Major Crimes s05e13 Episode Script

White Lies - Part 3

1 Provenza: We may not have been able to connect him to the courtroom massacre yet, but we've arrested his 10 Little Nazi conspirators, connected them to the poisoned Thai food, and you know, Captain, one of these guys will crack.
They always do.
And when that happens, we'll get Graff.
Well, Graff may have been involved in the death of our court clerk, Hai Sun, but I'm finding it difficult to believe that he would help Dwight shoot up a courtroom.
What did he get out of that? The entire L.
hopping up and down on his gang, ma'am.
By comparison, this conspiracy to kill Hai Sun was simple-minded.
Ridiculous, even.
But Dwight's murders were intelligently designed.
Not only to conceal information.
But also to eliminate loose ends.
And to stop a prosecutor who was close to uncovering the truth.
All very deliberate.
Except for the murder of Marco Calderon, his court-appointed attorney.
And Taylor.
Taylor was shooting at Dwight, who only returned fire, sir.
But Calderon.
Well, maybe Dwight just hated Calderon.
He yelled at him when we were in court, ma'am.
What if Calderon was targeted, too? Marco Calderon is the only outside person besides Simms who had regular contact with Dwight.
[Clears throat] Uh, Detective Sanchez, do you have a second? Oh.
Uh, excuse me, Captain, Lieutenant.
So, Calderon might have been one of the loose ends.
Do you believe there are more? Yes, I do.
A loose end we haven't considered until now.
And one that is staring us straight in the face.
We found Mark's grandparents.
They live in Calabasas and want to take custody of him.
Are you sure? We're testing their DNA and running it against Mark's, but it seems like it Okay, where the hell have they been his whole life? His grandparents.
They lost track of their daughter when she ran away from home and started hanging out with Aryans.
He just lost his mother, and he really depends on me.
We Mark has his own room in our house, and, uh I just got him a bike helmet so he can ride my old bike, and We're catching him up on his math and his spelling so that he won't be behind.
Detective, Detective, Detective! I told you from the start this was only an emergency placement until we could find the boy's family.
We deeply appreciate your commitment to this child, - despite the temporary nature - Don't.
Don't! Nothing Don't.
Just, uh When? You could bring Mark to work with you tomorrow.
I'll come get him when you're ready to say goodbye.
I'm sorry, Julio.
I truly am.
[Sighs] [Sniffles] Tao: Well, the timing seems suspicious.
Dwight talks to Dr.
Joe and says his father's alive right when he gets a new court-appointed attorney.
Calderon would have also received a copy of Dr.
Joe's confidential notes on Dwight's evaluation.
Well, Amy, Julio, and I can do a Lexis-Nexis search on Calderon's clients and see if there's an overlap - with our case.
- ‭Good.
We may have movement with one of our 10 Little Nazis.
Chief Howard, what's the occasion? Oh.
The, uh, L.
Housing Authority and Martin Borja are announcing their development plans at noon, and Borja's put aside a little park between the shopping center and the apartment complex he's creating where the Zyklon buildings were, and he's naming it after Chief Taylor.
Yeah, Pope asked me to represent.
Well, I'm sure that Russell's family will be very moved.
Before I go, where's Detective Nolan? He's right in here.
[Clears throat] Flynn: We can put you in Witness Protection and give you a whole new identity.
A fresh start? I don't know, guys.
Well, he's not dismissing it outright.
Patrick's an old-school Zyklon.
A legacy.
Everyone thought he'd move up with the Colsons.
Now he's further out of it than I am.
No way back up.
Hobbs: You're not in charge.
You have no responsibility here.
Detective Nolan, how familiar are you with this guy? Very.
We bowl.
I drive Patrick home sometimes when he's been drinking too much.
Maybe a friendly face would tip the balance here.
I go in there, and my cover's permanently gone.
That's almost six years of my life You've been with the Zs long enough.
This whole gang is about to implode.
We don't need you to work your way up.
We need you to help take it down.
If you can get a good statement from your friend here implicating Graff, your time in Zyklon will be extremely well-spent.
If it helps any, that was an order.
I'll do what I can.
We want your boss.
Excuse me.
We want Jordan Graff.
If he's the one that gave you the order to pick up the dinner Hobbs: Why should you spend the rest of your life behind bars instead of Graff? Think about it a minute.
He may need a little help re-adjusting to a normal world.
- I don't know, guys.
- Whatever that is.
All, right, Patrick, let me put it to you another way.
We're about to tear up your whole life and put you in front of a jury without an attorney.
Now, if you have information that can dig yourself out of that hole What the hell? Cappy? That you? Uh, no.
Sorry, Patrick.
I'm not Cappy.
Real name is Wes Nolan, and I'm an undercover detective in the L.
No way.
I don't believe it, man.
I've known you for Come on.
It's true.
He is.
Well, this is This is not good.
This is really bad.
The brotherhood is finished.
Cooperate, and we can save you.
Otherwise, the next time you see me, I'll be testifying against you in court.
And you don't want that to happen, Patrick.
[Sighs] Well, if you got, uh, Cappy on your side or, what? Wes? Or whoever.
Yeah, we're more screwed than we know.
Look, I just want to say, I was not conspiring to commit murder, all right? I would never poison someone.
I mean, especially not a girl.
Or go nuts and shoot up a courtroom.
I mean, that was the stupidest thing of all.
Certainly was.
Screw Graff.
Screw him.
I'll tell you everything I know about the Zyklon Brotherhood, including all the cities and towns where we distribute meth.
Just like you give me immunity and a new identity and a new place to live, and I'll write every damn thing down and you can check it.
How about that? You don't implicate yourself in murder or manslaughter and you give me Jordan Graff, the D.
's office is good with immunity and witness protection, yes.
Who gave the order to kill Hai Sun? She showed up after the Dwight thing, just like she was expected.
Yeah, that's when Graff, you know, he sent 10 of us out to go pick up this same takeout meal at that Thai place.
Now, I asked him, "Why 10 people?" And he said in case he needed to create reasonable doubt.
And he gave the order for Dwight to shoot up the courtroom? Maybe.
I can tell you, our old boss never would have done anything so nuts, but Jordan, I mean He's just so serious about the white power.
Hey, look.
Let's go back to the beginning.
Settle in.
We're getting somewhere.
Let me know how it goes, Captain.
Thank you, Chief.
Will do.
And then have you say I was holding back.
Buzz, while ‭Detective Nolan's friend is spilling the beans here, transfer all the video from the courtroom shootings to RACR.
[Gunfire, screaming] No! Hold on.
Rewind, zoom in on Calderon, and play back in slow motion, please.
Here we go.
Not the volume, but this is right before Dwight asked Dr.
Joe to predict what he's about to do in the next 10 seconds.
And first shot goes off, second shot, third shot, fourth shot, fifth shot, sixth shot, and seventh shot.
Stop right there.
Go back slowly.
And stop.
Sanchez: Dwight starts shooting and Marco's, what? Hiding his eyes until Dwight walks towards him.
Or Scroll forward slowly.
Calderon knew the gun was loaded, just not that Dwight would be pointing it at him.
Buzz: ‭I think it's the same guy.
That's definitely Bill Jones.
Buzz, this is him.
You've identified both of the guys who killed your father.
Well, not legally.
This age-projecting software is not evidence.
Provenza: Well, we can talk about that later.
But how did you find this photograph online? I did about 60 image searches, assuming various hair-loss patterns and different levels of weight gain.
And this is the only guy that popped up with the name "Bill Jones.
" Popped up where? Facebook.
The Facebook.
His page is private, and all I know is that in his profile picture, he's standing at Griffith Observatory holding hands with a kid I can't see.
And the background photo looks like a used car dealership.
Ah, a used car dealer.
So he never really ‭gave up the criminal life.
But if we could I.
that dealership and we find him, do you guys have enough to ask him here for a meeting? No.
If we ask him here, he'll just disappear.
We need to see if his prints match the William Jones I found in ‭Hecht's high school annual.
Looks like we're back to Dwight Darnell.
Uh, we'll pick this up later.
Let me think of a way to hunt for this William Jones.
We're very close, though.
Very, very close.
I'm not comfortable charging Graff with murder or conspiracy just on this statement.
I agree, although it does give us a lot of information on the Z's illegal drug and weapons trade.
We corroborate what Patrick told us, and the Z Brotherhood is out of business.
And that is another loose connection severed.
Provenza: The Z Brotherhood a loose connection? I thought they were behind this conspiracy.
Well, you said so yourself, Lieutenant, that there are easier ways to have Dr.
Joe killed than shooting him on the stand.
That's what that idiot Patrick just said.
How stupid it was for the Zs to shoot up the courtroom.
What does it get them? Well, they got the entire L.
on their backs.
Hobbs: Their property was condemned.
We have a guide to their drug-and gun-running operation.
But who was trying to put the Zs out of business? Someone who decided the Zs were a liability, someone who had a lot to lose, someone who was hopefully connected to Marco Calderon.
Where are we with that? Well, Dwight bumped his first court-appointed attorney, and Calderon showed up to advise him ‭almost immediately, ma'am.
Oh, out of the goodness of his heart? Calderon mostly represented white-collar criminals, but according to Lexis-Nexis, he also took on about five or six pro Bono cases a year.
All for truck drivers who couldn't afford an attorney.
Here's a couple of examples.
Carl Kubiak was arrested for smuggling firearms.
Calderon argued that it was an illegal search.
Got the case dismissed, ma'am.
And another trucker, Mike Walton arrested by CHP in Chatsworth for hiding ephedrine in his cargo.
Again, thrown out as an illegal search.
So Calderon had a history of saving people illegally trafficking drugs and weapons.
Yeah, which proves a connection to the Z Brotherhood.
But Dwight? Sykes: It does connect to Dwight because all the drivers Calderon repped worked for the same company Bullhood Trucking.
And this is important because? Because for the past 18 years, Bullhood's ‭Board of Directors included Dwight's mother, Wildred Darnell, and its Chief of Operations Jordan Graff.
Who replaced the old Z shot-caller, Brian Schultz, when he died two years ago.
Wildred Darnell knows both of them, and she lied about that.
Maybe she taught her son to be an Aryan, too.
Hobbs: I think we should see exactly what routes Bullhood Trucking drives and through what cities.
And whose cargo they're transporting between Los Angeles and Mexico.
Lieutenant Tao's on it right now.
Buzz, would you call up the video of the interviews between Marco Calderon and Dwight when he was in County? There won't be any sound.
That's okay.
I need to take a look at them.
Okay, so these are ‭Bullhood's regular routes.
I also have their manifests, inventories, bank finances.
Where'd you get all this data from, Mike? When I ran the company, the FBI already had an open investigation on Bullhood, which despite its name, is a company owned in Panama and licensed to operate in Mexico and the U.
It would have taken us months to track down its owners and its Board of Directors.
That's just what you would want if you were smuggling guns to Mexico.
Or distributing meth all across the Southwestern U.
The main cities Bullhood services are the ones Patrick listed as Z's distribution centers.
But Bullhood must carry some kind of legal cargo.
Tao: UV glass and lumber to Mexico, solar panels, green building materials, and cement coming back.
But employees of all different races.
The on-the-record overlap with Z is specifically limited to Jordan Graff, and during the 16 years before him, Brian Schultz.
Andrea, what do you think? Patrick's statement gives us probable cause.
You could get a search warrant for every Bullhood vehicle currently on the road.
Andy, can you coordinate that operation with CHP? It may take a few hours to get started, but by tonight Captain.
We have a video of Dwight and Marco's visitation, which I've forwarded.
If I could pull it up? Be my guest.
I found something that might be interesting.
Ye Gods.
All these screens.
Here we go.
So that continues for a while.
And then So, Marco gives Dwight some bad news, news that upset him, and then Marco calms him down.
How is that? Well, it would be great to ask them.
Or maybe Simms, who was there, even if he was out of earshot.
But of course we can't because they're dead.
Tao: But it could be Calderon passed along an order that Dwight didn't like, then told him where it came from and got him more interested.
And for once, it was a conversation that Simms was not allowed to hear.
Are you suggesting Simms told Dwight to kill Calderon and then Calderon comes along and says, "Hey, you have to kill Simms?" Well, it could have happened like that if Dwight trusted Calderon's source.
But who was that source? Who would have profited from all of this? We have an interim report.
So far, three of Bullhood trucks had disassembled M-4s hidden in the lumber, and two were caught coming back from Tijuana with ephedrine in cement bags.
‭So now we've got enough evidence ‭to charge Graff with murder, smuggling firearms, drug distribution.
So, the drivers of Bullhood's trucks will need legal counsel, and Marco Calderon is no longer available.
Enter Jordan Graff.
You know, for someone who worked Internal Affairs most of her career, [Door opens] you're really sneaky.
[Door closes] Oh, uh I didn't realize ‭you guys would still be up.
What's that behind your back? Um Well, look.
‭You guys were all so busy.
I figured out a way to identify the Bill Jones - that Buzz located online as - Whoa.
Nice move, kid.
It's not a nice move, Andy.
Rusty Thomas Beck, you are not supposed to be following around murder suspects.
I didn't follow him.
I found out what ‭car dealership he worked at, and he tried to sell me a used car.
Or, in his words, "A pre-owned Mustang.
" And then I asked him for a bottle of water, and he gave it to me.
Plus his business card.
You have to admit, that's good work.
Rusty's not supposed to be knowingly putting himself in harm's way.
I didn't put myself in harm's way.
I didn't go for a test drive with him or anything.
I was in public, ‭surrounded by a lot of people, and look, if I am gonna end up being a journalist, not every single assignment is gonna be like an Easter egg hunt.
We can use this.
But that is the end of Rusty Beck, junior detective.
Although, this does bring us closer to being able to solve two cases about fatherless boys.
You know what? I'm gonna go grab a soda from the break room.
I'll get water, then.
Mark, you can't try and run away again.
Then I'll just run away from my grandparents when you give me up.
I'm not giving you up.
I don't have a choice.
Why don't you read "Make Way For Ducklings" and watch TV over here for a while? You can't be where ‭we're working today, Mark.
Julio, did I do something wrong? What did I do wrong? Nothing.
You didn't do anything wrong, Mark.
Okay? It's, uh It's just the way the world works.
You're supposed to be with blood relatives, you know.
Your grandparents.
Bit I won't like them.
I like you.
Mark, you have to give them a chance.
Graff: Knock, knock.
I'm here to meet the driver you arrested last night on the specious charge of weapons smuggling.
Where is he? Hey.
What's the matter? Do you recognize that guy? Yeah.
That's Mr.
He came to my Uncle Henry's house and he yelled at my mom.
Okay, Mark, it's very important that you don't tell anyone else that you know that man.
And I'm gonna explain to you why.
And you have to listen.
Where's my client? Well, Mr.
Graff, uh, why don't you join us? Take a seat, please.
And, uh, pay no attention to these gentlemen.
They're just here in case you decide to do something stupid.
Now, we would like to ask you some questions, but first You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used ‭Stop.
I don't need an attorney.
[Clears throat] What crime am I being charged with? Well, [chuckles] it's more like a list.
Drug trafficking, arms dealing, conspiracy to commit murder.
And put together from a statement given by one of your fellow gang members implicating Bullshit.
I don't believe it.
Last night, we stopped every one of Bullhood's trucks, and we would like you to consider what we found.
And what we're likely to discover when we visit Bullhood itself.
Speaking of, SOB is ready for that search when you are, Captain.
It's over, Mr.
You're caught.
You see, Hai Sun's murder can be laid directly at your door.
It could easily become a Special Circumstances case.
And the sooner you recognize that, the better.
[Clears throat] And we're still trying to figure out a few things about how Dwight managed to shoot so many people in the courtroom.
Hai Sun loaded the gun.
Deputy Simms disabled the stun belt.
But who came up with the conspiracy to No, that was not my idea.
He's caught, and he's still lying.
I have no idea who ordered ‭Maybe not.
He hasn't been the head of the gang for that long.
He was out of his depth.
If Zyklon was meant to be a casualty, then Graff wouldn't have known who gave that order.
I want a D.
in here to lay out this evidence.
You actually have to prove this, and from what I see so far, I'm not going to prison.
But if there is stuff that I don't know or if there is something for which I might seem liable, I am open to listening to options.
Hobbs: I don't have any options.
I think Mr.
Graff deserves to be tried for the murder of Hai Sun by a jury of his peers.
But we'll see.
Provenza: Since you want a D.
in here to present this evidence, you tell us, what exactly is it that Wildred Darnell does at your trucking company? Not much.
Customer service, client relations, and she sits back and she collects a fat wad of money.
Look, I don't even want that damn trucking company, okay? But Simms forced me to keep it after Schultz died.
It's not exactly ‭connected with my agenda.
Simms told you to keep the trucking company? Was Deputy Simms your partner? No.
He represented my partner.
Or so he said.
I never met the guy.
I have not heard from him since that courtroom disaster, and without Simms, ‭I have no way of communicating with whoever it is.
Because Simms, Graff, and Zyklon were all loose ends that have been effectively destroyed.
You indicated that Wildred Darnell was a legacy, too.
Someone you were forced to hang on to because? If you're so interested in Wildred Darnell, why don't you go find that ice queen and ask her yourself? That is a fantastic idea.
I'm not saying anything else.
Until you get a D.
in here, we're through.
[Tires squealing] - L.
! - Put your hands out - where I can see them! - Put your hands up.
Hands up.
This is a search warrant for Bullhood Trucking! Keep your hands in the air, and do as you're told! This is bullshit.
Hey! When we want you to move, we will ask.
Don't reach for anything.
Stay exactly where you are.
Hey, you two.
Come on.
On your feet! Let's go! Hands up! Up against the wall.
- L.
! - Hands where I can see them.
Tao: I have a search warrant for Bullhood Trucking.
Sykes: Nobody move, please.
Stay right where you are, please.
Don't move.
[Gasps] - Ms.
- ‭Yes, Captain? Wildred Darnell, you're under arrest for drug trafficking, weapons smuggling, and the import of a controlled substance with the intent to distribute.
Captain, what's going on? I think it's time you tell me who Dwight's father is.
He doesn't have anything to do with this.
We'll see.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford one, one will appointed for you.
So, while the search of the warehouse is finishing up, Tao matched the fingerprints that Rusty brought us.
So it's the right Bill Jones.
And that's what I've told Buzz, yes.
Well, the prints aren't evidence.
All you have is Hecht's statement.
I think that will be enough.
And, uh, I feel good about taking it from here.
With Buzz.
He deserves to go.
And, uh, if you have no objection, I'll add an observer, one who will stay ‭way back from the action.
[Sighs] [Clears throat] [Doorbell rings] Oh.
Is something wrong? We're looking for Mr.
Bill Jones.
Is he at home? Oh.
I'm Mrs.
Is it something I can help with? Bill's just in the backyard.
Is everything okay? It could be, ma'am.
We just need to check something with your husband.
Well, this way.
Thank you.
Cute little girl.
If you don't mind, this is a private conversation.
If you could just wait for a second.
Thank you.
[Laughter] You ready? What's wrong? I'm not sure.
Lieutenant, I-I don't know how I feel about this anymore.
That's the beauty of the justice system, Buzz.
It doesn't give a damn how you feel.
Hey, uh, what's going on? Oh, we just thought we would come by and tell you that Gene Hecht sends his regards and has identified you as the man who murdered Steven and Jay Watson.
Remember them? You took their lives during an ATM robbery way back in 1986.
William Jones, you are under arrest for the murders of Steven and Jay Watson.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford one, one will be appointed to you.
Just Don't handcuff me.
I'll do whatever you want.
Put me in a prison nearby my family.
Let me say goodbye to my kids.
Tell me, Mr.
Did you give Jay Watson the chance to say goodbye to his children before you shot him to death? Go ahead.
I'll wait.
But not for long, Mr.
The clock has been ticking on this arrest for 30 years.
Hey, guys.
Let's, uh Let's go in the living room.
I got to I got to tell you all something.
Come on.
Come on, kiddo.
That's him, that's him, that's him.
Get it, get it, get it, get it, get it.
Gus: I got it, I got it, I got it.
Oh, my gosh.
Buzz did it.
He did it.
Don't get out of the car.
Okay, okay.
I won't.
I just I can't imagine how happy he must feel right now.
Wildred: Growing up without a father can have a terrible effect on a little boy.
Dwight wanted someone to look up to, and he found the wrong man.
That's all there is to it.
This is Graff's work.
Dwight's father? [Scoffs] He wasn't concerned with Graff radicalized Dwight, made him useless ‭for the future, and worse.
Dwight's murder ‭of the mixed-race couples made his father feel exposed.
Sykes: He didn't want his go-between with the gang anymore.
Simms had lost control of them anyway.
And if Graff got rid of the smuggling in Bullhood Trucking, no one needed to represent the drivers anymore.
Why would he plot a courtroom shoot-out, make it look like a Zyklon Brotherhood terrorist act unless he was terminating his closest associates.
Think of it this way.
Simms knew who Dwight's father was, and he's dead.
Marco Calderon knew who Dwight's father was, and he's dead.
Joe Bowman just recently found out Dwight's father was still alive, and now he's dead.
DDA Rosen could have been following up on Dr.
Joe's notes.
Sykes: And now the Z Brotherhood's destroyed, too.
All the loose ends have been severed.
Sharon: Except you.
Why is that? Is it because Dwight's father is still in love with you.
[Cries] Are you still in love with him? Do you still see him from time to time? Okay, would it help you if I told you that I know who Dwight's father is? Is she bluffing? There are some very good clues.
Tao: The cargo going to and from Mexico is limited to construction supplies.
And who do we know in the building business? And who gets to partner with the L.
Housing Authority when Zyklon moves into neighborhoods and becomes a menace? Who profits the most when their properties are condemned, allowing a developer to skip right through the zoning process? Has it ever occurred to you that if Dwight knew his father, if he met him even once, he might not have joined a gang of white power racists? No, you're wrong.
You're wrong.
Martin Martin Borja is Dwight's father? Children of mixed-race couples don't always look like a combo, sir.
I mean, sometimes they greatly favor one parent or the other.
If he resembled his dad, I don't think he would have been so high on this whole "white power" thing.
It had to be Graff.
It had to be Graff.
Or else you're partly responsible for having hidden the truth from your son.
But I'm not going to ask you to take my word for it.
I'm gonna let you check for yourself.
I'm going to invent a letter, a message from beyond the grave to you from your son, and I'm going to tell you what Dwight would have said about what happened, and let you run it by his dad.
[Elevator bell dings] Wildred: Hi, Melissa.
I'll just be a minute.
Um, Wildred.
Wildred! Wildred.
I'm sorry.
‭Martin is on a call right now.
It can't wait.
No, I I have to call you back.
Wildred, what are you doing here? Are you all right? Sharon: She's in.
All units hold.
We're in the stairwell on the 28th floor with Wes.
I have been so worried about you.
No, don't.
[Sighs] I received a letter late last night [Sighs] from Dwight, written the day before he died.
He gave it to a prisoner who got it out of jail to me.
Is it true? What Dwight said? Did you have Aaron Simms tell him to shoot that D.
and Calderon? And then did you have Calderon tell him to shoot that psychologist and Simms? Hold on.
Wildred, calm down.
Where is this letter? Oh, God.
How stupid do you think I am, Martin? I mean, really.
I-If you arranged all those murder Listen to me.
I put that letter in a place where it can be found if anything happens to me, so don't you even - think about hurting me.
- ‭Wildred! You can't think I would ever, ever hurt you.
I've I've done nothing but support and love you - for 20 years.
- ‭Am I next? Everyone who knew about you and Zyklon are gone.
You have to trust me, Wildred.
He hasn't admitted anything yet.
This is not a confession.
- Trust you? - It's about to be.
Oh, my God.
Trust you? You swore to me that you would give Dwight the trucking business one day.
You said you would make him a partner.
And you let those ‭Nazis destroy him.
Our son.
Dwight might have been a totally different person if he'd only been told who he was.
You used our son to kill people.
Your son killed people.
Not my son.
My sons are builders.
Yours was weak and ultimately better dead than alive.
You never even gave him a chance.
I was gonna give him the damn trucking company! Look.
How did I know that Schultz was gonna drop dead? Or that idiot Graff would end up in charge? Everyone take your positions.
Wildred, Dwight went off the rails.
He'd already killed eight people, two of them children, before he entered that courtroom.
I made the best use of him I possibly could, and now we're out of the crime business.
We're legit.
It's over.
Look, I know I know losing Dwight was hard for you.
I know it was.
But he was already lost.
Did you really want him caged up for the rest of his life? Is this not better? That's it.
Everyone prepare to take Martin Borja into custody.
Go, go! Code 3, Code 3! Gun in the office! I want all officers responding to Borja Towers.
Wildred, put the gun down.
Wildred: No, I'm worried that you're gonna find a way to buy yourself out of this.
Goodbye, Martin.
[Gunshots] Drop the weapon.
My God.
She killed him while wearing an L.
wire! Down on your knees Hands over your head.
Wes: Keep your hands above your head.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you.
Get up.
Provenza: Borja was right.
This is better.
Tell that to Wildred Darnell.
Let's go.
Buzz: I'm sorry.
‭I didn't know we were gonna be at a crime scene.
And thanks.
It was the right Bill Jones.
He confessed, and, uh, Andrea's making his deal life without parole, so Congratulations, dude.
And, hey, we have some great video of you walking the guy out.
I'm gonna use it in the last "Identity.
" Are you ready? Because I think we should shoot this right now and finish this story up - while you're still - No, no, no, no.
I-I-I'm not ready.
Uh, I still have questions that I don't have answers to yet.
What? Wait.
What What kind of questions? It's all over, isn't it? No, it it isn't.
I just I just left another 11-year-old boy and his little sister without a father.
And now I keep thinking, "What's gonna happen to those little kids?" What have I done? What have I done? [Elevator dings] Okay, buddy.
Hey, Mark.
Ready? Wait, I want to tell you I'm sorry I thought bad things about you because you were black.
I'm sorry I said stuff about Mexicans.
I don't have to leave here.
I'll be good from now on.
And I can do my entire multiplication table already.
Test me.
Hey, buddy, listen.
I need you to remember what we talked about earlier in ‭the conference room, okay? And, uh, I need you to be brave.
Can you be brave? I don't want to be brave.
No one wants to be brave, Mark.
Brave is what we do when we don't have any more choices.
And going with ‭your grandparents right now It's the best thing for your safety.
I will stay in touch.
Okay? Deal? Good boy.
- [Sniffles] - Thank you, detective.
We'll let you know how he does.
Bye, Julio.
Bye, Mark.
Be good.
Just don't forget me, Julio.
Hey, I'll never forget you.
Come here.
But I don't ‭I don't want this.
This I want you to keep "Make Way for Ducklings," though, so you won't forget me.
Take it.
I have the bike helmet.
You take the book.
Fritz: No one who's ever been acting assistant chief seems to actually get the job.
Well, uh, I think there may be quite a few candidates for this office.
[Clears throat] Um, but don't discount yourself entirely.
I don't think I can maneuver through the bureaucracy like Taylor.
So far, it's been all balancing out competing interests, trying to decide who gets what without everyone blowing up at me.
I like running SOB.
And I'm very happy where I am.
Would you be happy ‭if I left Detective Nolan with you for a while, too? He's gonna be testifying against different Zyklons for at least the next couple years.
He has to go somewhere.
Well, he might be a good fit.
Oh, so, are we in trouble because Wildred shot her boyfriend while she was in our custody? No.
I had a talk with Borja's wife.
She understands a huge audit of her husband's business is coming.
She'll want to save whatever she can of his assets for her children.
She's probably not too anxious to talk about her husband's mistress, either.
Yeah, about Wildred Darnell What happens to her? What if we turn her over to the Feds? That's right.
They were already doing a big investigation on Bullhood Trucking.
She'll get a new identity, a nice prison cell, a parole date.
Also, she wouldn't have to make her allocution in L.
Well, that's kind of perfect.
I don't know, Fritz.
You may have the political instincts to be assistant chief, after all.
Oh, uh, uh, don't don't sit there.
That desk is cursed.
Be friends with Amy.
Oh yeah, over here.
Andy, you okay? Yeah, um, I think Mr.
Nolan over here shoved me a little hard the other day.
Sorry, Lieutenant.
Just trying to make it look good.
Then I You know, I think maybe I pulled something getting out of the van this afternoon.
I-I don't know.
Oh, uh, can I announce that Dr.
Joe is still alive? Should make his family happy to visit him.
[Grunts] Andy! Hey! Are you in pain? What? No, just a little I mean, what do you call it pinched nerve.
[Grunting] Oh, God, unless it's a heart attack.
Take these.
This is Assistant Chief Howard.
Roll paramedics to Major Crimes.
- Andy, you okay? - Lieutenant.