Malcolm in the Middle s02e25 Episode Script


Vamos! They said I could play You have to download again No Vamos! You're the only one coming No Always on and never let me play We'll let you play It's a promise Vamos! Around here, they promised No Promised The first 50 times he was funny then was sad.
It is not fair, it's my turn.
It is funny again Francis dad back to school tomorrow Can we not see what he wants? This is educational Is a celebration of human spirit Shows a way to keep though we are defeated.
No, do not use the rocket skates.
Hal, are you coming to my room? Yes, if a second is Hal! Okay, who did what? You did, I have two weeks late What? No! If No, no, you can be, can not be We have been careful.
How do you let that happen? Which as I leave this happen? You're kidding right? Just say, you are the woman.
What's that supposed to mean? You know I'm not reliable in those things You're the keeper That's the dumbest thing you've said in your life.
Not even close! How much are you making me a soda, Dewey? Mom and dad are fighting Really? Do not be afraid boy, everything will be fine.
Believe me Do you know that distract you from that? Prepare a sandwich Sorry, this is just disgusting.
It is disgusting to me too.
Can not be pregnant We are not ready for this And when we were ready for this, Hal? Okay, go ahead The holy bond of marriage is a sacred act Maybe we should take to hospital No I will not give birth to our baby out of wedlock.
Do not understand why suddenly you're so obsessed with this A week ago the certificate marriage was just a paper Change of opinion Yes, and made me the happiest man in the world.
Welcome home, Francis.
This place is beautiful! Oh thanks I can not accept all the credit the decorator did it but .
here it is.
Save the change.
A second a second Oh almost forgot with so much emotion.
Here are a cigar is Cuban Thanks Nothing Hal have a baby Yes, we do.
Baby Baby, baby It's beautiful, we are lucky is not hal? Yes, luck Do you think we'll be good parents? You're kidding, the best Do you think that will change our relationship? "Our what .
? No, no! Because now we get along And everybody says that a baby changes everything I have to feed Why? We have to watch their weight Hal, the nurse said that fed every four hours.
Yeah, well, you saw the appearance the nurse.
Hal .
where's the baby? I do not know how to say exactly but I think the baby is In the closet.
Yes! Here it is! Perfectly safe.
"Baby got involved in the closet? So what? You left the milk on the shelf.
Come, my love.
I never turn away from me again Hey Mom's OK if I take .
Get out! You had to blame for using pants that are broken knee Hal Oh, if you throw everything you would walk soaked exita with a napkin and a baseball cap.
Basta! What you want from me? I'm just a human Oh please hal as you enter the room you become more beast than man.
Well, then all my fault Yes, great here comes the rain! Mosquito stupid What happens to Mom and Dad? Oh, just wait .
in an hour will be kissing It's unpleasant Mosquito stupid Stupid! Oh, God give me a break Reese! Ready Francis is fast asleep Empty the dishwasher and loaded the dishwasher.
I had no time to remove the pudding Your hair dryer, maybe tomorrow.
Adios What time you're at home? I do not know .
5 6 9 Did you say 9? Honey I can not cancel another engagement I have to go eat, I have to catch up.
Hal this is ridiculous, work 14 hour shifts.
This baby hits kills me from within And Francis is out of control Something has to change This also will talk with my boss.
Yeah, I said before.
Yes, and then it I fell from the sky and was not a good time, now is better.
Okay? I love you Martin have been leading sales is Company 5 years in a row.
No one has succeeded in overcoming Just do my hours cut a bit just to help around the house.
You understand, you have kids.
Absolutely, hal Do not worry, I'll find the way to which I work.
Hi hal! Hi Bil Hal supplies .
! What? I trained in that subject I gave half my agenda And do you know why I said this morning? Need more cargo and not even need my burden God! "Another contraction? No, kicking me between contractions "What happens to this child?! Are you having fun go? Okay, let's take a look at the oven.
God! How much will I need? Because I swear I'll kick the kidneys There are 2 centimeters dilated I would say 4 to 5 hours at least.
No! Heaven, the doctor said .
NO! Going to leave now, I'm sick of this.
Going out now sir.
What are you doing? Not the time to push Only going to prolong your labor Great, it became a challenge.
Lady's only going to run out And when it's time to bid really be exhausted.
Look can I just say force all you want.
But it will not a.
Oh god, nurse Going great, going great Do not forget to breathe Do you think we're ready for a second child? We have twice as many children and half the money What will happen to us? Well, well find a way You know, we love.
We will adjust and mucho.
Children alone are Yes! And here it comes AH! By god, I kicked the nose While Esters Pregnancy test What took you so long? Wanted to go to the supermarket where you work.
Were the other side of town Yes, if you want to give you the path Do you want details too? Open up! Busy! Garden! Lost your head? Come and let you choose the tree.
Mom and Dad are getting divorced? What are you talking about? Is that they are very angry Do not worry everything will be fine How do you know? Look, I'm also scared but have a way to solve everything! How? I do not know, just do it.
But how? How can I tell you so you understand? Shut up! Reese wants to bear! This is smaller than the department Remind me not to let What choice had Lois? If it is smaller and cheap.
The department was not to educate children There was no more than museums, clubs nightclubs and expensive restaurants.
At least we have a garden to play right? Ya want to get my hands dirty with this garden.
Children, children's enough to play! It's time for Reese lesson What we see today son? Russian literature or we will soak circulatory system If the circulatory system! If great.
Ignores the pregnant woman The Da vinci monalisa was Marconi invented the radio Darwin says that we came from apes But not literally Hal want to stop! Lois have to do this 35 minutes Reese just sits there.
Lois is a thinker.
It's a thinker relentlessly focused Absorbs information Studies show that developing minds absorb information at a tremendous rate Hal is 2 years old, tells you your do not know who want to help but is not Reese.
God I hit the trigeminal nerve We were studying the nervous system all morning Oh Hal Want to come back to reality and help me unpack? Lois did you have crossed his mind what would be nice to support what I'm doing here? You know why that's a good question Do you know what you're doing here? Because I tell you what you're doing And that's help.
I know that .
I should go for a walk before deciding something I'll regret Phone adios! Or not Honey Honey is good.
Mom and Dad just had a bad time The last months But do not Preo OUCH! No, not now! Hal! We'll give a little back and Dad eventually find out where we are And we'll be together in the hospital I do not need to go to hospital No heaven for me You want me inject lying No, that was the last time and I apologized Now get in the car! Mom is lying! Francis opened the door Open the door right now You're lying and you run out Francis please mommy has to go to hospital Say you're sorry Open the door! Say that you popo I will not say I'm popo Open that door! I'm having a baby! Congratulations What happens? His wife gave birth in the garden Congratulations, I guess.
Oh god! Mira Lois is a .
A baby Want my straw? Hal leave me alone.
Need Help? Hal leave me alone.
Take this You could not buy a minute's takes 5 Do not use that tone with me Sorry is the only tone that I have Is my tone of panic for the future We do not have enough money Have you ever considered that? Hey enjoy both urinating in the garden that I have not thought of anything Another good response that does not help much What did not help much? Let me say something Hal why not take that test and you take in the Reese please just sit 5 minutes I beg you.
Play with this.
Malcolm please raise your things Why a 4 year old child plays with a microscope? I see that we still have moved the microwave As you've specified multiple times this is the only outlet in the kitchen works Maybe we desenvolsar for a luxurious extension cable Extension cords, but we are busy by the enormous heat in the room Because someone gives you cold Maybe you want to share a bed with someone who is not cold Hi Lois Now what did this time? Fly will ride as a street sweeper Enter here Francis .
His citation his day in court is 12 and knows the routine well .
Official Thanks Are you caught in a street sweeper? What were you thinking? I could go faster.
Go to your room Are you already happy? Me? Now this is my fault? Whenever you tell the stories in your wild youth These were cautionary tales The cautionary tales not end with "was grandiose" Mom I think my game chemistry is broken Malcolm In a second I ask a favor Lois Make me a list of childhood memories to know what I can and I can not tell my children God .
Hal Take it that will not work to the emergency room We do not need an emergency room Hal's going to undir more in your mouth and you are going to suffocation For once you can stop me I'm wrong And you want to stop telling me to do But .
Try to make invisible ink but I think manufactured gas God, everyone outside Corran children Is everyone okay? Yes, we are well Let's wait for the house Rain! Oh yeah cool, let's hear it has to be my fault somehow Go ahead, say it Say we I am the cause of all evil in the universe Everything I touch turn it into manure And now I bring you rain! I know you feel better when Lois kicks him in, say it! I'll have the baby Well, that's good .
Because the car keys are inside the house So I can suffocate in if I find them Or you can have another baby here in the garden So do you think maybe the flowers bloom! We can not do this! We will not have a baby if we continue like this .
We have to think of a way to solve this I'll have to find another job y.
No! We have to think on how to work it out I'm not talking now because always have bad times We have to think about how out of this killing unfinished Well I'm open to suggestions Under this is what we do.
Vas say 3, not 5, not 7 I want to know 7 things that you love me "7? And I have to believe it all you must tell me now.
"7? Please Hal, just do it Well, well I love your neck smells like morning Okay, this is a And I love all your toes People look different What? I love that you are an honest and fearless and I get sick when you treat me like a baby.
The latter account for two I only have three more.
I can tell you that I have always adored this Wrinkle your forehead when you worry I love how you spend cutting edge of your pan comiendotelos even end up anyway .
I love your loyalty And your tenderness And you're still sinking stomach when I enter the room And I love when they rejected me when you knew I loved you I love that you've married me yet after meeting my parents And I love you more than anything in my life More than an argument with Dad Or a new album Van Hellen Or an old album, all the same O solo discs Hal! I love that about my life is complete to share it with you And I love that you send the kids to their room just to have some time alone And I just I love you It is my sandwich! You know I would not change any of them They are our children nobody else can say that Our boys Negative! Do not worry about anything Although it would have been nice You say we are 5 against and we still dominate Boys! Go to your room!