as filthy! What's wrong with being filthy? Makes us seem tough! Anyways, we're all going to clean this place up this Saturday! That'll take forever! We don't want to be here until dark.
I bet you're not even going to give us time to eat, are you? Um, everyone.
We'll bring snacks, so could you clean? We'll make things like rice balls.
Yukimura Where did you come from? You were surrounded, so instinctively rushed in.
I'm sorry.
It's fine.
Thanks to you, it looks like the cleaning will get done.
But if you think about it, making snacks for that many people is Impossible, naturally.
You thought so, too, Kanou-kun? Definitely impossible.
The Student Council will do something about the snacks.
After all, the cleaning of the club house is a request brought to us.
I'll do my best to make them! I wonder if they'd be satisfied with just one rice ball.
I doubt it.
Usui-san! It's been a while! You were absent from school for several days, weren't you? Yeah.
I was injured a bit.
Long time no see, Prez.
Are you better now? Thanks to you.
That's great.
Let's go, Yukimura.
Prez! Oh yeah.
Usui-san, if you were to have something for a snack, what would you like? Rice porridge.
No, that's not what I meant.
Like snacks for sports events.
I said rice porridge.
Um, rice porridge is a little See you next week.
Excuse me.
Yes? Nah, it can wait until Monday.
I wanted to discuss tomorrow's cleaning.
We'd like to make snacks for them.
I'll be here until late today, so can you head home first? Okay.
Vice Prez, can you come here? Bye, Kanou-kun.
You guys are totally buddies now.
You, too.
You've totally become his girlfriend, haven't you? What are you talking about? I don't really understand why you try to hide it.
Seriously, what are you talking about? You're dating Usui-san, right? Are you a moron?! Quit joking around! Who would ever date that perverted alien?! So, you went to nurse and make rice porridge for him when you're not even his girlfriend? How do you know about that? I'm sorry.
I made an educated guess.
That's It's because I owed him.
So I really had no choice.
Don't get the wrong idea.
I'm sorry Some people still do put love letters in shoe lockers, huh? What a drag.
Can you go meet her for me? She said she'll be waiting for me in the 2nd year room.
How could I go? Huh? Don't tell me you're still afraid of girls or something like that.
That's not the issue here.
You're so useless, Kanou-kun.
What Could you throw this away for me then? Gotcha.
Just kidding.
Why don't you date her?! If getting love letters is such a pain, then you should choose just one person.
Then I'm sure fewer people will ask you out.
And, it seems like Prez isn't very self-aware, but she's so What an interesting thing to say, Kanou-kun.
Is it annoying to watch from the sidelines? No It's not like that I'm not angry at you or anything.
Oh, okay.
I'm just tired of this kind of thing.
It's a drag to even get serious about it.
A drag? Good work today.
And why is Aoi-chan here? You wore the maid uniform without permission again, didn't you? It's after hours, so what's the big deal? I was supposed to stand in the middle.
Middle school kids need to go home.
Let go! We should get ready to go home, too.
How about we all grab a bite to eat together? Can I come, too? Of course.
Do you know of a good place? Hi, we're the kitchen sisters.
The rice related dishes didn't get ordered as much as expected, so we had leftovers.
We made rice balls with the leftovers, so everyone, please dig in.
Looks like it'll be dinner at Maid Latte.
Free dinner, I guess.
Oh well.
If Misa-chan was here, we could have given her some to take home.
It's good.
Harden Become triangular Rice porridge.
No, no.
I'm getting distracted.
If I do this, it should harden I think Sis.
What are you doing? Practicing making rice balls, I guess.
Why? I can't waste any more rice How about this for an idea? You rip and roll the tissue to rice size, then damp them.
Great, Suzuna! Poverty creates wisdom! Okay, now I can work on them without hesitation! Do your best.
Time to make the snacks.
Prez, you don't look very well.
Have you been losing sleep? Nothing.
I'm fine.
It was keeping its shape by the morning, so I should be able to make them.
Split up into teams and get working on it! Prez, help is here.
I've got some free time.
Okay, thanks.
Looks like Usui-senpai isn't here.
Oh yeah, he's not here today.
What do you think of Prez and Usui-san? They're amazing people.
No, that's not what I meant.
Hot! What are you asking about then, Kanou-kun? Like, about their relationship.
Golden team.
Team? They're both amazing.
Excel in both academics and sports.
They're like a different breed of people.
It's like they're living in another world.
Prez is always saving me.
I could help Prez if I could do everything, like Usui-san can.
Do you like Prez? Yes, of course I do.
Y-You're very honest.
No! I didn't mean that in a dating sort of way or anything like that.
Quit talking, Yukimura! Get moving! Y-Yes! This is all trash? Look, I found my treasure! I'm a bit short on veggies recently, you know.
It's It's done! Good work, everyone.
You've all done a wonderful job.
What are these balls doing here? No you idiot! That's- It's a rice ball, Kanou.
It's nothing but a rice ball, right? What? This can't be How about I eat one then.
See? It's a rice ball.
I taste the salt.
But I hear a sound rice balls would never make.
You're hallucinating.
Where are our snacks?! You guys- Look, it's ready! Hey, quit wolfing them down.
Are you guys making progress with the cleaning? Look, there's strange balls mixed in here.
Let's toss 'em.
This isn't looking good.
I think she's totally You've all got some nerve.
You better be ready for this! Have mercy! Glare! Stomp! Stomp! The athletic clubs are so courageous.
Why don't we clean the place up? Ow This is edible! We got a Misa-chan Ball! It's going to be my family's treasure! Look at the shine! Definitely our treasure! I'll take care of it for the rest of my life! I wonder what this is made of.
Those guys They left after cleaning the place up.
I wish they could have done something about this, too.
Well, I guess it was impossible It's pretty horrible, I gotta say.
This the result of a night of practice, huh? That rice porridge was better than this.
Even he won't eat this.
I'm pretty beat.
How does she make this? You're in a league of your own, Ayuzawa.
Good job today.
Sorry to make you wait.
I brought you your bag.
I really don't get it.
Why don't you tell her how you feel if you care for her so much? Why would you lie like that and keep yourself from pursuing her? What are you mumbling about? Where did those rice balls disappear to? Strange things can happen.
Seriously! Why do you always come out of nowhere? Am I? I'm showing up normally.
In what way?! Well, it's not like I come falling from the sky.
You fool.
What kind of human falls from the sky? That was close.
What was I thinking, dropping precious food like that?! How careless of me.
This is Shintani Hinata-kun, transferring to our school today.
He was born in this area, but he's been in Kyuushuu for about 10 years.
What's wrong? What's wrong? I smell honey and lemon.
Don't tell me you smell this.
He wants it.
He really wants it.
You can have it, if you want it so badly.
Can I really? You're such a good guy.
Shintani! You can't eat during homeroom.
Poor him.
He looks sad.
He looks really sad.
I can't? Um maybe you can? Of course not.
You can't spoil him from day one, Sensei.
You have to make him abide by the rules.
Yes, you're right.
Shintani-kun, was it? Put the candy away for now.
Meanie! Gosh, what's wrong with you? You guys keep your mouth shut, too! This is the gym.
How many times do I have to tell you? I told you not to eat while walking.
I get hungry, so I can't help it.
Confiscated! No! Yes! No, it's mine! Prez, I'm sorry to bother you when you're busy.
Could you check the documents that will be distributed today during the meeting? Yeah, sure.
I'll be holding onto these bread crusts for a while.
Jerk! Ogre! Is he really in high school? Hey, transfer student.
Why don't we give you a warm welcome.
Edit that portion, and add this line, and it'll be okay.
Make copies for everyone and put it on the table for me.
Looked like you were glued to the transfer student.
I was lonely, since you wouldn't look at me at all.
Yeah, right.
You didn't look like you even wanted attention.
You didn't show up at all.
Really? But I was watching you the whole time.
Oh you were? Nice one, stalker.
You glanced back, didn't you, Ayuzawa? You looked at me, right? There you are, Misaki! The transfer student is in trouble! He's been surrounded by boys! What? It looked dangerous, so we thought we needed to tell you.
Which way is it? This way! That's it, eh? What are you guys doing?! Looks dangerous? Well, when we were here, it looked like a fight could start any moment.
Hey, guess what I have this time.
If you guess it right, I'll give it to you.
Umaibo cheese flavor! He got it right! You're amazing, Hinata! How can you tell while the wrapper isn't even open? Are you a dog? How do you not get fat when you eat so much? No, I used to be totally fat when I was little.
But my parents died in a car accident when I was in elementary school, so I moved to Kyuushuu where my Gramps live.
It's totally out in the boonies where there are no snack stands at all.
I nibbled on veggies instead, and I naturally ended up like this.
But he told me he wouldn't have enough land to make a profit while I'm around, so I came back here, where I used to live.
Wasn't that actually supposed to be a pretty serious story? Then you're living alone? Yeah.
How do you handle tuition and stuff? I'm managing with the money Dad and Mom left behind.
You have a pretty difficult life, don't you? I do? I thought he was some gluttonous airhead.
But he's so cheerful despite his rough background.
Rough? Why? I came back to this city to meet my first love.
Huh? I figured that I'd be able to meet her again, so I couldn't stop myself.
But I thought you just said you got kicked out by your grandfather.
Nah, Gramps actually said, "I'm kidding! Stay here!" I'll come back when you're on the verge of death! I'm more worried about you than myself! So you came back just to meet her? Yup! So I'll be busy looking for her! I mean, she's kind, cheerful, and cares about others.
If I were to describe her, she's just like a beautiful flower that blooms in the middle of a field.
Oh, how I wish for you to feed me that sweet cake again.
I'm coming to see you, so hang in there for me.
Wait, Shintani! Is she even in this school to begin with? Dunno.
You don't? Then how far are you going to go to search for her? I don't know.
But I promised.
I promised that I'd follow Misaki-chan for the rest of my life.
Misaki-chan? That's all reversed.
The dude follows the girl? You're so undependable.
But that's what I promised I'd do.
But, hey, doesn't "Misaki" ring a bell? Hey, it's dangerous.
You're so helpless, You-kun.
Here, open your mouth.
Don't go up the tree like that anymore.
Make sure you follow me.
Okay, Misaki-chan.
I promise.
I will follow you for the rest of my life.
Hey, Misaki.
Is the Misaki-chan he's talking about If so, wouldn't they have recognized each other? They've already spoken with each other quite a bit.
Hinata Youkou When I was in elementary school, there was a boy that everyone called Youkou.
Because the kanji of his name can be read like that.
He was a big glutton, and was really fat, too.
Then! His first love is! That'd be me.
Then you used to date Hinata-kun?! Huh?! This is getting interesting! Why did you have to suggest that?! Woah! Are you all right, Hinata?! That idiot! I can see the entire campus from here.
All right then.
Misa-chan! Come on out! How much of an idiot is he? He's hilarious.
This isn't funny! Come down already, Shintani! You can't bother me if I'm up here.
Hey! Misaki-chan! You're going to fall again! He's ignoring me.
If you don't come down from there immediately, I'm going to confiscate the bread crusts and the candy! You-kun You-kun! What's your name? Ayuzawa Misaki.
I'm sorry for you, but I've changed quite a bit from when we were little- Misaki-chan!! I missed you! I never would have guessed that Shintani would be You-kun.
What's wrong, Usui? You have something you want to say? Misa-chan! It's good to eat bread crusts with sugar, but they're also great the way they are! Where did you get those bread crusts from?! I'm confiscating them again! Misaki-chan's a bully! It looks like he showed up just to get these confiscated.
I think he wanted your attention.
Sakura and Shizuko.
Now with a transfer student in the show, next week will be about Mountain School! We'll be going to a temple in the mountains.