Malcolm in the Middle s02e23 Episode Script


I'm late for work When the television, you are privileged to have been removed you have to do something to entertain.
This is totally a change Well, two mysteries solved Because the toaster was stinking and where Dewey left goldfish.
Hal, could you wear a decent shirt? Steve is here.
So? And I like him here.
Look, to put the children to read the newspaper.
I have not finished yet Lingerie Sale Hey check, the county fair.
Look at that, they have roller coasters, phenomena, knife throwers.
Written in your name .
rice Oh man, this is the last weekend gotta go.
If, as if Mom would let us go Why it .
must know? Do you have an idea? Maybe if you .
stay asleep.
Your parents will not let us go to the fair.
Think I'm sleeping in your house Double alibi It's a classic for a reason.
Can you talk to your mom about staying the night? Mom, can we sleep in tonight Stevie? Clear Now my parents Sleeping Out? Does someone else's home? Would not you like to sleep here, son? I do not think this is a good idea, Steve Malcolm's family has no air purifier And God know how modern alarm systems have.
They probably even have no motion detectors.
Be honest, son.
Are my snoring? You have a hypoallergenic mattress perfectly good here.
Just do not see the point.
Help me feel normal.
Calleron round Well, see you there.
Steve did it.
We find him at the bus stop half an hour Do not take the express 37 to the fair, have fun a little while and go home at midnight.
Your little worm Let me What did you hear? Everything.
I want to go to the fair.
Dewey No, you're too small.
Take me or I'll tell mom.
If you do, I'll stomp.
Go ahead, tell him yet Dewey, you're not going to go and you will not tell.
If you talk to mom, gripping each pet dejeremos you have and the free.
Destroy every toy, every game, everything you love.
Do what you do.
Dewey will go with us to Steve.
Why? Because we want And it's fun What Steve's mom agree with that? If Maybe, but she has no idea what is messing with you 3 there.
Should call Honey, Kitty can speak for itself.
She has made a decision and I think would not have to contradict.
What? Oh, if Dewey is also going to try think of something to do alone.
Okay guys, have fun.
Adios Oh Hal, we got all night.
Take it heats the roles.
Oh dad would kill me if I caught with one of the employees.
Let the sound machine Hello, is Francis.
Mom, Dad .
I'm in the emergency room doctors think they can save my leg when they .
Francis, are you okay? Ha! Avoiding your own children, that good parents are.
Honey, did something wrong? The fact that I have to resort to lies to get me to talk.
That is wrong.
What is it, Francis? I do not know, it's Saturday night.
I thought I could call and say hello.
Can we call you later? Dad and I are a little busy now.
Okay, let me talk to my brothers They are not here.
So what are ow Where are you going everyone? Are going.
This place is closing in 15 minutes.
We would have arrived 2 hours ago if we had not lowered the bus I have to pee And it cost us 2 hours.
Just so you will not see a Siamese pigs.
No! Can we stop fighting and start living!? Ok, we only have time for a game worthwhile.
What camera terror? On the other side halfway Close game.
What We still have 5 minutes.
Not according to my watch.
Hey! You have to let ourselves go.
This is the county fair.
This belongs to the people.
I want to pay taxes then.
The only one call if you do not get out of here.
Is closed.
This sucks.
He just messes with us because we children and can not do anything about it.
I know, this is unfair.
He could let us pass.
But only has an attitude problem.
What happened to customer service? Are you sure we should do this? Steve might get angry viniendolo we only see.
We're not doing anything wrong.
We are your parents And results will be in the neighborhood.
You just want to kiss her goodnight.
And what if so? I gave the kiss of good nights that child since he was born.
That makes me sleep better and sleep better.
What takes so long? They are boys.
Are probably looking ninjas movies and eating cookies.
Hello! Is everything okay in there? We can not pretend that we are here.
They did not see us but probably heard noises.
Oh Kitty, Abe What are you doing here? Hello Hal! Is everything okay? We heard a noise.
Yeah, sure.
We are moving furniture.
What brings you here? We only came to see Steve.
Steve? Steve is not here.
I thought he was with you.
What are you talking about? Where is my baby? Abe, Kitty.
What are you doing here? We came to see Steve.
"He is not here in a Catch me with your kids? No, they told us they would night at home in a Catch me.
Hal brings my bra.
I guess I should be scared, but I'm not.
Fake Blood Is that a Zombie? Tire casings Stevie, Stevie, Stevie, Stevie, Stevie, Stevie, Stevie Kitty have to leave space between Stevies your answer or not hear.
I'm just a little nervous.
I have little experience with my son in mortal danger.
Okay, just calm down.
You have to focus on something positive like that so we will punish them.
As in something when I can enforcable Stevie is out alone and scared.
I understand what you feel, Kitty.
I'm worried too.
We are all worried.
Abe, this truck is a palace.
How much do you leave? Not as much as you think.
When I bought the DVD player and flat screen monitor gave us free GPS system Steve, Steve, Steve .
Where the hell is the exit? We were hanging around here for 20 minutes.
This place is creepy Boys.
We went back where we started.
This is where we got the car.
I can feel the saliva of Dewey.
I think we're out of options.
Let's make a bonfire.
Just calm down.
We must find the way out of here.
We need to stick together and hold hands.
Resse give me your hand.
I thought I was holding your hand.
So start all horror movies I've seen.
I think we should separate.
This place is like a graveyard with a wheel of fortune.
Are we in trouble? No, the last bus leaves in 20 minutes.
We just need to get out and wait.
Hey ask him help No, we get into trouble.
Jumped the fence and get out of here.
The grid measured as 12 feet tall.
What about Steve? We will in stages.
Climb the chair and then throw, do the same with Steve.
Hello! The lost brother! Yes, go ahead Hi, sorry.
But my brother was lost and we get caught here after closing.
You care to open the door and let us out.
We live only a few streets, it will give you more problems.
Do you think the rules do not apply? Excuse me? ###### Is he mad? I dunno, looks a bit My God, window defrosters.
I've never seen that before.
Hello! Francis!? Wait, I'll put on the speaker.
Who is it? Francis, is Mom.
We need to talk.
You know, with the images I have in my brain I think the best thing for me right now Is a short distance and Francis, you could let the antics.
The boys are lost.
What are you talking about? We are all hoping that you can help us by giving us some ideas of where to find them.
Change Hal!.
If you can give us some clues, that could really speed up things.
You see, he does not know you finished talking.
No, I put in an awkward position.
You are asking me to betray my brothers.
Francis, we are concerned about the kids.
They will not get into trouble.
Wow, when got new parents? Listen, little grain, better tell me where they are Before you jump on the phone and you rip your fucking mouth face.
Who is it? Kenarban my name is Kitty, and my Little Stevie is lost outside.
Your inhaler is running out and have poor night vision.
Wait, Stevie is with them? Ok, you did not hear from me but checaría old paint factory.
It's full of paint cans.
Oh and the store at night in the 5th has a back door that is loose.
If Stevie can swim, well I guess They are now 40 miles.
Look, just start with those places.
The others are too alarming and there is no necessary sense of panic.
Happy thoughts, happy thoughts.
Puppies, ice cream, fat people falling.
I think we lost.
Where's Dewey? My God, where is it? Look, I see as we go from here.
We can meet to Dewey, he is quiet.
Mom and Dad never know who left.
Do not leave a fallen comrade Shut up.
Would not be in this mess if you had not asked for help.
Keep pushing silly Look, we can find Dewey.
We just need to start on one side of the park to the other and stay away from that duty.
That does not, not that.
We'll stay right here.
The maniac is out there somewhere waiting for us.
Save yourself Man, he has to Stevie.
We must do something.
Why? Maybe this is your time.
Who are we to judge God? Reese! What is taking so long? In few places kids can hide in a desguesadero.
Auto lights, auto lights Come, come, come on! Eat my dust! Stupid dog! Hal wins again! They were not there.
How can this be happening? Steve never usually do things like that.
The is usually a good boy.
He held my fabric and yarn when I held her yarn when the fabric.
He made this sweater.
Kitty I'm so sorry.
This is all because of my children.
They make everyone they have contact criminals.
They are like a virus Look, do not blame your children.
Well, yes.
The thing is that Stevie put his hand on this He has changed.
Since entering high school has become reserved and silent and locks herself in her room.
We should not allow you to have that door.
I guess a few months ahead difficult.
"A few months? Well, when I grow up and understand the damage we do Then it will be much better at it.
Let's face it, teenagers are reckless and small eating machines.
Dedicated to show us hell and send to an early grave These guys just do not know how much we suffer.
What is that buzzing? Ah, is massage I put out.
You kids do not know who put I catch a child in wheelchair that skillful Shut up, you were talking when I say Shudder in my chair Do not go anywhere.
I think we should run to the gate and call the police No, we should stay right here This is good This is smart We are exposed, we have to move No, this guy is a psychopath.
He probably should have bodies buried all over the country The fair comes to town, he kills a few residents and packed to go kill some more.
Shut up, we'll be okay.
Look, I just want you to know that Always try to be a good brother And when you hit and all those things I did because you deserved it and it was fun.
But that does not mean it is well Reese please stop talking like that.
We'll be alright.
Be careful.
Hi guys Dewey, this is not funny Where's Stevie? I grabbed the guard If, locked him in his trailer and he is doing who knows what.
Maybe my friends can help.
What friends? We come in peace Hello? I am I talked to Richie.
He has a couple of ideas if they want to hear them.
Francis, change.
First he said that the porn shop is having a window Redford auction Oh yeah and the county fair is in town now.
Okay Of course, fair.
Your friends think they can hide.
I teach a small lesson They already know how to win 6 dollars per hour.
Shut up! Phil let's be reasonable about it Why not let the little boy go? Over here, Gorak.
You can not tell me to do.
I'm in charge of security.
I understand that and are doing a fabulous job But guess what I'm asking comes into the category of a favor Can you do me a favor, phil? Why should you a favor? You never have made me any favors.
Is this because of the birthday party? No Phil I said, was trying to be small If you invited had to invite the conseciones rates, the ticket sellers, including carriers.
I could not afford that.
It was nothing personal.
Really? Look, we'll have a poker game this weekend, why do not you join us? "I can deliver? Of course you can divide Thanks for taking care of our children, Gorak.
Hope you do not have caused much trouble.
Hey, I know how they can be children.
I have two little monsters.
And do not forget Hal, poker weekend.
Too bad the children were lost to our show.
The next we're in the city will bring between racks.
Only if you accept our homemade food You got it, lois.
The boys had a night hard not to be harsh.
Right now I am concerned only take home.
This sucks.
This would have been perfect if Francis had not betrayed us.
Why are you smiling? Gorak gave me one of their babies.