Major Crimes s06e08 Episode Script

Conspiracy Theory: Part 3

1 Previously on "Major Crimes" Last night, while traveling home from a work session, my mother, Bonnie Pearl, was assassinated in her car.
Mini-Pearl I mean, Stan is Bonnie's sole heir.
Come on.
Of course you have other suspects.
Craig Curtis is the one you should be investigating.
CURTIS: We have a new location opening in Hollywood tonight.
Consider yourselves invited.
For the past month, there have been dozens of incoming calls about Tackles designated by the cities "Burbank/Dallas SA" with no phone numbers listed.
I think we found our Dallas.
And her name is Vanessa.
Another dead woman with links to Tackles.
This is a map of all 15 Tackles locations.
Bonnie traveled to every one of these cities.
There is a San Diego/Miami SA, an Indianapolis/Tampa SA, and a Las Vegas/Atlanta SA.
" doesn't stand for "settlement agreement.
" It stands for "sexual assault.
" I can't say this is the start of a pattern, but back when he was playing football in college, a cheerleader named Natalie Reed accused Curtis and four of his fellow teammates of gang rape.
I never raped anyone in my life! And I didn't kill Vanessa, either.
You know, I do have an alibi for that day.
Ask Bill Landon.
He'll back me up.
I've been so happy in my life, but walking through that door to see yet another doctor could change everything.
Not everything.
- [DOOR CLOSES] Well, the great thing here is that we know a whole lot more than Dr.
Jacobs discovered after your visit to the E.
Your cardiomyopathy is slightly worse than initially thought, so we're gonna do two things right away to change the dynamic here while we wait to see whether or not it resolves.
Oh, my God.
That sounds terrible.
No, no, no.
Terrible would be your wife having to stop work and move into the transplant ward.
We're not there.
But we're also not waiting for that to happen.
There is a good chance we can arrest and control the problem with drug therapies.
But I'd also want to implant a defibrillator pacemaker with wireless capability so I can monitor what's going on.
A defibrillator pacemaker? Yes.
It's a miniature paddle system on your heart.
The surgery is very simple, and if you have another infarction, the defib will shock your heart back into a proper rhythm.
Also, the monitor lets us keep track of any developing issues.
Okay, so, could I have that surgery next Friday? I'm in the middle of a case Actually, I was thinking we'd do it right now.
- Now? - Mm-hmm.
This minute.
You have something better to do than maybe save your life? [P.
SYSTEM BEEPS] So, this doodad here interfaces with your smartphone, Bluetooths your cardio-data to the cloud.
30 minutes from now, when I finish the procedure, you've got a cardiologist in the palm of your hand.
Is there anything else I should know? Yes.
I'm changing your status on the heart-transplant list so you're a bigger priority.
Is that really necessary? I certainly hope not.
Let's get you through this procedure, - all right? - Okay.
TORRES: While your wife puts her clothes back on, I have some things you should remember.
I've told her this, too.
No stairs.
No lifting anything heavy.
No running, walking really fast, or jumping.
No stairs, again.
And I'm sorry to tell you this because I don't want to get arrested, but no sex for the next week.
- Period.
- No problem, Doc.
And no stairs.
Knock, knock.
SHARON: We should concentrate, too, on identifying all former Tackles employees who were victims of sexual assault.
I don't want to find any more young women paralyzed by stun guns or suffocated with plastic bags.
Um, one one second, Dr.
Just Just one more second.
Go ahead, Lieutenant.
So, we've cross-checked all the names attached to the lawsuit around the country.
We asked as delicately as we could about rape.
Not one of the girls would admit to being assaulted.
And I do not want to get a warrant to search the Tackles locations in Indianapolis, San Diego, and Las Vegas because it may alert our killer as to our progress.
And, um, how are you doing, by the way? You have a lot of people here who are worried about you.
Oh, I am fine, lieutenant.
It was a simple, little outpatient procedure.
I'm done.
I'll be back at work Tomorrow.
Today, you're going home, and we're making sure the monitoring system is connecting properly to the cloud.
Monitoring system? Oh, no.
It's nothing unusual, Lieutenant.
Simply a precautionary measure.
So, Bonnie flew all over this country to all the other Tackles restaurants hunting for rape victims.
I cannot believe that her son knew absolutely nothing about this.
Okay, okay.
Well, then, we'll give Stan Pearl another go.
You know, you and I have got to find the time to talk through these health issues.
I have got to know more about what's going on with you.
Actually, Lieutenant, so do I.
But in the meantime, focus on Stan.
Yeah, he, uh he might be hiding something.
More rape victims? From Tackles? Wh Who? When? Come on! Don't pretend you don't know.
Please don't yell at me! I've already told you, my heart is with the rape victims.
Plus, I'm practically disabled with grief.
My mother just died.
Yeah, mine too.
And she didn't leave me millions of dollars in real estate.
We need some names.
Your mom flew all over the place to talk to women who might have been sexually assaulted while working at Tackles.
And you you expect us to believe that you didn't know anything? Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Hold on.
How many girls were raped? Do you know who raped them? Was it someone rich? Was it? I-If If it was someone rich, this could be huge.
Like, multimillion-dollar lawsuit huge.
His heart's with the victims, all right.
Yeah, right next to his wallet.
or from a wealthy family? Well, of course the rapist was loaded! - Otherwise, Mom would have - If he has a brain at all, something's about to dawn on him.
Oh, no.
Does this mean the wrongful termination suit against Tackles goes on ice until Criminal prosecutions come first.
Can't you hold on a minute? How How close are you to making an arrest? I'm ready now.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you.
What? Again?! You think I'm a rapist?! What do you want from me? The real names of these A.
s your mom visited in Indianapolis, San Diego, and Las Vegas.
I'm only just now hearing about them, these women.
- Uh, W-W-What? - Sir, turn around, please, Okay, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Just breathe, huh? Everybody just breathe.
Your mother's not breathing.
If you bring me her briefcase, there is a-a secret compartment in it.
It's one of the places where she kept, mm, private information.
Where would we find this briefcase? She had it on her the night she was shot.
You'd have picked it up with her personal effects.
No, there was no briefcase in the car when I got there.
It must have been stolen along with her purse.
PAIGE: So the killer might already know the names of the young women Bonnie talked to.
And we could be too late.
Could you just all hang on for a second and let's listen? You didn't tell us anything about the secret compartment in this briefcase before.
Did you think that we would return it to you without finding it? - Is that it? - No! No! No.
Why would you ever think that? You said your mom's briefcase was one place she kept her private notes.
I did? Where was the other? [INHALES SHARPLY] - [HANDCUFFS CLICK] - Facebook.
[CLEARS THROAT] On Facebook.
In her Messenger section.
I will give you the password to open it.
God! [SIGHS] BUZZ: Bonnie sent witnesses' and clients' phone numbers from her personal page to her professional account, so they're in two places.
The young woman Bonnie found in Indianapolis, that cellphone number was a burner, and it's finished.
No answer.
The Las Vegas phone number belongs to a Makisha Selby.
It's been disconnected for two months.
It's part of a family plan.
Do Do you want me to call them, sir? Yeah.
Uh, first, get a warrant.
Oh, I have a very good contact at the LVMP.
I'll check with her.
I just hung up with Miss San Diego.
Or she hung up on me.
Name, Shelly Coyne C-O-Y-N-E.
She didn't deny being raped, but she made it clear she wants nothing to do with our investigation, Lieutenant.
San Diego.
Only two hours away by car.
I'll authorize a drive to chat with Miss San Diego.
She may not want to cooperate, but she could name her rapist.
All right, Cami, Nolan, while we try to locate these other women, take a trip to the beach and find Shelly Coyne.
And do it before the killer does.
Yes, sir.
Where is she, Buzz? Right here.
Very near the ocean.
[COMPUTER BEEPS] Beach access.
Cool all summer.
Gorgeous views.
How does a former cocktail waitress from a bikini bar afford all this? Maybe her daddy's rich.
Sugar daddy.
Hey, if she's here and she cooperates, we can call it in, drive down the shore to this little place I know that serves the best fish tacos on the planet.
- Oh.
- [DOORBELL RINGS] How expensive is it? - My treat.
- Mm, no.
We split.
Half and half.
Nothing even resembling dating on the job.
Let's keep this professional, please.
You know, Amy lives with an SIS lieutenant.
Boss and Flynn just tied the knot.
Your hero, Lieutenant Provenza, he married a witness he met on the job.
- [CAR DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] - So, obviously, "keeping it professional" - is a relative term - Heads up.
Here she comes.
How does she afford that car? Shelly Coyne? Yeah? What? I'm kind of busy.
I'm Detective Paige, and this is Detective Nolan.
I spoke to you on the phone this morning.
And I told you I didn't want to talk about nothing.
Hi, Detective Nolan.
Got a first name? Wes.
It's nice to meet you.
We just have a very few things we need to ask you.
It won't take long.
- Mm.
They're probably hard questions.
- Hmm.
What happens if I don't know the answers? You gonna handcuff me and haul me away? - No.
- [CHUCKLES] [GIGGLES] But you can re-take the quiz until you make a perfect score.
Well, not now.
I've got an appointment, and I need to shower.
But maybe come back a little later? - Uh - Okay.
Excuse me, Shelly.
Were you raped by Craig Curtis? Who told you that bullshit? No.
Forget it.
I don't care.
Because I never said a bad word about Craig.
Why'd you quit Tackles, then? Because I wanted to do something else with my life.
Like what? I'm self-employed.
In about 23 minutes.
Did you ever talk to a lawyer named Bonnie Pearl? Yeah.
And I will tell you what I told her.
I don't want to press charges.
I don't want to sue.
I just want to forget that it happened.
Bonnie Pearl won't be pestering you anymore.
Someone shot her.
That's another young lady who was raped and never talked to us.
She didn't end up looking so good, either.
Yeah, well, um whoever this is, she didn't know how to play the game.
What game? That's all ya get.
I'm on a tight schedule, and you two, you're holding me back.
- Here, take my card.
- Shove your card.
Look, take mine, then.
We want to help you.
Think about it, Shelly.
[DOOR CLOSES] Now what? PAIGE: I think we call it in.
Find out where the money for this condo and the BMW came from.
- [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS] - And then we have the lieutenant get a warrant for Shelly's phone.
We got to follow her, too.
Of course you want to follow her.
Yes, I do, I mean, if we're keeping this professional, because the only other woman we've identified like Shelly Coyne ended up dead.
Good point.
Good point.
RUSTY: So, this is a photo of a guy running a red light in Palm Springs.
He's the right age, but he has a beard.
It could be Stroh.
This just isn't a great image.
SHARON: The PSPD issued a ticket, correct? Yeah, to an English kid who rented the car with a fake I.
and someone else's credit card.
The FBI's investigating, but Hobbs says that their facial-recognition software probably can't get a positive I.
off of that photo.
Besides which, how does being in Palm Springs fit with Stroh's pattern? Unless he's just crazy and maybe there is no pattern.
Maybe these are all just people who pissed him off.
Everyone makes Stroh angry.
Here's the real question what if his pattern goes back further than we think? When he graduated law school, Stroh had no offers from Los Angeles firms.
He had no love interest.
He had no friend with whom to partner.
So why did he set up shop in L.
? Knowing why Stroh came here in the first place could be key to knowing why he's coming back.
has a lot of sex offenders, which is his specialty.
And a lot of attractive women.
And they can be easy prey.
Hearing about Vanessa's death didn't make Shelly cooperative, so just to be sure she wasn't in danger, we followed her to five different locations last night.
NOLAN: Visiting several wealthy men, none of whom seemed related to Tackles, for about an hour each.
Two were more like 40 minutes.
All right, I get it.
I get it.
She got home when? 3:00 a.
Lights out at 4:00.
What about her cellphone and the BMW dealership? The guy who sold her the car said she paid cash.
And she paid in full for her condo with a cashier's check.
I'm looking through Craig Curtis' financials.
Nothing seems out of the ordinary in his personal accounts anywhere near the dates of purchase for the car or the condo.
BUZZ: But in reserve detective training, they say it's easy to hide income and cash payouts in restaurants.
When will it end? When? Especially if they have a bar.
SANCHEZ: Oh, talking about bar owners, here's something interesting.
You guys caught up with Shelly a little bit before 4:00 p.
yesterday, and phone records show, right after that, she called Hey! Hey, welcome back.
Hello, everyone.
Good work identifying Miss San Diego.
I didn't expect to see you so soon.
Well, you know, it was just a day of doctor's appointments and a 20-minute outpatient procedure.
- That's all.
- Well, you certainly look FLYNN: Pale, stressed, and like she ought to take another month off.
Actually, I was going to say much, much better, Andy.
Thank you, Lieutenant.
I feel much better.
Julio, you were just about to mention who Shelly rang up after she spoke to Paige and Wes.
Oh, uh, first call was to Craig Curtis.
4:04 p.
, ma'am.
PROVENZA: Well, doesn't make sense.
She hears that another sexual-assault victim was murdered, and then she calls her rapist? PAIGE: Well, she's interested in money, too, Lieutenant, and not overly concerned with how she makes it.
You mean she's trying to blackmail the guy who raped her? It certainly looks like it.
Well, that's kind of a dangerous way to increase your income.
Listen, I know you two are tired, but we're going to need you to keep an eye on Shelly while we find these other victims.
We'll do what we can, Commander.
Thank you, Wes.
We'll keep in close contact with Shelly.
He means it.
So, what progress have we made with the other two sexual-assault victims? Bonnie Pearl phoned Makisha Selby, A.
Miss Las Vegas, almost a dozen times.
But Makisha's cell was disconnected two months ago.
Uh, we tried talking to her parents, ma'am, because Makisha's phone is part of their family plan, but her dad said they had no idea where she was, yelled do not bother them again, and then he hung up on me.
So no one reported Makisha missing? 'Scuse me, si Oh.
Good to see you here.
Thank you.
Uh, Sanchez, there's a phone call for you in my office.
A Detective Linda Chavez from the Las Vegas Sex Crimes Unit? No idea how she got my direct line, but she said it's regarding the Tackles case.
Commander, would you like to join us? I would.
Thank you.
Lieutenant Flynn, this way.
I want to know what the hell is going on with your wife.
LINDA: Julio, you dirty dog.
I know we say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, - but you left way too soon for me.
- Uh, uh, uh I couldn't believe you were gone when I woke up.
- Linda Linda, you should be aware - I mean, I know you needed to catch an early flight, but I would have taken you to the airport.
- Hey, you still single? - Uh And when are you coming back? I really missed you - at the homicide convention in May.
- L-L-Linda, you should stop for a moment.
- What? - Y-You're on speaker phone in my Assistant Chief's office, and he's hearing you.
And so is my boss.
Uh, I-I called the number on your card.
No, no.
Remember? I-I-I borrowed my old Chief's card because I'd run out.
My number's on the back.
Flip it over.
You'll see it.
You're right.
Yeah, uh, I should, uh As fascinating as all this is, Detective Chavez, I assume you called Julio for a work-related reason? Yes, sir, I did.
And you have a beautiful voice, by the way.
Julio, uh, left a message last night about a woman involved in your Tackles case named Makisha Selby, saying she was a person of interest.
She may be more than that.
Linda, this is Commander Sharon Raydor.
Do you know Makisha? Metro's had her in custody for 60-plus days on a drug beef.
60-plus days.
That could explain why her parents disconnected her cell, ma'am.
Detective Chavez, we need Metro to drop the drug charges and allow us to bring Makisha to L.
- Yeah, no way.
- Uh, what do you mean, no way? It's felony possession.
Meth, coke, "X.
" I mean, Makisha had a pharmacy in her purse, and she was a little out of her head when we arrested her.
Come on, Linda.
Dope versus murder and rape? The scales tip our way.
Well, it costs money to bring suspects to Los Angeles, and, uh, I'm supposed to be walking the boulevard for the next few hours.
We'll pay to fly Makisha out.
Well, I'd have to come with her.
Not dropping charges till we know she's gonna be helpful.
Fair enough.
Uh, um - I-I cannot wait to see you again.
- LINDA: Same here.
Um, now can you take me off speaker phone, please? Um, you're you're clear.
Uh, yeah.
M-Me, too.
Um, have a safe flight.
Uh, do do you think you could end your shift early? And wh-when do you think you would get here? [ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] Detective Linda Chavez, meet Detective Amy Sykes.
Thanks for the welcoming committee.
Makisha, want to say hello to the nice detectives? I hate the police.
I am sorry to hear that.
- All you do is lie to me.
- SANCHEZ: Well, you be honest with us, - and we'll be truthful with you.
- [ DOOR CLOSES] You help us, we'll get the Las Vegas cops to drop all of your drug charges.
Oh, yeah? Then what? Am I supposed to trust you? Is that it? Because I'm not big on trust anymore, just so you know.
Is that because you were sexually assaulted - a few months ago? - [SIGHS] God, you sound just like that rich lawyer lady that came to see me in jail.
I wasn't assaulted.
I was raped.
Is that what you want to know about? Did this rape occur while you were employed by Tackles restaurant? Yeah.
And this lawyer you say came to see you, was she named Bonnie Pearl? Yes.
Do you know the man who raped you? - Mm-hmm.
- Can you tell us his name? I told the police in Vegas.
That's how I got arrested.
Excuse me? Makisha dropped into Downtown Area Command claiming she was raped.
But she was so completely stoned, no one could really understand much of what she was saying.
And when we searched her purse, it was as loaded up with drugs as she was.
And right after he finished I mean right after I got myself in a cab, I got to a police station, and I told them I'd been raped.
What happened? I got arrested.
Oh, my gosh.
No wonder she hates the police.
So I ain't telling nobody nothing else about it without a lawyer.
But while we wait, can't you give us the name of the guy who raped you? I promise, Makisha, we are listening.
Yeah, you listening.
And so am I for the voice of my lawyer.
My God.
Someone get her a public defender.
Detective Chavez, I'd like to speak with your commanding officer and a Vegas D.
PROVENZA: Um, Andy Andy, after she gets off the phone with Vegas, you've got to take her home for the night.
And tomorrow, she and I need to talk about her health issues.
We can't offer Makisha immunity in California for a crime she committed in Nevada.
My boss offered to drop cha All charges pending an identification that stands up in court.
Makisha's attorney has told me that's a non-starter.
You drop the charges first, then she talks.
Look, we we all know that Craig Curtis is the rapist.
We just need Makisha to say it, and we'll be done.
We will not be done.
One of our rape victims is dead and never reported her assault.
Another won't talk to us.
Maybe you have a potential victim in Indianapolis, but you haven't found her yet.
And even if you do, that's a crime in Indiana.
So, right now, Makisha's uncorroborated testimony will end up being a "he said/she said" situation in a Nevada courtroom.
SHARON: But if she gives us a name that we can follow up on, it might be able to confirm the California part of the crime.
And if we just look the other way on the pharmacy in her purse and it turns out she's lying? Then one out of another 100 million drug users doesn't end up in jail.
We'll survive.
Come on, Linda.
We need this.
[SIGHS] Okay, Julio.
Then you owe me a dinner.
Yeah? Great.
A reminder, what happens in Vegas gets tried in Vegas.
And rape in Nevada doesn't buy you murder in California.
- Hmm.
- Hmm.
I know Andy talked to you yesterday about my situation.
Not getting better.
Higher priority on the transplant list.
Commander, I-I have justifiable concerns regarding your fitness for duty.
And I'm worried that your presence here constitutes an unwarranted risk to your life.
We risk our lives every day, Lieutenant.
Yes, but to take unnecessary risk is against the rules.
[VOICE BREAKING] To hell with all that, Sharon.
I just [CLEARS THROAT] want you to get better.
Take a leave of absence.
Go home for a month and just sit down.
Lieutenant, people with these issues often continue to work for years, and that's exactly what I intend to do right now.
Okay? MAKISHA: I did everything right.
I went to the police.
I tried to report what happened to me.
You were stoned.
Because he drugged me.
You also had drugs in your purse.
Hey, you try putting on a skimpy outfit and serving drinks to fat, grabby tourists who touch you any way you want.
Yeah, you try doing that sober.
Let me know how it works out.
Miss Selby's drug charges are off the table.
When she I.
s her rapist.
He's rich.
He's famous.
He'll just get away with it no matter what.
There are two murders connected to this case, so no, Makisha, he won't get away with it.
But you have to say his name.
You're not the first woman he's done this to.
Look what happened to her.
She was raped and murdered? We think maybe your old boss offed her because she threatened to sue him over her sexual assault.
My old boss? You mean Craig? Oh, no.
Cr Craig didn't rape me.
He just set me up.
Said he He said he noticed I had been down.
Gave me a free ticket to Landon's Vegas seminar.
Craig said Landon's methods might help me like it helped him.
I mean, people pay $1,000 for that ticket, so I went.
Listened to Landon pacing around with his microphone.
It was emotional.
Some of the people there seemed like their whole lives had changed.
Afterwards, he, uh he came up to me and asked me why I'd been so quiet.
And I told him [SIGHS] [VOICE BREAKING] You know, I was just trying to take it all in.
And then [SOBS] I-I can tell you the rest.
Sorry, Roland.
She has to say it.
And then the son of a bitch drugged me, tied me up, gagged me and raped me.
Saying, "Trust me" the whole damn time.
[SNIFFLES] "Trust me.
" And that's the whole story, so there.
[SLAPS TABLE] You happy? Now what? [SNIFFLES] TAO: He groomed them.
Craig Curtis, Heisman Trophy winner, successful restaurateur, gang rapist, he picked out those women for his friend and key investor, Dr.
Bill Landon.
To drug and sexually assault like they were nothing but a bunch of inflatable dolls.
"When you're in town where I have a Tackles, I will give you any girl you want, Doc.
" "And if they complain about anything, we can pay them to shut up.
" "And if they complain too loud, we can off them.
" "And if you hire a lawyer, well, we'll kill her, too.
" Ye gods.
Check this out, Commander.
- [COMPUTER BEEPS] - Dates and cities of Dr.
Bill Landon's motivational seminars, including a stop in Vegas September 1st and 2nd.
Detective Chavez, Makisha was arrested A little before 1:00 a.
on September 3rd.
She was sexually assaulted the night of the 2nd.
A few hours later, Makisha is talking to the police.
And Shelly's assault syncs up with Landon's tour dates through San Diego, too.
My guess is, if we go city by city and coordinate Landon's seminars with what we know about these rapes, we will find he was everywhere we have a sexual assault.
That is how Bonnie Pearl figured out what was going on, and that's what got her killed.
She knew it was Landon.
Nobody loves a good A.
presentation more than I do.
Now comes the "but.
" But without more victims willing to identify Landon, as of this moment, as horrible as it sounds, you only have circumstantial evidence relating to one sexual assault, and it is entirely he said/she said.
Well, if "he said/she said" is our way forward, I'd like to hear what he has to say.
I don't create dreams.
I give you the courage to speak those dreams out loud.
To set aside the inner voice that says, "You aren't smart enough.
You aren't tough enough.
You aren't skilled enough.
" Well, don't buy into any of that.
You only have one life.
One spin at the wheel, and you can make it count, - but you have to bet to win.
- [AUDIENCE CHEERS] So, do you want to actualize your dreams? What are you doing here? Oh, I'm actualizing my dream of arresting your husband.
For what? You can't stop him now.
He's in the middle of a seminar.
Hey, back off.
No touching.
In front of all these people? That's the best part.
PROVENZA: Sykes, Sanchez.
BILL: So trust me, my friends.
Trust me when I say trust yourselves.
Excuse me.
Bill Landon? I'm sorry.
Is something wrong? You're under arrest.
Step off the stage.
No, no, no.
This is a mistake.
- [FEEDBACK SCREECHES] - You come with us right now, or we'll cuff your hands behind your back and drag you off.
What is this, some kind of joke? Do I look like I'm joking? SYKES: Trust me.
We may not be tying you up and putting a gag in your mouth, but we are taking you downtown.
How do you want to go? [AUDIENCE MURMURING] Obviously there's been some misunderstanding, folks.
- [AUDIENCE GROANS] - I'm gonna clear this up.
Thank you so much for coming.
Trust yourselves! [AUDIENCE BOOING] I got a new job at Against the Grain.
Uh, still waiting tables, but it's very high-end.
I-I cleared $300 my first night.
With the severance you got me, I can get my own place.
So, thanks.
[ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] Glad it worked out for you.
[DOORS CLOSE] [POLICE RADIO CHATTER] Uh also someone asked me out last night.
Uh, but I told him no.
I just I felt like it'd be rude after everything you've done for me.
- [ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] - Don't hold off on dating because you feel like you owe me something.
Is that really what you think I want? No.
Oh, my God.
I'm sorry.
I-I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
That That's not what I meant at all.
I-I-I told him no because I-I don't want to give up on us, and I'm just trying to figure out where we are.
Okay, well, I'm glad you're not trying to figure out where we are by sleeping with someone else.
Look, do you think that I don't get asked out? Is that it? Do you think that I don't turn down a ton of people because Because? [INHALES DEEPLY] You know what? Go ahead.
My mom is really sick, and there is a serial killer who might be on his way to L.
looking to murder me, and you asking me if you can go out with other people while I'm trying to figure out if I can ever trust you again, that's just a big red flag for me, Gus.
Clearly, I'm just not a good person to be around right now.
- Y-You don't get to decide that.
- I might.
I might end up deciding that, Gus.
Stop ambushing me at work.
If I want to call you back, I will, okay? Have a good time on your date.
I'm not going.
A-And you're a great person to be around.
It was my mistake, not yours.
[DOOR OPENS] BILL: I stupidly stepped outside my marriage with a waitress.
But I did not force myself on her.
Quite the contrary, actually.
She said/he said.
She followed me up to my hotel room.
- [COIN CLINKS] - And the sex was completely consensual.
You call tying women up and drugging them consensual? Okay, first of all, we're not talking about women.
We're talking about one young lady.
Look, I understand the psychology here.
And the disappointments just keep on coming.
Our young lady from Indianapolis, her real name is Dianna Holt, and she will not be able to confirm anything.
Why? Dianna committed suicide two weeks ago.
And after our our physical intimacy, she wanted to spend the night.
Now, I-I couldn't let her do that, obviously.
Uh, she was resentful.
She accused me of using her, but I think it was the other way around.
Oh, so she tied you up and stuffed a gag in your mouth.
Neither of us did that.
Although I do understand her desire to make the details as salacious as possible.
You know, I've seen this happen with several athletes, actors who I mentor.
This is what I remind them "Deny, deny, deny.
" Sounds like he's giving us some version of his spiel.
No, he's just another criminal - trying to talk his way out.
- it is not a crime.
Well, maybe your relationship with Makisha was consenting.
But what about the night you spent with Shelly Coyne in San Diego? Oh, and, uh, Vanessa Blaine.
She might look a little different from the last time you saw her.
That is her morgue shot, taken after she was attacked several times with a stun gun and smothered by a plastic bag held over her head.
I don't recall meeting these women.
And if they were harmed, I'm very sorry.
But I'm also concerned about my own family.
Now, if I've not explained the situation to your satisfaction, I should have my attorney come and handle my arraignment.
Is that what you want? Commander! What the hell is this?! It's a press release.
You understand by announcing Landon's arrest to the media for rape you just opened LAPD to a defamation suit larger than our budget? If you would like to maintain plausible deniability, Chief, I suggest you go back to your office right now.
Excuse me? Landon raped four women that we know of.
And where there are four victims, - there's going to be 40 more.
- Okay.
My experience in dealing with this kind of crime - Okay.
- leads me to believe - Listen.
- that the press release will help us.
I am in command here! This division reports to me, not the other way around.
Only two of these women were sexually assaulted in California.
One of them is dead and can't file a complaint.
Maybe Las Vegas Metro has a case, but not you.
You're the boss.
So what is the next step dealing with this rapist, potential murderer? [SIGHS] Okay, then.
With your permission, I will continue with my plan.
Excuse me.
I recognize that voice.
He's the big cheese.
And she's talking to him like that? Ah.
Well, you know, a Commander is a pretty big cheese, too.
You cannot say these things! You cannot call my husband a rapist and destroy his reputation! It's done.
There's already a second story on the L.
TMZ's picking it up! After all the good work he's done? The lives he has changed? I mean, what are these charges based on? Accusations from some money-grubbing, - publicity-seeking attorney? - Mom.
Are you really that surprised? TAO: Your husband freely admits having had sex with this woman at a seminar in Las Vegas.
Dad? Dad, are you okay? Seth, I'm fine.
It's all a huge misunderstanding.
Bill, they have released all these lies to the press.
Let's go.
What is he doing here? Oh, so you do know her.
- What a shock.
- [DOOR OPENS] PAIGE: Right in here, Miss Coyne.
- Dad? - [DOOR CLOSES] Who is she? She's nobody.
No No one.
She probably recognized me from a book jacket.
Okay, Dr.
If I were you, I'd try not to tie up any more women while we investigate these rapes.
Okay? Commander, the LAPD has a long history of managing without resources.
I took this job to ensure that all of our money was used to fight crime.
Not lawsuits.
I advise you to take that into consideration.
And I have a long history of managing my job while dealing with the uglier side of the male ego, and I'm no longer interested in that.
So I advise you to take that into consideration Chief.
[DOOR OPENS] SHELLY: Did you do that to me on purpose? Dragging me past that creep? Raped.
Suffocated with a plastic bag.
Supposed suicide.
Shot dead in her car.
Jailed for months because no one believed her.
Shelly, these women need you to speak up for them.
SYKES: Or Landon gets away with murder.
Yeah, and considering Bill Landon just walked out of here, we need you to speak up for us, too.
It'll be in the papers.
Everyone will know what he did to me.
And at trial, they'll they'll call me a [SOBS] They'll call me My parents would Would rather not attend your funeral, I'm sure.
I had nothing before this.
And you guys are just gonna take it all away.
The car.
The condo.
It's not worth it.
[CLEARS THROAT] I have to think about it.
Now that we know who did it, we'll solve it eventually.
But will you get to murder? Did you find a gun registered in the doctor's name? No, but we could get a warrant to search his home.
Even if he doesn't have a gun, he might have had two different types of ammunition.
Well, we have some ammunition, too.
I just got off the phone with Miss Chicago/Denver, A.
Mary Beth Roberts.
She saw the news and called to say she was raped by Landon, too.
Tied up.
She's flying herself in to talk to us, sir.
Detective Sanchez.
TAO: Major Crimes.
Lieutenant Tao.
HOBBS: This will only help prove the rapes in other jurisdictions, not in California.
And the murders One thing at a time, Hobbs.
One thing at a time.
[TELEPHONE RINGS] Maybe Chief Mason would appreciate an update.
Yeah, and Sharon, too.
Excuse me.
[BUTTON CLICKS] Major Crimes.
Yes, ma'am.
[HORN HONKS] FLYNN: It all fits.
So far, every one of Dr.
Dirtbag's victims was a Tackles waitress in a city where Landon was throwing one of his, uh, pity parties.
- [TELEPHONE RINGS] - So that makes Craig Curtis' alibi useless since he's a co-conspirator in all of these sexual-assault cases.
Yes, well, we'll play them off each other tomorrow.
Tonight, Commander, I think it's time Uh, I don't think we can play Dr.
Landon and Curtis off each other anymore.
Why? What's happened? [POLICE RADIO CHATTER] Pulled over.
Passenger window down.
Two shots to the head, two to the torso.
Just like Bonnie Pearl, only a tad more savage.
I just talked to the host at Tackles Hollywood.
Craig has been at the restaurant all night, ma'am.
Doesn't mean one of his body guards didn't do this.
PROVENZA: But we know it's not suicide.
Hard to shoot yourself in the head twice.
[CELLPHONE RINGING] Hello? Sharon, it's Dr.
Well, you're working late.
Whatever you're doing right now, stop.
Call an ambulance.
I'll meet you at the hospital.
Why? What's going on? [ECHOING] Okay.
Lieutenant, um, talk to my doctor.
Um, ask the paramedics to take me to the ho [GASPS] Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.