Major Crimes s06e09 Episode Script

Conspiracy Theory: Part 4

1 Previously on "Major Crimes" My mother, Bonnie Pearl, was assassinated in her car.
I'd also want to implant a defibrillator pacemaker with wireless capability so I can monitor what's going on with your heart.
I never raped anyone in my life! And I didn't kill Vanessa, either.
You know, I do have an alibi for that day.
Ask Bill Landon.
He'll back me up.
Commander, you understand by announcing Landon's arrest to the media for rape you just opened LAPD to a defamation suit larger than our budget? Well, if "he said/she said" is our way forward, I'd like to hear what he has to say.
Passenger window down.
Two shots to the head, two to the torso.
Sharon, it's Dr.
Whatever you're doing right now, stop.
Call an ambulance.
[GASPS] Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
What are you doing? I'm getting ready to go.
Uh, the hospital can't release you yet.
But I'm fine now.
But your heart could fail again.
I-I should let Ricky and Emily know.
No, no, no, no.
Do not call them.
I don't want them to worry or fly out here for no reason.
- They have every reason, mom.
- No.
You're in the ER for the second time in two weeks.
FLYNN: The kid has a point.
How can I be a good family member if I keep your children in the dark, huh? - [SCOFFS] - Huh? [CHUCKLES] Come on.
You want to lay back down? Mm All right.
All right, but just don't make things sound worse than they actually are.
And make sure that you stress that I'm already going home.
You look better.
How are you feeling? Good.
I'm fine.
I just wish it wasn't necessary to put all these people through so much trouble.
Trouble? You experienced atrial fibrillation, and your heart almost ceased.
If it hadn't been for the pacemaker, - you would have died.
- Excuse me, doc.
How can you fix this so it won't happen again? There are options to discuss.
The possibility of another implanted cardiac device called an LVAD, which assists in pumping blood through the left ventricle.
Or I could move you up on the transplant list, which requires more tests to match you with a donor.
I thought I was being released.
From the ER, but you need to stay in the hospital for at least another five days for observation and labs.
You're currently stable, and before you go home, I need to have confidence you'll remain that way.
I know it's a lot to take in, but stay positive, and I'll see you again upstairs.
- Thanks, doc.
- You're welcome.
[KNOCK ON DOOR, DOOR OPENS] [CHUCKLING] Hey! I don't know how you're gonna get through this, but I am sure fruit can help.
How you feeling? Ohh, a bit, uh, boxed in, frankly.
FLYNN: Well, uh, Provenza and Sanchez won't be staying too long, so you can get some rest.
No, just a quick update, Andy.
It'll give me something else to think about.
- SANCHEZ: Right.
So - [DOOR CLOSES] Passenger door window of Dr.
Landon's car was rolled down like Bonnie Pearl's.
Who was killed by someone she felt comfortable enough stopping her car for.
And Vanessa Blaine was killed by someone she trusted enough to let into her house.
And I can think of only one person that Landon, Vanessa, and Bonnie had in common.
Craig Curtis.
Ah, now, here is the cherry on top of the sundae.
The last number that our doctor-rapist called before he was shot to death Craig Curtis.
Back near San Diego Shelly Coyne.
She talked to Nolan and Paige, then immediately dialed Curtis.
I wonder if the dirtbag's last conversation with Landon was about meeting on a dark road late at night.
Well, I've put a 24-hour surveillance on Curtis just to make sure he doesn't try to dispose of the murder weapon, along with more of his employees.
FLYNN: Yeah, um, one last bit of business What do you want them to tell Chief Mason when he asks where you are? I'm sure she'll be better soon.
Uh, would you like a note from the commander's doctor, or or for her to call in? No.
It's fine.
I'm not ready to talk with her yet, anyway.
Uh, Commander Raydor's ill.
N-Nothing serious, I hope? Oh, I don't think "serious" is the right word.
- She'll be back soon.
- Uh, okay.
Well, as you mentioned in the report, the victim was shot four times.
Two to the chest One of which went straight through his heart, killing him instantly.
Then two more shots fired into his head.
And from the huge amount of gunshot residue, I'd say the last two shots were fired at much closer range, at about three inches away.
The killer shot Landon in the heart and moved closer, put more bullets in his head.
Why? Maybe to make sure he wasn't faking it? Or because it was very personal, like with Bonnie and Vanessa.
I told Commander Raydor that press release was a mistake.
The LAPD put a target on this man's back.
Before we even knew about the rapes, Bonnie Pearl was murdered with exactly this MO.
And other than saying that she was shot in her car, we released no details of the murder.
Just as important, Bonnie was shot with the same gun.
Lieutenant? Do you have a suspect? Well, yes, we have someone that might Craig Curtis.
Why would Craig Curtis kill Bill Landon? Landon was Curtis' alibi for when Vanessa Blaine was killed.
And more importantly You remember I was at work surrounded by a crowd of people when Bonnie was murdered.
I am not your killer, guys.
We know that.
What we're most concerned about right now, Mr.
Curtis, is that .
38 revolver.
We believe the person who killed Bonnie Pearl may be trying to frame you and could have hidden the weapon on one of your properties.
By my properties, you mean my restaurants.
- Why are we telling him that? - And your houses.
We'll stop lying to him when we find the gun.
Just as a precaution, we thought we'd come directly to you for permission instead of just showing up with a warrant.
Asking for your consent is our way of saying we want to make this easier on you.
Just sign here, Craig.
We'll be in and out before you know it.
Okay, fine.
If this will end this really ugly investigation into my life, fine.
I have nothing to hide.
Except the rape of 10 of your employees.
Though I am a little frustrated being read my rights again.
What are you doing here? Sharon sent me to work, like usual.
Look, she she doesn't want Mason or anyone else, including you, overreacting, so we're trying to keep this as normal as possible.
This is her decision.
You think I want to be here? Okay? Are we done here? Not yet.
When was the last time you spoke with Bill Landon? He called me right after you guys released him.
So whenever that was.
- Did you see him after that? - No.
Why? Well, shortly after that phone call, around 9:00 p.
? We found Bill Landon dead in his car.
- Oh, my God.
- Shot four times with a .
Wait a minute.
Wait, wait, wait a minute.
Are you asking me for another alibi aga Is that it? No, Mr.
Curtis, we're just trying to What What What are you trying? Are you trying to clear my name? Is that it? Bullshit! Look, I've cooperated with you fully.
Now you're asking me for an alibi for the murder of a [SIGHS] Geez.
Of a murder of a man a man who changed my life.
Look, you go through my my house, okay? Do it.
Go through my car.
Go through my restaurants.
You waste as much time as you want.
You just never speak to me again without a lawyer present.
[GROANS] Once again, Curtis walks, and there's nothing we can do.
Anyone else feeling sort of helpless right now? FLYNN: It's good to have you home, finally.
I don't know what we're gonna do with five days worth of flowers.
Well, bring them back to the hospital, cheer the place up while you're waiting for your transplant.
That's what.
I may still choose the LVAD, Andy.
Oh, those are beautiful! Yeah, it's the last one.
The new doorman had them waiting downstairs.
Oh! These aren't for me.
You mean he gave me someone else's flowers? He did.
They're for you.
[CELLPHONE RINGS] "Sorry I annoyed you and said everything the wrong way.
" FLYNN: Yeah, well, Ricky left last night.
Emily left for home this morning.
Well, the new meds have fixed her up for a bit, so we can think through to what's next.
- Is that the lieutenant? - Yeah, she is.
A-All right, fine.
You're on speaker.
PROVENZA: Good morning, commander.
How are you doing? Oh, I'm very well, lieutenant.
Thank you for asking.
What's the news? 100% of the women who came forward because of your press release It turns out they not only work for Craig Curtis, but every one of them says that he gave them a ticket to a Landon seminar.
Well, what a coincidence.
What about the warrants on all his properties? After nearly a week of searches all over the country by 12 different law-enforcement agencies, we still haven't found the .
38 that came from Bonnie and Landon's murders.
So, um, how is Chief Mason handling all the fallout from my press release? Don't even worry about Mason.
We have got him completely under control.
VICKY: This is chaos.
You admit you're treating these so-called victims as suspects? So-called victims, ma'am? Why would they claim sexual assault if they were not sexually assaulted? Because as soon as one stupid girl figured out she could make a lot of money saying my dad raped her, a bunch of other women figured out they could do the same thing.
My husband was seduced into making a mistake, and then he was murdered to keep him from clearing his name.
And now you you are all just spitting on his grave.
It's disgraceful! These waitresses just popping up out of nowhere because of your press release! I mean, why did you have to do that? Why?! Oh, that's enough.
You better drop your investigation into these so-called rapes and apologize to my grieving mother and focus your efforts on finding my father's murderer, or I swear to God we will file a lawsuit against the LAPD, which will force the city to fire each and every one of you.
Let's go.
[DOOR OPENS] Chief, their threats mean nothing.
They'll sue no matter what.
SANCHEZ: Excuse us.
Landon, Seth, please.
We need to ask you about the last time you were here the night your husband died.
Where did you go afterwards? Home.
I was shaken and upset, much like I am now.
Seth had to drive me.
A-And what about Dr.
Landon? He went to see Craig, said he wanted to straighten a few things out before he talked us through what he thought was happening.
But he never came home.
Besides these women, can you think of anyone else who might have wanted your husband dead? Bill turned people's lives around.
He's not the person you are making him out to be.
- Excuse us, please.
And Seth! [CHUCKLES] How convenient! Stan Pearl.
Bonnie's son.
Well I am so, so sorry for your loss.
I wanted to stop by your house and offer my condolences and give you these.
- Which are - Subpoenas.
I'm representing the women who were raped by your late father.
I look forward to hearing your stories at the deposition.
That went over well.
Where might I find Commander Raydor? She's not available, so you're stuck with us.
What do you want? You asked me for names.
Now I need some names from you so that I can add the rest of those desperate young women who were raped by Landon, and are therefore my clients, to the lawsuit against him.
And, thanks to your press release, there are so many more victims.
I'd like a list.
These women deserve reparations commensurate with their suffering.
It is way, way too late to go after Dr.
Ah, ah, ah.
There's still his estate, his corporation, his investments.
If you can prove rape without the rapist.
This would go under the general heading of "not our problem.
" We're not giving you any names.
We're occupied with finding the person that killed Dr.
Landon, Vanessa Blaine, and your mother.
Uh, you do remember her, don't you? Your mom? Which reminds me we never asked where he was when Bonnie, Vanessa, and Dr.
Landon were murdered.
Where I was? Well, you just made it clear that you had a lot to gain from moving into your mother's office a law firm, her investments, her residents.
And now, to top it all off, you inherit a suit against an extremely, extremely wealthy family.
What is wrong with you people?! How come whenever you guys are stumped, you go after me? All I ask for PROVENZA: The LAPD does not release the names of sexual assault victims.
NOLAN: How about this, Stanley? You really want to represent these women? Get off your ass and investigate the case! Try! Try and dig up the truth! That's what your mom would have done.
Or is that beyond your ability? What you don't understand about my mother is that she kept absolutely everything on a need-to-know basis! She was secretive.
She knew things she never shared with anyone else, and not just names theories, strategies.
Anything that would help her win her case, except taking into account what would happen if she weren't here.
You tell me.
What does it matter how insightful she was about the law if she didn't find the time to share those insights with me? But now I'm left facing the biggest trial of my life, and she's not here to help.
She should have planned for this.
She could have made arrangements.
She should have done something.
You know, I hate to admit it.
I kind of feel sorry for Minnie Pearl.
Because he's right.
His mother could have better prepared him for the biggest trial of his life.
Andy, I'm really sorry for putting you through all this.
[SOBBING] Putting me through what? Hey.
We're not going through anything.
Listen, babe.
You You're on some terrific drugs, and and if the transplant doesn't come in time, then it's the cardiac implant.
Either way, y-you're good as new.
In the meantime, everyone else has got this constant anxiety about how this is gonna turn out, and they're they're flying in from all over the country, and they're dropping their own lives to deal with mine.
Honestly, Andy, sometimes I think I think it would have been better easier for you and the kids if I had just died in that ambulance.
No, you've got it all wrong.
All right, look, I'm sure there were moments when it seems like it might have been easier for you much less painful, not as much to suffer through.
But it wouldn't have been easier for me, okay? I would go through everything we had to manage.
And then I would do it all over again and again just just for one moment more to hold your hand, just to have you near me.
[BELL TOLLING] [SIGHS] Have you been waiting long? No, I'm early.
I wanted to just sit for a while and think about what I should do.
- You're better.
- Temporarily.
But meantime, while I'm in this little state of grace, I have to decide on one of two procedures.
The transplant and the cardiac implant we talked about in the hospital.
My particular condition The implant simply puts off the inevitable.
And while I'm using it, I'm off the transplant list.
And the transplant itself? I'd have to move in to the hospital and wait, force everyone who cares about me most into hoping that someone with the right heart has a fatal accident in my vicinity.
That decision won't be made by us, but by God.
How does He decide that? That is impossible for us to know.
Is it? When I was in the hospital, I met this woman, and she's in her mid 30s.
She's a photographer, is a mother of two young children.
She'd been living in the transplant ward for three months, but still cheerful, taking pictures, living every second, she said, as fully as she could.
She is exactly the sort of person I've pledged my life to protect.
In the street, I would step in front of a bullet to save her.
But in the transplant ward, I could end up taking her heart and her chance for a life as full as mine.
As I understand it, Sharon, donated organs are matched to recipients.
The odds you'd be taking a heart from this particular woman aren't they very small? Have you come to pray with me about this issue? No, Father.
I'd like to receive Holy Unction and also Penance and the Eucharist.
Last rites? Sharon God gives us this life on the condition that we defend it to the end.
Defend, yes, but compete, no.
I will follow my doctor's orders.
I do hope for the very best, but I must I must plan for the worst.
I have lived my whole life as a Catholic.
And if necessary, I'd like to die as one, too.
Give me a moment.
BOTH: Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world.
Have mercy on us.
Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world.
Have mercy on us.
Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world.
- Grant us peace.
- Grant us peace.
Sharon, the Body of Christ.
PROVENZA: It's our job to make sense of these deaths, and Craig Curtis had the best reasons to kill our victims.
- I have an annoying question.
- Ye gods.
Remember Bonnie Pearl's phone and briefcase were stolen? If they were taken to identify the other rape victims before they could talk [COMPUTER PINGING] well, Curtis already knew who they were.
He set them up.
Well, maybe someone took the briefcase to stop us from finding out about the rapes.
BUZZ: Gosh darn it! We just hit another snag.
PROVENZA: Snag? What snag? The warrant we served to dump Craig Curtis' cell I just received the approximate coordinates for where he was during all three murders.
Now, our murders occurred here, here, and here.
I can guess the snag.
Ah, ah, no spoilers, please.
When we overlay the maps, we can see none of the locations are the same.
It's not hitting a snag, Buzz.
That's running into an iceberg.
I hate to say it.
It sounds like we have to rule out Craig Curtis as the killer.
Now is the perfect time to arrest him.
- Commander.
- [CHUCKLING] Hi! Ohh.
Ohh, it's good to see all of you.
Sharon, you shouldn't be here.
Well, I can be here, but just not very long.
Andy and I I'm just passing through on my way to hopefully have a talk with Chief Mason? - You've been missed.
- Thank you.
So, how is this going today? Well, um, if you're Craig Curtis, - terrific.
- Mm-hmm.
We've just proven that he didn't kill anybody.
Uh, and now you want to arrest him? Well, when he hears the charges and he sees what he's up against, uh, maybe he will be willing to make a deal that could help us identify this murderer.
Ah, and the the charges should be? Aiding and abetting sexual assault and conspiracy? You're positive? Curtis definitely provided Landon - with all the women he raped.
- Good.
Confession from Curtis would make the Landons' defamation suit disappear.
Anything else, commander? Because of current health issues, I believe that it's temporarily impossible for me to retain command of Major Crimes.
So, in my leave of absence, which should start tomorrow, I would like Lieutenant Provenza to replace me.
What's going on with you? Can we sit? Sure.
I will explain to you what is going on.
Nothing you say will end with my client confessing to murders he didn't commit.
Even if you've established all these sexual assaults, which I find hard to believe, that was Dr.
Landon, not my client.
All of our sexual-assault victims were employees of Tackles.
All of them received free tickets to a Landon seminar from Craig the night they were raped.
Let's cut to the chase.
You obviously want something from us, or Mr.
Curtis would already be in county.
What would you like to know, and what do we get in return? The murders were connected in some way to the rapes.
Besides your client, there were three other people in LA who knew about them Bonnie Pearl, Vanessa Blaine, and Dr.
Landon and they're all dead.
Is there anyone else who might have found out I mean, what [CHUCKLES] He can't answer a question like that.
That's an implicit admission to conspiracy.
HOBBS: Craig, let me make this very clear.
You are going to jail.
I have spoken to the other jurisdictions involved, and in return for your help in solving these murders, they've agreed to let California have the honor of housing you for the next 20 years and not to pursue charges against you.
Uh, we can't agree to a deal like this.
I believe you're obligated to ask your client by law.
Would I Would I be eligible for parole? - That's not an admission.
- This could be it.
If he says what I think he's going to say, it could also explain the missing books from Vanessa's house.
You're still here? Look, everyone, I am in charge until the end of watch today, or we make an arrest.
Whichever comes first.
But who's taking over while you're gone? Commander, how serious is this? Well, it's serious enough, Cami, that I have to leave until my health issues resolve.
Lieutenant Provenza is in charge, and I will be checking in from time to time.
- Should we worry? - No, Mike.
No, no, no.
Nobody worry.
Challenges pop up even in the most perfect lives.
These good days help me manage the bad ones.
Uh, ma'am.
Can Can we talk before you head out? There's a couple things I wanted to ask you.
Okay, um, Julio, maybe later, when you get back.
I think some of you are about to leave to make an arrest.
Commander, here.
Have a seat.
No, it's all right.
I'm fine.
Thank you, lieutenant.
NOLAN: Look, we might just solve these murders on our own.
Craig's health has an expiration date on it.
Like, now.
Pass and the judicial system will have its way with you in 12 states and counting.
We'll ask you one more time and then we're going and the deal goes with us.
Did you set all these women up with Bill Landon knowing what he would do to them? My client was aware that Dr.
Landon would try and seduce them and that afterwards, uh, some of them felt taken advantage of.
I thought I thought Bill talked them into things.
He was a-a very persuasive guy.
Oh, well, we will come back to this for a more forthright statement later, Abigail.
What we need to know immediately is who else knew about Dr.
Landon's persuasiveness with your employees.
That's the deal, Craig.
You don't tell us, and you're on a lifelong tour of American prisons.
Fine, okay.
Vanessa talked to Bonnie Pearl.
Bonnie Pearl went to Vicky Landon.
I'm afraid that Vicky told her son, Seth.
And you know this how? Because Seth came to me.
He, uh You know, he was very upset.
You know, he demanded the truth, and I told him I told him that that nobody was hurt, you know? I mean, Bill didn't hurt anybody.
So you gave him a bullshit explanation.
Did you also give him a stun gun? I didn't give anybody stun guns, okay? The Landons they gave them to my guys as gifts.
They were They were to protect the girls as they're getting into their rides after work.
Lieutenant, I plan to stay to see what you find, but if it goes on all night, please call me in the morning and let me know what happened.
Commander, if you get tired, do not wait for us.
Not even for a second.
I won't.
I promise.
We'll need you to write all this down.
- And when you do - [DOOR CLOSES] the proper words for what you helped Landon get away with are "sexual assault.
" My client had no idea how somebody Andy, um, would you take over here? There's something I need Buzz to help me with.
- You sure you're okay? - I'm fine, Andy.
Buzz, if you could get your camera and your tripod and meet me in my office Yes, ma'am.
Sharon, Provenza can finish up here.
- You wanted to leave early.
- I am.
And I really, really appreciate how you look after me.
I do.
I'm almost done.
[TELEPHONE RINGS] Mom? You sure you shouldn't head home? The doctor said not to overdo it.
I know, Rusty, but [SIGHS] I spent some of the best years of my life in this office, and these people out here are are close to being family, and I'm just not ready to leave yet.
You remember, honey? We first met right there my first day in command, and then we came into this office to talk.
Yeah, and and I said that that I didn't know you, but I didn't like you.
[LAUGHS] And I said, uh, "You're at the end of a very long line.
" [BOTH LAUGH] God, that seems like such a long time ago.
I am such a different person.
Hey, don't get too upset about having to say goodbye.
You'll be back as soon as you're well.
This office.
I-I came in looking for my mom.
And there you were.
- This is This is ridiculous! My son would never have killed his father! Uh, commander, if we could allow Ms.
Landon to wait in here with you Why, certainly.
Um, Buzz, if you would, uh, take your camera back, and if you could hold onto this for me, there's a note and an SD card with two separate videos inside.
This is for your eyes only.
Uh, okay.
Uh, just don't go before saying goodbye.
I won't.
You're You're trying to ruin my family.
You have your late husband to thank for that, Ms.
Have a seat.
You're making a huge mistake.
I doubt that.
When we searched your residence, we found a lot of damning evidence, including these bullet, which are the exact same size used to kill Bonnie Pearl, not to mention your father.
And you have two different calibers .
38, .
And this belonged to Bonnie Pearl.
She had it in the car with her the night she died.
We found it in your house broken and emptied, including the secret compartment where she kept the names and phone numbers of every woman she identified as one of your father's rape victims.
Like Vanessa Blaine.
You remember her, Seth? She was the first to tell Bonnie her story.
And that's exactly what it is a story! Yeah, one that's been told over and over from 14 different women.
And as far as Vanessa Blaine goes, I never even met her.
I have trouble believing that because along with Ms.
Pearl's destroyed briefcase We found three of your father's books in your garage.
Each one autographed to, "Dear Vanessa, Empowerment is yours at last.
Truly, Bill.
" Why would I steal copies of my father's books? To erase any visible connection she had with your family while we investigated her murder.
I loved my father.
Stan Pearl told us that the lawsuits from the rape victims would probably wipe out Landon's estate.
NOLAN: Which explains the order of the murders.
Landon wasn't shot until it was clear killing Bonnie and Vanessa couldn't stop what was coming.
Like your father's book royalties, his houses.
And you didn't want to lose all that in a civil suit over the women he raped! These are copies of your recent financial transactions.
Our warrants show that 85% of your father's assets have been moved into offshore accounts bearing your name, set up around the same time you went to Craig Curtis and had him confirm Would Bonnie Pearl have stopped her car for him? Would Vanessa have let him into her house? And served him a drink? Plus all these financial transactions.
Are we sure they were made by Seth? How would I have access to my father's finances? I mean, despite the small sums they pay me for my scheduling, I know nothing about my family's money or where it's invested.
Can I see those financials, please? Go.
Go on in.
I'll be I'll be there in a second.
PROVENZA: As you can see, commander, Seth accelerates the asset transfer pattern as the murders continue.
You're right.
And then he confessed.
No, he didn't.
That's not possible.
I want to see him.
PROVENZA: I'm sorry, Ms.
Landon, but your son did confess, um, to everything.
So the only person he's going to see right away is an attorney.
But if you could come with me, your son told us some things that we need to confirm with you.
There's no need for her to leave, lieutenant.
Commander, uh, [CHUCKLING] I-I don't want to detain you, and you are on a leave of absence.
Starting tomorrow.
But before I go, Ms.
Landon Vicky This isn't This isn't happening.
My son never killed anyone.
If you would like to explain anything - She shouldn't be doing this.
- related to your son's murdering Come on, Provenza.
Get this Vicky woman out of there.
We have some rules we need to follow.
So, um, you have the right to remain silent.
If it's the mother instead of the son, I need her to confess outright to these murders, or Seth Landon will be a credible alternative for her defense.
Yeah, but she shouldn't be confessing to mom.
Why not? I mean, she seems okay.
Yeah, because she might unavailable for the trial.
- We have the video.
- Now I'm gonna ask Lieutenant Provenza to summarize your son's position, and then you can explain.
Well, it's really very simple.
Bonnie Pearl told you everything your husband had done.
You told your son.
Your son then tried to stop a lawsuit, which would have destroyed his inheritance.
When shooting Bonnie didn't work, he killed Vanessa Blaine, and when all those other women came forward, he murdered his own father.
Because the civil suit following the criminal conviction would have wiped out your husband's fortunes.
Please, please! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! Please! Just Just let let me let me explain.
Oh, no.
You are trying to protect your son, I understand.
I struggle with that impulse every day of my life.
No, I'm not trying to protect my son! Seth is trying to protect his father! Y-You see It was - It was Bill.
- It was Bill, what? He told me.
Bill did rape those women.
He He drugged them and he raped them and when I-I confronted him with what Bonnie told me and he admitted it and I guess Bill thought that murdering Bonnie and and that Vanessa woman would save his career.
I mean, Seth didn't do these terrible things.
It was Bill.
That makes perfect sense.
But then who killed Bill? Who murdered your husband? Listen, he wasn't going to stop.
He was going to kill all of those women.
I couldn't let him do that.
- So you stopped him.
- Yes.
I had to.
I-I shot Bill to stop him.
I mean, there was there was no other way to keep him from killing several more people.
How about calling the police? So, um, you put the gun where? - In Bill's coffin.
- Satisfied? - Can we stop this now? - Almost there.
Hold on.
We'll check that out.
Um, one last thing, Ms.
Landon, we never released any information about Bonnie Pearl's death, except to say that she was shot in her own vehicle.
I'm not Why does that matter? Well, Bonnie stopped because someone was having car trouble.
She lowered the window in the passenger side of her Mercedes, and she ended up shot to death.
And not any of these details were released through the press.
So only the person who killed Bonnie Pearl could have killed your husband in the exact same way.
And you just described it to us.
I was protecting my son.
Your son isn't a child anymore.
He's a well-educated adult who can fend for himself.
- You shut up.
- Oh? You shut up! You do not understand what I was going through! Oh, yes, I do! You're trying so hard to hold on to the life that you've been living, that you're willing to let - other people die to keep it! - [CELLPHONE RINGING] You're willing to sacrifice a young woman in great emotional turmoil just to keep your lifestyle, your money, your It wasn't my [HIGH-PITCHED RINGING] [NO AUDIO] I was the perfect wife! How is any of this fair to me?! - Just keep your mouth shut! - [CELLPHONE RINGING CONTINUES] You're under arrest for murder! - Shut up! Sharon! Sharon! - Listen to me! Get in here! Everyone, Buzz, call the paramedics! Damn it.
Starting compressions.
- Sharon! Sharon! - [CELLPHONE RINGING CONTINUES] Sharon! Yes? Yes, yes, doctor.
We know.
We're trying.
An ambulance is coming, but you have to help her, doctor, okay? - You have to help her! - He's got to leave.
Buzz! - You have to help her, doctor! - Buzz, get him out of here! - You have to help her, please! - Get him out of here! [HIGH-PITCHED RINGING] Sharon.
Don't give up, Sharon.
Sharon, please hang on.
[SIGHS] Manny, I have an emergency.
Oh, my.
Is it serious? Do you need me to drive you somewhere? Uh, I already got a Lyft on the way.
Hey, I'm sorry.
I have to go.
Someone will come and pick this up in a second, okay? Thank you.
Uh, it was great meeting you.
I-I have an emergency.
Someone will come pick this up in a second.
Emergency? Nothing serious, I hope.
Uh, it's my boyfriend ex-boyfriend.
The one we were just talking about? Is Is he okay? No, his mother's in the emergency room.
Uh, I'm I'm sorry to leave.
Uh, enjoy your visit anyway.
I-I hope I was helpful.
You were.
You were.
And, uh, maybe I'll see you again before I go.
- Sorry about your friend.
- Yeah.
Me, too.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] - What happened? [VOICE BREAKING] - She was interviewing a suspect and she collapsed and I guess her heart seized.
Julio got it restarted and then it seized again and the paramedics got it restarted.
Now we're waiting to hear.
Thank you for coming, Gus.
I appreciate it.
What's going on? I'm very sorry to tell you that 20 minutes ago, Commander Raydor's heart went into arrest.
We tried very hard to help her regain a rhythm, but we failed.
So the commander is We did everything we could.
I'm sorry.
I am so sorry.