Major Crimes s05e11 Episode Script

White Lies - Part 1

1 Hello, Dr.
‭It's good to see you again.
I've been waiting ‭to ask you stuff all week.
That's why I'm here, Dwight to answer your questions.
We've turned the tables a little, haven't we? I wonder if I'm about to learn as much about your life as you did about mine.
Rosen: Your Honor, I object.
The defendant cannot treat the witness as if he were at an appointment with his therapist.
Richwood: Yes.
Darnell? Dr.
Bowman is present to speak in his capacity as a psychologist.
More specifically, to render his analysis of my mental Objection sustained.
Darnell, since you insist as acting as your own attorney, I continue to give you leeway, but once again, I urge you to consult with your court-appointed attorney for advice.
He's right there.
Taylor: If he gives the game away here, maybe he'll be arrogant enough to answer some questions about his Nazi friends when court adjourns.
Tell us who his Aryan shot-caller is.
During their investigation, the Pasadena police they asked for Dr.
Bowman's services in order that "through analyzing the methodology and potential motives of these homicides to locate and/or identify a suspect.
" Is this an accurate description of the job that you were asked to perform, Dr.
Bowman? - In brief, yes.
- ‭Huh.
So, before we met ‭at the behest of detectives, you had compiled an imaginary portrait of my my my upbringing? My character? I speculated on your personality.
By lumping me in ‭with a lot of other people? Not a lot of other people, Dwight.
A lot of other murderers.
It is my understanding that the word "murder" or "homicide" is reserved ‭for the unlawful killing of other human beings.
My so-called victims were either involved with or already were part of an inferior race, and therefore, it is my defense Objection! The 6 adults and 2 children under 10 shot to death by the defendant were human in every sense of the word.
Richwood: Sustained.
Claiming your victims were unworthy of life because they were minorities is not a defense, Mr.
Make your point, if you have one.
I do.
Bowman, am I correct in stating that on July 16th of last year, you predicted that I would be at one of 12 addresses in Pasadena using this gun ‭to execute a married couple who was intent on diluting the purity of the white race? We narrowed down the date and some potential targets in such a way to affect your arrest if that's So, I stand here today on trial for my life, partly because ‭you took my individual nature and reduced it to a pattern? You shrunk it down to fit a generic profile? That's one way of looking at it.
What other possible way could I look at it, Doctor? Well, one might also say that in the final analysis, you just weren't very original.
Well, Doctor, since I'm so obvious, maybe you could offer the court an illustration ‭of your predictive powers.
For example, could you reveal to the ladies and gentlemen of the jury what I'm about to do in, say, the next 10 seconds? [Gasping] [Screaming] Get down! Get down! Woman: Get down, get down! Get down, get down! Move, move! [Gunshot] [Gasps] Stay with me, Chief, stay with me.
[Elevator bell dings] [Indistinct shouting] Woman: Excuse us.
Excuse us.
Lieutenant Provenza, how many people were shot in the courtroom? Can you confirm the death of Dwight Darnell? Can you tell us why the courthouse has been blocked off? Are there more threats? Why is the LAPD ‭investigating the shooting instead of the sheriff's office? 'Cause the sheriff's office has conflicts in this case.
- What conflicts? - They're called bullets.
Excuse me.
So, is this an ethical or a criminal investigation? - Yes.
- [Indistinct shouting] - Flynn: All right.
- Richwood: To begin with, I can keep the jurors sequestered and give you their identities.
Sharon: That might help.
Flynn: We'll also need a list of all the clerks and deputies who had access to the evidence, because what happened here today just wasn't a mass shooting.
It had to be a conspiracy.
Dwight probably won't live, but we'll see.
What about Dr.
Joe? It's 50/50.
I'm I am very sorry about Chief Taylor.
He was a cop's cop.
Never more than today.
And DDA Rosen, too.
God, I don't believe it.
I'm gonna get your prelim started so you don't have to come to the morgue, okay? Yes.
Your Honor? Any idea how that gun could have been loaded? Richwood: No, the disabling wire is checked always before it comes into court by both the DDA and the deputy.
The wire was clipped.
All Dwight had to do was pull it out, which he could have done through the bag.
That's what I looked like from where I was sitting.
Maybe Deputy Simms and Rosen just did a visual check of the wire, sir.
Wouldn't be unusual.
Flynn: It's hard to believe they had anything to do with the conspiracy since they both ended up dead.
Hey, Sharon? Would you like to wait in the judge's chambers? I'm sure his honor wouldn't mind? No, I'm good, Andy.
I should stay with the scene of my action.
Oh, uh, Sharon, the spectators and the reporters that were present? Should I continue to have the deputies hold them, too, or or let them go? Uh, Captain, I can't believe I'm about to say this.
Uh, but according to the rules - uh, written by you - Sharon: I know.
I used my firearm, so I have to wait until Force investigation interviews me before I can actively continue with this case.
Yes, but that doesn't mean that we can't talk about it in front of you or you ask questions if you want.
We will see the jurors and the people from the gallery in just a few minutes, Your Honor.
- I'll let them know, Lieutenant.
- ‭Thank you.
Before we go on, this is a lousy day.
I'm feeling pretty upset myself.
So, if anyone needs a break before we start figuring out who put this conspiracy together, it would be completely understood.
Mike? No prints on the clip or the remaining bullet.
Amy? After the shooting started, Deputy Simms tried ‭to activate Dwight's stun belt, but the controls are jammed.
That's why Simms was too late drawing his side arm.
He tried to shock Dwight first.
Well, if Dwight's plan was to kill ‭as many people as possible, he should have shot the deputy first.
Unless Dwight knew the stun belt was disabled.
How would he have known that, though? That's a good question.
Sharon: Here's a few more.
Who loaded and enabled the gun? How did Dwight know the gun was loaded? And why did he shoot Joe Bowman first? Just a question.
Well, was Dr.
Joe the primary target? Sharon: ‭It looks that way to me, and do you think, for the time being, that we should let the conspirators, whoever they are, think that Dwight succeeded and that Dr.
Joe is dead? I could help with that.
- Captain? - ‭Oh.
Lieutenant Camacho.
This is the, uh, weapon I fired.
I'll be just a second.
Did I mention, ‭in addition to profiling Dwight, Dr.
Joe also evaluated his capacity to stand trial and to act as his own attorney? I am going to speak with FID.
Thank you.
I'm coming.
So, there is a record of Dr.
Joe and Dwight's conversations.
Covered by privilege.
Well, as long as Dwight is alive.
Doctor, you're our ‭resident expert on the subject, so as regards to Dr.
Joe? I could report his death to the media, but you should have Deputy Chief Howard contact his next of kin and warn them beforehand.
These will do as prelims.
I'll call you if any of this changes.
Thank you.
Mike, why don't you look around for who had access ‭to Dwight Darnell's weapon? There may be a standout.
I'll see if I can find someone with a swastika tattooed on his forehead.
Uh, Amy, make sure that Dr.
Joe is anonymous, protected, and as far as the rest of the world knows, dead.
And keep an eye on Dwight.
If he wakes up, you need to talk to him.
I'll let you know how it goes.
Buzz: Uh, Lieutenant, you want me to grab all the video from the courtroom? I want you to grab all the video in the courthouse.
Let's find out who all was here today.
Yes, sir.
Julio, you need to run parole and probation searches on every known Nazi and skinhead.
In-Include those in county, as well.
Should we start with Henry Colson, sir? We can't rule out what happened here as payback for how his father and brother died last week.
Yeah, good call, good call, Julio.
Oh, and I was thinking.
Um, your foster kid, Mark now, he lived with the Colsons.
He might be able to ID some members of Z-Brotherhood, the ones that came to visit when Dwight was there.
I'm sorry, sir, but Mark isn't going anywhere near these White Power nut jobs.
Julio, look, the guy who killed Mark's mother is dead.
It hasn't stopped the violence much, sir.
I'll get a removal order for Colson, and we'll see if he had anything to do with this.
God help him if he did.
Well, I've never been very sure about God, Andy.
But today? Today, I believe in the devil.
But I can confirm there were five deaths, including LAPD assistant chief of operations Russell Taylor, whose position I am temporarily filling while the LAPD finds those who aided and abetted Dwight Darnell.
I will take a few questions.
What about the report from the coroner's office that Dr.
Joe Bowman was shot and killed while giving testimony on the stand? I'm not going to talk about any of the other murders until relatives have been notified.
- [Indistinct shouting] - Yes.
Last week, the LAPD was responsible for two fatalities inside the so-called Z-Brotherhood.
Was this shooting an attempt to get revenge on law enforcement? I-I have no idea.
Now, all we know for sure is this was a conspiracy against the justice system and the people who serve it, and frankly, an attack on our common ideas of civilization.
Okay, Julio.
How are we doing with our parole and probation searches of Nazi world? Not great, sir.
There's one weird thing, and it's not the first time the Z-Brotherhood ‭has done something like this.
Most of them live in a group of old apartment complexes on the same city block, and they own all the buildings.
Birds of a feather? Should flock off, preferably to another city.
They do flock off, sir, but only to other neighborhoods.
The Brotherhood causes trouble, tries to move out blacks and Latinos around its property.
Then the city steps in, condemns the building, - pays them off, and redevelops.
- ‭Pays them off.
Again, these maniacs in a real-estate con.
How come we don't know more about these Zyklon dirtbags? Sanchez: Well, sir, until recently, they were just everyday drug dealers and gun runners.
I mean, ‭they preached white power, but mostly just sold meth in L.
and weapons in Mexico.
This particular real-estate issue there's nothing ‭really illegal about it.
We should get search warrants and tear the Brotherhoods' apartment buildings apartment.
Catch them with this million dollars worth of weapons that are still missing.
Sir, search warrants? We'd need probable cause for each apartment.
I mean, ‭where's the evidence for that? Maybe all of their properties could be condemned again, huh? Flynn? Yeah, well, Dwight had no visitors while he was at county awaiting trial, and he cycled a lot of cellmates, but no skinheads or Nazis in the bunch.
The gun was only signed into evidence a few times.
Richwood's clerk, Jan Adamms, was in charge of that.
She's on her way up.
Buzz: I have the video ready, Lieutenant.
Top right is the judge's clerk, Jan.
Here we go.
Well, she certainly looked surprised.
Rusty: Did he suffer? Dr.
Joe, or was it quick? Buzz, turn off this monitor, please.
Uh, Rusty, your mother is on her way back from the FID interview.
Uh, if you could wait in her office I could ‭I could work on the tip line.
I could I could prepare background checks from the callers.
I-I don't want to I don't want to just sit around.
I want to help.
Okay? Dr.
Joe, was ‭he was my he was my friend.
Rusty, Rusty, I have known Russell Taylor since his first day on the job, and we're all dealing with tragedy here today.
That's why I need you to pull it together, go into your mom's office, wait for her.
Rusty, she shot someone today.
I need you to be ‭a source of strength for her during this operation.
And I would be I would be very grateful if you could do that.
[Sighs] Tao: Meet Judge Richwood's clerk, Jan Adamms.
She's agreed to fully cooperate.
Except I I don't understand why the officers read me my rights.
Oh, standard procedure, Jan.
Just standard procedure.
And listen, we we want to thank you for your help.
But But you can't think that I'm involved.
Oh, no, no.
We just need to properly eliminate you.
Just as we did the jury and all the people in the gallery.
Tao: We weren't suspicious of the spectators or the judge, - but we had to - How did it go at FID? Good.
I'm still not cleared for the field until I meet with ‭Behavioral Sciences tomorrow, but I already know ‭what they're going to ask.
I hope so.
You helped write the questions.
And the answers.
Is this Richwood's clerk? Uh, yes, ma'am.
Jan: All right, ‭what do you want to know? Well, I see here that you've been with the judge for six years.
- Yes.
‭ - And you manage the evidence? Unless it's locked up in a safe.
Which you have the combination for.
All the clerks have the combination.
We s-sign the evidence in and out, - and we're particular with firearms.
- All the clerks? There are three signatures from you on this bag that contains Dwight's weapon.
One for Deputy Simms, DDA Rosen.
No, no, no, that's not my signature.
What? Oh, my God, that's not even how I spell my name.
We use two M's for "Adamms," and the person who signed this used one.
This is this is forged.
[Voice breaking] Someone forged my name on the evidence.
If that's true, the bags could have been switched.
Oh, my God, you're gonna think that I oh, my God.
Just calm down, calm down.
Take a deep breath, and we'll ‭go through this together.
Including you, ‭how many others would you say have the combination to that safe? Working at the court right now? Well, I 10, maybe? Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God.
- ‭Working now? What does she mean by "working now"? Uh, there are people no longer employed by the court who have the combination to the evidence safe? - Oh, sure, yeah.
- ‭How many? I have no idea.
I mean, the safe came in 2004, and the combination hasn't changed since then.
We get new clerks all the time.
Excuse me.
So, a lot of people could have unlocked that safe.
[Clears throat] All right, then.
Jan, I need you to write down - [Telephone ringing] - everything that happened today from the time you arrived this morning for work.
Buzz Watson, Major Crimes.
We need to go through county, state, and sheriff's office employment records ‭and find all these people.
First, gather all the clerks that worked at court today and get writing samples from each of them, please.
I'll be back in a minute.
Captain, ‭Henry Colson's downstairs.
Sharon: You're up, Julio.
As soon as you can.
All right, I'll call you.
Yeah, good.
Captain? I'm getting someone to look at the clerk's handwriting and we're going to keep an eye on her after she leaves here, but she doesn't strike me as someone who could be a part ‭of a major conspiracy like this.
A conspiracy in which Dr.
Joe was the primary target.
If Dr.
Joe was the target, I can think of a thousand easier ways to kill him.
- [Cellphone rings] - But can you think of a better way to disguise your real intention than shooting up an entire courtroom? Still, maybe the little creep just hated his shrink.
One One second, please, one second.
Amy? Yes.
Ah, good.
Good, okay.
As far as I'm concerned, that's even better.
Yes, a-and please let us know how it goes.
Right, thanks.
So, Dr.
Joe is out of surgery.
He's in the recovery room, and even though he's not completely in the clear yet, his doctor said ‭that Amy can talk to him soon.
Anything else? Um yes.
We now can get all the records we want from Dr.
Joe because Dwight Darnell died on the operating table three minutes ago.
Have you told Rusty anything at all about Dr.
Joe? Well, no, while the issue was still in doubt, I Captain.
You had to shoot the guy.
That's not the problem, Lieutenant.
What I am finding difficult is that I took a human life today, and I still can't locate a single part of me that feels bad about it.
We need people to believe Dr.
Joe is dead.
If friends and family show up at the ICU Yeah, but what if he dies, and then I never get to see him again? No, we can't think that way.
Why would this Dwight Darnell freak shoot at Dr.
Joe in the first place? Because Dwight was assessed by Dr.
Joe to see if he was competent and sane.
- So? - ‭It is possible that Dwight said something during that evaluation that was more important than either of them knew.
But but wouldn't all of that be privileged? I mean, how could anyone else know what they were talking about? Yes, that is another really good question.
- [Elevator bell dings] - Well, don't ask me.
I had as little to do with Dwight as possible, all right? I was never even near him in jail.
Look, bringing me here from county again after what happened to my father and my brother, if you guys are about to make an arrest or something, it's gonna look like I'm telling you stuff.
Sanchez: You are gonna tell us stuff, Colson, or guess what? We'll arrest some of your Brotherhood buddies and then let you out.
- What? - ‭Flynn: Without charging you.
What do you think Zyklon would make of that? Hey, are you trying to get me killed? Is that it? Hey, I just make the meth, all right? That is all.
These monsters.
What the hell do they think they're doing? I don't know, but this conspiracy is the work of a highly organized mind.
And I can't see yet how it was done.
So, if you hear anything that'll give us a search warrant for the city block of apartments that these worthless bastards own, please chime in.
- Why are you blaming me for everything? - ‭Flynn: Okay, okay.
No, listen! I don't even have to talk to you! Calm down, you moron! Calm down! And you listen to me.
You want to deal drugs? I don't care.
You want to sell guns? It doesn't matter to me because I don't work that beat! - But shooting a deputy D.
A - ‭Jew.
- a court-appointed attorney - ‭Mexican.
An LAPD psychologist.
An assistant chief of police.
Black guy.
Come on.
Tao: The deputy was white.
And Dwight shot him, too.
Explain that.
Dwight shot Simms? No, that never happened.
Now you guys are lying.
He knows Simms.
How? From jail? Simms was a trusted lifer with the sheriff's office, assigned to high-powered prisoners like Dwight.
Took the place of regular bailiffs during the trials.
Simms handled the evidence.
But he was murdered.
He was also slow to the draw, and the controls to the stun belt were jammed.
Simms conspired with Dwight in his own murder? You said that he was white, and Dwight didn't shoot whites.
If I don't hear the name of the Z-Brotherhood's shot-caller in the next minute, I am sending you back to jail with a note on your ass saying that "I told the police about Erin Simms!" And then we'll see if your Nazi friends really don't kill white people.
[Sighs] Before I say anything else I need protection, man.
I need protection.
Oh, no.
He's not getting any protection from us.
We will figure out ‭if there really are connections between Deputy Simms and what happened in the courthouse some other way.
I suggest you start with a warrant and go through every inch of Deputy Simms' life and let me know what you find.
We're the ones who need protection.
Captain, Simms was law enforcement and a victim of this conspiracy? Someone loaded Dwight's gun, Lieutenant.
I think this is one of those times when we need ‭to gather our facts first and develop ‭a theory of the crime later.
Joe: ‭Sanity is a relative thing.
Dwight wasn't legally crazy, but he had a persecution complex as big as all outdoors.
Typical of ‭the White Power movement.
- Had he been persecuted? - Not really.
He was smarter than he was disciplined.
Didn't have much ‭impulse control, obviously.
[Laughs] And he, uh, he never hinted at who ordered him to kill his victims? All these mixed-race couples? No, he said he thought it up himself.
That felt true.
Did you know ‭he committed all his murders on the birthdays of famous Nazis? Which is partly how I - [Monitor beeping] - ‭Oh.
Is there a hand mirror around? I'd like to see my face.
You know, ‭let's finish with this first.
Your, um, your nurse is giving me the evil eye.
Well, that's not nice.
I'm fine, don't worry.
Hi, James.
How long am I gonna be dead? Until we find out if anyone else wants to kill you.
Did Dwight ever explain why he decided to murder these people? Not directly, but in our third session, he said the Aryan Movement was coming together under someone new.
Dwight said the Zyklon Brotherhood had changed leaders? He never admitted to being part of Zyklon.
He kept it generic Aryan, but yes, ‭there was a name of a guy.
Would it be in your notes? You know, that's a great idea.
Yes, I recorded all our sessions.
And do you remember where those recordings are? Mm-hmm.
Oh, do you want me ‭to tell you where to find them? Yes, I do.
Dwight's dead? Yes.
In my office in the bottom drawer of my right file cabinet in a little red box marked "Darnell.
" Get my notes, too, and listen for the bit during our third session where Dwight starts to say what was it? "It's not illegal because we have no say in making our own laws anymore.
The county is divided up, and we are getting less and less of it.
My rights are being taken away.
Can you give me an example of how, in your personal, everyday life, - you, Dwight, ‭have lost your rights? - ‭Sure.
There's racial quotas to get into college.
So I wasn't accepted because some dumb Mexican was.
California universities don't have racial quotas.
No, that's bullshit, that's not true! And you were turned down because of your grades.
English Lit, "D.
" Algebra, "F.
" World history, "D.
" If you would read Jordan Graff, who is a Harvard law graduate, by the way, you would realize that the public-school curriculums have been adjusted so that white people do more poorly than minorities! It's all being done on purpose! Okay.
I'll read Jordan Graff.
Who is he? He is someone who is helping us regain our Fatherland.
Do you know this Jordan Graff personally? Yes, I do, very well.
He's not my real dad, of of course, but you know, my real dad should be recognized as a king in this stupid country.
But, uh, Jordan Graff, he treats me like a son.
Let's go back.
I thought you didn't know who your real dad was.
I don't know his name.
I'm not supposed to, but he's the real power behind our cause.
And I will meet him one day.
Sharon: Wait, hold on.
Pause it right there, please.
[Tape recorder beeps] Jordan Graff ‭why have we not heard about him? - Or Dwight's father? - ‭In his notes, Dr.
Joe says that Dwight was probably trying to get attention from Graff because he idealized him and seemed delusional on the subject of his father, ma'am.
It says here Dwight ‭is estranged from his mother, Wildred Darnell, also her maiden name.
Uh, we're very near the end of the session.
Please, let's get it over with.
- Oh, yes, go ahead.
- [Tape recorder beeps] Dr.
Joe: Well, maybe your father will show up for you at the trial.
‭Maybe he will.
And maybe I will prove to him that I was a worthy soldier.
I guess we'll see.
That's all ‭we have time for today, Dwight.
Thank you for your cooperation.
I'm done, deputy.
You can take Mr.
Darnell back to his cell.
Sharon: Stop, stop.
[Tape recorder beeps] Dwight was talking to Dr.
Joe with a deputy present in the room.
What deputy? - Did he note his name? - Uh no, ma'am.
Flynn: Well, if it was Deputy Simms, that's a big coincidence.
- Provenza: ‭Why do you say that? - Tao: We haven't searched his house yet, but we did get through his computer at work and his e-mail account.
Simms was having an affair with another clerk of the court.
What? Who? A 32-year-old Asian-American woman named Hai Sun, working for Judge Norris most of last year.
Doesn't sound like part of the White Power movement to me.
Where is she Hai Sun? Wouldn't you know it, she left work early today before the shooting, and no one has seen her since.
[Tape recorder beeps] Dr.
Joe: This is the end of Hour 3 of my examination ‭with Dwight Edward Darnell.
[Tape recorder beeps] In addition ‭to leaving early yesterday, Hai Sun, our court clerk we've linked to Deputy Simms, did not show up for work this morning, was not at her home, which we searched.
Her phone doesn't ping anywhere in Southern California.
Also missing her car, her luggage, and her cat.
Flynn: We have Hai's picture in every police vehicle and have alerted every airport and train station across the country.
- So far, nothing.
- ‭What about Deputy Simms? Sykes: Lots to discuss.
In his house, we found $150,000 in cash.
Seemed suspicious.
Also, property records indicating he owns a 5,000-square-foot residence in Cabo, plus bank statements from Panama showing the account holder with a balance of $4 million and change.
- But worse.
- ‭Worse? Deputy Simms had three burner phones, and he used one of them to call Ava Jarvis several times before she ran away from the Witness Protection Program with my foster kid, Mark.
And also, let's not forget that Deputy Sheriff Simms was in all the sessions that Dwight had with Dr.
So, why don't we just arrest this guy, and then we oh, wait.
He was shot to death in the courtroom yesterday.
I mean, does anyone seriously believe this guy planned his own murder with $4 million in the bank? - I mean, come on, people.
- ‭What does ‭your captain say? Flynn: She's at Behavioral Science doing her mandatory interview for shooting Darnell, but I know she would like a reason to search every single one of those apartments in Nazi Land.
I may have that covered, but, uh, you'll want SWAT along, in case they start using all these weapons we're looking for.
I'll let the captain know when we have the search issue solved.
And listen.
[Sighs] Losing Chief Taylor like this? Well, calling him a hero doesn't help us today.
But that's how ‭we'll end up remembering him.
And quickly bringing to justice the perpetrators of this conspiracy is the best way to deal with our loss.
This is great work here.
Let's keep it up.
Oh, hello.
Uh, I'm sorry to bother you.
I'm Jennifer Edwards.
I'm looking for a Detective Buzz Watson.
Detective Watson? Oh, uh, hi, I-I'm Buzz Watson.
Excuse me just one second.
Sorry, Jennifer.
Um, let's go this way.
Jennifer: This e-mail scared me to death, and this old photo of Gene? Why are you sending me all this stuff? I haven't had anything anything to do with Gene since I was 20.
Sorry to upset you, and I I didn't pick you specifically.
I looked for every Jennifer, Jen, Jenny Edwards or Edwards as a maiden name on Linkedln, Twitter, Facebook.
Well, ‭I'm the lucky winner, then.
What did Gene say to you about me? Gene is using you as an alibi.
An alibi? For what? Over 30 years ago, ‭Gene says he was with you on a night when we think he was robbing an ATM, and And those two brothers were shot to death.
Is that it? Gene told you about that? Not exactly.
[Sighs] The murders were all over the news, and they're talking about how the killers only got like $60 and a Swiss Army watch.
And the morning after it all happened, Gene was actually wearing a Swiss Army watch, which I'd never seen before.
I asked Gene where he got it.
He blew up.
He pulled me across the table by my hair, and he told me to never ask him where he got anything again.
Or I could end up dead.
So, Gene Hecht was not with you the night of the murders? No, ‭but when I saw that watch, I I think he killed those guys.
Uh, Gene had a partner.
He robbed the ATM with someone.
I don't know who that would be.
Gene didn't have friends.
[Sighs] Oh, my gosh.
[Chuckles] Here, I thought I was in trouble, but I'm I'm not, right? Um, if you'll just write everything down that happened that day and agree to make a video statement, I can probably assure my bosses that you were no way involved with the murders.
However, if you don't Flynn: The paperwork's coming together right now.
If you agree to help redevelop these Zyklon Properties, the city attorney's office will condemn them today.
Except the last time I partnered with the Housing Authority on properties like this, some of my workers were shot at during demolition.
One of them was beaten within an inch of his life.
Major Crimes was not involved in your previous run-ins with the Z-Brotherhood.
We will coordinate with SWA and Special Operations so that safety is the first priority.
What? Pardon me because I-I know this is a period of grieving for all of you, but right now, it seems that the LAPD can't even protect your own officers.
Provenza: Mr.
Borja, we are a great police department one of the best in the world.
But law enforcement also depends upon the cooperation of community and business leaders to help us maintain the law.
This isn't the time to allow ourselves to be intimidated or held back from doing the right thing.
I'm not worried about myself, but my projects are also my families.
I-I can't risk their lives.
Borja, we're already in mourning for one of our own, and there are a million dollars worth of missing weapons out there we have to find, ‭or more lives will be lost.
Now, if you don't take on this project, the Housing Authority would need to get us another partner.
Sharon: That'll take time, and those weapons could slip away.
Provenza: And the longer these psychos go unchallenged, the more aggressive they become.
Well, can can I wait and sign up after you made your arrests? Flynn: We may have trouble making arrests without condemning the properties.
Hobbs: For search warrants, we need to show probable cause for each individual in each apartment.
That will be nearly impossible to do.
We need to show up en masse, search everything at the same time, because otherwise, these Nazi bastards will just move stuff around.
Sharon: Ms.
Darnell? Yes.
I'm, uh, I'm sorry to trouble you, Captain.
I, uh, I tried to get to the hospital before Dwight's body was taken away, but I didn't make it.
I'm really desperate to see my son.
I understand, but unfortunately, his autopsy is still ongoing.
Wait, au-autopsy? I thought ‭that autopsies were only used to determine the cause of death, and you killed Dwight, didn't you, Captain? Yes, I did.
But we still need an autopsy to establish if Dwight was high when he shot up ‭the courtroom yesterday, ma'am.
Also, the pathologist has to file a report before your son's body can be released to a funeral home.
I see.
Um, but Dwight will be cleaned up? I mean, he'll be made presentable.
I-I could look at his face? Yes, of course.
I only wish that we had been able to end the violence a different way.
Me, too.
But since you are here, I wondered if you'd mind my asking.
In his evaluation ‭with Behavioral Sciences, Dwight mentioned that he was planning on meeting with his father, maybe even at the trial.
I I don't see ‭how that would be possible.
Um, his father was a Marine that I had a short affair with when I was just 16.
Not only did he drop me flat, but he never showed even the slightest interest in Dwight.
He died in Iraq.
Your son also mentioned someone named Jordan Graff, who he seemed Thank you, but I've heard all I need to hear about Mr.
Graff and his movement.
Well, do you know ‭where we can find Mr.
Graff, - if he is ‭really responsible, ma'am? - I don't know him.
All I know is that ‭he came between me and my son.
Or maybe I'm responsible.
I became a mother way too young, and now that mistake is oh, my God, ‭I have ruined so many lives.
I just have one more question, Ms.
Darnell, please.
Did you ever meet a sheriff's deputy named Erin Simms who managed your son's movement when he was in county jail? No, I, um I was too ashamed to visit Dwight in jail.
And now I'll never talk to him again.
I'm really sorry.
I have to go.
I'll I'll walk you out.
I would rather you not.
Thank you.
[Door closes] Are you all right, ma'am? [Knock on door] Martin Borja signed the paperwork.
The City Housing Authority has officially condemned Nazi Land, and we're on our way to do safety checks of their property and find those weapons.
Take SWAT, vest up.
Hopefully when you find those weapons, it will help us unwind this conspiracy.
Don't worry, Captain.
I'm feeling lucky.
[Chatter] Pardon me, excuse me.
Hey, no! Excuse me! Hey, back off! The Fifth Amendment prohibits the taking of private property for use in government without just compensation.
I live here, and what you are doing constitutes an extralegal search of our premises.
I suggest you look into Kelo vs.
New London, wherein the Supreme Court decided that government We do not recognize the power of the Supreme Court to negate ‭our Fifth Amendment rights.
Flynn: You're gonna be paid for your properties at commercially assessed value.
No, no, no, ‭this is not gonna go down like every other time you people have done this.
I will file an injunction against the police department.
Hold on, you yourself are gonna file an injunction? I myself, yes.
I represent the property.
I represent the owners.
Excuse me, do you have any form of ID, sir? Why do I need to show you my ID? Oh, I'm under arrest for something now? Why shouldn't we arrest you for obstruction of justice and find out who you are in the back of a police car? This is an abuse of power under the color of authority.
Oh, you're gonna take my money now, too? That's perfect.
Oh, Mike, look who it is Mr.
Jordan Graff.
Well, Mr.
Graff, we'd be really happy to hear you make that case.
Why don't you just step over that way and answer a few questions? We want to tap that brilliant legal mind of yours.
Violating my civil rights! - You're violating my civil rights! - Your civil rights? I can tell you're a big fan of civil rights.
- LAPD! LAPD! - [Knock on door] Provenza: All right, let's make sure the building is clear.
- Tao: Lieutenant? - ‭Go, Mike.
We found Jordan Graff, Dwight's fearless leader, downstairs.
Trying to practice law without any sense.
Well, what do you know? Must have been an attorney, after all.
See if he can talk himself into an arrest.
Lieutenant! Lieutenant! Wait, Mike.
I have a feeling ‭we just found the weapons.
Send SID to the East wing of the first floor and have them grab Graff's prints while you're at it.
Catching a break here.
We're catching a break.
That's Hai Sun.
Scratch that, Mike.
Instead of hers ID Send him on here right away.
And by the Captain know that we have found the missing court clerk.
and she can meet her at the morgue.