Major Crimes s05e10 Episode Script

Dead Zone

1 Technically, yes, you can have a lawyer present.
But you're not a suspect.
You should be helping us.
Why? You haven't helped me any.
You had no place to live, to stay.
Detective Sanchez took you in.
Don't you find that helpful? No.
It's mean.
Forcing me to stay with Mexicans instead of finding my mom.
No one wants to find your mom more than us, Mark.
That's why we need you to answer our questions.
Had your mom seemed nervous lately? Do you know what "nervous" means? Of course I know what "nervous" means.
It means afraid.
What do we have to be afraid of? Well, you were living in a car.
So? We live in lots of places.
How about before she walked away? Did your mom tell you why she parked the car where we found you? Was she meeting someone special? Who did she call? Did you hear her talking to someone on the phone? Look, Mark we ask you these questions because we have our very best people searching for your mother.
But to locate her, they need what police call "leads," clues that gives them something to follow up on.
Captain, we have the video ready.
Sanchez: You may not like us, Mark, but we're the ones who are looking for your mom right now.
And without us, you [Taps lightly] You may never see her again.
Buzz: Okay, here we go.
This is commercial security video including Ava and her vehicle right before she left it for the last time.
She told me to wait in the car.
She said she'd be back in a couple of hours.
She reminded me where the money was and where to go if I had to use the bathroom.
But I didn't mind.
It didn't bother me, okay? Unfortunately, she walks straight into a dead zone.
Once she turns the corner, there are no security cameras between that particular corner and the intersection on the next block.
She must have gotten into a car.
Buzz, can you show D.
Rosen where Hollenback Division found Ava's body three days later? [Keyboard clacking] Buzz: An empty lot in Lincoln Heights.
As you can see, our victim was shot several times in the face.
Sharon: If Ava was in the witness protection program, Barry, this never should have happened.
Rosen, it would really help if you could tell us which case she was connected to.
The defendant is Dwight Darnell.
The skinhead killing mixed-race couples in Pasadena? And in one instance, their children all in a quest to "protect Aryan purity.
" Mark: Mama's friends say the police want to keep us down, that they're race traitors.
There's nothing worse than a race traitor.
Our race is more important than anything else, the law, or America.
Barry: Ava was helping me connect Dwight to something bigger.
Bigger than killing six adults and two kids under 10? As awful as it sounds, yes.
Darnell was affiliated with a group called the Zyklon Brotherhood.
The "Zy" what? Zyklon, as in Zyklon-B, the poison they used in the gas chambers during the Holocaust.
Mark: The police hire Mexicans and Blacks, even though they're foreign, even though they hate white people.
Who taught you to talk this way? Ava'd been hanging around with this gang for about a year, claimed she knew a lot of people in the Z-Brotherhood, said they had used her in some sort of real-estate fraud, but she wouldn't name names or give details or connect Dwight to Zyklon in any way until I could prove that she and her son would be protected, which I did.
I found her a great apartment in an out-of-the-way area, sheriffs dropping in on her all the time.
She said she was ready to talk.
And then she ran away.
I don't know why.
I don't know why.
There were more Mexicans in Pomona than in front of a Home Depot.
We hated it.
I was happy when we left.
Staying in the car was no big deal.
This is It's a tragedy.
We agree, and killing a witness is something that I take very personally.
But does Ava's death really hurt your case against Dwight Darnell? For the murders, no.
But without Ava, connecting Zyklon to Dwight is impossible.
The Brotherhood inspired these killings.
If we don't stop them, worse things could happen.
Look, before we rush down this path with D.
Rosen, she was essentially living in her car on the streets for weeks.
Do we have any evidence she was murdered specifically for being a witness? She was shot in the mouth.
It indicates someone thought she was a snitch.
But her body was found in Lincoln Heights, not exactly Aryan territory.
Well, that's not where she was murdered, Chief.
According to Kendall, that lot was just a dumping place for her body.
Does Ava have any other family that we should notify besides Mark? Grandparents, maybe cousins, even? Look, if you don't want to stay with me, then we have to find another adult to take over.
A relative would be perfect.
- [Sighs] - As for Mark's father, Ava said she couldn't be sure.
Before Mark was born, she was heavily trafficked.
I tried to get in touch with her parents, but no such luck.
Captain, we finished working over the victim's car.
- I've got stuff in the print shed.
- Thanks, Mike.
Barry: And I need to prepare to ask the court for another postponement tomorrow.
This case is not just business-as-usual for many reasons.
If you find out anything, anything These are the contents from Ava's vehicle.
Looks like they'd been living there quite some time.
I'm surprised the kid wasn't even more traumatized.
Well, I get the feeling they've camped out in a car before.
Sharon: Any indication of what Ava was up to or why she was parked there? Tao: I'm afraid not.
And all the fingerprints come back either the mother, the boy, or people who aren't in the database.
I assume this belongs to Mark.
There's some LEGOs, some comics, a book.
"Mein Kampf"? So with Ava's phone still missing, w We have her cell records.
But besides the D.
and the Sheriff's office, all the numbers she called were burners no longer active.
So our best potential source is still little Adolf in there.
Sykes: Well, maybe he would give us some names if we told him what happened to his mom.
He's not ready to hear that, no.
Also, anything that he says to us we have to confirm some other way.
His mother might have been killed because she was a witness, and that's not happening to that little kid.
If possible, Detective, we will hold off notifying Mark until his mother's killer is in custody.
But he needs to be more helpful immediately.
Well, it looks like this book means something to him, ma'am.
Oh, my kids love this book, too.
Andy? Would you come with us, please? Buzz: Lieutenant [Clears throat] I-I know we planned on interviewing Gene Hecht tomorrow, but maybe this isn't the best time We've already set up his transfer.
The partial from the ATM where your father was murdered matches his prints.
I'm just concerned about the timing.
I don't want anything to interfere with the job that we have at hand.
Talking to murderers is our job, and when we know the victim's son, well, the interest can be personal.
"Make Way For Ducklings"! [Gasps] Hmm.
Is that your favorite book? Mama used to read it to me, and now I read it to her.
I can read it to you, if you want.
Does your mother take you to the library often? No.
This was a gift from my Uncle Henry, from when he was little.
You know your Uncle Henry's last name? No.
He was Mama's boyfriend.
He's not a real uncle.
He's in the army.
How 'bout where he lives? Sharon: It's so great he gave you this gift.
Can I just look at it again for a moment? I'll give it right back to you, I promise.
So, Mark, what can you tell us about Uncle Henry? Anything would help us, like his last name, his age.
What's Uncle Henry look like? [Door opens, closes] Flynn: Okay, guys.
According to the Los Angeles Public Library, the last time that book was checked out was September 1999 by a Kate Colson, 34.
Probably Henry's mother.
Henry Colson Henry Colson Well, we have grounds to hold him.
That book is 17 years overdue.
- [Computer chimes] - Tao: Got him.
Several arrests for threats and vandalism.
Oy, one conviction for assaulting a rabbi.
[Printer whirring] [Change rattles] And some interesting body art.
A swastika and the initial "ZB.
" Well, Uncle Henry was in the army, all right.
Yeah, the Aryan army.
Sanchez says that Mark is up, but he won't talk about his uncle, and we can't find Henry Colson's residence in L.
Sharon: Uh-huh.
You know, maybe the kid might pipe up if he knew the guy had something to do with his mom's murder.
Or he could be so traumatized that he shuts down permanently.
Oh, what is this? Looks like a hotel breakfast.
This is a special treat.
Thank you, thank you.
I thought it would be a nice change from everyone eating their cereal separately, plus give me a moment to make my case for watching the Lieutenant and Buzz interview Gene Hecht today.
I'm still not sure about that.
Well okay, okay, but you've you've had reporters watch interviews before.
Well, the last time you were given special access, you abused it.
Y-Yeah, and I am I am really sorry about that.
I know this is a very, very serious murder investigation, okay? And I will let you review whatever I intend to post so that it won't compromise your chances of making an arrest.
I'll think about it.
Hey, um, I also I have an idea Mm-hmm.
about Mark based on my own experience.
Do you remember how uncooperative I was when I first moved in here? Mm-hmm.
But if you had told me that my mom was somewhere, somewhere specific, that I knew how to get to, like my uncle's house, for example, I would have taken you guys there in a heartbeat.
Except Mark's mother is dead.
But he doesn't know that.
Oh, my God, are we really gonna lie to an 8-year-old boy about finding his dead mother to move our case forward? Turn right at the next light and keep going down the street until you get to my old school, and then turn right.
Why didn't Mama call me? Uncle Henry has a phone.
She didn't know where you were.
What if Mama's not there, though? Well, maybe we can wait until she comes back.
Does anybody else live with your Uncle Henry? Yeah.
I probably shouldn't say who they are, but they won't like it that you stopped by without calling.
We're not just stopping by.
That's it! That's my old school, and we're almost there! Three more houses down and there! That's my Uncle Henry's house.
W-Where are you going? - Convoy, hang back.
- Why aren't we stopping? Stop! Stop! We're parking around the corner, kid.
Just hang tight, okay? [Doors open, close] What it is it, Julio? I just need an address.
I got to call in a warrant.
Well, not based on Mark's statements, sir.
How else can I explain how we got here? I don't care, sir.
I said it yesterday, and I'll say it again the boy cannot be a witness.
Julio, it's only a warrant.
It's discoverable.
If these Aryan assholes find out that Mark led us to this house, do you think they'll treat him better than they did his mother? If you want us to conduct a search, then find another way to prove he lived here.
Okay, Julio.
Okay, I'll see what I can do.
But I am making you no promises.
Barry: The judge flat out rejected my continuance.
So, unless you arrest Henry Colson and he's a member of Z-Brotherhood and I can tie it to Dwight very quickly then my case will end with just this one defendant being found guilty, and Ava Jarvis will have died for nothing.
If the boy can take us to Colson's current residence, we can search it for Dwight's prints and DNA.
That's assuming an 8-year-old boy can even remember where this house is, and association does not a conspiracy make.
- [Cellphone vibrates] - And while we are sympathetic to your issues, Barry, we have our own murder to pursue.
- [Cellphone beeps] - Yes, Lieutenant Provenza? Uh, Captain, yes, uh, we found the house, but Julio really doesn't want us to use the boy's name on the warrant.
Well, I see.
Um, in the items that Mike brought back from the print shed, there was a photo of Mark during recess at a public school.
If there's one nearby, they could have his home address on record, Lieutenant.
Yeah, I think we passed that school on our way here.
But it's summer.
I-I don't know if anybody's there.
Well, it's worth a try.
Let me know your progress.
Thank you.
Have you found Colson's house? We're in the right neighborhood.
I can't wait for the results of a door-to-door.
Taylor: You have a better plan? We're opening to hearing your advice.
[Sighs] Apparently, he made quite an impression on the principal.
She remembered Mark, no problem, and his behavioral issues.
And confirmed the house Mark pointed out as his mailing address.
We got a telephonic warrant, and we're ready to go.
Okay, Sanchez, happy? Let's move out.
Wait here.
Don't go in the back bedroom.
Uncle Henry doesn't like that.
Thanks for the heads up.
And tell Mama I'm here.
Will do.
Open up! [Dog barks in distance] Well, here we go.
Clear! Clear.
Clear! [Door hinges creak] Clear! Officer: Clear! Clear! Clear! - Clear! - House is all clear! Lieutenants, in here.
Sanchez: Well, I guess this is the back bedroom Mark said his uncle kept people out of.
Buzz! I saw a lot of drug paraphernalia in the kitchen.
Buzz, uh, start in here.
Enjoy the exhibit.
Sykes: Business documents looks like our Nazi drug dealers were also real-estate investors.
Gun! Gun! [Gunshot, shotgun cocks] [Grunts] [Crashing] - Hold still, asshole! - He's got a gun, Julio! Buzz, stay back! Came out of that trap door under the rug.
Well, I guess we found Uncle Henry.
[Door hinges creak] Tao: Everybody stop what you're doing! No guns! We have a highly combustible meth lab down here.
A meth lab? I don't smell anything.
Yeah, some kind of heavy-duty air-filtration system.
It's a miracle this guy didn't blow us all up.
Well, I'll be sure to thank him when we get downtown.
- Where's Mama? - [Exhales sharply] She wasn't in the house.
[Radio chatter] Thanks for that heads up about the back room.
We needed it.
But I want my Mama, though.
You said she was here.
Please, can we wait for her? Please? I'll be good, okay? Please? I promise.
You said we could wait for her.
Please? It won't be long.
I'm sorry, okay? I'll be good.
I promise.
Please! Narcotics estimates the ZBs could clear about 30k a week with their basement meth lab.
And they weren't just into meth either.
Looking at these documents from their files, the Zyklon Brotherhood was involved in some big real-estate scams, too.
Purchasing homes in the names of different women Probably girlfriends like Ava.
Yeah, then renting out their new houses without ever paying a penny on the mortgages, ruining these women's credit in the process.
So, meth and real-estate fraud they're diversified.
- What about all these weapons? - Yeah.
Well, including the three that Uncle Henry had on him for his little game of "Pop Goes the Nazi," we have found a total of 47 expressions of their Second Amendment rights.
Well, including the gun that Firearms Francine says killed Mark's mom.
Tao: Here's a set of fresh prints on the clip, but they don't belong to Uncle Henry, and they aren't in the system, either.
So, he didn't load the gun he used.
He just tried to kill several police officers.
Even without the drugs, we have plenty to hold him on.
And just like that Dwight Darnell scumbag, Henry insists on representing himself, so that helps.
Well, we'll see.
Andy, Lieutenant, would you two like to take a crack at making our Mr.
Colson feel at home? Sure.
We'll do our best.
Buzz! Hey, I'm sorry, um I-I was waiting by the elevator, and he's here.
- Who? - He's right behind me.
Hecht is here.
[Footsteps, chains rattling] Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Who do I thank for the field trip? Flynn: You'll find out later.
Sorry, there's another scumbag in line ahead of you.
Sharon: Turn around and take him back to our Visitor's Conference Center, and we'll deal with him when we're ready.
Oh, and, uh, how long is this going to take? Tao: An hour or two.
Luckily for us, you have all the time in the world.
[Chains rattling] You all right? Y-Yes, ma'am.
I'm fine.
I know it's hard, but don't push your mom to watch this interview with Hecht.
Yeah, I-I gave you guys a strategy for dealing with your witness.
Don't I get rewarded for that? You see, this is why nobody likes the press.
I'm telling you, Sharon has a lot on her plate today, so don't interrupt her and don't ask her a lot of questions.
And when the interview's about to start, you just hang somewhere where she can see you, and look sad.
Trust me, it's your only chance.
Provenza: We sympathize with your cause.
Hell, we're the only white detectives left in our division.
Flynn: Plus, our boss is a woman.
That's not the way we want things, either.
Provenza: But, Henry, we are talking about attempted murder of police officers here.
Now, that's not a good thing.
I didn't know you were police.
I was protecting my property, which I have a right to do.
That's a good point.
That's a good point.
We'll take that into consideration.
Oh, yeah, yeah, but Any connection to Dwight? Not yet, but DNA and print collections are still ongoing at the house.
20 years, minimum.
I'd like my phone call.
Well, just hold on.
Now, just think for a second, Henry.
You're an ex-con with 40-some-odd weapons found in your house.
Phone call.
Henry, if any of those guns come back to a crime Phone call.
Well, the we're-bigots-too thing - doesn't seem to be working.
- No.
If we can't talk him down, let's rile him up.
- We get it, Henry.
- Forget about the meth and hit them with the fraud.
- Julio and Amy.
- We want to save you, and your friends, too, from the legal consequences of your actions.
Flynn: Henry, we don't have much time together before our boss figures out that we're in here talking to you and replaces us wi Okay.
- Sorry, guys, we were just - Yeah.
We know what you were doing.
Captain wants me and Sykes to handle this.
Okay, okay, okay.
Remember us the Latino guy and the the black chick who kicked your ass? Sanchez: We're back.
Hope you're not embarrassed by getting the crap beat out of you by a girl.
You want to save yourself life in prison? Help us find your fellow Zyklon buddies.
We got a lot of good leads on where they might be 1478 Mecaslin Street, maybe? Or 113 Vanderville Drive? - 77 North Avenue 22? - Wait, what are those addresses? 898 Lakeside Street It's part of the real estate sc what? Oh, my God.
Those are the houses where Dwight's victims lived, - where he killed them! - What? That's the evidence you needed.
- Do you know what that means? - Phone call.
Lakeside Street that was the home of Andre and Sara Cole.
And Mecaslin Street Ali and Connor Franklin lived there with their two kids.
Are you saying the Brotherhood rented homes to mixed-race couples, stole their money, - then Dwight killed them? - Yes.
Our Nazi friends must have been hiding their ownership in some way.
Well, they used the identities of the women whose credit they were ruining.
Henry: I want my phone call.
Do you have copies of those mortgage agreements? - Yes.
Right here.
- Phone call, phone call.
- We have all of your guns.
- I wouldn't count on it.
This is the connection I need.
The Zyklon Brotherhood lured these people in so that Dwight could kill them.
Making money off of them along the way.
- Phone call.
Phone call.
- Chief, Captain, if I can bring this material to the judge, I think he'll grant me a continuance, but he may have questions I can't answer.
- Phone call, phone call.
- Dwight will be there, and you can see what I'm up against.
[Chanting "Phone call! Phone call!"] Give me the phone call! Can you prove that all of these crimes connect to these addresses, and that all the houses were purchased and owned by a person or persons directly connected to all the murders for which the defendant is standing trial? I can prove all of that, Your Honor.
He can't.
This is yet another blatant attempt by D.
Rosen to further delay the court with [Scoffs] irrelevant It is most definitely relevant, Your Honor, as it demonstrates a pattern by which Mr.
Darnell selected and gained access to his victims.
And furthermore, it suggests Mr.
Darnell's association with a known terrorist group.
I'm not facing charges of terrorism, Your Honor.
If D.
Rosen wishes to amend the Dwight, you should talk to me before If I need your advice, señor, I will ask for it! Judge: Mr.
Darnell? Mr.
Darnell! Look at me.
If you wish to continue as your own counsel, you are required to abide by the rules of this court.
If you don't, I will rule you incompetent to represent yourself.
Understood? Sorry Your Honor.
I'll do better.
Captain, Mr.
Darnell's participation in the conspiracy can also be proven in spite of the fact that the witness was murdered? Your Honor, earlier today we arrested a man that we believe could have been responsible for that murder Henry Colson, our witness's ex-boyfriend.
Sanchez: During the exercise of the search warrant at Mr.
Colson's residence, we uncovered documented real-estate fraud directly connecting our suspect to Mr.
We're still processing the crime scene, but it'll take more than a day.
All right.
Rosen, on the advice of the police, I will delay commencement of proceedings until - next Monday.
- Thank you, Your Honor.
That's it.
We're done.
I'll be notified of all evidence collected by the prosecution? You just were.
Darnell, a word.
We'd like to talk to you about Ava Jarvis.
- [Scoffs] - Dwight, do not ans Mr.
Calderon please shut up.
I had nothing to do with the death of this witness.
I didn't know her.
I was locked up in jail when she died.
I only found out when D.
Rosen informed me of it yesterday not my problem.
We're going to find your prints at Colson's house, where the witness lived, and your DNA.
So what? Sharon: If we can prove that the eight murders you committed were connected to a larger conspiracy, there could be other defendants in this case, and your ability to act as your own counsel could go away.
Ask Mr.
He may have been stupid enough to let you capture him, but Henry Colson will never testify against me, and you'll need better luck taking down his father and brother luck and, uh, maybe a tank.
We will do whatever is necessary to obtain justice for our victim.
[Scoffs] Justice?! Justice won't save you.
And by the time you figure that out, he'll be in charge.
I already am.
[Chains rattle] Dad and brother? There are two more heavily armed Colsons out there.
I think we're up against more than one family.
Dwight: Captain? Just as you will do anything for your cause, I will do anything for mine.
Remember that.
Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! [Door closes] Captain? Captain, would you tell Reserve Officer Watson that this is an acceptable time for us to interview Gene Hecht? I don't want to interrupt anything.
No, we have a minute.
We can't compel Henry Colson to talk till we find his brother and his father.
- We're at a standstill.
- See? See, that's the reason they call us Major Crimes, instead of Major Crime.
We're perfectly capable of handling more than one asshole a day.
Remember that Hecht has already been sentenced to a life term.
Locked up in Kern for nearly 30 years.
Yes, I know.
You will not say a word about what you see and hear.
It is not professional business.
Whatever you want, Mom I-I promise.
Hecht: Finally telling me why I get special treatment from the L.
To what do I owe this privilege? Well [clears throat] Uh, back in 1986 the police found your fingerprints on two different ATM machines here in Los Angeles.
You brought me in because my prints were on a couple of ATMs? [Chuckles] I had a checking account.
So what? Well, um, these ATMs had something else in common, sir.
[Clears throat] Both had been serving customers who were robbed at gunpoint by two white men disguised in baseball caps and fake beards.
And, um, well, we were wondering, since you were in the vicinity, if you might have witnessed either of them.
That's bullshit.
You think that I'm an idiot? The statute of limitations ran out on 1986 robberies years ago.
But there is no statute of limitations on murder, asshole.
So where were you February 15, 1986, between the hours of 9:00 P.
and 12:00 A.
? With my girlfriend.
Oh, so you remember what happened over 30 years ago, just like that? Do you want the alibi or not? Okay, okay.
And this girlfriend's name is? Don't remember the names of girls.
Then it's not an alibi, is it? Come on, Buzz.
You're lying, Mr.
No, I'm not.
Your fingerprints match up exactly to a partial that was on the bank card one of the victims dropped during the assault.
You picked the card up.
You put it in the ATM.
Who cares about a fingerprint? Can you say when it was put there? No.
Look, what do you want from me? Just spell it out.
We want the name of your accomplice in this robbery double-homicide that took Guys, I didn't [laughs] This is a waste of time.
I ain't helping you, hmm? - And what can you do about it? - Yeah, we'll see.
I'm already serving a life term.
You want to add another life to it? Be my guest.
It doesn't affect me.
How would you feel serving out the rest of that life sentence in Pelican Bay? What? You don't help me today, you never see your cell in Kern again.
And all the people you know there, and the whole way you arrange your daily routine goes away forever right now unless you give me one of two names the girlfriend who can prove your alibi or your accomplice who pulled the trigger.
Goodbye, Mr.
Wait, wait! Jennifer Edwards.
Jenny that's the girl that I was dating.
I-I swear to God! Look, if you have any more questions then you're gonna have to get me a lawyer.
You want to invoke your rights? Be my guest, sir.
Your lawyer can visit you in Pelican Bay.
Hey, I was just Is that what you want, or do you want to cooperate? Okay, I-I'm cooperating.
We'll see how well your information checks out.
Meanwhile, you'll be held here in isolation.
I-I don't even get a phone call? And who would you call if I handed you a phone? - Uh - No, you don't get a phone call.
And if you've lied to me, Mr.
Hecht, this I promise You will spend what's left of your life mixing with the most dangerous prisoners in the American penal system.
I'm off to check your fantastic alibi.
Wish me luck.
[Exhales sharply] Rusty: He got the name of the girlfriend.
That's what I'm talking about, Buzz.
That was excellent.
No, no.
That was awesome.
It was excellent, it was awesome, and inspiring, Mike.
- escort you back to your spacious -I think I just had an idea.
And what would that be? I've decided to let you have the phone call you demanded if you tell us about your relationship with Dwight Darnell.
But first the phone call, which I should have had already.
Do you think I'm stupid? Hmm? I'm not using that.
I'd like your cellphone, and I'd like some privacy.
[Sighs] Make your call, then put the phone back down on the desk and stand up slowly.
[Door closes] - Is it transmitting? - Yes, sir.
Your trace is up.
Thank you.
And good job with Hecht.
I've had good teachers.
Well, you're welcome.
Lucky Colson accepted the Captain's phone.
We wired every line on the floor, sir.
That's great.
Just remember, if he's calling a lawyer, we shut the whole thing down.
- Yeah.
Dad, it's me.
- Well, no attorney.
- Henry, why the hell are you calling me? - Don't worry.
Look, I tricked them into letting me use a safe line.
Listen, Dwight's talking to the cops.
- The hell he is.
- He is.
They told me.
How else would they have found our house? - You know, Ava can't tell them.
- Mike? - 15 seconds.
- I don't have time for this.
Because of your snitch girlfriend, I'm in the middle of moving a million dollars' worth of weapons.
Henry: If you would have just given her 5,000 bucks that she wanted, we wouldn't be in this mess at all.
And who knows where the kid is, right? - He could talk, too.
- We will take care of Mark the same way we took care of the girl.
Goodbye, Henry.
- And look Do not call me again.
- [Beep] Got him! [Dial tone] Go.
Thank you, Henry.
I'll take it from here.
[Phone ringing] It might be the boss.
Why call this number? [Ringing continues] Hello.
Colson, this is Captain Sharon Raydor of the L.
I'm calling to inform you that you are surrounded.
I need you and your son Clint and whomever else might be present to exit the front doors of the warehouse slowly with your hands in the air.
Thanks for the warning.
See you in Hell, Captain.
[Wire snaps] Mr.
Colson? Mr.
Colson? Clint! Plan B! All units be advised Suspects are armed and ready to die.
High alert.
[Guns cocking] [Beeping] - Regrets? - No, sir.
One day we'll be remembered as heroes.
[Machine gun cocks] [Engine revs] [ Gunfire] [Tires screech] [Gunfire continues] Officer: Hold your fire! - [Gunfire stops] - Dad! Officer: Come out with your hands up! Mr.
Colson, come out with your hands up.
I repeat Come out slowly with your hands up! [Beep] [Sighs] [Fire crackling] Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Barry: This is a much bigger operation than I imagined.
- Good thing you stopped them.
- We didn't.
Henry's father said something about having $1 million worth of guns, and where are they? Sykes: Well, they moved the majority of their weapons out - before we arrived.
- But where did they go? Whatever else we did here today, we didn't find the person in charge.
Hey, Rosen.
I think I may have to attend your trial.
Feels like there may be more trouble to come.
[Police radio chatter] Dr.
Joe: I'm familiar with the destruction Dwight Darnell leaves behind him.
I ruled out his insanity defense, and I assess his competency to stand trial and to defend himself in court.
He's called me as a witness, if you can believe it.
When it comes to Dwight, I've lost my capacity for surprise, Doctor.
But this boy his mother was pretty much the only constant in his life, and he loved her enormously.
But if he's to trust Julio in the long term, the grieving process needs to begin now.
I'll be as gentle as possible.
Thank you.
He's about to get what could end up being the worst news of his life, and he's only 8.
We won't let him be swallowed up by it.
He's going to need a lot of professional help.
And love.
He's going to need a lot of love.