Major Crimes s06e05 Episode Script

Sanctuary City: Part 5

1 Previously on "Major Crimes" I have something called cardiomyopathy.
But until I know more, I think we should postpone the wedding.
Absolutely not.
SYKES: Three teenage boys go missing from a school field trip, then one of them winds up back at school, dead.
Where are the other two boys? REPORTER: Earlier today, Miguel Diaz and Ryan Rojas have been found in Mexico.
Questions remain.
Were they victims or perpetrators? [ ELEVATOR BELL DINGS ] NOLAN: Let's assume what Ryan told us is true.
He's sprayed with a chemical agent, loses consciousness, wakes up in the middle of a desert, is thrown in a Mexican jail because drugs were planted on him, is rescued only to find one of his best friends is dead.
It was brutal.
So hot.
Our throats were just burning.
Maybe Dr.
Garza found out his wife was having an affair with Father Casanova and blamed his son.
It says here oxycodone was in Lucas' blood? - They had oxy? - I'm coming to tell you that you've got another crime scene.
As a solution to a murder, it doesn't get any worse than this.
What do you see? Physical symptoms indicate a narcotics overdose.
No needle marks, so I'm guessing the drugs were taken by mouth.
And here's an open bottle of tequila.
Tequila and oxy.
That's a bad combo.
He could have fallen when he passed out and hit his head.
TAO: This might not have been an accident.
When I pushed the spacebar, the screen saver disappeared and left an open Word document.
It says, "Dear Sara, I didn't mean for any of this to happen.
Lucas and his friends started using my oxy, then stole most of it for themselves.
In trying to get it back, I lost control of my actions.
" MASON: "If I'd been able to kick my addiction, we'd still be a happy family.
You were right.
I was a terrible father and husband.
I'm so sorry for the pain and suffering I caused everyone.
" That's a confession with a motive.
But we have several outstanding questions.
Follow up.
Of course.
But this suicide note clears the boys, the Catholic Church, and takes the I don't even know what to call it the "forced deportation" issue off the table.
PROVENZA: We're trying to figure out a murder/kidnapping here, not solve a bunch of political problems.
Let's review.
How did Sara Garza take the notification of her husband's death? I believe the word is "stoic.
" No one but the Garzas were told Lucas' blood tested positive for oxy.
And whoever wrote that note knew that oxy was in his bloodstream.
Yeah, but let's talk about what the note doesn't explain.
- Amy? - If the boys took the oxy, why didn't Lucas have some in his backpack? Ryan and Miguel did.
NOLAN: There wouldn't be a record of Dr.
Garza going into Mexico to leave the boys, but we'd have one of him coming back Look, this suicide note, it's completely fake, okay? You kill your child and dump his body at a church for drugs? - Julio.
- Sir, you're telling me Doctor Garza had no other way of getting more oxy than to kill his own son? Okay, Julio.
It's not a suicide.
It's a murder.
I'm sitting down, ma'am.
No matter how it happened, Garza died at work.
We should get a list of everyone at his office today.
And look for names that overlap with any part of this case.
I thought the federal government kept us from patient records.
We're just looking to see who was in the building, not at their medical history.
It may have made more sense when Dr.
Garza was a suspect.
But if I could work his office's patient list, too, it might help me determine where Lucas meant to go when he and his friends left the field trip.
That would be a small miracle.
MASON: Are you assuming the deaths of Dr.
Garza and his son were connected? Well, it's not a random coincidence.
Then could we release Miguel and Ryan since they were in police custody when the doctor died? Well, first, they need to answer a few questions.
Not while they're under arrest and have counsel.
Excuse me.
But can't we just tell Miguel and Ryan's attorneys we're dropping the charges against them and question the boys again while we're waiting for the parents to pick them up? Buzz! That's so sneaky! No, I'm, uh In my reserve detective class That is exactly what we will do.
We can re-arrest the boys later.
Julio, see if you can get both boys over here separately.
No more merit badges for you, Buzz.
PROVENZA: Well, dropping the charges against Ryan will not get that kid to talk to us.
It's okay, Lieutenant.
We won't be asking the questions.
I know that you've waited a long time to talk to Ryan.
And we felt he could use a spiritual boost after all he's been through.
Thank you, Lieutenant.
I really appreciate this.
And I assume this means Miguel can go free, too.
His parents are on the way to pick Miguel up right now.
So, here, take as long as you would like.
Thank you.
Thank you for coming.
Thank you.
Thank you.
It's almost over.
We'll let you know when your mom is here.
RUSTY: Can you guys legally do this? Listen to a private conversation between a priest and a parishioner? HOBBS: My assistant is right.
We are in tricky waters, Commander.
The second Ryan says "bless me, Father, for I have sinned," this recording stops.
Hand on the mute button, Buzz.
FATHER JONAS: Take a breath.
You can tell me everything.
Father, I have to tell the cops what happened.
I have to.
You don't need to say another word to them, Ryan.
They're dropping all charges.
They're releasing you.
But the police have to know what happened to Hector.
It's the reason we were kidnapped.
It's the reason Lucas is gone.
Look, it's my fault.
Ryan, listen.
You've been absolved for Hector.
And it's not police business.
It is! Everything that happened, the cartel did this to us! They figured out I killed Hector.
Now Lucas is dead, and Miguel could be next.
And I have to tell them.
I have to do something about it.
Oh, my God.
He just confessed to the wrong murder.
No, no, no.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Just wait a second.
Okay? Now, what happened Hector's death was ruled an accident.
And nobody knows what happened to him except you and me.
The cartel has to know.
I mean, it's the only thing that makes sense.
I can't I can't let them kill Miguel, too.
I have to save him.
I have to.
Ryan, did you tell anyone else but me what happened to Hector? Did you? I know I know you said not to.
But when we woke up and we found out we were in Mexico, I was just so scared.
I tried to get Miguel to go on without me.
I tried.
I mean, it's me they're after.
Not him.
I can't book Ryan for the murder of his stepfather based on what he's saying to a priest.
- You won't have to.
- If they killed him, too Ryan, now, this is very important.
I want you to tell me exactly what you told Miguel.
Word for word.
Go on without me.
Let's split up.
Go different ways.
Why did he want to do that? I don't know.
We were freaked out.
It was hot.
We weren't feeling good.
What? That's the whole story? Ryan told you nothing else? You're sure? Well, at first, it hurt to talk.
Our throats were so messed up.
And then we were arrested by The authorities in Rosarito for drugs.
Thank you for all your honesty and cooperation.
So, you're still gonna drop the murder charges against me? Uh, yeah.
Yes, and then we're extraditing you back to Mexico, where you will be charged with opiate possession with No, no, no, no.
You can't do that.
No, you can't do that! Oh, tell me what we can't do one more time, and you'll be saying it in the back seat of my car as I drive you to the Mexican border! So much for not threatening the undocumented.
We don't protect criminals.
We have a right to know his culpability.
And now, instead of helping us, you sit here lying your ass off! We'll let the Mexican authorities have a shot at this little drug-dealing operation.
Those weren't my drugs.
I've never taken drugs.
And while you're leaving to spend the rest of your life behind bars in Margaritaville, ICE will pop over to your parents' house and give them a lift back across the border.
Let me explain this, okay? Here's the choice.
You can lie and save your best friend.
Or you can tell the truth and save your family.
Your family.
You understand? Okay.
I don't know if what Ryan told me was true, because it didn't make sense, but he told me He told you what? That[ SIGHS ] That we'd been kidnapped because he killed his stepfather.
That he had tried to keep the police from finding Hector's cartel connections, that he'd even waited for the moment when the jerk wasn't wearing his stupid-ass, "Hey, look, I'm a criminal" bracelet just to push him just to push him over that balcony.
That the cartel must have figured out what he had done, but it's not true.
What? What's not true? The cartel wouldn't have dumped us in Mexico.
They would have shot us when we got in the limo.
So it had nothing to do with Ryan or me.
It had to be about Lucas.
Why did it have to be about Lucas? Because he's dead and and we're not.
But why did he die? I don't know, okay? How the hell am I supposed to know, all right? You guys, you just sit there and you think, "Wow, they're only 15.
What do they have to worry about?" I walk past a man every day on my way to school who shouts things at me like, "wetback" or "go back to Mexico," never sure if my family is gonna be there when I get back.
And Ryan his stepfather was beating him.
Because he was different, different.
He was beating him! And what did you people do to help? And Lucas's father was an addict, in and out of rehab and his mother was probably having an affair, and his whole family was about to blow apart.
- An affair? - And who do we know who likes to have affairs with the mothers of troubled kids? PROVENZA: It's okay.
Sit down.
Sit down.
Now, tell me.
Lucas thought his mother might be having an affair.
With whom? He didn't know.
All she did She told Lucas she couldn't handle his father's drugging anymore, and that she might leave him for someone who she knew loved them.
But she changed her mind.
- So - That's all he ever said about it.
this isn't all just about Lucas.
Buzz, call Dr.
Tell him I would like to look at Mateo Garza's body.
I think that this case just broke wide open.
It's day 13, and the mystery behind the St.
Joseph's Three deepens as authorities struggle to explain the suicide of Dr.
Mateo Garza, father of not only refusing to return the million dollars taken from the Diaz family, but also refusing to release their son from police custody, despite Ryan Rojas, who only 11 days ago was considered missing, continues to be under arrest while police have gone mum about the young boy's cartel connections.
So far, the FBI has refused to drop charges against Marvin Garret for what they claim was illegal possession of flash suppressors, while an entire family of undocumented immigrants, whose son was arrested for the murder of an American citizen, - remain free and in their home.
- Hey.
Your brother and sister are here.
- Ricky.
- Andy.
- Damn it.
- Emily.
When is Mom coming back? - You guys are here early.
- Excuse me.
- Hey.
- And I finally get - to congratulate you in person.
- Oh, thank you.
This marriage is the biggest honor of my life.
- Hey, guys.
- Rusty! Hey.
Uh, Mom is at the morgue with Lieutenant Tao and Lieutenant Provenza.
They're trying to close out this St.
Joseph's Three case that's been all over the news.
Yeah, so you guys might have to grab some dinner without us.
Oh, my.
Uh, we still are having a wedding rehearsal tomorrow night, yes? Yeah, well, that's [ LAUGHS ] That's kind of up in the air a little, too.
Um, we might have to work the vows around the investigation somehow.
I thought Didn't the doctor tell Mom that she should cut back? Well, only when she's tired.
And the medication he gave her is working very well.
Well, you know, she's lived a very good life, and it's not like she has a lot of bad habits she has to kick.
Right now, everyone's out serving this massive search warrant at a doctor's office.
And it's just possible that they'll find the name they're looking for, and we'll be able to stick to the schedule.
If the Catholic Church is still up to perform the wedding after the arrest.
Maybe we should have dinner in tonight.
Hey, while we're here, use us to ease up on Mom's stress.
Anyway we can.
MORALES: Besides the suicide, I have two injuries.
First, you can see a cracked sternum in the center of the chest.
TAO: Dr.
Redmond said he performed CPR when he found him in the office.
It looked like someone tried hard to revive him.
And the other injury is a skull fracture just beneath the hairline.
You can see it on the X-rays.
PROVENZA: Could the doctor have done that falling? After he passed out? If he bounced off a hard object on his way to the ground.
Could a person have slammed his head into something? Well Hmm.
There's a fair amount of irritation to the back of his scalp.
His hair has been pulled out by the roots.
During violent overdoses, people often do that to themselves.
- [ CELLPHONE VIBRATES ] - TAO: An alternative theory Dr.
Garza could have been knocked unconscious by someone and force-fed enough drugs to cause an overdose? It could be.
It's probably what the killer did to the boys.
Have you examined the back of Dr.
Garza's throat? Of course.
In overdose cases, I always look for signs of vomiting or asphyxiation.
Inflammation? Similar to what you found in Lucas Garza's throat? Oh, well.
[ CHUCKLES ] In both cases, the inflammation could have been caused by involuntary retching.
Though, now that you mention it, these marks are a lot alike.
Well, we've got a problem.
FBI agents Vega and Fey are back, ready to deport the Diaz family.
They really want to keep that million dollars.
You better believe it.
I can't wait to hear the lame-ass excuse these two come up with.
I don't normally say this to local law enforcement, but on behalf of the FBI, I apologize.
With this amount of money, and the implications both here and across the border, we saw this as a for-ransom kidnapping.
We've read the suicide note written by Dr.
And while technically, the kids were abducted, the million dollars was not part of that.
And? Again, we were wrong.
And we apologize.
Well, now I have heard everything.
Agents Vega and Fey, I appreciate your apology very much.
Well, how about a big "I'm sorry," for withholding information that the boys had been found in Mexico? For that, you'd have to go to our boss.
Okay, moving on.
Since Dr.
Garza confessed, and your investigation has concluded, the FBI would like to transfer the Diaz family to ICE.
Our investigation isn't over.
And no matter the outcome, Miguel Diaz is a material witness and will be required to remain.
Wait, what? How could he be a material witness if there is no trial? I-I don't understand.
Well, that's because you don't listen, Vega.
Commander, if I may.
Uh, I will say it again.
The LAPD has not closed this case.
Are you operating, then, on the supposition that Dr.
Garza's note Was not written by Garza.
His death was not a suicide.
And he did not kill his son.
And this conclusion is based on Evidence of an altercation.
- Evidence? - Mm.
I want to see it.
- [ SCOFFS ] - Our joint task force has concluded.
You're letting personal politics get in the way of a Federal Order of Deportation.
Miguel is a material witness in a murder investigation.
And you have to give his family back their million dollars.
Get used to it.
The Diaz family is living in this country illegally.
But while Miguel's testimony remains necessary to a murder conviction, they stay.
All right, all right.
Look, this is big deal, the Diazs being here.
It's on the news.
And it's a flagrant violation of U.
We have no choice but to address it.
So, if there's some way we can help expedite your investigation so Miguel's testimony is not necessary We need records from ICE of every person who came back over the border and into the United States in the last two weeks.
Topping that very long list, you will note Dr.
If we can prove Garza went to Mexico and came back after the boys' abduction, we might rethink this deportation order.
We'd also like to include Marvin Garret to that list.
Yes, and all of his unhyphenated friends.
We'd like to see if any of them crossed the border during this time frame.
This is a lot of work when we've already identified the killer.
We have not identified the killer.
Pay attention.
Just remember, we're not here to enforce our own personal beliefs, but to do our duty.
And, as you said, Chief, there is no such thing as a sanctuary city.
The FBI isn't wrong.
The U.
Government not only has a right, but also a responsibility to protect its borders.
Well, that's exactly what we're counting on, Chief, to prove our case.
RICKY: I don't feel good about this, Mom.
I mean, we intended to make dinner for you.
- The whole idea was - She's taking her meds.
She feels a lot better.
Grab a chair.
The adults have this.
- We really do.
- Fine, fine.
Just, from now on, please, we do not want you taking care of us.
We want to take care of you.
But if I can't do the things that make life worth living, why be here at all? Now, come on.
Let's try and talk about normal things.
All right.
What sort of normal things did you do today? I I went to the morgue.
- Oh.
- And I made up with the FBI.
And I solved a murder I wasn't investigating.
What else? Just the usual things, really.
And you're sure this murder/kidnapping isn't gonna delay the ceremony? RUSTY: I hope not.
I just dropped off checks at the florist and the caterer.
And no matter what happens, Friday night, we are having a rehearsal dinner, and then Saturday at 2:00 P.
, assuming you guys haven't all been ex-communicated - [ LAUGHTER ] - you are walking down the aisle at St.
Joseph's of Nazareth.
And you're all coming with me.
Don't worry.
Now that we know that it was this Ms.
Garza who was having an affair, we're almost done.
- Seriously? - Yes.
I've got two doctors coming in tomorrow to check the throats of Miguel and Ryan.
If they find what I think they will find - Two doctors? - Yes.
Well, I can't make an arrest based on a physical exam without a second opinion.
Don't you think, Andy? Uh, well, yeah.
I mean, because we're so close to the finish line.
Just a couple of questions to answer.
What kind of questions? SYKES: You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can be used against you in a court of law.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford one, one will be appointed for you by the state.
My son goes missing.
You find him dead, his body dumped at our church.
My husband commits suicide.
And you're reading me my rights? Are you actual detectives? Or are you just here to make people miserable? How is it that you're questioning me when everything that's happened so far is your fault? PROVENZA: We'll see about that.
The day-before-yesterday, you left here, and your husband left right after you did.
So what happened next? We had an argument at our car.
What was the argument about? Lucas was found with oxycodone in his bloodstream.
Where do you think that came from? How do you suppose that Ryan and Miguel were found with oxycodone in their backpacks? Mateo! Ma Mateo was He should have overdosed months ago.
And then So after the argument, any idea where Dr.
Garza went? We went back to the office.
Um, Mateo wasn't going to perform any surgeries until after Lucas' funeral.
But I I couldn't stay.
I I had to leave.
You were at the office before your husband died? Of suicide.
Which is what you said.
He killed himself after I left.
We also said your son died from natural causes.
But we're revising that opinion that, too.
What? - Why? - Okay, Mike.
I think we're going to have to push a little harder.
I really haven't slept much over the past two weeks.
I'm I'm tired, and, personally, I just want to put this case behind us.
So, in the interest of time, I am going to bluntly ask you to tell us about the affair you were having while your husband was in rehab and the name of the person that you've been sleeping with.
How How dare you? You're gonna accuse me now of having an affair? Your child goes missing, and you tell people everything you know to get him back.
You don't lie.
She's not denying it.
My son is dead.
My husband is dead.
I will not be insulted this way.
Pardon the interruption.
We often come to a moment like this when a suspect doth protest too much.
A suspect? I'm a suspect now? What am I a suspect in? These marked charges on your business credit-card statements are all from hotels in L.
Where you live.
Even more interesting, we reviewed records from these hotels, and the check-in and the check-out times were never more than three hours apart.
Usually between 3:00 and 6:00 P.
Now, this is a pattern that has gone on for close to six months, ending abruptly right before - [ CELLPHONE VIBRATES ] - your husband returned from his last stint in rehab.
TAO: Which, indicates to us, maybe half-a-year of afternoon delights? So, are you the marriage police now? I'm a suspect in what? Adultery? How is this any of your concern? Were you having an affair? Oh, Ms.
Garza, we need to know whom you were you sleeping with.
It wasn't like that.
I don't care what it was like.
I want to know who.
You know, you've been against me from the very beginning.
All of you go to hell! [ DOOR OPENS ] I would call that confirmation of the affair.
So would I.
Wes? S.
is set up to follow her.
SANCHEZ: Excuse me, Commander.
The FBI came up with an interesting name off the Garza patient list.
Someone who came back from Mexico a few hours before Lucas' body was dumped in the church.
I'm going to run over and check it out.
Get video if they have it.
Yes, ma'am.
[ DOOR OPENS, CLOSES ] Now comes the hard part.
FATHER JONAS: I want you to know, if I'd had any information that would've helped you find the boys sooner, I would have shared it in a heartbeat.
I understand.
If you just answer a few questions for us, and we will be done.
This way, Father.
Sharon? A moment? Um, your children told me you had a health scare over the weekend.
I'm fine now, Father.
If you'd like to observe the interview in electronics, come this way.
Uh, Sharon.
We've both been trying very hard to balance the needs of our separate vocations with, um With what I think of as a deep, personal relationship.
I've been praying with you and your family for the last 22 years.
And it's as that person I ask, "How are you feeling?" [ VOICE BREAKING ] Almost Ov overwhelmed.
Not by work or by the wedding.
But my children are concerned about me, and they expressed their fears to you, I c Christ is here to take those fears away from them.
And to relieve you, also, of all your worries.
My worries.
They're a lot to let go of.
Which is the purpose of faith.
We turn over that which is beyond our control.
And take comfort in the fact that, no matter what else happens, God's will be done.
Of course.
His will be done.
His will be done.
NOLAN: We've taken a suspect into custody.
But the defense will bring up every hole in our investigation, and because you were in Mexico, where the boys were found, we need an accurate timeline of your travel over the last 12 days.
I'm not a 100% positive, but I may have found where the boys were going when they skipped out on the field trip.
You don't need to be a 100% positive.
No, at this point, we'd be happy with a wild guess.
Because he thought he was coming right back, Lucas didn't take his backpack like the other boys did.
But he did take a small, moleskin notebook, which we never found.
I think the notebook was to collect autographs.
Autographs from whom? The L.
Lakers rented out their training facility in El Segundo for a movie shoot during the first week of November.
And when they weren't at the Staples Center, they practiced at USC, including the day of the field trip.
Also, the Garza practice was gifted four behind-courtside seats at Lakers games in Section 101 for Lakers home games.
Best seats in the house.
Maybe because they successfully operated on so many Lakers.
SYKES: Doesn't going to visit the Lakers support Dr.
Garza as having been involved in his son's murder? Not necessarily, no.
This could cut quite a different way.
Good work, Cami.
Now we're only have a few missing pieces of the puzzle.
FATHER JONAS: I see your trouble, but, um, shifting immigration policies have demanded extraordinary measures on those of us working to keep families united during crisis.
And when it comes to my travels to and from Mexico, my responsibility to Christ Let me stop you right there, okay, Father? Because when you talk about your responsibilities to Christ, the defense will interrupt and ask if that included refusing to use birth control while having sex with the single moms of some of your students.
Sorry, Father, but by not answering our questions today, you'll be on the stand explaining whether or not you used a condom when having sex with Ms.
I deserve this accusation.
But I didn't have sex with any of the boys' mothers.
Including Sara Garza.
That was not me.
Okay then, Father, if it wasn't you, who was it? Lucas only spoke about this subject during confession.
- I can't - Lucas is dead.
And the privileged nature of his confession died with him.
The Seal of Confession is never broken.
Well, we just need to know it wasn't you, Father.
Do you really believe Lucas would confess to me anything regarding his mother if he thought that - I slept with her? - Hey, look, Padre.
You have a pattern of behavior the defense will use to build up reasonable doubt.
You don't like the way I'm questioning you now? Wait until you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
So help you God.
- You want proof? - Yeah.
Here it is.
[ SIGHS ] I'm not physically, uh tempted by Latinas.
Excuse me? I'll identify all of the women with whom I [SIGHS] I broke my vows.
And you'll find every one of them was white.
I'm not proud of it.
But Latinas just aren't my type.
But you're a Latino yourself.
That's all the explanation you get.
And Lucas never told me the name of the person with whom he thought his mother was having an affair anyway, so that subject is closed.
And this is the passport I use to get back and forth across the border.
Diego Alcaraz? That's my brother.
He died four years ago, but we look so much alike, I never get stopped.
BUZZ: But I don't understand.
If Father Jonas wasn't having an affair with Ms.
Garza, who was? SHARON: Ryan and will tell us.
EMILY: Mom, I don't think you understand how complex this itinerary is.
Everything has to be finished at a certain time.
I'm afraid that includes the church, because we have a special Mass to say oh, uh, assuming you still want me to marry you.
Of course, Father.
That's not the issue at all.
Look, you can have two more hours.
We'll wait and drive there together.
Deal? You love deals! Deal? I have everything we need to do your hair and makeup in the car.
Yeah, and I have everyone's clothes, so you can change here or at the church.
RICKY: After the rehearsal Mom, Mom we have a pre-paid dinner at 8:30 because the restaurant closes at 10:00.
And no stress, okay? Yeah, no stress.
Uh, one second.
Just Just one second.
I have an answer to the schedule problem.
Andy, Come with me, please.
I'll be right back.
Just one second.
- Thank you for coming in.
- Of course.
Did you bring everything you need to make the proper examinations? I did.
But what do you want me to say to these boys? Nothing yet.
Just put what you need out on the table and make sure they're watching what you're doing.
Uh, Andy, if you would show Dr.
Redmond to the conference room.
Uh, what about the rehearsal? I'll take care of the kids if you'll help Dr.
Redmond set up.
Thank you.
Rehearsal? Yeah, we're getting married tomorrow.
That's terrific.
Well, it will be if it happens.
In here, Doctor.
Emily and I extended our tickets so we could hang out a little while longer.
We will talk about this later.
I don't want or need anyone to rearrange their lives for me right now.
- Seriously.
- Okay, well, back to the rehearsal just for a second.
All that is required of me for this rehearsal is to show up, look great, and walk down the aisle.
I don't need to practice that.
- But, Mom - I said, "I don't need to practice walking down the aisle.
" Now, if you'd like to stay, Rusty will show you to the break room.
Father, I'll see you tonight.
I think this is another one of those moments in which prayer is your very best answer.
You always say that.
- Ricky! - What? The FBI found that one of the Garza's patients, an Olympic skier from Canada named Damien Edlow, used his passport to re-enter the U.
through a Tijuana checkpoint the same night that Miguel, Ryan, and Lucas were abducted.
- Could that be him? Edlow? - Uh, let me play it again.
I can't tell what he looks like.
Maybe that's the point.
Well, I don't know who this guy is, but he's not Damien Edlow.
Because I checked, and Edlow had ACL surgery on his knee eight hours before this video was taken, and he was checked into a professional rehabilitation center with nurses all around him.
PROVENZA: Well, it looks a little more like Dr.
Garza took the passport and abducted the kids.
And he is our guy with a connection to the Lakers.
- [ TELEPHONE RINGS ] - It seems to fit.
And that's not Edlow at the border.
- No, it's not.
- Excuse me, Commander.
It's Dr.
Morales downstairs, saying he has the photographs you requested.
Please ask him to come on up, and, Lieutenant Provenza, please notify Chief Mason we're about to make an arrest.
Your case is almost over? Who did it then? SHARON: Sorry to inconvenience you, but, as I explained, this should all be over very shortly and cause you no further pain.
Um, I guess we're about to find out.
REDMOND: Okay, so, I'm going to do a very quick examination of the back of your throats to check for any signs of bruising or scarring.
Why the interest in our throats? FLYNN: You both said your throats hurt when you came to after the limo drive.
And if you were telling the truth, there could still be evidence of inflammation.
Unless anyone here would prefer we not look.
Say the marks are there.
What does this prove? Maybe that whoever abducted the boys used a stomach pump to force drugs into their systems.
This is going to tickle a bit.
Open wide.
All right.
Thank you.
Using a stomach pump backwards? - Same for you.
Head up.
- Except - Mouth wide.
- Say the doctor doesn't find anything.
That could be what's about to happen.
- Dr.
- Oh, my God.
If he doesn't see anything, that means I'm sorry.
There's no sign of scarring, inflammation, or bruising in their throats.
- Are you sure? - Positive.
But you won't mind us getting a second opinion, will you? Hi.
What's going on? We're just checking the results of your examinations against photographs of the boys' throats taken this morning.
Okay, if you already did an examination, then why did you have me look again? To catch you in a lie, Doctor.
FLYNN: Yeah, but not as big a lie as promising Lucas to take him and his friends to meet the Lakers, and then asking him not to tell anybody, including his mother and father.
But Lucas trusted you.
You were partners with his father.
And maybe something more with his mother.
Asshole! I hope they put you away for life.
I know you asked us not to object or or speak during this but look at how many families you've destroyed.
Just look! Oh, my God.
SYKES: As a physician, you had access to chloroform.
And could've acquired oxy as easily as Mateo.
And the reverse stomach pump stunt did the rest.
Here's the back of Ryan's throat.
And the back of Miguel's.
The marks are fainter, naturally, but still visible.
Matching up to the mark on Lucas and Dr.
Garza's throat.
All this trouble, Doctor.
Was it to get Sara Garza back? Because Lucas freaked out when his mother brought up the idea of divorce and she left you? Do you think murdering her son and sprinkling oxy everywhere would soften her heart? TAO: Or were you mainly after the practice? Sara managed the books.
You covered for Garza while he was in rehab.
Did you get used to the extra billing paid out to your account? Wait.
Before you answer that, you have the right to remain silent.
He dumped Lucas' friends down in Mexico, planted drugs on them, and came back using a patient's passport.
I guess he thought the boys would be kept in Mexico? And he knew about Lucas' diabetic condition.
He talked about it here a couple of days ago in an interview.
FLYNN: You're a sick little freak, aren't you? Oh, but don't worry.
Sara already admitted to the affair.
That's No, she did not.
- Oh.
- Oh, yes, she did, sir.
So, Mrs.
Garza admitted to having an affair with this guy? - Uh - Ridiculous.
- Broadly speaking.
- This is ridiculous.
I haven't been to Mexico.
Check the border.
Check the border.
You will see my name is Is not Damien Edlow, who walked like he had not just had knee surgery.
No, Doctor, we won't find your name.
But we found you.
This guy.
He used race, church scandals, and politics to work up a country, all because he was having an affair.
I want a lawyer.
Really? Why? Yeah, romance.
Ain't love grand? Despite there being no question of their status as illegal immigrants, the Diaz family remains at large due to a technicality.
Miguel, Miguel, how does it feel to be home? Mr.
Diaz, Mr.
Ryan Rojas remains in custody, arrested on the unrelated murder of his stepfather, though the D.
's Office plans on reducing those charges to manslaughter, and will not try Ryan as an adult.
With the explosive arrest of Dr.
Alan Redmond yesterday and the discovery of the limo he purchased off Craigslist, the police have closed the case of the St.
Joseph's Three, leaving Sara Garza to mourn the loss of her entire family.
Meanwhile the priests of the Los Angeles Archdiocese return to their pastoral duties.
Shrugging off complaints about personnel, Bishop Calhoun says the Catholic Church will "continue to serve its community with faith and humility.
" I keep thinking When does it end? [ SIGHS ] Hey.
- Now? - No, no, no, not yet.
Just a few more seconds.
We should go last.
It takes so long after we get there.
What? You want to miss the whole wedding? The bride always goes last.
And no talking once we get in there, all right? HOBBS: Wait, I got a shoe, I got a shoe.
Go, go, go, go, go.
Oh, when this is over, and she throws the bouquet, I am closing my eyes.
Toss it my way.
I'm ready.
- [ LAUGHS ] - She's not going to throw - a bouquet.
- Oh, the hell she won't.
This wedding is going to be conducted by the book.
You just watch.
Go on.
Not a blessed day But you're somewhere come into my life And you don't go away And I have to say If you do, I'll die I want day after day, after day After day, after day, after day After day, till the days go by Till the days go by How do I look? Better than usual.
They really are like a family.
Oh, you have no idea.
Sure you want to be a part of it? How's your heart holding up? It's never been so full.
I'm just so happy to have this day.
I'm so happy.
And we're so happy for you.