Make It or Break It (2009) s03e02 Episode Script

It Takes Two

1 We actually made it, guys.
Can you believe it!? Next stop, Olympic Village! One day at this camp is worth one week anywhere else.
- Lauren, are you OK? - Back in line! - I didn't give permission to stop.
- What's the matter? - We know you got a letter.
- Max broke up with me.
Tonight you will say goodbye to your past.
Take off your Rock jackets, ladies.
Toss them in the fire.
- Jordan's your new teammate.
- You do know she's crazy? She also has a triple back dismount.
Rise and shine, rookies! Get used to it, ladies.
Think this is stressful? The big O is stressful.
Gym in five! Fish or cut bait, Tanner.
Those gold medals aren't gonna win themselves.
Don't even think of plugging in that curling iron.
Was I having a nightmare or has Jordan Randall crashed the TC? That was no dream.
She clawed her way in.
And the nightmare is she can do a triple back dismount.
No way she can land a triple.
Coach is just trying to psych us out.
And even if she did have it, the Jordan I know will self-destruct before she gets to the finish line.
I'm so sorry I kept you up all night whining about Max.
I have got to suck it up.
It's all just such a shock.
You don't have to apologize.
You'll get over Max.
I couldn't get through any of this without you.
Well, you won't have to.
Hey Bun up, rookie.
This workout is awesome.
There's a study in Belgium that says exercise pre-breaky increases muscle mass.
Plus, it's totes bonding! - Cruz! - Totes annoying.
Oh my gosh.
Is that Jordan Randall? - 60.
- What? Her score at the 2008 Junior Nationals when she won the Best All-Around.
But that was, like, eons ago.
Now she's just an aging gymnast without a club behind her.
Maybe Coach McIntire remembers how good she was - Good work.
- Nice work, Kaylie.
Congratulations on getting into the Training Center.
How are your folks? Good.
How's Coach Ray? - Good.
- Then we're all good.
I think Clipboard Cowboy has a spy.
How else could he have known that we were sneaking out and breaking curfew? Everybody better watch it.
We have a narc in our midst.
I have a feeling like it's Little Miss Sunshine.
One of these little witches has been blabbing about outside activities, and I don't like it.
My Rock jacket meant everything to me.
I totally get what a bummer that must have been for you guys.
How exactly do you "get it?" You've never been committed to a real team, much less The Rock.
Thanks, KP but it's sort of a Rock girl thing.
- Tanner.
- Great.
What we have as friends is forever.
That coach can't take it away by burning our jackets or anything else.
- Together to the big O? - All the way.
First things first.
There's a new girl.
Get used to it.
Second, nobody gets to the Olympics alone.
Starting today, you'll be working in pairs.
The girl I put you with is your other half, your twin.
You'll eat, sleep, breathe and train with your new partner.
You sink or swim together.
Wendy, say hello to Jordan.
Kaylie, you and Kelly Parker are together.
Payson, you'll be teaming with Lauren Tanner.
Now, in addition to being partners in the gym, y'all will also be rooming together.
Let's work.
I like this room so much better.
But that's probably just because you're in it.
I can't figure out why he did this.
Like, why are we together? Oh, that's easy.
This is just McIntire's way of merging the superpowers.
- Meaning? - Well, we're title holders.
You're the National Champion, I'm the World Champion.
We're the best of the best.
And then there's everybody else.
Could be a lot worse than me, you know.
You could be with Jordan Randall.
What gives with you two? Um, we were friends when we were kids.
Met at Ray Keegan's Rhythmic Gymnastics Camp in Florida.
I went there every summer, um, before I switched to artistic gymnastics.
During the year, we'd e-mail, make each other playlists Come on, give me the dirt.
It was just weird.
All of a sudden, in our third summer, she started, um, really kissing up to the coach.
Those girls are the worst.
Soon as she became his favorite, she totally iced me out.
Then the coach focused so much attention on her, that there was no time for anyone else.
You know what? I bet she's the narc.
Think about it.
She's already shown she'll do anything to get in.
- Jordan is actually talented.
- Not as talented as us.
You know what? I say out with the old, in with the new.
Right on roommate switcheroo.
No more drive-through.
Sometimes a man just needs a $3.
00 combo meal.
You realize your new plan has these girls totally freaked out.
Their roommates were their last comfort zone here.
I'm taking them all apart to see how best to put them back together.
But you kept Lauren and Payson together.
They're from the same class? Yeah, but I think Kaylie is the glue.
Take her out of the picture, and I don't know what happens to Payson and Lauren.
And I wouldn't want to find out in London.
No wonder you're dyspeptic.
How is it you always make big words sound so sexy? Mmm.
It's a gift, honey.
- Mm-mm.
Thank you.
- All right.
Sonny and Cher, Starsky and Hutch Batman and Robin Bert and Ernie.
Know what all those partnerships had in common? They knew how to make each other look good.
Your first assignment is to create a one minute floor routine showcasing your partner's strengths.
Your rankings will depend on how well the two of you work together.
Whether you love your partner or hate your partner, you must trust the partner I have chosen especially for you.
You're excused.
Remember Randall, you have one week to knock my socks off or get sent home.
Clock's ticking.
Hey! Hey, you OK? Yeah.
Super duper.
I just need my, uh, low glycemic twigs and berries.
Breaky? You clear for Thursday night? Oh, why? you taking me on a fancy date? A fancy date to the on-camera commentator class I signed us up for.
People are already calling us "the golden couple.
" OK? We're Bart and Nadia 2.
0, baby.
We could have big careers waiting for us after the Olympics.
Yeah, I don't know if I can right now.
I feel like I need to focus, and I'm stressed and Why? What's up? KP is my new roommate and training partner.
And I only have two days to choreograph a routine to her strengths.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, Kelly Parker? - Yeah.
- You better include some snake moves in that routine, cause that KP is one low down, slippery chick.
Look, I know that her mom may be nuts, but KP's not really that bad.
Have you forgotten that she stole your journal and tried to have you thrown out of the sport? You're too nice.
You can't trust her, especially now.
OK? It's clutch time.
I think she's changed.
People don't change, only their tactics do.
Oh, says my boyfriend and former skirt chaser.
Uh the only skirts I'm chasing now are yours.
Mm I'm wearing jeans.
Hey, look who's home! Um Can I talk to you for a minute? Oh.
For you? Always, roomsie.
Um Look, I just wanted to make sure, after all that's happened between us, um We're all good, right? Well Look, I know I've done some shady things in the past, but your friendship has showed me that gymnastics is more than cutthroat competition.
There's a real sisterhood in it.
I am so stoked that we're paired together, Kaylie.
You're right.
Um, sorry for bringing up the past.
That's all behind us.
Now, we're in it to win it.
OK, I have gotta hit the shower.
By combining your first two tumbling passes back to back, you'll get a high start value and more time for dance.
Do you have any feedback? I know some of the ballet moves are kind of basic, but before you jump down my throat, I was thinking It's fine.
"Fine?" You're Payson Keeler.
You're, by definition, never satisfied.
Especially with me.
Hey! We are far from fine.
I've figured out why we're together.
Because we're on the bottom.
We're the only two girls who have gone down in ranking since being here.
We could be looking at going home this week.
You better suck it up, this is game time, and you and I are stuck in this game together.
"Whatever?" Umm ending with a triple turn into a Popa? That's, um That's kind of simple, isn't it? Oh, well, I Your triple turn into the Popa and Shushunova will get you more bonus points than the longer leap series you were doing before.
This routine highlights your beautiful lines.
And instead of throwing every trick in and risk falling because it's too packed, you can focus on what you do best.
Yeah, I don't know.
I mean, - I guess it makes sense, but - Trust me.
It does.
- Do you have mine? - Yeah You really are a baby g.
- Gangster? - Gymnast.
OK, not this.
I'll do this.
Move this here and we're good.
This is what I'm doing, OK? I've only got a week to prove myself here, and I know what I'm good at.
Cool? Starting with a double twisting front punch front is huge.
It'll make a lasting impression.
Is it too hard? It's perfect for me.
Are you sure? Because it is hard.
But I can help you, or maybe take it down a notch? No, no.
I love it.
Um And I don't need any help.
Um I'll run through it a couple of times on my own.
- I'm solid.
- OK.
Mind your own business, snoopy.
I know you're the mole here, Jordan.
And pretty soon everybody else is going to figure it out, too.
Why didn't you admit to your teamie that you don't have the skills for the combo? Oh, wait, it's because you want to be her bestie.
Not her weak, pathetic little gym project.
You can chase the Rock girls all you want, but you will never be one of them.
See, I know Kaylie.
And just let me tell you from experience, she'll stab you in the back first chance she gets.
What the hell is going on with Payson? She's catatonic! - Just give her time, Lo.
- There is no time.
Our Olympic dream is on the line every freakin' second.
I'm not being pulled down by poopy Payson.
Look, Payson has been through a lot.
I don't think she ever got over that thing with Sasha.
Then Max drops a nuclear bomb on her.
She's trying to compete after being completely humiliated in the romance department again.
Well I know the remedy for that.
She just needs a replacement.
- A replacement what? - A replacement boy.
Oh, no.
You have got to be kidding.
Look, I know Payson a little better than you do.
She's not good with boys, and even worse with distractions.
So, please, promise me you're not gonna try and hook her up.
She's already in bad shape, and that could sink her.
OK, I promise.
So can you turn it up? Turn up the fun Let the good times roll for everyone Can you turn it up It's your lucky day, stud.
One of my dearest friends, Payson Keeler, is in the market for a new BF.
She's funny, warm, very hot, and you are the perfect match.
I mean, you're captain of the judo team.
And you have dimples! So, you're Ivy League, a Scorpio, hot for blondes You know what? Forget my friend.
That's my cell.
Don't be a stranger.
You guys are bikers, right? I'm Lauren Tanner.
Full-time gymnast, part-time matchmaker.
I'm Brad.
This is Rigo, your grungy sidekick.
I'm familiar.
Miss Congeniality.
I missed you.
Braddykins, I have the most fantastic girl who's currently boyfriend-less, which is such a pity.
Now, you can change all that if you play your cards right.
- What's wrong with her? - Nothing, she's just shy.
Yeah, that usually means hit with the ugly stick.
No way.
My girl is gorgeous, warm and Oh, well, that's her right there.
Hey, I met her at the welcome party.
She is hot.
I didn't know she was the Healthy Bar girl.
Does she have paparazzi? Because that would be awesome.
Ah, you're going to have to meet her at Coffee Cart in the quad tomorrow at three to find out.
Done deal.
Oh, and she can never find out this was a set-up.
No problem.
I got game.
That's why I picked you out of all the other guys on the campus.
Can you turn it up? Turn up the fun Check, please, chucky cheese.
Yo, amigo, leggo my ego.
The chicken is in the pot! What do you think? I need the best Austin Tucker signature phrase for our sportscasting class.
I can't possibly decide.
They're all so original? Hey, where are yours? Our assignment's due tomorrow.
I haven't started yet.
I've been pretty busy working with KP, so How's it going? KP gave me a really simple routine.
Babe, this is serious.
When are you going to start listening to me? Do you remember Bryce Riggins? No.
Do you remember a guy named Ben Feltz? Yeah, of course.
He won the all-around at Worlds.
Riggins was supposed to take all-around at Worlds, but he spent the summer here, at the TC, rooming with Feltz, who convinced him to get rid of his uprise double back.
Feltz made it his mission to con Riggins into playing it safe.
Riggins kept it simple, went soft, now he's managing a Big 5 in Decatur.
That chicken is in the pot.
What's wrong? I never would have put my tumbling combination with a dance move ending.
It's ten times better than what I was doing before.
It'll clean up the landing.
Plus, I added a Shushunova to your two and a half twist.
You can even dance out of that, all Lauren sassy pants.
And get even more bonus points.
How did you come up with this for me? I've only been watching you for, like years.
I know your strengths.
We just never worked together before.
But you were so bummed out.
How were you were able to focus on me and come up with all this? That's what you do on a team.
I sucked it up, for you, because I knew you were counting on me.
Are you ready to work on yours? I actually need to take a five.
Is that OK? Yeah.
Attention, ladies! Apparently, Randall needs more attention.
You know what? Since your teammate hasn't mastered listening skills, you can all stay for an extra hour of conditioning today.
Hit the line.
Wind sprints.
Coach, can I use the bathroom? Three minutes.
Hey, Rigo! I need you to tell Brad that his date's been changed to 4:00.
Got it Mrs.
I'll tell Mr.
Smith there has been a hitch in the secret plan.
Don't joke, this is important.
Oh and remind him this is on the down low.
She can't find out it's a set-up.
Tell him to just bump into her or something.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
- Wait, Kaylie, I have a present for you.
- A present? I was thinking we could perform our routines in them.
Our own team leos.
Go, team us! Wow.
They're almost matching.
Well, and I know that pink is technically your signature color, but we have the same skin tone so it'll look great on the both of us.
And, FYI, it's custom.
Just like all your leos.
How'd you get my measurements? I just looked in your duffle bag, and got the info off one of your leos.
- Thanks - Yeah, anytime.
- I'll see you at home.
- Mm-hm.
What an amateur.
One 300 dollar leo will never buy the love of a Rock girl.
Especially National Champion Cruz.
Listen, you gypsy gymnast jerkface.
You better back the hell off or else.
I'd do some extreme sports with that guy.
Whoo! Hi.
Are you talking to me? - Thanks for the mocha.
- Thanks for hanging out.
So what exactly was that you were doing on your bike? 360 bunnyhop with a squeaker tailwhip.
Well, almost.
That's what I thought I was gonna do.
Man without a plan? The plan was for you to have coffee with me, so maybe man without an exact science, but there was indeed a plan.
I practically had to light myself on fire to get you to look up.
Your friend can't make it? Lucky us.
Otis! The wrestlers always end up with that dude and all the luck.
This year, the BMX team is gonna ambush them at the last minute.
Oh, we already got punked trying to steal him on the first week here.
They called us Barbies.
They think we're little girls.
I only see empowered women.
I should get back to my dorm.
Oh no, it is the time for the second part of my plan, giving you a ride home.
Uh It's safe.
No squeaker tailwhip.
I promise.
Maybe that's what I'm into.
Really? You're a tailwhip girl? - I'm a tailwhip woman.
- Oh.
When you are having A bad dream I'll whisper "Things aren't What they seem" Wake up and I am here Wake up and I'm right here And when you can't escape the rain I'll make you colorful again Stay under my umbrella What'd I tell ya? .
Increased heart rate? Sweaty palms? Anything out of the ordinary? Negatory.
I'm tip-top.
You were right, it was the blood sugar after all.
Fiber is a miracle.
That's good.
I'd hate to pull you out of training.
I'm gonna go ahead and cancel that body scan I had scheduled for you.
Thanks, I really appreciate your concern.
I'll see you soon.
I want to keep a close watch on any deviations.
I'll let you know about the tiniest thing.
It's so ugly.
Deets on your date, stat.
It wasn't a date, it was It was magic.
- Oh, hey stranger.
- I gotta get a refill.
Wind sprints and cute boys are dehydrating.
I set Payson up with this hottie and, bingo, she's all better.
I know, I'm a genius.
I guess I know Payson better than you.
You do know how bad this could be for Payson if it all goes south, right? It's not gonna happen.
What could go wrong? It's a boy.
And Payson.
So, Kay, what's up? We haven't seen you in like Forever.
Well Austin wants me to take this stupid class that I don't want to do.
It's not like my plate isn't full already.
So bail.
This is your career.
You need to take care of you here, not Loverboy.
You're right.
I have to tell him.
I'll do it tonight before the class.
It's just so hard to say no sometimes.
And there's this other thing - KP got us matching leos.
- She did not.
I think it's kind of sweet.
She went into my bag and got the size out of one of my other leos.
I repeat, she went into my bag.
- Scarytown.
- Yeah.
The last time KP was in your bag she stole your journal.
And the worst part is the stupid leo has the - Three quarter sleeves? - Oh, you hate those! It's not my fault my forearms are hairy.
Aw - Stop it.
Stop it.
- Stop it.
I'm outta here.
You eating that? Cool.
What do you like better? Bang goes the drum or Feed me nails and call me Rusty? That doesn't even make sense.
Who's 'Rusty'? Why can't you take this seriously? It's really important.
Austin, why does this whole thing matter so much to you? It's just distracting us from training.
What's wrong? Tell me.
I lost the Kobalt endorsement.
They didn't hire "boyfriend guy.
" They hired a player.
It's because you're with me? Austin, I Hey.
Don't even think like that.
I'd give up a lot more than that to be with you.
But now I'm a little short of dough, and I really need this thing.
The most important thing is to connect with your audience.
I'll run copy on the teleprompter, and presto, you're all gonna have a demo tape as your calling card.
Now let's start things off with the golden couple, You two really could make broadcasting a career after the Olympics.
Come on, you're up.
And three, two, one, you're on.
Thanks everyone for joining us at the World Cup in New York City.
I'm Kaylie Cruz.
And I'm Austin Tucker.
This city um Sorry.
Can I just start it again? - Keep going.
- OK This city never This city This city never sleeps, Kaylie.
And it usually doesn't tumble either.
But today there'll be plenty of that going on in Madison Square Garden as the best gymnasts in the world turn this town upside down.
Yo, amigo, leggo my ego.
Yo, amigo, leggo my eggo.
So come on inside where you'll find 15 of the world's best gymnasts fight for their chance at glory.
Bang goes the drum.
Kaylie, clearly you have a future in this if you want it.
I'd like to make a call to ESPN for you.
Excuse me.
Steven Lang, you're up.
We should go to the practice mat and work out that move together.
It took me a long time to get it, too.
I so have it.
I have no idea why I bailed.
I did it like a hundred times earlier.
What's so entertaining? If you've done the two and a half twist punch front a hundred times, it should only take you a few more times to land it.
We can wait.
I'm sure Kaylie wants to see it.
I designed your whole opening around that one big skill.
Tell me where you're really at.
Look, sometimes it hits and sometimes it just I don't have it.
Why would you lie to me? Our rankings depend on this.
We have to perform this tomorrow.
- Our butts are on the line! - I am really close, and I always come through in a clinch.
Because that's what winners do.
And you and I are winners, girl.
Hey, hot stuff, if I'd known you were going to the showers, I'd have loaned you my bubble gum shower gel.
Trust me, boys love to smell a girl who's practically edible, and you're meeting your new love muffin this afternoon.
Oh! Want me to help you get ready? I'm good.
Is this your dad's Old Spice? That's it.
I'm helping you, I don't care what you say.
I have just the lipstick to wow this guy, and a top that will look mad sexy on you.
Come on! Let's go.
Hey, I looked for you after class, but I had to go see the trainer.
My shoulder was acting up.
Being the oldest guy on the team sucks.
And now that broadcasting isn't in my future You don't need broadcasting.
You're gonna bring home Olympic gold.
You have more talent than anyone I have ever known.
Don't give that class a second thought, babe.
You're nobody's show pony.
You're a gold medalist stud.
Thank you.
I'm just calling it like I see it.
Not for that.
For not making fun of me.
Bang goes the drum, honey.
Ta-da! Wow, you're You're sort of a wizard.
And I have a skirt you can wear, too.
I should stick to pants, I'm probably gonna be on a bike.
I thought Brad would have a car.
Brad? Brad who hit on me at the mixer? Didn't you say his name was Brad? No, his name is Rigo.
Rigo?! That little tweaker in the knit cap? - It was supposed to be Brad! - Who's Brad? You set this whole thing up?! That's how you thank me, you crybaby!? Oh, let's just humiliate Payson again.
That's your idea of a good time? Get out of my business, and out my life! It's not my fault the wrong guy showed up! Blame him, not me! You're right.
It's both your fault! I'm done with both of you.
And for the record, I'm nobody's charity date! Yes, you are! ! I don't know what Lauren gave you to go out with me, mister, but you should give it back because this joke is over.
Forget everything I said to you.
You're a jerk! Please, you gotta let me explain.
Yes, Lauren did manipulate this set-up, but it was with my friend Brad.
I'm way ahead of you there, genius.
Payson, the first time I saw you last week at the bonfire, I was knocked out.
I tried asking Lauren about you, but she thought I was hitting on her.
And when this opportunity came up, I had to take it.
I kicked Brad out of the equation to be with you, and I'd do it again.
Even if it was only for that one ride yesterday.
But I hope it's for more than that.
You tricked your friend to get a date with me? He's not good enough for you.
I think there's only one guy here good enough for you.
Do you have any idea what you look like right now? Here.
Here, I got this.
And, just so you know, Lauren didn't give me anything except the chance to meet one of the fieriest babes I've ever come across.
And for that I'm grateful.
Let's get one thing straight.
I don't need you manipulating my social life or anything else.
Just try and be a rational, non-invasive human being for once.
And one more thing.
Thanks for however you got this to happen.
Because he is great.
- Really? - Really times a hundred.
OK, so deets on your date? Yeah! Yes, yes, yes.
OK, so Teamie! We're gonna be late! Have you seen my sweatshirt? Oh.
Let's do this.
Here's how it goes down today.
I take everything into account, the way you've performed all week and the routines you're about to do designed by your partner.
You'll both be ranked together today.
And, when we're done, I'll be cutting two more girls.
I'm sorry, were you expecting "Warm and Fuzzy Camp?" This is cutthroat.
You think that Chinese team is going to cut you slack in London? Well, they're not.
I got it.
Up first, Lauren Tanner and Payson Keeler.
OK, keep your rotation clean in the air, and don't lose your shimmer on your turn sequence.
And bring it, sister.
I love speed I'm gonna try this Give me keys I'll get behind it Steal your heart right on this highway Fear me not I am the driver Pump it Thank you.
For being my partner and making me look good.
Now get out there and kill it.
No brakes Let's roll it up let's take a chance They haven't lost track of time Let's roll it up under the rug Could be the trip of your life I've got to find it On my feet Everybody start jumping Check my It's good to want it I'll make it pop Jordan Randall and Wendy Capshaw.
OK, so, I thought about it more, and I'm gonna do the routine you created for me.
- You are? - It was a little outta my zone, but I thought about it and I realized, you are pushing me.
And that's good.
Let's roll it up let's take a chance They haven't lost track of time Let's roll it up under the rug Could be the trip of your life You gave me solid material, baby g.
Let's roll it up under the rug Next, Kelly Parker and Kaylie Cruz.
This is not her routine.
- I didn't think so.
- Nope.
Not at all.
Why'd you add the longer leap series? To save our butts.
If you couldn't land the big move, I had to do it for the both of us.
These are the new team rankings.
Team number one: Atchinson and Demeritt.
Team number two: Tanner and Keeler.
Team number three: Capshaw and Randall.
Team number four: Conway and Evans.
Team number five: Cruz and Parker.
Team number six: Dillon and Henniford.
And finally, Lee and Leparte.
Come with me.
That'll be all for today.
Wait, it's been a week, what about me? Well, you're still on the board, Jordan.
I guess you're staying.
- Yes.
- Excuse me, Coach McIntire.
How is it possible that my ranking dropped on the board? I had more skills then anyone in my routine, and it was flawless.
KP! What in the hell were you two thinking? Were you or were you not listening when I said this was a trust exercise? Miss Parker here was too afraid to show any weakness to ask you for help.
And, Kaylie Cruz, you did yourself a huge disservice by not trusting the choreography your partner designed for you.
It was simple, clean, and played to your strengths.
No Rock girl could've designed it better.
I suggest the two of you learn to trust each other, or take up lawn bowling.
Why didn't you ask me for help? Why didn't you trust me? I designed a good routine for you.
Because your track record for trust is crap.
Can't you see that I'm trying to put that behind me? Doesn't what the coach just said about my choreography prove it? I want the best for you.
Yeah, I guess it does.
And I realize that I can't compete with Lauren and Payson for your friendship, but I was so excited to be paired with you, Kaylie, and I was so bummed you didn't feel the same way.
I'm sorry.
I got it in my head that I couldn't trust you and then once I did that, that's how I saw everything you did.
You designed a killer routine.
I couldn't see it.
Just promise me, from now on, you'll ask me for help.
Because that's what friends do.
And Payson and Lauren are not perfect, far from it, and neither am I.
What makes us a team is that we share everything.
And I'm sorry about not wearing your leo.
I, um I just hate three quarter sleeves.
Why? - I can trust you, right? - Yes.
Yeah, you don't want to get that stuck in spandex.
- No.
- No.
No way! OK, from now on, I promise to tell you everything.
The good and the bad and the ugly.
It's you and me Kaylie all the way.
Yup, you and me, girl.
All the way.