Malcolm in the Middle s02e06 Episode Script


Does your branch is bigger than mine? I do not know.
Are just branches.
Yes, but how the industry got bigger? I always get broken branches.
Why does everything in me is so bad? I never get anything good! My life sucks! Give me that.
Sometimes unfortunate things solve everything.
I do not understand why we need a nanny.
Yes, especially because only would be for two days.
Why not trust us? It is not fair.
I hope they manage themselves.
the nurse came in two hours.
Do nothing.
Honey, come on.
I see Britney Goodbye! See what happens? We said we did not want nanny And we listened.
So now you have to suffer.
What is that? It's the cesspool.
Is it like a pool? Is drainage of the house.
Pets are dead and bacteria of all kinds.
Hurry, it sucks.
Vamos! Arrive at any moment! Sorry.
We let "Lemonade" in the refrigerator.
Maybe scared and left.
Hey guys, I'm Patty.
I'm your babysitter.
"We apologize for a second? I hope Barbara and Tom come this year Are some people very funny.
Well, I'm sure Jack Kanilly going to be there.
Honey, why do not you talk to him? It is the most reasonable Talk to me will not change anything is something to meet you.
Already exceeded.
Not true.
It's all of what you speak whenever we As stole your idea for improving competition by 4% in 1998 Honey, you're obsessed.
I'm not obsessed! Only I have this look he always gives me.
And those little chills disjointed.
Did I tell you the story of how Ephen Vegans he grew his land? Yes, a thousand times, but never mind because the count again.
Well, first it was a stolen space Zylla, but it would not kill him .
So guys, what kind snack's want to eat? Excuse me? Well, I could make some popcorn or chocolate biscuits.
But Mom says that these things are not healthy.
Okay, they are so cute! Hello? Malcolm, how are you? Listen, I need do me a favor.
There are 200 or 300 identifiable false in the washer.
Now that mom is not safe transfer to the garage.
But Francis, I can not do that now.
What? What are you talking about? "Francis? Is that Francis? Tell Patty Anderson of the great bra is here.
Patty Anderson sends you greetings.
My God! Your nanny is Patty Anderson? Let me talk to him.
Do not leave it ! "Hi! Hello Patty Been a long time! You probably will not remember me.
Hi Francis! Hello Patty Yeah, I remember you, how - What happened? Do you have to use the phone? Sorry Patty I have to go, bye! Francis is so great.
He was the only kid who always was good to me.
Come on guys! Not so fat! That cute! It's so cute! Yes .
I'm very like him.
I'll tell you, before dinner Why not order the house together? Good idea! Great! Look! They did very similar to a television free on the beach, and there that the food PPS.
They are Barbara and Tom.
There is Kanilly.
For the love of God, Hal! You have to overcome just reach out and talk.
Despejate! Okay, according .
What do you do when you have a amazing woman in your room? O.
I I It's the best thing that happened to me, bring the premature.
Well, nice to meet you guys.
You want something? Well.
Have fun.
She is a trophy as a babysitter.
Impacted me deep I wonder if you know how get a shirt.
What about you? How could you do this? What are you talking about? Invite the fools who consider Patty like a piece of meat.
Mom and Dad will pay good money.
She is ours! We're going.
He will not do anything with it at home.
fence, is Kryptonite.
So Is this the teddy Reese? It's so charming! Suddenly I see you have a fututo .
I never saw it just Whenever I was so sorry Patty.
I was in love with me used to follow me everywhere Big arms, very unpleasant I mean, it was nice and had feelings but you can do when he likes you someone so horrible Gave a good fight! No.
I'm ashamed of it.
Hey, he stole your idea! How often can happen to you ideas to improve something at 4%? at least you did scream like a girl.
No, that was me.
I do not know what happened to Hal, never had been doing so.
Also this time there was no provocation or false testimony.
Men are animals.
Or at least that I was told.
Are you already drunk? No, I wish I could but I have to go back my things in 24 hours.
Look how stupid I am.
I mean, these are people I worked with and thus should not quarrel.
Should apologize to Kennelly.
Did you know that can be used here wear whatever without even rent it? Well, I knew I could with T-shirts of the kids but Enough is enough, stop fighting! Do not stand there, Do Something! - You Look another drink.
- Okay What? What are you doing? What are you doing? Here you go.
Hungry? I do not know because I am.
"Dewey? Go ahead guys, eat.
These potatoes are heavenly.
yesterday in my gifted class.
Not that I would be, by so called "class.
" We explained how to feed other bodies.
It covers diseases cows.
Started because they said using dead cows is fed to other cows.
Basically, the brain becomes in soups with brains.
It is very similar to a disease with cannibals, because they eat brains.
Hey Patty, let me ask.
What is your address? Northcand 531.
What is your favorite color? I dunno, I guess blue.
Mine too.
"Hello Patty, address Nortchand 531 and her favorite color is blue, like mine " I can dance with me, let me show you.
All right.
This is embarrassing.
My God you are an angel! That is a very nice scene.
Why does the dishes? I do not know, just shut up.
Very good! Gosh, It was under the bed! Here it is! Wait just a little more.
My God, just threw it against the wall.
I grabbed it, is this! Well, now you're completely clean.
Now put on your pajamas.
Hi guys.
Well, stop the role of the cute little thing.
What cute little thing? You! Get out with your big eyes and your finite voice! I have to resist ruin my efforts.
I'm not doing anything! Yes? So what is it? Nothing! Are you going to do a card? No! Do you like glitter, Dewey? Dewey! This is his way of being, is a walking disaster for this area.
I guess I need another shower! Vamos! And not much ice this time I'm not cold.
Hey, why not pay for dinner and we get benefits? Are you abusing me because I'm drunk? Yes.
Hopefully he did.
I hope you're proud yourself.
I can not help it! I do not know what it is.
It's like this man gives some presumption And makes my hair stand on end and I want to tear it down! I never would fight me and someone.
Of course occasionally yell at others, always that the window of the car is lifted.
I just say "thanks.
" Tom, do not give sermons.
I'm saying that Hal would do what he did if I could.
But you can not because you're a coward.
That's my point.
And I have Sr.
Solins in mathematics Do you think you change your pants? I think not Really? And I keep talking! I lost track of time! It was so nice talking to you! Yes, yes you too.
You were always so nice to me.
Well, you deserve it because you're a good person.
I will use a shirt of yours to sleep I hope you do not mind No, no.
Anyway, I do not know how to say this so I just tell him I think you are really special.
Ohi coming in a couple of weeks and my parents will be out of town And thought you might stay in my house and we could well you know Patty Listen, I have to say this Sorry but I do not get that to you I feel so no physical attraction to you And all I think of you only as a friend.
Patty Oh, now I hurt your feelings.
I know it's hard to believe but out there someone you encotraba physically attractive And you'll find and when you do Francis I understand it, there's someone for me out there and not you! That's the spirit! You had to do.
It's sad when you steal someone's happiness This is going to go straight to the refrigerator.
Hey Patty, do you want to play something? Not now.
Where you going? To find out what is wrong, and make her feel better.
No, I'll go see what happened and make you feel better! Only'll feel more sad! I have to be sensitive.
You are stupid and insensitive.
I'll break your ass! Say that I can make you feel better! No! You're so sweet.
It's nice.
I hate to be nice! I feel great maybe it was the food.
"Hal's my ? "Where is Hal? I used to have a life more quieter than this, I apologize.
I can not believe she sleeping in the bed under the hall.
I can not sleep.
Is it so cute? What?! I'm scared.
I had a nightmare.
Would you sleep with me? Okay, let's go.
I can not believe it! I'm supposed to be a genius What I'm being beaten by a child who can not tie his shoes? We can not let him get away with it.
Let's overthrow.
Could you please stop? You are humiliating me in front of my friends! I'm fine! The two big men already! And not have to go fighting here! Too late! I can not, I am a wild animal! and let nature take its course And kill! In 30 seconds I will guide you mentally to go.
Thank you my love, thanks! And then you have the choice You can use your animal instincts with him o.
Can return to the hotel And download this anger me.
Do not play my anger, Lois! There are things you can not talk to people like him.
It is a very complicated situation.
I know, honey.
It's working! Well, I grabbed him and you will put the tape on his mouth And then we put it in the garage.
Where did he go? There it is.
Come to daddy.
The locked! Dewey, come to bed.
All right.
Great What are we supposed to do now? My God! What is this? Well, at least not today was all a waste.
Heaven What is this?