Major Crimes s05e12 Episode Script

White Lies - Part 2

1 Sharon: Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.
It's been three weeks since my last confession, and in that time, I have lied four times.
And I-I've begun cohabitating with a man to whom I am not married.
Let's see.
He's Catholic.
He's divorced, too.
Not that big of a problem.
Your rules, Father.
Not mine.
Yeah, well, we're working on that.
Give my best to Andy, would you? Anything else? I committed a mortal sin.
[Gunshot] [Gunshots] [Gunshots] [Gunshot] I killed a man.
To save the lives of others.
The Bible says, "Thou shalt not kill.
" God forgives these sins when they're made in the pursuit of justice and saving the lives of others.
Except that I am not sorry.
- What? - ‭There is no guilt.
There is no remorse.
There is no compassion for his soul.
In fact, the more I investigated Dwight, the less human he seems.
Because of what he did in the courtroom? And beyond, Father.
The murders didn't stop there.
Kendall: She died hard and ugly.
I'd say poison.
See her face? Vomit ‭around her mouth, nostrils.
Signs of massive convulsions, which probably broke her own spine.
Well, I'm ruling out suicide.
Well, it looks like she had travel plans.
[Cat meows] - There goes our last eyewitness.
- [Cat meows] So, our court clerk loaded the gun for Dwight, forged signature on the evidence bag, then rushed here to Aryan central to what? To collect her reward? Sanchez: ‭And then someone makes sure she never gets to talk about it.
Yeah, just like Dwight, just like Deputy Simms.
Everyone tied to ‭this conspiracy ends up dead.
Tao: I don't think Hai Sun had her last supper here.
I mean, there's dried vomit on her mouth, but nothing on the carpet.
Sanchez: Some of the storm troopers living here probably knocked her off, rolled her up in the rug, - and dumped the body.
- How long ago? Last night? Not too late.
This room's pretty warm.
Hard to be precise.
I'm scraping vomit off her mouth, and maybe Dr.
Morales can tell you what she ingested.
Yeah, and that means we have to look everywhere for the rest of her vomit.
What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.
[Crowd shouting indistinctly in distance] All right, I'm gonna see what that's about and if Lieutenant Flynn needs a little help.
Tao: Can you please remind our local Nazis that they lost the war a long time ago? They'll love hearing that from me.
Sir, how late ‭are we going till tonight? I promised Mark Your junior Klan member will have to wait, Julio.
- We're working here.
- Sir, since his mother died, Mark has changed.
If I could just run by home to put him to bed later We'll see, Julio.
I mean, right now, we have to think about Hai Sun and all the questions that she will never answer.
[Shouting continues] Me and my team can't get any closer until all these thugs are gone.
Yeah, Mr.
Borja, we're working on it.
We can't remove everyone in a day.
I've already started getting threats on my life.
- Yeah, I unders - Are you sure you can make this site safe for my crew? I agreed to build a shopping center here, not a graveyard.
I understand, Mr.
Let us do our job, ‭and we'll be sure your people are allowed to do theirs, risk-free.
All right? I'll get back to you.
[Sighs] What happened with that Graff guy you and Mike were questioning? No outstanding warrants, no criminal record.
Just a couple of arrests for civil disobedience.
And we can't hold the idiot just because Dwight Darnell liked him.
All right, well, try and convince Graff that calm here is in his best interest.
[Shouting continues] This is our home.
Why are you trying to take this from us? This property is being condemned.
Under gross misuse of authority.
Another symbol of how this nation is being taken over by savages.
You care more for the advancement of blacks and border-jumpers than you do for the rights of the people who built this country.
Well, my people helped build this country, too.
Flynn: Graff, you want to save your speech for the next Nazi ice-cream social? This is an abatement of property known to house unlawful activities, and if you incite a riot, this place is gonna look like a prisoner-of-war camp around here.
Okay? You might tell Chief Howard this is gonna get naughtier before it gets nice.
Cappy: Hey, you! Old man! Yeah, I need back in my place right now! Sir, you'll get access to your apartment as soon as we finish searching the building.
I got stuff in my apartment.
Hey, do you want to get back before you get hurt? See, Grandpa, you may think you're in charge here And now I feel like things are spiraling apart.
I doubt my own sense of right and wrong and my belief in the justice system and maybe even my faith.
Doubt is a natural response to tragedy.
Those who chase monsters Cannot become monsters in the process.
And if I can take another life with no feeling at all, then I-I don't know who I am anymore.
Morales: Talk about a classic lost soul.
Our vic is a textbook example.
Anything abnormal in the autopsy? No sign of a struggle.
No sign of any assault.
Like you thought poison.
Hope it was delicious.
- Any clue as to what kind? - Uh, not yet.
If you could find a toxic agent somewhere on the property, that would help.
Something that would mix with the contents of her stomach.
She didn't throw up everything.
I have some chicken satay, peanut noodles, a little shrimp curry, and a whole lot of rice.
Death by combo platter.
Someone served her that last meal, someone she trusted.
Can we prove complicity, Doctor? Oh, I think so.
And that is why Hai Sun wins the Lost Soul of the Year Award.
What makes a young girl like this join ‭the White Power movement? It's hard to know.
How old is that tattoo? Over a year, anyway.
Why? Because if she was having an affair with Deputy Simms, given where that tattoo is located, he must have seen it several times.
Hai Sun was part of the conspiracy.
And now she's another dead end.
Provenza: We may have a new avenue of approach.
Since most of our best suspects are dead, we returned to the living and checking out their stories.
Wildred Darnell lied to us.
Flynn: I went back over all the visitors logs, looking to see if someone connected to Dwight might have talked to another prisoner, and though Wildred never saw her son in jail - Buzz? - She did drop in on a Mr.
Jerry Vogel once in a while.
Uh, back in County, appealing an 11-year sentence for his third DUI.
Sharon: 11 years.
That's one hell of a hangover.
Is Mr.
Vogel part of the Aryan movement? Uh, no, ma'am, but the DUI gives him a low-security status.
And in exchange for protection, he apparently works as Zyklon's errand boy in County.
Do we have video of Vogel's visits to Ms.
Darnell? Just their last.
‭The rest have been deleted.
Uh, the Sheriff's Department manages those records, ma'am.
Our dead deputy strikes again.
But someone please explain how Deputy Erin Simms agreed to participate in his own murder? Makes no sense.
Maybe Mr.
Vogel can help us understand.
Buzz? Wildred: Come on, Jerry, please.
It's been nine months.
I need to see him.
Dwight don't want to visit you, Wildred.
Says he has to stay strong for his trial.
All right, ‭then then at least tell him that I love him ‭more than anything in the world and I'm here for him, no matter what.
And if he changes his mind, you get a message to me, all right? I'll tell him if next time you're here, you show more boobs.
I walk out here again and don't see tits, I'm leaving.
What a gentleman.
Well, it doesn't sound like code to me.
Anything else turn up from Naziland? So far, no weapons, no meth, no ephedrine, ‭and no vomit from our victim.
I've got a list of the contents that were found in her stomach.
- Looks like Thai food.
- Yeah.
You want us to give the building one last go-over, looking for toxic agents that go with Asian cuisine? Yes, but tomorrow.
We are all exhausted.
Buzz, you have an important interview in the morning.
Lieutenant, I would like you to conduct that with him.
And I do not want any of you being unnecessarily exposed in Naziland tonight.
Well, I don't think any of us will say no to a little shut-eye.
Sanchez, if you hurry, you can get home to listen to Mark read you "Make Way for Ducklings" again.
Well, thank you, Lieutenant, but we're working on - "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" right now.
‭- Oh.
Oh, hey, uh, good luck in the morning, Buzz.
Thanks, Amy.
Nail the guy.
Nail him.
I'm getting Jerry Vogel a hall pass to come visit us tomorrow, but what about Wildred Darnell? If she knows that Jerry is a Z-Brotherhood errand boy, she's holding stuff back.
Sharon? Sharon: I have to talk to Ms.
Darnell again.
I know that.
But I don't trust myself to do it.
Because you killed her son? He didn't leave you much choice.
But shouldn't I feel something for her other than suspicion? Do you blame Ms.
Darnell for Dwight's sins? Well, it's hard not to wonder if she did something wrong.
And the temptation to ask, "How could you let this happen?" is strong, but I've always believed that adult children, at some point, must take responsibility for their own actions, both the good and the bad.
Hey, um No matter what happens, Buzz you you have done an awesome job.
I just [Door closes] Thanks.
[Door closes] Mr.
Hecht, glad ‭you could clear your schedule to talk with us again.
It's got to be illegal, keeping me here in isolation without charges.
I commend your interest in the law, Mr.
Hope it lasts.
Unfortunately, Mr.
Hecht, you lied to me.
I found your ex, Jennifer Edwards, and she denied being with you during the ATM robbery and double homicide we connected to your fingerprints.
That's a lie.
‭You never spoke to Jennifer.
"He pulled me by the hair and threatened my life when I asked about the new Swiss Army watch he was wearing.
" Does that sound familiar? Oh, don't take my word for it.
We have a statement from Jennifer.
Read it.
Might jog your memory.
Buzz: Don't worry about the domestic-violence issues.
- Come on, Buzz, get him.
- The statute of limitations - He's close - has expired on the number of times you knocked Jennifer around.
Yes, her statement about the watch, taken with the partials, and denying your alibi [Sighs] Very bad.
So the terms of ‭our conversation have changed because two murders doesn't just jerk you out of Kern and throw you into Pelican Bay.
It puts you in line for a bus ride to San Quentin and a cell on death row.
Death row? What? Why? You didn't shoot anyone that night.
Your partner pulled the trigger.
But if I can't find him, I'll settle for you.
Because of a fingerprint and a stupid watch? Hey, hey, hey.
I-I bought that watch.
- Where? - ‭At At Nordstrom's on Swiss Army watches were not sold in American stores until three years after your accomplice shot and killed this man.
And this man.
And that, sir, is your last lie.
I will ask once more, just once, and if you don't answer me truthfully, we will hand you over to the D.
and let the justice system take its course Who was with you ‭the night you robbed the ATM? - Come on.
- I don't get this.
It was 30 years ago, man.
Provenza: But I hope the moment has been kept fresh in your memory.
I need a name.
I give you a name, and I go back to Kern? If we get an arrest, you agree to testify against your partner, and you make a Statement of Facts yeah, we can work that out.
It was Billy.
Billy Jones.
And do you know where Mr.
Jones lives? - Do you have an address? - ‭No.
What about the name of the town, a city, a state? How the hell ‭would I know that anymore? - What about where he was from? - Ask him.
Why would I care where the guy was from? - Is Is this bad? - Flynn: William Jones - is one ‭of the most common names - It was the last job we did together.
in ‭the English-speaking world.
He freaks out over the shooting stuff.
I never saw him again.
Can you recall how you met Billy or what he did for a living? No.
We will continue to hold you in isolation until we find this Mr.
Jones and he corroborates your story.
Hecht is finished.
Buzz, you did it, man.
Stand up, please.
Put your hands to your sides.
[Cellphone buzzes] And don't move until you're properly secured.
Andy, will you come with me? Say, what the hell is the bug up his ass? I don't get it.
These two men who were murdered - Yeah? - ‭his father and his uncle.
‭His father and his uncle? Am I not the unluckiest son of a bitch on earth? - [Handcuffs clicking] - I mean, what are the odds? Hey, what the hell's going on here? Yesterday, this pea brain took a swing at me.
Fritz: Lieutenant Flynn, Captain Raydor, meet Wes Nolan, SIS.
Undercover with the ‭Z-Brotherhood for five years? Nolan: Almost six.
Glad to be back with some friendly faces.
Sorry about the circumstances, though.
It's very tough.
You've been working with Zyklon the whole time? Yeah.
Climbing up their greasy pole till the Z's started pulling back from dealing meth and drugs and started pushing hate.
Cooper: Right, you know the deal, guys.
We had a great asset inside Z, and had we used him when you were investigating the Colsons, that would have been that.
But after the shooting in the courthouse, I think we need to re-evaluate how Wes can do the most good.
Back with the Z-Brotherhood or with us.
But first, Captain, since you've been cleared to resume duty, obviously, I want to include you in my decision.
Thank you, Chief Howard.
Detective Nolan, who runs Z-Brotherhood? That's never been entirely clear.
For two decades, it looked like the principal shot-caller with the Z's was Brian Schultz.
Nazi-lite, cared more about the cash he was making selling drugs and guns than the White Power business.
But when Schultz dropped dead of a heart attack two years ago, there was a little coup.
And Graff, who the lieutenant here - had the pleasure of meeting - Yeah.
Sweet guy.
Jordan Graff shoved his way up to the top.
Or, at least, that's what it looks like from where I am.
Now, look, Graff is a back-to-basics guy.
Re-emphasized ideological purity.
Held mandatory seminars in basic criminal law.
Taught everyone how to go pro per.
You said Graff shoved his way to the top.
Who did he push out of the way? The older Mr.
He thought he was next in line.
There's no question Colson's family were White Power fanatics, but they also understood how it was all funded.
Graff doesn't care about the money so much which hurt me, too.
I mean, I was very, very close to a promotion under Colson.
I had to start over a little bit.
Prior to his murders, did you know Dwight? Personally, I mean? Mm.
Was one of Schultz's gofers.
Didn't really seem into the Z's much at all till Graff came along, started making true believers out of everyone.
You said, from where you are, Graff only looks to be at the top? The same could have been said about Schultz.
It just It just feels like there was a partner somewhere, flying way beneath the radar.
Cooper: Okay.
So, what do we with Wes? Do we let him keep his cover and gather more intel, or do we get him out and use him as a resource? I got Chief Pope breathing down my neck.
I got Martin Borja threatening to back out of his deal with the Housing Authority.
I've got ‭the national media hounding us.
[Sighs] I say resource.
But Okay, look, I don't want to I don't want to dump all the time and effort I've put in this assignment away, all right? I can I could push my way closer to the top.
I know I can get closer.
But how close? There was a conspiracy to shoot to death several people in open court, and that slipped right past you.
Sounds like the top is higher up than you're gonna get.
Flynn: All right, wait.
Detective Nolan is there any way that Graff and Schultz's silent partner was Erin Simms? Simms? The sheriff deputy Dwight shot to death in the courthouse? Seriously? Uh I don't know.
Did Dwight ‭ever talk about his father? The Marine who died in Iraq? Yeah.
Brought him up once or twice.
Why? Dwight said he never met him.
Chief Howard, we'll be quick, but before you decide whether or not you want to send Detective Nolan back into the Z-Brotherhood, I think that we should check in with the primary target of this conspiracy.
And that would be? I have been wanting to ask you this question for like three years.
Oh? How do you feel? [Monitor beeping] Well, normally, I'd just say, "Fine.
And how are you?" but since I'm a little under the weather And And technically dead.
Tell that to my leg.
How do I feel? Tired, weak mad.
- Bored.
- ‭[Chuckles] And extremely happy to see a familiar face.
Well, I'm grateful to hear your voice and for the opportunity to tell you what what a difference you've made in my life and continue to make.
You made the difference in your life.
Don't forget that.
[Curtain opens] Hey.
Suddenly, it's a party.
Post just outside the door, please.
Joe you, uh You look better than expected.
I think it's because I only have one surgery to go.
And because of the pain, I'm still heavily medicated.
Oh, now, the morphine is so you can eat the hospital food.
Rusty Ah, that's my cue to exit.
Maybe I could come back and say goodbye when the lieutenant's done, all right? So, Joe do you have the strength to talk to me a bit about Dwight? Lately, I can think of nothing else.
We listened to all the tapes of the sessions you had with him, in particular those parts where he spoke about his father and Jordan Graff.
Yes, I I didn't consider it was pertinent to his overall sanity, but Dwight started out by telling me his father was dead, and by the third session, he was insisting his father was a king.
- Which is it? - Well, Dwight was no prince, so, real or not, his dad isn't a king.
But fantasizing about an unknown parent's identity didn't make him insane.
There was a deputy with Dwight in every one of your sessions? Simms asked if I wanted him to stay.
Dwight said he didn't mind.
Did Dwight ever mention his father to anyone else? I mean, other than you and, because he was in the room, Deputy Simms? I doubt it.
Is his imaginary father important for some reason? Well, we're still trying to figure out ‭who's behind this conspiracy, why you were shot first, and then Deputy Simms, who, by the way, looks like he he may have aided and abetted.
Aided and abetted? In his own murder? I know.
Don't get me started.
Lieutenant, did I miss something? Well, a lot of people missed something.
[Breathes deeply] Possibly even me.
Father, forgive me for going on.
I just don't have anyone else who understands.
- Not even Andy? - ‭Not Andy.
To Andy, Dwight is just someone he calls a dirtbag.
He doesn't think about life the same way.
You may have never killed anyone, but you've turned people over to be tried ‭for the death penalty before.
But I didn't have to pass judgment, and I prayed ‭that they'd find contrition, which I'm not even sure I know how to seek.
Perhaps contrition will be found once you obtain justice.
Are you any closer to finding the person behind these murders? Sanchez: The dead bodies just keep piling up.
More victims? Did you find the poison, too? Probably.
It's, uh kind of gross.
- [Flies buzzing] - Ugh.
I should have asked you to define "gross.
" There's gross for you, and there's gross for everyone else.
It's gonna be hard to know if it's the same poison.
Yeah? Why's that? We're looking for puke.
Rats don't puke.
It's science, Buzz.
Can S.
collect all this, or do we have to do it? I wouldn't touch those bad boys.
Oh! ‭[Gasps] [Sighs] Looks like they finished Hai Sun's last meal.
Lady's Thai Palace, about four blocks away.
Should I go see if they have any security cameras, Lieutenant? That's a good idea.
Uh, but don't order the chicken satay.
Just to be safe.
- Oof.
- [Flies buzzing] There are 107 William, Bill, Will, Billy, and Willy Jones in the Southern California area in the right age range, and that's just on Facebook.
My God.
I wonder if this is why Buzz was so upset.
It's like trying to find the right grain of sand at Venice Beach.
Sounds like more fun than sitting here ‭watching you play detective.
I'm not not playing detective, Gus.
I'm following up on a story and helping Buzz out because he's really busy with this whole court-case shooting.
- You know what else bothers me? ‭ - Hmm? Your reaction to Dr.
Joe's death.
Or almost not reacting.
I-I mean, sometimes ‭you just seem so disconnected - from your emotions - Okay.
Hold on.
or the feelings of other people.
Look, I'm not ready to, um Do you trust me, Gus? Seriously.
Because I trust you.
Do you trust me? It's a simple question.
I trust you with most things.
When you're actually conscious of other people.
But I don't trust you with my time.
I came over on my only day off because you said you'd watch the very first "Die Hard" movie with me.
I am.
‭I'm I'm going to do that.
- And this this Dr.
Joe thing is - I'm going to do that.
Okay, look.
See? And I am I-I am very, very upset about what happened with Dr.
Well, it's hard to tell.
My mother asked me not to talk about it with anyone until she's done ‭investigating this murder.
And maybe when when she feels better about everything, I can tell you why, okay? But I will leave the Bill Jones of it all to Buzz, and, um let's watch a movie.
Where's the DVD? - It's already in.
Just press play.
- ‭Okay.
What's wrong with your mom? She's just a little off since she shot that guy in the courtroom.
Hey, "Die Hard" isn't a It's not, like, a violent movie, right? You know ‭I don't like violent movies.
‭No, it's not violent, really.
It's, uh It's Christmasy.
Okay, I'll tell you when to look away.
Trust me.
"Die Hard.
" Sykes: Here's another well-thought-out conspiracy.
10 guys waiting in line at Lady's Thai Palace, each ordering the same meal that poisoned Hai Sun.
Any familiar faces? That's Bob Powell.
That's Shanks, a.
Gene Bishop.
Robo, Tim Falconer I know all these idiots.
There are only three living people that we know that we could talk to about this.
Yeah, one is Graff, but you won't get much out of him.
He's a lawyer.
And I have another one in the Interview Room Jerry Vogel.
Maybe he'll remember a message or two he passed to Dwight from his fellow scumbags.
It's worth a shot.
Detective Sanchez, Amy.
[Sighs] You said there were three people to talk to Graff, Vogel.
Who's this third? Of course I know Wildred Darnell.
What a Foxarella.
She visited you several times.
I got personality.
Chicks dig that.
We do.
And you've known ‭Wildred Darnell for how long? I don't know.
A while.
Before or after your arrest? I'd say after.
Vogel's record.
Flynn: And what was the nature of your relationship with Ms.
Darnell? DUI in '99, another in '06.
This last one, he actually sideswiped a soccer mom .
in her minivan on her way to practice.
- Kid broke a leg.
- We know he's depraved.
Jerry: And you want to know about the nature But does he have an instinct for self-preservation? I'd say flirtatious.
Wildred wants me.
She's gonna get me, too.
Sykes: If she can wait 11 years.
That's what you've got, isn't it? I'm appealing.
Could be free, maybe.
So, you and Wildred had the hots for each other.
Did she ever introduce you to her son Dwight who was also in County awaiting trial? Sure.
Real sweetheart kid.
And I watched him shoot up a courtroom, kill my chief and a couple of good friends.
You see, the problem, Jerry boy, is everyone else we find connected to what Darnell did, they're dead.
And someone is being really cautious about covering their tracks.
Cautious and violent.
Flynn: We know you're protected in County.
Maybe you do favors.
Maybe you were ordered to distract Wildred Darnell.
So his mother wouldn't soften up Dwight before his mission.
You guys got some imagination.
Do we? Flynn: Hey.
You are tied up in something way bigger than what a little scumbag like you can handle.
Sanchez: These guys that are protecting you today Tomorrow or the next day, they're going to kill you.
Normally, I wouldn't care, but we don't want you to die quiet, Jerry.
We can offer you real protection, which you need.
See? That's what I've been waiting for.
Spoonful of sugar.
You want something? So do I.
And what might that be? I want out.
I want my record expunged.
And And I want I want to buy a car without one of those Breathalyzers - attached to the ignition.
- Provenza: That's all? I thought he'd ask for the moon, the stars, and 77 virgins.
- a federal facility under another name.
- ‭Sharon: He knows something.
He gets out, he commits vehicular manslaughter - inside of a year.
- Flynn: We can bring in your attorney He's not getting out.
and negotiate No, no, no.
I'm not negotiating.
It's all or nothing.
I know things things you want to hear.
Otherwise, see if I care.
These psychos can kill every Asian, Muslim, Mexican, or black in the country.
- No offense, babe.
- None taken.
We need to think this over for a minute.
We'll get back to you.
Sharon: Let's hope he lives to regret this.
We may need him.
We send him back, he'll be in danger.
Provenza: ‭Well, he might deserve it.
How would you feel about spending another night as a neo-Nazi in jail with Vogel? Yeah, that would be great.
Thank you.
I'll see if Mr.
Vogel and I can find time for a little chat.
I'll call Chief Howard.
You check in with Lieutenant Cooper.
Get yourself arraigned for a drunk and disorderly and call Graff and see if he'll represent you.
We need to round up the guys who were in the Thai Palace video.
Oh, yeah.
We can play a game of 10 Little Nazis and see if we can find a weak link inside the group.
Yeah, and we still have one other person to question.
Do you want me to take on Wildred Darnell for you? You'd really rather do it yourself? Father, I'm in a strange place.
I don't want to be the kind of person who takes human life without feeling.
And if this job has done that to me, and if I really am confessing, knowing that I'm supposed to seek absolution, but not really thinking I need it Maybe you don't feel like getting absolution for killing Dwight Darnell because you already have it.
Do I? The L.
absolved you of any wrongdoing.
Behavioral Sciences absolved you from disqualifications related to ‭your psychological response.
Your co-workers, they absolved you, and they continue to follow you.
Your friends, your family, they embrace you.
And I absolve you, ‭whether you want it or not.
[Breathes sharply] And I am telling you that God holds you more dearly for seeking penance where none is required.
So who else do you need absolution from? [Elevator bell dings] Ms.
Thank you for coming back.
I am aware that this is a difficult time for you.
Come this way, please.
Before we start, I'd just like to say that I recognize the profound personal nature of your loss.
And I am sorry for your grief.
Dwight's sentence was discharged without a trial by his peers and without you being able to talk with him first.
Is this wise, having Sharon question the mother of the man she shot? Wildred: I asked the sheriffs, Look, it's her call.
Maybe she'll provoke Wildred into saying something that she wouldn't in different circumstances.
But if I could get the one visit with him, maybe we wouldn't be here today.
But, unfortunately, this is where we are.
And we need to get our facts straight before we proceed.
Dwight did not load the gun that he used in the courtroom.
Someone else did that for him, someone ‭in the White Power movement.
Oh, my God.
The White Power mo Dwight did not grow up like that.
I mean, ‭this is gonna sound cliché, but my best friend is a black woman.
Dwight had friends of all different races.
I didn't teach him hate.
Does the name Brian Schultz mean anything to you? Brian Schultz? Um, yeah.
He, uh Dwight worked for him part time during high school.
He, um, had a warehouse or something for construction supplies.
Dwight would answer the phone, he would take messages, things like that, until the guy died.
- Why? - ‭You never met him? [Scoffs] I mean, should I have? Is not meeting Mr.
Schultz another example of bad mothering? Dwight never complained about him.
What about Jerry Vogel, who you asked to communicate with Dwight for you? How did you know him? That That was because the sheriff's deputy, Erin Simms, refused to bring Dwight out to speak to me, but he said ‭that there was another prisoner who talked to him sometimes.
I give up.
I give up.
I mean, Simms was part of this.
Wildred: Oh, I I mean, he could have been Dwight's father or uncle or something.
Fritz: We should check Dwight's DNA against his and see.
Sharon: You said that Dwight's father was a Marine who was killed in Iraq without ever meeting his son.
Yes, that's right.
But my parents helped out a lot while they were alive, so it wasn't poverty that led us to this terrible place.
Do you want to ask me what I did wrong? Do you want to ask me how I managed to raise a kid who grew up to do ‭so many terrible things? No.
In an interview leading up to his trial, Dwight said that his father was still alive and should be a king in this country.
[Breathes deeply] He said ‭his father was still alive? Wow.
Uh, well, you know what? Dwight said a lot of stupid things the last two years.
I'm not surprised.
He would make up stories about his father ‭when he was a little kid, too.
And he would look for him every birthday, every every holiday.
And all I could do was try and love him.
And I still love him.
I mean, ‭you see a cold-blooded killer.
I see a little boy ‭who made me Mother's Day cards and whose knees I bandaged.
And, look, I understand.
I understand ‭that you had to shoot him.
I understand.
Thank you.
Thank you, Ms.
I feel that you do understand.
[Sighs] [Cellphone chimes] Maybe this is a break.
Captain, Jerry Vogel has asked to talk with us again.
I just have one more question.
‭Not to make things worse, but if you could tell me the name of Dwight's father - so that - ‭You know what? I really can't talk to you anymore.
I'm so sorry.
I know what you did was necessary, but I really can't.
Darnell, I just need one name.
Of a dead man.
Why? His father ‭had nothing to do with it! [Door slams] You want me, you got me, okay? I can't get out.
But I need to leave where I'm at.
What seems to be the problem? You guys burned me, is what.
I'm going back to my cell last night, and some scary Aryan dude who probably just got himself arrested just to hurt me slams me into the bars and tells me they know I talked to the police and that I'm next.
Well, screw that.
You were directly threatened? Hell, yeah.
And it it ain't worth it, so I'll talk.
Two conditions.
‭Which are? One protective custody.
Someplace less Aryan.
And two I want a margarita.
Frozen or on the rocks? Could I have one of each, please? I'm begging.
That all depends on how you answer our questions.
Go, go.
Ask away.
Who ordered you to act as a go-between for Wildred Darnell and her son Dwight? A deputy called Erin Simms.
The one who Dwight shot up.
All the Nazis did what Simms told them.
Simms didn't say to Dwight, "Hey, kill me.
" Sykes: Someone else must have done that.
- Who was it? - I-I'm not sure, okay? But if I had to guess, I-I'd say it was the same guy who set me up as the go-between for everyone inside County my lawyer, Jordan Graff.
He took my appeal pro bono and Hold on, hold on.
You want your margaritas? We'll give you three.
But before you belly up to the bar, Mr.
Vogel, there's something we need you to do.
Jordan: I don't understand why you called me, Jerry.
I'm in trouble here.
Your friends in County Did what? Ever since Dwight went nutty, they've been looking at me suspicious-like.
And people are talking about what happened to Simms, too.
Don't concern yourself with that.
But they know I talked to Dwight's mom, which is ‭only what I was told to do.
But she was here earlier.
Did you know that? I saw her.
What if she talked? About what? Wildred Darnell doesn't know jack, and when it comes right down to it, neither do you.
But what if she told them about your plans? Oh, ye gods.
Don't be so pushy.
Maybe Wildred really knew what Dwight was going to do, and that's why she was trying to talk to him.
Or Or maybe he told her Simms was working with you.
What a friggin' idiot.
He just lost him.
Wh Where are you going? Don't walk out.
‭Hey, you leave me like this, I'll just tell the police everything I know.
About what? Well everything.
I really wish I understood what you meant, Jerry.
- [Door opens] - Perhaps it's time you sought alternative counsel.
Got our 10 little Nazis stacked out in the hall.
Should we leave them there? - Well, that is an excellent idea.
- that requires me to quit.
Before I go, though, let me offer you some advice.
Seek protective custody.
Good luck with that appeal.
Graff, I'm Captain Sharon Raydor of Major Crimes.
What is it? We've just rounded up all of our suspects in the murder of Hai Sun, a court clerk whose body was found in one of your buildings.
And good luck getting an arrest.
I don't think we'll need it.
Graff, ‭what would you like to bet that one of these fine gentlemen remembers their takeout experience from the Thai Palace better than you think? I know these men.
[Boots click] And I'd say ‭you're all in over your heads and you have been for some time.
[Feet stomping rhythmically] Buzz, We're about to throw the book at our 10 little Nazis.
- What'd you find? - I think.
The Billy Jones who murdered my father.
Really? Aw.
The LAPD library of annuals.
I checked out where Hecht went to high school, Found a Williams Jones who was a junior when Hecht was a senior.
And this Jones has a juvenile record.
High-school annuals.
That's first-class thinking, Buzz.
I'll get Mr.
Jones' juvie record for you as soon ‭as we finish up here tonight.
[ Chuckles ] Buzz, this is great work.
Why are you so glum? It seems to me like Hecht was going out of his way to protect ‭this William Jones Billy.
Why? Well.
looks like we're about to find out.
- You okay? - Yes Did I wake you? Well, I rolled over, and, uh you weren't there.
You still troubled with shooting Dwight? No.
I can feel it now.
I still don't trust Wildred Darnell, but Detective Nolan said that Graff may have a partner.
And these murders have weight.
A weight I was having trouble feeling until today.
So my question is, who is that heavy? Of all the people we've connected to this case.
Who is that heavy?