Malcolm in the Middle s02e21 Episode Script

Malcolm vs. Reese

Hi Mom Want a worm? For the love of god Well you have to let you clean And do not forget the ears Dewey Okey When everything is at home Fracis what we do is fun I mean we only see a stupid program TV but no matter how absolutely brilliant.
Totally sucks, Is not there anything fun to do here? I have chalk silhouettes can draw of corpses on the sidewalk Boring Mom is at home we can play watermelon-ball We did the last time I was home Come on guys think! I bow at the silhouettes My kitten has ear infection, needs eye drops three times daily A malbabisco like half a can of wet food on a plate And half a can of dry on the other And he likes the juice from the wet on dry food And not too much, I mean it sir.
Okay, maybe tomorrow I can not say no to you We hurry, you gave us the numbers of emergency Of malvabisco, their sweaters and how to take your temperature Anything else you need to know Dewey? I think that is all champion! Caring for another living thing is a big responsibility Are you ready for this challenge? Greg neglect I have a hunch that Dewey do a great job.
Great! And when the weekend ends you win 5 dollars! I told my mom 10! Sure, you're very attentive 10 .
I'm not quite convinced that Hal Are you sure that Dewey can with this? Ah, love is no big deal .
work is a good thing for a child It teaches the value of money gives you confidence.
And Greg lives only 2 blocks from the house Hey, from here you see our garden.
Hey, almost forgot to show you my itinerary Yes, the convention lasts 3 days Again on Monday afternoon Go Greg, I had no idea you liked both stories Well I'm not an alienating and Matenga life in perspective My problems are insignificant if compare with those of Richie Rich Well, it's time to say goodbye to malbavisquito Give daddy a kiss, give a kiss I know son, but work is work Good news guys.
Things are going to get interesting around here.
What? I forgot you like the struggle is not it? The rage in the cage Oh my god, you're the best brothers we gonna have fun .
These are just two tickets I know! And how I decide which you wear? You bought two tickets on purpose just to torment? No, of course not.
I bought them to see who loves me more.
Well, I know we both want But .
I bet that some want a little more.
No, do not forget it the ass kissing competition There must be another way Okay, okay.
Want to give me a coin Well Go to the front You should make me a sandwich Please guys, is the rage in the cage Should be happy We are happy Are not doing the happy dance Happy dance, happy dance we love doing the happy dance.
Happier Happy dance, happy dance we love doing the happy dance.
Happier Happy dance, happy dance we love doing the happy dance.
Remember, half a can of wet food on a plate and half a can of dry on the other I like the juice of the wet on dry food A marshmallow also likes you more than your brothers Everyone likes you more than your brothers One day you will be president And the higher your finish with wolves Your marshmallow drops Marshmallow Okay, stop hiding.
Come kitty kitty Okay let's go.
Please do not leave marshmallow Do not be afraid marshmallow are just drops, see? marshmallow Happy Saturday, Francis! Dala back Mom can I borrow the car to go to the house of Richie? -No - Why not? Because when you return the car is always dirty That is so unfair, always assume bad things about me I assume? I see.
How do you demonstrate that mature if never give me a chance? Okay, I hear you Okay, what if the car wash before use? And sweep the leaves and wipe the drain And if that's not enough cleanse the entire attic.
Mom, give him a break.
Deal Put it back home in one part.
Need to iron something mom? Dewey, are you here son? What happens? You should come back for hours.
I can not do anything right.
Dewey Where is marshmallow? I left the door open and escaped Oh, dear.
Do we have to tell mom? Well, this is a very serious situation .
Of course I will not tell your mother.
- Really? "Seriously I think it was too much responsibility for Your First Job Hey, do not worry .
we will find a marshmallow.
But what I was looking for hours Well, that your first lesson Dewey.
Sometimes it takes much time and effort accomplish something What if marshmallow is hurt? This dark outside Let me tell you something about cats right? They are nocturnal creatures means that they prefer the night Although coyotes and wild dogs and Satanists My point is marshmallow right.
And return home as this preparation.
Just leave a plate of food and return.
Are you sure? Believe me tomorrow morning everything will be fine.
Dad's plate is empty marshmallow was here If you are the smartest man in the world.
Yes! I do not know how they entered fail no signs of burglary.
It's a mystery You left the window open Mystery solved.
Sorry .
What did he say what they did here? We take care of the cat while the owner is away I do not see a cat We're not doing a good job "Hello -Hal Oh Greg! What convention? Fantastic prices have gotten very good Not believe the kind of idiots that are here Anyway, I call to see how it's marshmallow.
Oh, well.
It's a playful little one, you know.
Lower kitten TV.
That reminds me.
Videocasettera want to reschedule.
I want to record the novel Oh, sure.
No problem.
Hey hal.
Will think I am strange but .
Can you put a marshmallow on the phone? Oh yeah .
if you let him up.
Here it is.
Well I have his ear to the phone.
Marshmallow Hello Kitty how are you cute? "You've done well today? I love tiny Give Daddy a kiss "Marshmallow? Let me tell Reese are doing a great job I am very impressed.
Thanks Here? Naa beyond.
I just want you to remember Malcolm has done nothing And I've loaded all parties all week Your enthusiasm and your pathetic act of desperation not go unnoticed Take Fracis What is this? Your work on the history of the novel Is 10 guaranteed You fail the rest of semester and a 7 I am delighted marshmallow marshmallow look.
Join Hal Come here marshmallow What happens? What? You know I realized something you can do the task of Francis for 10 years But no anger to rage in the cage if you're punished.
What are you talking about? Mom! What is happening to you Reese? You have to see what he did to Malcolm Dewey Toltec is uncontrolled.
Hi Mom Where's Dewey? He went to feed the cat Greg Not true.
What you Reese? Where? Here Dewey "look who I found? What happened to your face? What happened to your pants? Ah, no matter Look what I brought.
"The Johnson family cat? Yes, the cat of Johnson, yes.
Outside Hey, I found this in my shirt pocket You got involved so is not it? Yes, as you put my shoe on the table enbarrado Guys what's going on? He wants to punish me for not going with you but it is very stupid to get it.
See who is more stupid when this stupid are watching the fight.
Oh, boys.
It is assumed that this is a contest about love and turned it into something ugly.
Go ahead.
I am very pleased.
According we can fix.
Cats are territorial.
Bet you did not come marshmallow in a block radius.
Yes, it has returned.
They are cool But he never stays Well we have to think a way to stay I made a visit to my doctor What are these? Are sleeping pills, Dewey.
I just told him I have not slept in several nights There are problems with the wife and I can lose the house Do not worry son these are lies I said to get drugs under registration.
Well, just grind a few.
I will put in their food and sweet dreams marshmallow.
What we put in the wet or dry? In the wet on dry, milk, have to cover every child.
Let's catch this cat.
What is marshmallow? That is another challenge.
Make three piles Marshmallow probably not, definitely not marshmallow and is not even a cat.
Start the opossum.
I think it's time to call Mom.
I was hoping you'd say that.
Rage in the Cage Rage in the cage.
What are you doing? I let mom see you break my microscope.
You do not have the Hagall Say you give Reese No! You'll be liable when Mom see the blow you gave me.
What are you doing? Imbecile Oh yeah? Hey, Hey this is not for tickets do you? You have to decide who will go with you.
Yes, maybe I should tell you something.
I met a girl on hamburgers And guess what? I like the fights What? You can not Boys is a girl! he likes the fights .
I am a victim as much as you Will understand when they are older.
You are great.
Will definitely bring the programs.
You say that none of these is marshmallow What is the matter with you? We Lois is a complicated situation do not blame Dewey.
I'm not blaming Dewey.
"Mama, maybe .
"Okay son let your mom take care.
This is what we Okay I'll say it was really a bad idea.
I'll tell you never saw so many cats run so fast .
Hal How could this happen? Greg's life ruined No, it was not our fault Lois We need you to believe that Greg suffers evil eye or something.
Dad is marshmallow O god, let me grind the pills .
in a minute.
Entertain them, not slow.
Or you can just lift! Yes! Dewey see I told you that everything would be fine.
They do not pay as other summer jobs but I have the opportunity to teach poor children Who puts smiles price? Cute and sweet This is the first time I go in 6 months.
Then we will make an unforgettable night.
You'll pay.
What? Ah, it's nothing.
Only a joke of the children at the center It is inspiring to see rien after all they have pierced Oh man.
I did not pass the limit right? I think not.
His license and registration Official what did I do? The car was reported stolen.
Your license and registration please.
Ah, was reported stolen? And it will get worse I will not ask again your license and registration Official Look I know it looks bad but "There will be the boot Official-let me explain Open the trunk! Out of the car! Mum did not like going for us at the station of police, but it worked completely.
We no longer serve Francis Here's your sandwich Greg "I can go to bed now? Uh, mayonnaise on one side? It's a lot of mayonnaise I'm not saying it is not.
But specify on both sides.
Greg! Malcolm does not like it better than me to you but your mom was the idea.
And while you're living here will do everything I say Try to be and express accecible my orders as clear as possible.
Okay champion? There, the warmed for 10 seconds as you said.
Not yet at room temperature.
Look I know I ask much, but the department also burned marshmallow.
Okay, almost paid off.
There's something you have to do.
Corten Oh dear the night still .
What's My Line? Sorry Court Would not be shut up in this mess if you had not asked for help Keep pushing me hanging Why laugh? Not funny.
You can not say stupid.
Keep pushing asshole.
Honey sorry you had to do that.