Malcolm in the Middle s02e20 Episode Script


This sucks! I know, desería be driving age, so we never get bored.
Desería independisarme, a lot of money and have a party.
Desería be a bird Vamor to go bowling tonight with some kids at school There are 4 boys and 6 girls you know I'm not interested really gives me the same.
Why I can not go bowling? Because they will spend the night in your room.
You are punished.
And tomorrow you will go to buy the Mrs.
Mcnath a new parakeet Ay! Dad.
Do not look, when it comes to you your mom and I make a united front.
We are ready, who we lleverá? I will go.
I will go.
You to your room, walking Let your child's room Boys will be fun Only a reproach for their behavior and you will regret it Many strikes, a spell and when they are ready to go The girls looking at them you will go behind the back.
It is one of the few places where have not expelled So if you do not want to spend your Saturday in the laundry to be civilized.
Does this smell like cologne? Very sophisticated Is this the street Irbing? I had never seen a church Ah, we had to take the second to left after the bridge and then ah hell .
how do we get there? Arrived.
Thanks mom can leave us here.
Yes, you have to go.
We can enter here.
Ah, I see are in the age The ashamed.
Hello! I need two pairs of shoes Size 7 and size 9 Immediately Where is my money? I have only $ 6 Just give me a pair, size 8.
The share.
But Reese does not bring socks.
Do not put my socks in that dirty shoes Oh, I said we would get.
Now we are going to rent shoes And rose, good to take the money bag your mom this morning.
Fall asleep, I do not hear a peep It is not fair, I do not sleep early Well! you stay up all night Okay.
Fall asleep, I do not hear a peep It is not fair, I do not sleep early We will not discuss this'm serious Dewey I do not want problems with you And that means not beg, do not complain, do not mourn.
Understand why we do this, do you son? Hey, look at Bette is here Yes, I heard that she fired the teacher Tomas You can go now, thanks for the trip.
Where are the parents? Is there any parent here? Mom, please.
Where are the parents? Is there no chaperone here? Mom does not need a chaperone.
Count me We have two tables, use it You, you, you, you and your in that.
You 5 in this.
Mom did not do this I mean it, you play bowling Oh, the hormones can be cut here with a knife What kind of parent leaves those children alone just like that.
See you in a couple of hours Hey, that Bette Did you see that? just smiled I feel desepcionarte but she smiled at me Okay.
Well, let's talk to her and find out.
Sounds fair.
Hi Bette Hi Reese - Are you enjoying? "I guess I'm surprised to see you here, I mean, you're too cool to come to bowling Well, you could say the same thing about you.
Hey! I know a funny joke Would you like to walk on the beach and feel the breeze salt on your face and the wind in your hair? Sure, I guess.
It seems that you did! What is the matter with you? I spit pig What, do not you understand? I will play only one line What can get in the end? My children are with friends, you know, with girls I do not want to prevent it, not me.
And another thing, the next person to speak a rudeness will call their parents, do not hesitate.
You two hand sueltense Let Malcolm you can, do not throw the ball to the channel this time.
"Mom, just let me play "Yes, yes Malcolm was a good effort.
Yes! "Good shot "Thanks, you rock too.
I know a great joke - Would you like to walk on the beach and sen -Reese, your turn.
"Hello "Dad I need a favor Now what? Well bought together a number Cadettes old car, and if cupbearer to $ 100 Can I use it every seven weeks.
I could go traveling and dating, you could take the kids homeless to cultural Francis Please do not be ridiculous.
Do not give money to buy the 7th part of a scrap.
Okay, just asking.
Adios -Adios -Adios "Mom I need a favor "Yes, I hear you Well several Cadettes together buy an old car Butler and if I can use it with $ 100 in 7 weeks .
"Go back in there I travel and dating, may bring underprivileged children to cultural houses .
Oh, baby I'm sorry.
At the moment we can not afford that .
Ah, of course.
I knew you'd say Why should I try? You can go to bed happy knowing you make my life hell.
my life Perhaps the lane is crooked Mom, please.
You are not so bad at bowling Malcolm, I know not.
- What are you doing? "Try this weighs half "Mom is a small child ball "Just do it, try it.
Stink Your brother is not very good, maybe you should help No, I could not do that in front of everyone.
I am a hero, so ashamed How sweet "Hey, did not finish your joke "Oh, right - Would you like to walk on the beach and feel the breeze -Reese, your turn Yes! Yes! Poor dropping like flies Not come out yet - What child?! "Nothing ! Want to read you a story!? -No "Oh, come Hey, I will read Wilbur the worm concerned That you love, oh where? here it is.
There was once a worm concerned named Wilbur Wilbur lived in a magical garden full of beautiful flowers one day Yes! - Men's 6 strikes, you're almost on track .
- "Blablablabla" "Hello "Hello "I'm sorry my brother, limit their contact with humans.
Do not worry, yet brilliant lighting - "You're not like him, right? -No "I hate bowling "I love bowling Median chapignones deep dish, pepperoni and extra cheese, please.
I chusalandia governor.
- Are you alone?! - What? I think that's a yes.
What if you like my lip gloss? Yeah, well, yes I mean Why not say yes to all your questions? Hey nothing wrong You say many sweet things What else are you good? Many things Why do not you say something? Maybe I will.
"Maybe I'll like "Maybe you like And you do not "Perhaps it is .
I can not talk like that .
Stop talking like Malcolm You can do Do not forget to bend the knee to turn the ball and keep the elbow in - Why do not you kill me once? - Vamos! I want to help.
- I can not use a ball man? - No! 5 threw pine since moving to the ball.
"Mommy and Me" You really want to leave here, to make a drawing so manipulative Fall asleep and affection.
"They are $ 11.
50 "I gave all my cash at the video store guy Cards do you accept? - Yes! - A good enough? "Better make it two Thanks Yes! - No, no, no! What are you doing? "I have to go to the bathroom.
"No, no, no no one is going "But No, not everything should stay the same, please I need you here Never had never been so close to this before.
You're part of it, all are part of it.
All are part of the fabric my perfect game Oh my name will be clear that up there on the plate near the men's room .
But we all know is his heart that were part of my great success "Okay, only fast "Thank you Only two - What is your problem? "Yes, it's just bowling, to relax I wish we were alone - Outside? "There is no security cameras outside, believe me You see Malcolm's great not having to worry through the channels, you can play and have fun.
"I wish we were alone "Me too I'm still waiting joke Would you like to walk on the beach and feel the breeze .
You know what? Not as good joke.
Mom did not want to do this Malcolm taught you not to give up when something is difficult You can do this Just concentrate on the pines Throw the ball Do not give up until you make a strike "Your mother is right connie - My name is Connie! "Okay mom, you want to see a strike? Malcolm, what are you doing? "Look at me I'm the best player of bowling I worry a lot about the bowling! Bowling is so important! Malcolm back here! Do you want a strike? I'll give you a strike! Here's your damn strike! Way to go Connie Listen, maybe you should not Connie! Connie! Connie! Connie! Connie! Connie! This is a classic Let's kiss! I think not Connie! Connie! Connie! Listen I think the bowling is over Take their coats, take everyone home Returns shoes See you outside "You see there's nobody here - Yes! Hey, think you're very cute Thanks you are cute too.
Just one more Okay.
I will dare, I will totally kiss That counts right? Three, zero, zero Three, zero, zero What happens? You have not made a noise just over an hour.
I'm a little tired But you have not tried your flight false and your zonambulismo.
Never give up so easily Maybe you learned your tricks do not take you anywhere.
I think When you have learned here the sentence is served do not walk with little games.
Well I see you've had enough "Well "One moment Unless a new trick Back to that bed boy Okay No, no, I hold are exaggerated Go watch TV Wait not so fast I will not fall again Oh, I say I'm ridiculous but do not get away with it.
Come see TV hopes not, stay where you are.
Agree, agree .
we'll tell you going to watch TV But it will not be a channel that you enjoy telenovelas, that will suffice.
- Who do you think won? I'm not sure Hey Mom I have something to say at first I convinced you to stay But in the end, well tonight was magical.
"Hello - What? Want to make fun of me too? No, I just wanted to tell you that was very brave of you to confront your mother And I think that was so funny that you throw pine one being a few inches.
Do you have other comments? No.
Would you kiss me? What? Think you can come to mock me and.
I can not believe your parents 'll leave you alone on your birthday.
Okay, that's it! "Oh you can not be worse than your father.
Separate sit in the car I know it's pure envy so I will not have but you and I know that this was a perfect game.
Reese salt machine photos Hi, you probably want to use the car right? I better go .
And how did it go? The next time you carry them