Malcolm in the Middle s02e17 Episode Script


Okay, I think that managed to escape.
Just have to tighten the nut here y.
that's it.
You are now leaving the two hot water taps! What? Well not so bad You're always complaining that there is little hot water.
You should call a professional from time to time.
We charge $ 70 just to come home! Look, I know that my work is not perfect but I save a lot money and at least now fixed.
Now if you'll excuse me someone is calling.
Malcolm 2x17 - Operation * From fans to fans * If you want help with send me a mail subs The tension is raised on the Olympic shaving number 8215 Hal has lost a few crucial seconds with soap, but will mount it with the blade.
This is worth gold! Hal, boys, breakfast! Day chops! Dewey do not panic but there's a spider on your plate! If Dad always spiders in the days of chops.
You know, I do not feel very well.
I could give my Dad chops but that's not going to the spirit of this day.
Mom my stomach hurts.
Me too! No kidding.
I'm serious! It hurts! Reese Shut up! Mom .
- I see spots! Mami! Well enough is enough.
I do not care for that review did not study or work they did, going to go to school.
You know, now that you mention it Everyone will go! Lord, what are you doing? Why is going to take our TV? It's for your own good cadet.
But that's the only thing that makes this place endure.
Television rots the mind cadet.
How can concentrate on their studies and enhance their character if your brain is full of "sun, the beach vigiliantes? Now have time for more productive use.
Write letters, I'm sure your recipients will thank you.
Well, that's ridiculous! I say we should do something! You're right! Spangler can not make arbitrary decisions about our lives.
He can not tell us where to go and what to do! One moment, if you can.
Francis Face it, we are prisoners without rights.
Well, then we are helpless.
But even the defenseless have options! History is full of people supposedly helpless achieved oppose their oppressors.
What do you mean? In civil disobedience! .
Como a hunger strike! We can do that! Will not want to starve the children in their care.
Sure it works! I do not know.
Is not that a bit drastic? Should we start after dinner? What do we have? Meatloaf.
The strike begins now! Malcolm, why you walk like that? I still hurts here.
But this is the weekend.
Okay, everyone get on the car! We go to the hospital! Mom Why is this man put a bulb in the ? Dewey! Stay away from there.
Dad you okay? I'm fine, son.
I just do not really like hospitals.
They can outfit with flowers and pictures but let's face, this place is a butcher! Hal! Are already testing.
White blood cells are at 12.
2 and those pricks in the side I am afraid it is appendicitis.
Will remain under observation tonight and probably tomorrow it will operate.
Will I be trading? You do not have to worry.
Not even going to be even a scar.
If I sign these forms, you will enter.
Are you going to open the stomach? As a trout! Do not worry you will not feel anything.
You'll be unconscious.
Not exactly.
I saw on TV that guy who woke up while it was operated and what they were doing but I could not scream because he was paralyzed Reese for the love of God, stop talking! Mom Honey, do not worry.
You'll have your own TV, many people pediente you.
You'll be better than at home.
Why am I in the field of children? I'm sorry honey but you're 6 months younger to have your own room.
I heard that if you behave yourself you will drink apple juice.
Dad want to wait in the car? No, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
I'm on a beach.
I see the sand surf there are no bubbles.
There's this horrible plague and penetrating antiseptic hospital ! Hal! Coming.
Take care of your father at home, you'll be fine.
Get well son! Reese, embrace your brother.
Mom! Do it! If you tell someone to hug you I'll send you back here! Adios! Why forced him to hug me? Wait! Why did you hug me?! How quiet is here without Malcolm.
Die? On a chop.
It's mine! Come, I'm full.
Me too.
And me too.
I was waiting for someone to fight for it.
Can we play "March and Conquer"? This game is not fun! Malcolm always crushed in 5 minutes.
Yes! Can we? I do not know Please.
We have to be 3 at least to play.
All right.
Very good Lois, see how you defend the black sea without matches and the tartanelos.
Yeah, yeah .
just wait.
An hour and we're still playing! Usually I run out before you.
Guess what We are like the family of the box.
If "I can be the girl? Not while I send child.
Want to play the fish? No, not want to play for 5 minutes.
I did not want to play in an hour.
Do not want to play! Do you have a 5? And this is our inflamed appendix.
The patient arrived today complaining of abdominal pain the right quadrant.
Can we start putting serum, Catherine? God! Not me again Please! Come out all right this time Catherine, accidents happen.
Can not someone else to do .
? Helmot going to hold.
If you feel pain, you bite the hand with all the strength you have, he does not care.
How long we do not eat? God and are serving dinner.
Firm! I found only in the last meals.
Are we on a diet? Not a football season.
We are on a hunger strike sir.
We will not eat until we return the TV.
Passive resistance.
This is the last resort of cowards.
What about the Gandinga? A hen.
This is a fight, sir, we will not surrender until justice.
Well, let's see if I understand.
I'm going to keep eating and you do not.
I already feel the pressure.
Stop It Now Let Mom! Well, you can do this the easy way and surrender with dignity Or I can destroy you.
Do not forget that I have yet to Antarctica and from there to New Zealand.
You have nothing.
If I can not get a 3, the world is mine.
Yes mama! three three three I'm sorry honey, you worked hard for a moment I thought you were a.
Revenge! All right! Hal, are over 12.
Revenge! Put the board.
Here it is.
What? Just stay quiet, you're in good hands.
So your head does not move and Mr.
laser can do its job.
I'm sure it was not too bad.
I did use a potty even though she could walk.
The lights at 7 so I can not read.
And last night a man I put a cage in the head! I would operate on the brain! A slump.
Honey, surely it was just a nightmare.
In addition, I feel much better now.
I do not need an operation.
Okay scare all operations.
Believe me, this is going to end before they know it.
Between the smell of sickness and not many waffles I feel great.
What Waffles? You missed! We went to breakfast at Pete's We're never going to breakfast.
Well, we stayed up late playing "Run and Conquest" and your mother was too tired to cook.
Did you play a 'march and conquest "without me? Malcolm you did not miss anything, these guys are a band of bread eaten.
"Bread eaten? I had the meridian for 3 hours! Well, let's bring the boys home and then your dad and I back in time to your operation, right?.
Dewey You're wearing my shirt! Really? I'm so hungry! I think we should leave now.
Guys This hunger strike will only work if we stick together.
We can do it! Our stomachs were bridged! The hardest part is over! Good morning cadets.
I have to say it's refreshing to see a struggling young value for what they believe.
Two whole days, an impressive show of civil disobedience this is the kind stomach strength that can only be rewarded with a large tortilla.
Tempt us with food will not work sir.
Of course not.
These delicious eggs and other ingredients are for me.
Now, this is my dilemma What am I going to put put my tortilla? Black forest ham, cheese import Or some wild mushrooms.
"Wild? What the hell .
? Give me everything! There is our comrade down.
I love the room 24! Your appendix when you take it away ? Tonight but I do not know I feel better may not need this operation.
What do you mean?! Of course you need the operation! Pe Do not you understand? It's a goldmine! Take advantage of the situation while it lasts! With angina I had got this watch! And my testicle Strap gave me a weekend in "Disneyland" I am a step .
to get a "Range Rover" Well you have 2 hours and then have to return to the hospital.
Do you mind eat leftovers? Prefer is up to you but it would be a piece of cake, right? What do you mean? "March and conquer" You called me a piece of cake, not deny it! Come on baby, crush you.
That's because you got lucky with the dice and did not have the responsibility to protect to Brazil and I would not call it "crush" What do you call? "Defeat? "Raze? "Annihilate? Bring the board.
How are you tiger? I want to take note of the patient treatment.
Dr Harrison glad to see me, wanted to talk to you I feel much better, I have no fever since 6 hours I think my first blood tests were not accurate.
This is what we call "a hysterical patient" I'm not hysterical, I just think it would be a good idea I have another test decirdir blood before the body open up! Well that's a great idea, really great.
See you later.
What's wrong with you? The labs make mistakes! Escuchenmee! Declare war on the country BLUE! Reese, you attack me Why me? Your father is checked! What do you mean Lois? What the boys and I formed a union secret against you? Hal, what you use to communicate in secret is my foot.
I can not take it anymore.
If not how soon I'm going to faint.
Not worth it.
I agree.
So who are you? Your roommate.
If "After the Hawaiian party we ski? What? Phil wakes up, you're saying estupideceses.
How are we going to have a Hawaiian party trapped in a submarine? Wait I hear footsteps.
Come on guys, we're doing well.
I think we're on the right track, let a little and the commander "Spangler? Yes .
Spangler commander will have to accept our demands.
Francis It's time to talk.
Sorry gentlemen please.
Take your time.
Yes! Nows the islands are mine! Let me see those dice.
Are you accusing me of cheating? That ridiculous! It's the pizza delivery guy.
Why do not you open? "For my artillery disappears mysteriously as when I went for a glass of water? Or when I went to the bathroom and your tanks materialized on my border? I do not understand.
Sign! "Closed" Try out the window! What?! Do not you ever share a pizza? Enter through the window! Also it is closed! Well, thanks then.
Take, drink this.
What is this? It is a sedative, the operation went ahead.
What do you refieron that came forward? Even my parents are here! Sure they notify.
Look, I think taking this until I do another test.
Take the pills.
No, I do not I know you're scared, and that is normal for a child.
But now you have to leave to be responsible adults.
Just relax until the pills take effect.
Good boy.
Reese's your turn.
What are you doing? Do not Know! I have hunger.
Reese, if you attack me, I annihilate.
If not attacking, you annihilate.
Just do not want to play anymore, I hate this game! Never was so horrible! Even when we crushed Malcolm! You're right.
Look what we've become.
Without humbling Malcolm on our worst instincts.
I feel sorry for us.
So you give up? Let him and Lois.
You're right.
Reese, do the honors.
Well, Who wants to go see burn the damn game? Siii! Cadet I have to admit I thought it would give up much earlier.
But instead have shown their willingness, good teamwork and the power to continue, well done.
What? The strike.
Sure, sure strike.
Well that's good because we were going to do that .
thing until we get Well you know.
Yes, I think I know.
Are we talking about my treasure? We did it! The strike is over, we won! Siii! We got the magic hat! What happened to television? Here's your blood friend.
Thanks, here is my urine.
Lucky in drug test.
Although I'd need help.
I knew it! Hi, I was looking for.
I have some good news.
You see, I made me another blood test and shows that do not need a operation because If the levels return to normal signifcant is not appendicitis.
Sure it's an infection or flu.
Yes, small.
I have to talk to Dr Harrison.
Counting backwards from 100.
Hey champ, you will we get the appendix in the blink of an eye.
Well, scalpel.
Wait a minute.
"I do not operate, 16:47 platelet hyh 310" these are the results a blood test.
White blood cells 8.
4 Is it right? Let me give you more anesthetic.
Maybe we should do another blood test.
Spangler was right, we do not need television.
This is nice.
There is fresh air.
Some exercise.
Nice shot! Thanks.
I think that if magic.
Is not Francis? Do not forget to plug the holes.
Nothing better than two days in the hospital to assess your home.
Give me that! My God! Look to the hospital bill.
I can not imagine what it would cost if they had operated.
I guess vacation goodbye.
What we have to pay that although he was faking? I was not faking, I was the one who realized that they are wrong, remember? Well, if you're so smart why do not you find it before? Well son, Will you answer that? Nothing like 10 seconds at home to assess the hospital.