Major Crimes s06e06 Episode Script

Conspiracy Theory Part 1

1 BOGGS: Oh, finally, a detective! I phoned this in more than 10 minutes ago! People say there's no crime in the Palisades, but, uh, I'd call this a crime, wouldn't you? - [SIREN CHIRPS] - Uh-huh.
It's a crime.
And we need to tent off this car.
[CAR DOORS CLOSING] TAO: I'm thinking the two shots were fired from about here, pretty close up.
Oh, well, thank you for joining us, Julio.
SANCHEZ: I'm sorry I'm late, sir.
I had to wake my neighbor and ask her to look after Mark.
So, what'd I miss? Well, earlier tonight, the one-and-only Bonnie Pearl, lawyer to the downtrodden and abused, was shot to death parked in the middle of the road behind the wheel of her Mercedes.
So, what happened? She stopped, rolled down the passenger window, and adios? Ha! You know who people in the Palisades stop for? Nobody.
Who the hell are you? Frank Boggs.
AKV Security.
He was first on the scene.
PROVENZA: I tell you what, Frank.
Why don't you take a little stroll outside and see if you can find anything we may have missed? Of course, sir.
Ah, keep on eye on Barney Fife here, if you would, in case he decides to walk off with some souvenirs.
Ah, that's why we couldn't find casings.
My guess? A copper-jacketed .
38 fired from a revolver.
Kendall? KENDALL: It's very straightforward, guys.
Our victim faced the shooter and one bullet struck her above the nasal cavity, passing out the back of her skull and through the driver's side window.
- She died instantly.
- Oh, my God.
- What? What?! - These pearls They're fake! - What? - Those pearls were her signature.
And they're phony? Might explain why someone took the purse and not the necklace.
This is what I'm talking about! All right, Frank.
What is it? Must have ricocheted under a shrub.
Take a look.
It's a solid-lead, bullnose, medium-caliber bullet, sir.
Two different bullets.
Two different guns.
MORALES: This is the bullet that killed your victim.
It's the only one that tested positive for blood and, unlike the pearl necklace, it's very real.
Commander, what are you doing here in the first place? I mean, I think we can handle an autopsy prelim.
It's a very high-profile murder of a prominent attorney.
And two kinds of bullets suggest that there are two killers lying in wait.
Yes, but Bonnie's purse was stolen.
I mean, this murder could be random.
Nothing random happens in the Palisades.
Bonnie Pearl was always David taking on Goliath.
Could be some Goliath hired a couple of shooters to fight back.
Would Craig Curtis qualify? - Uh, who's Craig Curtis? - Who's Craig Curtis? Former Heisman Trophy winner, first round draft pick.
Well, it's not like he was nominated for an Oscar.
Craig Curtis was injured his fourth season in the pros.
He retired.
He started a chain of restaurants, didn't he? Oh, yeah.
Um, Tackles! Huge TVs, big burgers, cute girls.
Tasteless the way they dress those waitresses there.
There's a reason they call them "breastaurants.
" SYKES: Right.
Well, Bonnie Pearl was representing several former Tackles employees who are suing for having been forced to retire at the ripe old age of 30.
- Really? - Well, that sounds reasonable.
Who wants to go the same job their whole life long? And I'm telling you, if Bonnie Pearl had her sights on Craig Curtis, then he had a motive.
SHARON: Amy, check Bonnie Pearl's Wikipedia page.
Didn't she go through a tough divorce recently? Ah, yes, from Jerry Pearl.
It says she pays him $15,000 a month in alimony.
You don't kill someone who's paying you a ton of spousal support.
No, or I would've been dead 30 years ago.
I'm not finding Jerry Pearl in L.
What about her son? Uh, Stan Pearl.
Says he's an associate at her firm.
Well, I think it's time that we did a good once-over at Bonnie's office.
We should try to notify Bonnie's son and her ex-husband before they hear about all this on the news.
Why is the press here? Did they show up on their own? No, Bonnie's holding a news conference when she arrives.
Regarding? Wrongfully terminated Tackles employees.
May I help you with something? What? Help us? Uh, oh, yeah.
Uh, we'd like to see Ms.
Pearl's appointment calendar and call logs for the past week.
I can't share that with you.
Coffee? Excuse me, Detectives.
Leslie Kraus, Bonnie's personal assistant.
We need her permission to show you her schedule.
- She'll be here shortly.
- Oh, I doubt that, ma'am.
Can you tell us where Ms.
Pearl's son is, please? Stan can't override me.
Bonnie's call logs are privileged and confidential, and I Actually, they're not.
And we have a warrant.
Fine, Lucy, go ahead and print up Bonnie's appointment calendar.
Where would we find Stan Pearl, please? We're not asking again.
In the office down the hall, just past the supply closet.
- Uh, Lieutenant? - Hmm? I should, uh, speak to the wrongfully terminated ladies just to eliminate them as suspects.
Wes, these women were her clients.
What motive could they possibly have? We're not leaving here till I find out.
[SIGHS] Okay, look.
For five years, I lived undercover surrounded by girls with swastikas tattooed on their bodies, okay? Maybe I'm a little desperate, but I have to start meeting new people, sir.
Sorry to interrupt.
Detective Sanchez.
Detective Paige.
LAPD Major Crimes.
We need to talk to you about your mother, sir.
It'll have to wait.
I'm helping her with a news conference any second now.
You have more time than you think.
Could you tell us where your mother was last night? Uh, at a late meeting with our clients in the Tackles case.
And when did you last speak with her, sir? Uh, she said hello to me in the hallway yesterday.
And your father? Any idea where we might find him? Sleeping with whatever barfly was sitting next to him at last call? We're not close.
What's this about? I'm sorry, Mr.
But just after midnight, your mother was found shot to death in her vehicle, a short distance from her house.
You're mistaken.
This is a publicity stunt of some kind, isn't it? It's not a publicity stunt.
Pearl, do you still own a condo on Blazedale Drive about a mile south of your mother's estate? Uh, yes.
Yes, wait.
Hold on.
She's really dead? Oh, God.
[SIGHS] Oh, God! This is gonna be really big news! Mr.
Pearl, we prefer that you not make a public statement about your mother's death.
We're only just getting started investigating.
Well, this isn't about you, is it? No.
It's about your mother and finding her killer.
You do your job.
I'll do mine.
Leslie?! Oh, Leslie? I need you to pull my mom's estate documents ASAP.
And follow the trail of empty liquor bottles to my dad.
And tell him if he even thinks about trying to sue for my Mom's assets, I will crush him like a bug.
Crush him! Her assets? What? - [CLAPS] - We're getting started early.
Come together.
All right, come together.
I begin today with terrible news.
Last night, while traveling home from a work session with these women, who were wrongfully terminated by Tackles restaurants, my mother, Bonnie Pearl, was assassinated in her car.
Please, please.
- [WEEPING] - Oh, I'm sorry.
Excuse us.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
My mother's, uh, personal journey may be over, but her mission continues, and her spirit presses us on.
Buzz, turn that down.
I guess the cat's out of the bag.
Out of the bag? It was just run over by an 18-wheeler.
Stan Pearl seems to be something of a chip off the old block.
More like a splinter.
MASON: Well, he's certainly turned this investigation into an all-out Major Crime.
Buzz, the volume? and we will use every last legal resource at our disposal to make sure that justice is served! And we will do that, too.
Thank you.
- I have it.
- No, I'll carry it.
No, I got it.
Don't just grab it from me and shut the door.
Gus, I said I have it.
At least let me say a decent goodbye.
This may be the last time we see each other.
You really want it to go this way? [DOOR CLOSES] Don't apologize again for sleeping with Aiden.
I don't want to hear how sorry you are, okay? Okay.
What's that on your wall? Oh.
Uh, those are people who died recently, and they're connected to Phillip Stroh.
It doesn't concern you.
How can you say that? Of course I'm concerned.
Phillip Stroh? - Are you safe? - Gus, I I have an undercover detail that goes with me everywhere.
They're outside right now, monitoring the garage and the elevators and the stairs.
And they clear the condo every time I come inside.
I am 100% safe.
A gun? Seriously? I Sorry.
I didn't think you that you would be coming back to my room.
And this isn't Wait.
This isn't mine.
This is a gift that I gave to you.
Unless, of course, you don't want it.
I do.
I I just thought I'll read it.
Look I won't say I'm sorry again.
But I will say that it's not just you and me I screwed up.
My whole life is just kind of ruined.
How come? You know what I'm doing right now? I'm waiting tables at a diner.
Why are you doing that? When When I messed up and I did what I did with Aiden, and then I stopped because because I was still in love with you, he fired me and said I couldn't use him as a reference.
How many times? What? Did you "mess up" with Aiden? How many times? You never did tell me.
Was it three? Six? You can't remember? What do you need a gun for when you always go for the jugular? You have a good life, Rusty.
I hope one day, we can be friends.
[DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] ALEX: We weren't trying to go back to the way things were.
We just wanted to reach a settlement.
And to stop Tackles or Craig, really, because Craig is Tackles from doing this to other women.
SHARON: Just to understand the contracts at all Tackles restaurants specify you are models, not servers? Calling us models gives Craig a big say over our appearance.
Like how much we can weigh and how old we can be.
Our contracts expire on the day we turn 30.
'Cause everyone knows men can't look at a 30-year-old woman without vomiting.
Now, that is really, really rude.
And what does this cordiality waiver mean? Basically, whenever a guy slaps our ass, we had to be a good "teammate" and laugh it off.
- [SCOFFS] - Craig told me, "Men come to Tackles for beer, burgers and boobs.
" I think he was limiting my contributions.
- Hmm.
I don't know.
- Chief! What? No, I just mean this cordiality clause sound ridiculous.
Back me up, guys.
Back me up.
You're backing up just fine on your own.
BRIN: They put out a calendar every year, and then they pressure us into posing for it.
I'm September 2017.
[GIGGLES] It's just a little past August.
You can see how they make us look.
Oh, [CHUCKLES] Past August.
ALEX: Last night, Bonnie said she was negotiating with Craig, but didn't want to take his first offer.
Look, I know he's a scumbag, but at least this guy Curtis told the women what they were signing up for.
It doesn't matter how well Tackles explained things.
Yeah, you can't legally agree to be molested.
It voids the contract.
That's exactly what I was saying.
ALEX: until we can figure out what's next.
You guys, we've all been forced into a major, major career change.
Man, this calendar is very offensive, Commander.
Um so last night, you're in this diner together when Bonnie leaves.
We all stayed behind.
Well, except Vanessa.
Vanessa has a different idea on how she thinks the settlement should work.
Because there is not enough money in the world to compensate me.
Trying to put a dollar amount on what happened, it's infuriating.
We can't get her to reasonable.
And that's a problem because Craig won't settle unless we all a Would you quit making this all my fault?! I don't know what's gotten into her.
But the rest of us, we just want to cash out and move on.
But now that Bonnie's dead, I guess that really depends on Stan.
It's a shame this guy Craig Curtis was at work last night surrounded by customers.
Otherwise, he'd be perfect for this.
Here they are, Lieutenant.
Gosh, there's about 40 of them.
We found so many press conferences where Bonnie Pearl attacked powerful people, that we've only pulled video on cases where she took out restraining orders against the defendants.
Like rock star Troy Matthews, who was accused of groping his kid's nanny.
That makes me mad.
All right, Julio.
Then why don't you find out where Troy was last night? Yeah, and who he was with.
There were two shooters.
BUZZ: Then we have real estate developer Kyle Bixby, accused of defrauding his fiancée, a Tibetan princess, before jilting her at the altar.
PAIGE: Can we turn up her talking about this Kyle Bixby for a moment? I demand respect for all of my clients, regardless of income, social status, or country of origin.
Bixby is worse than a fraud.
He is an emotional rapist.
I'll take Kyle and company, though he sounds like a guy who would hire somebody.
TAO: She may have had the charm of a car alarm, but she was pretty hard to ignore.
Well, no one can deny she turned press conferences into an art form.
Speaking of artists, our primary suspect from this list was film director Erik Walsh.
Anyone remember this video that went viral of him losing it on the set of his last movie? You're not gonna take your top off?! You've known this scene has been coming for the whole movie! Where the [BLEEP] are you going, Craig? - Remember it? - That's right, get off my set! How can we forget it? They show this video every year at our sexual harassment seminar.
You're getting paid sick money to show those tits! All you do is just remove it.
You did it when you were a little kid.
We all have 'em, look! Boobies! Big [BLEEP] deal! Look, nothing Nobody cares if you take your [BLEEP] clothes off! I'm gonna give you a little advice.
You should show your tits now because in a couple years, no one's gonna want to see 'em and you're only gonna get hired for your "talent.
" Get off my set! Get off my [BLEEP] set.
Steve, if you cut, I swear to Didn't Erik Walsh have to pay out something like $2 million to this young lady? Yes, and afterwards, he was picked up multiple times on or about Bonnie Pearl's estate.
Was it six months ago, Buzz? [ SIREN CHIRP] And then, we have these.
[ ALARM SOUND] FLYNN: This Erik Walsh dirtbag obviously wanted to strike back at Bonnie Pearl for quite some time.
But she was driving home alone at night.
She had to know how much Walsh hated her.
Why would she stop her car for him? That's an excellent question.
Excellent! Look.
As an Uber driver, I was well within my rights to throw that guy out of my Prius.
He took his shoes off! And he was smoking pot! We don't care about that.
- What? - Look, we brought you here because Bonnie Pearl was found shot to death late last night.
Shot to death? Mmm.
Oh! You think I was involved because the bitch cost me everything I own and has me in directing jail for the past five years and counting, huh? TAO: Andy, FYI "directing jail" means no one would hire Walsh to direct.
You honestly think weren't smart enough to figure that out?! No, I'm pretty sure it's obvious.
[LAUGHS] What are you, the bad cop or something, huh? Why don't you take it easy there, pal.
Where were you last night? I was in my studio apartment.
That's where I live in Koreatown.
Was anybody with you? No! If you asked a month ago, I would've told you my wife.
But since she left me for an actor a freaking actor! and filed for divorce last Friday, no, I was alone.
His wife leaving him might answer the timing of it all.
But why would Bonnie stop for Mr.
Walsh and a friend? PROVENZA: Well, according to LAPD records, you spray-painted Bonnie Pearl's front gate with curse words, dug through her trash for compromising information Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I keyed her car.
I, uh, slashed her tires.
I drained her pool.
Well actually, that's not listed here.
Well, you know what? Whatever! Okay? I was nothing compared to what that hag did to me! And for what? I was only asking some ludicrously overpaid actress to follow the script! And yes, I undressed in front of her and 90 members of the crew.
But the nakedness was to show my vulnerability, okay? Stuff like that happens every minute of every day in Hollywood.
FLYNN: So you didn't do anything wrong? I didn't say that, asshole.
I was simply saying that there's more of a gray area to this situation than people outside the business would think.
Oh, you know what was funny? As I'm digging through Bonnie Pearl's garbage, guess what I found? Recyclables! Okay? So, yeah.
While she's paintin' me to be some Neanderthal monster, Bonnie is refusing to recycle.
Hypocrite! Well, he seems mad enough to kill someone.
But two people fired on Pearl.
And who would work with this guy? The shooter might not have had an accomplice.
The bullets were different, yes.
But the rifling was, in all practical ways, identical on both.
Hold on.
Francine, are you saying two different kinds of ammunition were loaded into the same gun? Sure looks that way.
It's crazy, huh? And the weapon wouldn't jam? It would just keep firing? The reports would be strikingly different.
But it would fire, yes.
So our victim was murdered by a single shooter? I don't know how many people were there, but they only used one gun.
What is all that stuff stacked beside your bed? Uh, well, Gus insisted on returning everything that I left at his place.
So he came by.
How'd that go? Ah, we both have other things to do.
I I have to keep my focus on getting into law school, And Gus is struggling to find a decent job.
Struggling? Why's he struggling? Well, because when they stopped sleeping together, Aiden fired him.
And wouldn't give Gus a reference.
- What? - Yeah.
That's the kind of guy that Gustavo Wallace chose over me.
I'm not sure Gustavo thought about it that way, but the way Aiden is treating him is, in fact, illegal.
- Illegal? - Mm-hmm.
How? You can't hold back references or fire an employee just because they won't sleep with you.
So you're saying that's a crime? Well, we don't jail people for it, but it's against the law, yes! Gus could sue for damages.
Well, Gus says the restaurant world has its own set of rules, like not ringing up drinks and money under the table.
It's lots of looking the other way.
It's irrelevant, your Honor.
It may be an atypical workplace, but it is still covered by the justice system.
FLYNN: His mother might have thought he was smart enough to practice law, but Mini-Pearl strikes me as just dumb enough to load a gun with different bullets.
And Bonnie probably would've stopped for him.
And lowered her passenger window.
At midnight.
Mini-Pearl I mean, Stan is Bonnie's sole heir.
I mean, except for personal bequests, he inherits his mom's whole estate, including her law practice.
And he lives just down the road from where she was found.
What about our other potential suspects? Troy, our nanny-groping rock star, had a good alibi witness, ma'am.
- Who? - Sydney, Australia, where he's appearing in concert.
And after Mr.
Bixby jilted his Tibetan princess, he was convicted of tax evasion.
So he's not really available.
It feels odd that Craig Curtis isn't down here.
I know he has an alibi, but Tackles was his whole Is it really out of the question? Bonnie Pearl was about to attack this guy's business, and his character, at one of her famous news conferences.
And Tackles has lots of security people.
Craig wouldn't necessarily have to pull the trigger himself.
It is possible to follow up on Stan Pearl and Craig Curtis at the same time.
Mike? Any progress in decrypting the call logs from Bonnie's office yet? Unfortunately, no.
They're kept in a code that I can't break.
Well, maybe we can find someone who can decipher this for us.
STAN: What is wrong with you people?! - Excuse me? - Our financial advisor just informed me that despite being my mother's primary beneficiary, probate cannot proceed while I'm under investigation for her murder?! You're surprised to find you're a suspect? Yes! And not only do I refuse to answer your questions, but I am also prepared to sue unless you remove this career-harming cloud of suspicion! Fine.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you Wait, what?! You're not going to arrest me! We aren't? I thought we were! Your mom was shot to death, and you don't have an alibi! No one benefits more from her death more than you do, and you're not answering questions! But but what if you're wrong? What if I'm completely innocent? Then we'll apologize.
We always do that when we're wrong.
We have no other suspects.
Come on.
Of course you have other suspects.
My mother was a vicious, ruthless machine who destroyed anything and everything in her path! So you didn't like her very much? Oh, I meant Yes, yes, yes.
I loved her.
I have so many great memories of, uh very personal moments.
We always had Christmas together.
[CHUCKLES] Almost always.
Really often.
And forget that! Craig Curtis is the one you should be investigating.
He has an entire chain of restaurants that's up for grabs.
TAO: We heard Bonnie was trying to reach a financial agreement with him.
Bullshit! She was going to decimate Craig.
Whereas, I am prepared to reach an immediate, mutually beneficial agreement between Tackles and its wrongfully terminated employees.
And Craig knew that.
- This just got interesting.
- Mm-hmm.
So you were colluding with Craig behind your mother's back.
No! Wait! Uh, let me step back.
Uh, I need to figure out the proper way to respond to that question.
he's not a great lawyer, is he? If you mean "not great" by his intent to walk himself on to death row, then no, not so great.
SANCHEZ: Before your mother's murder, did you imply to Craig that you'd go easier on him? You keep trying to make this about me! Craig Curtis has an empire my mother was going to destroy! Utterly! I believe her goal was to find a reasonable deal for her clients.
My mother would've kept those women protesting outside of Tackles until Craig went bankrupt.
Right, because nothing destroys a business faster than lining up beautiful young women outside it.
I think we know enough to warrant a deeper inquiry into Craig Curtis's life.
Detective Paige? Amy? The man seems to have a thing for attractive young women.
Well, we're do our best, but we're over 30.
Well, no one would ever know.
Police work keeps you young.
Look at my wife.
STAN: Curtis knew that I was his only way out.
And this settlement that you want to make, your clients signed off? Well, there's one girl who might be a hold-out.
But we can always drop her from the deal.
[LAUGHS] Do you recognize this call log and all the hieroglyphics beside each number? - Of course.
- All right, then.
If you are really so innocent, you'll decipher these codes for us.
Starting from the top, working your way down.
We need to know everything.
[CLEARS THROAT] CRAIG: Well, I guess you guys are having trouble figuring out which of the hundreds of people Bonnie Pearl pissed off was willing to go the distance, huh? You got to admire her, though.
Tough lady.
SYKES: She was, Mr.
Though it's surprising you seem to like her, considering she was threatening your livelihood.
And referred to you on multiple occasions as a "sexist pig.
" It was the game.
She would say something, I would respond.
I mean, it was all about publicity.
For both of us.
Look, every time Bonnie trotted out those girls and they're still hot I bet every guy watching thought, "If those are the girls that Tackles fires, can you imagine the girls that they keep?" Wow.
I mean, I even made sure she knew my schedule Craig Curtis.
Man, what a career he was supposed to have.
We don't grill a guy who made two Super Bowl touchdowns every day.
guys who thought it was their job to hurt me.
But you weren't concerned about the impact that her protests might have on your restaurant chain, Tackles, and your reputation? Just the opposite.
Look, our newest location is opening up in Hollywood tonight.
Ladies, consider yourselves invited, - [CHUCKLES] - And I am counting on a big, noisy protest to drum up publicity.
And as for when Bonnie and those other rejects call me sexist, I laugh because nobody appreciates women more than I do.
And my customers.
- Hm.
- So the culture you promote the outfits and the physical flirting Hey, if men wanted to be served beer by little old ladies covered head to toe in burlap, I'd give 'em that.
They don't.
Everybody gets this, including my investors who, by the way, happen to be some of America's most influential citizens.
Rick Fox partnered up with me.
He'll be signing books tonight.
We are not a porn team.
I've been decoding the call logs with Mini-Pearl, and something jumped out.
For the past month, there have been dozens of incoming calls about Tackles designated by the cities "Burbank/Dallas SA" with no phone numbers listed.
- Burbank? Dallas? - How does Stan Pearl explain that? Well, he's not sure, but he thinks it's a whistle-blower who worked at Tackles in either Burbank or Dallas.
And the "SA" probably means "Settlement Agreement.
" But I can't find an employee from both places.
Bill Landon self-help guide to millions Whoa.
Did he just say Bill Landon was one of his investors? He'll be there tonight, too! Bill has a sizable financial stake.
The Landon Method has tons of fans on "Badge of Justice.
" You work on "Badge of Justice"? Well, yeah, I, uh, consult and I write for them a little.
You watch? No, but my mother loves that show.
Would she like to visit the set? FLYNN: Do you mind, Michael? Some of us are trying to solve a murder here.
CRAIG: Bonnie wouldn't bother suing me if she didn't know that my restaurants were super successful.
SYKES: You claim to hire women as "models," but your W-2 forms list them as "servers.
" A clerical error.
[SIGHS] Look, I cannot imagine being questioned by two more lovely ladies, but can you tell me why you are wasting your time with me when Bonnie's ex-husband is such an obvious suspect? We've been looking for him.
How do you know Jerry Pearl? Because he spends a lot of time at Tackles.
As my guest, always complaining about how he despises despised his ex-wife.
Okay, I'm not gonna lie.
Jerry's a pain in the ass, but, hey, it was a cheap way to drive Bonnie crazy.
Oh, we're not done here.
- Yeah, we are.
- One second, sir.
You want the LAPD off your back? Why don't you use that phone and invite your good friend, Jerry Pearl, to the opening of your Hollywood restaurant tonight? 'Cause he's already coming.
See? I'm way ahead of you guys.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to run.
Well, we know how we're spending our evening.
You expect me to authorize overtime so your team can go to one of these "breastaurants?" Seriously? Even if we have to stay there all the way to last call.
Major Crimes takes on the tough assignments.
Is it just me, or is Craig Curtis' knowing exactly where Bonnie's husband is going to be seen a little convenient? [INSECTS CHIRPING] GUS: Hey.
I, uh, didn't expect to see you here.
I, uh You want to come up? I don't know if my new roommate's home, but I'm not I'm not going inside, okay? I came to talk to you in-person because what Aiden did to you was against the law.
Oh, man.
It was my mistake.
If you really want to go over this again, then don't be mad at Aiden.
- Be mad at me.
- Oh, I am.
What you did hurt.
But what Aiden did was illegal and actionable, and you should sue.
You You expect me to stand in court and tell the whole world that this guy screwed me, and then he screwed me? It's not worth it.
Well, maybe it isn't just about you.
I got to go.
Is there anything else you want to discuss? Well, were you in love with him? [GATE BUZZES] [DOOR OPENS] [GATE SLAMS, DOG BARKS] WOMAN: [CHANTING] Say it loud, say it clear! Dignity's worth more than beer! Say it loud, say it clear! Dignity's worth more than beer! Okay, everyone.
Spread out.
Find me inside the moment you have eyes on Bonnie Pearl's ex-husband.
WOMEN: We are strong! We are bold! STAN: Whenever a woman has been wrongfully terminated, Bonnie Pearl is there.
Whenever a woman is being paid 80 cents on a man's dollar, Bonnie Pearl is there! And whenever really hot women are treated like they're not really hot, Bonnie Pearl is there, too.
Brin, we're looking for Vanessa.
Sorry, can't help.
Vanessa didn't bother showing up.
- Hey, Mike.
- Hm? Get a load of this dirtbag.
He's barely old enough to be here.
I think I recognize him.
Landon brought his family to the "Badge of Justice" set.
That's his son, um, Seth.
Wait, wait, wait.
Landon came to the set of a television show? Half our actors have attended his seminars.
My line producer messengered me one of Landon's books to get it autographed WOMEN: [CHANTING] We are bold! Tackles can't say we're too old! We are strong! We are bold! Tackles can't say we're too old! RICK: Craig sold this to my business partners as a sports bar.
I've never even been in a Tackles before.
This personal appearance is brought to you by my reps.
Gonna be having a little talk with them later.
Also with my date, who I brought with me who was just over there.
Where did she go? Rick? Rick Fox? Hey! Hey, uh, would Would you mind signing one of these for my wife? I mean, she loves the Lakers.
- Thanks.
- [LAUGHS] Yeah.
- What's her name? - Uh, Louie.
Uh, it's short for Louise.
Louie, okay.
VICKY: It's printed on recycled paper and every dollar goes to our foundation's no-kill shelters.
Landon? I'm a long-time follower.
Would you mind signing this to Ronnie O'Hara? [LAUGHS] I love a dog-eared copy.
It means you're doing the hard work.
Good for you, Ronnie.
So your last name's O'Hara? Uh, O-apostrophe-capital-H.
All right.
How do you know Craig Curtis, sir? Well, uh, after he was injured, put on the bench for life, Craig came to one of my seminars.
There you go, Ronnie.
My family may not totally agree with how he applied the Landon method, but, uh, we are proud of his work ethic and his persistence.
Take care, Ronnie.
Jerry Pearl? Yeah? What? Who are you? SHARON: Well, I'm glad we're not cutting into your period of mourning, Mr.
[DOOR CLOSES] Is that a reference to Bonnie's death? Because I am in pieces over what happened to her.
And you're putting those pieces back together by attending the opening of a restaurant populated by half-naked women? - Is that it? - [CHUCKLES] Everybody mourns in their own way.
Have a seat.
Pearl, are you going to deny there were serious issues between you and your ex-wife? Uh, the divorce.
Okay, look.
Did I make mistakes as a husband? Sure.
Could I have been more attentive? Absolutely.
Should I have slept with so many of her friends? Probably not.
Bottom line, I treated her like crap.
I took her for granted.
And she left me.
And yet, you fought for half her assets.
[LAUGHING] Hey, we may not have had a fairy-tale romance, but, you know, for 30 years, we were partners.
Craig Curtis said that you told him you despised your ex-wife.
What else was I gonna say? The guy gave me unlimited free booze and introduced me to all the lovely young girls who work here.
Even the older, over-the-hill ones, too.
And forget them.
My ex-wife and I were still very close.
Even even Stan doesn't know this, but after our divorce, my sex life with Bonnie actually improved.
In fact, when I heard the news, you know the very first thing that came through my mind? There goes my next 10 years of spousal support.
You know the second thing that came through my mind? The killer had to be that crazy director guy.
Erik Walsh.
Total loon.
It was maybe, what, two weeks ago and Bonnie and I were at her place.
And, despite a restraining order, this guy shows up again! For the fifth time! The last report we have of Mr.
Walsh being at your ex-wife's house was more than six months ago.
That's because Bonnie started feeling sorry for him.
I mean, the guy shows up, he's ranting about his wife, left him, you know.
I mean, I thought he had a gun so I got rid of him.
But Bonnie, she refused to call it in, and here we are.
Yes, Mr.
Pearl, here we are.
Wait, are all the women here assigned names of different places? Not just places, Tao.
Football cities.
Pardon me, um, you must be Dallas? Oh, that's right, honey.
I'm the Dallas in Hollywood.
And you are? LAPD in Tackles.
And I have a few questions I want to ask you.
But before that, do you have any idea if there was a Dallas at the Burbank restaurant? Oh, sure.
She's new, though.
The old Dallas in Burbank is suing us.
I think her name was Vanessa or something.
- [KNOCK ON DOOR] - Excuse me.
Commander, I'm sorry to interrupt, but I thought you should know this.
I think we found our Burbank/Dallas SA.
And her name is Vanessa.
Hey! Rusty, right? [CHUCKLES] So dressed up! You're off to your first communion? [CHUCKLES] Yeah, it's, uh, nice to see you again, too, Aiden.
Is there someplace private we could talk? Right here works for me.
And, uh, if you wanted to thank me for sending Gus back to you Don't even act like that's what you wanted.
Gus dumped you, not the other way around.
I lost out to you.
Is that what you wanted to hear? We even now? Because, believe me, there's plenty more where Gus came from.
Satisfied? Not quite.
What you're gonna read there is a summary I put together of Gus' severance package along with a glowing reference that you're going to sign.
I would have asked you to write it yourself, but I'd rather not stay that long.
Gus wasn't up to the job.
Why would I give him severance pay or a recommendation? Because if you don't, then I'm going to make sure you're taken to court for sexual harassment.
Ha! Sexual harassment? Look, I know you don't want to believe this, but Gus was more than willing.
Until he wasn't.
Which is when you fired him.
And you've said it, Aiden, there is more where Gus came from.
Were there more before Gus, too? Or was he the very first employee that you treated to promotions all the way to your bedroom? Because one well-publicized court proceeding could end up being just the beginning of your troubles.
If I leave here today without your signature and a check covering two months of Gus' pay, you have no idea how ugly this is going to get.
Or maybe you do.
NOLAN: All right, Miss Burbank/Dallas.
Let's return her glasses.
[INSECTS CHIRPING] I just had an idea.
Assuming we're done here at a reasonable hour, how about grabbing a drink? Let me guess.
You struck out with Denver, Miami, and Houston, so you decided to take a swing at Highland Park? Or maybe everything I was searching for was right here on my doorstep all along.
After everyone else turned you down! I love being someone's 48th choice.
You knock on doors until one opens.
[KNOCKS ON DOOR] [DOOR HANDLE CLICKS] Safety check? [DOOR HINGES CREAK] Vanessa? Vanessa? Are you here? Vanessa? Aw, man.
Oh, man.
C'mon, C'mon, C'mon, C'mon