Malcolm in the Middle s02e19 Episode Script

Tutoring Reese

Hal! Are you smoking again? No! I'm cleaning, "Do you smell smoke? No, but I Lois if she wanted a cigarette would not be hiding like a scared teenager.
What would the world view as a man.
It was our third vacuum and is our last cleaner.
Francis did not want to hear any more argument! You're going to fix the roof! It is totally unfair, I come home from school and I immediately assign tasks.
Well, someone has to, you know your father was terrified of heights.
Do not panic! The last time we had change a light bulb to guide him to lower the table.
You're going to do this! Why not put me in the neck chain and make me sleep in the garage?! This is what we call anger level 4 The only way not to be challenged is to avoid sudden movement and eye contact at all costs.
And you think !¿ hide the note, the board Parents and teachers will be canceled? Mom, the teacher Woodward is against me All your teachers from kindergarten have been against you.
Yes, I know.
It also bothers me.
Why is clogged drain? Ah, well .
that .
is .
it was a crocodile .
Was about to do .
but .
very funny but, look at that mess is here .
There is a spot of milk on the table .
Reese is still looking for a true academic Your attention is fluctuating, the initiative will declining and that prevents potential reaches the maximum.
What? In other words, Reese is not self-conscious.
Hey, better I give you a topic says "good or bad.
" That will help us better.
Reese is failing on almost all subjects From what I've decided to recommend that transferred into the class of slow learners And that's a metaphor Kind of slow learners ! Nooooo! No, no, no, no No, no this is not an option.
We who strive I wish it were that easy.
Reese will be updated, will even kill him.
I'm glad your level of commitment.
I'm really happy to have this conversation.
Then we can go now.
I do not want to hear any excuses, you sit all night and work up to raise scores.
Why do I have to teach me? Because God gave you a brain big, Blame him.
"Reese failed and to torment me? What is the logic in that? Malcolm I have 0 tolerance for this Mom finally found his courage to express his thoughts.
Why do not you fix that roof? We are 5 degrees I'll freeze and it will rain.
Therefore you need to shave that roof Maybe if not buy as cheap tiles would not leak all the time.
Francis while in this house will do everything I say.
You know what Mom? No! 'm Too big to be handled for you.
Our whole life all you've done is make what you want.
You're the boss of the world and we're tired.
This may be your roof but also live here.
We are human beings with rights and therefore I put an end to your reign of terror.
You should see the look on his face but it worked completely.
Sounds like you went wrong Friend, you have no idea.
Thanks I have a shelter near the bus station.
And it is warm and fairly dry.
You can stay there for a while, if that want.
Would you do that for me? It's a tough world, we have to guard us.
Richi! Brother! Listen to your mom I miss you! Do you want to stay in my house? You are a lifesaver .
Can bring about I'm going in another direction Hello! Why not fly? My name is Dewey Much like Tony.
Want to play? But I'm the red team I do not like listening more than you Finish quickly.
This book is a mess.
What did you do? He threw a duck.
And where is your book of algebra? Which half? Start with geography.
I have no geography! Of course if you have notes on it.
Ah, that can not be good.
Mi casa es su casa.
May be the home of my parents, but a friend down here is worth everything.
What is that smell? Could be my socks, my pants could be the rat could be killed.
I think I hurt must have entered into a hole on the wall to die or something.
What is this? Your bed, you have to inflate.
Welcome to the ranch Richi.
Rule No.
1: There are no rules.
Rule No.
2: Do not post the shoes to the couch.
Of course they're real.
! Let What's the answer? You can do this! And go over this a million times.
You have to climb the tenths, the tenths have to go somewhere, not floating around the tenth.
Become more intelligent already! Think! ! Make your brain work! Could be out doing something else before it but no, I'm stuck doing babysitting .
That's right! I could really understand.
The tenth have to go somewhere Great, go to the next.
Hal! And down from there.
Hello heaven.
What do you think you're doing? Under the shingles.
Francis has responsibilities can not keep covering it.
Oh no, not him.
It is for me.
I wanted fresh air y.
the view from here is .
Is amazing.
Lois you thinking I'm having fun I spent 2 days on this and I even saw a paragraph that really sucked and then I rewrote it.
Malcolm had never done this before, but last night, I say look I can not stop talking while you try to read.
How about grammar? Never mind.
Reese .
this job is like for a 6.
Great! Good job! You do not say to look good, right? No this is the best job I've seen do.
If! great, would not have done without you thanks Malcolm.
I kicked his ass.
"You got another 5? Mom read that work, not for 5.
So what is this? We studied 4 hours a night.
You know what? That's not enough, to study 8 hours per night if that's what it takes to upload your grades.
And it will! Mom! I do not see your mom, I'm just a janitor with I'm fine! I'm fine! I'm freezing but not heat because justice is on my side.
Mom surrender, surrender and be so sweet.
Could you do that in the bathroom, Richie? Brother, nobody will come there for at least 6 hours.
Then do it over a trash can.
And could remove pornography for 5 minutes? Yes, it is over.
I will put "the girls at the conference" No, no, no more porn! Brother, that's a documentary Au!, God! My eye! Try to find that one Francis, walk disgusting stuff.
We Reese, the test is in two hours.
Malcolm never too pass this exam.
T or F There are 30 questions, 5 test.
It is impossible.
Then Reese, today is the big test.
How much you have to get to not go to class slow learner? Nine! Guys, it seriously.
But you're an idiot.
You're right.
Yes, the only way to pass the idiot test is if someone does it for the idiot, are you stupid? Steve established the precedent had the chance But not answered and rest your right therefore it is a mutual agreement.
What do I do? I can not go to class for slow learners.
Go to the cafeteria Rising up the belt.
Loi Unless perhaps you're right, maybe someone should take the test for you You mean cheat? Mom can not cheat and kill us is wrong.
And most importantly, Mom will kill us.
Hey we run out of options here, Reese.
They're going to discover No, they will not, do you know why?.
We have 4 bright minds to help plan it.
You had to appeal to my vanity right? I am inside.
Sorry, but the honor compels me to report this conversation with the deputy Then the honor to report that requires us to sleep with a sheet of elmo.
Okay I'm inside.
Here is the video-cassettera ordered.
I did not order a video cassettera .
If you did, check with confidence.
Be the extension number, there is someone out there right now.
That will not be .
Watch the audio-visual equipment and class name is here on page 7 in the letter that is not a student.
Can leave.
Alright! No, said he wanted the cart.
So I do not have it.
With your permission I will push to the door.
Ah, here it is.
Be the cannonball.
Are you okay? Way to go! Bolido Ay! I have found the rat.
No Tony, that's not fair.
Today is my cartoon before school, and yours is after school.
Well Tony, as you want .
and anyway I wanted to be your friend.
Tony, I can not get angry with you either.
Takes Do you already have the results of the test of history? No! I have not seen yet! You'd better have removed a 9! Hey, I'm not calling Francis to work yet? No, I have not spoken to him since .
Think you're going to try something cutting all contact.
He should know .
that until diculpe is really no reason to call I can not wait to see your expression when realize that as we discovered.
Oh, and we have to discover what, honey? I will not give You know that I will get to the distance.
I think she likes the tomatoes on their sandwiches.
In the other bag Hal! A wonderful 9 Malcolm, never would a ridiculous as this.
This I find very disturbing 5 Something stinks He knows that we cheated, we will have to deal separately.
Darni he knows nothing, I'll go talk to him.
I'm Malcolm's brother Reese.
Oh hi, how are you? Reese is upset, thinks he deserves more than a 5 on your screen history.
Review and think is not bad.
Believed that there would be another way to have a look.
Malcolm should congratulate you for your fraternity.
But the test is worth 5.
Maybe if Mr.
Woodward reviewed again .
I can not spend much time in Reese, it would be unfair to other students.
But did not deserve a 5 therein.
Malcolm looks have been a teacher long time and I think I know what Reese is capable.
I really do not think it Hey, do not want to hear this about your brother.
But I've known guys like Reese all my life.
They are the ones you throw water to look like you peed your pants.
Point to your legs to play ball and fall to the floor and break your chin .
And I have to fix with no wires and your teeth are correctly And spent 6 years in orthodontics with the most painful and equipment ever designed embarasoso And that was only because they were not aware of themselves.
It is totally against you Man, only used as an excuse.
It will die when mom finds out.
Reese can not blame him, if he betrayed Mom will know you cheated.
I'm dead! The 2 following 1, 3 follows 2, 4 is to 3, Something follows something and then we got to 10! God! Thank God!, You're here I feared that would give you the message at work What happened to you? Hey, how do you want your burger? Just one second, friend I have it all arranged.
Tell your mom you want to repair the mower and then I'm fooling around y.
No, no, no, I will not do that Francis.
Decide soon Hey, this is melting pot cheap.
Maybe you could talk to her, calm her down a bit so you can go home, maybe today .
Francis please get you to stop in the middle.
What will you leave that wins this round too? Francis is nothing I can do, you know what is the problem? You and your mother are exactly alike.
That's a lie.
That's true.
Both are foolish and imcapaces to bow.
So good won.
Congratulations that your prize is If you'll excuse me I have to go, smells like something died here.
Take! Your father is right man, sometimes you're so stupid.
Sorry, no one wanted to prove so.
I feel that I failed to Reese.
Just do not stop Tony.
So .
what does this leave us? I think the best thing is to change it as soon as possible.
Must see this as an opportunity.
Opportunity to be in the kind of silly.
Reese is not what I wanted, but let us not choice.
Mama do not, not the fault of Reese did not deserve a 5 on your screen.
Malcolm already had this discussion.
I saw his test and he did a good job, deserved a 9.
This guy is against I'm sorry you feel that way but you can not blame me the defects of your brother.
Mom this is your test, look at this question .
What was the cause of the Great Depression? He replied on Thursday, black, is the correct answer.
No this is a partial response.
To get all the credit should have included the vast overproduction of U.
Protectionism in foreign markets On credit expansion and speculation in the stock market.
Yes, it would have been the correct answer.
You did not read the answer because that is what I wrote.
"I signed up? What I noticed! Reese did and it seems that we all identify with what he is going through.
Did you do this test, no? You cheated! "I left for you to cheat? He put a 5 to something he wrote You if you are against And want to see him removed or fired or whatever they do to the hombresillos who abuse their power.
No need for insults.
Le sugieron we leave things as they are.
Oh no, do not think so! This is the situation, if you notify the school, then the school will know that Malcolm cheated and ejected.
It threatens me! It is not a threat.
Just do not think that he gave his son that if he meets for well .
Think you do not sacrifice this one? Let me explain something to you.
Malcolm would leave the sabar creek without thinking for Reese.
What? Malcolm would be fine no matter what.
He may go to an expensive university or working in the bureaucracy, but come to management.
Reese is the one that needs to be saved I can not believe it.
No mother can be so cruel to his own son.
Mama please leave me cold and I have again I have hunger.
Please will repair the roof and paint the house, I'll do anything, Mom.
Only dajame enter.
Let me live under one roof I want to be warm.
Mom please.
Maybe we can do something about it.
Stay there Tony, Good evening.
Oh god, look at the size of that thing.
Aaaah, Dewey what is wrong with you? Run Tony Run! Why always called Tony? Goodbye Tony.
I love you.
If it is cold and dangerous.
But I think we did well if we hurry to end in a week.
Hey hurry up! I try, I have pitch in his eyes.