Malcolm in the Middle s02e18 Episode Script

Reese Cooks

I had a nightmare.
Okay, honey.
Come on, okay.
What was your dream? I dreamed I was a man out the door with a large knife I wanted to be tied to all and kill eat your eyes everyone.
Hey, what are you doing, son? I have to prove the Third Law Kepler planet motion.
What are you doing Dewey? Is coloring.
Best help him.
Dad! A madman is saying that he did horrible things But not quite understand.
I think it escaped from a mental hospital.
I heard nothing.
Hello again, Hal Not leaving this house, except for school for a month! Well.
Wait a minute, honey.
You have to go outside.
Has not cut the grass since his last punishment Oh, I think to stay inside without TV is worse than mowing.
And do not let me watch TV.
Really? Okay.
No TV.
Without going outside, except lawn, you will do at night.
How long will the punishment? Just go to your room.
Your father and I have to figure this out.
We can not control it.
What else can we do? We remove the television, video games, music, fresh air.
Lois, we have removed the fresh air and did not care anything about that.
Well you better think of something before turn out to be a problem for the state.
Maybe we should interted else in addition to punishment.
Like what? Maybe Reese needs attention.
Positive attention.
When I was your age I always wanted someone with talk to or be, or be modeled.
I do not know.
Lois, this boy needs a father figure.
And I really think it should be me.
Cintia What are you doing? We thought you'd know.
Because of their relationship.
We do not have a relationship.
OK feel.
Shut up.
Hey guys, here.
I'll do a barbecue this weekend.
Do not lose your invitations, because my dad not leave without them.
A party a real party and not created by my imagination.
Is it your birthday? No, just to socialize You know, it's weird.
I've been his friend for a month and a half and you are the only friends I have.
You're kidding.
It must be hard for you to believe, but Some people find it difficult to make friends.
PLEASE BE MY FRIEND! Cynthia, are you sure you want ? I wish I had thought of that! I know, is so cool.
And finally I will make some friends.
What do you think, Malcolm? Sounds great must be party Cross your fingers.
Yes! Hi Eric, How are you? You just lost your third term view of history, Francis.
I will not go to summer school just because my friend ruined his half of the project.
Did you get my half? I put it under the door Is this your half? Sure.
This is my half! If you knew you were going to exaggerate both, I would have spent a little more time to my section.
Photocopying a page from the dictionary Okay, I was wrong.
There is still time.
How soon is it? For 20.
And are you worried? We have over a week.
My half it took me two weeks.
Okay, I guess I must strive and have it ready by then.
Go to the library to find books.
Stay here and organize your notes.
It's a good plan.
Let's do it.
I just wanted to spend time with me That's right.
So it's not a punishment? No.
Why do you ask? Because you're still looking at me and saying things I am by lending attention.
But Dad "A cooking class? Reese, open your mind The art of cooking is so manly as any of these courses.
Judo, Kick boxing Anyone can fight but it takes a real man achieve true bolognese.
I am still troubled.
Hi, Cintia We do not know, but I'll do a party.
Do you see that says the eight question mark? Means you can go to infinity.
See ya.
Hi, I'm Cindy.
We do not know, but I'll do a party What are you doing? Do you invite the whole school? Sorry, I can not talk now.
I keep my topics of conversation for the party.
For example, there is a new article in the booth New England medical this month Hey, that's my issue.
I hope my wheelchair enter the closet kisses.
I hope you come hungry.
Serve-shaped cookies famous communist revolutionary Hi, I'm Cindy.
Cynthia, "I can talk to you for one second? Sure.
Tell all your friends! How many people you invited your party? God, who knows? I left some invitations in the library and some in the game I would appreciate the personal touch, you know.
So they can match a face to face.
Do not think you're exaggerating? What are you talking about? I fear that you prepare a big disappointment.
I mean, when 10 people will not is a shame.
But when 300 people do not van is a total humiliation.
Well, I guess many people will be present.
Cynthia, you are a Krelboyne.
The parties do Krelboyne Krelboyne.
You do not know how many friends I can do.
Yes, I know.
Just like the rest of us.
Cintia, nobody will come to your party.
Oh yeah? Just so you know established a new record invitations rolled.
So what? That does not mean anything.
I know that this is all about.
You're just jealous.
Jealous? Obviously make friends not easy for you.
So you hide in your circle safe while People like me do festivals and make many friends and enjoy of life.
What a surprise! The trick is to support rapid cutting knife on the knuckles and lifting Who cut it? I did.
Let's look again.
Oh, my god! In fact, these pieces are a bit more consistent than yours.
You say you never cooked anything before? Was it intentional? No.
Sit and listen.
I'm sick of this.
And spent two days and no did any work.
And I can not believe I've persuaded to see that movie.
I know.
I begin to question everything that genre of talking dogs.
You know what will make us forget that movie? Another round of miniature golf.
No more miniature golf.
You have to get to work.
Let's do it.
These two books are of war It will be easy because your part deals with the reconstruction.
I do not know what you mean.
But I will, because they do not leave here in the next 10 hours.
That's what I like to listen.
Now, before I go Need something? I do not want to leave the room.
Do not bother me.
I try to study.
All right, Harvey.
See if you can break the record of Brian.
You have to do it in a hour and four minutes.
Now! Sorry I'm late.
Craig angered some boys and made me accompany him to his car.
I will make dinner in a second.
Well? It's hot.
And it needs another laurel.
Just look at it.
After testing the chocolate souffle, class gave him a standing ovation.
To Reese? Yes! Dewey, do you think soup is for Juliana? I think so.
Go check the Bioche.
The bread in the oven? Ahhh.
Dad? Just wanted you to know how cooking class means to me.
If I'd scored, I never would known something so stupid could be so fun.
Thanks Oh, come on.
That should make you feel good.
Ohh, look at Malcolm surrounded friends.
I wonder what to social success.
What do you think No.
1 invisible friend? Leave me alone.
There you go again, pushing away people.
Do you know Malcolm? If you want to make friends should strive.
Yes, you're right.
I'll work on that.
See ya! It's sad, really.
I feel sorry for you.
You know what? I have a great idea.
Es .
is perfect.
You out of your protective shell.
What are you talking about? You will be the host of the party with me! Vamos! No! Hi, I'm Cindy and he is Malcolm.
Give a party this weekend.
Go! And we have a musical invitation to you.
Must come to the party fun fun Must come to the party to have fun Okay.
You made me do this.
Can not think of a better place to kiss me? Here, read this.
Malcolm, are you crazy? Lee! That is the wall of Krelboyne.
As you can see, are well represented.
This is my section and that of Lloyd.
But in terms of volume, We have the advantage.
Now you understand why can not do this event? But is ridiculous you will not believe what he says here.
Right? Very refined.
Have you seen Cynthia? No, but maybe you can resolve this debate.
Brown or bage.
What are you talking about? As for the costume party.
Hello everyone.
Oh, Cindy, wanted to apologize.
There is no reason to apologize, Malcolm.
Here you go.
I am canceling my party.
These are uninvited.
No huddle, there is one for each of you.
Malcolm opened my eyes the fact that I am a sappy ugly and no reason to expect someone attending my party.
did not want to tell you so.
you should not regret it.
I should thank you.
Thanks Malcolm.
Cintia, I You know what? I have a limit to mourn every day Just the sight and makes me mourn, so if you do not mind, I go now.
No more distractions, Francis.
I'm tired of yell.
I'm not saying that the last race Harvey was not exciting.
You did not kill him, you know? Yes I had to.
Now, please, as friends, just concentrate.
I know I get distracted.
But I always deadlines manage to finish it.
See you in 30 minutes.
You'd better bring it.
Why? I can not really believe that did this.
You know what, Dad? When you try something, shows.
Yes, son.
That's right.
Class, during our next session there will be a competition.
Friends and family are invited to attend.
And do not be discouraged if they feel overshadowed by one of our most promising students.
We all come to have fun.
What will I get if I win? A 18 cm knife and a bread clip.
"I can help? Hi, Malcolm.
I do not know if you remember me.
Not sure.
I have a vague recollection that threw a brick through the window of my daughter And I think you're the guy who ruined his party and humiliated in a public restroom.
How do I? Now if you do not mind.
Okay, Dad.
Great, the party is a success Do not you listen? What are you doing here, Malcolm? I do not talk in school do not answer my calls.
I just want to say I'm sorry.
Well, you want to ease your guilt? You are acquitted.
Let me finish.
'm Not telling you the truth.
You were just preparing a major disaster you did your party.
Just wished I had been kinder.
What's so nice to tell someone it is a social delayed? You see my problem? But even if you did not say a sappy, 're smart, funny, interesting and friendly and a unique person and if people do not see it, is your problem.
So how did you learn to deal the school will laugh at you? In the same way with everything.
I pretend I do not mind and bothers people who do not deserve it.
It seems to work.
Want to join? "I can help? Yes, we come to the party of Cindy.
We found these at the library.
I just sent uninvited.
I thought you said nobody would come.
Come in, I think.
I believe that truth will win.
I hope to try anything that has been cooked.
Reese, this is the best I've ever tasted Kich.
What gives it that something extra? Old Spice Lotion hazelnuts before roasting.
"Old Spice? Yes, I would combine with the ricotta.
How much salt did you use? Just a pinch.
I did not put much salt in it.
Where do you keep the first aid kit? The language of my husband is swelling like a melon.
I need to go to the bathroom.
I think Cindy was right.
If you invite people to your party, they will come.
Well, it looks fun, but prefer not to have piercings, for a while Girls should get the planetary have a great laser show.
I have a card that allows go to four for the price of three.
Notify me go.
As my grandmother to sleep, I can get away and sit with you.
Are you wearing cologne? Just me aftershave.
Hi, Steve.
I'm working here.
Can we go please? Two hours and then we go home.
Francis, the project is due tomorrow.
Do not worry.
It will take eight hours to arrive, we will then Indeed, it is Terri and her sister.
I'm Eric.
Go to summer school.
Dewie, go to your room.
But Reese poisoned all these people.
Now! What happens to you? I was not allowed to accept my trophy.
I will give him a trophy, sir.
Honey, what the kitchen was my idea.
I'll handle this.
Reese,'ll get you out of class because we know that you cheated.
Would have won easily.
Why did you? I do not know.
It was fun.
These people worked very hard and you destroyed them.
How would you feel if you were the poor woman Tissue with salt? Fat?.
Reese, you know what is empathy? No.
Empathy is putting yourself in the other to make you feel how they feel.
If you hurt someone, Empathy makes you hurt as well.
So, why would you want empathy? Has no sense of good and bad that a frog.
What shall we do? Back to punishment.
How can we punish him if do not mind ? Son, this is what will happen.
For the next month you do not have to cook meals.
Is that all? So do not cook.
Big deal.
None of breast Cordon Blue and no cake.
Wait a second.
You said nothing about cooking.
But the cakes are baked.
Without baking, not fried, unsalted.
We can not do that.
Listen to your father.
The stove and accessories are banned for a month.
Please, I'll be good, I promise.
I will do what they say.
Sorry, son.
So it should be.
It worked.
We can control it.
We have a weapon.
Your actions have consequences.
I know.
We hurt.
We can be parents again.
While your steaks have to suffer of pudding a month.
Amen to that.
You know what? I realized something.
The holidays suck.
The music always sucks the food is bad, And who cares if nobody speaks to you? People are fake anyway.
- Hello, Malcolm.
- Hi, Cynthia.
Great party.
I love music and dressing.
You know what? I need that chair.