Malcolm in the Middle s02e12 Episode Script

Krelboyne Girl

Give me that.
Never learns.
Malcolm 2x12 - The gifted "From fans, for fans":) Mom, what are you doing? Malcolm Heaven! Why pay for these underpants you're not using? Mom Why you're not using your underpants?! I wear boxers.
Really? Maybe soon you think you need more space But I'll tell you, you are too optimistic.
Just for once I would not have to suppress a childhood memory.
Do not you think Dewey is somewhat old to playing with stuffed animals? Maybe I should start gradually forget Sunday.
I guess that part of childhood is over.
It's so sad Our little one is growing.
Give me that.
Hey Look at the new girl Fresh Meat! You will not have to be afraid.
What are you talking about? The torture to which you submitted it ended.
What torture? Vamos! I broke the tray of food.
When I broke the tips of the pencils.
When you sneeze and no one said "health.
" I still feel bad about it.
Now that took your place our pent-up anger is going to go against it.
You know, the massacres and torture you throughout the school Why do you want to do that to someone else? Do not even know, maybe it's nice.
Hi, Malcolm.
So are you new here? Yes.
My dad wanted to get out of Manhattan, but I think the real reason is that my mother has remarried and is quite hard And he thinks a new environment will help the truth is Nothing is the same since my brother died in a boating accident.
Just kidding! What? Consiganse a room Anyway See you later.
And I'm glad that your brother is okay.
I have no brother.
Cadets Apparently one of you had the compulsion to to take my stud Baker of 37 'for a walk in a corn field Can be sure that the head is to be punished harshly.
I know that I ordered last night excursions painful by swamp full of leeches Or the operation to dig ditches and then filling them etc etc etc .
But things have changed Thanks to a criminal conviction on corporal punishment justice can return and take me out of retirement a.
The old Jicory Are hungry for the meat insolent Hi Dad! Hi son, what's up? Do I need a little favor I'll try.
What do you need? An alibi, if you ask just have to say yesterday we went fishing.
What did you do? Think you need to specify? I mean, you have to do this for me.
I will not lie for you! All right.
I want my payment! What do I pay? You know, that for once in a lifetime, I just ask and you do not need to ask.
That there Francis! Dad! No, sorry son, I can not help Have to face the consequences of you did as an adult.
All I have to say I'm very disappointed in you.
Was Francis? How are you? Well just to get a good grade in history.
Great! It takes a long time to get into trouble, things may be starting to change.
So Salts Why so late? I had to use the computer And you why salt so late? I liked what you said in class about search for intelligent life in the universe.
And I waited here just to tell me that? You know, I was thinking, "Why bother to look for life on space? If we make contact with aliens probably end up taking care of your laundry.
Just kidding.
So, how does it feel to have siblings? I do not know Well, I have to go home, bye.
What happens? A new rare girl school, followed me home! Really? Is it pretty? What does that have to do with the boxers? Mom, please do not! Hello! Thanks again for inviting me.
No, nothing! If my son was not an unpardonable rude I would have invited itself.
Be good to her She obviously has no friends at all.
Malcolm, could you ask your girlfriend to pass me the potatoes? Malcolm, could you thank your girlfriend? So Cindy, you're the kind of Malcolm.
Malcolm Could you ask your girlfriend if you want more lentils? You've spoken! Thank you, Mr.
Chicken, for giving his life for I keep on living.
What are you doing? If I kill and eat someone, I'd like thank you.
Hello? I'm the commander Spangler, academia Marlon.
Sorry to bother you but we had an incident to last week and have done a thorough investigation And it seems that his son, Francis, is the prime suspect.
Well that's impossible because he was with me last weekend.
Really? Yeah, yeah, we went fishing.
Are you sure? Amazing, do not know how to fight, I have fish as test Do not you want to send you some? No, okay.
No, I insist, I have a freezer full! Well, where is Sunday? Come on, I can smell it! Honey Think you just want to take off to Sunday because I'm cruel? Absolutely.
Dewey The reason why I want you out that Teddy is because is very dirty It's full of germs and you could get sick.
He would not do that I want.
Are Germs love.
They are small bugs that bring diseases and Sunday has many.
When you play they get on your hands and What if after you touch your eyes? I tell you what would happen The germs would get into them and infect And I infirmaries much and end your optic nerve you and your eyes Cairi rot.
So If you want to keep Sunday, you can But if you want to continue with his eyes you should give it to me.
You made a wise decision, dear.
To rest.
Hi Malcolm.
I wanted to sit alone Yes, hello Decided that we will be lab partners.
Cintia know spend much time with me Maybe it would be good look for other friendships.
This seems a good idea We get along so well that even some among us might arise.
Anything? Malcolm "Having lunch with your girlfriend? She is not my girlfriend.
I do not know.
I saw how you look Please do not touch me.
Yes, and you know it! He does not like to be touched.
Well then, I'll do this.
Well now that your body is di smelly and totally disgusting.
My body is totally gross and smelly.
Something you want to add? I'm fine.
What was that? It crabman.
A method of defense of the Israeli army.
Maybe me show you sometime.
If you think you can handle.
What is all this fish? Nothing, except that I did something stupid.
Are you going to put them in the freezer? Just for tonight, tomorrow I will send them by mail.
Dewey what are you doing? Killing germs, I hate germs, scary! Do not forget the seeds in the oven.
Hello? You're the best dad ever! I am not! I am a terrible parent! Should never have lied to you.
Well, the important thing is that all this happened and I learned the lesson.
What lesson are you talking about? That you're the best dad ever! Francis You know, I have no desire to talk about it.
Yeah, yeah .
Spangler, says the father of Francis I fear I lied Francis is responsible for the cadet that destroyed his car.
I see.
Well this puts me in a somewhat compromised.
The culprit is being punished as we speak.
But Francis did, you're punishing the wrong cadet.
Excuse me like that? In my 30 years in academia I have never beaten Cadet wrong.
Excuse me, said "whip"? No.
But sir Consider the case closed.
But sir You should take 5, comrades.
Yes, we are having lunch together.
So what? She likes to sit with me.
For these two are having a conversation quite interesting.
Did you know that I can read lips? I'm impressed! "I can kiss you? I was hoping you ask me! Let me finish my sandwich first.
The wait is sweet agony.
Well, I'm ready.
I do not, I just bite my sandwich! You're a fool! Well, if pressed for 10 seconds and you faint.
If I do it for 20 seconds you will die of a brain hemorrhage.
Are you wearing perfume? It's my shampoo.
Jasmine, do you like? If it smells good.
They say it removes dandruff, but I'm not sure, look What do you think? "Malcolm? It seems the Cintia and you have created a real chemistry.
Shut up! No, you see, is a pun I said shut up! I'll send it by mail And other things if you do not mind.
So discover how many words are formed with your phone number? In my five.
Just kidding.
If you tell a joke you do not have to say "Just kidding" Or is it funny or not.
Just because you're cute does not mean you have to be rude.
That was not rude that was What demo ? You said it was cute? Hi Malcolm, What happened? I just wanted to talk to someone that is bothering me.
What is it? There is a girl Keep away from her mom! What? I'm warning you! Keep mom away from your love life! Mom has nothing to do with it.
Trust me, if you have, it will ruin everything.
I swear.
What mom tells you, do not.
And neither do the opposite.
The way it works with me is It never really works for me.
I do not think that's a good idea.
I've thought about this for a long time.
Well, whatever.
When you're not going to talk to Dewey? As I finished with the windows Hey! I want a rematch.
The last time the sun was giving me in the eyes, and I could not Hi Malcolm! What will you do after school? We are buying a dog and I want you to help me choose one My mom wants a Golden Retriever but I prefer a plain dog labrador Because everyone has the Golden y.
I do not want to be more with you in the lab! What? Say It was not my idea The teacher said I have to work with another.
All right.
Hello son.
What are you doing here Dad? Need to talk.
A journey of eight hours just to talk to me? I think this is best to talk face to face man to man.
What is it? Francis, wrecking the car of the commander and not you were punished.
Another cadet it was and not fair.
Did you all this way to tell me that? Well well And your mother said you could leave the military school and I I told him I did not think it was a good idea.
What? Francis, neither was right and has to be consequences for that.
Vamos! Look, if I did this would fallándote as a parent.
There must be another way! No, no I've been thinking about the whole trip.
This is the only right thing to do because I I was also complicit.
It's all I had to say.
Sounds like you have things to do so I leave here.
I love you son.
Have fun.
Dewey, we need to talk.
Baby, when you talked about germs was only trying to scare you That was wrong.
But this is not about germs Honey, it's about growing.
The reason I had to get you to Sunday's because 're too old for that teddy bear that is falling apart! Dewey, you have to calm down! It is a small insect, never hurt anyone! It has many germs! Well, that's enough.
See? I have met with nothing.
Well okay then Take off the plastic and go to breakfast.
But anyway Look at him, talking to these idiots! Who is that? What am I saying? I do not care Why should I care? There is nothing special about her Why should I bother so much? If I am a genius, you should find a clever way out of this.
Why did you throw a brick at the window of my daughter at 2 am? I do not know Really do not know.
How could you do that? I was seriously scared of Malcolm.
I do not know, sorry! The good news is that mom will kill me before the end of this.
I moved to the suburbs for my daughter is attacked at night.
For the love of God! There has been an attack, just wanted to meet her! Excuse me? Mom, no! Do not worry Malcolm will be punished but not be afraid.
But Do not you remember when you were their age? Do all the nonsense that did to their girlfriends? I'm not your It puberty! Their bodies go crazy and can not help it! Starting to be kisses like fools, then excited and as they know do they give for throwing bricks and stuff.
My oldest son set fire to a dog kennel! They are idiots at this age! That's all they do.
If good, it could be But this kind of behavior is not acceptable.
No, it is not.
But better get used to it because I'm going to say now This is a small plant In the next 3 years all your cells burst It will be something against it, but do not let that affect you.
You'll be happy when you get to college.
Come on.
I'll give the number of glass companies.
We have given a lot of work, it will be treated well.
At least not stripped us to take pictures.
Do not despair Okay.
You know what? I do not I really like.
I'm willing to say I really like.
You too me.
Very well then What? I'm not excited or anything like that, right? No, me neither.
And my body is not going crazy.
God! Why I say that? Malcolm! What are you doing? Cintia, believe me, I'm trying to kiss and if you give me a minute to clear my mind I will be able to kiss you, right? Excuse me? Francis said you'd say that And who is this Francis? Not what you think, is my brother.
Were you going to kiss me thinking about your brother? No, I was thinking about my mom.
No, I mean I thought in your bra.
No, I was thinking about what's in your bra! Well I mean .
what will be there in your bra! "I can start again? I wonder if I can convince someone that I fell.