Malcolm in the Middle s02e24 Episode Script


Got bricks? Dewey Hold! 20 seconds to break the record! Here we go.
Hal is beautiful! They can not take it, or sit, or jump or come until next year! What's that? Dewey, "We took the old to the dump? No, I prefer to see pictures.
Are you kidding? We're talking about the city dumpster.
Mountains of garbage plug to the best of your sight.
Huge flies that will hide the sun.
Really? The last time I saw a gull 20 kilos who had a dog at the peak.
Vamos! Hi guys.
Sorry I'm late.
Stevie and I finished work geometry, we developed 2 weeks.
Congratulations! Are punished.
What? Came half an hour later.
Going to come back at 3 to help with the sofa.
Your father and Reese almost die.
Yes, but No buts.
You are punished.
Two weeks in your room no tv, friends or telephone.
I was doing my homework.
I thought it was fine! You do not have to decide what is right yet.
I looked into his eyes and promised, are punished.
This is totally unfair! When I sat over tar? (8) And when we come to the dustbin, this is what we'll see (8) (8) Toilets broken (8) (8) Four wheels worn (8) (8) Magazines dirty (8) (8) Borrat old (8) (8) and a robot that lacks the nose (8) Sorry Where can we pull this couch? For the love of Even saw it fall.
Well, son I guess our work is already done.
You are so dead Francis know that she could not go out with Laura if not find someone for her sister.
So just try to enjoy the event.
He is 12 years! Hi guys, Would you like tattoos? It may not be the girl of your dreams but try to have fun.
How can you do this? We You made me worse I think you deserve this.
"Based on what? My friend is telling them to shut up! He says nobody cares how much weight you can lift! Now we know that Cows can not swim.
This is ridiculous, "Since when farsista word is a provocation? I've done nothing except be a good friend for you.
See Francis, I will not argue with you.
You do this or I'll turn the face of a coup! See? Whenever I give a argument you resort to violence.
I just want to make that clear.
Yummy! This ice cream is a wonderful thing for some of us.
If Reese.
You eat ice cream, but not me thanks for clarifying the situation.
I go.
Bits of candy Are not your favorites, Malcolm? I'm scrubbing the back on your pillow.
Reese! What did you do? Lord, we're evacuating the area and to leave the house immediately.
What? "Evacuate, why? Inition has been a toxic substance.
Derailed a train.
And how did that happen? It seems some idiot left a couch on the tracks.
I wonder if Be careful, son.
Do not sweat.
Again If you do not need medical care IMMEDIATELY seeking a free bed.
Keep calm, and wait receive instructions.
Do you watch this? I hope you find the person responsible and hang on the thumbs.
Hey, buddy, do not you think are exaggerating? My family is constantly exposed to hazardous substances I remember I lit smoke to kill flies Of the nursery when Dewey my son slept.
I can smell colors.
Lord, 2 cars out there that are throw sulfuric acid and sodium sulfate.
You can damage your throat and kidneys in seconds.
But not quite mortal.
You may have an artificial throat, but still be alive.
That would be so cool! My name is Reese.
What are you looking? Son, please Has anyone died yet? Not that I know.
What if the wind changes? Will contaminated water, What about food? And what about all medical staff? How sabemosque these people at risk? Sorry.
Not all the answers I'm just a high school student! Are we going to ask tonight? Because they will happen.
It is the only table in which there had been aroused.
How about some donuts? Lonely girl What about school? You're blocking my light! Look at this.
An idiot left the store open.
See all vessels that are here.
And what will you do with them? Save for a future friend.
What place so bad! This bed smells like pee! Well.
We will have to fend for with what is there.
Where you going? I'll just take a walk.
You're not going anywhere.
You are still punished.
What? Here? That's right.
Look around this is a gym! Do not change what you did.
Mom, can we all die! Then you will be saved from punishment, but now I want to see your ass on that table.
Ya! Sorry Sorry I was just wondering if there was something I could do to help.
Not that there's a reason I just want to do my duty.
Now we have everything under control.
There must be something.
I do not care who is dirty, absurd or to endanger my life.
Appreciate that just go back to your area.
Please! You have to find some way I find it useful! I have to relieve suffering of these people.
They should know that I am at your willingness to help! That's for the defense? I have also a whistle and I am ready to use.
I would love to give you a little but I think you should ask your parents first.
I can not.
They're dead.
What? He killed the toxic cloud.
Can I have one? My God! Pobresito Suffocated.
It was horrible.
Can I have one with nuts? Of course dear.
NOTICE: We have reported a distribution of toxic substances Where do they go? A couple of hours Did they take the car? Hey, you went to the bathroom, gave them the opportunity.
That's it.
Grab your books, we go from here.
No, I want dinner.
We're going.
I'm not going to have dinner! Could you lower your voice, please? I liked you better when chateabamos online! Well, me do not go that nonsense.
I have 3 younger brothers and I know all the tricks So get up and vamosnos.
No, punish Laura if I'm going home.
Believe that we are together.
"And what do I care? Let me tell you something about your sister.
Not like you at all.
Treats you like a fool.
And it's not your fault.
I mean, do not deserve that.
Is it you have a problem.
I'm sure you have quality people do not need Moza !¿ can meet us here? Yes? A double hamburger, with fries and a milkshake.
Were trapped in the car and I went to seek help and ran I ran and ran.
But I fell and when I woke up I had caught the man in the ambulance.
And your parents were ? Poor little boy! What fun! What about you? Give it to him! Well we do not know what the best we can.
And because of these disasters ever are children who suffer most.
No, no, no not him.
Is punished.
You may need a cup, friend.
Great, thanks.
I wish it were that simple.
What do you mean? I have thirst.
"That truck of fruit is yours? Yes.
Why? Take a stroll.
That's it with this no longer More should be disturbed.
Is there too much current, I shut the window? No, we're fine.
Thank you for your help.
Well for me it is a nuisance.
We must help each other.
This is what should look people.
No homes of witches, in pointing with your finger and find the culprit! And for that we are adults, Cute Is it true? Want to tell you a story? Dad, can you tell him to go? It's beautiful! Excuse me, found the child whose parents died? Not yet.
Sorry, You said died? Yes, killed the gas cloud.
My God! The child's mother saved him with his last breath.
And that poor child, had to drown his dog, to stop their suffering.
And all on the day of his birthday.
Yes, I also want an apple pie, y.
chocolate cake banana split.
Why not save me money and you're screaming at your sister Instead of off steam with a couple of fries? Are you calling me fat? No, I'm calling you fat! Am I a liar? No.
Are you giving back to all what I mean? Why do that? Hurts my feelings! Can you speak on, please? Sorry.
Why do you play both the hair? Therefore I do not touch the hair.
Why everyone is obsessed with my hair? I'm tired of it.
Okay, okay.
I do not want to talk about it.
It's just that people laugh at me.
I called head of a poodle.
That is very cruel, it seems a bit but still Listen to this Malcolm, sometimes I'm so good I'm afraid.
What are you doing with that toilet paper? I got some boxes of fruit, I changed by the batteries batteries dvds And that it changes the porter supply of toilet paper in college.
When my flesh take effect seasoned with special wood Will set the price you want.
That you did not just evil.
But you put effort and brain.
I'm impressed.
I do not know what it is.
But when people to suffer misfortune, leaving the best of me.
Thank you.
Hi Reese.
Dadny Hi, Did you bring your impeller? Yes! Okay.
Malcolm is not this cool? Not sure.
Vamos! We may be in the gym pelotasos not give us Or we drop their pants.
A dream come true.
It really is possible live in this school.
Look at this.
Are the keys to the locker room girls.
And we can be in place bathe naked girls! So tell us! Malcolm! No visitors.
Malcolm is punished should not speak.
All This is my son, and is punished nobody has to tell! Mom, please just came to say hi! I grabbed the keys costumes for girls.
Please do not tell our mothers.
I'm so ashamed.
What? Did that just to humiliate me! Is that what you believe? Yes! You have no justification! And you know what? I will never forget this! Well, is the first time that my punishment in 10 years are recorded! People please, the money we raise can not return to their parents But we can do something for him.
Now we are their only family.
Have not suffered enough for that train? A fact that would not be normal if we look at the global level Please give something to this child.
I assure you it is very hard to get 5 blankets.
Look, I need, my family is frozen.
A lot of people are cold, is a big problem.
What about the clock? The one that came before you gave his socks.
It's a cold world.
It is becoming colder.
You're a bloody and vicious brat.
The socks also.
One day I said they were studying and were eating a snack.
Do not tell me! They came to my room napkins ask me! I could not tell that it hurt, I have maintain my tough guy appearance.
They have no idea how I really am.
Do not know my dream journal.
A day? I think you're cool.
Me too.
But they do not tell them, if knew I would look ridiculous.
What is it? Ignore them.
Do you ignore your sister? She is an idiot.
Most I know are like that.
At night I lock myself spin my globe .
and I guess I'm living my finger is pointing.
I also do that! And feel cooler than anyone.
Because let's face it .
blood does not circulate well.
And gave him money.
I see, and apparently is was very satisfied.
We do not have clothe and educate him! Put it to work in mines as they did with you.
But my income is not Want to take it with you to the grave? You want me to get a trunk? Give me my shoe! You are here, come get it.
What, your mom punished? The bad boy wants to take his shoe.
Malcolm, back to your bed.
I've got my shoe.
Go back to bed, I take care of this.
Her mother will take care of this.
Malcolm turns and to that bed.
Excuse me? I tried, I quit.
What do you mean by "quit"? I give up this system.
The only reason why you punish me like this Is because I agree to be punished as well.
And I will not accept it anymore.
This is not maternity is pure sadism! Do you think I enjoy this? Yes, I think so! And I'm too old.
We need to find other relationship, we go home Let's change the rules.
What do you plan to do? "Take my tv when you married? "Locked up when you have 30 years? Well, what is supposed to be scared? What will you do now, hit me? Okay.
Mom, what are you .
? hac Mom, calm down I do not know what you think you do but I think I've been through.
When you can not do this, will change the rules.
Is it only $ 563? Come on, people! What if I need dentures, what happens if you osteriosis? Well, okay Sorry little boy always you get a job in a circus.
While others conduct our porsche and eat a good Salamin.
Dad, I have a gut, let's go home.
Not now son.
Is that your son? Yes, why? This man has taken the money for his own son! What? Dewey, did you tell these people that ? What the hell are you doing sir? This has been shamelessly stolen! Wait, wait, wait I swear I did not know anything about it! And if he lied well I assure you it is the type of behavior that allow my family! Is your child? Has organized a black market.
Diabetic has forced doshombres smoking by insulin.
Not true, Dad, is a liar.
Wait, is that the discomfort that caused this But if I only get a moment I say to fix this issue.
Guys, your chamber has been very bad! So I will apologize to those people than ever have.
Are you listening? Go ahead.
Loud and clear.
Sorry to have left the couch in the way and have derailed the train.
A run! Well, we arrived.
Maybe one day you call.
Hey, I enjoyed it.
Yeah, me too! You really are a good friend.
Sorry about tonight.
Yes? Because you plan to torture me with a If, head of a poodle? You know what? I do not care these useless sarcasm You can call me anytime.
I think I'll stick with, "Head of a poodle" Okay.
I'm glad you do not mind call poodle head.
But I would like Shut up! Do not put your feet off in this area.
Not think of stepping outside.
I just want to stop one thing clear When we go home you still present In the garden, right? If not I would take this uniform personally it a shake.
I see.
Are you telling me I can not punish my own child? Listen, there are many people affected It's better to stay here with the rest of the rioters.
We are told that we within this square.
This is outrageous! We'll freeze to death! What have we done? Maybe you can bring malcolm some blankets, come on.
Malcolm! Can you bring some blankets? Sorry.
It is assumed that no I leave my bed.
Do not think you'll suffer the consequences of this sir!