Malcolm in the Middle s02e22 Episode Script


My God! Hal, check this out We still have a Christmas present for one of the boys.
I wonder when.
Is Reese football jersey? I do not remember.
Well baby you know, we gave both boys last Christmas That not even appreciate what they have.
If we keep it for birthday That will make it more special! Hal, this is for you.
If I bought that player DVD I was expecting! I thought I had forgotten! To be honest, always I expected to buy it.
Now I can look all dvds I have in the garage.
* EMERGENCY REPAIR KIT * Some jumper cables Thanks honey.
This is ridiculous, Craig has been there inside for 45 minutes! (8) Baby I hope it succeeds, I hope get it .
how many people (8) How much will it live Craig with us? We must be patient with him burn his house.
(8) How many boys and girls (8) (8) Look at all the people (8) (8) And all the people he does not like the way I am he does not like the way I do (8) There, we will open the door bring me the hanger.
I already did, trust me, do not go now .
he is doing what he is doing.
Hi everyone! Say good morning Joeyvin.
Good God We have burned his house.
I'm excited to spend this weekend parents and children in Marlin.
Spending time with Francis, strengthen ties.
Maybe even a survival course.
Do you take your pillow? Here it is.
Well, I'm going to miss.
Come with me.
I can not, I may.
It is only for parents and children.
Well, you hide no one will know.
You could be my little secret.
This is nice.
And do not worry about anything Hal.
Take care of your house like you have mine.
Just kidding.
I will not burn your house that's in the past, totally forgotten.
Better go going, so do not be late.
Goodbye darling.
Lois, I know that is not anything comfortable situation.
Having me around forever with the forbidden fruit.
And above that is not Hal If Craig All the feelings we share, That was in the past.
That part is already forgotten.
Craig Do not let that be reborn.
If you can not have a chip in a locker, put a poster.
I guess I'm not, I can not read minds.
Look Do not, continue.
There is a mini bike! Is going to throw? It would be great to have it! Wait, wait, wait .
You can not take that.
Does it? It is nothing but trash.
What are you talking about? That's not trash! You do not know what is trash! I am a trash can, boy.
Hey, why not give us the bike? Maybe we can fix it or something.
How much will I get? What? We have no money was about to throw! I give 30 dollars.
Where did you get? What are you, a cop? Hi Lois.
To get in shape.
Craig, today I work late.
Would you mind feeding the kids? No problem.
So I'm in charge.
Just make dinner.
Fine, but I'm in charge, have to listen to me.
Dance for me, that is.
Dance, Why? Because I'm in charge.
We have burned his house.
Look, I was just dirty, the paint is perfect.
With electricity and a dirty carburetor walk.
That could grab Dad's lawn mower.
This mini bike is the best we've had in life.
This will fully compensate our years of thirst.
This is the only thing we shared.
We've never had anything to share.
What I do is go to the headmaster's house Lindeldon and I will do tricks at the entrance.
Well, what if you use it tomorrow and Wednesday and I Excuse me? What? What are you doing? Nothing but prepare our schedules.
And why you have to prepare yourself? What is the problem? I'm giving the first few days.
So what? There are our boss.
Hey, I'm the one under the engine! And I who bought it.
If I had not seen, nor would.
Shut up, Dewey! Shut up you! Look not even repaired does not make sense For you go on Sundays No way.
Dewey, you are too low to lead! I'm at 40% of my height! So shut up stupid.
Would you calm down a bit? Shut up! Yes, Malcolm.
Keep sending those silly gifted.
But normal people do not have to listen.
Do not talk so much and hit.
And you have no friends.
Mom told you never say that.
Come on, let's applause to Grew and his father Who has come from stages of Atlantic City.
That was very exciting.
And we still have some prizes to be delivered.
It's great, we have many students, and all deserve recognition.
And the prize for the best history Congratulations.
We are so proud our Eric.
Yes, some parents are very fortunate.
It was a good relationship.
I almost approve of, but Eric beat me.
They're putting a lot of prizes, right? Yes, sorry.
This is ridiculous distributes them like candy.
And now, the prize for has shown more improvement When this boy came to Marlin bulgar was a criminal had not the slightest chance to progress and today In the course of a year and a half has finally begun to reform.
Have not got it, it is true but is about to become An outstanding member of the Marlin family.
We proudly present the cadet Gordy.
This is great, right? Sit with your family, eating together, sharing.
What did you do today buddy? Nothing, I'm too low.
Do not worry about it, sure have the biggest head of your class.
And I can still stupid grab peas? I think there is problem in that child.
Yes, this is great.
I remember when I was your age and no worries.
My brother and I build imaginary strong outside all day.
Yes, good times.
Where you going? The garage.
Well, do not go alone.
I too.
Have permission.
That guys Genius, you're going to finish a year of these? If you shut up and let me down in peace and be ready.
They took me out of Kishi Let's see if it works.
Let me me.
I'm going.
You said you could fix it! Okay, get away from there! No way.
Noo! It miaa! Mia! It is nobody! What about you guys? How did you get this motorcycle? What are you doing? The bike is ours.
We pay with our own money.
Well, it was stupidity on his part.
There is no way you have a motorcycle.
But Mom Not a motorcycle is just a mini moto.
It is a motorcycle! There is a motorcycle! It measures 1 meter is made for kids! Two wheels is a motorcycle engine .
Francis never understand has been the perfect guy.
You see, what I'm asking just a glimmer of hope.
Just that.
Francis is interested in learning .
Francis is interested in causing problems I regret having to say it but I have seen people of their kind before.
Everything you like to do is circumvent the authority disregards the rules of the fund To kill and destroy lives, has no qualms And understanding.
Is not there anything positive you can tell me? Sorry.
Yes? Do you want chicken or fish for today? Hey Mom, I do not understand how much we like this bike.
I have reviewed your tax return and I can talk about $ 1200 if you give me something in return.
Remember the dog that did not allow you sleep, I can bring to bear .
a walk.
No! I love her, love her, hate you I love, I hope you die! Detailed information on each break Or information on this home Over the past 2 years No! Working, right? Yes, Craig.
But do not ever wash my things, I am only touches my underwear.
Thank you very much anyway.
But of course if you are in place, wash.
Well mom, what we think and understand you worry that it hurts us But I promise to always wear helmets when we drive.
And also the helmet wearing kneepads but laugh at us.
just drive in the park.
And always asking you for permission when you tell us and be with us.
Wait No.
This is not fair! You can not refuse without a reason.
If I can.
No, you can not.
Because you have reasonable cause to refuse.
There must be some place where let us handle the bike.
Because .
and if an athlete who carry practicing in a simulator 15 years Without leaving covered with protective of a cotton field Yet think not.
Do not bother me.
I do not know Lois, the boys seem reasonable.
Do not get into it, Craig.
Hey, I live here right? Mom gets no support because we are united in something.
It's true.
Fixing the bike finally we were happy.
I did not want it to end.
We were a perfect team.
Still are.
We 3, we will find a way to overcome it.
We're going to topple.
Hey, wait a minute Guys, I need help.
What is that? It seems a picture of you and a horse.
Age had masomenos Dewey.
What are you doing with that? This seems terribly dangerous.
Look at that, without knee, not wearing helmet Do you ever fall? What should you do with ? We are asking questions.
So, by your logic, a mini bike from a metro Is more dangerous than riding a horse than 2 feet.
That was long ago.
Before .
Gravity? I have no time for that now.
I have to get ready To go to work.
Did you see that? The baffled! We did, it worked! We caught mom! What? Their morale goes down, we will get if we are patient We'll have the bike for this weekend.
No, it is broken.
What? I was walking around And you know what? Are dangerous Do you think Mom will notice? You're an idiot! Do you have any idea of what you did? We were so close! The had! She was not going to leave but had not caught, I'm not an idiot! I find it incredible And how was it? It was amazing, do not know how much fun it was, I reflected with the windows of cars Until I crash with a mailbox.
Sometimes I feel ashamed you're my brother.
All right.
Mom does not have to learn, I'll be fine.
My leg is feeling better.
Let's see.
Hi Mom! Look guys, I was thinking about this y.
And are large enough to deserve an explanation y.
You do not have to think of us, do not know if we would have done damage.
There is something called confidence, and we won.
Reese, I'm not saying that I I'm not staying here to hear this.
Reese, you should.
Well, I'll tell you What if I take them to the skating rink? What do you think? Actually, I'm very tired.
Me too.
And I would do the job of next week.
What happens? Boys are Lois! Lois! For the love of God What happens now? What about Craig? What does this bottle? Craig.
I'm glad someone can read here.
Bringing 14 vials pickles I ate 3 yesterday, another one today And 1 and half an appetizer, and now only The simple math suggests Did you count that you have in your hand? Well.
False alarm.
Set fire to his home burn This is the guy.
This is Francis.
Let's see, for starters, I know how to achieve raise a cow on the roof of the gym.
That was easy.
The parachute was the problem.
Did you know that do not open if there are thousands of feet above the ground? Live to see Have you ever told you about that? No.
Archery, hitters a lot of grass equipment and are not none.
Not even a picture you in this book.
Look under Pete Sahat.
I do not want to look under Sahat Pete! No no, if you say it fast it sounds like I do not believe this.
Francis, Does it mean anything? In a troubled boys' school are the worst.
Wait, that's not true.
Other 3 boys with records longer than mine.
We are fed up of trying to imagine what to move up but it looks like you nothing will change.
Let Dad No, not even worry about anything except yourself.
Francis, I hate to say this but What am I supposed to do? I feel like I should give up with my son.
I can not even look at you now.
I do not remember if you and I hate or we want but anyway, thank you.
Reese's been 2 hours, inflammation does not go down.
Look, it seems as if was a smiley face.
We really need take you to the hospital.
We can not, Mom will kill us if you learn on the bike.
It's not the bike, we can not do anything for the next 5 years! There must be some way to take the hospital without her knowledge.
We need to invent an excuse.
Rate me, because I'll start screaming and I have that silenced the next 5 minutes.
There must be some way to go.
Have you seen the toy Joeyvin? I do not know because we have to go throughout the city, is nonsense.
Craig, I swear that is the Best ice cream in the city.
Yes, of course, that I have to see it.
What was that? My leg .
! My God! "I did what I did!? I stepped on the leg! "What happened?! My God, Reese! For the love of God John, mature your composure will come to your birthday.
Got a problem? Take the shirt out of his pants cadet.
Is that what we teach here, damage the uniform? I think not Lord, is that he came out shirt to hug his father.
You can not yell to hug his father.
-Francis No, I'm glad you've seen that.
This is what I meant.
Always does the same, despresia my authority Day after day as when ordering a cadet to 100 laps by jumping on the carpet And Francis organized a sit.
Or when I cut the light of the 5th floor a contraband radio cassette And stole a generator for them This guy lives to cause chaos.
He was hugging his dad.
And you before you told me yours without thinking what he might say.
And every time that something like that happens, he defies? Always.
Even when you know you are going get in trouble? That does not seem to care at all.
I understand.
I'll see you later.
Dad I want Shut up, son.
I can not believe that plan really worked.
We came in 2 seconds.
Maybe we should improvise more.
And Reese How is your leg? It hurts less when I'm unconscious.
You want something to drink? Yes! Sure! One more thing Do you really believe that he would not see a mini motorcycle crashed into the middle of the park? Joey and I as we go.
I repeat that I am sorry I can not look them in the face.
I think we've been tied.
I love Francis.
I love you too dad.